In Your House 20: No Way Out

There’ll be No Way Out of Texas for a lot of WWF superstars tonight as they do battle on the final stop before Wrestlemania. On this show we should see the wheels in motion for the biggest show of the year. That’s definitely evident in the main event where we’ll see three of the biggest feuds in the company clash in one match. On one team will be “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie and on the other team will be Shawn Michaels, Triple H & The New Age Outlaws. Austin and Michaels are due to go head to head at Wrestlemania for the WWF title whilst Triple H and Owen Hart have had their problems dating back to November. Since the Royal Rumble,  the tag team champions Billy Gunn and Road Dogg have pushed Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie off the entrance stage in a dumpster. Those two teams look set to go at it for the tag belts but it won’t be tonight. That 4 on 4 match will be tonights main event.

Also tonight there will be a 5 v 5 War Of Attrition match between The Nation Of Domination and long time rivals of The Nation, Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson, Chainz, 8 Ball and Skull. The main rivalry in this match is between The Rock and Ken Shamrock. That one continues from the Royal Rumble where The Rock screwed Shamrock out of the IC title and now they lead their teams into battle. But don’t tell Faarooq that The Rock is the leader as they have been bumping heads as of late too. In the other of the big matches tonight, Kane takes on Vader. Vader has been the man to stand up to Kane over the past few weeks and with Vader being a previous client of Paul Bearer, it’ll be a battle of the big men tonight. Will The Undertaker show his face?

A couple of tag team matches are advertised for tonight. Former tag team champions The Quebecers have returned to the WWF and instantly engaged in a rivalry with fellow heel team The Godwinns. Both teams have cost the other matches after hitting them in the back of the head with the slop bucket. There isn’t much more to it than that. In the other tag team match Marc Mero teams with The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust against The Headbangers. Goldust has recently been dressing as Marilyn Manson or Merolyn Manson but there has been more heat between Mero’s valet Sable and Goldusts valet Luna. Also tonight is a Light Heavyweight title match between champion Taka Michinoku and challenger Pantera, who defeated Brian Christopher to get his title shot.

As is familiar now, we kick things off with a video package. Shots of Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Kane. Then it focuses on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and his dislike for authority. Then shots of Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie and The New Age Outlaws. Road Dog and Billy Gunn threw Jack and Charlie off the stage in a dumpster. Plenty of action tonight.

Then to the arena which looks pretty basic. Fireworks go off and we see plenty of Austin 3:16 signs. Jim Ross then welcomes us to No Way Out of Texas in Houston. We’re then told Shawn Michaels won’t be in the 8 man tag match tonight and the mystery who, who will replace him?

Marc Mero & The Artist Formally Known As Goldust vs. The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher)

Four men in this one who are all in need of a win. Mero and Goldust last teamed up at Survivor Series where both men were mid way between heel turns on the face team. Goldust is going through a phase of dressing as Marilyn Manson or “Merolyn Manson”. That’s how this feud ties in to the Headbangers. Lots of “Sable” chants before the bell and Mero takes the microphone. He says there’s only room for one beautiful lady today and tells Sable to get the hell out of here! Mosh and Thrasher have a good PPV record as a tag team, winning three of their four tag team matches. The “Sable” chants continue which both Mero and Luna don’t like. It’s Mero that starts the match with Mosh. Mero hits some jabs and a back elbow to take the early advantage. Mosh soon takes the advantage and clotheslines “Marvelous” Marc out of the ring. Goldust gives him a big hug and Marc slides back in. Mosh tags Thrasher who comes in off the middle rope. Goldust is then tagged in but gets a drop toe hold.

Goldust is such a big guy. Thrasher tags back in Mosh who comes in with a double sledge. Big back body drop from Mosh then a powerslam before a reverse suplex off the top from Thrasher for a two count. Mosh then lays in some right hands to Goldust and nails a dropkick before tagging Thrasher back in. Mero tags in and hits a running knee to Thrasher before dropping an elbow for a two count. Thrasher attempts to hit the ropes but Goldust pulls the top rope down and Thrasher falls to the outside. On the outside Goldust drops Thrasher onto the steps. Mero throws Thrasher back into the ring, Thrasher is bleeding from the head. Marc drops Thrasher on the top rope then tags Goldust. Goldusts wig is staying on quite well. He hits a clothesline for a near fall. Goldust tags Mero who hits some jabs then locks on a sleeper. When Mero was signed from wCw it was for a big contract, he was expected to be a big star in WWE and maybe hasn’t lived up to that yet. He tag Goldust who hammers away at Thrasher. His wig has finally come off! Both men attempt a cross body and go down!

Goldust tags Marc Mero who hits a snapmare. Mero and Goldust not used to being a tag team but seem to be functioning well so far. Mero chokes Thrasher with his wrist tape as the referee is distracted with Mosh. Mero hits a powerbomb now for another two count. Mero gets Thrasher up on his shoulder for the TKO but Thrasher slips down and hits a DDT. The crowd are right behind The Headbangers in this one. Mero tags Goldust and Thrasher tags Mosh to a big pop! Mosh takes down everyone and in comes Thrasher. They hit a double flapjack on Goldust for a two. Mosh and Thrasher then go for a double team but Luna pushes Thrasher off the top! Mero comes in and hits the TKO! But Sable is back and the crowd go nuts! She’s coming for Luna and Mero and Goldust stand in the way! They restrain their women and Thrasher switches with Mosh in the ring. Mero slides back in and Thrasher rolls him up for the three! The Headbangers win the match! That’s 4 out of 5 wins for that team. Meanwhile, Sable and Luna are trying their best to go at it in the ring!

A decent match to start the night. A lot of fun and one to get the crowd pumped up. Sable essentially costs Mero the match and afterwards she shoves him down to the ground! The crowd are fired up!

Rating: 6.75/10

Michael Cole is backstage with the European Champion Owen Hart. Owen doesn’t care who the mystery partner is. He says that Austin should stay out of his way but he’s focused on Triple H.

Taka Michinoku (c) vs. Pantera – Light Heavyweight Title Match

This is a PPV debut for Pantera, the Mexican wrestler who dresses as a panther. He gets a shot at the Light Heavyweight title after defeating Brian Christopher in a number one contenders match. This is Taka’s first title defence on PPV since beating Christopher himself at the last In Your House event in December. Brian Christopher makes his way down to ringside as the match begins. In the ring Taka hits a spinning heel kick. Pantera arm drags Taka out of the ring then flies out at him with a senton. Pantera hits a spinning head scissors but Taka sends him to the outside then hits a springboard splash to the outside. It’s a fast paced start to the match, plenty of high flying action. Brian Christopher is on commentary and entertaining. Taka hits a seated dropkick. Thrashers blood is all over the canvas. Taka looking to make it 2 from 3 on PPV tonight. Pantera hits a nice spinning head scissors on the apron. Christopher refers to Taka as a “slanty eye” as Pantera hits a backbreaker then locks on a camel clutch.

Pantera locks on a surfboard stretch now. He relseases the hold and ends up back body dropping Taka out of the ring before hitting a senton drop out of the ring! Christopher calls it the “taco twister”. Back in the ring and Christopher refers to Taka and “Taka Michinoclue”, nice. Pantera locks on a unique submission hold but Taka won’t give up. Pantera hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and then a hurricanrana from the top rope! He then stands on top of Taka and the referee counts 2 before he steps off and hits a moonsault for another two! Pantera goes up again but this time Taka gets out of the way of the moonsault. The champion hits a knee then motions for the Michinoku driver but Pantera rolls him up for a two. Pantera goes for a hurricanrana which Taka reverses into a powerbomb for a two. He then hits a dropkick off the top and follows it up with the Michinoku Driver for the win! It was hard to keep up with that one, it was fast paced. Taka retains his title in a very fun match. After the match Brian Christopher threatens to go after Taka but the champion dives on Christopher and his father!They go after him but Taka runs through the crowd!

Rating: 7/10

Kevin Kelly is in the AOL room with Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie. Cactus Jack doesn’t care who the mystery partner is today. All he cares about is revenge on the New Age Outlaws. Chainsaw Charlie doesn’t care who the partner is either because his team is awesome. The Outlaws won’t be laughing tonight.

The Quebecers (Jacques & Pierre) vs. The Godwinns (Henry & Phineas)

We have two heel teams going at it in this one. It’s a first PPV since In Your House 3 for Pierre and a first since Wrestlemania X nearly four years ago for Jacques. The Godwinns have an awful record as a team so they’ll be looking for revenge. Both teams have cost the other matches by hitting them with the slop bucket. Jacques Rougeau is a big guy, much bigger than you’d think. Jacques and Phineas kick off the match and Jacques goes down but nips back up and hits a dropkick. Phineas tags Henry who knocks Jacques down but Pierre gets involved and gets tagged in. Pierre’s last PPV match was against Bret Hart, you don’t get much bigger than that. Pierre and Henry exchange wrist locks until Henry locks on an armbar. Pierre tags Jacques and they both stomp Henry in the corner. Henry gets back into the match with a clothesline then tags Phineas. Jacques has always been very loud in the ring. Phineas locks on an armbar then tags Henry who comes in off the middle rope.

Henry hits a shoulderbreaker then tags Phineas. Two heel teams in this one so the crowd don’t seem too into it. Phineas hits a spinebuster and a legdrop for a two. Phineas tags Henry who I see as the leader of this team. Henry lowers his head and receives a kick to the face. Henry tags Phineas as they don’t allow Jacques to make the tag. The Godwinns are the most experienced team in the current tag division having been a major part of the division for over two years now. Phineas tag Henry who gets a near fall then locks on a sleeper. The Quebecers have previously feuded with the likes of Bret & Owen Hart, Men On A Mission, The Steiner Brothers and The Headshrinkers. The Godwinns have had their problems over the years with The Body Donnas, The Smoking Gunns, The Legion Of Doom and The Headbangers. Phineas is in and hits a headbutt and some right hands on Jacques. Jacques manages to get his foot up in the corner as Phineas runs at him and finally he makes the tag to Pierre, which gets no reaction. Pierre hits a clothesline and a legdrop on Phineas then a big powerslam for a two.

The Quebecers double team Phineas, dropping him on the top rope and Jacques is the main man. He hits a piledriver on Phineas then spins him round in the ring. He tags Pierre who goes to the top and they hit their old finisher with Pierre hitting a senton off the top but Henry breaks up the cover. Jacques sends Henry to the outside then jumps at him off the top. Jacques gets in the ring and the referee disposes off him which gives time for Henry to hit a clothesline on Pierre. Phineas covers Pierre for the three! The Godwinns win the match! Their only previous PPV win came when they beat The Headbangers for the tag team titles. After the match, The Godwinns nail The Quebecers with the buckets! Not the most exciting tag team match ever. Not sure if this feud is over, I can’t see a match between the two teams at Wrestlemania.

Rating: 4/10

Doc Hendrix is backstage with The New Age Outlaws. Road Dogg says that he doesn’t know who their tag team partner is tonight. Billy Gunn says that they’re going to find out who they’ll be teaming with.

Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. Bradshaw – NWA North American Championship

Jarrett is joined by Jim Cornette, The Rock’n’Roll Express and Bradshaws former partner, Barry Windham. Bradshaw clears the ring with his bull rope. Brawshaw has a big old moustache. The referee then sends Windham, Gibson and Morton to the back! This is Bradshaws 5th PPV match and he’s still looking for his first win. He’s previously lost to Savio Vega and in tag team action at Wrestlemania and Survivor Series in 1997 as well as this years Royal Rumble. Bradshaw goes right for Jarrett and slaps him with his chaps. The crowd are booing heavily about something as Bradshaw throws Jarrett around the ring. Bradshaw is stiff. He hits some big forearms and a big boot before clotheslining Jarrett out of the ring. Bradshaw goes after Cornette allowing Jarrett to attack him from behind and take the advantage. Back in the ring and Jeff hits a big dropkick and clothesline.

Jarrett hits a dropkick off the middle rope for a two count. Jeff struts in the middle of the ring as Cornette chokes Bradshaw on the ropes. Jarrett goes for a sunset flip but Bradshaw won’t go down and hits Jeff with a right hands. Cornette then nails Bradshaw in the knee with his tennis racket. It’s nice to see Cornette at ringside again. Jeff works the knee now. Jeff goes for the figure four but Bradshaw kicks him into the turnbuckle. Jeff ducks a clothesline then hits a DDT. Jarrett goes to the top but Bradshaw dives into the ropes to crotch him. Bradshaw then goes up and atempts a superplex but Jarrett shoves him off and goes for a cross body. Bradshaw catches him and hits a fallaway slam! Both men exchange right hands then Bradshaw hits a big powerbomb! Cornette gets up on the apron and Bradshaw pulls him in! Bradshaw throws Cornette into Jarrett but as the referee tries to get Cornette out of there, Jarrett smashes Bradshaw with the tennis racket! The referee knows what’s happened and calls for the bell!

It’s a disqualification win for Bradshaw who takes everyone down with the tennis racket! Eventually the numbers becomes too much as Ricky Mortin, Robert Gibson and Barry Windham all take apart Bradshaw! Eventually though the Legion Of Doom comes out and help Bradshaw, cleaning house of the NWA! It’s a DQ win and a first PPV win for Bradshaw but he doesn’t take the title.

Rating: 5/10

Michael Cole is backstage with Triple H and Chyna now. Hunter says everyone wants to be a part of DX but nobody can match up with Shawn Michaels. So what he has decided is that tonight will be a handicap match. Cole says that if he doesn’t pick a partner then WWF officials will pick a partner for them.

Dok Hendrix is backstage with The Nation Of Domination. Dok asks the leader if there are problems in the nation and Rock grabs the mic. Faarooq tells him he’s going to whip his ass. Then we see a shot of The Rock smashing Ken Shamrock with the chair. The Rock is largely hilarious in this promo.

The Nation Of Domination (Faarooq, The Rock, Kama Mustafa, D-lo Brown & Mark Henry) vs. Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson & The Disciples Of Apocalypse (Chainz, 8 Ball & Skull)

Ken Shamrock and The Rocks rivalry continues in this one in a feud that doesn’t seem over. Ahmed Johnson and The DOA have had their problems with The Nation for a long time now. It’s D-lo Brown that starts things off with Skull. Skull lays in some big right hands in the corner but D-lo gets out of it with an inverted atomic drop and a spinning heel kick. Skull hits a spinning neck breaker and it’s back and forth in the early going. Skull tags Ken Shamrock but Shamrock gets a rake to the eyes. Ken takes the advantage with an elbow. D-lo tags Kama and Shamrock tags Chainz. Kama hits some lefts and rights in the corner but receives a big boot and a powerslam. Chainz follows it up with multiple elbows showing some good agility. Kama tags the newest member of the Nation, Mark Henry. Henry wants Ahmed Johnson and he gets him. The two big bulls slug it out and the crowd are right into it.

Henry takes the advantage with some clubbing right hands. He takes Ahmed down with a clothesline. Johnson manages to powerslam Henry! Henry tags out to D-lo who attacks Johnson from behind. Don’t turn your back on these guys. Johnson is another man who hasn’t lived up to his potential. He hits a front suplex on D-lo but D-lo gets up and heads to the top and hits the Frog Splash on Ahmed! Instead of pinning Johnson, D-lo tags out to Faarooq. Faarooq doesn’t have a lot of luck though, he runs into a spinebuster. These two have quite the history. Ahmed goes for the Pearl River Plunge but The Rock splits it up. Ahmed tags 8 Ball who hits a slam and gets a two count. 8 Ball tag Shamrock who hits a slam. Faarooq tags out to The Rock and this is the fight we’ve been waiting for. Rock hits a DDT and gets a two count. A “Rocky sucks” chant breaks out as The Rock stomps away at Shamrock. The Rock tags Kama who I think is quite under-rated. Lawler thinks so too. He misses with a splash in the corner and Shamrock tags Skull who tags 8 Ball. They hit a double clothesline on Kama then 8 Ball tags Skull.

Kama stomps away at Skull and hits a nice crescent kick for a two count. Kama tags D-lo back in and he and Skull go back and forth. D-lo hits an elbow and a snapmare before going to the second rope and hitting an elbow. Two count as 8 Ball breaks it up. The Rock comes back in and hits a slam before nailing the as of yet unnamed People Elbow for a two. The Rock tags Faarooq who lowers his head too early and pays for it. Faarooq tags out to The Rock but Skull hits him with a clothesline. The Rock hits a low blow and tags out to Mark Henry. Henry hits a clothesline who it a Texan native. He tags out to Kama who goes to town on Skull and hits an elbow for a two before going to the sleeper. Kama tags D-lo who has been in the Nation since the beginning. He hits a backbreaker but misses with a moonsault as Skull rolls out of the way. Skull finally makes the tag to Shamrock and The Rock is tagged in. All ten men are in! The crowd love it as all hell has broken loose! Shamrock hits a belly to belly on The Rock as the other 8 men fight around the ring. Shamrock then locks on the Ankle Lock and The Rock taps! Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson and DOA win the match! It is definitely not over between The Rock and Ken Shamrock! I enjoyed this match, it was good fun.

After the match The Rock gets in Faarooqs face and pushes him! Faarooq wants a piece of The Rock as the rest of The Nation try to split them up! The Rock then leaves on his own. Faarooq demands that he return and he does. The Nation then salute with The Rock looking slightly reluctant.

Rating: 6.75/10

Michael Cole is stood by with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Austin doesn’t care who the mystery partner is but he says it’s good to be back in Texas.

Now to a video package, first about Vader. He hits a terrifying moonsault. Kane has ran through the WWF roster taking out man after man. He cost The Undertaker his match at The Royal Rumble then set fire to the casket with The Undertaker in. Since then, Kane and Vader have been going at it.

Kane vs. Vader

Has Kane finally found his match in Vader or will he just be a stepping stone on the road to fighting The Undertaker? Both men get straight into it, taking the fight to the outside. Neither men really sell anything in the early going but it’s Kane that takes the advantage. Kane slams Vaders face into the ring steps twice before throwing him back into the ring. Both men in red and black tonight and Vader hits some clubbing blows before dumping Kane out of the ring. He lands on his feet and once again we’ve got a scrap on the outside. Vader throws Kane into the ringpost. Kane goes up to the top rope and hits a clothesline on Vader. Kane won his last PPV match over Mankind whilst Vader won his last singles match on PPV against Goldust. This is Kanes first In Your House PPV. This time last year Vader was involved in the 4 way match for the WWF title, a match won by Bret Hart. Kane drops an elbow on Vader as this match is very one sided. Kane hits another clothesline from the top showing great athleticism.

Kane locks a nerve hold on Vader now and follows it up with a clothesline. Kane is so far undefeated on PPV but this is only his second match. Vader hits some right hand slaps but Kane forces him back into the corner. Kane hits a powerslam on Vader then drops him on the top rope. Vader takes the advantage though and clotheslines Kane out of the ring. Kane gets back in and hits a DDT. The man under Kanes mask has previously fought as Isaac Yankem DDS and The Fake Diesel. Vader comes back with some right hands and a splash in the corner. Vader has been a constant presence in the WWF for over two years now. He hits a splash on Vader then motions for a finisher. He goes to the top rope and lands a moonsault! But Kane sits right back up. Vader clotheslines him out of the ring again and the two men go at it on the outside. Vader has two PPV draws to his name at this stage. He gets a fire extinguisher and sprays it in Kanes face!

Kane rolls back into the ring and Vader follows. Vader hits a powerbomb on Kane! Impressive. Paul Bearer gets up on the apron and Vader knocks him up but turns around to a chokeslam! Kane then picks him up and hits the Tombstone for the win! Kane wins the match and has now beaten two of Paul Bearers three previous clients. The third of course is The Undertaker. Big win for Kane in this one who continues his undefeated PPV streak. After the bell Kane grabs a wrench and lamps Vader with it! Medical staff run out to help Vader. Wow, the replay makes that wrench shot look brutal. No blood though. Good enough match between these two. I’m hoping Kane goes on to fight The Undertaker at Wrestlemania but I’m not sure where Vader goes from here. I could see him getting involved in the battle against The Nation Of Domination, maybe an Intercontinental title shot or maybe a short feud with fellow big man Mark Henry.

Rating: 6/10

We get a video package for the 8 man tag match now. It seems this package was made before Shawn Michaels was ruled out. Jim Ross said that the WWF will pick a teammate for Helmsley and The New Age Outlaws but Michael Cole in this package says that Shawn Michaels will pick his successor.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs. Triple H, The New Age Outlaws (The Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) & Savio Vega

This match has been ruled a no disqualification match which should make things interesting. Savio Vega is the man to join Helmsley, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn and he comes out to a chorus of boos. It makes sense for Savio to join. He’s been helping out DX a lot recently. No sign of the other Boricuas. Savio is one of the most experienced guys on the roster at this point. Steve Austin gets such a big reaction. Billy Gunn makes the mistake of getting into the ring when Austin is in there and it al kicks off. All 8 men go at it and I have no idea if tags are supposed to be made but Austin smashes everyone with a bin lid. An “Austin” chant breaks out as Steve goes to work on Triple H. Austin has beaten Helmsley on PPV before. In the ring Cactus Jack and Road Dogg go at it. Austin breaks a broom handle over Helmsleys back then slaps him with the broom. Chainsaw smashes something around Road Doggs face and covers him for a two. All hell is breaking loose in this one. Charlie smashes Road Dogg face first into a table.

Savio Vega and Owen Hart go at it like it’s Summerslam 1996. Owen then powerslams Billy Gunn through a table before locking on The Sharpshooter! Helmsley breaks that one up. Chainsaw then smashes Billy wit a chair but Road Dogg hits Charlie with a trash can. Outside Billy Gunn and Savio Vega double Austin with trash can lids. Triple H powerbombs Helmsley in the ring whilst Savio Vega smashes Chainsaw Charlie with a trash can lid before pinning him for a two. Helmsley beats Charlie with the trash can but he doesn’t go down. Hunter hits him with a DDT which does knock him down. Owen Hart breaks up that one as old enemies Austin and Savio go at it on the outside. Owen Hart locks in a Sharpshooter on Owen but The Road Dogg breaks it up with a chair shot before scarpering. Road Dogg then powerbombs Chainsaw Charlie through two steel chairs. That looked painful. There seems to be some decorum now and six men go to their respective corners. In the ring Billy Gunn piledrives Chainsaw Charlie on a trash can lid.

Gunn tags out to Helmsley who was last on PPV defeating Sgt Slaughter in December. Everyone else in this match was in action at The Royal Rumble. Savio Vega lays in some right hands to Charlie then tags out to Road Dogg. Road Dogg hits a suplex on the trash can lid and covers Charlie for a two. Chainsaw gets up and hits some headbutts but Road Dogg won’t let him tag. Billy Gunn runs in and Austin throws a trash can at him! Helmsley is tagged in, he and Savio Vega have 10 PPV wins to their name. Only Owen Hart has more PPV wins to his name on this show. Savio is tagged in and locks a front face lock on. Road Dogg is tagged in but he and Chainsaw bang heads. Charlie then tags out to Cactus Jack! Cactus takes on everyone and knocks them all down. He hits a double armed DDT on Billy Gunn but the cover is broken up by Savio Vega. Owen Hart dropkicks Savio from the top, knocking him out of the ring. Cactus locks the Mandible Claw on Billy Gunn and Road Dogg but Helmsley hits a low blow to break that up. Another “Austin” chant breaks out and Cactus clotheslines Billy Gunn out of the ring, going with him. Billy hits a DDT on Cactus on the outside.

Back in the ring and Helmsley hits a suplex on Cactus Jack for a two count. You’d have to go back to August to find Cactus Jacks last PPV win and that was over Triple H. Savio wraps Cactus up in barbed wire and asks for a chair. Helmsley sets up a chair in the corner and Vega smashes Cactus into it. Triple H then beats Cactus with a chair and Savio follows it up with one of his own. Billy Gunn attempts to hit Cactus with a chair but Jack ducks and Gunn nails Road Dogg! Cactus finally tags Austin who is a house on fire! Austin takes down everyone, throwing Savio out of the ring and stomping on Triple H in the corner. He hits Billy Gunn with some rights then hits Road Dogg with the Stone Cold Stunner for the three! Austin wins the match for his team! He nails Billy Gunn with a chair for good measure! Chyna gets in the ring and goes face to face with Austin before shoving him. She shoves him again and this looks like it won’t end well for her. She then flips Austin the double bird as he attempts to leave. Austin doesn’t like that and he nails her with the Stone Cold Stunner! Austin celebrates on his own as he heads to Wrestlemania!

Rating: 7.5/10

And that was No Way Out, the first February PPV to have a 3 hour duration.It was a pretty decent show to be fair, there weren’t any awful matches but then there weren’t any amazing ones either. The tag match that kicked things off was decent enough. It was a good win for The Headbangers who beat two established singles stars. I think the purpose of this match was to continue the story between Marc Mero, Sable and Luna. I’m not entirely sure where it’s going yet but with a mystery admirer bringing Sable flowers, maybe it’ll lead to Mero siding with Luna. Then we had the Light-Heavyweight title match. The main feud in this division is between Taka and Brian Christopher so I think this match was just to give Taka a good title defence against a decent wrestler.  It was a really good match between these two, lots of high flying spots. I think this division definitely needs bolstering up, it’ll be interesting to see if Pantera sticks around to feud with the likes of Aguila.

Then we had the second tag team match of the night. The Godwinns took on The Quebecers in a match between two experienced teams. I really miss the Quebecers old music and ring gear, I think they were a lot better in 94 and I also think Jacques needs to trim the mullet. The Godwinns won this one in a match that was better than I thought it would be. Not much else to say on this one really. I can’t see either of these teams becoming tag team champions any time soon. After that was the last of the lower card matches. Because there were a lot of big 5 v 5 and 4 v 4 matches on this card, it gave the lower card a lot more exposure than they would usually get on an In Your House show. So yes, Bradshaw beat Jeff Jarrett by disqualification. Bradshaw is a big stiff guy and he looks genuine when he beats you up. Jarrett is a decent heel and a good pick to be the face of this NWA group which is generally quite weak. I guess this feud continues due to the way it ended. Wrestlemania might be a Bradshaw & LOD vs. Jeff Jarrett & The Rock N Roll Express match.

We had our War Of Attrition match next with Ken Shamrocks team against The Nation Of Domination. Shamrocks team got the big win with Shamrock making The Rock tap. That makes sense but his team is pretty weak. I am not an Ahmed Johnson fan whatsoever, I think he’s on borrowed time. I actually preferred him as a heel in the Nation but he got injured and that got nixed. The Nation are a decent unit right now with five very different personalities. The on-going story is between Faarooq and The Rock. Faarooq is supposed to be the leader but he has been in the background a lot recently. The feud between The Rock and Ken Shamrock continues. Then we had Kane beat Vader. This feud was built nicely as Vader had fallen by the wayside a little and he was built back up with a win over Goldust at the Rumble. He was good fodder for Kane in this one in a pretty decent match. I can’t see Vader back in the main event anytime soon but I think Kane will be getting a big Wrestlemania match, he’s one of the top heels in the company right now.

Then in the main event we had 8 man tag action. It was essentially four feuds in one match. The New Age Outlaws against Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie, Triple H vs. Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. So this match made perfect sense. However Michaels couldn’t fight. Savio Vega was the replacement and it made perfect sense in the current storylines. Savio and Los Boricuas had been helping out D-Generation X over the past month or so and as one of the most experienced hands on the roster he did make sense. Somebody like Kurrgan was rumoured and it could have been anyone from wCw but we got Savio and he was decent. Austin got the big win for his team which was definitely the right call as he goes on to fight Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XIV. This match was nuts and there were plenty of weapons involved. it was a decent main event.

Overall Rating: 61.4/100 (ranked 8th out of 78)

Match Of The Night: Austin, Hart, Cactus & Chainsaw vs. Triple H, Savio & The New Age Outlaws
Worst Match Of The Night: The Godwinns vs. The Quebecers
Surprise Of The Night: Savio Vega replaces Shawn Michaels
Worst Booking Of The Night:  N/A
Superstar Of The Night: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
No Way Out Will Be Remembered For: The main event

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