UK Rampage 92

Hello and thanks for checking out my review of UK Rampage 1992. This show won’t have been seen by most so it should make for some interesting reading. There are two titles on the line as Randy Savage defends his World title and Bret Hart defends his Intercontinental title. Ted Dibiase isn’t present so the tag titles won’t be on the line. We’ve lost a couple of guys since Wrestlemania, which was only a couple of weeks prior to this event, the most notable absentees are Jake Roberts who left to go to wCw after not being given a spot on the writing team and Roddy Piper who is off taking a break.

We have a quick intro with some of the wrestlers we’re likely to see tonight. Guys like The Undertaker, Legion Of Doom, The Warlord, Sid Justice and Repo Man. Gorilla Monsoon then welcomes us to Sheffield and he’s with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. Randy Savage is in the main event defending his World title against Shawn Michaels which is a big main event. The Intercontinental title is also on the line. But let’s now go to our first match of the night.

Tatanka vs. Skinner

Tatanka gets a good ovation when he comes out. He’s a popular babyface and coming off a big win over Rick Martel at Wrestlemania. His opponent Skinner doesn’t get an entrance, he’s already at ringside. This is Skinner’s fifth pay per view match and he’s still looking for his first win. He lost to Owen Hart is a short amount of time at Wrestlemania. Skinner starts with headlocks but Tatanka soon uses his speed to ground Skinner and lock in a headlock of his own. Heenan uses a joke about Tatanka that he used at Wrestlemania. It’s then back and forth until Skinner exits the ring and gets a breather. Tatankas wrestling tights make him look like he’s wearing a thong. Skinner offers a handshake and Tatanka shakes it then kicks him in the gut! Tatanka then goes back to working the arm. I’d like to see more action in this match and less holds. Skinner then smashes Tatanka into the ringpost and then bites the upstart. The camera then zooms into the native American and he seems to have tobacco on his head. Nice. Skinner now locks a hold onto his opponents leg before slamming it into the ring apron.

I like Skinners offence in this. He uses dirty tactics which really riles up the live crowd. He throws Tatnka over the top rope and then celebrates which again riles up the crowd. Tatanka has been on the losing end for a while now. Skinner suplex’s him back into the ring then goes to the second turnbuckle and tries for a double axe handle but Tatanka gets his boot up! Tatanka then starts the comeback, hitting some chops before skipping around the ring and hitting a jumping chop, a backbreaker then a chop off the middle rope and a somoan drop which is enough for the three count. Tatanka wins on back to back pay per views whilst Skinner has lost on the last five shows. Clearly these two men are going in very different directions at the moment. A good win for Tatanka in this first lower card match of the evening.

Rating: 4/10

Backstage now to Sean Mooney who is stood by with The Legion of Doom. They take on Colonel Mustafa and Dino Bravo. Animal says that Bravo and Mustafa will find out the wrath of the LOD whilst Hawk says they are in serious trouble. What a rush.

Legion Of Doom (Hawk & Animal) vs. Dino Bravo & Colonel Mustafa

Mustafa gives us some words of how much he dislikes the United States and United Kingdom before the match. Dino Bravo looks significantly different now that his hair is brown. The blonde hair sort of made him stand out. LOD are popular and it’s quite sad that they’re facing what appears to be a bit of a jobber team. Mustafa and Bravo attacks Hawk and Animal before the bell but that soon backfires. Animal and Dino Bravo start the match and neither of them can knock the other down. Hawk tagged in but Bravo manages to get the better of him on the outside. Bravo hasn’t been on pay per view since Wrestlemania 7 just over a year ago. Mustafa in and looking sloppy. The Legion of Doom looking for their first win since Survivor Series. Bravo and Mustafa keep Hawk from tagging his partner but eventually a double clothesline allows Hawk to tag Animal. Flying tackle from Animal and all hell has broken loose as all four men are in the ring. Mustafa goes to suplex Animal who ducks and Hawk comes flying off the top. Hawk covers Mustafa despite not being the legal man and he gets the three count. Big, but expected, win for the Legion Of Doom.

Rating: 3.5/10

Backstage now to Sid Justice and Harvey Wippleman. Sid faces The Undertaker tonight. Big big match. Sid says that Undertaker fears Sid. Sid also says that he rules the world.

Now to Lord Alfred Hayes who is with Paul Bearer and The Undertaker. Undertaker says he has a gift for Sid Justice, a tombstone. Rest In Peace, Sid Justice.

Sid Justice vs. The Undertaker

This match starts off with Harvey Wippleman threatening to slap the female ring announcer. You wouldn’t get away with that now. Sids sweat drips onto the camera as he walks out. I like Sid. I like him much better as a heel. This should make for a very interesting match. Sid is looking for his first PPV win on the third time of asking. Sid attacks Undertaker early and I’m really looking forward to this one. Two babyface wins so far, could this one swing the other way? It’s back and forth as Undertaker no sells some of Sids attacks. At UK Rampage last year, the match in this slot was Greg Valentine vs. Haku so this is a big improvement. Undertaker goes up top and balances on the rope before coming down on the big man and then follows it up with a flying clothesline. Undertaker then goes for the Tombstone but Harvey Wippleman gets involved enough to distract Undertaker. Sid then executes a one armed chokeslam on Undertaker which is impressive. Sid sure has been mixing it up with the big boys since debuting in the WWF. Hogan, Warrior, Undertaker and to a lesser extend, Flair.

Sid main evented Wrestlemania and this match feels like a main event too. After a lot of Sid having the upper hand, Undertaker explodes out of the corner and clotheslines Sid down to the canvas. Both men end up outside the ring and Sid shoves Undertaker into the ring post! Sid rolls back in and Undertaker doesn’t seem too phased but he takes too much time getting back in and gets counted out! Sid wins by count out. A first pay per view win for the big man. After the match Sid attacks ‘Taker with a chair but Undertaker soon comes back and tombstones the man who rules the world. A good win for Sid but Undertaker comes out of the match looking strong.

Rating: 5.5/10

This show is sponsored by The Sun newspaper and Atari. Awesome. We go backstage now to Sean Mooney who is with Shawn Michaels and Sensational Sherri. Michaels says he’s out to shock people tonight and he’s going to take the WWF title tonight.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage (c) vs. Shawn Michaels – WWF Title Match

I can’t understand why this match is halfway through the show. This is a World title match, it should be at the end. This is two PPVs in a row where the WWF title hasn’t ended the show. Odd decision. Sensational Sherri used to manage Randy Savage but now the champion is with Miss Elizabeth. It’s a quick start between these two guys and Savage gets the upper hand, chasing Michaels out of the ring. Back in the ring but not for long as Savage clotheslines Michaels back out before hitting his trademark double axe handle to the outside. Outside of the ring and Sherri starts going at it with Elizabeth. Savage makes the save then sends Elizabeth back to the dressing room. Michaels attacks Savage from behind and it’s all Michaels now. I’m not sure how they haven’t been counted out yet. Both of these men were successful at the last show Wrestlemania VIII and they’ll be looking to take that momentum forward. I can’t see Michaels winning though.

Shawn hits  a nice backbreaker and neckbreaker to keep up the advantage. Eventually though Savage starts a comeback by slingshotting Michaels into the ringpost and getting a two count. It’s all Savage now as he once again sends Michaels to the outside and follows it up with another double axe handle from the top. This is a bit of a dream match for me as these are probably my two favourites of all time. Back in the ring and another double axe handle from Savage gets a near fall. He tries for yet another but Michaels catches him with a right hand. Shawn then shows some lovely agility by reversing a hiptoss. Michaels then hits what would become “sweet chin music” but in these early stages it can only get a two count. Michaels then goes up top and nails a flying right hand which sends Savage to the outside. Bobby Heenan makes a fat joke about a girl in the crowd, you wouldn’t see that in this day and age. Sherri attacks Randy on the outside and does a little jig.

Back in the ring and Savage starts a comeback. That is until he goes flying into the referee! That usually spells bad news for the babyface. Savage hits a bodyslam and then goes up to the top. It’s time for the Big Elbow and he nails it! But there’s no referee to count it. Sherri runs it and lays in some boots to Randy Savage who chases her back out. The referee then comes back in and Savage tries for another pin but Michaels kicks out! Miss Elizabeth then runs back out and shoves Sherri, throwing her off the apron. Michaels and Savage go back and forth and Savage hits a high cross body and follows up with the pin which is enough to get the three! Savage successfully defends his World title! He then gets the better of Michaels and Sherri who try to attack him after the bell. Randy Savage retains his World title and lives to defend it another day.

Rating: 6/10* Match Of The Night

The Mountie vs. Virgil

Back to the lower card now as The Mountie comes down to his comical music. He’s The Mountie! He’s handsome, he’s brave, he’s strong! I’m definitely a fan of The Mountie. Virgil not so much. The last time Mountie won on pay per view was in this country at Battle Royal last year when he beat The Texas Tornado. Virgil wants The Mountie’s cattleprod out of here. Virgil then starts the match well, taking Mountie down with clotheslines. Jimmy Hart lends his support to The Mountie but it doesn’t seem to work as Virgil slams his head off the turnbuckle. Virgil then hits some boxer style jabs which Mountie sells like a pro. Virgil rips the shirt off Mountie and hits him with it. Uneffective. This has all been Virgil so far. These guys were in the same match at Wrestlemania, a four on four tag team match which Virgils team won when Virgil pinned a Nasty Boy. The Mountie manages a comeback and rips Virgils nose protector off before smashing him with it. This is the former Intercontinental champion against the former Million Dollar champion.

As The Mountie has the advantage he manages to find time to put his shirt back on. Mountie locks on a half nelson and slams Virgils head off the top turnbuckle which is original. Mountie then grabs the microphone and screams that he is The Mountie. Virgil then attacks him from behind and hits two big dropkicks then a Russian Leg Sweep but can only get a two. Jimmy Hart then helps out The Mountie by pulling Virgils foot. With the referee distracted by Jimmy Hart, The Mountie then zaps Virgil with the cattleprod! Mountie rolls over and covers Virgil for the win. A much needed win for the Canadian law enforcer.

Rating: 4.25/10

Backstage now to Rick Martel. He says that nobody in the UK knows anything about fashion. He gets an Intercontinental title shot against Bret Hart next but Martel says he has superior looks, performance and ability.

Now to Bret Hart who says the English people don’t care how you’re dressed. Bret Hart says he’ll show you that he means business.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart (c) vs. Rick “The Model” Martel – Intercontinental Championship match

The second title match of the night is between two Canadians. Martel was on the team that defeated Harts team for the tag titles a few years ago. Could he do it for a second time? I have my doubts but I do like Martel. Both men in pink lock up and Martel skips around after performing a cartwheel. Martel was unlucky at Wrestlemania VIII against Tatanka whilst The Hitman defeated Roddy Piper. Martel prances around once too often which allows Bret to come back with some clotheslines, knocking Martel to the outside. Survivor Series 90 was Martels last pay per view win, 18 months ago. He has a front facelock on Hart now but the champion gets out of it. Hart has the advantage and he locks in various leg locks. It doesn’t last for too long though as Martel shoves Hart into the turnbuckle. Martel sells the leg well, stumbling around the ring and Hart gets back on it.

Both men end up outside the ring and Martel slams Hart into the ring post. This match is a little bit slower than I was hoping. And a lot more back and forth. Hart unloads with some right hands and then hits a nice Russian Leg Sweep. After a near fall, Hart hits a suplex and a backbreaker. Hart then goes up to the middle rope and hits his trademark elbow drop. He doesn’t hook the leg though and when he complains to the referee, Martel hits him in the gut. Rick looks confident with himself and as he pulls The Hitman up to his feet, Bret rolls Martel up in a small package and gets the three count! Hart hangs onto his title! The crowd seem happy with that.

Rating: 5/10

Backstage to “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan who walks out of the toilet. Or the shower. One of the two. Duggan is happy that everyone chants “USA”. Duggan calls Repo Man a sneaky little rat. He says their match is going to be a fight.

Repo Man vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

These two guys were on opposite teams at Wrestlemania. A match in which Duggans team won. A “USA” chant at the starts gets a good reaction. I think it’d get boo’d now. Barry Darsow seems to have lost a lot of weight since portraying the Smash character. He gets clotheslines down by Duggan and exits the rings. I think this match shows that Hacksaw has slipped down to the lower card of the WWF. Repo gets the advantage and takes the turnbuckle pad off the ringpost before slamming Duggans head into the exposed steel! Duggan doesn’t look in great shape but the crowd are behind him. Duggan comically misses with some lefts and rights so Repo nails him down to the canvas. Repo Man once again attempts to slam Duggans face into the exposed steel but Hacksaw reverses it! It’s Duggans time to comeback now and he hits a hiptoss and scoop slam. Duggan then hits the three point stance sending Repo Man to the outside!

Repo grabs his rope with the hook on the end and smashes it into Duggans face but the referee sees it! The ref calls for the bell as Jim Duggan has won this one by disqualification. After the match Repo Man chokes Duggan with the rope before laying the boots in. It’s not long before Duggan grabs his equsliser, the 2×4! He tries to hit Repo but he sneaks off. I’m not sure he’s ever actually hit someone with the 2×4! Duggan wins though, albeit by DQ. Duggan may be falling in the pecking order but he has won three of his last four matches, the only one he’s lost is the Royal Rumble match. He now starts another USA chant and somehow gets everyone in Sheffield chanting it again!

Rating: 3.5/10

Backstage now to Randy Savage who says he and Miss Elizabeth are ok. He’s happy with be World champion oooooh yeeaaaah. Savage has a number of top contenders including British Bulldog and Ric Flair.

Backstage now to the British Bulldog. He is up against I.R.S in the final match. No idea why this match is on last. Well, probably to end the show with Bulldog standing tall in his own country. Bulldog says that tonight that I.R.S will be paying tonight.

The British Bulldog vs. Irwin R. Shyster

Well, you’ll have to go back to last years Summerslam to find I.R.S’s last PPV victory. The crowd go nuts for Bulldog. Shyster is still one half of the tag team champions. Davey Boy has a good PPV record in the WWF. He locks on a headlock and then knocks down Shyster. Bulldogs match at Wrestlemania with The Bezerker was actually cut from the card due to time restraints. I.R.S defended his tag team titles with Ted Dibiase against The Natural Disasters and retained the belts, losing by count out. Bulldog himself is of course a former tag team champion. He and The Dynamite Kid won the belts off the team that beat Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham back in 1985. I.R.S has taken a lot of time outs so far in this match. It hasn’t really got started. The match goes to the outside where I.R.S stomps away at Bulldog much to the crowds displeasure. Back in the ring and the tag team champion locks on an abdominal stretch. Bulldog doesn’t submit though and Irwin hits his flying clothesline. A near fall for his effort.

Shyster locks on a headlock now as Jimmy Hart cheers him on from the outside. He soon gets a closer look though as I.R.S throws him out by Jimmy. It’s back and forth now and we get a few near falls from both guys. Jimmy Hart distracts the referee long enough for I.R.S to grab the briefcase. Bulldog sees it coming though and scoops him up onto his shoulder then nails the running powerslam for the three count! Bulldog wins in his home country and gets a tremendous ovation. Not sure this should have gone on last, Savage/Michaels clearly should have.

Rating: 4.5/10

And that was UK Rampage 92. On paper it didn’t look like a bad show. Matches like Sid vs. Undertaker, Michaels vs. Savage and Hart vs. Martel looked like showstealers. Much like last year Rampage a lot of the lower card was featured. The lower card this year is a lot stronger than last years so there was a lot more potential. It’s frustrating because the Legion Of Doom were there but stuck with awful opponents. Where were The Nasty Boys or The Beverley Brothers? Or even Ted Dibiase? Jesus, even The Orient Express. There were quite a few guys missing. Roddy Piper and Jake Roberts had left the company so they weren’t around but where were Tito Santana, Sgt Slaughter, Ric Flair, The Natural Disasters and Hulk Hogan?

I don’t think the show was in the right order. The Savage match needed to finish the show and it really annoys me that it didn’t. The guy can’t catch a break. Although the roster was much better on paper, this UK Rampage was probably a little weaker than last years.

Overall Rating: 45/100 (Ranked 20th out of 28)

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    1. Also, this was the final WWF appearance for Dino Bravo.

      In fact, here’s some documentaries that cover his and Liz’s deaths:

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