Survivor Series 90

The WWF Thanksgiving Tradition continues for a fourth year! This year is a little different to the last three though as there will be five Survivor Series matches much like last year but this year all of the winner will then take part if a final match to decide the survivor of the survivors! It’s the first and only year it has ever happened so it should be good fun. Anyway, let’s have a run down of what’s happened since the last PPV, Summerslam. 

Ultimate Warrior is still the World Heavyweight Champion and as it stands he doesn’t have a clear cut opponent. Randy Savage is laying claim to his title but due to Savage being injured, Warrior doesn’t go into this PPV with a rivalry. Hulk Hogan does however continue his feud with Earthquake and on this show, both men will captain a team against one another. Ultimate Warrior is injected into a match that involves the Intercontinental rivalry between Intercontinental champion Texas Tornado and former champion Mr Perfect. Also in that match is the ongoing rivalry between The Legion of Doom and Demolition. 

The Hart Foundation are still the tag team champions are invested in somewhat of a rivalry with Rhythm & Blues. The big story of their match however is the on going rivalry between Dusty Rhodes and Ted Dibiase that started at Summerslam when Dibiase bought out Sapphire. A new rivalry has begun between Jake Roberts and Rick Martel that started when Martel sprayed his arrogance in Roberts eyes, blinding him. Also the feud between American turncoat SGT Slaughter and new America fan Nikolai Volkoff continues as both men captain teams later on. It’s also worth noting that Bad News Brown, Rick Rude and Akeem have now left the WWF so won’t be present tonight opening up three spots for heels.

We open up with Sean Mooney who stands in front of an egg. He lets us know about the Grand Finale tonight that will involve all of the survivors competing in one final match at the end of the night. He also informs us about the egg behind him that he’s expecting to hatch tonight. Vince McMahon then gives us the run down for tonight. There are five big matches tonight plus the grand finale giving us the most amount of matches of any Survivor Series up to now. It should be a good one. We then go to the commentary team of Gorilla Monsoon and Rowdy Roddy Piper! Piper has some choice words for Saddam Hussain.

The Perfect Team (Mr Perfect & Demolition (Ax, Smash & Crush)) vs. The Warriors (The Ultimate Warrior, The Legion Of Doom (Hawk & Animal) & Texas Tornado)  

We have a qyuick promo backstage from The Warriors, mostly led by Warriors drivel about making the sacrifice. At this point Warrior is the World Champion, Tornado is the Intercontinental Champion and The Legion of Doom are hot so that’s a really good team. The Legion of Doom are in a big rivalry with Demolition and Tornado is in a feud with Mr Perfect. Ultimate Warrior doesn’t fit in to the equation but does fit into the team. This is actually The Legion of Dooms PPV debut in the WWE.Warrior is hugely over as champion. I’m quite suprised Randy Savage isn’t on the heel team on this one. Although I did read somewhere that he had a wrist injury. Interestingly Mr Fuji is back managing Demolition.

The match starts with Animal tackling Smash down to the ground. Smash gets some offence in and soon tags out to Mr Perfect. Perfect has won both of his previous two Survivor Series matches but this is the first time he’s been a captain. He tags out to Smash and in comes The Texas Tornado. And in comes Ax. Tornado locks in The Claw but Smash breaks it up. Then in comes The ultimate Warrior who knocks Ax down with a flying tackle and a big splash for the three count! Ax has been eliminated. 

Crush comes in and knocks down The Warrior. Ultimate Warrior also has 100% record at Survivor Series having been the sole survivor in both of his last two SS matches. Warrior now tags in Hawk and in comes Perfect. Hawk throws Perfect around to a great ovation. They botch an Irish Whip and Hawk misses the follow up giving Perfect opportunity to tag in Crush. The Perfect team make quick tags and it’s the team captain back in and out and Smash in now. Smash is definitely my favourite member of Demolition. Hawk knocks him down with a big tackle and a clothesline before coming off top with a clothesline. Crush breaks up the count and all four men slug it out in the ring. Smash and Hawk both boot the referee and the referee disqualifies both members of Legion of Doom as well as Smash and Crush! 

We’re down to The Ultimate Warrior and Texas Tornado vs. Mr Perfect. In comes Tornado and he and rival Perfect go mad for each other. Tornado throws Perfect out of the ring and Ultimate Warrior throws him back in! Warrior then throws Bobby Heenan over the barricade! Perfect gets the advantage after side-stepping Tornado. Perfect nails the Perfect-plex and we’re just down to Ultimate Warrior and Mr Perfect!

Perfect hits the Perfect-plex on Warrior and the World champion kicks out! The two team captains go at it and Warrior sarts to find some momentum. That’s soon put to an end with a dropkick. The crowd break out in a “Warrior” chant but Perfect still dominates. Warrior soon comes back though and knocks Perfect down with clotheslines. He then hits the flying tackle and splash and gets the three count! Ultimate Warrior wins the match and will be in the grand finale! He celebrates with his title belt. 

Rating: 6.25/10

Backstage now to The Million Dollar Team made up of Ted Dibiase, Greg Valentine and The Honky Tonk Man. Jimmy Hart and Virgil are also present. Dibiase has a mystery partner and has a few words for his opponents tonight. No sign of Sapphire, I guess she’s gone now. 

The Dream Team (Dusty Rhodes, The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart) & Koko B. Ware) vs. The Million Dollar Team (Ted Dibiase, Rhythm & Blues (Honky Tonk Man & Greg Valentine) & The Undertaker)

The Hart Foundation are still the tag team champions going into this one. Greg Valentine still has his awful black hair. It’s funny how the tag teams just seem to make up the number and never win the matches. Dibiase and Rhodes captain teams for the second year running. Dibiase grabs the microphone and introduces his mystery partner, led to the ring by Brother Love, The Undertaker. The Undertaker actually replaces Bad News Brown.

The Undertaker starts the match with Bret Hart and hits some big punches and a chokeslam. Hart tags out to Neidhart and Undertaker slams him down too. Neidhart tags out to Koko and Undertaker hits the Tombstone. Funny how Gorilla knows the name of his finisher. Koko is eliminated quickly continuing his 100% loss record on PPV. 

Undertaker tags out to Greg Valentine and in comes The Dream. Dusty isn’t wearing his usual polka dots tonight, he just has black trunks. Neidhart tagged back in and then Hart. With Demolition tied up with LOD, it must mean that Rhythm & Blues are number one contenders to the tag titles. They actually had a match with The Hart Foundation at Wrestlemania V and it was a very quick defeat for Valentine and Honky Tonk. It’s Neidhart with a big powerslam on Honky Tonk Man now, eliminating the former Intercontinental champion!

Ted Dibiase in for the first time now and Neidhart slams in and tags in Dusty Rhodes! This feud began at Summerslam when Dibiase bought out Rhodes manager Sapphire. Neidhart back in now with a big suplex to Dibiase. Virgil grabs his leg and Ted knocks Neidhart down with a clothesline which is enough to get the three count!

Bret Hart comes in and smashes Dibiase into the elbow of The Dream. Rhodes doesn’t look his usual charismatic self tonight. Maybe it’s the lack of polka dots. Dibiase tags out to The Undertaker now and in comes Bret Hart. ‘Taker then tags out to Valentine who tags out to Dibiase. Lots of quick tags in this one. Jimmy Hart is wearing a pretty cool Survivor Series jacket tonight. In comes Rhodes and in comes Undertaker. Undertaker hits a big knee and then goes up top and hits a double axe handleon Rhodes, eliminating him from the match!

It’s down to Bret Hart against Undertaker, Dibiase and Valentine! Brother Love is shown kicking Rhodes on the outside but Rhodes gets up and chases him down the aisle. Undertaker then goes after Rhodes and is then promptly counted out. I didn’t realise Undertaker was the legal man in the ring but apparently he was. Back in the ring Valentine goes for the figure four but Hart reverses it into a small package for the three count! 

It’s down to Ted Dibiase and Bret Hart now and it’s The Hitman with an atomic drop sending Dibiase to the outside. Hart then leaps over the top rope onto his opponent. Bret Hart has been involved in three Survivor Series matches before and Dibiase two but neither men have won a match yet so it’ll be the first for one of them. It’s back and forth for a while, both men showing ow tired they are. Hart actually trips over Dibiase but he was playing possum! Virgil then gets involved, holding Bret Hart but Hart moved out the way and Dibiase smashes his own man! Hart off the second rope with his trademark elbow but Dibiase kicks out. Hart with a cross body but Dibiase reverses the momentum for a three count! Ted Dibiase wins the match! 

Rating: 5.25/10

Backstage now to Mene Gene who is backstage in the shower with Jake Roberts, Jimmy Snuka and The Rockers. Roberts says all the men on his team have stood the test of time. Roberts is awesome but I don’t know about the rest of the team! They were all on different teams at last years Survivor Series.

The Visionaries (Rick “The Model” Martel, Power & Glory (Hercules & Paul Roma) & The Warlord) vs. The Vipers (Jake “The Snake” Roberts, The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) & “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka)

Jake Roberts seems to have fell down the card a bit since Wrestlemania. He’s now feuding with rick Martel who blinded him with his arrogance spray back on Saturday Nights Main Event. The Rockers and Power and Glory continue their feud after the match at Summerslam. Warlord and Jimmy Snuka make up the teams. 

Warlord and Jannetty start the match. It’s power against speed with these two. Warlord actually won a Survivor Series match back in 1988. Shawn Michaels now in after some teamwork with Jannetty. Nobody has a worse record on PPV than Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. Rick Martel in now and you wonder why Tito Santana isn’t on the opposite team. Jake Roberts tagged in and Martel quickly tags out to Paul Roma. Roma and his ex partner won their Survivor Series match back in 1987. Jimmy snuka back in and looking for his first PPV win. Hercules in too and Snuka, who is actually wearing boots, takes Herc down. In comes The Warlord and he slams Snuka down but misses with the elbow. Jannetty is now and he goes up to the second rope but i caught by The Warlord, slammed and eliminated! 

Shawn Michaels in and nails a nice hurricanrana on Warlord before tagging in Jake Roberts. The crowd break out in a DDT chant for the man that won his Survivor Series match back in 1987. Warlord and Roberts were actually in the same Survivor Series match last year, which was won by Hulk Hogan. Shawn Michaels in and Warlord with a huge back body drop. Rick Martel in and takes it to Michaels. He’s been in two Survivor Series matches before and not won. The Visionaries make quick tags between themselves and eventually Michaels tags in Snuka! Snuka all over Model but much like the last match, Martel reverses a cross body and eliminates Superfly! 

Roberts straight in and Martel straight out! It’s now Jake Roberts and Hercules. Hercules has been a part of all three previous Survivor Series PPVs but never won a match. With a little help from Martel, Hercules takes Roberts down then tags in his partner Paul Roma. Roma misses with a top rope move and Roberts tags out to Michaels! Michaels comes in with pace, suplexing Roma down and hitting him with an elbow. Hercules makes a blind tag and attacks Michaels from behind slowing The Rocker down. This match has been dominated by the heels so far, and in comes Martel. And in comes Hercules and Roma who hit The Power-plex! A superplex and a big splash from Roma to eliminate Michaels. 

It’s down to Martel, Power and Glory and Warlord against Jake Roberts. Four on one against the team captain of The Vipers. Hercules is in to take on Jake. Warlord in now and locks on a big bear hug. Roberts gets out of it and then nails the DDT on The Warlord. Rick Martel comes in though with his Arrogance but Roberts rolls out of the way and grabs Damien! Roberts chases Martel to the back with the snake! The referee counts Roberts out and this one is over! For the first time ever an entire team wins the match! Rick Martel, The Warlord, Paul Roma and Hercules go on to the grand finale! 

Rating: 5/10

Backstage to Sean Mooney who#s backstage with The Hulkamaniacs. Hulk Hogan leads the team with Jim Duggan, Big Boss Man and Tugboat. hogans dedicating the match to all of the troops over in the middle east. 

The Natural Disasters (Earthquake, Dino Bravo, Haku & The Barbarian) vs. The Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan, Big Boss Man, Tugboat & Jim Duggan)

I like the look of this match on paper. Haku stands in for Rick rude who left the company. There are no “filler” tag teams so it should be a good contest. Last year Boss Man and Duggan were team captains and this time they join Hogans team. Hogan has won at the last two Survivor Series PPVs as has Dino Bravo. Earthquake won at his Survivor Series debut last year. Boss Man, Duggan and Haku haven’t had any success at Survivor Series yet, Barbarian won his match in 1988 whilst Tugboat makes his PPV debut.

It’s Duggan and Haku that start off the match and it’s Duggan with the early advantage. Haku tags in Dino Bravo who quickly tags out to The Barbarian. Quick tags between The Natural Disasters and it’s Haku back in. Duggan tags out to The Boss Man who’s been on a good role as of late. Boss Man hits the Boss Man Slam on Haku and he’s out of here! 

Boss Man hits an elbow on The Barbarian and Bobby Heenan gets up onto the apron, distracting the Big Boss Man. This allows The Barbarian to hit a big suplex. The Barbarian hasn’t done too badly since going solo, he won his match against Tito Santana at Wrestlemania of this year. Boss Man tags in Jim Duggan and Barbarian tags out to Dino Bravo who tags out to Earthquake. Duggan was on the opposite team to Earthquake last year and the big man helped to eliminate Hacksaw. Duggan slides in and smashes Earthquake with his 2×4! That’s the fourth year in a row Duggan has been eliminated by either being counted out or disqualified. 

Hulk Hogan in now and he’s taking out everybody! He powerslams Earthquake to a huge reaction! The two captains and Summerslam opponents go at it as Earthquake slams Hogan now in the middle of the ring. Quake tags out to Dino Bravo who seems to have been around forever but never actually achieved anything. He goes to slam Hogan but the Hulkster rolls him up and pins him for the three! 

In comes The Big Boss Man now and Earthquake! Boss Man goes up top but Quake catches him! Hogan pushes Quake over but Boss Man can’t get the three count! From the outside, The Barbarian kicks Boss Man in the back and Earthquake follows it up with a couple of elbows and then pins and eliminates The Big Boss Man! 

It’s down to Hulk Hogan and Tugboat against Earthquake and The Barbarian! Tugboat hasn’t been in the match yet. It’s the two captains and rivals back in now. Hogan goes for a powrslam but this time can’t get him up. Earthquake with the advantage and he goes for a big splash but completely misses! Both men looking to make the tag and in comes Tugboat! Tugboat and Earthquake can’t seem to get each other down! Both men are outside of the ring now, going at it and then Quake goes after Hogan! Both men then get counted out! Tugboat didn’t contribute much to the match and now he’s done.

It’s just Hulk Hogan and The Barbarian in there now. These two were actually on opposing teams last year and The Barbarian got disqualified in the match for double teaming Hogan. Barbarian now hits a big piledriver on Hogan but it’s not enough to keep the former World champion down. Both men go down and it’s Barbarian up first. He goes up to the top and hits the big top rope clothesline but Hogan kicks out. And here we go. The Hulkster is Hulking up! He hits the big boot and then the big legdrop on Barbarian which is enough for the win! For the third year in a row, Hogan wins his Survivor Series match! He celebrates after the bell much to the enjoyment of the crowd.

Rating: 7/10* Match Of The Night

Mene Gene now up on the stage with “Macho King” Randy Savage. Savage looking good in red and white. Would have been nice to see him in action though. Savage claims that the Ultimate Warrior is the Ultimate Turkey and Randy will be taking the title back. Randy claims the be the greatest superstar ever and he wants his title back. 

The Alliance (Nikolai Volkoff, Tito Santana & The Bushwhackers (Luke & Butch)) vs. The Mercinaries (SGT Slaughter, The Orient Express (Tanaka & Sato) & Boris Zhukov) 

Well this is the lower card match of the night. It’s based around the feud between Slaughter and Volkoff. Zhukov replaces Akeem in this match as the African Dream left the WWE.  It’s worth noting that nobody in this match has ever won a Survivor Series match before. Santana has been on every Survivor Series before but had no success. It’s a PPV debut for SGT Slaughter and a first Survivor Series for The Orient Express. Nobody has lost as many matches in PPV as Tito Santana. Quick tags between The Alliance to start the match and Tito hits the flying forearm on Boris Zhukov to eliminate him!

Sato in now with Tito Santana, taking him down to the mat. Tanaka tagged in but he nails his own partner! The Bushwhackers in and they hit the Bushwhacker Battering Ram and Sato is eliminated! It’s down to four on two already! Santana then runs in, hits the running forearm on Tanaka and he’s eliminated! 

It’s down to all four members of The Alliance against SGT Slaughter! Volkoff comes in and hits some lefts and rights. He hits some bizarre looking kicks and takes the Sarge down but not for long as Slaughter, representing Iraq hits some elbows to keep Volkoff down. Slowly and methodically Slaughter picks apart Nikolai Volkoff, ramming his head into the top turnbuckle. He hits a snapmare then an elbow and then pins him for the three count! Captain Volkoff is out. 

Butch and Luke both come in and hit some double team moves on The Sarge but not enough to get a three count. Luke goes up top but can’t connect with his splash as Slaughter gets his knees up. Slaughter then rolls him over and gets the three count! Butch is next to go out after a clothesline and we’re down to one on one! 

Santana comes in kicking Slaughter but it doesn’t last long as Slaughter launches Santana across the ring. He then hits a nice neckbreaker and gets a two count. Slaughter continues with his offence, hitting a backbreaker and a supex but he still can’t get the three count. Slaughter throws Santana into the referee knocking him down! Tito then runs off the ropes and hits the flying forearm but General Adnan comes in and hits Santana with the flagpole! Despite there being a second referee, it’s not a disqualification. Slaughter then locks in the camel clutch. There’s then an announcement saying SGT Slaughter……has been disqualified! Santana with his funky music wins the match and goes on to the grand finale!

Rating: 4.75/10

Backstage now to Sean Mooney with Ted Dibiase and the entire Visionary team. Martel says there’s no stopping them. Dibiase says he;s given The Visionaries a lot of incentive money to win the next match. He says Tito Santana is in the wrong place at the wrong time and there’s a lot of history between Warrior and Hogan.

Now to Mene Gene at the egg. The egg is starting to crack. Gene is hoping for the playmate of the month. The crowd boo as the Gobbledy Gooker hatches from the egg. Apparently Gene can understand the gobbling of the gooker and the pair of them go to the ring. The gooker starts dancing around the ring and then invites Mene Gene into the ring and the pair of them dance around! Bizarre segment.  

Sean Mooney backstage now with Hogan, Warrior and Santana. Hogan starts off by saying that he’s never seen a man with as much intensity as The Ultimate Warrior and as for Santana, well he’s been around since day one. Tito then shouts something about surviving. Ultimate Warrior then continues to talk about skeletons and the ultimate sacrifice. 

Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior & Tito Santana vs. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, Rick “The Model” Martel, Power & Glory ( Hercules & Paul Roma) & The Warlord

Well the grand finale is 5 on 3. The heels come out first, followed by the faces. It’s funny that the teams are based on heels and faces. It’s like the ultimate no-no to say “those are heels” and “those are faces”. Ultimate Warrior is extremely over. Tito Santana and Warlord start the match and straight away Santana hits the running forearm and eliminates Warlord!  It’s already down to four on three. Paul Roma in and now Ted Dibiase who hits a big suplex on Tito but no three count. Santana goes for the flying forearm again but Dibiase ducks! Ted throws Tito onto the top rope and rolls him up for the three!

Hulk Hogan in now, and these two were the team captains on opposing teams last year. And they were on opposing teams the year before too. Dibiase tags in Hercules who has actually been on the same team as Hulk before. Hercules tags Roma who quickly tags out to Rick Martel. rick gets some offence in then tags out to Hercules as a “Warrior” chant breaks out. Hercules and Roma once again hit their high impact finisher but this time they don’t get the three count. Hogan nails a big clothesline on Paul Roma which is enough for the three count. Roma is done.

Hogan tags out to The Ultimate Warrior and Rick Martel comes in. Warrior slams Martel twice and then tags out to The Hulkster. Hogan hits the big boot and then a big clothesline sending Martel to the outside. With that Rick walks away! He strolls to the back and gets counted out much to the frustration of Ted Dibiase. 

So it’s Hogan and Warrior against Dibiase and Hercules. It’s back and forth until Hogan hits the big boot and then the legdrop! He makes the cover and gets the three count! Hercules comes in and Hogan slams him before tagging The Warrior! The two Wrestlemania IV opponents are now in and Warrior hits the big shoulder tackle and splash for the win! Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior are the two survivors! They dispose of Slick and celebrate to Ultimate Warriors music. 

Rating: 4.5/10

And that was the fourth annual Survivor Series. I always enjoy these shows and they always rank highly and this one will be no different. Hogans match was the best of the night. It told the best story and I think having no weak links to the teams also helped. This show doesn’t give a lot away for the future but the big rivalries between Hogan and Earthquake, Jake Roberts and Rick Martel, Texas Tornado and Mr Perfect, Demolition and The Legion of Doom and Ted Dibiase and Dusty Rhodes continue. There were a few guys missing, like Randy Savage who allegedly was injured, Bad News Brown, Rick Rude and Akeem who left the company and Andre The Giant who hasn’t wrestled since Wrestlemania. A pretty good show, good for it’s time and an improvement on the last couple of shows. 

Overall Rating 54/100 (Ranked #3 out of 18)

One thought on “Survivor Series 90

  1. Allow me to also to give my two pence worth on the Grand Finale match:

    1.It’s pretty funny that DiBiase and Hercules were both on the same team, considering the feud they had two years earlier. But here, Hercules is playing not just second fiddle, but FIFTH fiddle to DiBiase.

    2.Because Hogan was trying to celebrate with him at the end after they won, Warrior should’ve been like, “Get out of my ring and let me have my moment alone!”

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