In Your House 2: The Lumberjacks

In Your House And Here To Stay! This is the second In Your House event and by the tagline it looks to be the second of many. This pay per view will be a shorter event much like last time, featuring some, but not all, of the top stars in the WWF.

Diesel is still WWF champion and has been for about 8 months now. He’s had his problems with big Sid recently and holds wins over him by technicalities at both In Your House 1 and in tag team action at King Of The Ring 95. Both times Sid has left the arena with his tail between his legs but this time 30 men will surround the ring making sure that nobody can escape. Diesel and Sid battle for the WWF title tonight.

Intercontinental champion Jeff Jarrett has a new threat to his title in none other than 1995 Royal Rumble winner Shawn Michaels. Michaels returned to commentary recently and Jeff Jarrett took exception to Michaels. Michaels gets his title match tonight and continues the theme that every Intercontinental title match on pay per view since Summerslam 92 has featured either Shawn Michaels or Razor Ramon. That’s an unbelievable stat.

Owen Hart and Yokozuna won the tag team title belts at Wrestlemania 11 and still hold onto the belt tonight following back to back pay per view victories over The Smoking Gunns.Tonight though they defend the belts against number one contenders The Allied Powers, British Bulldog and Lex Luger. This is a big match and one I’ve been waiting for due to all the history with Lex Luger and Yokozuna as well as Owen Hart and The British Bulldog. This makes for a really big tag team match and one I’m surprised they didn’t hold on until Summerslam for.

Also tonight we have a match between Razor Ramon and Savio Vega against Men On A Mission. Mabels stock went up when he won King Of The Ring but after the final Mabel and Mo attacked Razor and Savio and left them laying. Tonight The Bad Guy and best friend Vega take on Men On A Mission in what should be a big match. Then we’ll also see The Roadie, a King Of The Ring semi finalist in his own right go up against The 123 Kid, the man he took out before the last In Your House event. Henry Godwinn cost Bam Bam Bigelow a match against Sid recently on Raw, tonight Godwinn and Bigelow get into it. Let’s get to it.

We start with the World Wrestling Federation, revolutionary force in sports entertainment graphic. Then to a country music hype video for In Your House. It’s quite catchy actually. Shots of wrestlers like Sid, Shawn Michaels and Diesel arep layed between then we come to Vince McMahon at ringside! And he’s joined by Jerry Lawler who is unrecognisable in a cowboy hat and waistcoat.

The 123 Kid vs The Roadie

This is The Kids first match on pay per view since Royal Rumble 95 and he actually won his match there and so is undefeated on pay per view in 1995. Kid attacks Roadie in the entrance way and the two make their way into the ring. It’s all Kid in the early going as he hits a flying head scissors that takes Roadie to the outside of the ring. Roadie has a 1-2 record on pay per view, his win coming over Kids good friend Bob Holly. Kid slingshots out of the ring, hitting a judo kick before tossing Roadie back into the ring. Roadie soon gets back into the match hitting a big pwerslam. We then see some footage of Jeff Jarrett backstage getting ready for his gig later on. The two men in the match fight to the outside where Roadie sends 123 into the ringpost before throwing him back into the ring. Roadie flapjacks Kid then follows it up with two legdrops. Roadie seems to be getting a decent enough push at the moment. He gets the first near fall of the match. The crowd are right behind 123 Kid as Roadie goes up to the top but misses a big splash.

Kid gets back into the match now hitting a big spinning heel kick and getting a two count. Kid continues the momentum hitting a dropkick and a body slam before going up top himself and hitting a frog splash but Roadie kicks out! The momentum shifts as Roadie grabs Kid and sit out powerbombs him which earns him a near fall. Roadie misses with a shoulderbarge into the corner. Kid then goes up top but Roadie knocks crotches him then hits a piledriver off the top rope! Not sure I’ve ever seen anything like that before but it’s enough for the three count! A big win for The Roadie!

Rating: 5.75/10

Backstage now to the Million Dollar Corporation who are with Todd Pettingill. Ted Dibiase says that tonight Diesel is in Sid house. Tatanka then tells us that Sid has Diesel right where he wants him. Kama then gets on the mic and tells Diesel that he won’t be coming out alive tonight. Sid then reminds us he’s the master of the world. King Kong Bundy and I.R.S are also there.

Then we go to Barry what’s his face who is in the face lumberjack match. Barry tells us about an In Your House t shirt before Diesel and Shawn Michaels insult his hair.

Men On A Mission (King Mabel & Sir Mo) vs. Razor Ramon & Savio Vega

Mabel has been on a huge push since winning the 1995 King Of The Ring tournament. Razor Ramon is very much still the man whilst Savio Vega, a newcomer to the scene actually has one of the best PPV win percentages in the history of the WWF at this point. I believe this is the first time since Summerslam 1993 that Razor Ramon hasn’t been involved in an Intercontinental based match on PPV. Razor seems to have replaced 123 Kid with Savio Vega as his best mate. He throws his toothpick in Mo’s face and the match gets underway. Razor hits his fallaway slam early into the match then tags in Savio. A win here would put Savios PPV win percentage up from 75% to 80%. A loss would take it down to 60%. Mo gets the better of Savio then tags in the King. Savio hammers Mabel though but the big man catches him and slams him to the ground. Mabel then throws Savio to the outside. I believe the last time we saw Men On A Mission in tag team action on PPV was Wrestlemania 10 where they defeated The Quebecers. Mabel hits a big kick on Savio Vega after a hard Irish Whip. He gets a 2 count.

Mabel tags in Mo and they hit a double clothesline. Mo was last in PPV action in the 1995 Royal Rumble match. Mo hits a suplex on Vega and gets a two count before tagging Mabel back in. Mabel and Savio Vega were King Of The Ring finalists and we all know how that ended. Mabel slams Savio to the canvas then lock on a nerve hold. Savio tries for a comeback and tries to slam Mabel but the big man lands on top of Savio and gets a 2 count. Mabel then hits a big suplex. Mabel tags Mo and they hit a double elbow. Mo makes sure Razor doesn’t tag in and we get some double teaming from Men On A Mission. Mabel and Mo very briefly won the tag team titles back in 1994. Mabel hits a legdrop but Razor breaks up the pinfall. Mo gets tagged in and goes to the top rope. He goes for a moonsault but Savio gets out of the way! Mo is a big old unit. Razor and Mabel are both undefeated at In Your House PPVs. Savio makes the hot tag to Razor Ramon! Ramon slaps Mo around then pops him up on the top rope before hitting a belly to back suplex from the top! He then motions for The Razors Edge but Mabel comes in. Mo tags in Mabel then Mo slams Razor to the mat. Mabel goes up top but Razor gets up and throws the King to the mat and gets a two count.

Razor comes at Mabel with a clothesline. He tries a second one but Mo kicks him from behind. Mabel then DDTs Razor but misses with a splash. Then suddenly all four men are in the ring. Savio and Mo go tumbling out as Mabel splashes Razor in the corner. Ramon sells the ribs and Mabel hits a big belly to belly suplex then pins him for the three count! Men On A Mission get the win! King Mabel is on a huge roll as of late, it’ll be interesting to see where he goes. Razor not doing so well.

Rating: 5.5/10

Todd Pettingill is up on the stage with the band. He has some fun with the drummer then throws to Dok Hentrix who is with The Smoking Gunns, Bam Bam Bigelow, Adam Bomb and Man Mountain Rock. Dok says there’s a rumour going round that Ted Dibiase has bought one of Diesels lumberjack. Dok goes round every one and they all deny cutting a deal with The Million Dollar Man.

The Roadie is now up on stage and he introduces Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett comes out and struts with The Roadie before Roadie leaves. Jeff gives us some spiel about he’s using WWF to catapult his singing career. The music then hits and Jarrett sings “With MY Baby Tonight” his hit new single. The music and backing singers seem to be live but I’m not so sure about Jarrett. It’s really quite a catchy song. It’s out on cassette from Monday. Old school.

Quick promo for Summerslam 95 featuring Diesel picking up a hot chick.

Henry Godwinn vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

This is Godwinns first PPV singles match so a huge deal for him. He was last seen on pay per view in the 1995 Royal Rumble. Bigelow has been in the spotlight in 1995 main eventing both Wrestlemania and King Of The Ring. Both men try to outdo each other in the early going, both men hitting belly to back suplex’s. It’s back and forth in the early going with Bam Bam hitting tackles but Godwinn sends Bigelow to the outside. He then powerslams him outside the ring before throwing him into the steps. Henry is looking for his first PPV victory tonight. Back in the ring and Godwinn sends Bigelow into the top turnbuckle before following up with a clothesline and getting a two count. Henry then locks on a sleeper. It’s not long before Bam Bam gets out of it and hits a cross body but after the two count Godwinn knocks him down with a clothesline. Henry once again bodyslams Bam Bam then follows it up with an elbow which gets him a two count. Henry Irish Whips Bam Bam but the Beast From The East flies out with a clothesline to get the advantage. Bam Bam boots Godwinn on the canvas then goes up top but Godwinn move sout of the way of the flying headbutt!

Godwinn then shouts to the crowd and goes to the middle rope but this time Bam Bam gets out of the way of a flying knee. Bigelow rolls of Godwinn and gets the three count! A big win for Bam Bam Bigelow tonight! Godwinn then gets his slop bucket from the corner but doesn’t do anything with it. A win for Bam Bam Bigelow in what was a disappoint match.

Rating: 3.5/10

We see Bob Backlund talking to some kids in the crowd then go backstage to Todd Pettingill with Shawn Michaels. Michaels says he’ll be getting the Intercontinental title for his birthday.

Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. Shawn Michaels – Intercontinental Title Match

As Jarretts music hits, out comes The Roadie. The Roadie gets on the microphone, insults a few people then introduces Jeff Jarrett. Jeff has new entrance gear tonight. A big PVC jacket and trousers. This is the first of three title matches tonight. We haven’t had a title change on an In Your House pay per view yet, could this be the first? Jarrett has been one of the stars of 1995 but Shawn Michaels is arguably the most popular man in the company right now. Jeff gets a lot of boos in his home town. This is Jarretts third Intercontinental title run and he arm drags Michaels to the mat and follows it up with a strut. If Michaels wins tonight he too will be a three time champion. Jarrett hammers Michaels to the canvas which sends him to the outside of the ring. This one is slow to get started. Jarrett locks on a headlock then we have a sequence thae ends in Jarrett getting poked in the eye. It’s all Michaels now as he hits a hiptoss then clotheslines Jarrett to the outside. Michaels goes out with him but skins the cat and struts in the ring.

Michaels being in this match means the tradition continues that every Intercontinental title match on PPV since Summerslam 92 has featured with Michaels or Razor Ramon. Jarrett starts walking to the back but then decides to come back to the ring. Jarrett rolls back out the ring then gets counted out again but rolls back in and out again! Michaels goes after him and they take the fight to the ring. Jarrett soon gets the advantage though as Michaels comes off the top. Jeff goes for a dropkick but Michaels put the breaks on then throws Jarrett to the outside right on top of Roadie! Michaels then goes up top and flies to the outside, taking out both men! Back in the ring momentarily until Jarrett back body drops Michaels to the outside. Jarrett then throws Shawn into the ring steps, slamming his face off the steel. The champion then rolls challenger back into the ring before hitting a suplex of sorts and getting a two count.

This is essentially Jarretts night and he locks on an abdominal stretch. Amazing to think Michaels first WWF PPV was over 5 years before Jarretts. These two men were on the same team at Survivor Series 94, a match they both lost. Jarrett hits a big DDT which earns him another two count. Vince McMahons mic has gone which Lawler takes great pleasure in. Jarrett distracts the referee whilst Roadie chokes Michaels on the middle rope. That eventually backfires though as Jarrett nails The Roadie. Jarrett then Irish Whips Shawn over the top rope to the outside. The Intercontinental champion then goes up top but the referee gets him down. Very strange. With the referee distracted with Jarrett, Roadie hits a big clothesline on Michaels. Jarrett then says that he’ll be winning by count out. Michaels gets back into the ring though. Jeff goes up top and hits a high cross body but Michaels rolls it over into a pin of his own. Two count. We then a have a few near falls before Jarrett hits a beautiful dropkick and gets a two count. Jeff then locks on a sleeper. Michaels gets out of it with a belly to back suplex.

The referee count both men out but Michaels gets up at the 9 and crawls over to Double J then pinning him for the two. Both men up and Michaels hits some right hands then a huge flying clothesline before nipping up! Michaels hits more right hands then another clothesline before going up top and hitting a double axe for a two count. Shawn then powerslam Jarrett in the middle of the ring before going up top and hitting a big elbow drop. Another two count. Michaels then crotches Jarrett into the ring post before going up top but Roadie shakes the ropes and Michaels gets crotched himself! Jarrett then hits a superplex and motions for the figure four but Michaels rolls him up for a two count. Jarrett goes for the figure four again but Michaels pushes him into the referee taking the ref down! Michaels then motions for sweet chin music but The Roadie takes him down with a chop block! Jarrett goes up top and hits a high cross body for another two count! Jarrett goes to throw Michaels into the ropes but Michaels reverses it. The Roadie isn’t watching and Roadie trips Jarrett! Jarrett gets up and Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music! Michaels pins Jarrett and gets the three count! Shawn Michaels wins the Intercontinental championship!

This match started slow but definitely got better as the match went on. It turned out to be a really solid contest between two of the best workers in the company. Michaels becomes a three time Intercontinental champion.

Rating: 7.5/10* Match Of The Night

Backstage to Barry who is with the faces. Diesel and Razor Ramon greet Shawn Michaels who has just won the title. Bob Holly, Aldo Montoya, Fatu, Duke Droese are there too amongst other.

Dok Hendrix is backstage now going nuts! He said he saw Roadie and Jarrett going at it backstage! Roadie hit Double J!

Owen Hart & Yokozuna (c) vs. The Allied Powers (British Bulldog & Lex Luger) – Tag Team Title Match

I’m really looking forward to this match but I definitely feel like it could have been built better. Yokozuna was the only man in this match to have fought at the last PPV, King Of The Ring, in a losing effort to Savio Vega. He beat Lex Luger to get there though. This is Owen Hart and Yokozuna’s second PPV defence. Both of these teams are undefeated on PPV. Yokozuna and Lex Luger starts things off, lots of history here. Yoko starts well, chopping away at Luger. He misses with an elbow though which brings Luger back into the match. Lex smashes Yokozuna’s head off the top turnbuckle then takes Yoko down with some right hands. In a comedy moment though Yoko falls to the mat on Owen Harts foot! Owen isn’t happy about that and he shoves Yokozuna but the big man shoves him back dropping him to the canvas! The two men shake hands but it was unusual to see those two not getting on. Owen Hart and Lex Luger get into it now and Luger takes Owen down with an armdrag before tagging in The British Bulldog. Owen takes Bulldog down by the hair and locks on an armbar.

Bulldog soon gets back into it and hits a back body drop with an uncomfortable looking landing before slingshotting Owen into the ringpost. Bulldog takes Owen down and gets a two count before locking on a sleeper. Bulldog runs a little close to Yokozuna and gets hammered from behind giving Owen and Yokozuna the advantage. The former WWF champion gets in the ring now and takes it to The British Bulldog. Yoko locks on a nerve hold, which seems to be the chosen hold of the bigger man. Bulldog gets out of the hold but Yokozuna knocks him back down and tags in Owen. Owen Hart hits a spinning heel kick and gets a two count. Bulldog hits a sunset flip and gets a two himself. As Owen tries for a move in the corner, Bulldog gets out of the way and both men go down. A “USA” chant breaks out which isn’t appropriate for Bulldog. Hart tags Yokozuna and Bulldog tags Luger!

Luger takes on everyone! Throwing Owen from the top rope then throwing him at Yokozuna! All four men are in now and the Allied Powers double clothesline Yokozuna and get a 2 count. Yoko then misses a splash in the corner and both Bulldog and Luger suplex Yokozuna but as the referee tries to clear the ring of the Bulldog, Owen Hart comes off the top and nails Luger before Yokozuna hits a legdrop for the three count! Owen Hart and Yokozuna retain their tag team titles in a match with plenty of history. It wasn’t the best but not the worst either.

Rating: 5/10

We gets a video package now for Diesel and Sid. Starting with Sid powerbombing Shawn Michaels and Diesel coming to his aid. Then to In Your House 1 where Sid injured Diesel but Big Daddy Cool won the match by disqualification where Tatanka got involved before Bam Bam Bigelow made the save. Diesel then had a shoulder operation before Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Sid and Tatanka where Sid left his partner. Then last week on Raw where Sid once against backed away from Diesel.

Diesel (c) vs. Sycho Sid – WWF Championship Match

The lumberjacks come out first, guys like The Heavenly Bodies, Mantaur, The Blu Brothers, Hunter Hurst Helmesley, Savio Vega, Razor Ramon, Men On A Mission, Henry Godwinn, Bam Bam Bigelow, King Kong Bundy, I.R.S, Kama, Skip, Tatanka, The 123 Kid, The smoking Gunns, Adam Bomb and Bob Holly. Both men have picked 15 lumberjacks each. We then have an interview with Diesel saying tonight he finishes it once and for all. Undertakers creatures of the night that have been hanging around recently are shown in the crowd. None of Ted Dibiase’s Million Dollar corporation have won a match on pay per view in 1995 yet.

Sid and Diesel get into it before the bell then Diesel knocks Sid out the ring where Bam Bam Bigelow and a few others throw him back in. That establishes the lumberjacks in the early going. Sid then goes out the ring by his own men and they all give him a pat on the back. Sid then shoves Diesel outside and the lumberjacks all stomp away at Diesel but then the face lumberjacks come over and try and break it up. The Blu Brothers and I.R.S stomp away at Diesel before throwing him back in the ring. Sid then pins the champion and gets a 2. The fans chant for Diesel and Sid hammers away at him. Sid then knocks Diesel down with a clothesline. This is Diesels 8th PPV match in a row, more than anyone else on the roster. Once again the heel lumberjacks get involved, choking Diesel on the ropes. This match has all been Sid so far. Diesel starts to get back into it though hitting a clothesline and elbow on Sid. Diesel then flies outside the ring, nailing everyone! I’ve never seen that before from Diesel.

The WWF Champion then gets back into the ring and back to work on Sid. He hits snake eyes in the corner but then Mabel drags the champion outside the ring and squashes him into the ringpost then powerslams him outside the ring. The lumberjacks all get into it as Mabel legdrops Diesel. Men On A Mission then throw Diesel back into the ring where Sid chokes him with his knee then gets a near fall. This must be a lot of pressure for the guys in the ring to perform like this in front of their peers. Sid sets up for the powerbomb then nails the champion with it! He high fives some of the lumberjacks then pins Diesel but just gets a 2! Sid tries for another powerbomb but Diesel back body drops him! Sid then goes to the outside and tries to take down the face lumberjacks but Michaels comes off the top and nails him. They roll Sid back in and Diesel motions for the Jackknife. I.R.S comes in the ring though as do Tatanka and Henry Godwinn which distracts Diesel but the champion disposes of them before hitting a big boot on Sid and pinning him for the three! It’s over with a big boot! Diesel wins the match as Mabel tries to get to him but is held back! The face lumberjacks celebrate with Diesel who has had some run as WWF Champion.

Rating: 6.25/10

Overall this felt like a solid enough show. Most matches on it felt like mid-upper card matches, the exception being the opener between 123 Kid and The Roadie. Roadie won the opening contest and continued the roll he’s been on recently. The match was nothing spectacular but 123 Kid definitely brings a lot to whatever match he’s in. He just takes the tempo up a notch or too. The second match of the night was the tag match between Men On A Mission and Razor Ramon and Savio Vega. Mabel is another man who has been on a huge roll. He won the King Of the Ring tournament and his momentum has continued at this show where he pinned Razor Ramon. Mabel would later get into it with Diesel, could a future WWF title feud be on the cards for the big man? Razor seems to be on a downwards spiral as of late, he’s been taken away from the Intercontinental title and hasn’t fared well against Mabel.

Bam Bam Bigelow and Henry Godwinn got into it in the worst match of the night. This was just two big bulls going at it in a match that Bigelow won. I like that Bam Bam won because Godwinn winning wouldn’t given him a good rub but I think keeping the momentum with Bigelow was the right move. In the match of the night Shawn Michaels won the Intercontinental title from Jeff Jarrett. This was a really good match and Jarrett held his own against Michaels. I do think this takes Michaels down a rung as he was main eventing Wrestlemania a few months ago and now finds himself in the upper mid card. Owen Hart and Yokozuna retained their tag team titles next in a half decent tag team title match. I think that will derail Bulldog and Luger and now they’ve lost cleanly they should probably go their separate ways.

Then in the main event Diesel defeated Sid in what I think will be the last chapter between those two. This is the third PPV in a row they’ve been feuding with one another, four if you could Wrestlemania. If I did have a criticism it’d be that the main event feud that has been going on for months ended with a big boot. Overall a pretty decent show. t missed guys like Bret Hart and The Undertaker, but there was some decent quality match ups. Essentially a setup pay per view for Summerslam 95 but it’ll be interesting to see how things develop.

Overall Rating: 56/100 (Ranked 10th out of 46)

Best Match Of The Night: Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Jarrett
Worst Match Of The Night: Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Henry Godwinn
Surprise Of The Night: Diesel wins with a big boot
Worst Booking Of The Night: None
Wrestler Of The Night: Jeff Jarrett
IYH2 Will Be Remembered For: Jeff Jarretts musical performance & Shawn Michaels winning the Intercontinental title

One thought on “In Your House 2: The Lumberjacks

  1. Two things you forgot to mention:

    1.The Diesel/Sid lumberjack match also marked the only WWF PPV appearance for the team of the future known as Tekno Team 2000, which consisted of Troy a.k.a. Erik Watts (son of former WCW head honcho “Cowboy” Bill Watts, who was on the WWF’s booking team at the time) and Travis a.k.a. Chad Fortune (who went on to form The Pit Crew in WCW with Dale Torborg a.k.a. The KISS Demon).

    2.The Coliseum Video release included two bonus matches after the main card, with commentary provided by Gorilla Monsoon (right before he became WWF President) and “Sweet” Stan Lane (who was leaving the WWF to go back to wrestling on the indy circuit):

    #1.Bret Hart defeated Jean-Pierre Lafitte a.k.a. Quebecer Pierre

    #2.The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) defeated Kama (with Ted DiBiase) in a casket match

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