Royal Rumble 89


I love a Royal Rumble. So here we go with the second annual Royal Rumble Pay Per View. Going into this one Randy Savage is still the World Champion and has no obvious number one contender. I guess it’d either be Ted Dibiase, Big Boss Man, Bad News Brown or Akeem. He’ll be in the Rumble later on. Ultimate Warrior, the Intercontinental champion is feuding with “Ravishing” Rick Rude and they’ll be having a posedown later on. Demolition and The Powers of Pain are on a collision course and both teams are in the Royal Rumble match. Also the women’s title reappears tonight with Rockin’ Robin as the champion. So let’s see what happens and how this helps build to Wrestlemania V.

We’re given a rundown of the competitors in the Royal Rumble, Demolition, Ron Bass, Jake Roberts, Ronny Garvin….very exciting. The first ever 30 man Royal Rumble. We go to Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura who gives us a run down of the card. Ventura wearing a nice t shirt with a shark on.


Dino Bravo & The Fabulous Rougeaus vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & The Hart Foundation – 2 out of 3 falls

Interesting that the Canadian Hart Foundation are part of what is essentially Team America. The crowd chant “USA” which is great for Duggan. Dino has won at the last two PPVs but his partners haven’t won on PPV since their debut back in 86. Duggan will be looking for his first win since the big Royal Rumble win a year ago. The big guys Bravo and Neidhart start the match. Gorilla uses the “Irresistible force” line but it doesn’t have the same affect as the famous time he used it for Andre & Hogan. Jim Duggan is tagged in and the crowd go nuts. He sure is over. And out of shape.

Apparently this is “International rules” which means it’s two out of three falls. So this could go on longer than it needs to. First fall goes to the Canadians. The Rougeaus used a nice double team move on Bret Hart to pin him. After the restart the heel make quick tags to continue dominating Bret Hart. Bravo slows down the match, locking in a bear hug.  The crowd chant “USA” and Ventura makes the point that Hart is from Canada. I’m not a big fan of any of these guys but there’s something quite entertaining about Jacques Rougeaus. Jimmy Hart & Frenchy Martin are in the corner for the Canadians. I’m suprised Bravo and The Rougeaus haven’t teamed up before this, their agendas seem the same.

Lots of heelish tactics in this one. The referee doesn’t see the tag allowing The Rougeaus to do some devious double teaming. Eventually Hart makes the hot tag and in comes reigning Royal Rumble winner Jim Duggan. He takes out everyone then catapults in Neidhart before getting a three count! It’s one all so next fall is the winner. Third fall now and Bravo comes in and uses some pretty ineffective looking shots. Bret Hart in and as he goes up top Raymond Rougeaus throws him off! Neidhart runs in and gets Raymond and with the referee distracted Duggan smashes Bravo with the 2×4. Bret Hart covers him for the three count! Duggan and The Hart Foundation win the match.

Rating: 5.75/10

Backstage now to Dibiase picking his number. He doesn’t look happy with his pick. He grabs Slick who is happy with his number and walks off with him. The Bushwhackers now who make their PPV debut tonight. They both get a “bloody good one” and swap! Honky Tonk Man up next and he’s angry with his. Bad News Brown is very happy with his. Demolition are in for a long night. Jake Roberts hopes Andre is still in when he gets there. The Rockers up next and don’t give anything away.


“Ravishing” Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior – Posedown 

I hope this is over quickly, it could be painful. A simple double bicep pose up first. Quite possibly the campest thing I’ve ever seen. Both men do that one and the crowd cheer for Warrior. Abs pose up next. And the crowd cheer for Warrior on that one too. And now for the “most muscular pose”. Lots of tensing for this one from Rude. And the crowd cheer for Warrior again. Fourth and final pose now and it’s a medley. I hope my girlfriend doesn’t walk in on me watching this. Pretty sure Warrior is going to get attacked during this one. Yep shocker. Attacked him with his bar thing. This was very reminiscent of the equally boring segment at last years Rumble with Dino Bravo lifting weights. Warrior goes running after Rude and thankfully it’s over. I’m not rating this.

Rockin’ Robin (c) vs. Judy Martin – Womens championship match

Well Sensational Sherri is in the ring and says she wants to challenge the winner. Rockin’ Robin apparently beat Sherri for the title in France. This is the first womens match since last years Rumble. This is actually the furst womens title match on PPV since Wrestlemania II when the Fabulous Moolah retained. That was nearly three years ago. Judy Martin was one half of the glamour girls. Robin is pretty skinny. It’s back and forth for a bit. Sherri now on commentary. She has an awesome New York accent. Robin locks in a Boston Crab that gets reversed into a pin. Neither of these women have won on pay per view before now.

Robins boots have tassels on, I like them. Judy Martin hits a nice clothesline or two and gets a near fall. Robin hits a DDT but only gets a two count. No offence Jake. Robin can’t slam Martin because she’s too big to get up. There are some very basic wrestling moves in this one. Powerslams and clotheslines. Robin hits a high cross body and retains the title! Yeah, not great.

Rating: 3/10

Backstage to Slick and the Twin Towers. How is Akeem a heel? Or Slick? They’re way too likeable. Boss Man and Akeem are shown the pictures from earlier tonight with Dibiase and Slick. They don’t seem angry.

And now to Mr Fuji who says The Powers Of Pain are going to win the rumble. He feels sorry for Demolition. Fuji is awesome. There will only be one winner and that will be Fuji. Now to Miss Elizabeth who will be cheering for both Savage and Hogan. She can’t decide between the two though. Jimmy Hart is over excited and will be supporting Greg Valentine and Honky Tonk Man. Together he calls them double trouble.

King Haku vs. King Harley Race – Winner is the real King

I have no idea why Haku is a King. He never won a King Of The Ring. But he did debut as King Tonga, maybe that has something to do with it. Haku comes out to Jerry Lawlers music and Harley Race comes down to no music. And Race attacks Haku before the bell, outside of the ring. Race did win the King Of The Ring tournament in 1986 so does have a claim. Bobby Heenan manages both of these guys so wins either way! But he did come out with Haku. Both men wearing regal purple. Both of these guys are legit tough guys. Haku hits some good martial arts chops. Race hits some headbutts but to no avail. Race hits a big piledriver but Haku kicks out. That was Orndorffs finisher.

Race does his seesaw in the rope after knocking into Haku. He loves the seesaw. Both of these men made their PPV debut at The Big Event back in 86. Both guys hit a suplex on each other. Race goes for a piledriver on the outside but Haku backdrops him.  They go at it on the outside for what seems like much longer than 10 seconds. Race then hits the piledriver and rolls back in. I guess this match gives some meaning to the “Royal” part of the PPV name. The Rumble should be up next. Harley is past it at this point. I can’t see him winning. Ted Dibiase is actually the reigning King of the Ring. Haku goes up top and misses a big splash. Race then goes up and misses a headbutt!

Heenan cheers for both guys which is hilarious. Haku hits a reverse thrust kicks and pins Harley Race for the victory!

Rating: 3.5/10

Backstage to Brutus Beefcake. He has the only tools he needs to win the rumble. I love this build. Going through each guy in front of a crappy green screen. Beefcake doesn’t cut a good promo. How do you top that? Greg Valentine. He doesn’t trust anyone. Not even Honky Tonk Man and Jimmy Hart. Fuji and the Powers of Pain now. Fuji loves how big they are. They’re gunning for Demolition. They’re very out of breath. Big John Studds been away for two years and he thinks he’ll win. I preferred him as a heel. Mr Perfect predicts a perfect rumble. This rumble has a good line up. Savage cuts a good promo like only Randy does. He hasn’t lost on PPV in nearly 2 years. No Hogan? Interesting, I expected him to pop up last.

Backstage to Dibiase who has been on screen a lot tonight. He seems happy and suggests that he’s bought out Slicks number. Bobby Heenan backstage now with Andre The Giant and The Brain Busters. Good stuff from these guys, Arn Anderson will be viewing everyone as a number. Andre threatens to throw the Brainbusters out. Hulk Hogan up next and probably last. He’s worried about the Big Boss Man. But he’s had the training, vitamins and praying brother. Hogan will take out Macho Man if needs be too. Hulkster is definitely the favourite in this one!


The 1989 Royal Rumble Match

After a brief explanation of the rules it’s Ax that comes out as this years number 1. And he is followed by his tag team partner and co holder of the tag team championships, Smash! And Demolition get right into it! Why don’t they just wait? Who knows. Much like last year, it’s two tag team wrestlers that start things off. Smash is very cool, definitely my favourite member of Demolition. I’d like to see one of the Powers of Pain out next. But it’s neither of those guys, it’s Andre The Giant! Demolition pull themselves up and go after the big guy. The crowd go nuts for Demolition. All of these guys making their Royal Rumble debut. As is this guy, Mr Perfect. He takes his time walking down. Mr Perfect in his blue tights goes after everybody. Then Andre eliminates Smash! Andre looks comfortable but it’s “Rugged” Ronny Garvin making his PPV debut out next.

All three men try to get out Andre and fail. Andre does his classic getting tied up in the ropes trick. Nobody else has gone out yet and #6 is Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Valentine comes in and helps out the majority with trying to get out Andre but still they can’t do it. Ronnie Garvin who looks like a child next to Andre is thrown out by the big guy next. And entering the fray to a huge cheer is Jake “the Snake” Roberts. And he goes right after Andre. The crowd sure have woken up now. Valentine tries to hammer the Giant but gets ignored. Roberts is the first man in with rumble experience. It’s nice to see a proper feud in the rumble although I do love the random combinations you get. Like Perfect and Ax going at it. The Outlaw Ron Bass is #8 with a very short crew cut courtesy of Brutus Beefcake. And as he slides in, Andre throws out Jake Roberts. Ron Bass looks much better with short hair. Andre has been the star so far, responsible for all of the eliminations. Shawn Michaels in now to the crowds delight. Mostly girly screams. Ax is then eliminated by Mr Perfect. Perfect thinks he eliminates Michaels but Shawn skins the cat.  Ron Bass still in there looking for his first ever PPV win. And #10 is Butch of the Bushwhackers. And Jake the Snake is in tow! He throws the snake into the ring and Andre eliminates himself!

Huge controversy as Andre is out of there. It’s Perfect now that has been in there the longest. With a ring full of lower carders in runs The Honky Tonk Man to the crowds boos. Honky and Perfect go at it in a matchup you wouldn’t predict. Shawn Michaels and Mr Perfect thrown into each other now. Butch has Ron Bass teetering. And in comes Tito Santana who goes right after Mr Perfect. Tito and Valentine now go at it, renewing on old rivalry. Lucky 13 in next. The number Jim Duggan won the rumble from last year. And it’s the man on a roll, Bad News Brown. Butch and Santana eliminate Honky Tonk Man! Bad News Brown has a beer belly but he doesn’t give a damn. Shawn Michaels loves to tease us and pretend he’s going out. More crowd screams as Marty Jannetty enters the fray.  The Rockers hit a double dropkick on Ron Bass sending him over the top rope. Santana hits the big flying forearm on Valentine sending him down. Next out at #15 is the World Heavyweight champion “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Savage goes straight after Bad News Brown and the crowd go barmy. So we’ve got Savage, Bad News, Santana, Perfect, Valentine, Butch, The Rockers and now Arn Anderson who goes straight after Michaels and as he does, Savage eliminates Valentine! Macho Man and Arn Anderson as the odd pairing then eliminate Shawn Michaels! Santana and Perfect go at it whilst Butch struts around the ring. Next in is Tully Blanchard who gives Arn Anderson a hand. Of those currently in the ring I could only see Savage or Bad News Brown winning it. Saying that, I didn’t think Duggan would win it last year. Amazing spinebuster from Anderson to Jannetty. The Brain Busters then eliminate Jannetty! #18 is out and it’s Hulk Hogan! The crowd love it. The Hulkster eliminates Perfect who had been in there nearly 28 minutes, the longest of anybod in this match. Santana then gets eliminated by Savage and a few other guys. It’s actually Butch of the Bushwhackers who has been in there the longest. Next in is Luke of the Bushwhackers! Both Bushwhackers and both Brainbusters in there now as well as The Mega Powers. Brown then eliminates Butch. By my count it’s Bad News Brown who’s been in there the longest now. The crowd break out in a “Hulk” chant. And Anderson gets a big boot from the former champion. #20 now and it’s Koko B Ware.

Koko still looking for his first PPV victory. And it won’t be tonight because Hogan just chucked him out. The Hulkster then eliminates Luke of the Bushwhackers! It’s The Brainbusters, Bad News Brown, Hogan and Savage in there and The Warlord is next in. As The Warlord jogs down, Hogan eliminates both Brainbusters. And as Warlord steps in, Hogan eliminates him straight away. Hulk then eliminates Bad News Brown and Randy Savage! Savage is fuming, he comes back in the ring and it takes Miss Elizabeth to break it up. Randy throws out his hand and the two men shake and hug. Beautiful. Just as #22 comes down and its The Big Boss Man. This is one we’ve been waiting for. Hogan feeds off the energy from the crowd and takes the big man down. Boss Man spits on Hogan and uh oh, next man out is the likeable Akeem. Akeem, as One Man Gang, was runner up in last years rumble.

The Twin Towers double team Hogan with a big avalanche. They then eliminate Hulk Hogan, throwing him over the top rope! The Hulkster is out of there. But in comes Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake! Beefcakes turn to get double teamed now. Boss Man runs off the ropes and Hogan pulls it down causing Boss Man to go flying over the top rope. The Boss Man is out! It’s Akeem and Beefcake in the ring now with #25 due shortly. And #25 is The Red Rooster. What a joke of a gimmick. None of these three guys won their match at Survivor Series. But this guy did. #26 is The Barbarian. The Red Rooster goes after Akeem whilst Barbarian takes it to Beefcake. Big John Studd out next at #27. He was awesome as a heel. A good promo guy who is having his first PPV match since The Big Event back in 1986. He goes straight after Akeem.

The next guy in is Hercules. He’s still a babyface and the crowd don’t seem too interested. He goes at it with the Red Rooster. The two big guys Studd and Akeem still go at it. Akeem has been in there the longest now. The penultimate entrant is Rick Martel, making his return to pay per view. His first match on pay per view since Survivor Series 1987. He comes in and goes after the Red Rooster. And the countdown is on for the last competitor. And it’s “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase who has bought himself that #30 spot. Of the guys left, he has to be the favourite. And in there is Big John Studd, Akeem, The Red Rooster, Brutus Beefcake, The Barbarian, Hercules, Ric Martel and Dibiase. Which means one of these eight guys are going to win it. But not the Rooster as he is eliminated by Dibiase. Ted then renews his feud with Hercules. Herc knocks him down with a few clotheslines. Interesting that only four men that were in last years rumble are in this one with Tito Santana, Ron Bass, Jake Roberts and One Man Gang (now Akeem).

Martel attempts to eliminate Akeem unsuccessfully. Beefcake locks the sleeper on Hercules but Dibiase and The Barbarian eliminate both Beefcake and Hercules! Akeem still in there having come in at #23. Barbarian with a flying headbutt on Martel. He then tries to eliminate Martel but he ducks and clothesline Barbarian out! We’re down to the final four. It’s Ted Dibiase, Akeem, Big John Studd and Ric Martel. Akeem chucks out Martel and we’re down to three. Much like last year, two heels and one face. John Studd clotheslines Akeem out after a mis-communication between the two heels. And we’re down to Dibiase and Studd. Dibiase tries to bribe Studd but the big man won’t have it! Studd throws Dibiase from one side of the ring to the other. He then throws the Million Dollar Man over the top rope to the outside, winning the match! John then takes out Virgil! It’s a big win and an unexpected one as Big John Studd returns to pay per view with a huge win!

Rating: 7.75/10* Match Of The Night

Backstage to Randy Savage now who is still angry at Hogan. But he did shake Hogans hand so maybe everything is in order? I’m sure we’ll find out soon.


Well that was the second Royal Rumble pay per view. Big John Studd got the big win of the night, rather suprisingly considering who was involved. Haku and Jim Duggan are the only two men to have won on both Royal Rumble pay per views, whilst The Hart Foundation won on PPV for the first time in nearly two years. The Rougeaus and Harley Race continued their terrible losing streaks. And in the other match of the night the Womens championship returned and was defended on PPV for the first time in nearly three years. That match as well as the Haku/Harley match and the posedown were all forgettable. The six man tag was ok and the rumble was a damn good one. The Bushwhackers and “Rugged” Ronny Garvin were the only ones to make their PPV debut on this card.

Overall Rating: 50/100 (Ranked #2 out of 11)

One thought on “Royal Rumble 89

  1. Regarding the finish to the Rumble match, they could’ve easily had the last six guys be Macho, Hogan, Bossman, Akeem, Studd, and DiBiase.

    Then you do the same proceedings, only it happens rapid-fire at the end to keep the crowd hot right through, and then you can end the PPV with the confrontation between Macho and Hogan instead of a meaningless Studd celebration.

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