Money In The Bank 2022

|Date: July 2, 2022
|Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena |City: Paradise, Nevada
|Attendance: 12,076

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The show kicks off with a video package based around the host city, Las Vegas.

Jimmy Smith welcomes us to Money In The Bank and Corey Graves soon chimes in. They are joined by Byron Saxton.

Asuka vs. Liv Morgan vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans vs. Shotzi Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match

Background: Qualifying matches for the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match also began on the June 10 episode of SmackDown. Lacey Evans became the first qualified entrant by defeating Xia Li. The following week on Raw and SmackDown, Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan defeated Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. in a tag team qualifier to win two spots in the match, and Raquel Rodriguez defeated Shayna Baszler to earn the fourth spot in the match. The following week on Raw and SmackDown, Asuka and Shotzi became the fifth and sixth qualified entrant after defeating Becky Lynch and Tamina, respectively. The following week on Raw, Lynch won a Last Chance Elimination match by defeating Doudrop, Nikki A.S.H, Baszler, Tamina, and Li to become the last qualified entrant.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time match involving all of these girls.

Money In The Bank PPV Record: Asuka is 1-2, Liv Morgan is 0-1, Becky Lynch is 1-4, Alexa Bliss is 2-1, Lacey Evans is 0-2, Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi make their MITB PPV debut tonight.

Match: The bell rings and the 7 girls all spread out. Becky Lynch and Asuka are left in the ring and they go at it with Asuka taking the early advantage. Raquel Rodriguez soon gets involved and demonstrates her strength. Becky lines up three of the girls on a ladder and hits a legdrop but I’m not sure how affective that was. Asuka is the first girl to climb a ladder but doesn’t get far. Lacey Evans then has her moment to shine. Lots of boo’s for a “babyface” Evans. Liv hits a big sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder. There’s a botch with Shotzi and Alexa on her shoulders falling over. Shotzi looks for a senton on Becky who is laying on a ladder, Becky moves and Shotzi hits the edge of the ladder hard. Asuka is laid on a ladder stretching from the ring to the announce desk. Becky then climbs up a ladder and jumps off but Lynch over-jumps and clips Asuka and the edge of the ladder which doesn’t break.

Three ladders are set up in the ring and four of the girls climb them before Becky joins then, pushing over the two ladders with the four girls on. Becky and Liv then go at it on ladders, Becky pushes Liv who bounces off the top rope, kicks Lynch off the ladder and grabs the briefcase!

Result: Liv Morgan wins the Money In The Bank contract.

Review: This was a good way to kick off the show. It wasn’t the best MITB ladder match of all time but it was decent enough. There were some decent spots, a couple of botches but overall a fun match. This is a huge win for Liv, the biggest of her career and it’ll be interested to see if she becomes champion. The women’s contract traditionally doesn’t last long.

Rating: 6/10

There’s a Cody Rhodes VT with him giving an update on his rehab.

Video package next for Theory and Lashley.

Theory (c) vs. Bobby Lashley – United States Championship match

Background: This rivalry started with a pose-down between the two men where Theory attacked Lashley with baby oil. Lashley would get his payback and then beat Chad Gable, Otis and Theory in a gauntlet match to earn himself a shot at Theory’s United States Championship.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time singles PPV match between these two men.

Money In The Bank PPV Record: Bobby Lashley is 3-0 at Money In The Bank events, Theory wrestles at this event for the first time tonight.

Match: It is all Lashley in the early going as he uses his strength. Theory keeps exiting the ring, much like he did against Mustafa Ali at Hell In A Cell last month. Lashley attempts to launch Theory into the ringpost but Theory counters and sends his challenger into the ringpost before throwing him in the barricade. Theory flies off the ring apron but Lashley somewhat catches him and successfully launches him into the ringpost. Lashley looks for a spear but Theory curls up into the foetal position. Theory looks for a springboard Spanish fly but Lashley counters. Theory applies a sleeper but Lashley fights out and starts a big comeback, hitting belly to belly suplexes. Lashley picks Theory out of the air and hits a massive gorilla press slam. Theory counters a dominator and hits a rolling dropkick for a two count. Lashley counters a-town down but Theory rakes the eyes and hits a spear. Lashley counters a-town down again and applies the hurt lock causing Theory to tap out!

Result: Bobby Lashley wins the United States Championship by submission.

Review: This match was a lot better than I thought it would be. Theory is a man getting a push and he showed that he could go tonight. Lashley is so good though and he’s back holding gold. He’s got Raw’s top singles title now which is a decent placement for him whilst Roman holds the top titles. A little surprised Theory lost the United States title tonight but maybe there are bigger plans for him?

Rating: 6.75/10

Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Liv Morgan. Liv says that she has never wanted anything more than to be champion. Wrestlemania sounds good but for now she just wants to celebrate.

There’s a promo video for The Miz.

Video package next showing how we got to Bianca Belair vs. Carmella.

Bianca Belair (c) vs. Carmella – Raw Women’s Championship match

Background: On the June 6 episode of Raw, Rhea Ripley won a fatal four-way match to determine the next contender for Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship. On the June 20 episode of Raw, it was revealed that Ripley was not medically cleared to compete at the event, and a new contender would be decided in a fatal five-way match. Carmella won the fatal five-way match by defeating Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Becky Lynch, and Liv Morgan to earn a title match against Belair at Money in the Bank.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time PPV match between these two girls.

Money In The Bank PPV Record: Bianca wrestles at this event for the first time tonight whilst Carmella has a 2-2 record.

Match: Bianca out-powers Carmella in the early going. Carmella gets a couple of cheap shots in but Bianca is so athletic and just dominates. Carmella does everything she can to get away from Bianca and hits a cheeky superkick for a one count. Carmella takes control from here and hits a bronco buster for a two count. Bianca marches around as she suplexes Carmella. It’s back and forth from here. Carmella hits a lot of superkicks. Bianca hits the KOD and that’s enough for the three. After the match Carmella attacks Bianca. Are they teasing a Liv Morgan cash-in? No sign of Morgan.

Result: Bianca Belair retains the Raw Women’s Championship by pinfall.

Review: This was an alright match. If anything it showed just how far above the rest of the Raw Women’s division Bianca is. She has really established herself as one of the top women in the division and looked a cut above Carmella tonight.

Rating: 4.5/10

There’s a video package for The Miz and Logan Paul. Logan Paul has signed with WWE and The Miz says that they will be teaming up at Summerslam but Logan Paul has no interest in it.

Alexa Bliss advertises the new WWE credit card.

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) (c) vs. The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) – Undisputed Tag Team Championship match

Previous PPV matches: This is a second tag team match between these two teams on PPV. The Usos won the previous match at Extreme Rules 2021.

Money In The Bank PPV Record: The Usos are 1-2 at Money In The Bank events, The Street Profits wrestle at this event for the first time tonight.

Match: Jimmy Uso and Angelo Dawkins kick off the match. Dawkins starts well and looks to finish the match early as he spinebusters Jimmy and tags in Ford for a frog splash but Jimmy rolls out of the ring. It’s back and forth as the pace slows down. The Usos hit a double spinebuster on Angelo Dawkins and that gives The Usos the advantage. The Usos makes quick tags and double team Dawkins to keep on top of Dawkins. Montez Ford finally gets a hot tag but he dives right into a superkick from Jey Uso. The slow, methodical assault from The Usos then continues against Montez Ford. Ford hits a suplex on the apron and tags in Dawkins who dives out of the ring at both Usos. Angelo picks up the pace, hitting clotheslines, a splash and a neckbreaker for a two count.

Montez Ford tags in and hits a big German suplex on Jimmy Uso. Montez hits a blockbuster on Jey who is sat on Dawkins shoulders for a near fall. Dawkins and Jey Uso slug it out but it’s not long before all four men are in the ring. Double superkick on Ford for a near fall. Ford dives over the ring post at both Usos before rolling Jey back into the ring and hitting a frog splash for a near fall. We have a stand-off with all four men before it all kicks off again. The Usos dispose of Angelo Dawkins before hitting doubler superkicks on Montez Ford and then the 1D for the win!

Result: The Usos retain the Undisputed Tag Team Championships by pinfall.

Review: This was the best tag team match I’ve seen in years. A really good match between these two teams who played a slow pace for half the match before picking up the pace. It was a well paced match and one that made you believe the Street Profits could win at times. In the end The Usos win the match but I think this rivalry will continue. Great match tonight.

Rating: 8.75/10

We’re shown a replay after the match that showed Montez Ford’s shoulder was off the mat for the pinfall.

There’s a Kevin Owens promo VT.

There’s a gothic vignette for somebody.

There’s a video package next for Ronda Rousey and Natalya.

Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Natalya – Smackdown Women’s Championship match

Background: On the June 3 episode of SmackDown, Natalya won a six-pack challenge to become number one contender for Ronda Rousey’s SmackDown Women’s Championship. Since then it has become a personal rivalry between the two with Natalya dressing up as Ronda and Rousey replying by mocking Natalya’s plastic surgery and onlyfans account with her sister.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time PPV match between these two girls.

Money In The Bank PPV Record: Ronda Rousey is 1-0 at Money In The Bank having beaten Nia Jax by disqualification whilst Natalya has an abysmal 0-6 record at this event.

Match: It’s a back and forth start to the match with plenty of chain wrestling. The two girls exchange ankle locks and we then get some terrible acting from Natalya. Natalya takes control, hitting a spinning clothesline for a two count. Natalya applies a chin lock and an abdominal stretch. Ronda attempts an armbar but Natalya avoids it. Rousey then picks up some momentum, hitting clotheslines and a takedown. Natalya counters Piper’s Pit and looks for an armbar but Ronda counters and locks on a sharpshooter! Natalya gets to the bottom rope to break the hold and Ronda looks for an armbar but Natalya sends her out of the ring. Ronda looks like she tweaked her knee. Natalya applies a sharpshooter on the apron but Ronda drives her into the ringpost. Rousey struggles to get Natalya up for Pipers Pit and instead looks for an armbar but Natalya counters into an armbar! Ronda counters into an ankle lock and then transitions into an armbar and Natalya taps out!

Result: Ronda Rousey retains the Smackdown Women’s Championship by submission.

Review: This match started a bit slowly but got better as it went along. There was some decent wrestling and I liked the apron spot. Ronda retains as expected.

Rating: 6/10

Liv Morgan’s music hits and out walks Morgan who cashes in her Money In The Bank contract!

Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Liv MorganSmackdown Women’s Championship match

Background: Liv Morgan won the Money In The Bank contract an hour ago and now cashes in against a hurt Ronda Rousey!

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time match between these two girls.

Money In The Bank PPV Record: Ronda is 2-0, Liv is 1-1.

Match: The bell rings and Liv rushes Ronda but Rousey grabs the leg and applies an ankle lock! Morgan kicks the injured knee of Rousey and then rolls her up for the three! Liv Morgan wins the Smackdown Women’s Championship tonight! Ronda Rousey hands Liv the title belt and gives her a congratulatory hug.

Result: Liv Morgan wins the Smackdown Women’s Championship by pinfall.

Review: Well this was as short as we expect a MITB cash-in to be but what a moment for Liv Morgan who finally wins a title. Loads of energy, the crowd loved it and a huge pop as she takes the title. A huge win for Liv who becomes the third person to have defeated Ronda Rousey.

Rating: N/A

There’s a Drew McIntyre promo VT.

Video package next for the Summerslam match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

With the seven scheduled men in the ring for the men’s money In The Bank ladder match, Adam Pearce walks out and introduces one more participant to the match, Theory!

Drew McIntyre vs. Riddle vs. Madcap Moss vs. Omos vs. Sami Zayn vs. Sheamus vs. Seth Rollins vs. TheoryMen’s Money In The Bank ladder match

Background: Qualifying matches for the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match began on the June 10 episode of SmackDown. A qualifier between Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus ended in a double disqualification, after both men attacked each other with steel chairs, thus neither qualified. The following week, WWE official Adam Pearce announced that both McIntyre and Sheamus would be in the match. Seth “Freakin” Rollins became the first to qualify from Raw after he defeated AJ Styles on the June 13 episode of Raw. The following week, Omos and Sami Zayn became the fourth and fifth qualified entrant after defeating Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura, respectively. The following week on Raw, Riddle won a Last Chance Battle Royal by last eliminating The Miz to be the sixth qualified entrant, while Madcap Moss won a fatal four-way match also involving Ezekiel, Happy Corbin, and The Miz on the July 1 episode of SmackDown to win the seventh and final spot in the match.

Previous PPV matches: First time match involving all of these men.

Money In The Bank PPV Record: Drew McIntyre is 1-3, Riddle is 0-1, Omos is 1-0, Sami Zayn is 0-3, Seth Rollins is 5-3, Theory is 0-1 and both Madcap Moss and Omos make their Money In The Bank PPV debut tonight.

Match: It’s a chaotic start to the match but Omos stands tall. Omos then wipes everyone out with a ladder, except Sami Zayn who is hiding behind a ringpost. Drew McIntyre is the man to take Omos down, hitting a big claymore to knock him out of the ring. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus double team Theory much to the crowd’s enjoyment. Riddle has his moment against Seth and then everyone goes after Omos, hitting him with ladders and then burying him under a mountain of ladders. Seth and Sami climb a ladder but sheamus pushes them off. Madcap then stops Theory from winning. Riddle hits a big floating bro off the top of the ladder onto four of his opponents below. Omos then re-appears and takes out anybody standing. Seth hits a stomp on Omos as he stands on the outside and then every competitor in the match picks up Omos ansd throws him through the announce desk!

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus go at it in the ring and Drew hits a futureshock DDT. Drew plants the ladder over Sheamus so he can’t move and climbs up the ladder but Butch appears from nowhere and pulls Drew down from the ladder. Sheamus then pins Drew with the ladder and climbs it but McIntyre bench presses the ladder sending Sheamus flying! Sami Zayn dumps Sheamus and McIntyre out of the ring and climbs a ladder but Madcap Moss pushes him off before Rollins pushes Moss off. Riddle and Rollins slug it out on the ladders, which leads to Riddle hitting an RKO off the ladder! Riddle climbs back to the top of the ladder but Theory climbs up with him and pushes him off! Theory grabs the briefcase and pulls it down to win the match.

Result: Theory wins the men’s Money In The Bank ladder match.

Review: This was a decent Money In The Bank ladder match but not the best one ever. Theory was a shocking additional entry and he only went and won it. I’m not sure he’s ready to be champion yet but they can build him up. I was hoping for Zayn to win. But tonight belongs to Theory.

Rating: 7/10

And that was Money In The Bank 2022. Overall it was a good show, most of the matches delivered and it was a fun show. The show kicked off with the women’s Money In The Bank ladder match and it was a decent match. I was honestly expecting Lacey Evans to win this but Liv Morgan got the win and this is a really big moment for her. She’s always failed at the last hurdle but now she’s got the biggest push of her career and it’s all about making a champion out of her. There were a couple of botches in this match, Shotzi didn’t have the best night but it was a decent match none the less. Bobby Lashley beat Theory next in a match that honestly exceeded my expectations. Lashley is great but I’m not sure I was expecting so much chemistry. I was surprised to see Theory lose the United States Championship so quickly but I guess it makes sense after what would happen later in the night. Lashley is essentially the top titleholder on Raw so it’s a good placement for him at the moment. Bianca Belair beat Carmella in a pretty straight forward title defence. If anything this match just made Bianca Belair look so good and showed that she really is a cut above most of the roster now. She could easily go on to be the biggest female star in the company. An ok match tonight.

The Usos retained the tag team championships against The Street Profits in a match that really delivered. This match was better than I thought it would be, it had a fast pace, the psychology was good and overall a really entertaining match. It’s going to be a big deal when The Usos lose their titles. Ronda Rousey beat Natalya by submission to retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship. I feel like Natalya should be pretected against submission losses. But this was a fairly predictable result and Ronda takes home the gold. Or does she? She doesn’t! Liv Morgan cashes in her contract and wins the Smackdown Women’s Championship. This was an amazing moment and exactly the reason the MITB contract exists. Liv becomes the third person to have beaten Rona after Becky Lynch and Charlotte. You could see how much it means to Liv. And in the main event, Theory won a match he wasn’t originally involved in. He was introduced as an addition and won it. This was a good match and was pretty unpredictable. I was rooting for Sami. I’m inclined to think this will be an unsuccessful cash-in unless they do a good job of building Theory up. Overall a decent show tonight, with some if the matches exceeding expectations.

Overall Rating: 65/100 (ranked 82nd out of 414)

Match Of The Night: The Usos vs. The Street Profits
Worst Match Of The Night: Bianca Belair vs. Carmella
Surprise Of The Night: Liv Morgan wins the Smackdown Women’s Championship
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: Liv Morgan
Money In The Bank 2022 Will Be Remembered For: Liv Morgan winning MITB and then cashing it in to become Smackdown Women’s Champion

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