In Your House 3

3 Belts, one match. Well technically it’s four belts. But they’ll all be on the line in the main event to In Your House 3. Diesel and Shawn Michaels re-unite as the two dudes with attitude to take on tag team champions Yokozuna and Owen Hart where the winner takes the titles. Should Owen or Yokozuna pin Diesel or Shawn Michaels then they will win that title. And if Michaels or Diesel pin one of the tag team champions then they will win the tag team titles. Never before have the stakes been so high.

Also tonight we will see Bret Hart take on Jean-Pierre LaFitte. Jean-Pierre has been stealing Brets things recently, he is a pirate. So tonight these two men go one on one. Dean Douglas and Razor Ramon got into a fight at Summerslam after Douglas slammed Razor and failed him. Tonight they go one on one in a match that 123 Kid has been heavily involved in the build up. Douglas seems to be driving a wedge between Ramon and Kid, will we see Kid tonight? Henry Godwinn turned face recently, slopping Ted Dibiase and Sid respectively. Sid has since landed a powerbomb on Godwinn, tonight they end their issues. Also tonight we’ll see the PPV debut of Waylon Mercy as he squares off against Savio Vega and a newly heel turned British Bulldog takes on Bam Bam Bigelow. Let’s go.

We start off with a package highlighting the big main event for tonight, Diesel and Shawn Michaels against Yokozuna and Owen Hart. All the titles are on the line in one big match. Loyalty and prestige are up for grabs! This package is followed by a very cheesy package with some of the top superstars. Sid, Bret Hart, Bam Bam Bigelow and Mabel. It’s to the “In Your House” theme, this time sung by a woman. Lots of previous clips from In Your House shows are shown. Then Vince McMahon WELCOMES EVERYONE to In Your House at the Civic Centre. There’s a Motown Theme. Vince McMahon is joined by Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross. Is this the first every pay per view to have both Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross commentating on it? Both Lawler and Ross predict that Michaels will drop the Intercontinental title tonight.

Savio Vega vs. Waylon Mercy

Waylon Mercy makes his pay per view debut tonight. I like Waylon Mercy a lot, he’s a laid back bloke who looks like he’d live in a forest somewhere. Mercy is undefeated in the WWF up to this point and he shakes Savio Vega hands before the match before attempting to attack him but Savio gets out of the way. It’s all Savio in the early going, with modified arm drags and armbars. Waylon, all in white, eventually gets back into it with a knee shot and a clothesline before throwing Savio out of the ring. Mercy follows him out and lays in some chops before powerslamming him out on the floor. Savio has won three of his five PPV matches, he’s looking to make it four from six tonight. Waylon hits some big left hands, he’s a southpaw as said by Jim Ross.

We then go to Dok Hendrix who announces that Owen Hart is not in the building. Could this affect the main event tonight?

Back to the match and Waylon Mercy has a sleeper locked on Savio Vega. Vega struggles and tries to reach for the ropes but struggles. Mercy has a sick smile on his face as Vega starts to lose consciousness. But from nowhere Vega smashes Mercy’s head into the turnbuckle. Savio has a hand shaved into the back of his head. Both men get to their feet and slug it out, Savio wins and throws Mercy into the ropes before hitting a big boot and a back kick. Savio gets a two count. Savio then hits a bulldog for another near fall. Savio then hits some bizarre pin that looked like a reverse Russian leg sweep. Strange. Mercy gets back into the match with a clothesline and then a brainbuster! Mercy pins Savio but Savio kicks out! The brainbuster looked brutal. Belly to back suplex by Mercy and another near fall. It’s back and forth now as Vega hits a German suplex and then his trademark spinning heel kick. Vega pins Mercy and gets the three count! Savio Vega wins! That was somewhat of a surprise result for me, I thought Waylon Mercy would win on his PPV debut! Not a bad start to the night.

Rating: 5.75/10

Backstage now to Dok Hendrix who is with Jim Cornette and Gorilla Monsoon. Cornette is telling Monsoon that Owen Hart is in Michigan and will be here tonight. Hendrix asks Monsoon what will happen tonight and Monsoon says that the triple header will happen tonight.

Sycho Sid vs. Henry Godwinn

We see some footage of Henry Godwinn slopping both Sid and Ted Dibiase on Superstars. Sid went mad and would end up powerbombing Godwinn. It seems we have had a face turn for the hog farmer. Godwinn is still looking for his first pay per view win, he’s 0-2 so far. Neither of these guys fought at Summerslam, I would have liked to see this match on that show. Godwinn starts well, smashing Sid face into the canvas. None of Ted Dibiase’s clients have won a match on pay per view in 1995 yet. Godwinn knocks Sid out of the ring and then suplex’s him back in. Henry has a bad back from Sid previous powerbomb though and this comes into affect. Sid knees Godwinn out of the ring now and Dibiase lays in some stomps. Sid is still looking for his first PPV victory since returning to the WWF this year. He’s lost all three of his PPV matches this year. Both men get back into the ring and Sid goes to work on Godwinns back. Sid is one of the few men to have fought on all three of the In Your House pay per views. I would predict him to win this one. Sid locks on a camel clutch on the hog farmer, not allowing Godwinn to get back up to his feet.

The only match Sid has ever won on PPV was against The Undertaker at UK Rampage 92. And he misses with a boot in the corner now. Godwinn is right back into the match, hitting a big shoulderbarge on Sid. He then hits his finisher The Slop Drop but Dibiase pulls Godwinns leg, breaking up the count! With Godwinn distracted, Sid attacks him from behind  but Henry blocks a left hand and bounces off the ropes where dibiase pulls his leg, tripping him up. Sid hits a legdrop then pulls Godwinn up to his feet before hitting his finished The Powerbomb. Sid pins Godwinn for the three count! A client of Ted Dibiase finally wins on pay per view! Sid beats Henry Godwinn. Ted Dibiase and Sid then fight over who gets to slop Henry Godwinn! But here comes Bam Bam Bigelow who attacks Sid. This comes to an end when Kama makes the save! Kama and Sid hold Bigelow for Dibiase but Godwinn comes from behind, grabs the bucket and slops Ted Dibiase! Dibiase is pissed off as Bam Bam and Henry Godwinn back up the aisle, leaving Sid and Kama in the ring. Not the most technical match of all time, but not a bad match at all.

Rating: 5/10

Back to Gorilla Monsoon who announces that the main event will go ahead whether Owen Hart turns up or not. Monsoon says that either Yokozuna can go into the match alone or Cornette can find a partner for Yokozuna.

The British Bulldog vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Well, I would have predicted British Bulldog to be Yokozuna’s tag team partner but maybe not. These are another two men that weren’t on the Summerslam card. There’s a theme here. Bulldog is another man who turned heel recently. Bam Bam knocks Bulldog down with a couple of shoulder barges in the early going.

We then go to a shot backstage of Jim Cornette trying to recruit Sid to be Yokouzunas tag team partner.

Meanwhile back in the ring, Bam Bam misses with an elbow allowing Bulldog to take the advantage. Bulldog locks on a sleeper  then hits some right hands and a headbutt before executing a suplex. Bulldog celebrates this though allowing Bigelow to get up and hit a couple of clotheslines. He misses the third though and goes sprawling to the outside. Bulldog is looking for his first victory on pay per view since Wrestlemania where he and Luger beat The Blu Brothers. He’s not having much luck though as Bam Bam Bigelow suplex’s him, crotching him on the top rope then follows it up with a headbutt off the top. British Bulldog kicks out at 2 then takes Bigelows knee out. Bigelow has had a good PPV run recently, winning in the main event at King Of The Ring then defeating Henry Godwinn at the second In Your House PPV. Bulldog locks on a leg grapevine and gets a couple of two counts as he does. The former Intercontinental champion then takes out Bam Bams knee again.

Bam Bam takes Bulldog down with an enzeguri but can’t take control of the match. Bulldog goes right after the knee and leg of Bam Bam Bigelow. He locks on a single leg crab but Bam Bam won’t submit. Bulldog then goes back to the headlock on Bam Bam as a “USA” chant breaks out. It’s noted that Jim Cornette isn’t out in the corner of British Bulldog for this one. Bam Bam gets out of the headlock and drives Bulldog into the corner. Bulldog attempts a sunset flip but Bam Bam sits down on him before dropping a headbutt. Bigelow then goes up to the top rope and tries a moonsault but Bulldog rolls out of the way. Bulldog makes a pinfall and gets a two. He then goes up to the top and drops a headbutt of his own before getting a near fall. Bulldog hits an Irish whip on Bam Bam and as he comes out of the corner he hits a big powerslam. Bulldog pins Bam Bam and gets a three count! British Bulldog defeats Bam Bam Bigelow! Enjoyable enough match, nothing spectacular.

Rating: 5.75/10

We then get a promo for a Wrestlemania XI network special.

Mr Bob Backlund then makes his way to the ring. He’s contemplating running for President of the United States of America. Backlund says a lot of unnecessary big words, calling the crowd plebians and such. He’s got to be careful not to walk into the firework thing behind him. Backlund then introduces us to Dean Douglas who’s music hits before Backlund has finished his introduction. We then see some footage of Razor Ramon coming out and attacking Douglas during his match with The 123 Kid, something Kid wasn’t too happy with. Then some footage of Dean Douglas attacking Razor in his match with The 123 Kid. Kid can’t catch a break. Douglas then gets on the microphone and says that if his opponent tonight hasn’t done his homework then tonight he will fail before introducing his opponent for tonight, Razor Ramon.

Dean Douglas vs. Razor Ramon

Razor comes running down in his red trunks and takes it to Douglas clotheslining him over the top rope to the outside. Ramon is the first man to fight tonight that had a match at Summerslam. We get some chain wrestling in the early going, both men taking each other down and getting back up. Razor gets the first near fall of the match. Ramon is looking for his first pay per view win since the first In Your House PPV where he beat Jeff Jarrett and The Roadie in a handicap match. This is Douglas’s pay per view debut.

We then go backstage where Mabel and Yokozuna are staring each other down with Jim Cornette trying to ask Mabel to join up with Yokozuna tonight.

Douglas seems to have kneepads over his boots. He attempts a cross body but gets caught by Razor and his fallaway slam for a two count. Razor then snaps Douglas’s arm down over the top rope then pulls him back into the ring by his arm. Back in the ring and Razor locks on an armlock and slaps Dean all upside the head. Ramon keeps Dean grounded with the armlock as Dean screams in agony. Both men get near falls before Razor takes Dean down with a clothesline. Razor then goes back to the armlock. Bob Backlund has stuck around in Deans corner. Razor beat Backlund at Wrestlemania IX for his first PPV victory. Douglas manages to use Razors own momentum to send him over the top rope before springboaridng out then barging him into the guardrail. Dean then knees Razor into the steel steps as Backlund watches on. The crowd are right behind Razor in this one. Back in the ring and Douglas continues the assault, getting a couple of near falls. Dean then locks on a submission hold as the crowd get behind the Bad Guy. Razor reverses the hold but Dean gets to the ropes and then hits some right hands. Douglas hits a splash from the second rope for another two count then locks on a camel clutch.

Razor manages to get up to his feet with Douglas on his shoulder before dropping him down with an electric chair drop. The referee counts out both men but Dean gets up to his feet and 9 and pins Razor for another 2 count. Razor starts a comeback now hitting some big slaps then a suplex for a near fall. There have been a lot of near falls in this one. Ramon plonks Douglas on the top rope but Dean hits an elbow to knock Razor off. Dean hits a flying body press but Razor rolls through it for a two count. Douglas then pushes Razor into the referee! The referee goes down and Razor hits the Razors Edge! 123 Kid then runs into the ring and counts the three! Razor gets up thinking he’s won but turns around and sees Kid. Razor pushes Kid out of the ring but then Douglas rolls Ramon up from behind and the referee turns round and counts the three! Dean Douglas beats Razor Ramon on his pay per view debut! A decent match between these two and a feud that is surely far from over. But how does the Kid factor in? Razor throws Kid back into the ring and the two look like they’re getting into it before referees come out and break it up.

Rating: 7/10

We then get a promo for In Your House 4 which will feature King Mabel vs. The Undertaker and the debut for Goldust!

Dok Hendrix looks ridiculous backstage wearing Michaels hat and glasses and giving the phone number to buy them. Shawn Michaels and Diesel then come into shot. Michaels is frustrated that Owen isn’t around. Diesel smells a rat. He says that tonight the two dudes with attitude will be two dudes with four straps.

Jean-Pierre LaFitte vs. Bret Hart 

This is the in-ring pay per view debut for Jean-Pierre LaFitte. He is of course, Pierre of The Quebecers. He’s been stealing Bret Harts gear recently and even comes out in Brets jacket. Bret dives out of the ring to start the match at Lafitte and nearly kills himself. They get into it outside the ring then inside where Bret has the advantage. Bret has been on a decent roll as of late defeating Isaac Yankem and Jerry Lawler. This is a big match for Jean-Pierre. Bret gets a crucifix cover for a two count then a drop toe hold and armlock. Pierre gets back into the match with a clothesline. The advantage doesn’t last long as Bret gets back into the match with a roll up. It’s back and forth now as Jean-Pierre hammers away on Bret in the corner. Lafitte drives Hart through to the ring post then hammers away at Bret. It’s all LaFitte now. These two men have met on pay per view before at Royal Rumble 94 in tag team action. A match Pierre and his partner Jacques Rougeau won. Outside of the ring now and Pierre throws Hart into the ring steps hard. Back in the ring and LaFitte hits a spinebuster for a two count then goes to a headlock.

Bret manages to get out of the headlock but LaFitte hits an elbow and a legdrop to get another two count. He then goes up to the top rope and hits a legdrop from the top but again gets a two count. Pierre motions for his finisher, The Cannonball and he goes up to the top but Hart moves out of the way! Both men struggle to get up to their feet but Bret is first and hits an atomic drop and a clothesline. He then sets up for The Sharpshooter but LaFitte kicks Bret out of the ring. LaFitte then goes for a flip out of the ring but once again Hart gets out of the way. Hart then throws Jean-Pieere into the ring steps before rolling him into the ring. Hart Irish Whips LaFitte into the corner then hits his side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Bret hits a backbreaker then goes for the elbow off the second rope but LaFitte gets his boot up! Once again both men are down. LaFitte is first up and he hits a running senton bomb with Hart on his shoulders! That gets him a two count. Hart hits a dropkick then goes for a bulldog but LaFitte pushes him into the corner. Nobody takes an Irish whip like Hart. Another two count. Hart goes for a cross body but LaFitte moves. Lafitte then goes up top for a splash but Hart moves and we’re back to square one. I’m a fan of Jean-Pierre but something isn’t quite clicking here. With both men down, Hart ties LaFittes legs up in The Sharpshooter! Hart sits back on him and the referee calls for the bell! Bret Hart wins! This match didn’t click for the first half but the second half was much better.

Rating: 4.75/10

Back to Dok Hendrix again and he’s with Jim Cornette who announces that British Bulldog will be Yokozunas tag team partner tonight.

Alundra Blayze then comes out modelling the official “Triple Header” t-shirt that is now outdated as Owen Hart isn’t in the match anymore. Waste of money that is.

Diesel (c) & Shawn Michaels (c) vs. The British Bulldog & Yokozuna (c) – WWF, Intercontinental & Tag Team title match

Well this is the first time ever all three major WWF titles will be on the line in one match. Shawn Michaels and Diesel are so popular in this one. Nobody has defended their title as many times on pay per view as Diesel. He’s now at 6. And Diesel is the only man to have fought on every pay per view in 1995. Also what’s interesting is that there has never been a tag team or WWF title change at an In Your House pay per view. Shawn Michaels once beat The British Bulldog for the Intercontinental title. Bulldog turned heel on Diesel not too long ago so there’s plenty of history here. Bulldog and Michaels start the match exchanging hammerlocks. It’s a quick start and Michaels clothesline Bulldog to the outside. But here comes Yokozuna and Diesel clotheslines him out! The two dudes with attitude clear house. This is the first time both of these teams have teamed up in tag team action on pay per view.

Bulldog tags in Yokozuna and Michaels makes fun of the big man then slides under his legs but receives an elbow to the face. Yokozuna is a former WWF champion and has won in matches on both previous In Your House pay per views. Michaels tags Diesel who doesn’t have much luck either, he gets a clothesline for his troubles. Diesel hits a clothesline of his own then big boots Yokozuna to the outside. Diesel and Yokozuna are tow of four men to have appeared on all three In your House pay per views along with Razor Ramon and Sid. Yokozuna tags British Bulldog who hits a big suplex on Diesel, botching it the first time but nailing it the second for a two count. This is Bulldogs first pay per view ever as a heel and he locks a headlock on Diesel. The crowd are right behind Diesel although there is a notable high pitch to the chants. Bulldog sets up for the running powerslam but diesel climbs down and pushes him into the corner, following it up with a clothesline. Big Daddy Cool then tags Michaels, slams Bulldog and Michaels splashes him off the top for a two count. Bulldog manages to Gorilla Press Slam Michaels onto the top rope then send him to the outside, driving him into the steps.

Bulldog tags Yokozuna who chokes Michaels with his foot in the ring before sending him back to the outside where Bulldog slams him on the outside. Yokozuna tags in Bulldog as Michaels rolls back into the ring. Bulldog hits a big back body drop and gets a 2 count. Bulldog then locks on a headlock as the crowd break out in a “let’s go Shawn” chant. Michaels elbows his way out of the headlock then sunset flips him for a two count. He follows it up with a flying body press but then get up and Bulldog clotheslines Shawn right back down. Bulldog tags in Yokozuna now. He’s just missing the Intercontinental title from his collection. Yokozuna has a nerve hold applied which eventually Shawn gets out of but Yokozuna goes right back to it with a headlock. Yokozuna then goes for the banzai drop but Michaels gets out of the way! Both Yokozuna and Shawn Michaels crawl over to their corners, Yokozuna tags Bulldog and Michaels tags Diesel! Diesel hits a back body drop, snake eyes on the top turnbuckle and splashes him on the middle rope.

Diesel hits a sidewalk slam but in comes Yokozuna, then Michaels is in. Diesel and Michaels send Bulldog and Yokozuna into one another, then throw Bulldog into Yokozuna. Yokozuna falls right on top of Bulldog, squashing him. It’s all action now as Diesel hits a big boot on Bulldog then signals for the Jackknife. Yokozuna breaks it up though ,hitting a Samoan drop on Diesel and Michaels goes after Cornette. Michaels then hits Sweet Chin Music on Yokozuna, sending him outside. Bulldog hits the running powerslam on diesel but Michaels breaks up the count. But here comes Owen Hart! He comes off the top but Diesel hits him then nails The Jackknife! Diesel pins Owen Hart for the three count! Owen Hart wasn’t even in the match! Diesel and Shawn Michaels are named new tag team champions and they celebrate with the gold! I don’t really get the ending but none the less, Shawn Michaels and Diesel win the tag team titles!

Rating: 7/10

And that folks was In Your House 3. These In Your House pay per views feel very different to the big 5. They give some of the lesser stars more in-ring time to impress. Guys like Henry Godwinn who has been on the last two In Your House shows, Waylon Mercy and John Pierre Lafitte were given time to wrestle against decent faces. Waylon Mercy not winning the opener was a big surprise to me. I know Savio Vega hasn’t had much luck since the King Of The ring tournament and probably needed a win but I’m not sure Mercy was the guy to beat. I don’t mind Sid beating Henry Godwinn, Sid was due a win. Godwinn got his revenge after the match slopping Sid but it looks as though they might be building towards a Sid & Kama vs. Godwinn and Bigelow feud. Bigelow lost in his match against Bulldog which made sense. Bulldog has the potential to go far wit his new heel persona and needed a big win to kick it off. It also made sense for him to win because of what would happen later.

Dean Douglas made his PPV debut against Razor Ramon in a really good match. It’s interesting how 123 Kid fits into it all, could he turn heel? Or could Razor? Or will they eventually join forces to take down Douglas and Backlund? Douglas won tonight solidifying him as a threat to Razor and the upper card of the WWF. Bret Hart and John-Pierre LaFitte put on a fairly disappointing contest in what is probably a stop gap before Hart and Yankem meet again. Then finally the tag team match with all three titles on the line. There had to be some controversy, it’s difficult to put all the titles on two guys. I’m sure it’s not over between these five men. For those that are interested, Owen Hart was late for the pay per view because his wife was giving birth to their second child. A good pay per view really, from top to bottom. The best In Your House so far.

Overall Rating: 59/100 (Ranked 6th out of 48)

One thought on “In Your House 3

  1. Three things of note:

    1.Waylon Mercy was played by Dan Spivey, who previous appeared in the WWF vs. NFL battle royal at WrestleMania 2 nearly ten years earlier.

    2.”Cowboy” Bill Watts clearly had a hand in booking the finish of the Razor/Douglas match.

    3.The following dark matches took place before and after this PPV:

    #1.Fatu defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley by pinfall

    #2.Goldust defeated Bob Holly by pinfall with the Curtain Call

    #3.Ahmed Johnson defeated Skip by pinfall with the Pearl River Plunge

    #4.The Undertaker defeated King Mabel by pinfall with possibly the Diving Lariat

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