Summerslam 90

The Heat Returns for another year! This is the third Summerslam PPV following two average showings. It also follows a disappointing Wrestlemania so I’m sure the WWE will be looking to bounce back with this one. A double main event has been advertised for this one. The first andmost important is the new World Heavyweight champion The Ultimate Warrior defending his title against “Ravishing” Rick Rude in a cage. The two have been feuding for the past 18 months and with one major win a piece this will be seen as the decider. In the other “main event” Hulk Hogan takes on the man that put him out of action for a number of months, Earthquake. 

At the last PPV Wrestlemania VI, Intercontinental champion The Ultimate Warrior defeated Hulk Hogan for the World Heavyweight title. Warrior wasn’t allowed to hold both titles so the Intercontinental title was vacated and put up for grabs in a tournament. In the finals Mr Perfect defeated Tito Santana to win the gold. Mr Perfect would go on to feud with Brutus Beefcake but Brutus would pick up an injury and be replaced by newcomer The Texas Tornado. Tonight Tornado makes his WWE PPV debut against Perfect. 

Tag team champions Demolition have added Crush to their team, a move that challengers The Hart Foundation have dubbed cheating. Demolition have turned their backs on their fans and now two of the three of them will defend the tag team titles against The Hart Foundation in a rematch from two years ago. Also at Summerslam “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Dusty Rhodes continue their feud and finally we get to see a singles match between the two. Paul Roma was attacked by Dino Bravo but blamed The Rockers, Hercules came to Roma’s side and the two became Power and Glory. Tito Santana and Rick Martels rivalry was due to come to a close but Martel became injured and was replaced by The Warlord. The other major storyline involved Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov going their separate ways and Volkoff defending America and joining forces with Jim Duggan.

It’s Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper on commentary for this one for the first ever time. McMahon starts by announcing the double main events for the evening, Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude and Hulk Hogan vs Earthquake! I hope Warrior and Rude are on last. The first match is about to happen and Vince McMahon says it’ll be a humdinger!

The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) vs. Power & Glory (Paul Roma & Hercules)

Going into this one The Rockers have the worst PPV record of anyone so they’ll be looking for a big win against the brand new tag team of Power and Glory. Hercules has turned heel to join Paul Roma in this team. Well this one gets underway before the bell! The new team of Power and Glory attack The Rockers and Hercules takes down Michaels with his chain! It doesn’t take long before the action goes into the ring and Marty Jannetty comes back and takes down both Roma and Hercules! It’s town on one though and Jannetty soon gets beaten down. Manager Slick distracts the referee which allows Power and Glory to double team Marty. Hercules is the main man in the ring with Jannetty whilst Paul Roma stops Shawn Michaels from getting into the ring. Roma tagged in and continues to take it to Marty with a backbreaker and a near fall. Jannetty hits a big powerslam though and goes up top, hitting a big fist but Hercules breaks up the count.

This is a solid lower card tag team match. Hercules tagged in and both men hit a double flapjack on Jannetty. A great story being told in this match in what is essentially a handicap match. Hercules now hits a big superplex on Jannetty at the same time as Paul Roma jumped off the top rope with a big splash. Roma pins Jannetty for the three count!The Rockers awful PPV run continues and it’s a big win for Power and Glory. Shawn Michaels is carried off on a stretcher after the bell. 

Rating: 6/10

Backstage to Mr Perfect and new manager Bobby Heenan. Perfect has never had to prepare for a title match in such short notice. The Texas Tornado has challenged Perfect but Heenan says Tornado has his heads in the clouds. Nobody beats Mr Perfect, nobody.

Mr Perfect (c) vs. The Texas Tornado – Intercontinental Title Match

Well as I said earlier, Mr Perfect won a tournament to win the Intercontinental title. I personally think he’s the perfect choice for the gold. Tornado comes from the legendary Von Erich family and looks amazing. He’s being given a solid push right off the bat although I believe it is as a result of Brutus Beefcake picking up an injury. It’s a big PPV debut for the Tornado and this should be a really good match. Plenty of Tornado puns already and the bell hasn’t even rung yet. A “weasel” chant breaks out as the bell rings. Tornado out-powers Perfect to being the match, throwing him into the corner. Peerfect does have a good PPV record but lost at the last show, Wrestlemania to Brutus Beefcake. A nice hiptoss from Perfect followed by some chops and then a hiptoss from Tornado. The crowd are right behind Von Erich as he slams Perfect and throws him over the top rope. Perfect gets the advantage with a clothesline and some chops. He hits the grounded flipping snapmare that he does and then locks on a sleeper. Tornado soon gets the advantage back and locks on the claw. He lets go and with Perfect groggy Tornado spins and punches him down to the canvas. He hooks the leg and gets the three count! We’ve got a new Intercontinental champion! A great debut for Tornado whilst Perfect loses for the third PPV in a row! 

Rating: 6/10

Backstage now to Mene Gene who wants to talk to Sapphire but instead Bobby Heenan and Mr Perfect come in making a racket. Heenan is not happy at Perfect losing the title. Perfect says he’ll get his title back, Heenan says the shoulder was up. 

Sensational Sherri vs. Sweet Sapphire

I make this the first womens singles match on PPV since Royal Rumble 1988. Sherri is in the ring wearing some sort of bizarre mask but as  The Fink announces Sapphire, nobody shows! The music dies down and starts up again, will she show this time? Nope, still no sign of her. An official walks out from the back to pass on a message to The Fink. Piper suggests she might be making pancakes backstage. The Fink announces Sapphire has 30 seconds to make it to the ring or she forfeits. Gene counts down and Sherri carries on the count down to zero. No sign of Sapphire so Savage’s music hits and Sherri is announced the winner! 

Rating: N/A

Backstage to Dusty Rhodes who is worried about Sapphire, not knowing where she’s gone. Rhodes asked Jim Duggan where Sapphire is and he has no idea. Apparently somebody has been buying her presents, gold and diamonds. Very mysterious. Dusty goes off to find her. 

The Warlord vs. Tito Santana

Well at the last PPV, Wrestlemania, Tito Santana fought and lost to Warlords old partner The Barbarian and now he has to deal with The Warlord. Warlord actually replaced Rick Martel in this match. Warlord has changed his look and has some big black padding and a phantom of the opera mask. Tito has actually lost more matches on PPV than any other wrestler in the WWE up to this show. Santana starts quickly hitting The Warlord with jabs and a dropkick. It’s definitely speed against power in this one. Warlords managerial contracts was sold from Mr Fuji to Slick and the Dr of Style is at ringside. Tito wears down the big arms of The Warlord but the big man hits a powerslam before missing an elbow drop. Santana gets the first near fall of the match but Warlord kicks out, throwing Santana to the outside. Warlord rams Santana into the ringpost. Slick takes his shoe off but the referee ushers him back. Warlord throws Tito back into the ring and continues his attack.

Santana sells the back well. He’s changed the little lighting bolt on his trunks to a sombrero. Warlord misses a clothesline and Santana hits his running forearm but Warlord gets his foot on the rope. That looked like Slick was supposed to do it. Warlord now with a running powerslam on Santana and hooks the leg for the three count! A good first PPV singles match for The Warlord whilst Santana once again loses.

Rating: 4/10

Backstage now to Sean Mooney and Demolition who now have a third member in the team. Ax, Smash and Crush. Demolition don’t let Mooney know who will be in this match, it could be any two members of Demolition. Tonight they take on The Hart Foundation who made their challenge around Wrestlemania time. The Legion of Doom are waiting for whoever wins this match.Crush was introduced because Ax was struggling with health problems. Demolition were still really over at this point and McMahon wanted to carry on the team. It didn’t make a lot of sense to turn Demolition heel but I guess they wanted to set up the dream match of Demolition against The Legion of Doom. We then have a quick interview from The Hart Foundation where they quote Phil Collins. 

Demolition (Smash & Crush) (c) vs. The Hart Foundation (Bret “Hitman Hart & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart) – 2 out of 3 falls match for Tag Team Titles

This is somewhat of a rematch from Summerslam 88 where Ax and Smash defeated The Hart Foundation in their first tag team title defence. It’s Smash and Bret Hart that start and it didn’t take long before all four men were in the ring. Back to Smash and Bret and it’s The Hitman with the early advantage. Bret tags out to Neidhard who works on the arm of Smash. Quick tags from The Hart Foundation and it’s Bret back in. Smash tags out to Crush who doesn’t get the better of Hart for long. Bret gets a near fall then both men tag out. Smash gets the advantage after some double teaming from Demolition. Crush back in now but The anvil takes him down. Smash and Bret tagged in now. A good pace to this match so far. Bret takes both members of Demoltion down now, throwing them into one another. Bret gets a few near falls on Smash but can’t get the three count. Smash tags out to Crush and the two men hit their double backbreaker/elbow move and gets the first fall of the match.

Demolition continue their beatdown on Bret Hart and Smash gets a near fall. Crush in now with a headlock and the crowd get behind The Hitman. Smash back in but Bret hits a clothesline and both men are down. Bret makes the tag to Neidhart who comes in and takes both members of Demolition down. He hits a big powerslam on Smash but can only get a two count. The Hart Foundation hit the Hart Attack on Smash but Crush comes in and takes out the referee! Hebner cals for the bell and the second fall goes to The Hart Foundation!

Crush shoves Bret Hart to the outside as the bell rings for the final fall. At this point Ax runs down and goes underneath the ring! Bret gets back into the ring and has the upper hand on Smash. A big shoulder tackle form Neidhart onto Smash and then Jim slams Bret on top of him and gets a nearfall. Ax now gets into the ring and takes down Bret Hart. How the referee hasn’t realised this I don’t know, Ax looks nothing like Smash. Ax tags out to Crush who continues the advantage and gets a near fall. On one side of the ring Neidhart goes at it with Crush and on the otherside Ax and Smash take down Bret Hart. Just then The Legion of Doom come out! The crowd go nuts as The Hart Foundation get another pinfall and win the match! We’ve got new tag team champions as The Hart Foundation win the belts for the second time! 

Rating: 6.5/10

Backstage now to the Legion of Doom. They hope Demolition are mad because they want them. They cut an intense promo and then The Hart Foundation join them. They will take on all comers and it seems these two teams could come to a head. 

We then go to Demolitions locker room and they are mad. Mooney can’t get in though we can just hear them shouting inside. Demolition hold The Legion of Doom responsible for losing the belts! 

Now we go to Mene Gene with Sensational Sherri. Sherri has some crazy face paint on. Sherri claims herself victorious. Sherri says Sapphire was smart not to turn up for her match. Sherri has heard rumours and she may be smarter than she seems. 

There is now an intermission! A five minute break! Very strange, I have never seen anything like this before.

Mene Gene gives us an update now of what’s to come. Jake Roberts and Damien against Bad News Brown and 200 pounds of sewer rats? Interesting. Big Boss Man will be the referee for that one. Brother Love to get a word with Sgt Slaughter. Jim Duggan and Nikolai Volkoff to take on The Orient Express, Savage and Rhodes, Hogan and Earthquake and Warrior and Rude in a cage! We now see the “sewer rats” that look stuffed and don’t move. Then Damien in the shower. Now in comes The Big Boss Man who’s not afraid of anything. He’s the referee later to make sure justice prevails.

Now we go to Sean Mooney who is stood by with Nikolai Volkoff and Jim Duggan. Duggan has died his hair blonde and he is happy to team with Volkoff after giving him the American flag. Bizarre tag team.

Back to Mene Gene who is stood by with Earthquake, Dino Bravo and Jimmy Hart. Earthquake says Hulkamania is dead. Hogan has made the most foolish decision of his career. Earthquake has also taken out Tugboat. Dino Bravo says he will take out The Big Boss Man who is going to be at ringside for Hogan later. Jimmy Hart says there will be two stretchers tonight. 

Sean Mooney now backstage with Jake Roberts. Roberts isn’t afraid of rats, Damien has quite the appetite. He says the hunger that he has separates a snake like Roberts from a mouse like Bad News.

Bad News Brown vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

The ever popular Jake the Snake takes on the loner that is Bad News Brown. Brown had a good start to his WWE career but I can’t remember the last time he won a match. Jake Roberts couldn’t get the better of Ted Dibiase at Wrestlemania. The match starts before special guest referee The Big Boss Man can even get to the ring. Piper, who is on commentary tonight battled to a draw with Brown at Wrestlemania. The Boss Man and Bad News were actually teammates at Survivor Series last year but they’re not friends tonight. Roberts goes for the DDT early but Brown escapes. Both men now take it to the outside and Brown smashes Roberts with a chair! Apparently it’s not a disqualification. Brown has the advantage now, slowly keeping Roberts grounded. Roberts comes back into it now with his jabs, taking Brown down. Roberts motions for the DDT but can’t hit it. Both men go to the outside again and once again Brown smashes Roberts with the chair! And Boss Man calls for the bell! It’s a disqualification.

After Bad News tried for a legdrop on Damien the snake, Biss Man pulls it out of the way and Brown goes after him. Roberts comes after him with the snake though causing Bad News to retreat up the aisle. 

Rating: 3.5/10

Backstage now to Mene Gene with Demoltion. They claim the Hart Foundation cheated! They want their belts back but before that they want The Legion of Doom! They say Hawk and Animal will regret the day they stepped in Demolitions shadow! 

Brother Love show with Sgt Slaughter

Brother Love is in the ring looking his usual red self. He says that the people need somebody to tell him what to do and then introduces “Drill Sergeant Slaughter”. A big hug between Love and Slaughter. Slaughter says there are only two reasons why he is in the town tonight. The first is to hand out an award. He says that America has become soft but then he looked into the WWF and he found someone to give the “Great American” award and that person is Brother Love. Brother Love is very happy with his award. Slaughter then says he’s declaring war on Nikolai Volkoff. 

Backstage now to Mr Fuji with The Orient Express. He laughs at American Duggan and USSR Volkoff teaming up. 

Quickly we go to Mene Gene who has found Sapphire who walks into a locker room. 

The Orient Express vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & Nikolai Volkoff

The Orient Express come off a big win against The Rockers at Wrestlemania. Duggan and Volkoff come out to what sounds like the music Lex Luger used in 1994. I don’t think Volkoff has won on PPV since beating Corporal Kirchner back in 88. Jesus, Duggan and Volkoff give a joint rendition of God Bless America. Duggan is horrendous. The match begins and it’s Duggan and Volkoff cleaning house! Volkoff and Tanaka start the match now and it takes a double team from The Orient Express to get the advantage. Quick tags between the Orient Express and finally Nikolai tags Duggan. A blonde and tanned Duggan takes both of The Orient Express down. He hits some big lefts and rights and then Nikolai comes in and all four men are in the ring. They throw the Orient Express into one another and then Duggan hits a big tackle and gets the three count for the win!

Rating: 4/10

Mene Gene backstage now with Dusty Rhodes who is trying to get into the locker room we saw Sapphire go into. Rhodes thinks something suspicious is going down but then nips off to the ring for his match.

Dusty Rhodes vs. “Macho King” Randy Savage

This is the match we’ve been waiting for. Forget the mixed tag at Wrestlemania, this is bigger. Rhodes comes out without Sapphire but Savage is escorted by the Sensational Queen Sherri. Before the bell can ring Ted Dibiase comes out and says everyone has a price for The Million Dollar Man. He says his money can buy anything and tonight it’s bought Rhodes’ humiliation. Then he introduces Rhodes to his newest purchase, Sweet Sapphire! She comes out in a new frock, fur jumper carrying a bag full of money!

Rhodes can’t believe it and goes after Dibiase but Savage attacks him from behind and the bell rings. Back in the ring and Sherri gets involved. But Dusty gains the advantage and hits some of his trademark elbows. Sherri hands Savage her handbag and as Sherri distracts the referee, Savage smashes Rhodes with it! Randy pins Dusty for the three count and this one is over! This match didn’t really feel like it got underway. It feels more like a segway to the Dusty/Dibiase feud. 

Rating: 3/10

Sean Mooney backstage trying to get a word with Ted Dibiase who scarpers into a limousine with Virgil and Sapphire. Dusty Rhodes then shows up just as the limo drives off.

Earthquake vs. Hulk Hogan

A quick promo from Hulk Hogan before the match where he dedicates this match to “The Tugster” Tugboat. Hogan has The Big Boss Man on his side though. The Boss Man says his usual schtick about justice being served. This is Earthquakes biggest match to date having knocked off Hercules at Wrestlemania. Hogan steps down from the World title picture to take on the big man. This is the first Summerslam that Hogan hasn’t been in the final match. I know this match is dubbed as one half of the main event but I don’t see it that way. Warrior/Rude is the main event. Hogan does come out to a good ovation though. He actually looks a bit smaller than he has previously. He spits at Earthquake. What a role model. The match eventually gets underway and Hogan goes for a powerslam but can’t lift the big man. After a few attempts he does get Quake down and then takes out Hart and Bravo. Boss Man and Hogan now double team Bravo and Earthquake. Shouldn’t that be a disqualification? Now with Boss Man distracting the referee Bravo helps out Quake with Hogan. Earthquake now goes up to the top and hits Hulk with a double axe handle. 

Earthquake now locks in a boston crab but Hogan gets to the ropes. Bravo gets involved again, slamming Hogan on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring Earthquake bodyslams Hogan but misses with the follow up elbow. Hulk tries for another bodyslam but still can’t get it. Earthquake locks on a bearhug which puts the pressure on Hogans injured ribs. Hogan seems to get a little over-excited and rips the officials shirt. He gets out of the bearhug but soon finds himself in trouble after trying a flying cross body and is caught. Earthquake gets a near fall. Quake then stomps around then bounces off the ropes and hits his finisher, the Earthquake splash! Instead of pinning The Hulkster though he does it a second time. This time he pins him but Hogan kicks out and promptly Hulks up! Hogan hits the big boot and then bodyslams him before running off the ropes and hitting the legdrop. Dino Bravo distracts the ref and Jimmy Hart gets involved. Hogan picks up Hart and throws him at Earthquake whilst The Big Boss Man goes after Dino Bravo. Outside of the ring Jimmy Hart accidentally hits Earthquake with the megaphone! Hogan then slams Quake into a table. The referee counts to ten and Hogan wins by count out! 

Earthquake goes after Hogan and holds him it. It takes three chair shots from Big Boss Man to put him down! Earthquake walks back up the entranceway with Dino Bravo and Jimmy Hart. This feud doesn’t look like it’s over yet. Hogan and The Boss Man celebrate in the ring to Real American. 

Rating: 6.5/10

Backstage now to Sean Mooney with Bobby Heenan and Rick Rude. Rude has had a haircut. But he’s confident about his match with Ultimate Warrior. Rude as World Heavyweight Champion would be good. Heenan makes the point that Rude has beaten Warrior before. Which he did at Wrestlemania V. They did battle at Summerslam last year though where Warrior won his Intercontinental title back. 

Now to Mene Gene with Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes says Sapphire paid him back in scorn. Rhodes is coming about Ted Dibiase now. It’s a year since Rhodes WWE PPV debut. 

After briefly going to Lord Alfred Hayes it’s back to Mene Gene with Hulk Hogan. There have been a lot of backstage interviews today. Hogan says that you should train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins and believe in yourself. Hogan plans on riding a “title wave” to the top. He wants the world title back. 

Now backstage to Sean Mooney with Earthquake, Bravo and Hart. Earthquake says the war has only just begun with both Hulk and The Boss Man. He vows revenge, any time anywhere. Bravo says The Boss Man had a stick and a chair and it still couldn’t stop Earthquake.

Mene Gene with Ultimate Warrior now who compares himself to the forefathers. 

Ultimate Warrior (c) vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude – World Heavyweight Championship Match

Rick Rude in the biggest match of his career comes out with his manager Bobby Heenan. This is the second ever cage match on PPV following the bout between Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy at Wrestlemania II. Rude’s tights have himself on the front and Warrior on the arse. Warrior runs out, high intensity as always, running around the ring and shaking the cage! The bell rings before Warrior is even in the cage. Warrior climbs in and jumps off the top to begin the match. He then throws Rick into the cage and tries for a cross body but Rude moves and Warrior hits the cage. Rude tries to climb over straight away and both men are already struggling. It’s amazing to think Rude fought Jimmy Snuka at the last PPV Wrestlemania. He has the advantage over Warrior now and throws him into the cage hard. Heenan shouts at him to exit the cage but Rude is already groggy and instead goes after Warrior. 

Both men slug it out with rights and left in the middle of the ring but Rude gains control with a rake in the eyes. These two put on a fantastic match at last years Summerslam. Piper has been good fun on commentary tonight. Rude goes forthe Rude Awakening but can’t spin Warrior round. The champion powers out of it and clotheslines Rude down. Both men down though as Rude hits some knees. Rude then picks up The Warrior and hits The Rude Awakening! Rude goes up to the top of the cage and grinds his hips before leaping off and nailing Warrior. Rude could definitely have won this match by now. He goes back up top but this time Warrior sees him coming and punches him. Warrior crawls towards the door with snot hanging from his nose then Heenan smashes the door into his face! Rude crawls towards the door and Heenan pulls it open but Warrior drags Heenan inside the cage, gives him a beating and then throws him out. It’s enough of a distraction for Rude to clothesline him down.

But now Warrior finds some momentum and takes down Rude with clotheslines. He then lifts up the challenger into a gorilla press slam and then climbs up the cage. He climbs over and then grinds his hips as Rude watches The Ultimate Warrior drop down and win the match! Warrior then climbs back up the cage and poses with his belt. 

Rating: 7/10* Match Of The Night

Overall I felt like this was a really solid show. The Warrior/Rude match was good although not as good as their match at last years Summerslam. The tag team title match was a real highlight too. Hogan/Earthquake, Perfect/Tornado and The Rockers/Power & Glory were all decent matches. The first half of the PPV was decent overall but it slipped later on. Savage/Rhodes, Roberts/Brown and The Orient Express/Volkoff and Duggan could’ve been a lot better. I did wonder where Andre the Giant and Haku were, it would have been nice to see a match between the two. Most of the matches had good build up and I think it reflected well on the PPV from top to bottom. 

Overall Rating: 52/100 (Ranking 4th out of 17)

One thought on “Summerslam 90

  1. This marked the final WWF PPV appearance for Sapphire.

    After this PPV, throughout the autumn of 1990, DiBiase had Sapphire doing menial tasks, such as ironing his money. However, Sapphire would soon be let go from her WWF contract one month prior to the 1990 Survivor Series.

    Prior to joining the WWF and becoming Dusty’s manager, Sapphire was a legit referee. It was revealed by Sensational Sherri in a shoot interview that Sapphire broke down and cried when she was told by Vince that they were splitting her and Dusty up. From there, after getting the boot from the WWF, Sapphire stopped caring about wrestling and retired there and then, before dying of a heart attack on September 10th 1996 at age 61, about one month before her 62nd birthday.

    Although her absence was never explained on WWF TV, Virgil did explain in an interview for the March 1991 issue of WWF Magazine that DiBiase took back all of Sapphire’s expensive gifts and then kicked her to the kerb, again proving that everyone’s got a price for the Million Dollar Man.

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