Wrestlemania 13

Heat. That is exactly what we have between Shawn Michaels Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Sycho Sid and The Undertaker. Heat. This is a big PPV that has been built superbly. Well, besides the main event which just seems a bit thrown together. So what has happened since Final Four? Well, what hasn’t happened. As we saw, Bret Hart left with the title and it was announced shortly after that The Undertaker would be the challenger at Wrestlemania 13. Why? I have absolutely no idea. They never really say why. Hart would then defend his title against Sycho Sid on Raw and Sid won the match after Undertaker cost Hart the match. So Sid won the title and defends against The Undertaker tonight. In the semi main event Bret Hart takes on Steve Austin in a feud that has raged on for over 6 months. Austin has cost Bret the title on multiple occasions and now the two meet in a rematch from Survivor Series.

Also tonight Faarooq, Savio Vega and Crush of The Nation Of Domination take on Ahmed Johnson and his returning partners, The Legion Of Doom in a Chicago Street Fight. This was originally supposed to be a singles match between Ahmed Johnson and Faarooq but when Crush and Savio Vega got involved, Ahmed Johnson found back up. Hawk and Animal returned and will team with Ahmed in their hometown. What a rush. Also tonight Intercontinental champion Rocky Maivia defends his title against The Sultan which should be lucky to be a dark match let alone a title match. Barely any history there. In what should be the IC title match, Hunter Hearst Helmsley takes on Goldust. Recently a woman has been helping Helmsley and she is massive. She’s been man-handling Goldust’s partner Marlena and tonight both women will be in their respective mans corners in a rematch from The Royal Rumble.

We’ll also have a tag team title match between champions Owen Hart and The British Bulldog and Vader and Mankind. I think they just had nothing else for Mankind and Vader so they’ve teamed them up. I can’t see them winning the straps tonight but it should be a decent match. I don’t know who I’m suposed to cheer for. Right, let’s get to it.

We get a nice video package into the PPV with highlights from Wrestlemania’s gone by. This year though our hero’s have new attitudes and there’s a darker feel to the show. Austin and Bret, Undertaker and Sid, Ahmed Johnson and the Legion of Doom meet the Nation of Domination. We have a fiery logo and the fireworks go off. Vince McMahon then welcomes everyone to Wrestlemania 13 in what looks like a fairly small building for a Wrestlemania event. We are in Chicago.

The Godwinns (Henry & Phineas) vs. The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) vs. Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon vs. The New Blackjacks (Barry Windham & Bradshaw) – 4 Corners Number One Contender Elimination Match

Well here we go. We are kicking off with a number one contenders match for the tag team titles. It’s an interesting mix of tag teams. The Godwinns are essentially the experiences team in WWF. They’ve been teaming over a year and have held the tag titles, albeit momentarily. Furnas and Lafon have had the biggest push as of late, they received a tag title match at the last PPV, In Your House Final 4. The Headbangers are making their PPV debut tonight whilst Windham and Bradshaw have been on PPVs before but never as this tag team combination. The match kicks off before the bell with all 8 men going at it. Bradshaw and Phineas then officially kick things off until Phineas tags Thrasher who doesn’t fair very well. There are lots of quick tags and both Mosh and Thrasher get tagged in but refuse to go at it. Thrasher tags out to Lafon who hits a suplex on Mosh. Mosh tags Windham in and Lafon gets a near fall. Furnas is tagged in and hits a hurricanrana on Windham for a two count. Furnas and Lafon need more personality if they’re going to do well in the WWF. I like the other three teams though, especially the Headbangers. Bradshawn suplexes Furnas to the outside.

If I had to make a prediction for this one it would probably be Furnas and Lofon. Suddenly all 8 men start going at it and Bradshaw throws the referee to the floor which gets them disqualified! And it seems Furnas and Lafon have been eliminated too! No idea why. Count out maybe? Well that’s my prediction out the window. Phineas suplexes Thrasher in the middle of the ring then tags out to Henry. Henry is wearing a green shirt instead of yellow which is confusing. Phineas usually wears green but instead he’s got a red shirt on. Phineas and Thrasher go toe to toe, this is a Wrestlemania debut for all four teams in this match. Well, Windham was actually on the first ever Wrestlemania. Henry and Mosh are tagged in and both men go flying to the outside. Mosh and Thrasher hit some aerial moves to the outside. I think both of these teams are faces but I’m not totally sure. Mosh tags Thrasher who misses a moonsault off the top. Thrasher tags Mosh and Henry tags Phineas who is yet to win a PPV match. This is his sixth time of asking. Phineas goes for the slop drop but Mosh saves his partner, all four men go at it and from nowhere Mosh comes off the top and hits a standing legdrop on sorts which is enough for the three! The Headbangers win the match! A pacey enough match to start the show with. Not the best though.

Rating: 5/10

Honky Tonk Man comes out to the ring and does a bit of dancing then joins his cousin Jerry Lawler and everyone else on commentary.

Rocky Maivia (c) vs. The Sultan – Intercontinental Title Match

A Wrestlemania debut for Rocky Maivia now who gets a moderate reaction. The Sultan has previously wrestled as Fatu so it’s not his first Wrestlemania. He’s looking for his first win under the hood of The Sultan. Rocky Maivia has won two of his three PPV matches so far so a decent record to start with. The Sultan is managed by The Iron Sheik and Bob Backlund who are both at ringside. Rocky does a strange hand signal but just receives a beating from The Sultan. Maivia hits a big clothesline and dropkick to send The Sultan to the outside. This seems like such a lower card match, I don’t know how it’s for the Intercontinental title, it really de-values the titles. Rocky misses a clothesline outside the ring and hits the ringpost. A win for Rocky would put him fifth on the best PPV win percentages of all time. Back in the ring and Sultan stamps away at Rocky. Sultan knocks down the champion with a clothesline and gets a two count. A “Rocky Sucks” chant breaks out in the arena. Harsh whilst the kid is down. Sultan hits a backbreaker then goes up to the top and hits (misses) a headbutt from the top! Unexpected. He takes a while to make the cover, two.

Maivia hits a sunset flip but Sultan pulls him through and hits a belly to belly suplex. These two guys are cousins would you believe. Sultan locks on a sleeper hold now. I’d probably keep the belt on Rocky in this one. Rocky has fought on all three PPVs of 1997 so far. His only loss came in the Royal Rumble match. He breaks the sleeper and bounces off the ropes and both men hit the deck with clotheslines. Ricky rolls on Sultan and gets a two count. Both men get to their feet and it’s Rocky with the advantage, he hits some big right hands and a belly to belly of his own for a two count. Rocky then hits his trademark DDt then his high cross body off the top! He hooks the leg but The Iron Sheik distracts the referee! This allows Sultan to take the advantage with a thrust kick. He gets a two then follows it up with a piledriver. Another two count. Sultan then sets up for a powerslam but Rocky slips down the back and rolls him up for the three! Rocky Maivia wins the match and retains his gold. Jim Ross attempts to interview Maivia but Sultan attacks him from behind and rolls him into the ring. Sultan then comes off the top with a big splash! And Sheik locks on the Camel Clutch whilst Sultan slaps him. But in comes Rocky Johnson, Maivias Dad to make the save! But Sultan attacks him with a flag. Where’s Tony Atlas? Sultan rips Rocky Johnsons shirt off then it’s Rocky Maivia that makes the save, disposing of The Sultan then powerslamming The Iron Sheik. The crowd like that.

Rating: 4.5/10

Todd Pettingill is backstage now with Ken Shamrock. He’s the special guest referee for the Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin match later. We see some footage of Shamrock taking down Billy Gunn last week on Raw. Shamrock won’t be intimidated by anybody.

Now to Dok Hendrix who is with Hunter Hearst Helmsley and his new bodyguard Chyna. Helmsley says he’ll be taking Goldust down tonight. Marlena should be worried too because Chyna is a lot bigger.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Goldust

This match dates back to before the Royal Rumble when Hunter Hearst Helmsley tried it on with Marlena. She wasn’t up for it and then Intercontinental champion Helmsley would defend his gold against Goldust at the Rumble. That night Helmsley had Curtis Hughes in his corner and won the match. Since then Helmsley has lost his belt but recruited Chyna who has attacked Marlena on numerous occasions. Now we have a match between Helmsley and Goldust in a match that should really be for the Intercontinental title. Both men suffered losses at the last PPV so both will be looking to get back on their feet. Goldust starts well hitting an uppercut, some right hands, an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline over the top. Goldust hits an uppercut on Helmsley and tied him up in the ropes allowing the bizarre one to take some free shots. Back in the ring and Helmsley takes the advantage with a knee to the face. But Goldust hits a powerslam and goes to the top only to get caught by Helmsley who tries for a superplex but instead throws Goldust to the outside. Goldust gets back in the ring and Hunter comes off the top with a single axe handle for the first near fall of that match.

Hunter hits a hard irish whip on Goldust and follows it up with a swinging neckbreaker for a two. Goldust is looking for his first Wrestlemania win after losing to “Rowdy” Roddy Piper last year. It’s Hunters Wrestlemania debut. He locks an abdominal stretch on Goldust now. Hunter hits a jumping high knee for another two count then locks on a sleeper. You’d have to go back to Summerslam 96 to find Goldusts last PPV win. He beat Marc Mero that night. Helmsley nails Goldust with a DDT but Goldust backslides him for a two. Hunter gets up and hits a clothesline to take the advantage back. Both men collide in the middle of the ring and go down like a sack of spuds. Hunter attempts to take the advantage coming off the top but Goldust hits him with his rear end to take Helmsley down. It’s all Goldust now as he comes off the ropes with a bulldog to get a near fall. Goldust looks to finish the match with the Curtain Call but Helmsley gets down and goes for the Pedigree. Goldust gets out of it and spots Chyna with Marlena. He pulls Marlena up to the apron but Helmsley pushes him from behind and Marlena goes flying into a big bear hug from Chyna. Meanwhile Helmsley hits the Pedigree on Goldust for the win! A big win for Hunter Hearst Helmsley in an above average match.

Rating: 5.5/10

Owen Hart & The British Bulldog (c) vs. Vader & Mankind – Tag Team Title Match

This match stinks of “we couldn’t find anything else for Vader and Mankind”. Both men are upper midcard to main event but they’re just serving a purpose on this card. Bulldog and Hart have faced three heel teams on PPV from four matches. Jim Ross goes to interview the champions and stirs it up. British Bulldog has won the European championship since the last PPV, he beat Owen Hart in a tournament final to get that. This is Bulldogs 19th PPV in a row. That’s more than anybody has done ever. Mental. At last years Wrestlemania Owen and Bulldog actually teamed with Vader to take on Ahmed Johnson, Jake Roberts and Yokozuna. Owen and Vader start things off and Vader hits some big lefts and rights. I’m not sure if Bulldog and Owen are suposed to be faces. They sacked their manager Clarence Mason recently. Hart hits a spinning heel kick to knock Vader down. Owen has won in his last three Wrestlemania matches. Vader powerbombs him into the mat though. Suddenly all four men are in the ring with Mankind and Vader stomping away at Bulldog. until he knocks them down with clotheslines. Mankind is tagged in, he’s making his Wrestlemania debut tonight. Bulldog takes him down and locks on a sleeper.

Mankind throws Bulldog into the ropes and Vader pulls down the ropes to send him to the outside. Mankind then tries to attack Bulldog with the urn but Bulldog takes him down with a drop toe hold. Vader then attacks Bulldog with the urn whilst Owen distracts the referee. This is Bulldogs 9th Wrestlemania appearance apparently. Vader squashes him with a splash for a two count. He takes Bulldog back down with a chest bump then goes to the middle rope but Bulldog catches and slams him! Bulldog tags Owen who hits a dropkick off the top on Vader then sunset flips and avoids a splash. He then hits a crossbody for a two. Owen has increased the pace in this one. Vader takes him down though and then does the Hulk Hogan listen to the crowd pose. Then on the outside Vader holds Owen in a backbreaker position and Mankind comes off the apron with an elbow! Stu and Helen are sat on the front row as Mankind hammers away at Owen. Back in the ring and Owen hits a DDT but can’t hit the splash. This is the 5th PPV from Chicago. Summerslam 94, Wrestlemania 2 and Wrestling Classic were all in Chicago. Mankind tags Vader who hammers away at Owen. Owen hits a spinning heel kick but he can’t follow up. Vader hits an elbow and gets a two count. Mankind throws Hart to the outside and tries to run at him but Owen hits a belly to belly suplex!

Back in the ring and Owen hits an enzeguri and tags in Bulldog. Bulldog goes nuts, taking out everyone. Vaders mask is off. Bulldog throws Mankind into the corner then sets up for the Running Powerslam but Mankind locks on the Mandible Claw! Owen tries to save but Vader takes him down but on the way down Owen knocks into Bulldog and Mankind who go flying out of the ring! Mankind continues the claw and both men get counted out! This match is a draw, both teams have been counted out! Not sure I’m happy with that ending. Bulldog and Owen Hart keep the tag team titles though after 4 PPV defences. This match was the best so far but I would assume it’s not over between these two teams.

Rating: 6.25/10

We get a video package now for Bret Hart and Steve Austin. This has been a great rivalry.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart – Submissions Match

Ken Shamrock is the referee for this one. Austin gets a positive response as he comes out. He’s won 6 of his 10 PPV matches so far. The same as The Legion Of Doom and in the top 10 of all time. Nobody has fought on as many PPVs in as many matches and both won and lost  as many PPV matches at Bret Hart. Austin tackles Bret before the match. Both men exchange lefts and rights on the outside of the ring. Austin clotheslines Bret over the guardrail and the two men fight into the crowd. The live crowd are loving it too. These two men met at Survivor Series and it was Hart that won that one. It’s Shamrock that fights the fans away as the two men go at it. They find themselves back on the arena floor where Bret hits Austin with rights but Austin reverses an Irish whip into the stairs! It’s advantage Austin nowas the current King Of The Ring stomps away at The Hitman in the ring. Bret gets back into the ring with a neckbreaker and it’s met by boos. He comes off the middle rope then and there’s cheers. A very mixed reaction for the former 4 time WWF champion. The last time Bret took on the same man at Survivor Series and the following Wrestlemania was Bob Backlund. Austin hits the Stunner out of nowhere and an “Austin” chant breaks out. It’s Bret up though and going for Steve’s knee. He then locks a figure four on Austin but he won’t give up!

Bret grabs the ring bell now and puts it in the ring and then grabs a steel chair and wraps Austins ankle in it! Hart then goes up to the top but Austin gets up and nails Bret with the steel chair! Bret comes off the top and Stone Cold does it again! It’s advantage Austin now as he hits a suplex. Austin goes up to the middle rope, flips the middle fingers and hits an elbow. Very similar to Brets signature move. Steve Austin is awesome at this point. He hits a side Russian leg sweep then locks on a submission hold. Austin locks on a Boston Crab now as Shamrock checks Bret. Could Hart face back to back Wrestlemania losses? Not yet, he gets to the ropes. Austin tries for a Sharpshooter but Bret pokes him in the eye. Austin then throws Bret to the outside right in front of his parents. Bret throws Stone Cold into the guardrail and we get a LMAO comedy fall off his chair from Jim Ross. Steve is bleeding profusely now. Bret throws him back into the ring and blood is pouring out of Steve Austin. Bret hits a backbreaker then nails Austin with a chair on his injured knee. Bret goes for the Sharpshooter but Austin manages to break the hold.

Austin irish whips Bret and I stand by that nobody takes a better turnbuckle bump, forwards or backwards, than Bret Hart. Austin stomps a mudhole on Bret Hart in the corner then props him up on the top rope before hitting a superplex. There is blood all over the ring mat. Steve grabs some cable from the outside and chokes Bret but The Hitman grabs the bell and smashes it in Austins face! Bret then locks on The Sharpshooter as blood pours from Steve Austins face! An “Austin” cant breaks out and he breaks the hold! No, Bret still has it on! Austin tries to reach the ropes but he can’t reach them. Shamrock asks Austin if he quits but he’s passed out! Shamrock calls for the bell and Bret Hart has won the match as Austin is unconscious! Great match between these two. So much passion and psychology. Bret then kicks away at Austins knee after the match until Ken Shamrock takes Bret down to the mat! Hart then gets boo’d on his way to the back. What a match. This match has made Steve Austin a superstar and proven that Bret has still got it. And he delivers a Stone Cold Stunner to Ken Shamrock! Another “Austin” chant breaks out and it seems as though the man that came into the match a heel leaves a face and the man that came in a face leaves a heel!

Rating: 8.5/10

Todd Pettingill is backstage with The Nation Of Domination now. Todd says they have every weapon except the kitchen sink but Faarooq says they’ve got that too. Chicago Street Fight up next.

The Nation Of Domination (Faarooq, Crush & Savio Vega) vs. Ahmed Johnson & The Legion Of Doom (Hawk & Animal) – Chicago Street Fight

The Legion Of Doom return to PPV for the first time since they defeated Money Inc at Summerslam 92, a night Crush returned to PPV and scored his first victory. Ahmed Johnson comes out in the LOD shoulder pads which is pretty cool. I like the look of this match a lot. All 6 men go at it before the bell then in come other members of the Nation who also get taken out but Ahmed and LOD. This is Hawk and Animals second Wrestlemania, they beat Power & Glory at Wrestlemania VI. Animal nails Faarooq with a trash can as Johnson flies at Crush. Hawk nails Savio with a 2×4 and all hell is breaking loose as anything goes in this one. Animal (somewhat bodges a) piledriver on Faarooq on the announce table. Crush stomps away at Ahmed Johnson and everybody us hammering each other with trash cans and 2×4’s and fire extinguishers! It’s carnage. Crush throws Animal into the ring steps as Faarooq and Ahmed go at it on the outside. Savio lost to Steve Austin at Wrestlemania last year. Ahmed powerslams Faarooq through a table and Animal attacks Savio Vega with a trash can. The crowd is behind LOD in this one.

You can hear Jerry Lawler choking on the fire extinguisher fumes. Savio ties a noose around Ahmed Johnsons neck and Faarooq hammers away at LOD with a trashcan. Hawk is up and clotheslines Faarooq and Savio down! Crush is in, his last Wrestlemania match was a loss to Randy Savage at Wrestlemania X. In the ring Animal smashes Faarooq with a big old road sign. This is hardcore before hardcore. Savio throws Ahmed over the guardtail as Faarooq ties the noose around Hawk. The various Nation members stomp away at Ahmed Johnson and Crush has Animal in a headlock. Hawk pulls Faarooq over the top by his noose. This match is mental! Crush hammers Animal in the ring whilst Savio hammers Hawk with a nightstick. There hasn’t been a near fall yet! In the ring Ahmed hits a spinebuster on Faarooq then sets him up for the Pearl River Plunge but the Nation rush the ring! Animal has Crush up on his shoulders and Hawk comes off the top with the Doomsday Device! Ahmed nails Crush with a 2×4 and Animal pins him for the three! Ahmed Johnson and the Legion Of Doom win the match! But they’re all still going at it! Johnson hits the Pearl River Plunge on D-lo Brown and Hawk hits the Doomsday Device on PG-13! This match was good fun. It was hardcore and we’ve not seen anything like that before. Loads of fun.

Rating: 7.75/10

Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring, he’ll be on commentary for this one. This is the first Wrestlemania he hasn’t wrestled on since Wrestlemania 4! Sid has a quick interview, he aint afraid of the dead man.

Sycho Sid (c) vs. The Undertaker – WWF Championship Match

Well Sid won the title from Bret Hart who won the vacant title when Shawn Michaels gave it up. Undertaker was named number one contender at some point, I don’t know why but he was. So that’s how we got to this one. Neither man were champion coming off the last PPV and neither man won the Royal Rumble match but this is the main event. Two big men who have main evented a lot of PPVs between them. As they square off Bret Hart comes out to the ring. He grabs a microphone and tells Shawn Michaels that he’s a phoney, he tells The Undertaker that they’re not friends any more then tells Sid that Bret should be champion and Sid is a fraud. Shut up Bret.Sid shuts him up by Powerbombing him to a big cheer. Sid berates Bret and Undertaker takes it to Sid. He throws him around the ring and hits a big splash for a two count. Undertaker does the twisty arm single axe handle off the top but Sid gains the advantage locking on a bear hug. These two previously met on PPV at UK Rampage 1992. Sid won that one by count out. If he does the same tonight, he’ll hang on to his WWF title. No heel has ever left Wrestlemania as WWF champion, could Sid be the first? Although he’s more of a tweener.

This is Undertakers 11th PPV in a row, only Bulldog has done more. Sid clotheslines Undertaker to the outside then joins him outside, booting Undertaker over the announce table. Sid drops Undertaker on the railings. And apparently this one has become a no disqualification match! Sid is a two time WWF champion, Undertaker is looking to become a two time champ. Sid rams Undertaker into the ring post then rolls him into the ring for a two count. Sid locks on a Camel Clutch now but Undertaker won’t tap out. Sid comes off the top with a double axe handle to take the dead man back down. Sid then hits a big powerslam for another two. The champion hits a big legdrop for another two count. Undertaker headbutts Sid and manages to send him outside the ring. The dead man follows and for the third match in a row, somebody (Sid) is sent over the railings. The two men slug it out either side of the guardrail. Undertaker hasn’t been WWF champion since November 1991. Undertaker is 4th of all time in terms of PPV appearances and matches and second of all time for PPV wins behind Bret Hart. Both Undertaker and Sid are now in the top 8 for most PPV main events. Undertaker locks on a nerve hold now.

Undertaker and Sid take each other down with big boots and the referee starts his count. Sid hooks the leg for a two. Sid goes up to the middle rope but Undertaker catches him on the way down with a right hand. Sid regains the advantage and goes all the way to the top but Undertaker sits up and crotches the champion. Undertaker then throws him into the middle of the ring. Undertaker goes up top and hits a big clothesline! He pins Sid and gets a two. Undertaker motions for The Tombstone now and he scoops Sid up but Sid reverses it! Sid then hits a Tombstone and gets a two count! Sid throws Undertaker to the outside as a “Rest In Peace” chant breaks out. Bret Hart then comes from the back and attacks Sid with a steel chair! Undertaker chases off Hart then rams Sid into the ring post. He rolls Sid back into the ring and hits a chokeslam for a two count. Undertaker goes for the flying clothesline but Sid ducks. Sid then goes for the Powerbomb but here comes Bret again! He distracts Sid who turns around into a Tombstone from The Undertaker! The dead man pins Sid and it’s enough for the three! Undertaker wins the WWF title with a little help from Bret Hart! The dead man celebrates with the title as thunder and lightning goes off in the arena.

Rating: 7/10

Well that was the 13th Wrestlemania event and it was a show of two halves. From the average to the very good. So to summarise. I liked the idea behind the opening match. There are four decent tag teams that they can put in a match for number one contendership in a very similar match to what we saw at Summerslam last year. The Godwinns were the only team to fight in both and in both they were runners up. I really disliked how both The New Blackjacks and Furnas and Lafon were eliminated. Actually, I take that back, if The New Blackjacks were eliminated because Bradshaw shoved the referee then I can deal with that. That’s actually a good way to get them out of the match but I don’t really understand why Furnas and Lafon were eliminated. In any case, The Headbangers won the match which I like. They’re a fun team with a good energy. It’ll be interesting to see how far they can go in this tag team division with more experienced teams like The Godwinns and The Legion Of Doom involved. Spoiler – they don’t win the titles on Raw.

The two matches that followed sort of intertwine. There was the Intercontinental title match between Rocky Maivia and The Sultan and then Hunter Hearst Helmsley went one on one with Goldust. Because the first match was for the Intercontinental title I should have been more excited for that one but I wasn’t. If that is what the division is becoming then it’s hard to be interested. Up to now the champions have been larger than life characters who have bought prestige to the title (see Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Goldust, Jeff Jarrett, Marc Mero and Hunter Hearst Helmsley) but Maivia just doesn’t bring the same interest. And nor does The Sultan. Thankfully Maivia won the match, maybe they can do something interesting with him. In terms of a number one contender, I’d go with Vader or Steve Austin or even Faarooq. Whichever is available. The match with Helmsley and Goldust was a slight improvement on the previous two but nothing special. The Chyna character is intriguing and I honestly think she could help move Helmsley up the card. I’d love to see him feud with Sycho Sid or Ahmed Johnson.

Next up was the tag team title match which was a good match. You have four unique, established characters in this one in two tag team that seem somewhat forced. Owen and Bulldog seem a bit more genuine as a team so I’m glad they’re still the champions. Interesting that the match was a draw though, they obviously wanted to protect Mankind and Vader whilst keeping the belts on Bulldog and Owen. Maybe the champs move on to feud with The Headbangers. After that was the semi main event between Austin and Bret Hart. And what a match that was. Phenomenal match that has been built so well and the match lived up to the hype. Bret beat Steve without the “toughest SOB” tapping out. That image of blood pouring from Austins face as Bret held him in the Sharpshooter will forever be remembered. What we did see was a double turn or at least a Bret Hart heel turn. That is a massive change to the man who hasn’t been heel for how long? Ten years? Something like that. It’ll give him fresh opponents so it’ll be good for him. If I was to guess, he’d be feuding with Sid next whilst Undertaker moves on to maybe Steve Austin or Shawn Michaels.

Then we had the Chicago Street Fight which was a lot of fun. It was carnage but there were weapons galore and all sorts of crazy shit going on. I love how the Legion Of Doom are back, they are still so over, especially in Chicago. With them and Johnson winning cleanly could this be the end of the feud? Or will it take a new turn? We’ll have to wait and see. The main event followed and Undertaker finally wins the WWF title which just seems right. The main event scene is quite busy right now what with The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Sycho Sid, Steve Austin, Vader and Mankind so it should create for some interesting events in the next few months. I’d like to see Undertaker get a good run with the gold though, it’s been a long time coming. Overall a fun show that got better as the night went on. The last four matches, well especially the last three, were very entertaining whilst the beginning was forgettable. A really really solid PPV to beckon in the Attitude Era.

Overall Rating: 63.5/100 (Ranked 1st out of 66)

Match Of The Night: Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin
Worst Match Of The Night: Rocky Maivia vs. The Sultan
Surprise Of The Night: Bret Hart turns heel
Worst Booking Of The Night: I wouldn’t have had Bret help Undertaker
Superstar Of The Night: Bret Hart/The Undertaker
Wrestlemania 13 Will Be Remembered For: Bret Hart & Austins epic.

One thought on “Wrestlemania 13

  1. While listening to their review, here’s what the good folks at the New Generation Project Podcast came up with for a better card for WrestleMania 13:

    1.Davey Boy Smith vs. Owen Hart in the Grand Final of the WWF European Championship Tournament
    [Said tournament was good, but the final should’ve happened on this PPV instead of that Raw in Germany; this would be a suitable opener, and Bulldog still wins the title and holds it until One Night Only later that year.]

    2.Rocky Maivia vs. Mankind (with Paul Bearer)
    [This filler match gives both the Blue Chipper and the former Piano-Playing Prodigy something to do.]

    3.The New Blackjacks vs. Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon in a #1 Contenders match for the WWF Tag-Team Championship
    [Just take out the Headbangers and the Godwinns, and let Furnas, LaFon, Bradshaw, and Windham have a hell of a tag match.]

    4.Hunter Hearst Helmsley (with Chyna) vs. Goldust (with Marlena) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship
    [We’re keeping this match in, only Helmsley doesn’t lose the IC Title to Rocky, thus raising the stakes in this blow-off match with Goldust.]

    5.Ahmed Johnson & The Legion of Doom vs. The Nation of Domination in a Chicago Street Fight
    [Second match we’re keeping in, and Ahmed and LOD still win, except Ahmed pins Faarooq, thus ending their feud.]

    6.The Undertaker vs. Sycho Sid vs. Vader in a #1 Contender triple threat match for the WWF World Championship
    [Taker vs. Sid is kept in, we throw Vader into the mix, and you can have a battle of the giants with Taker winning.]

    7.Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin in a submission match for the WWF World Championship, with Ken Shamrock as the guest referee
    [Fourth and final match we will keep in, as this would be the main event, and Bret actually holds onto the World Title after In Your House #13: Final Four instead of dropping it to Sid immediately; both the finish of Bret rendering Austin unconscious with the Sharpshooter and the double turn still occur.]

    Also, you can have any one of these matches take place on the Free for All:

    1.Billy Gunn vs. Bart Gunn

    2.The Sultan (with Bob Backlund & The Iron Sheik) vs. Flash Funk

    3.The Godwinns (with Hillbilly Jim) vs. The Headbangers

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