In Your House 1

Welcome everybody to the first ever In Your House PPV. It’s coming live from New York in front of 7000 people. This show is only going to be 1 hour and 40 minutes so shorter than most pay per views. Oh, and somebody is going to win a house tonight.

The main event is WWF Champion Diesel, who has held the title since just after Survivor Series defending his title against Sid. Sid has left Shawn Michaels, attacking him after Michaels said he didn’t want Sid to accompany him to the ring when he next faced Diesel. Sid then joined the Million Dollar Corporation and even took Bam Bam Bigelow out of the Corporation. Sid now has the main event to himself and he returns to PPV action tonight against Diesel.

Intercontinental champion Jeff Jarrett isn’t defending the title tonight, instead he teams with the man who has been accompanying him to ring recently, The Roadie. They are supposed to take on Razor Ramon and The 123 Kid in tag team action tonight but due to the Kid being injured, it will instead be a handicap match, the first ever handicap match on pay per view. Tag team champions Owen Hart and Yokozuna defend the titles against the men they defeated for the gold, The Smoking Gunns. The Gunns will be looking to win back the titles they lost having the advantage of knowing who they are battling against this time.

Bret Hart pulls double duty tonight, something he is more than familiar with (see Wrestlemania 10, Royal Rumble 94, Survivor Series 93). He’ll be fighting newcomer Hakushi, the man that attacked him during a segment on Raw a few weeks ago. Hakushi has been on a hell of a roll since entering the WWF and he’ll be looking to go toe to toe with the Hitman. Bret will also fight the old enemy, Jerry Lawler in somewhat of a rematch from Summerslam 93. On top of all that we’ll get a King Of The Ring qualifying match between newly heel turned Mabel and Adam Bomb.

The show starts with the “For over 50 years in Sports Entertainment” graphic then we’re into a video package with Todd Pettingills voice. Diesel takes on Sid in the main event whilst The Smoking Gunns take on the tag team champions Yokozuna and Owen Hart. Razor Ramon takes on Jeff Jarrett and The Roadie in a handicap match and Adam Bomb battle Mabel in a King Of The Ring qualifier match. Bret Hart fights twice tonight, once against Hakushi and again against Jerry Lawler. Interesting card. Vince McMahon is ringside with Dok Hendrix! Dok is former Freebird Michael Hayes and it’s his first PPV at the broadcast booth.

Hakushi vs. Bret Hart

Well this is Hakushi’s PPV debut. He attacks Bret Hart whilst Bret was being commemorated by Japanese media. Hakushi is tattoo’d from head to toe and is managed by Shinja who was once Sato of The Orient Express. We have a quick interview with Bret Hart who is dedicating this night to his mother. It is mothers day so why not. Bret is undefeated on PPV in 1995 so far, his last loss on PPV was against Bob Backlund at Survivor Series 94. This is Brets 11th PPV in a row, he hasn’t missed a PPV since King Of The Ring 1993. Hakushi starts well with a headlock then he’s rolling all round the ring with cartwheels and allsorts. The two men lock up and Hakushi pulls Bret Hart to the mat by his hair. I like Hakushi, he has an awesome look and he gets the first near fall of the match following a shoulder block. Bret soon gets back into the match with an armdrag takedown. Nobody has fought on as many PPVs as Bret Hart. There’s been a couple of miscommunications in this one following Irish Whips.

Hakushi hits a couple of throat trusts that look out of the book of The Undertaker. We then see a shot of Jerry Lawler watching this match. Hakushi has a nerve hold applied, similar to something Yokozuna would do. The Japanese star hits an early version of a Bronco Buster then celebrates to the crowd. He then throws Bret to the outside where Shinja stomps away at the former WWF champion. This would be a huge win for Hakushi. Shinja gets up on the apron allowing Hakushi to choke Bret in the corner. There’s plenty of this now as Hakushi distracts the referee and Shinja chokes The Hitman! In the corner Hakushi backflips over and nails Bret with an elbow. He then goes up top and jumps off with a big headbutt but that only get a 2. Hakushi goes out to the apron now and springboards himself in but Hart gets out of the way! It’s Bret with the advantage now as he hits the side Russian legsweep which gets a two count. Bret follows up with a bulldog and gets another 2 count. Its trademark move after trademark move now as Bret hits the backbreaker and the elbow off the second rope. Bret circles Hakushi then lifts up the legs for the Sharpshooter! But Shinja gets up on the apron.

It distracts Bret for a minute but he turns back round and hits an atomic drop and a clothesline which sends Hakushi 360 degrees. Bret gets his opponent up to his feet and hits a headbutt then some right hands. He then runs off the ropes but Shinja grabs his legs, tripping him up! Bret gets up and turns around before suicide diving Shinja on the outside! He hits some right hands then gets into the ring where Hakushi is waiting for him with a dropkick. He then goes for a suplex but Bret reverses it and suplex’s Hakushi over the top rope but Bret goes out with him! Both men are down on the outside as the referee starts to count them out. Bret has some of Shinja’s facepaint on his chest. Hakushi gets up onto the apron and as Bret nails Shinja, Hakushi hits a big moonsault on Bret! Hakushi then slides back into the ring and somehow Bret gets back in before he gets counted out. Hakushi suplex’s Bret back into the ring but Bret slides down and rolls Hakushi up for the three count!

Bret wins the opening match and continues his unbeaten streak on PPV in 1995. Hakushi loses his first ever PPV match. This was pretty good, a solid outing between these two guys. It would have been a suprise to see Hakushi win. Fireworks go off in the arena. Bret hops down out of the ring and twists his ankle by the look of it! Classic selling from Bret going into his second match of the evening. Decent enough opener.

Rating: 6/10

Backstage to Todd Pettingill who is at the Superstar Line with Alundra Blayze and Stan Lane. Jerry Lawler comes over and he wants Bret Hart now. Pettingill lets Jerry know that Hart is on his way and Lawler chooses to leave.

Stephanie, who was backstage at Wrestlemania, is now at the entrance ramp and she’s excited about the draw for the free house later on. Somebodies going to win a house later on.

Razor Ramon vs. Jeff Jarrett & The Roadie

Well this was suposed to be a tag team match with 123 Kid teaming up with Razor but Kid is too injured to fight. Kid is on the phone at the start of this one and he wishes he was involved. The Jeff Jarrett/Razor Ramon feud has been going on since the turn of the year. Jarrett defeated Ramon for the Intercontinental title at The Royal Rumble and Razor defeated Jarrett at Wrestlemania 11 but sadly by disqualification which meant Jeff retained the title. Razor is very popular as always. This is the first ever handicap match on WWF PPV. This is also Razors 11th PPV in a row as he too has fought on every major show since King Of The Ring 93. Like Hakushi, this is The Roadie’s PPV debut. Roadie is looking very young in this one. Razor slaps Jarrett down to the canvas in the early going much to the crowds liking. Jarrett misses a dropkick and Ramon clotheslines him over the top rope. Jeff pulls Razor out at the two men go at it on the outside. This allows The Roadie to get involved and he clocks Razor from behind. Jarrett throws him back into the ring and then Irish Whips him hard. Jeff then struts across the ring.

Jarrett misses with a clothesline then tries to his a cross body but Razor catches him and hits his trademark fallaway slam which gets him a 2 count. Jarrett now tags in Roadie who broke up the count. Roadie hits a clothesline and drops a couple of elbows before dancing and tagging Jarrett back in. Jarrett goes for a suplex but Razor locks him up in a small package which gets a two. Jarrett keeps Ramon down with a clothesline then tags in The Roadie. Roadie hits some right hands but Ramon starts a comeback which is quickly halted as Jarrett attacks Razor from behind before getting officially tagged in. Jarrett has no luck though as Razor slaps the Intercontinental champion and sets him up for the Razors Edge but Jarrett backbody drops Ramon over the top rope. Roadie then comes off the top with a big clothesline to keep the former champ down on the outside. McMahon predicts a count out now which means it won’t happen. Ramon gets back in, barely making the count.

Jarrett comes off the top with a high cross body but the pinfall is reversed by Razor who gets a two count. It’s advantage Jarrett now as he hits a neckbreaker. Razor is lulled on the middle rope but he gets out of the way as Jarrett attempts to guillotine him. Both men get up and both men knock each other down with clotheslines. We then see some tape on Razors boot that says “Kid”. Bizarre. Very touching. Both men get up and Razor hits a belly to back suplex. Jarrett tags in The Roadie who comes off the second rope with a knee to the chest. He gets a two count in what would have been a big upset. Roadie then locks on a sleeper. The crowd get behind Razor who gets out of the sleeper and slaps Roadie to the canvas. He manages to tag Jarrett though but the IC champ gets slapped around by The Bad Guy. Razor throws Jarrett into The Roadie then nails a suplex off the top on Roadie. The numbers become too much though and Jarrett sends Razor to the canvas before setting up for the figure four. Ramon kicks Jarrett off, kicking him into The Roadie and then hits The Razors Edge on Jarrett! He covers Jeff and gets the three count for the victory!

Razor defeats Jarrett and Roadie in a handicap match. After the match Razor goes for the Razors Edge on The Roadie but Jarrett takes Ramon down before locking on the Figure Four! But down comes Aldo Montoya! Aldo takes down The Roadie but Jarrett throws him to the outside. The two men then go back to Razor but he is saved by a mystery man (Savio Vega)! Savio takes out Jarrett and Roadie as referees swarm from the back to break it up. The police then comes out and escort Savio to the back. Interesting match there.

Rating: 6/10

Now we have an ad for King Of The Ring with lots of medieval people fighting and then watching some WWF on the telly.

Jerry Lawler is backstage now arguing with Jack Tunney. Lawler wants to fight Bret now but Tunney won’t let him.

We now get a promotion video for Sid with some highlights of him attacking various people like Shawn Michaels and Bam Bam Bigelow, hitting them with powerbombs and some hilarious facial expressions too. Sid is now a member of the Million Dollar Corporation.

Some bloke called Barry now is up in the stands and he is showing off a brand new Bret Hart t shirt that is one size fits all. $20 not bad. It’s got printing all over don’t you know.

Mabel vs. Adam Bomb – King Of The Ring Qualifier

Mabel is newly heel turned following his and Mo’s attack on The Smoking Gunns pre Wrestlemania. Mo is dressed all in black and Mabel is in black, purple and gold. Adam Bomb comes out and he’s still looking for his first PPV victory and this is his sixth time of asking. He has some cool fireworks in the ring now. Neither of these men wrestled at Wrestlemania 11. They actually teamed up at Survivor Series 94. Adam Bomb attacks Mo before the bell rings allowing Mabel to take the advantage. He squashes bomb into the corner but misses the second time. Adam Bomb hits some right hands then shoulder tackles him out of the ring. You’d have to go back to Wrestlemania 10 to find Mabels last PPV victory. Back in the ring and Adam Bomb hits his trademark slingshot clothesline back in which gets him a 1 count.

Adam Bomb then comes off the top with a clothesline and gets another 1 count. Mabel Irish whips Bomb into the corner and follows it up with a spinning heel kick. Bomb then goes for a cross body but gets caught. Mabel hits a press slam into the canvas which gets him a three count! Mabel wins this quick match which was fairly dull. I like Adam Bomb so it would have been nice to see him win but alas, Mabel goes on to the King Of The Ring tournament.

Rating: 3.5/10

Backstage to Todd Pettingill who is with Razor Ramon. Ramon introduces us to Savio Vega, one of the biggest superstars of the Caribbean. Savio says there’s no stopping he and Razor Ramon. Vega has gone under the hood of Kwang recently, but don’t tell anybody.

Owen Hart & Yokozuna (c) vs. The Smoking Gunns (Billy & Bart) – Tag Team Title Match

Jerry Lawler comes out as The Smoking Gunns stood in the ring, trying to get his match with Bret underway but Jack Tunney led him away. This match is a rematch from Wrestlemania 11 where Owen and Yokozuna defeated the Gunns, Yokozuna being a mystery partner that time. This is Owen and Yokozuna’s first PPV title defence and it makes sense that it’s against The Smoking Gunns. Yokozuna and Billy Gunn start things off and it’s not long before Yokozuna knocks Billy off his feet. Billy hits a couple of dropkicks though which stagger the former WWF champion. Billy tags in Bart and Yokozuna tags in Owen Hart. Bart hits a gorilla press slam on the reigning King Of The Ring. Bart tags in Billy and the Gunns hit a double team suplex/dropkick which earns them a 2 count. Owen hits an enziguri on Billy and tags in Yokozuna who takes Billy down with a clothesline. Yokozuna locks ona nerve hold then tags Owen back in. Owen hits a nice spinning heel kick which knocks Billy to the outside. Yokozuna attempts to squash Billy into the corner but Billy moves and Yoko crashes into it.

Billy tags in Bart now who takes it to Owen Hart. He hits a big belly to back suplex then motions for something. He holds up Owen and Billy Gunn hits a neckbreaker. This gets Bart a two count. Bart attempts a flying body press but Owen gets out of the way and Bart goes flying out of the ring. There Yokozuna legdrops Bart on the outside whilst Billy clothesline Cornette off the apron. Yokozuna rolls Bart back in and Owen pins him for the three count! Owen and Yokozuna retain their tag team titles with a big win over The Smoking Gunns! This match was a bit quick for my liking.

Rating: 4/10

Todd Pettingill is backstage now with WWF champion Diesel. This is Diesels first Mothers Day with his own mum. It seems Diesel has been attacked by Henry Godwinn recently but that hasn’t slowed the big man down. Diesel isn’t happy that Sid attacked Shawn Michaels, Sid says he’s the master but Diesel is the Walrus. Apparently that match is an hour away but there’s only 35 minutes left of the PPV. Interesting.

Jerry Lawler is now in the ring and he introduces his mother. Which just so happens to be a hot model. She wants Jerry to beat Bret Hart tonight. And then she wants to challenge Bret mum, Helen. She gives Lawler a kiss for good luck.

Todd now backstage with Bret Hart. Bret says there’s nothing wrong with his leg, it’s 100% and he was ribbing Lawler all along.

Bret Hart vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Jerry looks petrified of Hart as his knee is now fine. Hart chases Lawler around the ring then to the outside, slamming him off the guardrail and the ring steps before getting back into the ring. Lawler hasn’t wrestled since Survivor Series 94 where his full time won the match. Bret is all over Lawler in the early going until Jerry reverses a back body drop into a piledriver. Hart no sells it though and gets up and hits a bulldog on Jerry! Bret then hits a piledriver of his own, ouch. Remember, Bret is still unbeaten on PPV in 1995. But then he did draw at the Royal Rumble against Diesel. It’s Lawler with the advantage now, bodyslamming Bret then going up to the top. Bret hammers him as he comes down though, elbows him, headbutts him in the grooin then hits some right hands. But here comes Shinja! He distracts the referee and Bret accidentally throws Lawler into the ref who gets his foot stuck in the ropes. Bret nails Lawler and pins him but here comes Hakushi! Hakushi flies off the top and breaks up a pin attempt from Hart before going up top again and hitting his flying headbutt!

Hakushi goes up top a third time and hits another headbutt. Shinja helps the referee back up and Lawler rolls Hart up and gets a three count! Lawler defeats Hart for the second time on PPV! Remember he beat him at Summerslam 1993 when the decision was reversed. After the bell Lawler holds Hart for Hakushi but Hart ducks and Hakushi nails Lawler! Bret cleans house then and stands tall in the ring but the winner of this match was Jerry “The King” Lawler!

Rating: 3.75/10

Sid is backstage now and he says Diesels reign is over and a new man will be crowned champion. He says now that Diesel has to meet the master, the ruler of the world.

It’s now time for the draw to win a house. It looks like a nice house in Orlando, Florida and it’s right next to a golf course. They barely mix up all the entrants with a rake which they found in the “garage” then they pick one out. They then ring the winner, let’s hope they pick up. The number didn’t work. Brilliant. So Todd tries again. Matt seems happy as does a screaming woman/child in the background.

Diesel (c) vs. Psycho Sid – WWF Championship Match

This is Diesels third defence of the WWF champion having successfully got past Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Sid is now part of the Million Dollar Corporation and I believe this is the first time Dibiase has a member of his Corporation challenge for the WWF title. It’s the battle of two men who once served as Shawn Michaels bodyguard. I think it’s a solid main event as well. Sid has that main event appeal and Diesel is really over at this point. Diesel is another man undefeated on PPV in 1995. This is Sid first match on PPV since UK Rampage 92 where he took on, and defeated, The Undertaker. The two giants stand face to face before Diesel shoves him down to the canvas. It’s Diesel with the quick start Irish whipping Sid and following them up with clotheslines. There does seem to be some boos for Big Daddy Cool. Sid goes to the outside and Diesel comes at him with a double axe handle from the apron. Back in the ring and Diesel takes Sid down with a flying clothesline which gets him a 1 count. And Sid goes back to the outside.

This could be the first title change of the night. Ted Dibiase distracts Diesel and Sid then knees the champion to the outside. Sid then takes it to Diesel on the outside whilst directing the cameraman. He then picks up Diesel and rams him into the ring post. Sid then takes a big run up then punts Diesels head! Sid is a replacement for Bam Bam Bigelow in the Million Dollar Corporation. Sid actually took Bam Bam out of Ted Dibiase’s group. Back in the ring and Sid slowly picks apart Diesel with axe handles and knees. He then takes Diesel down with a clothesline before celebrating on the second rope. Sid now locks on a Camel Clutch, wearing Diesel down. The crowd are behind the champion though and he nearly gets out of it but Sid sits down on his back then drops an elbow to keep him grounded. Sid then goes back to the Camel Clutch. This time Diesel gets out of it though.

But Sid chokeslams Diesel into the mat. Sid is making a good showing for himself tonight. He hits Diesel with his finisher, the powerbomb! But he doesn’t pin him for a while. Eventually though he does but diesel kicks out! Sid left it too long to pin the champion. The crowd are hot for this match. Sid goes for a splash in the corner but Diesel moves. Diesel hits a big boot then hits the Jackknife! But in comes Tatanka! Tatanka and Dibiase stomp away at Diesel and Sid sets him up for another powerbomb but he comes Bam Bam Bigelow! Diesel back body drops Sid then Bam Bam clears the ring of Tatanka! The result is then announced that Diesel wins by disqualification! His music hits as Dibiase, Tatanka and Sid head to the back. Fireworks go off as Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow celebrate in the ring.

Rating: 6/10

I don’t think this PPV will be one of the most remembered in history. It was the shortest one for a while at 1 hour and 40 minute but only had one less match than Wrestlemania 11 despite being  over an hour shorter. What was noticable was the lack of star power on the roster. This has been the theme for 1995 so far and this PPV was no different. Diesel is the champion and Bret Hart is the biggest star on the roster but outside of those two you’re looking at Yokozuna, Owen Hart, Sid and Razor Ramon. Who all seem to be solid mid carders these days. The rest of the card features guys like The Smoking Gunns, Hakushi, Jeff Jarrett, The Roadie, Mabel and Adam Bomb. Not the strongest roster of talent.

Bret Hart, much like he has multiple times before, wrestled twice during the show. First he was up against newcomer Hakushi. I like the look of Hakushi a lot and think he has a lot of potential. It may have been a better call to have him beat a fellow lower carder like Bob Holly or Duke Droese but to be honest he got a good rub tonight against Bret. Hart won the match but not conclusively, it was just a roll up. This made both guys look good but as we found out later, it’s clearly not over between these guys. Hakushi would get involved during Bret second match against Jerry Lawler. This was the second match between the two on PPV and would also be the second that Lawler won. Hart would stand tall following both matches but he” have unfinished business with both Hakushi and Jerry Lawler.

The feud between Jeff Jarrett and Razor Ramon continued during this show. What was suposed to be a tag team match with the 123 Kid teaming up with Razor against Jarrett and The Roadie would end up being a handicap match due to Kids injury. Razor won the match which made him look really strong and in line for an Intercontinental title shot. Especially because Razor pinned Jarrett. It’s nice to see this feud take this direction allowing the rivalry to go in different directions and not get boring. A rematch between Razor and Jarrett will definitely be on the cards down the line. This was a decent match.

The match between Adam Bomb and Mabel was a glorified squash but gave Mabel a decent victory as a heel. It also served a King Of The Ring qualifier giving the match a bit of context. It’s not great for Adam Bomb though who I’ve always rated but that was his sixth PPV match and his sixth PPV loss. This might be the start of a push for Mabel who wrestles more of a singles wrestler than he does a tag team. He’s the first man in the King Of The Ring which is the next PPV I’ll be reviewing.

Following that was the tag team title match between Yokozuna and Owen and former champions The Smoking Gunns. This rematch made sense although I’d love to see Yokozuna and Owen Hart against The British Bulldog and Lex Luger. Owen and Yokozuna won which wasn’t a shock really. It cements them as a proper team and not somebody thrown together as a suprise at Wrestlemania 11. The Smoking Gunns despite winning the tag team titles just after the Royal Rumble haven’t been up to much recently and could do with a good PPV run to get back on track.

The main event between Diesel and Sid was the final match of the night. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would actually. Sid is a solid heel and probably the best on the roster at the moment. There isn’t a lot of competition though. I like Diesel as champion but obviously they didn’t want to go with the clean victory for Big Daddy Cool. Shawn Michaels is on the shelf and with him playing a big background part to this match it’ll be interesting to see if he fits into the main event scene when he returns.

It’s also worth mentioning there were quite a few dark matches to this event. I don’t know why these weren’t televised, maybe because the price for the event was so much less than usual. Jean Pierre Lafitte defeated Bob Holly before the event and after the World title match Undertaker beat Kama, Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Tatanka and British Bulldog drew with Owen Hart in a King Of The Ring Qualifier.

Overall this pay per view was just below average. I think the quality is suffering at the moment because of the weak roster. Really you’d look at this card and think “meh”. I certainly did anyway. I like Diesel vs. Sid but nothing else on the card really interests me. The handicap match was the way to go but it’s one little stop on the journey between Razor Ramon and Jeff Jarrett. Bret and Lawler is something we’ve seen before. I’d much rather have seen Bret, Luger and Bulldog against Owen Hart, Yokozuna and Hakushi.

Overall Rating: 48/100 (Ranked joint 28th out of 44)

Best Match Of The Night: Diesel vs. Sid
Worst Match Of The Night: Mabel vs. Adam Bomb
Surprise Of The Night: Jerry Lawler defeats Bret Hart
Worst Booking Of The Night: None
Wrestler Of The Night: Bret Hart
IYH1 Will Be Remembered For: Jerry Lawler defeating Bret Hart

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