In Your House 9: International Incident

In Your House 9: International Incident comes live from Vancouver, Canada for the first ever time. It’s the PPV before Summerslam so you would expect a lot of tonight action to be building towards the second biggest show of the year. So what can we expect tonight? Well at the end of the last PPV, King Of The Ring it was announced that we would see Shawn Michaels team with Ahmed Johnson and The Ultimate Warrior against Camp Cornette of Vader, British Bulldog and Owen Hart. Well, Ultimate Warrior no-showed a lot of events and as a result was replaced in this match by Michaels old nemesis, Sycho Sid. Can Michaels and Johnson trust Sid? We’ll find out tonight.

With Michaels and Johnson tied up in 6 man tag action now would be a good time to tell you that there will be no titles on the line tonight. The Smoking Gunns will be in action against The Body Donnas but it will be a non title match. The Gunns still have Sunny by their side which is the basis for this feud. The two teams have done somewhat of a swap and the Body Donnas are now sort of faces and the Smoking Gunns sort of heels. Mankind will also be in action tonight against Jake “The Snake” Roberts but there’s rumours that Roberts won’t make it to the ring tonight, will he be replaced? I guess we’ll find out later.

The other two matches on this card are rematches from the last couple of PPVs. First we’ll have a rematch of the King Of The Ring semi final when Marc Mero takes on Steve Austin and then we’ll have a rematch from In Your House: Beware Of Dog when The Undertaker meets former Intercontinental champion Goldust. So let’s get to it.

We start with some footage from the Free For All with Shawn Michaels and Vader getting into it in the ring, defending their respective managers. We’re then straight into it! Vince McMahon is at ringside with Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross.

The Smoking Gunns (Billy & Bart) vs. The Bodydonnas (Skip & Zip)

We get a quick interview from Skip and Zip saying they’ve released they no longer need a manager and it’s time to get down to business. Oddly this is a none title match between these two teams. Harvey Wippleman is the referee, he’s been saying the referees aren’t up to scratch recently. The last time these two teams met on PPV was at The Royal Rumble where the Gunns won the match. The tag team division has basically been The Bodydoonas, Godwinns and Smoking Gunns since the beginning of this year. Zip and Bart start the match with Bart chopping away at Zip. We then get told that Jake Roberts won’t be here tonight. He’s got a rib injury apparently. Zip takes Bart down with an armdrag and locks on the armbar. Zip tags Skip who comes off the top with an axe handle. Zip and Skip make quick tags now, keeping the armbar applied. Bart gets out of the armbar with a clothesline on Skip then he tags in Billy. Billy hits a bodyslam on Skip but Skip comes back into it with a right hand but makes the mistake of dropping the head and Billy plants Skip.

Skip soon takes the advantage and locks on armbar on Billy. Sunny suddenly hits the deck holding herself and Skip goes round to check on her. Sunny then slaps Skip! The poor guy. The Smoking Gunns take Skip down with a double clothesline. Billy pins Skip for a two count. Billy tags Bart now who drops a knee to Skips sternum. Bart then hits Skip with a hard Irish whip. Skip tries to come off the top but Bart catches him and powerslams him in one rapid movement. The Gunns try for a double team but Billy can’t get over Bart and they completely cock up their double team. Billy isn’t happy with Bart. Bart is back in and he’s much more aggressive now. Plenty of double team moves from the Smoking Gunns right now, they’re definitely working heel. Bart tags Billy who hits a right hand to Skips ribs. Billy tags Bart back in and it’s back and forth between he and Skip. Skip hits a high cross body but Bart clotheslines him right back down. Bart tags Billy who comes off the top but skip catches him with an atomic drop! Skip then crawls through Billys legs and tags in Zip! Zip comes in and takes down everyone.

Billy trips Zip from outside the ring though which gives Bart the advantage. Bart goes for a sidewalk slam but Skip dropkicks him from the top whilst Sunny is distracting the referee. Zip pins Bart and gets him for the three! Skip and Zip beat The Smoking Gunns in a none title match! That should put them in line for a tag team title shot. Fun tag team match to get the night started.

Rating: 5.75/10

Backstage to Mr Perfect who is with Camp Cornette. Cornette claims Jose Lothario pulled a switch blade on him earlier. Cornette guarantees that Camp Cornette will win the match tonight or he will refund everybody that bought a ticket and paid for the PPV.

Mankind vs. Henry Godwinn

Henry Godwinn replaces Jake “The Snake” Roberts in this one. Roberts has had to go to hospital due to broken ribs. I’m not convinced on that one. Henry is out with Hillbilly Jim to comedy country music. Two big brawlers in this one, a match Mankind should win with ease. We’re back to a normal referee for this one. Mankind looks like he’s had some of his head shaved. Mankind currently unbeaten on PPV having beaten The Undertaker at King Of The Ring. Mankind attacks Godwinn when his back is turned. Godwinn gets back into the match with some right hands and a powerslam. Godwinn then clotheslines Mankind out of the ring. The two men start over and a rake of the face gives Mankind the advantage. Godwinn gains control with a spinebuster and hits some right hands. This one is back and forth and Mankind kicks Henry to the ribs and climbs on Henry’s back. Godwinn backs Mankind into the corner though but can’t keep the advantage.

Mankind hits a bulldog then an elbow before screaming into the camera pulling his hair out. Mankind then charges knee first into Henry Godwinns face before hitting a legdrop. The strange newcomer then pulls back the mats on the outside of the ring and throws Godwinn outside. He then plants Henry with a neckbreaker on the concrete before throwing him back in the ring. Godwinn manages a couple of right hands, we’re yet to get a near fall in this one. Mankind reverses an Irish whip and follows it up with a clothesline but then tries it again and misses. This one has been very back and forth. Godwinn nails Mankind with a big clothesline but he can’t follow it up as Mankind throws him out to the concrete floor. Mankind then gets up onto the apron but Henry throws him onto the concrete floor! Godwinns motions for the Slop Drop but Mankind holds onto the ropes then locks on The Mandible Claw! Godwinn tries to fight it but he can’t do it. The referee calls for the bell and it’s a big win for Mankind. That’s two from two for the strange Mankind.

Rating: 5.5/10

We see The Smoking Gunns and The Bodydonnas on the superstar line. Brian Pillman is hosting it and he’s awesome. Pillman says the gunns are unhappy about the double teaming, well the Bodydonnas want to double team Sunny. There has been a lot more swearing and such recently.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Marc Mero

This one is a rematch from King Of The Ring. Austin beat Mero in the semi finals of the King Of The Ring a match Austin won clean. Mero caused Austin to get 16 stitches from kicking him in the face. Austin starts the match well with knees and right hands. Mero hits a crossbody for a two count then an armdrag into an armbar. Austin reverses the armbar into a headlock of his own but Mero reverses that into a headscissors. Both men get back up and former golden gloves boxer Marc Mero hits some lefts and rights causing Steve Austin to roll out of the ring. Austin goes after Sable but gets attacked from behind by Marc Mero as we see Marlena and Goldusts usher. Mero  rolls up Austin in the same way that bust Austin open at King Of The Ring. Austin feigns injury then sends Mero to the outside with a right hand. Steve then slingshots Mero into the ringpost on the outside. Stone Cold gets back into the ring and as Mero tries to do the same Austin shoves him back out.

Sable helps Mero up on the outside and helps him get back into the ring. Austin drops his trademark forearm on him from the second rope which gets him a two count. It’s all Austin now as he hits a standing elbow and then locks on a Camel Clutch. Mero won’t give up though so Austin chokes him on the ropes then goes for a bulldog but Mero throws him into the corner. Austin goes for his reverse powerbomb now but he can’t hit him with it and both men go flying over the top rope. Meanwhile Marlena and the usher have come out and bought a note for Jerry Lawler. Mero then hits a moonsault off the apron onto Austin! There are plenty of Austin fans in attendance. Back in the ring and Mero slingshots on Austin for a two count. Mero hits Austin with some big right hands in the corner then goes for a hurricanrana but Austin just throws him off. Stone Cold goes for the Stunner but Mero hangs on to the ropes. Mero slingshots in and gets another two count! Mero gets back up and Austin clips his leg then hits him with the Stone Cold Stunner! Stone Cold beats Mero for a second pay per view in a row! Marela and the usher leave at this point too.

Rating: 6/10

We see Bob Backlund campaigning in the crowd then get a promo for Raw and The Smoking Gunns defending their belts against Shawn Michaels and Ahmed Johnson.

Goldust vs. The Undertaker

This is a rematch from the last In Your House event where Goldust defeated The Undertaker in a casket match. Goldust takes a while to get into this match, he’s clearly quite scared of The Undertaker. This is the fourth match so far tonight and only one (Mankind/Godwinn) we haven’t seen on PPV before. Undertaker nails Goldust with a big right hand to get us started and Goldust rolls out of the ring. The crowd are getting edgey, they want to see some action in this one. Goldust and Undertaker get into it on the outside and Undertaker chokeslams Goldust on the steel steps! He then rams Goldust face into the steel steps before picking up the steps but Marlena protects her man. Back in the ring and Undertaker chokes Goldust in the corner. Goldust looks like he has new ring gear. The bizarre one unties the turnbuckle in the corner but Undertaker continues his offence. He drops the legdrop for a two count. Goldust takes the advantage with a thumb to the eye and he lays in some knees in the corner. This doesn’t last long though as Undertaker throws Goldust into the corner and lays in some lefts and rights. Undertaker twists the arm and heads to the top before coming down with a single axe handle/clothesline.

Undertaker powerslams Goldust into the mat and attempts an elbow but Goldust gets out of the way. The former Intercontinental champion clotheslines Undertaker out of the ring and then gets dragged out by the dead man who landed on his feet. The two men slug it out then get back into the ring. Neither of these men won at the last PPV so they’re both looking to get back on track. Goldust rips the turnbuckle off then Irish whips Undertaker into it. They both end up outside the ring and Goldust slams the steel steps into Undertakers back. Paul Bearer is present for this one, remember he cost Undertaker the match at King Of The ring, accidentally hitting him with the urn. Back in the ring and Goldust locks on a camel clutch. A “Rest In Peace” chant breaks out to help Undertaker out.

And he starts a comeback with rights and kicks. Undertaker hits a big boot then tries for the Tombstone but Goldust slips down the back. Goldust tries for a clothesline but Undertaker ducks it and hits a big clothesline of his own. He then scoops Goldust up and hits him with the Tombstone. He covers Goldust but from out of the ring comes Mankind! It’s like Rage in the Cage all over again! Mankind locks on the Mandible Claw and drags Undertaker into the ring! Mankind emerges from the ring and the lights flicker and smoke emerges from the hole in the ring as Paul Bearer cries at ringside. Undertaker them emerges through a hole in the other side of the ring. He lays in some right hands and the two men battle to the back.

Rating: 5.75/10

We then get a promo for the next PPV, Summerslam which has an olympic based theme. Steve Austin throwing shotput and such.

we go backstage to see Mankind and The Undertaker fighting it out in a boiler room. I say “see” but you can barely see anything.

Now to some footage from King Of The Ring where Shawn Michaels defeated British Bulldog  and the aftermath involving Camp Cornette, Ahmed Johnson and Ultimate Warrior. The 6 man tag match was made but not long after Gorilla Monsoon suspended Ultimate Warrior. Michaels and Johnson then recruited Sycho Sid  to their team. This led to an all out brawl in the a parking lot on Raw.

Now backstage to Shawn Michaels and his team. All three men are confident, and one person they don’t want to be is Jim Cornette. These three actually teamed up at Survivor Series along with the British Bulldog.

Shawn Michaels, Sycho Sid & Ahmed Johnson vs. Vader, Owen Hart & The British Bulldog

It’s been a long time since Sid has been a babyface. You’d have to go back to 1992 as Sid Vicious when he was best friends with Hulk Hogan! Michaels, Sid and Johnson try to recapture the form they had at last years Survivor Series. Sid sure seems over as a face. It’s Vader and Ahmed Johnson that start the match but Vader wants Shawn Michaels! This feud between Michaels and Vader was inevitable. Johnson tags Michaels and the World champion starts the match. They lock up and Vader outpowers Shawn considerably. He lifts him high above his head before punching him down on his back. Michaels hits a hurricanrana and a clothesline to get back into the match before cross bodying Vader out of the ring. Michaels then catapults himself over the top rope onto the big man to knock him back down. He tries to follow up with a double axe handle but Vader moves out of the way and Shawn hits the guardrail. Back in the ring and it’s Vader with the advantage.

Michaels manages to tag in Sid and in comes the big man to a big reaction! He hits a big clothesline on Vader to knock him down then mows down everyone! He cleans house clotheslining all three members of Camp Cornette out of the ring. Owen Hart becomes the legal man and Sid takes him down before tagging in Ahmed Johnson. Johnson hits a multiple German suplex’s and tries to follow up with an elbow but misses. Owen tags Bulldog who gets spinebustered by Johnson. The Intercontinental champion then hits the Pearl River PLunge which gets him a 2 count, broken up by Vader. The big man gets tagged in and exchanges right hands with Johnson. Vader squashes Ahmed in the corner then tries for a second time but Johnson catches him and powerslams him for a two count. Vader tags Owen Hart who still has a cast on his arm. He hits a spinning heel kick on Ahmed and keeps him grounded. Sid and and Bulldog are tagged in and we get some quick tags from Camp Cornette. Sid no-sells some offence from Bulldog then tags in Michaels who misses with a shoulder barge in the corner.

Michaels soon gets the advantage and we get some comedy moments from Camp Cornette hitting each other accidentally. Owen Hart is tagged in and he rolls up Michaels but we get more comedy with Hart and Michaels rolling around the ring. Lots more near falls between the two men then some nice chain wrestling with both men taking each other down with headlocks and headscissors. A clothesline ground Michaels and Owen gets another 2 count. Owen tags his brother-in-law now and Bulldog hits a back body drop and leg drop for a two count. Powerslam by Bulldog and another two. Bulldog then misses with an elbow drop but Hart nails Michaels wit hthe cast to keep the advantage with Camp Cornette. Bulldog tags Vader now who slowly lays in some right hands before throwing Michaels out of the ring. Owen Hart pummels Michaels as the referee tries to stop Sid from getting in the ring. Michaels gets thrown back in the ring and Vader locks on a bearhug. Jose Lothario is present at ringside, cheering on his man. A member of the crowd then jumps up onto the apron and Bulldog chases him off. I can’t remember the last time a 6 man tag match main evented a PPV. Survivor Series 92? I seem to remember a 6 man ending that PPV with the Legion Of Doom picking up the win. Sid was suposed to be on their team that night.

Vader squashes Michaels with a splash but in comes Ahmed Johnson with a big clothesline to take Vader down. Vader tags Bulldog but Michaels can’t make the tag. Bulldog is main eventing his third PPV in a row tonight. Both previous matches were against the man he’s currently in the ring with, Shawn Michaels. Bulldog drops him with a Samoan Drop but misses with a splash in the corner. Bulldog tags Owen and still Shawn can’t make the tag. Both men collide in the middle of the ring and again the race is on to make a tag. Hart tags Bulldog who hits his Running Powerslam on Michaels but Sid drops a leg to break up the pin (late). Bulldog tags Vader and finally Michaels tags Ahmed Johnson but the referee didn’t see the tag! It all kicks off and we get a triple team beating which gets Bulldog a 2 count. Bulldog tags Owen but Hart nails Bulldog with a dropkick accidentally! Owen tags Vader and Michaels finally tags Sid! Sid chokeslams Vader, he chokeslams Owen and chokeslams Bulldog! Sid tags Ahmed Johnson and he and Sid hit a double clothesline on Vader!

Michaels is tagged in and Sid throws him into Vader. Sid, Ahmed, Bulldog and Owen fight it out on the outside and Vader gets the tennis racket. Michaels avoids the attack as the referee is distracted and grabs the racket himself before nailing Vader with it! This just gets him a 2 count. Michaels gets up to hit Sweet Chin Music but Cornette grabs his ankle and so Vader squashes the champ in the corner! Vader then goes up to the middle rope and hits the Vader Bomb! That’s enough for the three count! Camp Cornette win the match! Sid then powerbombs Bulldog and Owen after the match. Michaels and Vader go at it after the match until they get broken up. Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson and Sycho Sid stand tall after the match but tonight they lose.

Rating: 6.5/10

We now get International Incident Extra and it’s Dok Hendrix backstage with Gorilla Monsoon. Hendrix wants to know what matches are set for Summerslam and Monsoon lets him know that Mankind and Undertaker will fight in a Boiler Room! Jim Cornette then interrupts and he wants a match between Vader and Shawn Michaels for Summerslam.

And that was In Your House 9: International Incident. Bit of a muthful that. Five matches, only two of which we hadn’t seen on pay per view before. The opener between The Smoking Gunns and The Bodydonnas was a different dynamic to their match at Royal Rumble because the Gunns played the part as heels. This one was marginally better than their previous match and interestingly a different result. It annoys me a bit that it wasn’t a title match, why go non-title on PPV? To give the Bodydonnas a big win? Meh, you can do that on Raw. I must say that I do quite like the tag division revolving around Sunny though. It makes it interesting. Mankind then beat Henry Godwinn in a predictable enough match. Godwinn replaced Jake Roberts who had probably checked into rehab or just not turned up. I don’t mind Henry replacing him though, it gives Mankind a decent enough win over an established enough superstar.

Next up we had our rematch from King Of The Ring, Steve Austin v Marc Mero. This one wasn’t as good as their KOTR match and essentially served no purpose either. It got two of the brightest stars on the PPV though and gives Austin a big win, continuing his momentum. Maybe this’ll lead to an Ahmed Johnson/Steve Austin feud, I honestly think that has got money written all over it. Mero looks to start a programme with Goldust which will be good for him. Speaking of Goldust, his rematch with The Undertaker once again ended in controversy. Mankind got involved which shows that the feud between Mankind and Undertaker is not over yet. I didn’t really like Mankind coming up through the ring because they did that five months ago with Undertaker and Diesel. The dead man got the win in this one by disqualification which means he gets his win back. Goldust seems to be falling down the card a little now after his initial hype seems to have dampened.

Then was the main event. This was good but not phenomenal. IT was interesting to see Sid interact as a face as he was clearly the wildcard on the team. I think it was fine that Vader pinned Michaels because this sets up a feud between the two which is the right way to go into Summerslam. Vader has been the top heel for a while and makes a good challenger for Shawn going into the second biggest PPV of the year. Overall a fairly decent PPV made up of only 5 matches. The roster seems quite settled with the same guys in high profile feuds. Oh and it was nice to get through an In Your House without any technical difficulties.

Overall Rating: 59/100 (Ranked Joint 8th out of 58)

Match Of The Night: Shawn Michaels, Sid & Ahmed Johnson vs. Camp Cornette
Worst Match Of The Night: Mankind vs. Henry Godwinn
Surprise Of The Night: Mankind comes up through the ring
Worst Booking Of The Night: I’d have had Undertaker win clean
Wrestler Of The Night: Mankind
IYH9 Will Be Remembered For: Vader pinning Shawn Michaels

One thought on “In Your House 9: International Incident

  1. On the Free for All, Justin Hawk Bradshaw (with Uncle Zebekiah) defeated Savio Vega by pinfall when Bradshaw caught Savio in a crossbody, and Zeb assisted Bradshaw by pushing him on top of Savio into a powerslam, and then holding Bradshaw’s foot on the bottom rope for leverage. After the match, Savio tried to attack Zeb, but ate a lariat from Bradshaw and was then branded.

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