Summerslam 95

Face The Heat! That’s what Diesel and King Mabel will be doing tonight as they go one on one for the WWF Title at this eighth annual Summerslam. King Mabel earned his title shot by winning this years King Of The Ring and then made a statement by attacking Diesel when he served as a lumberjack at the last In Your House PPV. Mabels plan would continue when The British Bulldog turned on Diesel in a tag team match leaving the champion vulnerable to further attacks from the King. Tonight Diesel defends against the huge competitor on a pay per view where the WWF championship has never changed hands.

Talking of champions, Shawn Michaels is still Intercontinental champion. He was originally due to defend his title against Sid but acting President Gorilla Monsoon changed Michaels opponent to Razor Ramon and made the match a ladder match. It’s a huge rematch from Wrestlemania X between two men who have dominated the Intercontinental picture for two years. Tonight we’ll also see the long anticipated match between The Undertaker and Kama. They meet in a casket match and it should be the match to finish this feud, a feud that began at Wrestlemania XI where Kama stole Undertaker urn and went on to melt it down into a gold chain.

Bret Hart has fought on every single Summerslam pay per view and tonight will be no different. In the continuation in his feud with Jerry Lawler he takes on Lawlers dentist, the huge Isaac Yankem DDS. It’s Yankems debut in the WWF and it’ll be interesting to see what he brings. Brets brother Owen is not in action tonight which is surprising for the tag team champions not to be here at Summerslam. Instead we will see a tag team match between The Smoking Gunns and The Blu Brothers. This one has been brewing for a while and should put the winners within a shot of the tag team titles.

The undercard tonight will feature a match between Skip and Barry Horrowitz. Horrowitz has been a jobber for a long time in the WWF and he shocked the world when he beat Skip on an episode of Superstars. Tonight we get the rematch in what will be the pay per view debuts of both guys. Also we see the PPV debut of Hunter Hearst Helmsley as he takes on Bob Holly and a battle between two of the most athletic superstars on the roster The 123 Kid and Hakushi. On top of all that women’s champion Alundra Blayze defends her title against the woman that attacked her and would later allign herself with Harvey Wippleman, Bertha Faye. Let’s get to it.

We start with a video package for Diesel and Mabel, then Bret Hart and Isaac Yankem. Also tonight, Kama and Undertaker in a casket match. Tonight, Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels in a huge rematch.. Tonight all these superstars must face the heat. Good voiceover Todd. Then welcome everyone to Pittsburgh! Vince McMahon welcomes us all to the Igloo, he ringside with Jerry Lawler. Dean Douglas is going to be rating the matches tonight, he’s backstage watching on.

The 123 Kid vs. Hakushi

On paper this should be an awesome match. Two of the most talented and exciting wrestlers on the roster. Hakushi recently lost a match to Barry Horrowitz because of Skip and Sunny so he’s not happy. There’s no sign of Shinja either, I think Bret Hart piledrove him into oblivion. This is Hakushi’s debut on a “big 5” pay per view. Both men start quickly as you’d expect. Both men take each other down and nip up to their feet. This is the second pay per view in a row that the 123 Kid has opened. He lost to The Roadie at In Your House 2. Both men go for a crescent kick and both miss. Hakushi gets the advantage with a chop. 123 Kid’s last Summerslam appearance was in 1993 where he lost to I.R.S. Hakushi backflips across the ring and gets a few cheers from the crowd. There are more “123” chants though. Hakushi hits a bronco buster on Kid, funny that. Kid is looking for his first PPV victory since Royal Rumble 95 where he won the tag titles with Bob Holly. Hakushi is still looking for his first PPV win having previously lost to Bret Hart at In Your House. Hakushi hits a moonsault and gets a two count.

Hakushi hits a big back body drop then kicks Kid out of the ring before backflipping across the ring and diving over the top rope with a moonsault! Back in the ring and Hakushi hits a flying tackle which gets him a two count. He then goes back to the top and attempts a flying headbutt but Kid moves out of the way! It’s Kids turn to take the advantage now as he flies around the ring, hitting a slingshot legdrop. Kid then slams Hakushi and goes back to the top where he hits a frogsplash for another 2 count! 123 tries for a spinning heel kick but Hakushi reverses it into a powerbomb for the three count! From nowhere really, Hakushi takes the win.

Rating: 7.25/10

Backstage now to Dok Hendrix with King Mabel. Mabel says that tonight his big plan will come into fruition.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Bob “Spark Plugg” Holly

Another lower card match now featuring the in ring PPV debut for Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Bob Holly looks for his first PPV win since the Royal Rumble. Holly gets the match started with a powerslam after Helmsley backs off and avoids locking up with the former tag team champion. Interestingly this is the first pay per view to feature all five members of the Kliq (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Razor Ramon and The 123 Kid) in action. Hunter drops Bob Holly on the top turnbuckle the take the advantage. He follows that up with a hard Irish whip that looked and sounded very painful. Holly sells it and Hunter picks him up and hits a hard backbreaker then drops a hard knee to Bobs face for a two count. We then see some footage of The British Bulldog arriving. He recently turned heel on Diesel, attacking him during a tag team match. Holly locks on an abdominal stretch but Helmsley gets out of it quickly, hiptossing Bob over the top. Back in the ring and Hunter lowers his head allowing Holly to nail him with a big DDT.

Holly keeps the advantage hitting a big dropkick on Helmsley. Both men go down and stay down for a while. Hunter is the first man up  but Holly hits him with an atomic drop and a clothesline. This is both mens first Summerslam appearance. Hunter is actually undefeated in the WWF at this point. Holly hits an Irish whip then goes for a back body drop but Hunter counters it and hits his finish The Pedigree! Hunter Hurst Helmsley picks up the big win in his first WWF PPV!

Rating: 4.5/10

Now we have a VT of guys like Bam Bam Bigelow and Savio Vega on a boat. They were in a tug of war with some firefighters. Mabel and Henry Godwinn were also involved. Best not to show those heels having fun though.

The Blu Brothers (Jacob & Eli Blu) vs. The Smoking Gunns (Billy & Bart Gunn)

Tag team match now between two of the WWFs midcard tag teams. The Smoking Gunns are former tag team champions whilst The Blu Brothers are an up and coming team still looking for their first victories on pay per view. The Smoking Gunns haven’t actually won on pay per view as a tag team before. No have the Blu’s. Jacob and Eli make quick tags in the early going, taking Billy Gunn apart. Billy hits a move that would become the Fame-asser then tags in Bart who comes in off the top. Jacob and Eli soon take the advantage after some double teaming. I have no idea which is which. Bart comes off the ropes with a flying body press and gets a two count. The Gunns then do some double teaming which gets Billy a 2 count. Jacob and Eli do some double teaming behind the referees back, hitting a double powerbomb. Impressive. That gets them a two count. Uncle Zedekiah is on the outside. Lots more devious double team action going down in this one with Billy taking the hits.

Billy starts to amount a comeback but the Blu Brother powerslams him and gets a two count. Billy was very late to get his shoulder up on that one. We’ve had two heel wins so far tonight, could the Smoking Gunns pull one back for the good guys? Billy slams whichever Blu it is into the mat then crawls over and makes the hot tag to Bart! Bart goes to town on both Jacob and Eli but eventually gets a boot in the face. But Bart sends one Blu into the other then tags Billy where they hit their backbreaker/legdrop combo for the victory! The Smoking Gunns pick up a big victory and will be looking to get back into the tag title picture. This is their first PPV victory as a tag team.

Rating: 4.5/10

We then have a VT that shows the history between Barry Horrowitz and Skip. Lifetime jobber Horrowitz has defeated Skip twice recently. The graphic then comes out and Horrowitx is wearing the worst glasses I’ve ever seen. Brilliant.

Skip vs. Barry Horrowitz

Sunny comes out with Skip running her mouth. Horrowitz comes running from the back to some Jewish music. Barry hits some big moves to start the match and the braces he’s wearing come loose. It’s all Barry in the early going and he’s pretty awful. The lower card is getting a lot of exposure on this pay per view so far. Skip takes the advantage and he slows the match down hitting some right hands. Horrowitz rolls Skip up for a two count and then suplex’s Skip to the outside of the ring. Sunny then throws in the towel! That gives Skip time to recover and after some interference from Sunny, Skip takes the advantage. Skip hits a suplex then goes to the middle rope where he drops a legdrop. Horrowitz has wrestled once on pay per view before, under the mask of the Black Knight at Survivor Series 1993. He lots that one. Skip hits a gut wrench suplex and follows it up with an elbow off the second rope before doing a victory lap in the ring. Skip misses with an elbow which allows Barry to get back into it. He hits a sunset flip for a two count but Skip is first up and nails a clothesline.

Skip does some jumping jacks then hits three legdrops. The crowd don’t seem too interested in this one but are there to boo Skip as he flex’s his muscles. These two are getting plenty of time tonight. Horrowitz hits an uppercut and another and then a headbutt. Both men then go for a dropkick and so both men go down. Skip is first up and he goes to the top rope but Barry hits a dropkick then tries to join Skip but Skip elbows him off. Skip then comes off the top with some sort of headbutt/splash and seems to have the three but he lifts up Barry to break the count! Skip pulls Horrowitz up and goes for a piledriver but Horrowitz hits a back body drop! It’s Horrowitz on the attack now as the jobber hits a dropkick and then goes up to the top. With the referee seeing to Skip, Sunny shakes the ropes, crotching Horrowitz! Skip then goes up and superplex’s Horrowitz!

But here comes Hakushi. Skip and Sunny don’t seem happy to see Hakushi. They cost Hakushi a match against Horrowitz not so long ago. Hakushi goes up to the apron then springboards himself right over the top of both men. With Skip distracted, Horrowitz rolls him up for the three count! Barry Horrowitz beats Skip at Summerslam! Not a match I’ll be in a rush to watch again but a big win for Barry Horrowitz none the less.

Rating: 4/10

Back to Dean Douglas now who defines the word “vivify” then applies it to Barry Horrowitz beating Skip. Dean then gives the referee a “F” and Barry Horrowitz an “S” for slacker.

Not to Todd Pettingill who is in Shawn Michaels locker room. We see some footage from the last ladder match between the two at Wrestlemania 10. Michaels then says it’s impossible to prepare for a ladder match.

Alundra Blayze (c) vs. Bertha Faye – WWF Women’s Title Match

This is Alundra Blayze’s third pay per view match, she’s currently unbeaten on PPV having beaten Bull Nakano and Leilani Kai. Bertha Faye is a big old unit, she’s much bigger than Blayze. The champion hits some kicks to get the match started, taking Faye off her feet. Harvey Wippleman gets frustrated as Blayze takes Bertha off her feet again. Bertha Faye soon takes the advantage barging Alundra off her feet. Faye hits a powerslam and a legdrop which gets her a 1 count. Bertha hits another powerslam over by the corner then goes up to the second rope and attempts a splash but Blayze gets out of the way. The champion then hits a victory roll for a two count. Alundra Blayze hits three cross bodies but the referee is distracted with Harvey Wippleman. Blayze then chases Wippleman around the ring and manages to take his jacket. She then slides back in the ring and rolls Bertha up for a two count. Blayze then hits a hurricanrana for another two count.

Alundra Blayze goes up to the middle rope one time too many and Bertha moves out of the way. She then hits a powerbomb on the champion and gets a three count! Bertha Faye wins the Womens title! It was a messy match. After the match Jim Ross has a word with Harvey Wippleman who is very proud of his princess. Bertha then calls Alundra blayze a barbie doll and says that she has it all, the man, the title, everything.

Rating: 3.75/10

Now we have a VT for The Undertaker and Kama. We see Kama stealing the urn at Wrestlemania X, he then melted down the urn into a chain. Kama then attacked one of Undertakers creatures of the night. A pasty goth dressed in black. Gorilla Monsoon then made the match between The Undertaker and Kama a casket match.

Kama vs. The Undertaker – Casket Match

It’s worth noting going into this that during 1995 no wrestler with Ted Dibiase in their corner has won a match. Things aren’t looking great for Kama. Undertaker has already defeated I.R.S and King Kong Bundy on PPV in 1995, could Kama become the third member of the Million Dollar Corporation to fall to the dead man? Undertaker looks awesome in black and purple. Undertaker gets straight into it before his music has even finished. Charles Wright aka Kama is still looking for his first victory on pay per view. Undertaker gets distracted by the referee and Kama takes advantage. Not for long though, Undertaker throws Kama onto the casket. Undertaker has previously won 2 of his 3 casket matches on PPV. The Undertaker comes off the top with a big clothesline. He’s undefeated at Summerslam having previously beaten the likes of Kamala, Giant Gonzalez and a fake Undertaker at the event. Kama comes off the top with a big clothesline but the dead man sits back up. Undertaker manages to get Kama in the casket but Dibiase distracts Undertaker long enough for Kama to get out.

The pace slows now as Kama hits some big right hands on Undertaker. A “rest in peace” chant breaks out and Undertaker gets out of the way of a clothesline in the corner. ‘Taker goes to the apron but Kama clotheslines him off it and on to the casket. Dibiase lays the boots in to The Undertaker on the outside and Paul Bearer gets fired up, taking off his jacket! Referees hold him back from Dibiase! Kama comes out and rams the back of The Undertaker into the steel post then suplex’s him on to the casket! There’s a big split down the top of the casket now. Both men stand on top of the casket and it wobbles. Kama then goes for a piledriver but Undertaker back body drops him into the ring. A big “Rest In Peace” chant breaks out but Kama hits a powerslam then attempts to cover Undertaker. The referees point to the casket though, idiot. Kama locks on a headlock. The headlock goes on forever. Remember when Undertaker took on Yokozuna and I.R.S got involved. Then Undertaker fought I.R.S and King Kong Bundy got involved. Then Undertaker fought King Kong Bundy but Kama got involved. Not he’s fight Kama, could someone else get involved? Undertaker hits a big clothesline and both men go sprawling to the outside and into the coffin! The lid shuts and both men are in there!

We get a great shot of Kama exiting the coffin and Undertaker pulling him back in. Both men manage to get out of the casket and back into the ring where Kama hits a neckbreaker. Both men get up and Undertaker hits a chokeslam! The crowd go nuts as Undertaker motions for the Tombstone and he hits it! The dead man then rolls Kama into the casket and shuts the lid! Undertaker wins the match and continues his unbeaten streak at Summerslam! Kama still looks for his first win. This match was ok, pretty much what you’d expect from these two.

Rating: 5.75/10

Now to a package of the feud between Jerry Lawler and Bret Hart. Lawler attacking Bret after King Of The Ring 93, then Bret shoving Lawlers own feet down his throat. Now to Jerry Lawler recruiting Isaac Yankem DDS.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Isaac Yankem DDS

Yankem comes out to the sound of a dentist drill wearing some ridiculous glasses. Oh and dressed like a dentist. This is his PPV debut whilst Bret has fought on every single Summerslam PPV and this is the 8th annual event. Last year he was the WWF champion and he beat his brother in a cage match. Yankem chokes Hart in the corner in the early going. Bret gets back into it with some right hands but Yankem knees Bret to take the advantage. It’s back and forth for a while with neither man taking the advantage for too long. Yankem hits a hard Irish whip and follows it up with an elbow. He tries it again though but Bret moves and he knocks the big man down with multiple clotheslines but clotheslining him out of the ring. Bret then springboards himself out of the ring on top of Isaac before rolling him back in. Bret comes off the second rope with a clothesline then tries for the Sharpshooter but Yankem blocks it and instead gets a headbutt to the groin.

Yankem gets back into the mat lifting Hart high into the air and dropping him on the ropes. Lawler gives him a standing ovation as Bret goes down holding his chest. Isaac hits an elbow and gets a two count. The pace of this match is very slow at the moment as Yankem chokes Hart then clotheslines him over the top. The evil dentist then meets Hart outside and rams the former WWF champion into the ringpost. He then drapes Hart over the top rope and goes up top before flying off and hitting (missing) a legdrop! That earns Yankem a two count. Bret gets back into the match with a bulldog. I think we know where this is going. 2 count. Side Russian leg sweep, two count. Backbreaker. Elbow off the second rope. Thumbs up then for the Sharpshooter. And he locks it on! But Lawler helps Yankem get his hand to the rope. Hart gets distracted by Lawler but back body drops Yankem out of the ring. Yankem lands on his feet though and drags Hart out the ring then throws him into the ring steps.

Isaac throws Bret back into the ring then goes up to the top but Hart gets up and throws Yankem across the ring. Hart Irish whips his opponent then slides out and pulls his legs around the ringpost before tying them together with some cable! The referee goes out to untie Yankem and Hart goes after Lawler. He gives The King some big right hands but Yankem comes off the top with a double axe handle! Hart looks hurt as Yankem throws him back in the ring but Hart nails him with a clothesline. Hart bounces off the ropes again but Lawler trips him up! This distracts Hart long enough for Yankem to come over and tie Brets head in the ropes! Yankem and Lawler then pull Harts head that’s in the ropes! Hart looks in legit pain as the bell rings and a disqualification victory is given to Hart. Lawler and Yankem seem happy with their work though.

This match was a bit of a slow one, especially for Hart who has the potential for so much more. We definitely haven’t seen the end of Hart and Yankem, this feud continues.

Rating: 5/10

Backstage now to Dok Hendrix who is with Razor Ramon. Ramon says he’ll be winning this one and he’ll be leading this dance.

Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Razor Ramon – Intercontinental Title Ladder Match

This is one of the most anticipated rematches of all time. Two of the most popular fan favourites on the roster. Razor seems to be on the decline at the moment and Michaels is on the rise. This could definitely be the showstealer. Dok Hendrix has now joined Vince McMahon on commentary. Razor and Michaels both complain that the belt is too high for them! The belt comes back down then goes back up. It still seems very very high. The Intercontinental title has changed hands at every Summerslam except 1993, the year that Michaels retained it against Mr Perfect. Razor won the IC title at last years Summerslam against Diesel. Both men go for their finishers early into this match. Razor Irish whips Michaels all the way over the top rope and outside! The Bad Guy then goes to get the ladder but Michaels comes after him. There’s been plenty of bad language in this one already but Michaels cries “shit” seconds before Razor suplex’s him off the apron, hitting Shawns ankle off the guardrail. Back in the ring and Razor once again goes for The Razors Edge but Michaels slides down and goes for Sweet Chin Music but Razor ducks and both men knock each other down. Razor goes back yo chucking Michaels across the ring then hits a sweet fallaway slam from the top rope!

McMahon announces that Sid will face the winner of this one, cue the shot of Sid watching from backstage. Ramon brings a ladder into the match then climbs up it until Shawn pushes him off. Michaels then clobbers Razor with the ladder and sets it back up. He starts to climb but Razor pulls his tights down, then pulls the rest of him down. Razor has won matches at the last two Summerslam PPVs against Diesel and Ted Dibiase respectively. Michaels beat Jeff Jarrett at the last PPV, In Your House 2 to win the Intercontinental title, Jeff Jarrett has now left the company. Ramon smashes the ladder into Michaels then picks him up and powerslams Shawn on to the ladder. Since winning the Royal Rumble Michaels has had three singles matches on pay per view, losing to Diesel, drawing with Kama and beating Jeff Jarrett. Razor throws Michaels into a ladder set up in the corner. Remember, every Intercontinental title match on pay per view since Summerslam 1992 has featured either Razor Ramon or Shawn Michaels. This is the second time to feature both.

Razor really works on Michaels legs, smashing them into the ring post then hitting a drop toe hold. Razor then drops a ladder on Michaels legs and shrugs. He receives a few boos for that move. The Bad Guy then climbs the ladder again but Michaels goes up top and nails Razor, knocking him off the ladder. Dok Hendrix says this is the greatest match he’s ever seen. Michaels hits a belly to back suplex on Ramon off the ladder. Shawn is then the first to get up. He Irish whips Razor into the ladder and has a really pissed off look on his face. Some of the crowd boo him now. He sets up a ladder near the corner then moonsaults Razor as he gets up to his feet. A really mixed reaction for that one. Michaels goes up the ladder again, all the way to the top and he attempts a splash from up there but Razor rolls out of the way! Both men are down now as a “Razor” chant breaks out. Razor is the first man up but both men crawl to the ladder that is now set up in the middle of the ring. They climb up opposite sides of the ladder then slug it out at the top.Until the ladder gives way and both men go crashing to the arena floor.

Michaels is up first and he slides the ladder back into the ring. Razor then goes under the ring and pulls another ladder out. Michaels climbs one ladder and Razor stops what he’s doing to walk over and hit the Razors Edge! Cleverly Michaels kicks over the ladder just as Ramon had him up. Razor then sets up a ladder and climbs up it, then Michaels sets up the other ladder and climbs up it. Shawn kicks Razor off the ladder then jumps up to get the belt but misses! Michaels looks like he lands on the ladder, ouch. Razor then goes for a Razors Edge but Michaels back body drops him out of the ring. Michaels then completely loses the plot. He climbs a ladder but he still can’t reach the belt. He falls down and throws one ladder across the ring before banging the other and climbing up and grabbing the title! Michaels retains his Intercontinental title! After the match Razor hands Michaels the Intercontinental title in a touching moment. Awesome match. Truly awesome.

Rating: 8.25/10

Back to Dean Douglas. He describes Razor Ramon as “bad”. Not in a good way. Ramon then barges in and ends up slapping Douglas.

Diesel (c) vs. King Mabel – WWF Title Match

Diesel has been WWF champion since just after Survivor Series and so far he managed to retain his title on PPV against the likes of Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Sid. Mabel is the reigning King Of The Ring and he’s been on a roll ever since. Diesel sure is popular though. Mabel appears to be wearing a burger king crown. Mabel takes Diesel down in the early going and has the better of Diesel, striking him with chops. Diesel soon gets back into the match hitting some big clotheslines and elbows. This is Mabels first WWF title shot on pay per view. Diesel goes to powerslam him but can’t get him up. The champion then manages to knock challenger out of the ring with a shoulderbarge. Diesel points up to Mo but doesn’t get distracted, he then springboards out of the ring on to the big man. Diesel being a big man himself means that was pretty impressive. Mabel runs into a boot outside the ring, I’m not sure how these guys haven’t been counted out yet. Mabel follows in the footsteps of Owen Hart in terms of King OF The Ring winners who go on to main event Summerslam.

Mabel hits a big belly to belly suplex from nowhere on Diesel and gets a two count. Mabel then sits down on Diesel. The big challenger then bounces off the ropes but misses with an elbow on Diesel. But on course to the elbow Mabel knocked the referee out of the ring! Sir Mo then gets in the ring and he and Mabel double team Diesel! But the crowd go nuts as Lex Luger emerges! It seems that he comes to help Diesel but the champion nails him and sends him packing! Mabel and Mo go back to double teaming Diesel until Luger gets back up and takes out Mo. Back in the ring and Mabel hits the belly to belly again and the referee gets back in to count to two! Mabel then goes up to the second rope and comes flying off but Diesel gets out of the way! Diesel then goes up to the second rope and comes off with a big shoulderbarge. He pins Mabel and the referee slowly counts to three! Diesel wins the match! Not a great match by any stretch of the imagination but Diesel retains his title in a short defence.

Rating: 4.5/10

Well that was Summerslam 1995. What I find amazing about this show is how many of the big stars were missing. Guys like Owen Hart and Yokozuna the tag team champions, Bam Bam Bigelow, Savio Vega, Sid, Henry Godwinn. The Roadie and Jeff Jarrett had left the company, why weren’t Lex Luger and British Bulldog in action? Those guys were replaced with the likes of Skip, Barry Horrowitz, Hakushi, Bob Holly, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and The Blu Brothers. It looks like a time of change in the company but is it a step in the right direction? Only time will tell.

This show was split into two halves. The first five matches were very much undercard matches and the last four matches felt like main events. So let’s start at the beginning. Hakushi and 123 Kid was a great way to start the show. Two of the best workers on the roster start the night at a high level. Both men put 100% into this match and put on a great match as a result. Hakushi won the match which was probably the right way to go because he needs protecting more than Kid. Interestingly though Hakushi would show up later in the night and hint at a face turn. He showed up in the Barry Horrowitz/Skip match and cost Skip the match. The match between Skip and Horrowitz had a lot more build to it. Horrowitz has beaten Skip a couple of times but it doesn’t seem like a huge rub because Skip is a relative newcomer himself. Barry won the match again tonight in a match I’d rather have seen Skip win. In reality it was poor, I’m not sure Barry Horrowitz has a place on WWF pay per views.

The second match on this card was between newcomer Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Bob Holly. This is another match I’m not sure had a place at the second biggest show of the year. It would be more fitting at an In Your House. It gave a good win to Helmsley but what we seem to have a more dominating heels in the lower card and better faces in the upper card. The only tag team match of the night was between The Blu Brothers and The Smoking Gunns. The Gunns are the longest formed tag team in the WWF at the moment having been teaming since around this time in 1993. The Blu Brothers are a steady enough team that have only been around since the turn of the year. The Gunns were the rightful winners and this puts them near the tag team title scene. With heel champion there needs to be strong face teams around to challenge them.

We also had a Womens match for the first time in a year. Alundra Blayze lost on pay per view for the first time. Bertha Faye was crowned the new womens champion and to be honest, I quite like it. Bertha has a unique gimmick and she’s a very entertaining character. I’m hopeful of a long feud between Alundra and Bertha. Match quality wasn’t the highest but it’s an entertaining enough angle.

Then came the big four matches. First was The Undertaker and Kama. Undertaker defeats another member of The Million Dollar Corporation cleanly in a casket match. I think it’s fair to see that this match will be the end of this rivalry. I don’t mind the Kama character but I don’t know if I can see him going any further up the card. I guess the logical step forward for Undertaker is a match with Sid. Two men just under the cusp of the main event. Undertaker and Kama didn’t have a bad match to be honest. Next up was Bret Hart and Isaac Yankem DDS. This is a continuation of the Hart/Lawler feud and because of the ending to this match, the chapter between these three definitely is not over. It was the only logical way to end this match, unless Yankem won by Lawler run-in but that would have been a bit predictable.

The penultimate match was between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels. This felt like a crossroads in both of the careers of Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels. Razor seems to be on a downward slide whereas Michaels is on the up. The result certainly reflected this. Originally this was suposed to be Michaels and Sid but it seems like the plan was changed in a desperate bid to regain interest. Diesels title reign hasn’t been a hit for viewing figures. This match was excellent and stole the show. It was nearly as good as their previous encounter but I think because the original was so unique it felt a bit better. Still, a fantastic match. Michaels retains his Intercontinental title. I’d love to see a Michaels/Hakushi match in the near future.

The main event between Diesel and King Mabel was a bit meh. Predictably meh. I don’t think anyone really cares for Mabel in the main event picture. I certainly don’t. I’d actually rather have seen Diesel/Sid III. Diesel retains his title and goes on to meet the next challenger for his belt. Who though? Your guess is as good as mine. A heel Razor Ramon? Kama? There aren’t too many strong heels right now.

Overall Rating: 53/100 (Ranked 18th out of 47)

Best Match Of The Night: Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon
Worst Match Of The Night: Alundra Blayze vs. Bertha Faye
Surprise Of The Night: Barry Horrowitz defeats Skip
Worst Booking Of The Night: Barry Horrowitz defeats Skip
Wrestler Of The Night: Shawn Michaels
Summerslam 95 Will Be Remembered For: The Epic ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon

One thought on “Summerslam 95

  1. Just to let you know, Bret and Yankem did have their big blow-off on the October 16th edition of Raw, where they faced off in a steel cage match, which involved Lawler being put in a shark cage above the ring and getting a nasty nosebleed, while Bret defeated Yankem by climbing out of the cage, FINALLY putting an end to this feud once and for all!

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