Stat Pack Vol 9

Weeeeeelcome everybody to Stat Pack Volume 9! Expect more up to date stats than anywhere else, all in  relation to the first 45 WWE PPVs. It’s all here. Most matches, highest win and loss percentages, best matches and much much more, We go from the initial Wrestlemania all the way through to King Of The Ring 95, from Mr T to King Mabel, Greg Valentine to Jeff Jarrett and Hulk Hogan to Big Daddy Cool.

Since the last stat pack there have been many changes to the WWF. When we left you last, just after Summerslam 94 Bret Hart was WWF Champion. Well since then he dropped the title to Bob Backlund who in turn lost in 8 seconds to Diesel. Razor Ramon had just won the Intercontinental title back but 5 months later he lost the belt to Jeff Jarrett and after a back and forth between the two, Jeff Jarrett remain champion. Tag Team champions Diesel and Shawn Michaels vacated their titles when they went their separate ways and the titles were won by Bob Holly and The 123 Kid. Their reign lasted a day, they lost the gold to The Smoking Gunns who in turn dropped the belts to Owen Hart and Yokozuna.

Since Summerslam 94 the likes of Samu and Jim Neidhart have left the WWF and have been replaced by Sione, King Kong Bundy, The Roadie, The Blu Brothers, Aldo Montoya, Duke “The Dumpster” Droese, Henry Godwinn, Sycho Sid, Savio Vega, Hakushi and Kama. So let’s get to it.

PPV Ranking

1. Survivor Series 89 (61/100)
2. Summerslam 94 (61/100)
3= Royal Rumble 95 (60/100)
3= Survivor Series 94 (60/100)
5. Royal Rumble 94 (59/100)
6. Survivor Series 92 (57/100)
7. Survivor Series 93 (56/100)
8. King Of The Ring 93 (56/100)
9. Royal Rumble 90 (56/100)
10. King Of The Ring 94 (55/100)
11= Wrestlemania VIII (55/100)
11= Royal Rumble 92 (55/100)
13. Survivor Series 90 (54/100)
14. Royal Rumble 93 (54/100)
15= Wrestlemania X (54/100)
15= Summerslam 91 (54/100)
17. Royal Rumble 91 (52/100)
18. Survivor Series 88 (52/100)
19. Summerslam 92 (52/100)
20. Summerslam 90 (52/100)
21. Battle Royal 91 (51/100)
22. Wrestlemania XI (50/100)
23. Summerslam 93 (50/100)
24= Royal Rumble 89 (50/100)
24= Survivor Series 91 (50/100)
24= This Tuesday In Texas (50/100)
27. Survivor Series 87 (49/100)
28= In Your House 1 (48/100)
28= Wrestlemania IX (48/100)
30. Summerslam 89 (48/100)
31. UK Rampage 91 (47/100)
32. Wrestlemania III (47/100)
33. King Of The Ring 95 (47/100)
34. Summerslam 88 (46/100)
35. Wrestlemania VII (45/100)
36. UK Rampage 93 (45/100)
37. UK Rampage 92 (45/100)
38. Wrestlemania (45/100)
39. Royal Rumble 88 (44/100)
40. Wrestlemania IV (43/100)
41. Wrestlemania V (43/100)
42. Wrestlemania II (41/100)
43. Wrestlemania VI (41/100)
44. The Big Event (38/100)
45. Wrestling Classic (36/100)

Year Ranking

1. 1994 (57.8)
2. 1992 (52.8)
3. 1993 (51.5)
4. *1995 (51.25)
5. 1990 (50.75)
6. 1989 (50.5)
7. 1991 (49.8)
8. 1987 (47)
9. 1988 (46)
10. 1985 (40.5)
11. 1986 (39.5)

The end of 1994 to mid 1995 has seen a gradual decline in pay per view quality. Survivor Series 94 was the highest new entry along with Royal Rumble 95 both of which were good enough to jointly hold the 3rd best ever PPV spot. However 1995 would get worse and worse taking the #22, #28 and #33 spots respectively. 1994 finishing in such a big way leaves the year in the top position. 1995 however sits in at number 4 which is quite high, largely in part to Royal Rumble.

Most PPVs Wrestled On

1. Bret Hart (38)
2. Shawn Michaels (31)
3. Hulk Hogan (27)
4. “Macho Man” Randy Savage (25)
5. Tito Santana (24)
6. “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase (23)
7. Jacques Rougeaus/The Mountie (22)
8= Hercules (21)
8= Rick Martel (21)
8= Jake “The Snake” Roberts (21)
8= The Undertaker (21)

This list changes a little bit from the last stat pack. It still takes 21 PPV appearances to get on the list but now Hercules and Jake Roberts are joined at the bottom by Rick Martel and The Undertaker. Undertaker has featured on four of the last five pay per views where as Martel made one appearance in the Royal Rumble which is enough to put him on the list. The only other change to this list is Shawn Michaels who leapfrogs Hulk Hogan into second place. Of this list only Hart, Michaels and Undertaker are still active. It’s amazing that someone like Hercules is still on this list after not being on pay per view for so long.

Most Pay Per View Matches

1. Bret Hart (44)
2. Shawn Michaels (32)
3. “Macho Man” Randy Savage (31)
4. Hulk Hogan (29)
5. Tito Santana (27)
6. “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase (26)
7= Jacques Rougeau/The Mountie (23)
7= Hercules (23)
9= The Undertaker (22)
9= Rick Martel (22)

This ten man list features mos of the same guys as the last list. Bret Hart is far and away at the top with 44 matches in 45 PPVs. Shawn Michaels rises up the list from fourth to second after four pay per view matches. Rick Martel stays in joint ninth but is now joined by The Undertaker. As a result Jake Roberts, Greg Valentine and Jim Duggan all fall of the list. Bret Hart at first has had double the matches that Martel and Undertaker in ninth have had.

Highest Win Percentage (2 or more matches)

1= Alundra Blayze 100% (2 matches)
1= Mr T 100% (2 matches)
1= The Jumping Bomb Angels 100% (2 matches)
4. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat 80% (10 matches)
5. Ultimate Warrior 75% (16 matches)
6. Savio Vega 75% (4 matches)
7. Hulk Hogan 72% (29 matches)
8. Razor Ramon 66.6% (15 matches)
9. The Steiner Brothers 66.6 (6 matches)
10. Tama 66.6% (3 matches)

This is the record that really matters. Top win percentages. The top five stay the same from the last stat pack with Alundra Blayze, Mr T and The Jumping Bomb Angels all sat atop the list. They are joined by Ricky Steamboat and The Ultimate Warrior in the top five. Number six is a  new entry in Savio Vega who had four matches at King Of The Ring 95 and won three of them. Hulk Hogan drop down to number seven and another new entry is the number eight Razor Ramon. He’s had a hell of a PPV run in 1994 and 1995. The Steiner Brothers drop down from number seven to number nine. Tama is the only heel on the list and he keeps his spot at the bottom. There are a few casualties to this list, namely the 1993 success stories of Lex Luger, Tatanka, Mo and The Smoking Gunns.

Most Wins

1. Bret Hart (22)
2. Hulk Hogan (21)
3. “Macho Man” Randy Savage (18)
4= Ultimate Warrior (12)
4= The Undertaker (12)
6. The British Bulldog (11)
7= Razor Ramon (10)
7= Earthquake (10)
9= “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan (9)
9= “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase (9)

This list is fairly much the same as the one on the last stat pack, with only 9 wins required to get on the list. With three wins since the last stat pack, Bret Hart has done enough to go top of this list. The Undertaker has also jumped up the list, from 7th to 4th following wins over Yokozuna, I.R.S and King Kong Bundy. The British Bulldog has recorded one win since the last stat pack so sits by himself in 6th place. Razor Ramon is the only new entrant and he goes straight in at number 7. It’s amazing that after 45 pay per views it still only required nine wins to get on this list.

Most Draws

1. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake (3)
2= Shawn Michaels (2)
2= Bad News Brown (2)
2= Paul Orndorff (2)
2= Don Muraco (2)

There is only one addition to this list and that is in the form of Shawn Michaels. His draw with Kama at King Of The Ring 95 along with his draw with Rick Martel at Summerslam 92 mean he is only one of five men to have recorded two draws or more. Brutus Beefcake stays at the top of this list.

Most Losses

1= Tito Santana (22)
1= Shawn Michaels (22)
3. Bret Hart (21)
4. Hercules (19)
5= Greg Valentine/The Blue Knight (17)
5= Rick Martel (17)
7. “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase (16)
8= Marty Jannetty (15)
8= Jacques Rougeau/The Mountie (15)

Just a top 9 for this one, otherwise it would have been a top 12. Tito Santana finally gets to share the top spot and it’s with Shawn Michaels who lost to Diesel at Wrestlemania 11. Bret Hart sits just underneath them with 21 losses to his name. The rest of the list pretty much stays the same with the exception of Rick Martel whose loss in the 1995 Royal Rumble takes him joint with Greg Valentine. Jake Roberts and Barry Darsow drop off the list but sit right underneath the top 9 along with I.R.S.

Highest Loss Percentage (minimum 2 matches)

1. Koko B. Ware 100% (11 matches)
2. Boris Zhukov 100% (7 matches)
3= Adam Bomb 100% (6 matches)
3= Skinner 100% (6 matches)
5= Ron Bass 100% (5 matches)
5= The Berzerker 100% (5 matches)
7= Ken Patera 100% (4 matches)
7= Leilani Kai 100% (4 matches)
7= Paul Diamond (Kato/Max Moon) 100% (4 matches)

This list is exactly the same as the last stat pack except for one new entry who goes straight in at joint third, Adam Bomb. Bomb has lost to the likes of Earthquake and Mabel as well as two Royal Rumbles and two Survivor Series matches in his time so finds himself on this list. That’s a bit of a shame because I always saw a lot of potential in Adam Bomb.

Most Main Events

1. Hulk Hogan (20)
2= Bret Hart (10)
2= “Macho Man” Randy Savage (10)
4. Yokozuna (8)
5. Ultimate Warrior (7)
6. The Undertaker (6)
7. Diesel (5)
8= Shawn Michaels (4)
8= “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase (4)
8= Bam Bam Bigelow (4)
8= Andre The Giant (4)
8= Sgt Slaughter (4)

Well this is a large list with no less than 12 guys on it. Bret Hart has now gone equal with Savage following his main events against Bob Backlund at Survivor Series and Diesel at Royal Rumble. He’ll be looking to tackle Hulk Hogans record now. Yokozuna has made the fourth spot his own whilst Undertaker keeps his sixth spot. Diesel is the highest new entry, he goes straight up to number 7 following his main events at Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, In Your House and King Of The Ring. Shawn Michaels is a re-entry, he main evented Wrestlemania XI and joins Andre The Giant, Sgt Slaughter and Ted Dibiase in joint 8th. Bam Bam Bigelow rather surprisingly also joins them following his main events at Wrestlemania XI against Lawrence Taylor and King Of The Ring 95.

Top Rated Matches

1. Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage – Wrestlemania VII (9/10)
2=  Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat – Wrestlemania III (8.5/10)
2= Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels – Wrestlemania X (8.5/10)
2= The 1992 Royal Rumble Match (8.5/10)
5= Randy Savage vs. The Ultimate Warrior – Summerslam 92 (8.25/10)
5= Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart – Wrestlemania X (8.25/10)
7= Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior – Wrestlemania VI (8/10)
7= Mr Perfect vs. Bret “Hitman Hart” – Summerslam 1991 (8/10)
7= Bret Hart vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper – Wrestlemania VIII (8/10)
7= Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart – Summerslam 94 (8/10)
7= The 1990 Royal Rumble Match (8/10)

Lowest Rated Matches

1= Paul Orndorff vs. Tito Santana – Wrestling Classic (2/10)
1= Fabulous Moolah vs. Velvet McIntyre – Wrestlemania II (2/10)
1= Uncle Elmer vs. Adrian Adonis – Wrestlemania II (2/10)
1= Corporal Kirchner vs. Nikolai Volkoff – Wrestlemania II (2/10)
1= Tony Garea vs. Ted Arcidi – The Big Event (2/10)
1= Haku vs. Don Muraco – The Big Event (2/10)
1= Adrian Adonis vs. Junkyard Dog – The Big Event (2/10)
1= Jake Roberts vs. Andre The Giant – Wrestlemania V (2/10)
1= Demolition vs. Tenryu & Kitao – Wrestlemania VII (2/10)

There are no changes to these two lists after the last five pay per views. There have been a coupe of matches rated at 7.5/10 but nothing good enough to crack the top 10. In terms of worst matches Bob Backlund vs. Bret Hart at Wrestlemania XI was the worst, rated 3 out of 10. The gimmick was bad and no offence to Piper but the special guest referee in that one didn’t help things either. These lists stay the same.

Tag Teams With The Highest Win Percentage (minimum 2 matches)

1. The Natural Disasters 100% (4 matches)
2. The Steiner Brothers 100% (3 matches)
3= Owen Hart & Yokozuna 100% (2 matches)
3= The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff 100% (2 matches)
3= The Brain Busters 100% (2 matches)
6. The Legion Of Doom 83.3% (6 matches)
7. The Nasty Boys 66.6% (3 matches)
8. Demolition 60% (5 matches)
9. The British Bulldogs 50% (2 matches, no losses)
10. The Hart Foundation 50% (6 matches)

11 of the best tag teams in WWF history on this list. The top 2 stay the same with the Disasters leading the line. They beat the likes of The Beverley Brothers, Bushwhackers, Legion Of Doom and Money Inc on PPV. Steiner Brothers with their victories over The Headshrinkers, Heavenly Bodies and Beverley Brothers keep their second spot. Owen Hart and Yokozuna are a newly formed team and go straight in at joint third following back to back wins on pay per view against The Smoking Gunns. The only other change I’ve thrown in this list is The Hart Foundation being leapfrogged by The British Bulldogs who may have wrestled less matches but won one and drew the other.

Tag Teams With Highest Loss Percentage (2 or more matches)

1= The Smoking Gunns 100% (2 matches)
1= The Bolsheviks 100% (2 matches)
1= Strike Force 100% (2 matches)
4= Money Inc 66.6% (3 matches)
4= Power & Glory 66.6% (3 matches)
4= The Beverley Brothers 66.6% (3 matches)
4= The Dream Team 66.6% (3 matches)
8. The Orient Express 60% (5 matches)
9. The Fabulous Rougeaus 60% (5 matches)
10. The Rockers 57% (7 matches)

The ten teams on here are the only ten teams to have higher than a 50% loss percentage. The Smoking Gunns are the newest entries to the list and go straight in at the top. They lost on back to back pay per views against Owen Hart and Yokozuna. They are the only change to this list, a list where 8 heel teams are sandwiched by The Smoking Gunns and The Rockers.

Highest Average Match Rating (2 or more matches)

1. Ric Flair (7.1)
2. Diesel (6.9)
3. Kwang (6.75)
4. Tony Atlas/Saba Simba (6.5)
5= Terry Taylor (6.375)
5= Sione (6.375)
7. Sid (6.35)
8. Hulk Hogan (6.34)
9. Adam Bomb (6.3)
10. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (6.2)

Ten names on this list, some you would expect to see, others you wouldn’t. Ric Flair is back at the top, mainly because those that were above him haven’t kept up good quality matches. Diesel goes down from first to second. Still a decent average rating for him. Kwang is in third, him and Tony Atlas are in their positions because they only entered Royal Rumbles, both of which good decent ratings. Sione is another new entrant, one of his two matches was a Royal Rumble, so again, decent ratings for him. Sid drops from 5th to 7th, Hogan falls from 7th to 8th, Adam Bomb goes from 2nd to 9th and Piper goes from 9th to 10th. Lex Luger and Owen Hart both drop off this list.

Lowest Average Match Rating

1. Corporal Kirchner (2.5)
2. Adrian Adonis (2.85)
3= The Fabulous Moolah (3)
3= Velvet McIntyre (3)
5. Rockin’ Robin (3.5)
6. Judy Martin (3.58)
7. Tama (3.66)
8= Leilani Kai (3.75)
8= Billy Jack Haynes (3.75)
8= Nailz (3.75)

No changes to this list whatsoever. Interestingly though Savio Vega is rather close to getting on this list. His matches at King Of The Ring 95 weren’t the best, no fault of his own. Corporal Kirchner sits atop this list following some pretty poor performances with Nikolai Volkoff back in 1986.

Bastions Top 10

1. Hulk Hogan (15331)
2. Bret Hart (14097)
3. “Macho Man” Randy Savage (11988)
4. Ultimate Warrior (8060)
5. The Undertaker (6981)
6. Razor Ramon (6366)
7. The British Bulldog (6250)
8. Earthquake (5750)
9. “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase (5497)
10. Yokozuna (5271)

An interesting top 10 here. Bastion Top Ten is made up of a complex formula which involves match quality, matches won and main events. The top four are exactly the same as the last list., although Bret Hart edges ever so close to Hulk Hogan. Nobody has managed to topple Hogan from the top of this list. The Undertaker has risen up from 8th to 5th and Razor Ramon follows him up the list from 10th to 6th. British Bulldog drops a place from 6th to 7th and Earthquake goes from 5th to 8th. Ted Dibiase is another man that drops as he goes from 7th to 9th and Yokozuna is the only new entry, he goes straight in at number 10. He comes in at the expense of “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan who drops off the list.

Top 10 Title Reigns

1. Hulk Hogan – 1st World Heavyweight Title Reign
2. Diesel – 1st World Heavyweight Title Reign
3. Yokozuna – 2nd World Heavyweight Title Reign
4. Shawn Michaels – 1st Intercontinental Title Reign
5. Demolition – 1st Tag Team Title Reign
6. Alundra Blayze – 1st Women’s Title Reign
7. Razor Ramon – 1st Intercontinental Title Reign
8. Bret Hart – 1st World Heavyweight Title Reign
9. Bret Hart – 2nd World Heavyweight Title Reign
10. The Legion Of Doom – 1st Tag Team Title Reign

Diesel is the big new entry on this list following his World title win over Bob Backlund just after Survivor Series 94. He’s had a good run defeating the likes of Shawn Michaels and Sid on pay per view. Yokozuna goes up the list after I forgot the fact that he beat Lex Luger at Wrestlemania X. As a result, Shawn Michaels Intercontinental reign drops down to 4th and Demolitions tag title reign goes down to 5th. Alundra Blayze keeps her #6 spot whilst Razor Ramons Intercontinental title run drops down to 7th. Both of Bret Harts World title reigns and The Legion Of Dooms tag run make up the top 10. The only title reign to fall off this list is Randy Savages second World title run.

Highest Manager Success Rate (2 or more matches)

1. Mo 100% (3 matches)
2. Miss Elizabeth 77.7% (18 matches)
3. Paul Bearer 75% (16 matches)
4. Diesel 66.6% (3 matches)
5. Sensation Sherri 50% (12 matches)
6. Frenchy Martin 50% (6 matches)
7= “Superstar” Billy Graham 50% (2 matches)
7= The Fabulous Moolah 50% (2 matches)
7= “Classy” Freddie Blassie 50% (2 matches)
7= Mr Perfect 50% (2 matches)
7= The Roadie 50% (2 matches)

This list of 11 managers really go to show how little they help. The fact is 7 of the 11 only have a 50% win record and these are the highest success rates! Mo goes straight in at number 1 since becoming Mabels manager and helping lead him to the King Of The Ring crown. This drops Miss Elizabeth, Paul Bearer, Sensational Sherri and Frenchy Martin down a spot. Oscar comes off this list as down Captain Lou Albano. Jeff Jarretts Roadie is a new entrant at the bottom, helping Jarrett to win one of two matches.

Managers With Highest Loss Rate (2 or more matches)

1. Luna 100% (5 matches)
2= “Cowboy” Bob Orton 100% (2 matches)
2= Kim Chee 100% (2 matches)
2= Oliver Humperdink 100% (2 matches)
5. Harvey Wippleman 91% (11 matches)
6. General Adnan 80% (5 matches)
7. Afa 70% (10 matches)
8. “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase 66.6% (12 matches)
9. Johnny Polo 66.6% (3 matches)
10. Jimmy Hart 65% (64 matches)

The top six of this list stays exactly the same as the last stat pack. Afa goes up to 7th following more losses for his team The Headshrinkers. “Million Dollar Man” is the only new entrant following the creation of his Million Dollar Corporation. They haven’t been doing too well anyway, losting 9 of the 12 matches on pay per view. Johnny Polo and Jimmy Hart prop this list up whilst Bobby Heenan falls off it.

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