Summerslam 92

The Summerslam you thought you’d never see! That is the description for Summerslam 92 and it looks like one hell of a show. We have a double main event for this one, the first is the WWF title Match between “Macho Man” Randy Savage and challenger The Ultimate Warrior. Savage has been champion since defeating Ric Flair at Wrestlemania VIII whilst Warrior was named number one contender by Jack Tunney, something Ric Flair wasn’t too happy about. The build for this match was centred around Ric Flair and Mr Perfect claiming that one of the combatants in this match taking on Perfect as their adviser. But who is it? We should find out tonight.

The other main event is between Intercontinental champion Bret Hart and his brother in law The British Bulldog. Bulldog is obviously the hometown hero and with Brets sister and Bulldogs wife Diana caught in the middle, who will go home with the title?

We have new tag team champions since Uk Rampage 92 in the form of The Natural Disasters. They defeated Money Inc on a house show and that win completely changes two of the matches tonight. The Disasters match with the Beverly Brothers now becomes a tag team title match whilst Money Incs match with the Legion of Doom will no longer have the titles on the line.

Besides those matches we have Rick Martel and Shawn Michaels battling for Sensational Sherri’s affection in a match where they’re not allowed to hit each other in the face. We’ve got Tatanka defending his undefeated streak against The Bezerker. We also have pay per view debuts for Kamala and Nailz with Kamala taking on The Undertaker and Nailz squaring off against Virgil. Crush also returns to PPV but not as part of Demolition but instead as a babyface to take on The Repo Man.

The Iron Shiek and Dino Bravo both left the WWF since the European Tour as did The Texas Tornado. Sid Justice also decided to leave after he was suspended for failing a drug test.

The crowd are treated to two matches before the PPV beings. In the first “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan teams up with The Bushwhackers in a match where they defeated The Nasty Boys and The Mountie and Papa Shango defeated “El Matador” Tito Santana. Tito Santana actually replaced Kerry Von Erich “The Texas Tornado” who left the WWF prior to the event.

We start off with a shot of the fans outside. The Bushwhackers are out there with them and there are a lot of “Bulldog” chants. Now we’ve got some trumpets and what looks like a Royal carriage and shots of various London landmarks. Vince McMahon now introduces us to the show! Over 80,000 fans are packed into Wembley for Summerslam on a lovely Summers day. McMahon is at ringside with Bobby Heenan who is wearing a crown and claiming to be the King of England. McMahon is concerned on who’s corner Mr Perfect will be in tonight, Ultimate Warrior or Randy Savage? It’s time for the first match.

Money Inc (“Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase & Irwin R Shyster) vs. The Legion Of Doom (Hawk & Animal)

The Legion of Doom come out on their motorbikes in one of the coolest entrances ever! They’re with their manager Paul Ellering and their stupid puppet Rocco. I.R.S gives us some spiel about how the Royal Family would be doing better if theyre weren’t so many tax cheats. Money Inc have lost their tag team titles but their feud with the Legion of Doom continues. Remember, Money Inc defeated LOD for the belts back a few months ago. Dibiase starts the match against Hawk. Two top quality teams in this one. Arguably the two most over teams in the company at this point. Dibiase is wearing white trunks and boots for this one. The babyfaces are very popular in this one. And they clean house of Money Inc! This one is a little slow to get going. Hawk and Animal are just bullying Dibiase. I.R.S hasn’t actually won on pay per view since his debut at last years Summerslam where he beat Greg Valentine. Hawk tags Animal now. And in comes I.R.S.

Irwin gets the advantage on Animal but it doesn’t last long. Animal stands on his tie and Heenan uses his standard “he’s standing on his tongue” line. Hawk is tagged in and Shyster locks a sleeper on the big man. At two previous Summerslam PPV’s we’ve had Demolition vs. The Hart Foundation, two of the best tag teams of all time and certainly the two best of their era, I see this match as the equivalent of the past few years. Hawk misses a clothesline from the top and ends up on the outside of the ring where Dibiase takes advantage. He’s now tagged in and continues taking it to Hawk. Money Inc continue to take it to Hawk  making quick tags. Ted Dibiase main evented the first ever Summerslam when he teamed with Andre the Giant against Hogan and Savage. The Legion of Doom won the tag titles at last years Summerslam when they defeated The Nasty Boys. Both LOD and I.R.S have had the one Summerslam appearance and are both technically undefeated at the event. Hawk has several failed attempts at making the hot tag as Money Inc stop him every time. Plenty of heel tactics, drawing Animal into the ring and making blind tags when the referee isn’t looking.

The UK crowd start a “Hawk” chant and it helps him nail a suplex on Dibiase! Hawk crawls over to his corner but I.R.S is in first and he hits a low blow on Hawk! Dibiase back in and he has a front facelock on Hawk and Hawk actually makes the tag but the referee doesn’t see it once again! But finally Hawk tags Animal! And he is cleaning house! He takes down both members of Money Inc with clotheslines and dropkicks! All four men in the ring now and I.R.S is sent to the outside. LOD motion for the Doomsday Device but Jimmy Hart distracts the referee and I.R.S saves the day! Animal sends Dibiase into I.R.S sending Shyster to the outside and he then nails a big powerslam which gets the three count! The Legion of Doom win the match!

Rating: 6/10

Mene Gene is now backstage with former WWF Champion, Ric Flair. Flair thought he should be number one contender to the World title and given a rematch tonight. Flair says he is ready for action tonight although it doesn’t seem that he’s booked for a match. Mene Gene wants to know who’s corner Mr Perfect will be in tonight but Flair doesn’t give anything away. flair says that Perfect is in the dressing room of the winner.

Now to Sean Mooney who is backstage with Virgil. Tonight he takes on newcomer Nailz. Virgil says he’s survived the toughest streets and he’ll survive tonight. He isn’t happy with what Nailz has done to The Big Boss Man but Virgil is too legit to quit. Nice rhymes.

Nailz vs. Virgil

This is Nailz pay per view debut here in the WWF. And he takes on serial jobber, Virgil. Nailz is a big old unit, dressed in his orange prison garments. Virgil can’t take the big man down despite a clothesline and dropkick. Virgil looks like he does take Nailz down with a flying forearm but Nailz ends up on top and he chokes Virgil. Virgil is actually undefeated at Summerslam having beaten Ted Dibiase at last years event. Nailz throws him to the outside of the ring and then follows him out, smashes him into the ring apron and then throws him back in. Nailz then locks on a sleeper and not before long the referee calls for the bell! McMahon claims he was choking Virgil but in fact it was all fair and Virgil has given up! Nailz win the match! After the match Nailz stomps down Virgil but the newcomer wins on his PPV debut!

Rating: 3.5/10

Lord Alfred Hayes now backstage at Randy Savage’s dressing room. He can’t get into Savage’s locker room but it has been locked the whole time.

Now to Mene Gene who is standing by with Sensational Sherri. We see some footage of Shawn Michaels costing Rick Martel the Intercontinental championship in a match against Bret Hart. Next we see Rick Martel winking at Sensational Sherri and Sherri winking back! Back to Sherri now and she says that both men are good looking and in their match niether can hit the other in the face.

Rick “The Model” Martel vs. Shawn Michaels

Martel is dressed in tennis gear and even has the racket. So neither man can hit the other in the face. This should be a solid mid card match. I’m a fan of both. Martel hasn’t won on pay per view since Survivor Series 1990 when his team won a Survivor Series match when he was feuding with Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Michaels scored a big win over Martels former tag team partner at Wrestlemania VIII, Tito Santana. Sherri is looking smoking tonight. This is Shawn Michaels third Summerslam and he has lost his two previous outings. Martels only previous Summerslam match was a victory when he teamed up with The Fabulous Rougeaus against Michaels, Santana and Jannetty. The match starts with an Irish whip and a cartwheel from Martel. With two big face vs face main events it means we have a heel vs heel midcard match. Any other show we might have seen Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels and Rick Martel vs. The British Bulldog. Both men almost punch the other in the face but refrain. Martel sends Michaels to the outside and Sherri looks after her man. Martel convinces Sherri to move away though ans hugs the Sensational one!

Back in the ring and Michaels rolls up Martel and pulls the tights but Martel reverses it and pulls the tights himself! No three counts though and the match continues. Michaels hits sweet chin music to the chest area and gets a two count. The two men go face to face and then they exchange slaps to the face! Sensational Sherri then faints on the apron! She goes down to the floor and Michaels looks after her. Martel then goes out to help her out and pumps the chest! Michaels then nails Martel in the face and the two men go at it on the outside! They fight up in the entrance way and get counted out! Sherri then gets up, checks her hair and falls back down. She was faking it all along! Martel and Michaels get broken up by referees and Michaels walks back down to Sherri. He picks her up and takes her to the back. I feel this match could have been better. The ending was meh. Martel runs back down and nails Michaels sending Sherri to the floor as well. The Model then picks up Sherri and carries her back! Michaels once again picks up Sherri and carries her back. Martel is back with a bucket of water! He pours it over Sherri as Michaels chases him to the back!

Rating: 3.75/10

Backstage to Sean Mooney and the Nasty Boys. The Nasties take a shot at Sensational Sherri getting wet. Saggs and Knobbs are pissed off that they aren’t getting a title shot tonight. Jimmy Hart promises the Nasty Boys a title shot and the three of them celebrate.

The Natural Disasters (Earthquake & Typhoon) (c) vs. The Beverly Brothers (Beau & Blake) – Tag Team Title Match

The Beverley Brothers manager The Genius gives us a poem to start the match, just like he did back at Summerslam 89. This is a huge match for The Beverly Brothers and their first opportunity at the tag team titles. The Disasters start the match well, crushing the Beverlys until eventually Typhoon starts the match but some teamwork from the Brothers gives them the advantage. The Beverlys use every opportunity to double team Typhoon and keep him grounded. They then use their trademark leapfrogging double team move. Lots of double teaming from The Beverlys so far. The tag team division isn’t in bad condition at the moment with The Disasters, LOD, Bushwhackers, Money Inc, Beverlys and The Nasty Boys. Six teams isn’t bad at all. Blake hits a flying headbutt but can only get a two count. Earthquake and Typhoon won their match at Summerslam last year which was their first PPV match as a team when they defeated The Bushwhackers. Typhoon tags Earthquake but the referee doesn’t see it and sends Quake back out.

Typhoon hits a desperation clothesline sending both Beverly Brothers down but the big man still can’t make the tag.  Typhoon catches Blake but Beau comes off the top with a big dropkick and once again the challengers get a near fall. Typhoon nearly makes another tag but Beau attacks Earthquake on the outside which takes the referee out of the ring. Blake then hits Typhoon with the metal scroll from The Genius! Blake makes the cover but Earthquake makes the save! Beau is tagged in and so is Earthquake! Earthquake throws Beau across the ring. Interestingly the commentators haven’t referred to The Beverly Brothers by their actual names. Earthquake now takes both challengers down and Typhoon throws Blake out of their. Earthquake avalanches Beau in the corner and then nails a big powerslam. The crowd go nuts now as Earthquake hits the Earthquake splash and gets the three count! The Natural Disasters retain their tag team titles!

Rating: 5/10

Crush vs. Repo Man

Crush makes his return to the WWF as a face now after over a year off. He was last in the WWF as part of Demolition and sadly he didn’t one of his four pay per view matches. He looks to change that as he returns to take on former partner in Demolition (Repo Man used to be Smash). Repo is looking for his first PPV victory since This Tuesday In Texas. Repo attacks Crush before the bell can ring but it has no effect. Crush lifts Repo high above his head and benchpresses him! Repo tries to escape but Crush takes him down with a clothesline and throws him back into the ring. Crush continues to dominate with a backbreaker but he receives a poke in the eye! Repo manages a back suplex but as he celebrates, Crush gets up and hits a belly to belly suplex and a backbreaker before heading up to the top and missing a knee drop! Repo Man heads up top but Crush sees him coming and bodyslams him. He then wraps his hands around Repo Mans head and crushes it for the win! Crush returns to pay per view with his first PPV win.

Rating: 5/10

Backstage to Lord Alfred Hayes who has reason to believe that Mr Perfect is backstage by Ultimate Warriors locker room. He tries to open the door but the door is slammed in his face. Could Perfect be in there?

We now see some footage from the match signing with Warrior and Savage face to face. Flair and Perfect get involved and Warrior and Savage end up helping each other out. Next we see Flair stirring the pot, telling Warrior that Savage was trying to court Perfect as his manager. Now it’s Perfect telling Savage that he’ll be in Warriors corner at Summerslam. Over to Vince McMahon now who tries to get out of Bobby Heenan who has sold out to Flair and Perfect. Who will it be?

“Macho Man” Randy Savage (c) vs. The Ultimate Warrior – WWF Championship Match

Our second title match of the evening is between Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior. These two have history, remember it was Ultimate Warrior that defeated Savage at Wrestlemania VII in a classic that “retired” The Macho Man. Ultimate Warrior has wrestled on every Summerslam PPV and he’s won on each one. Could he make it five in a row? This is actually Warriors first PPV match since last years Summerslam. He returned at Wrestlemania VIII to help out Hogan and now he gets a World title match. Since coming out of retirement Savage has had four PPV matches and the only one he lost was the Royal Rumble match. The crowd in this one are right behind The Warrior and boo as Savage takes him down. It’s starting to go dark in London now as Warrior takes down Savage. It’ll be interesting to see Flair and Perfects involvement in this one. Savage locks on a sleeper now as the crowd continue to boo him. The atmosphere at Wembley stadium is electric for this match as Warrior is up and pummeling on the champion.

Savage smashes Warrior into the top turnbuckle and is firmly in control now. He goes up top and nails a double axe handle but it doesn’t take the big man down. A second one does though. He goes for a third but Warrior catches him and hits a backbreaker. The last time Warrior lost on pay per view was the Royal Rumble 1990 PPV when he lost the World title to Sgt Slaughter. These two guys make up a third of the World champions since the first Wrestlemania. No sign of Mr Perfect as Warrior and Savage slug it out. Savage hits a neckbreaker and still there are boos which is just unbelievable. Are the fans convinced that Savage has joined up with Perfect? Or is Savage’s time as a babyface over? With Hogan on hiatus, Savage has been the number one babyface in the company with Warrior and Undertaker making up the top three. Warrior hammers away at Randy’s back dropping the champion to his knees. He then hits a big suplex and gets a two count.

Both men are looking jaded now as Warrior goes for a clothesline and Savage ducks sending the challenger to the outside. Savage goes up top and hits his trademark double axe handle from the top. A “warrior” chant breaks out as Savage throws Warrior into the ringpost. This is only the second time that the WWF Title has been defended at a Summerslam. The first was back in 1990 when Warrior retained against Rick Rude in a cage match. Out come Ric Flair and Mr Perfect now but who are they coming to help? Warrior goes for his big splash but Savage gets his knees up! Savage gets up and bounces off the ropes but Perfect grabs his leg! Savage hits the deck and motions away at Perfect. Warrior then nails Savage with a right hand to a very mixed reaction. Warrior then irish whips Savage into the corner but takes out the referee as he does so!

Warrior slams Savage and then goes up top and hits a double axe handle. The crowd are still into this match but not sure what to make of Warrior. Has he sold out to Perfect and Flair? Warrior complains to the referee then Savage pushes him into the referee before nailing a piledriver! Savage goes to check on referee Earl Hebner who is now outside the ring as inside the ring Perfect picks Warrior up to his feet and Flair nails him with a big right hand! Suddenly the tables have turned and it now looks like Savage who has sold out. The champion goes up top and then hits the Big Elbow! He hooks the leg but after a slow referee count, he only gets a two! The match continues! Savage has been known to turn his back on the fans before, has he done it again?

Warrior starts his comeback hitting right hands and clotheslines! He then hits his running shoulder barge! He picks up Savage high above his head with the gorilla press slam and then runs off the ropes where Flair nails him with a chair! Savage rolls him over then realises what has happened. He swings a boot at Perfect then goes up top but instead of going after Warrior he turns around and jumps towards Flair! But the Nature Boy sees it coming and swings a chair at Savage. Randy holds his knee as the referee counts and Savage has been counted out! Ultimate Warrior wins by count out as Flair and Perfect lay the boots into Savage. Flair holds up a chair but Warrior makes the save! He chases Flair and Perfect  to the back after a classic match. Warrior and Savage really do have good chemistry. This may not have been as good as their Wrestlemania VII match but it is right up there. It’s amazing the boos at Savage gets when he is announced as World champion. Warriors music hits as he’s the winner and he helps Savage up to his feet, giving him his title then helps him to the back. Really good match between two legends.

Rating: 8.25/10* Match Of The Night

Backstage now to Mr Perfect and Ric Flair who made fools of everyone. Flair said he should have got the shot in the first place, not Ultimate Warrior. Plan A is done and now it’s time for Plan B which presumably is Flair winning the World title.

Kamala vs. The Undertaker

Dr Harvey Wippleman grabs the microphone to introduce Kamala who is led to the ring by Kim Chee. This is of course Kamala’s WWE PPV debut. He has had a previous run in the WWF before around the 1986 mark but never featured of pay per view. Undertaker comes to the ring on the back of a hearse. This is both of these guys Summerslam debuts. Undertaker didn’t wrestle at last years event but was involved in the Randy Savage/Miss Elizabeth wedding. This is also Undertakers 7th PPV in a row, he’s wrestled on more consecutive PPVs than anyone else on the roster right now. Undertaker is very much a fan favourite but has only won one of his last four pay per view matches and that was over Jake Roberts at Wrestlemania. He’s lost matches to Hulk Hogan and Sid Justice as well as The 1992 Royal Rumble match. Undertaker starts the match well choking Kamala and the Ugandan Giant goes for a leapfrog but botches it and then gets clotheslined. Taker hits his top rope clothesline and so far this has all been Undertaker. He once again goes for the top rope clothesline but Harvey Wippleman shakes him off! Which apparently isn’t a disqualification. Kamala clotheslines Undertaker to the outside and both Wippleman and Kim Chee dive in to help.

Back in the ring and Undertaker ducks a clothesline then chokeslams Kamala into the mat before hitting his big clothesline. Undertaker then scoops Kamala up for the Tombstone but Kim Chee runs in with his helmet and nails Undertaker with it! It’s a disqualification! But Kamala continues the assault and hits a big slam on the former World Heavyweight champion and then a splash! Kamala then goes up to the second rope and hits another splash! But he’s not finished there as he goes up to the very top rope and hits another big splash! Undertaker sits up though causing Kamala and friends to run to the back as Undertaker walks after them! This one is over but it’s Undertaker who wins by DQ! This one is definitely not over.

Rating: 3.75/10

The Bezerker vs. Tatanka

Tatanka wrestles on his third PPV in a row since debuting. This follows wins over Rick Martel and Skinner. The Bezerker returns to PPV having not fought since the Royal Rumble. Whilst Tatanka is undefeated, The Bezerker is yet to win on pay per view yet. This’ll be his forth time of asking. The match starts with a test of strength, something Bezerker has the upper hand on until Tatanka sends him flying over the top rope. We have a criss cross, something we haven’t seen in a while! Bezerker nails a big boot though and gets a two count. This is only Bezerkers second PPV singles match, the last one he lost to The British Bulldog. He has the advantage now though as he slams Tatanka down to the canvas. On the outside, Bezerker slams Tatanka into the steps. Mr Fuji is at ringside to support his client The Bezerker. The referee counts both men but Bezerker breaks the count. He drags Tatanka back into the ring as Heenan uses some classic lines. Tatanka starts the comeback and hits some of his Tomahawk chops. He goes up top and nails a chop from the top! He then hits the Samoan Drop for the three count! Tatanka makes it three victories from three whilst Bezerker makes it four defeats from four!

Rating: 4/10

Sean Mooney now backstage with The British Bulldog. Bulldog steps in the ring with his brother in law Bret Hart tonight but he says that as far as he’s concerned, he and Bret have never met. The Bulldog says fighting in his home country is his dream and his second dream is to win the Intercontinental title.

Over to Mene Gene and Bret Hart now. Bret Hart says he works really well under pressure. Hart is offended that Bulldog says he doesn’t know him. Hart says that Bulldog wouldn’t be where he is if it wasn’t for him.

Sean Mooney is now with Bulldogs wife and Bret Harts sister, Diana. Diana says that they’ve both been competitive with each other and she’s worried that they may destroy each other tonight. Diana isn’t concerned with who wins, she loves both men.

Mene Gene then introduces some highlanders playing bagpipes. They play Scotland the Brave and then introduced to play with them is none other than “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, former Intercontinental champion and the man that hasn’t been seen since Wrestlemania VIII. He comes out and plays the bagpipes with the rest of them.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart (c) vs. The British Bulldog – Intercontinental Championship Match

This is a match between two guys who have been in great form over the past year. The only match Bret Hart has lost was a Survivor Series match last year. Bulldog also lost that match as well as The 1992 Royal Rumble match. Hart has beaten the likes of Roddy Piper, Skinner, Rick Martel and Mr Perfect whilst The Bulldog has defeated The Warlord, I.R.S and The Barbarian. Bulldog comes out to a huge ovation led by Lennox Lewis who holds the Union Jack up high. Bret Hart doesn’t get the reaction he usually does mainly because he’s up against the hometown hero. It’s back and forth at the beginning with lots of near falls. Hart locks on a headlock though to keep Bulldog grounded. The Bulldog has yet to lose at a Summerslam PPV having won in a 6 man tag match last year and drawing with The Fabulous Rougeaus at the 1988 event. Hart has won two and lost two in the previous four although is unbeaten in singles action having beat Mr Perfect for the Intercontinental title at last years event. Bulldog uses his power to lift up The Hitman and drop him back down. He then executes a nice crucifix but only get a two count. The crowd are definitely behind The British Bulldog in this one.

The British Bulldog has had four matches on PPV in England and has won them all. He’s beaten The Bezerker, I.R.S, The Barbarian and a 20 man Battle Royal. Bret Hart has the advantage now though and he drops a legdrop on the challenger. The crowd boo Hart who hits a reverse atomic drop, something McMahon calls a “reverse piledriver”. Bulldog goes for another crucifix but Hart reverses it into a Samoan Drop. Hart locks on a sleeper now. But Bulldog gets out of it and hits a headbutt then an Irish Whip. Hart runs into Hart but Bret gets his boot up and it looks painful! Bret hits a bulldog! He then goes up top but Davey Boy catches him, launches him across the ring and goes up top himself before missing a splash. Hart throws Bulldog to the outside and the crowd boo in unison. Back in the ring and The Hitman has the advantage. He hits a Russian Leg Sweep or a “neckbreaker” according to McMahon and he gets a near fall.

We have a bit of back and forth as Bulldog gets out of a sleeper and receives a near fall. Hart is soon back on top though, hitting a backbreaker, grounding the challenger. The crowd continue to boo the champion who hits an awesome looking right hand and locks in a sleeper. Hart can put on an amazing match due to his technical wrestling ability. The matches just seem to flow so well. Hart locks on another sleeper but this time the challenger makes it to the ropes. But once again he locks on a sleeper. Bulldog breaks it up against but again Hart locks on a sleeper. Davey Boy gets out of it again and we have a slugfest. Bulldog tires to lift Hart high into the air but botches it and Hart goes flying into the ropes. The comeback is on as Bulldog hits multiple clotheslines and gets a near fall. Bulldog gorilla press slams Hart to get another near fall.

Bulldog lifts Hart up into his stalling vertical suplex and once again a near fall.Bulldog motions for his running powerslam and he lifts Hart up to his feet, gets him up on his shoulder and nails it! He covers Hart but only get a two! He can’t believe it. Both men are showing signs of weakness now. Bulldog has Bret on the top rope and he hits a superplex and gets another two count! Both men go down to a double clothesline and whilst on the mat, Bret locks Bulldogs legs into the Sharpshooter! Bulldog crawls to the ropes and gets out of the move but Hart can’t believe it. Hart bounces off the ropes and jumps over the top of Bulldog with a sunset flip, Davey Boy goes down to his knees and pins Harts shoulders to the mat for the three count! It’s over, we have a new Intercontinental Champion! Bulldog wins! Diana Hart gets into the ring and the three of them embrace. Bulldogs music hits and the new champion celebrates in the ring.

Rating: 7.5/10

So that was the fifth annual Summerslam. It was a mixed bag really. It’s amazing to think that 16 of the 27 that wrestled on last years Summerslam weren’t on this one. The show started well with arguably the two best tag teams in the company, LOD and Money Inc having a decent match. It’s been a good triangle of a feud between these two teams and The Natural Disasters and the feud between LOD and Money Inc looks to have come to a close after this PPV.

Following that the next two matches weren’t great. Virgil and Nailz was sloppy and didn’t seem to get going whilst Martel and Michaels didn’t seem to have a lot of chemistry. The ending was poor too with neither heels getting the victory.

The two matches following that were decent. Crush defeated Repo Man in a match that flowed well. The Disasters defeated The Beverlys in a decent enough tag team match although not as good as the one that opened the show.

Warrior and Savage proved once again they have good chemistry in what was match of the night. The intrigue surrounding Perfect and Flair helped although the boo’s that Savage got were somewhat suprising. The Tatanka/Bezerker match was forgettable and The Undertaker/Kamala match was pretty brutal. The match ended well though with Bulldog and Bret Hart putting on a match that will be forever remembered.

Overall Rating: 52/100 (Ranked #9 out of 29)

One thought on “Summerslam 92

  1. After this PPV, after he and Ellering “lost” that stupid puppet Rocco at the airport, Animal would briefly team with Crush on the house show circuit before leaving due to a back injury, while Hawk went AWOL to Amsterdam to spoke weed with Jim Neidhart before heading to Japan to team with Kensuke Sasaki as the Hell Raisers.

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