King Of The Ring 95

Guts & Glory. They are the two things required to go all the way in the King Of The Ring tournament. So welcome to this King Of The Ring 1995 review. I’ll be taking you through all nine matches on the card, reviewing and adding my own two cents. We’re now in a world of one pay per view every month so these reviews will come thick and fast. Well, that’s a bit of a lie, they will still continue to come every week.

This pay per view is actually 7 weeks after the last, In Your House. Since then Diesel has been injured. He’s had elbow surgery but is ready for his tag team match on tonight card. Diesel, the WWF Champion, teams with Bam Bam Bigelow who came to his aid at In Your House to take on the Million Dollar Corporation members Sid and Tatanka. This feud speaks for itself really, with Sid being the man to throw Bigelow out of the Corporation.

Since In Your House we’ve had a couple of changes with the Intercontinental title. Razor Ramon actually defeated Jarrett for the belt in a ladder match on a house show, but two nights later, also on a house show, Jeff defeated Razor to win the title back. Ramon would go on to qualify for the King Of The Ring tournament but due to an injury, is unable to compete tonight. Jeff Jarrett may not be in the tournament himself but he’ll be in the corner of The Roadie. Shawn Michaels returned to the WWF as a much loved babyface with a win over King Kong Bundy. Tonight he takes on Kama in the King Of The Ring quaterfinal.

There are no title matches tonight for the first time in a long time. So let’s get to it.

Vince McMahon kicks us off, voicing over some aerial pictures of Philadelphia. We have a little title graphic then for King Of The Ring. We’re then straight to Stephanie what’s her face who introduces our first match of the night, the final qualifying match for the King Of The Ring tournament.

I.R.S vs. Savio Vega – King Of The Ring Qualifying Match

Razor Ramon is injured for this King OF The Ring tournament so could not compete. So instead we have a final qualfying match for the tournament between veteran Irwin R Shyster and Razors good friend Savio Vega. Savio rolls up I.R.S and gets a two count. This is followed by another couple of roll-ups. This is  Savio Vegas PPV debut tonight. He used to go under the hood of Kwang but now he’s himself. He locks a headlock on I.R.S and follows it up with another near fall. Then back to the headlock. Shyster then sends Vega to the outside where Razor Ramon looks out for his friend. This is the first pay per view that Ramon hasn’t fought on since King Of The Ring 93. Shyster goes to the top now uncharacteristically but Savio Vega gets his foot up. Vega gets excited now and hits Irwin with lefts and rights and another near fall. Irwin gets out of the ring and heads to the back much like he has in the past. Savio throws him back in and hits a spinning heel kick which is enough for a three count! Savio wins and progresses to the King Of The Ring tournament.

Rating: 3.5/10

We now go to the start of the pay per view where Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix run down the card. The tournamrnt takes presidency tonight, we also have Bret Hart vs. Jerry Lawler and Sid and Tatanka against Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow.

Yokozuna vs. Savio Vega – King Of The Ring Quater Final

Before the match we see how Yokozuna qualified beating Lex Luger by count out. Then to Savio Vega and Razor Ramon backstage. Savio Vega is very excited and he’s the first Puerto Rican to enter the King Of The Ring tournament. But he has a hell of a challenge in the quater final. Yokozuna is a former WWF champion and current reigning Tag Team Champion. After a brief waving of flags by both men they get into it. Yokozuna takes Savio off his feet in the early going and hits him with an elbow to keep him down. He misses with the follow up elbow though. Yokozuna is now the heaviest man in the history of the WWF apparently. Savio slams his head into the top turnbuckle ten times then attempts to hit his spinning heel kick but Yoko gets out of the way. Yokozuna has the advantage again now, hammering Savio Vegas head. He then goes up for the Banzai Drop but Vega rolls out of the way. Yokozuna steps back down from the turnbuckle. Owen Hart is on the Superstar line in the back.

I’d love to have seen Razor Ramon vs. Yokozuna. That’s a big match that has yet to have happened on pay per view. Yokozuna won the WWF title at the King Of The Ring pay per view in 1993. He then lost in a tag team title match at last years event, teaming with Crush. Where is Crush? He got to the final 3 in the Royal Rumble, you’d think he’d be on for a push but he hasn’t been seen since. Yokozuna throws Savio Vega out of the ring and spits everywhere. Back in the ring and both men slug it out with right hands. The winner of this meets The Roadie or Bob Holly, so an easy semi final awaits. Yokozuna slams Savio then goes for his legdrop but Vega rolls out of the way! Savio starts to hulk up and he nails some right hands, four clotheslines and then his spinning heel kick. Jim Cornette gets up on the apron and Vega hammers him off it! Razor then goes after Cornette but here comes Owen Hart! He attacks Razor from behind. Savio goes after Owen and Yokozuna follows. Savio and Yoko then go at it on the outside, Savio throws Yoko into the ring post then rolls back in for the count out victory! Savio Vega defeats Yokozuna! And you’d think a Razor Ramon/Savio Vega v Owen Hart/Yokozuna match could be on the cards. This match was ok, a bit slow but Yokozuna matches tend to be. Savio goes through in what is definitely the weaker side of the draw.

Rating: 5/10

Backstage now to Jerry Lawler who is spraying his disgusting feet. Lawler says he’s going to shove Bret Harts face into his feet.

The Roadie vs. Bob Holly – King Of The Ring Quater Final Match

The Roadie comes out first accompanied by Jeff Jarrett. We see how The Roadie got here which was by beating Doink The Clown, with a little bit of help from Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett and The Roadie strut across the ring. Bob Holly is out next looking very smiley. He has his racing gear on and slaps the hands of the fans. Holly defeated Mantaur to get here with a high cross body. Dok calls this the Dark Horse match but it’s more of a donkey match if you ask me. Roadie must be favourite just to have the face/heel balance in the semi final. Holly gets a few near falls in the first few seconds and Roadie rolls out of the ring. By the looks of it this may be the first pay per view in a long time to feature no title matches. The Roadie has the advantage now, his dreads are very long. Bob Holly hits a hip toss and a powerslam for another near fall. The Roadie then hits a powerbomb out of nowhere. Jeff Jarrett likes what he sees on the outside of the ring. Roadie hits a hard Irish Whip then struts and dances in the middle of the ring.

Roadie now locks on a chinlock. This is both of these mens King Of The Ring debut. Holly hasn’t been on pay per view since Royal Rumble 95 where he and 123 Kid won the tag team titles. Roadie clotheslines Holly back down to the mat. This is Roadies second ever pay per view match. He and Jarrett lost to Razor Ramon in a handicap match at the inaugural In Your House pay per view. Roadie sets up for a piledriver but Bob back body drops him to the mat. Bob then hits a nice dropkick and follows it up with some hard right hands. A powerslam earns Holly another 2 count. Roadie hits  knee to the middle section then props Holly on the top rope. Roadie goes up with him but Holly hammers him off. Bob then comes off the top but Roadie gets his foot up. Roadie quickly pins Holly and gets a three count! Holly definitely got his shoulder up though. Strange ending to the match. Not the highest in quality.

Rating: 4/10

Backstage to Todd who is with Shawn Michaels, who you have to think is the favourite to win this tournament. Michaels is now a big babyface and we see how he defeated King Kong Bundy to get into this tournament. Michaels says he’ll be defeating Kama with some chin music.

Kama vs. Shawn Michaels – King Of The Ring Quaterfinal Match

Kama defeated Duke “The Dumpster” Droese to get here. Some of Undertakers fans hand him a wreath but Kama throws it. You could see a potential Kama/Undertaker match in the semi finals. This is Kama’s PPV debut in the WWF, unless you class his Royal Rumble 93 appearance as Papa Shango. The two men get into it and Kama tries some jabs and Michaels gets out of the way. Michaels, the man who main evented this years Wrestlemania is very popular. In 1993 Michaels successfully defended his Intercontinental title against Crush. He hits some jabs on Kama and the big man starts to get frustrated. Kama sends Michaels over the top rope but Michaels hangs on and skins the cat back in before sending Kama out of the ring and celebrating. This is the first time Shawn Michaels is on pay per view as a babyface in over three and a half years. Kama throws Shawn Michaels out of the ring and Ted Dibiase stomps on him whilst Kama distracts the referee. Joe Frazier is in attendance for this one watching as Kama Irish whips Michaels in to the corner. I’d class Michaels as the favourite to win this tournament but then we’re likely to see Undertaker and Kama in the semi finals.

Kama kicks Michaels down to the canvas. Kama is a big old unit as he props Michaels up on the top rope. He then hits a couple of big uppercuts and a kick to drop Shawn back to the mat. Kama then puts Michaels in a backbreaker hold up on his shoulder. Much like he used to do as Papa Shango. Michaels uses the top rope to flip out of it though and gets a two count for his troubles. Kama then Irish whips Michaels sending him over the top rope and to the outside. Once again he distracts the referee allowing Ted Dibiase to stomp on the fallen Shawn. Michaels almost get counted out there, the referee counting to 9. Kama goes back to the backbreaker knowing that Sid put Shawn Michaels out of action with powerbombs that led to a back injury. Michaels eventually comes back after Kama misses with a splash in the corner. Both men go down but Kama is the first up and he misses with an elbow as Michaels moves out of the way. A countdown clock then comes up showing only 2 and a half minutes left in this match which has a 15 minute time limit.

Michaels hits a big clothesline which knocks Kama down. Only 2 minutes left as Michaels nips up. It’s all Michaels now as he hammers away at Kama. He then goes up top and hits a double axe handle from the top which earns him a two count. Michaels goes back to hammering Kama in the corner as it’s announced there’s only a minute left in the match. Michaels hits a flying body press but Kama switches it round to get a two count. 30 seconds to go. Michaels rolls Kama up in a small package for another 2 count. Michaels then hits a sunset flip and as the referee counts the bell rings! The timing was perfect but the ring announcer makes the announcement that the match is a “double draw” and both men are out. Kama attacks Michaels after the bell but Michaels hits sweet chin music to take the supreme fighting machine out of the ring. Therefore the winner of Mabel and Undertaker advances to the final! This was an enjoyable match actually. These two men had some chemistry.

Rating: 6.5/10

Now to some footage of how Mabel and Undertaker qualified. Mabel secured his spot by defeating Adam Bomb at In Your House. Undertaker qualified by beating Jeff Jarrett with a Tombstone Piledriver.

Now to see some campaigning from Bob Backlund. Backlund wants to be President of the United States. Backlund is out meeting Philadelphia’s people. He’s not happy with a Philli Cheese Steak. He’s just shouting about things.

Mabel vs. The Undertaker – King Of The Ring Quater Final

Stephanie gets a word with Mabel as he comes out and Mabel says he’ll beat The Undertaker and go on to the final. Mabel fought in the quater finals of last years King Of The Ring tournament and lost to I.R.S. This is actually Undertakers King Of The Ring debut. Undertaker is actually unbeaten on pay per view in 1995 having defeated both I.R.S and King Kong Bundy. Mabel is actually looking for his first ever back to back victories on pay per view after defeating Adam Bomb at In Your House. The winner of this match will face the winner of The Roadie and Savio Vega in the final. The Undertaker is the only main event talent left in this tournament. Undertaker vs. Roadie or Mabel vs. Savio Vega don’t really match up with the Bret Hart/Bam Bam Bigelow or Owen Hart/Razor Ramon finals of the past. The two men go face to face then get straight into it. Mabels mohawk is black, I’m pretty sure it used to be white. Undertaker takes the big man down with a clothesline then spins the arm and goes up to the top before hitting a single axe handle from the top. Mabel botches a belly to belly suplex then clotheslines the dead man over the top but of course Undertaker lands on his feet.

As Undertaker gets back into the ring Mabel shoves him and so the former WWF champion gets his foot stuck in the ropes. This allows Mabel to stomp away at Undertaker. It’s amazing that it’s been nearly four years since The Undertaker held the WWF title. Back in the ring and Mo distracts Undertaker long enough for Mabel to hit a belly to belly suplex. Mabel then locks on a camel clutch. The fans at ringside shout at Mo which is quite funny. A “Rest In Peace” chant breaks out and Mabel breaks the hold before throwing Undertaker to the outside. Mo hasn’t been in action since the Royal Rumble. He’ taken more of a management role. Mabel throws Undertaker into the ring steps then gets back into the ring. He distracts the referee allowing Mo to stomp on the dead man. Undertaker rolls back into the ring and Mabel hits a hard Irish whip. This King Of The Ring tournament has already followed the same format as the 1993 event with there being a draw in the first round.

Mabel hits a big powerslam on The Undertaker then sits on him to get another two count. He then throws Undertaker into the corner and tries to follow it up with an avalanche but Undertaker gets his boot up then hits a clothesline to take the big man down. Mabel then hits a piledriver to get a two count. Both men collide into each other next which knocks both men down. If this match is a draw then Savio Vega vs. Roadie will be the final. Imagine that. Mabel is first up and tries for an elbow drop but Undertaker gets out of the way. It’s all Undertaker now as he hits a splash in the corner. He tries for an Irish whip but Mabel reverses it and takes out the referee in the process. Undertaker takes down Mabel with a big clothesline then signals for the Tombstone. Instead he hits a big chokeslam then takes a shot at Mo. But here comes Kama. Kama boots The Undertaker then Mabel gets up and hits a legdrop. The referee wakes up and counts the three! The crowd boo as the bell rings and Mabel wins the match. Mabel gets out of there whilst Kama slaps The Undertaker. The dead man gets back up though and chases the supreme fighting machine to the back! A slow match between two big guys.

Rating: 4/10

Now to some footage from the hall of fame ceremony the night before. The likes of Shawn Michaels and Bam Bam Bigelow signing autographs. Razor Ramon, Bret Hart and Undertaker around too. Fabulous Moolah, Ernie Ladd, Ivan Putski amongst the inductees.

Savio Vega vs. The Roadie – King Of The Ring Semi Final

Savio Vega is out for his third match of the night. If he can beat Yokozuna surely he can beat The Roadie! Todd Pettingill is backstage with The Roadie and Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett and Roadie are confident. This match has a lot of history with Savio Vega making his debut at In Your House by helping Razor Ramon fighting off The Roadie and Jeff Jarrett. Vega starts well hiptossing Roadie and clotheslining him to the outside. Back in the ring and Savio chops away at Roadie in the corner then goes to an armbar. Roadie knees Vega then hits a neckbreaker which gets him a two count. Roadie hits a kick to the head then hits some right hands in the corner. He hits a snapmare then goes to the second rope and flies off hitting a headbutt. Another two count for the Roadie and both men get up to their feet. Roadie hits a hard Irish whip which seem to be all the rage at this pay per view. Roadie goes up to the second rope again but this time misses a headbutt as Savio rolls up to his feet. Savio hits a back elbow then a powerslam which gets him a two count.

Savio Vega hits a big boot for another two count. Jarrett soon gets involved, grabbing Savios foot. This distracts Vega but The Roadie almost hits Jarrett who is now up on the apron. Savio Vega then dropkicks Roadie into Jeff Jarrett then rolls up Roadie for the three count! Savio progresses to the final to meet Mabel. That should be a classic. Not. This wasn’t! After the match Savio Vega does an interview with a Spanish commentator. Dok Hendrix rushes over to translate and does a hilarious job of saying how scared of Mabel, Savio Vega is.

Rating: 3.5/10

Backstage now to Bret Hart who says he’s been training for his match with Jerry Lawler. He knows Lawler always has a trick up his sleeve but tonight he will be kissing his feet.

Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart – Kiss My Foot Match

Lawler cuts an interview with Stephanie as he comes out to the ring. He says Bret will be kissing his foot tonight. Lawler has actually beaten Bret in the two previous matches they’ve had on pay per view. Once at Summerslam 93 and the other at In Your House. Lawler actually won his match at Survivor Series 94 too meaning you’d have to go back to last years King of the Ring PPV to find his last defeat, which was against “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Hart has had an alright 1995. He draw with Diesel at the Royal Rumble, beat Bob Backlund at Wrestlemania, beat Hakushi at In Your House before losing to Lawler also at In Your House. Bret dominates in the early stages, hitting a headbutt on Lawler sending him to the outside. He throws Jerry into the barricade then throws The King back in. Hart has a good record at King Of The Ring having defeated Razor Ramon, Mr Perfect and Bam Bam Bigelow to become King in 1993. He did lose to Diesel by disqualification at the 1994 event though. Outside again and Lawler throws Hart into the ring steps. Lawler still has a great mullet. Bret is wrestling on his 12th PPV in a row tonight, more than anyone else.

Lawler throws Hart back into the ring then into the turnbuckle. He then hits his finisher, The Piledriver! But instead of pinning Hart he panders to the crowd. He then gets Hart up for a second piledriver and hits it! Again Lawler goes to the crowd. Lawler then sets up for a third and hits it! Three piledrivers! Lawler celebrates then covers Bret but The Hitman kicks out! A “Burger King” chant breaks out. This distracts Jerry long enough for Bret to start a comeback but The King rakes him in the face and throws him out of the ring. Remember this feud began at King Of The Ring 93 when Lawler attacked Hart during the coronation. Lawler takes his boot off now and as Bret gets back in the ring, Lawler nails him with it which gets him a 2 count. Jerry tries to lunge his foot into Brets face but The Hitman grabs him, takes him to the mat and hits a headbutt to the lower abdomen. Lawler once again rams his boot into Harts face. Hart goes down and Lawler hits an elbow off the second rope which gets him a two count.

Bret soon starts a comeback but here come Hakushi and Shinja! Shinja distracts the referee and Hakushi goes for a chop but Bret moves and Hakushi hits Lawler! Back in the ring and Bret hits a Russian leg sweep! It’s trademark moves galore now as Hart hits a backbreaker then his elbow off the second rope. Hart then locks on The Sharpshooter! Lawler submits and the bell rings, Bret Hart wins the match. He keeps The Sharpshooter applied for a little while before breaking it. We wouldn’t want a repeat of Summerslam 93 now would we. Bret takes off his boot, which takes ages because of the laces. Hakushi and Shinja then come back but once again Hakushi nails Lawler! Hart disposes of Hakushi and Shinja then rams his foot into Lawlers mouth! Bret then takes Lawlers sock off and makes The King kiss his own foot!

Rating: 6/10

We see the last couple of coronations next with Bret Hart and Owen Hart getting crowned.

Mabel became the largest King of the Ring on June 25, 1995, with a win over Savio Vega.

Mabel vs. Savio Vega – King Of The Ring Final

Well here we go folks. The King Of The Ring Final. It’s Mabels second match of the night and Savio Vegas fourth. Mabel has Mo with him whilst Vega has Razor Ramon. Vince McMahon keeps comparing Savio Vegas run to Rocky’s. Going into this you’d probably have Mabel as 5th favourite and Savio somewhere underneath that. Mabel misses a splash in the corner in the early going allowing Savio to hit some big right hands and some chops. Mabel soon slams Savio to the ground but misses with the elbow drop. Savio Vega then clotheslines Mabel to the outside. Mabel drags Savio to the outside but the Puerto Rican slams Mabels head into the steps. Then Mabel slams Vega into the steps. Both men back in the ring now, Mabel has the advantage. Mabel is the only man in the King Of The Ring tournament this year that was also in last years. The big man now applies a big bearhug to Savio Vega. Savio eventually gets out of the bearhug but Mabel then locks on a sleeper. Razor Ramon slaps the mat which gets the crowd going. Savio then gets up to his feet but Mabel continues the domination. An “E-C-Dub” chant then breaks out! We are in Philadelphia. Savio starts a comeback and hits his spinning heel kick but Mabel kicks out.

Savio tries for a flying body press but Mabel catches him and splashes him in the middle of the mat for the three count. Mabel wins the match and becomes King Of The Ring. Mo gets in Razor Ramons face after the match and Ramon slaps him but eventually both Men On A Mission becomes too much. They go after his injured ribs and Mabel drops an albow off the second rope. From nowhere comes the 123 Kid who kicks Mo then goes after Mabel but again it becomes too much and Men On A Mission beat him down too. The aftermath was probably more exciting than the match itself.

Rating: 3.5/10

Now time for the coronation. Mo puts the cape and crown on Mabel who stands tall.  In a tournament containing Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Yokozuna and even Kama, who would have predicted Mabel would win. Mo then grabs a scroll and starts reading from it. Someone throws a bottle at Mabel. He’s holding a sword though so probably not the best of ideas. Somebody then proper plants Mabel with some rubbish. Right in the face. McMahon wants this over with. Long live King Mabel.

Now backstage to Jerry Lawler who is throwing up and brushing his teeth. The sick looks pretty legit, I doubt it is though.

Now to Stephanie who is backstage with Ted Dibiase, Sid and Tatanka. Ted Dibiase says they are going straight after Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow. Sid then reminds us how he injured Diesel at In Your House. Tatanka then says he’s all in it for the money and reminds Bam Bam that he was fired from the Million Dollar Corporation.

Diesel & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Sycho Sid & Tatanka

This is Tatanka’s first ever main event on WWF PPV and it’s long overdue. Sid still looks for his first PPV victory since returning to the WWF. Tatanka and Bam Bam are two of five men who have wrestled on every King Of The Ring PPV, along with Yokozuna, Bret Hart and I.R.S. We have a pre-recorded interview with Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow. Diesel refers to Tatanka as Pocahontas, good bants. Bam Bam comes out to some funky music. He’s just missing Oliver Humperdink. Diesel gets a decent ovation considering the boos he’s been receiving recently. Big Daddy Cool is yet to lose on pay per view this year. He’s drawn with Bret Hart and defeated both Shawn Michaels and Sid. All four en go at it before the bell as Diesel and Bigelow clean house. Ted Dibiase hasn’t had a great night. I.R.S lost his King Of The Ring qualifier and Kama didn’t advance against Shawn Michaels either. Diesel is only one of two men (with Bret Hart) to have wrestled on all four PPVs so far this year. Diesel and Tatanka start the match and Diesel knocks Tatanka down with a big clothesline. Sid kicks Diesels injured elbow from outside the ring then slams it into the ring post. Tatanka has the advantage now as he chops away at Diesels elbow, taking him down to one knee. Tatanka then focuses on Diesels elbow until tagging out to Sid.

The last time Bam Bam Bigelow and Tatanka were on opposite sides of the irng was at Royal Rumble 94 where Tatanka defeated Bigelow in singles action. Sid hammers away at Diesels elbow, keeping Diesel on the mat. Sid misses with a legdrop allowing Diesel to tag in Bam Bam. Bigelow goes nuts taking out both Sid and Tatanka. Tatanka accidentally elbows Sid then Bigelow sends him to the outside. Bam Bam then hits a DDT on Sid then goes up to the top rope. He comes off with a big headbutt but Dibiase distracts the referee as Bigelow makes the cover. Bam Bam is now distracted by Dibiase which allows Sid to take the advantage. Sid chokeslams Bigelow off the middle rope. Sid is very happy about that. He tags Tatanka who comes in and covers Bigelow for a two count. Tatanka, Sid and Bam Bam Bigelow haven’t actually won a PPV match in 1995 between them yet. Tatanka hits a boot to keep Bigelow grounded.

Tatanka then tags in Sid who takes a running boot at Bigelow. Also amazing to think that neither Bam Bam Bielow, Sid or Tatanka have held a title between them in the WWF. Sid hits a big boot which sends Bam Bam Bigelow outside the ring. Tatanka makes sure Bigelow doesn’t take the advantage and Sid goes out to boot Bigelow once again. Sid applies a chinlock now. The chinlock turns into a front facelock and Bam Bam edges over to his corner and makes the tag! Diesel comes in and takes it to Sid, powerslamming him in the middle of the ring and hitting an elbow which hurts himself! Sid tags Tatanka and Diesel tags Bam Bam. Tatanka takes the advantage with a flying body press and a two count before locking on a sleeper. The history between Tatanka and Bam Bam Bigelow goes back two years. The Native American hits a big DDT which gets him another 2 count. Both men eventually take each other down with clotheslines. Bam Bam covers Tatanka for the two but both men need to make the tag. Bam Bam finally tags Diesel and he comes in and hits a sidewalk slam on Tatanka and then a running boot. The WWF Champion then signals for The Jackknife! And he hits it! Diesel covers Tatanka but then pulls him up! Diesel wants Sid!

Sid then walks away! He walks back up the entrance ramp and Ted Dibiase can’t believe it! Back in the ring Diesel drops an elbow on Tatanka and then pins him for the three! Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow win this tag team main event. Diesel and Bam am celebrate in the ring as fireworks go off and Vince McMahon thanks us for joining them.

Rating: 6.25/10

And that was the third annual King Of The Ring pay per view. Overall I think it was quite a weak show. The roster seems to be the worst it has ever been which made the tournament quite a weak one. There was a lot of talent in the tournament but none of it was really utilised. Unsurprisingly Shawn Michaels and Kama not only put on the best match of the quater finals but the best match of the night. But it ended in a draw. Which meant they didn’t want Michaels to job to Mabel in the quaters. There was nothing spectacular about the other quater final matches, except the surprise of Mabel beating The Undertaker. The other side of the brackets was quite weak with the likes of Roadie, Bob Holly and Savio Vega never really standing a chance. I’d rather have seen the likes of King Kong Bundy and Jeff Jarrett in there. As much as the tournament seemed to replicate that of the 1993 event, Savio Vega/Roadie was not the same semi final as Bret Hart vs. Mr Perfect that year.

With the majority of the tournament out of the way we were left with essentially three main events. The first was Bret Hart and Lawler who put on a fairly decent match. This feud has had the ability to go and go due to the creativity they have had with it. This match was by far the best these two have put on with each other and only time will tell whether this is the final chapter. It’s kept Bret Hart relevant without being in the title picture and Lawler tends to be Harts go to feud when he’s not needed in the main event.

Then has our King Of The Ring final between Mabel and Savio Vega. It was as uninspiring as it looked on paper. Savio is a decent athlete but with his inexperience he couldn’t carry Mabel to a decent match. Mabel would of course win the match but maybe it’s not the journey to being King but more what he can do with it now he’s won it. I can’t see him being the King that Owen Hart was though. It’ll lead to a push, maybe a potential title match against Diesel at In Your House 2 or Summerslam.

The final match of the night was the tag team main event. And it also meant there were no title matches at this pay per view. Diesel got the win for his team pinning Tatanka which was fairly predictable. What was interesting though was Sid leaving his partner high and dry. Has he turned his back on The Million Dollar Corporation? That remains to be seen.

Overall an interesting pay per view with few highlights. The Shawn Michaels/Kama match was good and maybe leaves peoples wanting more out of those two. Diesel and Sid have unfinished business too whilst we also wonder what Sids relationship is with the Million Dollar Corporation. What we might also be seeing is the emergence of Mabel and the beginning of a potential push for him. Bret Hart defeats Jerry Lawler in what could be the end of their feud but with Hakushi getting involved you wonder where those three will go in the future. Not the best or most memorable pay per view in WWF history, here’s hoping the roster improves along with the quality of the product.

Overall Rating: 47/100 (Ranked 33rd out 45)

Best Match Of The Night: Shawn Michaels vs. Kama
Worst Match Of The Night: Savio Vega vs. Mabel
Surprise Of The Night: Mabel beats The Undertaker
Worst Booking Of The Night: Mabel Wins King Of The Ring
Wrestler Of The Night: Savio Vega
KOTR 94 Will Be Remembered For: Mabel becoming King

One thought on “King Of The Ring 95

  1. Vince had his heart in the right place here (push some new faces), but he just didn’t have the ammo to do it, so for once he should have stuck with his established stars.

    This tournament should’ve featured Yoko, Luger, Bulldog, Owen, Jarrett, HBK, Taker, and Razor instead of the retreads Vince used.

    On the plus side, it was nice to see the Bret/Lawler feud have a blow-off here…. or so we thought.

    Also, this was the final WWF PPV appearance for Stephanie Wiand, who left before SummerSlam; and good riddance, she was an UGLY woman!

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