Survivor Series 92

Welcome to this review of the sixth annual Survivor Series! This show feels like we’re entering a new generation in the WWF, with new Superstars take the top spots. Tonights main event is a WWF title match between Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Intercontinental champion Shawn Michaels.

Now that in itself may seem a bit odd since the last time the WWF was on PPV at Summerslam 92 the WWF Champion was Randy Savage and Intercontinental champion was The British Bulldog. Well since then, Randy Savage lost the WWF title back to Ric Flair. Flair would then go on to lose the title to Bret Hart. Bulldog lost the Intercontinental title to Shawn Michaels about a month before this show. At one point, The British Bulldog was due to defend his IC title against The Mountie at Survivor Series but The Mountie left the WWF and the Bulldog was fired and the match was cancelled.

The Bulldog and Warrior were both fired for using illegal substances which also affected the sub main event. Originally Warrior was suposed to team with Randy Savage against Ric Flair and Razor Ramon. However with him gone, Mr Perfect turned on long time friend Ric Flair to join up with Savage.

In other news, The Natural Disasters lost their tag team titles to Money Inc with a little help from The Headshrinkers. It was suposed to be The Nasty Boys getting the title shot but Hart replaced them with Money Inc. The Nasties didn’t like this though and parted ways with Hart. The Nasty Boys then replaced The Bushwhackers in the Survivor Series match later on.

Aside from all that there have been departures for The Ultimate Warrior, British Bulldog, Legion of Doom and The Mountie. So some pretty big losses there. They have been replaced by new tag team The Headshrinkers as well as Yokozuna and Razor Ramon.

Slick introduces us to Survivor Series behind a podium. He preaches about the wrestlers of the WWF saying some of them have become discouraged. It’s almost like he’s singing. He seems very different in this compared to when he was managing the likes of The Big Boss Man, The Warlord and Power & Glory. He prays that tonight nobody will get injured, what a guy.

We then get some soft jazz music and Vince McMahon welcomes us to Survivor Series! He’s at ringside with Bobby Heenan and they tell us that we’ll get a few firsts tonight. First ever coffin match and first ever nightstick on a pole match. Time for the first match of the night.

High Energy (Owen Hart & Koko B Ware) vs. The Headshrinkers (Samu & Fatu)

Two tag teams debut on this pay per view in High Energy and The Headshrinkers. Owen Hart was teaming up with Jim Neidhart earlier this year as The New Foundation but after a singles run it looks like he’s back to tag team action. KoKo B Ware hasn’t been on pay per view since Royal Rumble 90 where he lost to The Mountie. KoKo actually has the longest losing PPV streak having fought in 9 matches and lost them all. High Energy start well though taking it to both of The Headshrinkers. The Headshrinkers are joined by Afa who gets involved on the outside of the ring allowing The Headshrinkers to take control. These guys are a newer version of The Wild Samoans, a team that Afa was once part of. It’s a PPV debut for both Fatu and Samu though.

Fatu knocks Koko down with a crescent kick. Their style of attack is very different to that of High Energy but it’s obvious who the crowrd are behind. Afa is on the outside eating chicken. Samu gets a near fall on Koko who looks for his first ever PPV win on the 10th time of asking. This is the first ever two on two tag team match at a Survivor Series PPV. Koko makes the hot tag to Owen Hart who comes in and dropkicks everyone in sight. He hits a big back body drop on Samu then a high cross body and near fall. Samu tags in Fatu who hits a splash on Owen Hart from the top! He covers Owen and gets the three count! The Headshrinkers win on their pay per view debut! Koko continues his awful PPV record.

Rating: 6/10

Now it’s backstage to Sean Mooney who says it’s viewers discretion to watch the next match which is the Nightstick on a pole match. Nailz then comes into shot. Nailz has a scary voice. But he’s been waiting to get his hands in the Big Boss Man since he locked him in that prison cell. Nailz actually cuts a decent promo and he tells Boss Man that he’s going to beat him within an inch of his life and this time, finish the job.

Mene Gene now backstage with The Big Boss Man. Boss Man says Nailz is not innocent and that he’ll be serving hard time.

Nailz vs. The Big Boss Man – Nightstick on a pole match

Nailz comes out as Boss Man is doing his backstage interview and Boss Man rushes to the ring when he realises Nailz is already there. Boss Man throws some convincing left and rights but as he tries to get the nightstick, Nails throws him off the top. Nailz is a big old unit. The crowd are right behind Boss Man as Nailz locks in a sleeper. This is Nailz second PPV appearance having beaten Virgil at Summerslam. Boss Man has appeared on the last four Survivor Series PPV’s and hasn’t won on any of them. Even when his team has won, he has been eliminated. Both he and Nailz take it in turns to take down the other and climb up for the nightstick unsuccessfully. This match has been pretty sloppy in parts. Boss Man clotheslines Nailz to the ground and once again climbs up and this time gets the nightstick! He clobbers Nailz with it twice but as he goes for it again, Nailz hits him first and grabs the nightstick and hits Boss Man with it twice! Nailz tries again but Boss Man reverses it and throws him into the ropes before hitting The Boss Man slam! Boss Man covers Nailz and gets the three count! Big Boss Man wins on his second PPV ina row!

Rating: 4/10

“The Model” Rick Martel vs. Tatanka

This is of course a rematch from Wrestlemania VIII earlier this year. This time though, Martel has stolen Tatanka feathers which is why this match came to fruition. Tatanka is undefeated which include PPV wins over Skinner, Rick Martel and The Bezerker. Martel still looking for his first PPV win since Survivor Series 1990. Two years since his last PPV win! Tatanka starts well clearing the ring of Martel. Tatanka now wears blue trunks as opposed to white tights. Martel now takes control momentarily, flapjacking his opponent on the top rope. Matel has participated in four Survivor Series matches before and won one of them, when he was team captain of The Visionaries. Tatanka hits a suplex but he can’t stay on top of The Model. Outside of the ring Doink The Clown has shown up, making balloon animals in the entrance way! Martel hits a nice neckbreaker as Doink heads towards the back.

Martel has a front facelock on Tatanka and after a few minutes Tatanka gets out of it and nails a clothesline. It’s all Tatanks now as he hits Martel with chops and rams him into the ringpost. Tatanka gets a near fall and then executes an awesome looking arm drag. Doink never actually left. He’s still outside of the ring. Martel then throws Tatanka to the outside of the ring. He rams Tatanka into the rong apron before throwing him into the ring and continuing to target his back. Martel goes up to the second rope but Tatanka sees him coming! Tatanka now takes control hitting chops and a powerslam. He goes up top and hits a huge chop. Tatanks then hits the Samoan Drop which is enough for a three count! Tatanka wins, continuing his undefeated streak!

Rating: 5.75/10

Backstage now to Mr Perfect and “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Last time we saw Savage, he was WWF Champion. Perfect says that Flair wants to be just like him. Perfect says that Ramon isn’t oozing machismo but what he is oozing stinks. Savage is happy that he picked Perfect as his partner. He says he doesn’t trust Perfect but he thinks that he is a superior athlete to Flair and Ramon.

Ric Flair & Razor Ramon vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage & Mr Perfect

Savage has fought on three previous Survivor Series PPVs and he hasn’t lost at any of them. This is a PPV debut for Razor Ramon. Perfect gets a big ovation having turned his back on Flair. It’s Perfect and Ramon that start the match. Razor throws his toothpick in Perfect face which riles Perfect. This is PErfects first PPV match since losing the Intercontinental title to Bret Hart at Summerslam 91. You can see how excitable Perfect is to be back in the ring as Flair is tagged in and PErfect takes it to him. He hits a big back body drop and a dropkick on the former World Heavyweight champion. Perfect tags in Savage who comes in off the top rope with a double axe handle. Savage hits a big clothesline on Flair and Ramon tries getting involved but gets knocked down too! Eventually it becomes too much for Macho though and Ramon is tagged in with the advantage for his team. This is Savage’s 6th PPV in a row. Only Undertaker and Vigril have fought on more pay per views consecutively at this point.

Flair is tagged back in and he lays some right hands into Savage. Quick tags now between Flair and Ramon. Ramon locks in an abdominal stretch and gets a bit more leverage from Flair. Randy gets out of it though but misses with an elbow on Ramon after going after Flair. Flair sends Savage over the top rope then distracts the referee so Ramon can take care of him on the outside. Savage gets rolled back in and Flair tries for a pin but Randy kicks out. Flair has been involved in every one of Savage’s PPV matches this year in one way or another. As Ramon locks in a single crab Mr Perfect starts walking towards the back! Perfect reconsiders though and heads back towards the ring. I don’t really see the point in that. Ramon doesn’t either and gives him a big right hand. Suckered into the ring so Ramon and Savage can double team Savage, classic old school tactics.

Flair knocks Savage down with a chop and gets a two count. Lots of pay per view debuts tonight but none in such a high match as Razor Ramon. He’s a big guy with a great gimmick. He tries to pick up Savage but Savage rolls him up for a two count. Flair is back in and does some strutting after Irish Whipping Savage into the buckle and following it up with a clothesline. Flair goes up top but Randy Savage grabs him and throws him off the top! The crowd go mad as they will Savage on to tag Perfect. Flair tags Razor and Savage makes the tag! Perfect throws Razor across the ring then hits the snapmare. It’s all Perfect now as he takes out both of his opponents. All hell breaks loose now and on the outside Flair smashes Savage with a chair! Back in the ring Perfect goes into the referee! Razor Ramon then goes for the Razors Edge but Perfect gets out of it and hits the Perfect-plex! Another referee runs in but Flair breaks up the count just in time! Perfect then hits a Perfect-plex on Flair but Razor breaks it up. Both referees are back in the ring now as Razor and Flair double team Perfect. The bell then rings! Presumably a disqualification! Flair locks on a figure four on Perfect but Perfect gets a chair that Razor has bought in and smashes Flair with it! The official announcement is then made that Randy Savage and Mr Perfect win by disqualification! The ending was a mess but it’s a win for Savage and Perfect none the less.

Rating: 7/10

Backstage now to Ric Flair and Razor Ramon who are not happy with Mr Perfect. Ramon gives us a bit in Spanish then tells us he was double crossed before and you won’t find him. Flair says that Perfect will pay the price.

There’s a quick promo for Wrestlemania IX, live from Caesar’s Palace!

Yokozuna vs. Virgil

This is a pay per view debut for Yokozuna now who is a big intimidating Japanese Sumo Wrestler. He is a big old unit. And tonight he takes on Virgil who has recently lost matches to Nailz and The Mountie. Apparently this is Yoko’s first real test. I don’t fancy Virgils chances. Virgil last won on PPV at Wrestlemania VIII. He’s had one match at Survivor Series before and lost it. Yoko starts well but Virgil quickly starts a comeback which doesn’t amount to anything. He hits a couple of dropkicks but he can’t get the big man off his feet. Yokozuna hits a belly to belly suplex ad keeps Virgil grounded with chops. Virgil reverses a right hand though and hits some rights of his own but as he runs off the ropes, Yoko hits him with a sidewalk slam. The big man then hits a legdrop! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone besides Hogan hit that move. Virgil once again tries a comeback but as he goes for a schoolboy, Yoko just sits on him. He Irish Whips Virgil then squashes him in the corner before hitting the Banzai Drop in the corner. Not a bad match really considering it was a squash.

Rating: 4.75/10

Sean Mooney now backstage with Mr Perfect and Randy Savage who are happy with their win, even though it was by DQ. Perfect has a big turkey to give to Flair and a smaller turkey for Razor Ramon. And he hasn’t forgotton about Bobby Heenan, he has a little chicken for him, similar to what Afa was eating earlier. Savage gives us a gobble gobble and that’s that! Bobby Heenan isn’t happy!

The Beverly Brothers (Beau & Blake) & Money Inc (“Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase & Irwin R. Shyster) vs. The Natural Disasters (Earthquake & Typhoon) & The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Saggs)

There is a lot of history to this match. Remember both the Natural Disasters and Nasty Boys were once managed by Jimmy Hart. Money Inc defeated The Natural Disasters for the tag team titles when Jimmy Hart chose them over The Nasty Boys. The Nasty Boys didn’t like that and took it out on Hart. Hence the Nasty Boys getting a great reaction as they come out. After IRS gives his usual spiel about people paying their taxes, Blake Beverly and Typhoon start things off. Typhoon drops Blake and struts across the ring. The Natural Disasters have had a great year having been tag team champions and beaten The Beverly Brothers, Money Inc and Legion of Doom on PPV. They double team both Beverly Brothers, squashing them in the corner. Heenan has now explained that one one tag team partner has to be eliminated to eliminate that tag team. Brian Knobbs is now tagged in. The Nasty Boys are looking for their first PPV win in a year. And in comes Saggs and Beau Beverly. Saggs hits a nice pump handle slam on Beau but is distracted by the rest of the heel team long enough for Beau to attack Saggs and tag in Ted Dibiase. Dibiase has been involved in five Survivor Series matches previous to this PPV and only won one.

I.R.S is tagged in for the first time this match and hits an elbow on Saggs. I.R.S hasn’t actually won on PPV since his pay per view debut at Summerslam 1991. It’s nice to see so many decent tag teams in the promotion at the moment. The Legion of Doom have gone hence The Nasty Boys stepping in as a face team. I think the top two teams at the moment are Money Inc and The Disasters. The Beverly Brothers last won on PPV against The Bushwhackers back at the Royal Rumble. Last year at Survivor Series The Beverly Brothers actually teamed with The Nasty Boys against The Bushwhackers and Rockers. That was The Nasty Boys last PPV win. Jerry Saggs and Blake Beverly knock each other down as the race is on to make the tags. And in come Beau Beverly and Earthquake. And then all hell breaks loose! All 8 men are in the ring at once! As the ring clears, Typhoon nails a Samoan Drop on Beau Beverly and Earthquake follows it up with the Earthquake splash! He pins Beau for the three count and the Beverly Brothers are out of here!

It’s The Disasters and Nasties against Money Inc now. Earthquake and Ted Dibiase, the two men in this match with the most successful careers square off. Quake soon tags in Knobbs though who makes a quick tag to Saggs! Earthquake is soon tagged in though and in comes I.R.S. An “Irwin” chant breaks out which is a bit odd, even if it is suposed to be derogatory. Dibiase and I.R.S make quick tags between themselves now, keeping Earthquake grounded. Dibiase and I.R.S despite having two tag team title reigns in 1992  haven’t won on PPV once this year. They’ve lost to the likes of The Natural Disasters and Legion of Doom. I.R.S drops more boots on Quake who is struggling to make a tag. But finally he does na dun comes Typhoon! and he takes down both members of Money Inc. He hits a big splash on I.R.S but Dibiase breaks it up. The Nasty Boys clear the ring of Dibiase though. As the referee clears the ring of the Nasties, Dibiase trips up Typhoon. I.R.S then pins him for the three! But straight away Saggs comes in and rolls up Shyster for the three count! The Nasty Boys, rather surprisingly, win the match!

Rating: 6.75/10

Backstage now to Virgil who doesn’t know what hit him. He sells Yokozuna and warns the whole roster that they have a lot on their hands now. It was like the Titanic hitting him. Good selling, Virg.

Now to some footage from Summerslam with Kamala attacking The Undertaker. We then see Kamala on Superstars petrified of a coffin that Paul Bearer has bought to ringside. And the same again a week later. Kamala is hilarious with his over selling. Brilliant. We then get a promo from Undertaker where he’s building a coffin for Kamala. Rest in peace big man.

Kamala vs. The Undertaker – Coffin Match

This is a rematch from Summerslam except this time you have to place your opponent in the coffin to win. This is Undertakers 8th PPV in a row. Nobody can match that. Kamala looks petrified as Paul Bearer and The Undertaker come out with the coffin. As the bell rings, Kamala threatens The Undertaker by raising his hand. Hilarious. How is Kamala a heel? He’s fantastic. He hits a couple of chops on The Undertaker but the former WWF Champion no sells. Early in and Undertaker does the twisty arm and goes up top, launching himself off the rope with a big clothesline. ‘Taker clotheslines Kamala down and chokes the Ugandan giant. Kamala soon gets the advantage though, clotheslining Undertaker over the top rope. Undertaker grabs Kim Chee and Harvey Wippleman but Kamala comes in from behind and throws him into the ring steps. Kamala then nails Undertaker with a chair as this match is no disqualification due to the coffin stipulation. Kamala powerslams Undertaker but it looks like the dead man sandbagged him a bit there. Undertaker just keeps on getting up though.

Three powerslams and Undertaker keeps sitting up. The Ugandan then hits a splash on Undertaker twice. Three times. Paul Bearer gets knocked down by Kim Chee and the urn ends up in the ring. Kamala doesn’t want the urn though and throws it to Kim Chee. Kim Chee throws it back but Kamala drops it. Undertaker picks up the urn and nails Kamala with it. Undertaker then pins Kamala and gets the three count. Undertaker wins but I thought you had to get your opponent in the coffin to win? Evidently not. Undertaker then rolls Kamala into the coffin. Bearer then provides Undertaker with hammer and nails. Undertaker hammers the nails into the coffin, sealing Kamala in there!

Rating: 4.5/10

Backstage to Sean Mooney who is with Shawn Michaels. Mooney starts by blaming Michaels for Sensational Sherri’s injury when he pulled her in the way. Michaels says that he beat Bulldog and Bulldog has beaten Bret Hart. It’s only the WWF title on the line tonight and Michaels says he’ll be winning the WWF title.

Now backstage to Harvey Wippleman and Kim Chee who try to get Kamala out of the coffin. Wippleman bad mouths Kamala saying that he should have listened to them. Kamala is shaking in the coffin as Kim Chee and Wippleman scream at him.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart (c) vs. Shawn Michaels – WWF Title Match

These are two relatively new champions in the WWF. The last time we were on PPV, Summerslam, it was Randy Savage and British Bulldog who left the night as champions. Shawn Michaels won the Intercontinental championship from the Bulldog and Hart defeated Ric Flair for the WWF title who had beaten Savage. Since winning the title Hart has beaten the likes of The Bezerker, Ric Martel, Papa Shango and Virgil. Interestingly Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels have never won at a Survivor Series PPV despite Hart fighting on them all and Michaels only missing one. Bret Hart is the only man to have fought on every Survivor Series PPV so far. This is the first time we’ve had World champion vs Intercontinental champion since Wrestlemania VI with Hogan and Warrior. This has been the first Survivor Series not to feature Hogan. The Bret Hart era begins (and will ultimately end) with a match against Shawn Michaels. Michaels acts like a frustrated heel in the early going as Hart ties him up in knots. I believe this is the first main event not to feature either Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior or Randy Savage.

Hart locks in a headlock and an arm bar, locking Michaels up in whatever hold he can. This is actually Michaels second WWF title match on PPV this year after he lost to Randy Savage at UK Rampage. Hart gets the first near fall of the match following a high cross body. He then goes back to the arm. Eventually though Michaels hits some right hands to get the advantage. He then reverses a hip toss but gets knocked down with a clothesline. Hart then goes back to the arm. After a thumb to the eye, Michaels takes control of the match. He throws Hart face first into the corner and gets a near fall. Shawn then locks on a sleeper. The crowd get behind Hart as Heenan claims that he has been burning the title at both ends. Hart gets out of the sleeper and hits a neckbreaker. Michaels is first up though and hits a big right hand.

Shawn locks on a front face lock which continues the theme of this match with submission holds. Hart obviously isn’t going to submit and he charges Shawn into the ring post and then hits a bulldog. Bret then goes up to the second rope but misses with an elbow drop. Back to the front facelock now. It would have been nice to see some more action. This time last year was the start of Michaels heel turn, when him and Jannetty had a big argument in the middle of the ring. Hart catapults Michaels into the ringpost and we get some nice over selling from Shawn. Hart nips up to his feet and now it’s his turn to take control. He hits a big back body drop and gets a near fall. We then get a nice Russian leg sweep and a backbreaker. Hart then hits his diving elbow from the second rope. Every near fall McMahon will say “1……2……Yes!….no!”. Hart hits a superplex on Michaels and both men are down.

Hart locka sleeper on Michaels but Michaels backs into the corner, sandwiching the referee as he does so. The referee is ok though. Michaels throws Hart to the outside then rams him into the ringpost. Back in the ring and Michaels looks confident. He Irish Whips Hart with authority and gets the two count. Michaels argues with the referee and Hart rolls him up for another two count. Shawn is up first though and motions for the end. He hits a side suplex but Hart kicks out. Michaels attempts to hit Hart with a dropkick off the top but Hart grabs him and locks on the Sharpshooter! Michaels submits and Hart wins, retaining his title! Bret Hart wins at Survivor Series for the first time on the 6th of asking. It then starts to snow and out comes Santa Clause to celebrate with Bret Hart.

Rating: 7/10

Overall this was a pretty strong pay per view. The two main events were good, with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart making the most of their opportunity. Savage, Flair, Perfect and Ramon put on an exciting bout which had a great build up. It would have been nice to see more classic Survivor Series matches as the one we got wasn’t true to the old rules. It did have a surprising result though. It would have been nice to have an Intercontinental title match but with the likes of Bulldog, Mountie and Warrior leaving, there was no room for one. The tag team scene has been shaken up with the arrival of The Headshrinkers so it’ll be good to see how they fit in. With the main event scene getting smaller it’d be nice to see the likes of Undertaker and Yokozuna get involved with the big players. The match quality wasn’t shocking for the most part it was all around the average or just over mark.

Overall Rating: 57/100 (Ranked #2 out of 30)

One thought on “Survivor Series 92

  1. It’s just too bad that Taker had to celebrate his 2-year anniversary in the WWF, and his 1-year anniversary of his first World Title with that stupid coffin match against Kamala. Survivor Series WAS a good event for Taker, but this ruined that legacy.

    Also, I’m gonna have a right go at armchair booking with this PPV:

    First off, let’s keep in Bret vs. Shawn for the World Title, and Macho & Perfect vs. Flair & Razor.

    Second, scrap the nightstick and casket matches, and we re-arrange the entire card to have elimination matches, and here’s who ends up facing who (I’m only using whoever was available on the WWF roster at the time):

    Crush, Max Moon, & High Energy vs. Repo Man, The Berzerker, & The Beverly Brothers

    Tatanka, Tito Santana, Marty Jannetty, & Bob Backlund vs. Rick Martel, Skinner, Damien Demento, & Terry Taylor

    Jim Duggan, Virgil, & The Natural Disasters vs. Yokozuna, Papa Shango, & The Headshrinkers

    The Undertaker, The Big Bossman, & The Nasty Boys vs. Kamala, Nailz, & Money Inc.

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