In Your House 7: Good Friends, Better Enemies

Shawn Michaels and Diesel made Good Friends but now they make Better Enemies. That is the main selling point of this first PPV off the back of Wrestlemania 12. At this point in time the first show after Wrestlemania sets the ball rolling for the next year in WWE. And it kicks off the same way the previous one, with Diesel and Shawn Michaels battling over the WWE title. Diesel turned his back on Michaels just before Wrestlemania and now Big Daddy Cool gets another shot at the title, this time against former best friend Shawn Michaels.

The Intercontinental title is also on the line tonight with the bizarre Goldust defending the title for the first time on PPV. He did lose the title briefly when it was vacated due to a dodgy finish in a match against Savio Vega, but he won the title in the rematch for the gold the next week on Raw. So the now two title Intercontinental champion defends against a former two time champion in the Ultimate Warrior. Warrior is largely homophobic and has a problem with the way Goldust conducts his business. So they meet tonight. The tag titles are also on the line in a rematch from the Wrestlemania 12 kick off show with the Bodydonnas defending their titles again the Godwinns.

The British Bulldog meets Jake “The Snake” Roberts despite Bulldog feuding with Ahmed Johnson for the last few weeks and Vader will take on Razor Ramon in a match that I quite like the look of on paper. That match hasn’t had a lot of build. So let’s get to it.

We start with a video package for Diesel and Shawn Michaels. We see clips of Diesel attacking the likes of Bret Hart and Paul Bearer. The boyhood dream came true for Shawn Michaels but he was attacked by his best friend Diesel. It’s David vs. Goliath. Only one thing is for sure, these two friends who became bitter enemies will hate each other even more than before.

Vince McMahon WELCOMES EVERYONE to Omaha, Nebraska like he always does and we’re treated to some fireworks. McMahon says that tonight we’ll see some fireworks, he’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler.

The British Bulldog vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

These two old schoolers come out for the opening contest. Two men that were involved in the second Wrestlemania event 10 years ago open the show tonight. Bulldog is joined by Jim Cornette, Owen Hart and Cornette’s lawyer Clarence Mason. Mason and Cornette wave some paper in the referees face as Jake Roberts makes his entrance. Roberts is still looking for his first PPV win since returning to the WWE. Bulldogs team picked up a big win over Roberts team at the last PPV, Wrestlemania 12 but this is the first singles match between the two. The paper seems to be an injunction against Roberts snake but Jake brings it out anyway and rips up the paper. Cornette faints in the ring, he’s obviously not a fan of snakes. Jake then gives in and takes the snake to the back. Roberts and Bulldog have fought on more PPV matches and in more matches than almost anybody in the history of the WWE up to this point. When Roberts returns he’s joined by Ahmed Johnson who looks like he’s just walked out of the shower. It now seems as though we have a tag team match!

The British Bulldog & Owen Hart vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts & Ahmed Johnson

Roberts and Owen Hart start the match but both men soon make tags and in comes Ahmed Johnson. Bulldog doesn’t like that and immediately tags back out to Owen Hart. Johnson throws Owen Hart back into his corner because he wants the Bulldog but he won’t tag in. Ahmed continues to throw Owen around the ring and then he tags back in Roberts which brings a big “DDT” chant out of the crowd. Jake goes for the DDT but Owen escapes the move. Owen soon takes the advantage and tags in Davey Boy Smith. Jake then tags in Ahmed Johnson but Bulldog escapes out of the ring and tags in Owen Hart. Ahmed takes down Owen with a test of strength then smashes him with a clothesline. Bulldog comes in with a cheap shot and beats down Ahmed. Plenty of cheap shots from Bulldog and Owen to keep the advantage. Owen then tries to powerslam Johnson but has absolutely no luck. Instead, Ahmed gorilla press slams Owen then tags in Jake Roberts. Owen takes Roberts down with a dropkick from the second rope then tags in Bulldog. This is the first time either of these teams have teamed up in 2 on 2 tag team action. Bulldog drops a legdrop on Jake then tags in Owen Hart who comes off the top with an elbow and gets a 2 count.

Clarence Mason has taken Jim Cornette to the back after his incident earlier. Owen locks a sleeper on Jake Roberts but the snake gets out of it before receiving an elbow to the face. Hart then goes for a Sharpshooter but Roberts kicks out of it. Owen tags Bulldog and the two men hit a wishbone leg splitter. We get some classic heel tactics with Bulldog distracting the referee and Owen choking Roberts on the ropes. Hart is tagged in and makes the mistake of dropping his head but he manages to lock on a sleeper, something Roberts gets out of quickly. Both men look to make the tag now and both men do! Bulldog and Johnson come in and slug it out to the crowds delight. Ahmed hits a spinebuster then takes Owen Hart down. Johnson then tags Roberts who motions for the DDT. He sets it up but in comes Owen Hart and all four men are in the ring now. Not for long though as Ahmed and Jake clean house. Owen then drags Johnson out which has the crowd distracted and Bulldog smashes Jake Roberts with Jim Cornettes tennis racket! Bulldog gets back in and ties on some sort of leg lock and it’s not long before Jake Roberts submits! Owen Hart and the British Bulldog win the match! It’s back to back victories for them and back to back losses for Roberts and Johnson. A decent way to start the night. The feud between British Bulldog and ahmed Johnson does not look to be over yet.

Rating: 7/10

We get a shot of Marc Mero and The 123 Kid on the Superstar line. They had a match before the show came on the air.

Goldust (c) vs. The Ultimate Warrior – Intercontinental Title Match

We see a clip from earlier tonight with Marlena blowing cigar smoke in Ultimate Warriors face and Goldust blowing gold dust in his face. Goldust and Marelan are joined at ringside by a big bloke with a beard. Not sure who he is. Goldust has a bandaged up knee. This is Goldusts second Intercontinental title defence. The title was vacated in a match between he and Savio Vega then Goldust win the title back the next week on Raw. Ultimate Warrior has some cool fireworks as he comes out. Plenty of energy in his entrance. Warrior is a former two time Intercontinental champion, he previously beat Honky Tonk Man and Rick Rude for the title. The big bloke on the outside distracts Warrior and Goldust gets in the ring but as Warrior spins around, Goldust exits the ring and runs back to the locker room area. Warrior picks up Marlena’s dropped cigar and smokes it in the ring. This is all getting very strange. The suited big man also heads to the back. Warrior picks up Marlena’s chair and puts it in the ring.Warrior grabs Goldusts wig and robe and puts them on the back of the chair before sitting in the chair and smoking the cigar. This is the first time either Shawn Michaels or Razor Ramon haven’t been involved in an Intercontinental title match on PPV since Summerslam 92.

Warrior is undefeated on pay per view since returning to the WWE, he beat Hunter Hearst Helmsley at Wrestlemania. Goldust grabs a microphone and tells everyone to shut their mouths or he’ll come out and kiss each and every one of them. The match is still yet to get underway. Marlena and Goldust finally climb into the ring and Warrior hands Marlena her cigar back and Goldust his robe back. Goldust puts his robe on then sits in his chair. This is one of the strangest things I have ever seen. Warrior grabs the cigar back and smokes it. Goldust holds his hand out for Warrio to kiss but Warrior puts the cigar out on it! He then clotheslines Goldust off the chair and out of the ring. Goldust heads to the back and the referee counts him out! Warrior wins this one by count out I guess but it never got started. Warrior then goes at it with the bodyguard, slamming him in the ring! The bodyguard is actually the man that was once known as Mantaur. Warriors music then hits and this horrendous segment is now over. So far two matches that were advertised (British Bulldog vs. Jake Roberts & Ultimate Warrior vs. Goldust) have not gone down as planned.

Rating: N/A

We go backstage to see British Bulldog kicking off at some agents outside of Shawn Michaels locker room. Dok Hendrix suggests it might be something to do with his wife Diana Hart. Who knows.

Vader vs. Razor Ramon

I like this match on paper a lot. Vader has been getting a big push and recently put Yokozuna out of action. Razor Ramon is a solid upper midcarder so it’ll be good to see which way this one goes. Ramon is still popular and between you and me, this will be his last PPV match for a long time. Razor has fought on all 7 In Your House PPVs up to now. Only he and Diesel can claim that. Vader starts the match throwing Ramon out of the ring. This match has had zero build to my knowledge which is a shame. Vader hits Razor with some right hands to the gut. Vaders only form of attack so far has been big right hands and then a clothesline. Ramon starts a comeback with some right hands of his own and then he sets up for the Razors Edge but Vader back body drops him over the top rope. Razor slides strasight back in and nails Vader with big right hands in the corner. The Bad Guy then drops Vader with a right hand and a couple of clotheslines, sending the big man to the outside.

Razor is in the top 10 for most PPV victories up to this point. This is Vaders first singles match on PPV. He sneaks back in as Cornette distracts Ramon and takes down the Bag Guy. Vader drops an elbow on Razor then hits a splash. There’s not a lot of finesse to Vaders attack but it gets the job done. He goes for a clothesline but Razor ducks it then hits a belly to back suplex for a two count. Ramon can’t keep the advantage though and Vader slams him to the ground. Vader then hits the Vader Bomb but Razor kicks out! Vader can’t believe it. He hits a belly to back suplex and both men struggle to get to their feet. Vader hits some lefts and rights in the corner then goes for a suplex but Razor reverses it! Razor hooks the leg but only gets a two count. Vader takes the former 4 time Intercontinental champion down with a clothesline then goes up to the middle rope but Razor gets to his feet and slams Vader right off the ropes! Razor has the advantage now and hits a bulldog off the middle rope for a 2 count. Vader then hits a clothesline and a snapmare before going up to the middle rope again but Razor gets up and grabs Vader in the crucifix position! He looks to be going for the Razors Edge but there’s some sort of bodge and Vader falls off.

Apparently Razors ribs couldn’t take it. Vader goes up to the top now but Razor gets up and puts Vader on his shoulders before hitting an electric chair drop. Razor gets Vader up to his feet and tries for the Razors Edge but Vader back body drops him then sits down on his chest. The referee counts and Vader gets the three! A big win for Vader who gets back to back victories on PPV. Not the most technical match I’ve ever seen, this one was just a brawl. A big win for Vader who consolidates himself as an upper midcard. Dok Hendrix then comes over and lets Jim Cornette and Vader know that on the next In Your House PPV Vader will take on Yokozuna.

Rating: 4/10

Now we go backstage to see Paul Bearer and The Undertaker “in cyberspace”. They’re on the web anyway.

The Bodydonnas (Skip & Zip) (c) vs. The Godwinns (Henry & Phineas) – Tag Team Title Match

Sunny is out with the Bodydonnas looking smoking hot as always. The Godwinns are joined by Hillbilly Jim. This is skips and Zips first PPV title defence since winning the titles in the Wrestlemania 12 pre show. Henry and Zip start the match but Skip runs in before long to held his partner. Henry takes down both men though with a clothesline. Henry tags Phineas who bites Zip and tags Henry back in. Zip eye rakes Henry and tags in Skip. Henry takes down Skip with a suplex and in comes Zip. The referee picks up on Zip coming in so Skip officially tags on Zip and in comes Phineas. Skip is still looking for his first PPV victory. Him and Zip get the advantage with some double teaming, they hit a double suplex on Phineas for a two count. I like this match because they both seem like proper teams. Skip locks a sleeper on Phineas. Skip hits a nice hurrincanrana on Phineas for a two count then tags in Zip. Phineas starts a comeback then tags in Henry as Sunny goes to the back and comes back with a signed picture of herself. She gives the picture to Phineas as Henry Godwinn hits the Slop Drop on Skip. The referee is distracted by what’s going on in the ring and Henry goes over to get him. Zip rolls in and changes places with Skip and when Henry turns around Zip rolls him up and gets the three count! The Bodydonnas win the match and Henry is not happy with Phineas. He puts the picture in the slop. Not a great PPV debut for Phineas. Not a great match either. Messy.

Rating: 3.75/10

We get a promo for In Your House 7 which will feature Vader vs Yokozuna, Marc Mero vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Savio Vega vs. Steve Austin and a WWF title match.

Dok Hendrix is backstage with Marc Mero and Sable. Hunter Hearst Helmsley jumped Mero in the dark match before this show. Mero says that at In your House, Hunter enters the jungle.

Now to a video package highlighting the history between Shawn Michaels and Diesel. Michaels bought Diesel in, the two won the tag team championships together but then would split up. Diesel won the WWF title first but Michaels would win the title himself at Wrestlemania. Diesel attacked Michaels with a chair at Madison Square Garden and now the two meet in a No Holds Barred match. Diesel has promised he has a surprise for Vince McMahon tonight.

Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Diesel – No Holds Barred match for WWF title

This is the second match between these two guys on PPV. The first time round was when Diesel beat Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 11. Unbelievably this is Diesels 17th PPV in a row. Mad Dog Vachon is at ringside. Diesel, like Razor Ramon has fought on every In Your House PPV so far. Shawn Michaels comes out with Jose Lothario and gets a great reaction. Michaels gets straight into it with right hands but Diesel takes him down with a big knee. This is Michaels first PPV defence. He dropkicks Diesel to the outside and goes up to the top, hitting a moonsault on his former friend. Shawn then goes under the Spanish announce table and takes the boot off one of the announcers! he comes off the top and nails Diesel with it then gets a 2 count. It’s then Diesels turn to send Shawn to the outside, throwing Shawn on the guardrail then sliding him back in the ring. Diesel nails some big forearms, a clothesline then snake eyes Michaels on one of the turnbuckles. Big Daddy Cool then nails a big sidewalk slam, jumping as he does so. He then unravels the tape around his wrist and chokes the referee with it! Diesel then takes the belt off the referee, whips Michaels with it then chokes the WWF champion. Controversially Diesel then sends Michaels over the top rope and “hangs” Michaels by the belt before tying the belt around the rope, throwing Howard Finkel off his chair and hitting Michaels with the chair.

Diesel celebrates with the chair before smashing Michaels with it again. Diesel tries to hit Michaels a third time but Shawn gets out of the way and the chair bounces off the ropes and he ends up hitting himself in the face. Michaels grabs the chair now but doesn’t get to use it because Diesel hits him with a low blow. Diesel locks a facelock on Michaels now as the crowd try to get behind the champion. Shawn gets back up to his feet but Diesel keeps nailing him with forearms until Michaels falls through the ropes to the outside. Diesel goes out to join him and motions for the Jackknife. He then sets up for it and nails his finisher through the announce desk! We lose commentary because of it and Diesel celebrates in the ring with the title to a chorus of boos. Michaels tries to get back up to his feet as McMahon shouts at him to let it be over. No chance. Michaels crawls to the ring and grabs a fire extinguisher before spraying it in Diesels face. This gets a few boos. Mostly cheers though. Michaels gets back in the ring and hits a big clothesline before nipping up. We start to get some audio from McMahon.

Michaels grabs a chair and nails Diesel with it twice. We seem to have commentary back now. Shawn makes the mistake of lowering his head and Diesel nails him then follows it up with a big boot. Diesel motions again for the Jackknife and attempts it but Michaels nails him with right hands to get out of it. The champion then goes up to the top and hits a big elbow drop. Michaels with the crowd behind him sets up for Sweet Chin Music but Diesel grabs his boot and takes him down with a clothesline. Diesel clotheslines Michaels over the top and to the outside then follows him out and drops him on the guardrail. Big Daddy Cool throws Michaels back into the ring then walks around the ring over to Mad Dog Vachon. He takes Vachon down and grabs his prosthetic leg! He pulls it out and goes to nail Michaels with the leg but Michaels hits a low blow then nails Diesel with the fake leg! Shawn then bangs his foot, setting up for Sweet Chin Music and he hits it! Michaels covers Diesel and gets the three count! Shawn Michaels retains his WWF title and tells Diesel to fuck off multiple times after the bell. That was a great little match. Plenty of decent spots.

Rating: 8/10


Well that was an interesting show to say the least. The beginning was interesting with the scheduled singles match being changes to a tag team affair. Jake Roberts looks so immobile, I don’t think it’s worth putting him in singles matches, he’d be better served as a more experienced tag team partner to somebody on the up. Ahmed Johnson might be that guy but the pair of them don’t have a lot of chemistry. Bulldog and Owen beat them in back to back pay per views which really shows where WWE consider their stock to be.

The Goldust/Ultimate Warrior segment was so awful. I was looking forward to seeing a match between them and instead we got a sack of shit segment with Ultimate Warrior smoking a cigar. Awful awful awful. The show got slightly better then with Vader and Razor Ramon. In an odd sort of way this is a bit of a dream match between two very evenly matches competitors. Vader winning as clean as he did shows that Vader is on the rise and could be a credible opponent to Shawn Michaels when the time is right.

Then we had the tag team title match. This was very good. I like the two teams involved and along with the New Rockers and the impending return of the Smoking Gunns, the tag division is starting to take shape. I love proper teams, just a shame this match wasn’t the best in quality. The main event wasn’t lacking in quality though. Shawn and Diesel over stepped the boundaries and there were some great spots with Michaels going through the announce table and Mad Dog Vachons prosthetic leg being used. A really enjoyable end to a show that for the most part, sucked. Sadly we won’t see Diesel or Razor Ramon on pay per view again, two great workers who go on to wcw.

Overall Rating: 56.8/100 (Ranked 11th out of 55)

Match Of The Night: Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel
Worst Match Of The Night: The Godwinns vs. The Body Donnas
Surprise Of The Night: Mad Dog Vachons leg gets pulled off
Worst Booking Of The Night: Ultimate Warrior vs. Goldust
Superstar Of The Night: Shawn Michaels
IYH7 Will Be Remembered For: The last appearances of Razor Ramon & Diesel

One thought on “In Your House 7: Good Friends, Better Enemies

  1. Three things of note:

    1.After losing to Mero by DQ on the Free for All, The 1-2-3 Kid was fired from the WWF and would join Razor and Diesel in WCW later that year as “Syxx”, and would last a whole year there until getting fired by Eric Bischoff in late 1997 and heading back to the WWF the night after WrestleMania 14 in 1998.

    2.Goldust’s bodyguard is none other than Mantaur, who we last saw at In Your House #2 as a lumberjack.

    3.In three dark matches held after the PPV, Savio Vega defeated Steve Austin, Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Marc Mero, and The Undertaker defeated Mankind, all by pinfall I presume.

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