Summerslam 2000

| Date: August 27, 2000
| Venue: Raleigh Entertainment And Sports Arena | City:  Raleigh, North Carolina
| Attendance: 18, 128 | Buyrate: 570, 000

Summerslam, the second biggest PPV of the year following Wrestlemania and tonight promises 10 big matches. The main event features the WWF Champion The Rock defending his title. But who would he defend against? Commissioner Mick Foley made a triple threat match on Raw a few weeks ago to decide a number one contender between Triple H, Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle. Triple H and Kurt Angle both pinned Jericho in this one and so both Angle and Helmsley will face Triple H tonight. Since then, the build has been more focused around Stephanie McMahon and her relationship with Kurt Angle. This culminated at Smackdown last week when Kurt Angle kissed Stephanie and she seemed that she enjoyed it! How will that play out tonight? Well see.

Tonight we will also re-visit the Kane vs. Undertaker rivalry as they go one on one tonight. Recently, Kane turned heel on Undertaker there isn’t much background here besides the obvious, Kane turned heel recently, chokslamming The Undertaker through the ring and claiming he did it because he’s a monster. Kane has never beaten Undertaker on PPV despite 5 attempts, could it be 6th time lucky tonight? The Intercontinental title will be on the line in a mixed tag team match for the first time ever. Val Venis will be teaming with manager Trish Stratus against Eddie Guerrero and Chyna. Chyna and Trish have had their issues recently and in this match, if Eddie or Chyna pin either member of the other team then whoever makes the pinfall becomes Intercontinental champion. The Hardcore title will be on the line as Shane McMahon, who bet Steve Blackman for the title on Raw with a lot of help from T & A and Edge & Christian will defend the belt against Blackman tonight. Mick Foley has even put the 24/7 rule on hold just so Shane will definitely be champion heading into this match that he does not want to be in.

The other title that’ll be on the line is the tag team title when Edge & Christian defend against The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz in the first ever TLC match. It won’t be tender loving care, it’ll be tables, ladders and chairs. Mick Foley made this match to stack the odds against Edge and Christian who have been using chairs a lot recently. The Dudley Boyz are the masters of the tables and Hardy Boyz innovators of ladders, this match is sure to be carnage. The other tag team match we’ll get tonight is 6 man tag action when the new stable of The Right To Censor, made up of Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan and The Goodfather take on Rikishi and Too Cool. Right To Censor want to censor everything that is wrong about the WWF and that includes Rikshi’s large arse. Speaking of arse, the on-going feud between The Kat and Terri Runnels continues tonight as they go one in one in the first ever Stink Face match. How do you win? By clasping on that Stink Face on your opponent. Should be easy on the eye if nothing else!

A big match for this evening will be a two out of three falls match between Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. These two have had their issues for a few months now, stretching all the way back to Wrestlemania. Jericho hasn’t beat Benoit on PPV despite getting two opportunities. I’m sure there’ll be some big implications for the winner of that one. Two friends who have had a one upsmanship contest as of late are Road Dogg and X Pac. They have tried to out-do each other with matches against the likes of Steve Blackman and Rikishi but both have generally failed. So who’s the better man? We’ll find out tonight as the two DX members go one on one. The other match we’ll see tonight is between Tazz and Jerry Lawler. Lawler hasn’t had a PPV match since King Of The Ring 1997 but Tazz has been bullying Lawlers friend Jim Ross as of late and Lawler can’t take it anymore. These two go one on one tonight. So let’s get to it.

We kick off with a video package of “Classie” Freddie Blassie watching a video package. It mostly features Triple H, The Rock and Kurt Angle as they’ll be headlining tonight. The music to the package is Triple H’s old orchestral theme. It’s supposed to be like an opera.  Jim Ross then welcomes us to North Carolina. He’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler. 10 big matches tonight.

Right To Censor (Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather) vs. Too Cool (Grand Master Sexay & Scotty Too Hotty) & Rikishi

This is the first time we’ve seen Right To Censor on pay per view. Richards gets on the mic before the bell but he’s quickly cut off by Too Cool. Rikishi and Too Cool are joined by a couples of The Godfathers ex Hoes, one of which, Victoria, was powerbombed through a table by The Goodfather. All six men get into it as Too Cools music is playing. This is a PPV debut for Steven Richards, who has been in the company for over a year now. Scotty officially starts the match with the agile Bull Buchanan. Scotty hits a cross body from the top for the first near fall of the match. Scotty then tags Grand Master Sexay and they hit a double suplex on Buchanan. Bull tags The Goodfather who is quickly back body dropped out of the ring. Grand Master holds The Goodfather for Victoria but Goodfather elbows Sexay and pie faces Victoria! A “Save The Hoes” chant breaks out. Goodfather tags Bull Buchanan in and they hit a double big boot on Grand Master for a two count.

Too Cool and Rikishi have never lost a 6 man tag match on PPV, having previously defeated The Radicalz and Kurt Angle & Edge and Christian. Buchanan tags in Steven Richards who hits a powerbomb on Sexay for a two count. Richards hits a powerslam and then goes to the top but Sexay crotches him and then nails a superplex! He then tags in Rikishi to a huge ovation! Rikishi goes for his Rikishi Driver but the rest of Right To Censor come in and Rikishi takes them all out! Richards walks back up the aisle but Victoria throws him back in the ring! Rikishi throws his tag team partners into Right To Censor before splashing into Richards. Rikishi hits a Samoan Drop in The Goodfather but Bull Buchanan hits him with his scissors kick. Scotty then nails a bulldog on Buchanan but Steven Richards hits him with a super kick before he can hit the Worm! Richards pins Scotty and it’s over! Right To Censor win the match! Richards starts his PPV record undefeated! Not the best 6 man I’ve ever seen but not bad.

Rating: 5/10

We see Kurt Angle arriving on Heat and denying The Coach’s questions. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley then arrives and looks worried that Angle has arrived. We then see more footage from Heat as Kurt Angle goes in Stephanies locker room. There’s some footage from Heat then with Kurt Angle kissing Stephanie. And she seems to have enjoyed it!

Michael Cole is backstage with Shane McMahon who says he respects the decisions that his sister makes before dashing off because he sees Steve Blackman!

Road Dogg vs. X Pac 

Two buddies up next who have wrestled more PPV matches than practically anybody. This is actually the third PPV meeting between these two men with both man winning one before. The last match between the two was at King Of The Ring 99 in the semi finals of the tournament itself.  X Pac gets the first take down but Road Dogg kicks X Pac out of the ring. These two have been tagging most of this year following Billy Gunns injury and exile from DX. Back in the ring and we get a few reversals that ends with a clothesline from Road Dogg. X Pac gets back into it with some kicks in the corner and then goes for the Bronco Buster but Road Dogg slides out of the ring. These two have been buddies for well over two years now, since the re-formation of DX in 1998. These two stayed partners even when DX split up and fought for the rights to DX last July. X Pac hits a spinning heel kick for a near fall.

X Pac then chokes Road Dogg in the corner and then hits the Bronco Buster! Road Dogg pulls himself up and hits his trademark jabs! Road Dogg then hits a guillotine on the middle rope and a shaky legs knee drop! Road Dogg goes for his pumphandle slam but X Pac slips down and attempts the X Factor but Road Dogg counters it. Road Dogg then goes for his pumphandle again but X Pac hits a low blow and the X Factor. That gets him the three! X Pac wins the match with a low blow! Pac gets on the mic after the bell and says although we’ve found out who the better man is, they’re still a great time. Road Dogg shakes his hand then hits the pumphandle slam on him! Road Doggs music hits but it’s X Pac with the win tonight. Is this the end of DX?

Rating: 5.5/10

Eddie Guerrero and Chyna are backstage, Chyna is looking pretty hot. Eddie wants Chyna to be happy and Chyna says one of them will be getting lucky tonight.

We then see Val Venis and Trish Stratus and Trish asks Val who she’d rather see as a centerfold, her or Chyna. Val is more interested in the Intercontinental title and tells Trish that she’d better carry her part.

Val Venis (c) & Trish Stratus vs. Eddie Guerrero & Chyna – Intercontinental Title Match

This is a first. If Eddie or Chyna get the win for their team then they will be the new Intercontinental champion. This is Chynas 13th PPV match, more than any woman in history. Eddie and Val start the match and Val as the bigger man takes Eddie off his feet. Eddie hits an elbow and a suplex for the first near fall of the match. Eddie goes for a flying headscissors and we get a couple of reversals which ends in a knee drop from the champion for a near fall. Venis hits a backbreaker but Chyna comes in and hits a clothesline. Eddie and Chyna then hit a flapjack for a two count. Chyna hits a hard Irish whip and a couple of big boots to Vals ribs. Chyna hits a big clothesline and Trish comes in for a cheap shot, distracting the 9th wonder of the world. Val hits a belly to back suplex on Chyna to take the advantage.

Val lays into Chyna in the corner as a “Chyna” chant breaks out. Val hits a suplex and a powerslam before coming off the middle rope but Chyna moves out of the way. With the referee distracted with Eddie, Chyna hits a low blow and a DDT. Chyna then tags Guerrero who hits a big back body drop and a springboard hurricanrana! Val drops Eddie on the top turnbuckle then hits a powerbomb. These two met in the King Of The Ring quarter finals where Val got the victory. He hits a flying forearm on Eddie. Both men are down and reaching for tagss and Val tags Trish. Trish rushes in and pins Eddie but he kicks out. Trish then boots away at Eddie but he tags Chyna who hits some big clothesline on Trish. Trish is looking for her first PPV victory tonight. Chyna throws her into the corner and all four participants are in! Val throws Eddie to the outside then both Val and Trish go for a double clothesline. Eddie pulls Venis out of the ring and Trish’s clothesline does nothing to Chyna. Chyna press slams Trish and pins her for the three! Wow, Chyna wins the match and the Intercontinental title tonight! I think that makes Chyna a three time Intercontinental champion! Val is not happy with Trish. Decent match between these four.

Rating: 6.5/10

We get a VT for radio WWF with Michael Cole and Mick Foley.

The make up girl is talking to Stephanie McMahon about her kiss with Kurt. Stephanie says Kurt is a good kisser!

Next up is a VT for the rivalry between Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler and Tazz.

Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Tazz

This is Jerry Lawlers first PPV match since his loss to Mankind over 3 years ago at King Of The Ring 1997. Tazz comes out in a cowboy hat and a white cane after he smashed a window in Jim Ross’s face on Smackdown. Lawler attacks Tazz from the commentary position and then takes the fight to the ring. Lawler hits a dropkick, a powerslam and a right hand off the middle rope. He misses with a second though and Tazz lays into Lawler with some kicks and right hands. Tazz hits a clothesline and rakes away at Lawlers eyes. Tazz then throws Lawler out of the ring and gives Jim Ross a mouthful. Lawler hits some right hands on Tazz and throws him back into the ring. Tazz then hits a headbutt to Lawlers groin! It’s Teddy Long as referee so you can get away with anything. Tazz goes for a senton bomb off the top which is out of the ordinary but Lawler get out of the way. Lawler pulls down the strap and then hits the Piledriver! Tazz gets right back up though!

Tazz knocks Tazz into the referee and then locks the Tazzmission on Lawler! The crowd chant for JR and he gets up from the announce table and smashes a jug of sweets in Tazz’s face! Lawler then covers Tazz as Teddy Long gets up and Jerry gets the three! Jerry Lawler beats Tazz tonight at Summerslam! Jim Ross says the son of a bitch got what he deserves whilst Tazz cries that he got glass in his eye.

Rating: 5/10

Lilian Garcia asks Shane what he thinks of Kurt Angle kissing his sister. Shane says he’s got a Hardcore match upcoming and then Steve Blackman arrives! Shanes music hits and the Hardcore title match is up next!

Shane McMahon (c) vs. Steve Blackman – Hardcore Title Match

Not a lot of build for this one but it’s a first time match on PPV between the two. Blackman was actually Shane and Vince’s hired gun at one point. Blackman walks out with a trash can and a stick. Shane doesn’t want to be in this match and Blackman throws him the stick but Shane throws it back. Blackman gives Shane a free shot but Blackman sidesteps it. Shane is then on the run through the crowd. Blackman meets him further into the crowd and hits him with a trash can. Blackman swears. Naughty. Blackman lays into Shane in the crowd. Steve has been in the WWF nearly three years now. He hits a big kick off the barricade on McMahon. Both of these men lost at last years Summerslam, Blackman to Ken Shamrock and Shane to Test. Back in the ring now and Blackman lays into Shane with the trash can lid. This is the first Hardcore match ever on PPV to not feature either Al Snow or Crash Holly. It’s early days yet though. Blackman puts the trash can over Shane and lays into him with his martial arts sticks.

Steve Blackman hits a side suplex on Shane and then puts a leather strap around his neck before throwing him around the ring with it! Blackman then applies a brutal single crab, pulling back on the leather strap! Test and Albert then run out to break it up. Albert hits a double armed chokeslam on Steve and then both men double team Blackman. Albert places a trash can lid on Steves head and Test jumps off the top rope with an elbow. They then hold the former Hardcore champion for Shane who hits his trademark jabs. Shane smashes a metal sign into Blackmans face, sending him to the outside. McMahon the drags Blackman up the entrance way with the leather strap. The three of them lay Blackman down and Test attempts to push a speaker on Blackman but he gets out of the way. Albert tries to hit Steve with a kendo stick but Blackman pulls Test in the way. But there’s too many people for Blackman.

Shane runs away and climbs up the titantron all the way to the top! Blackman follows and it makes me nervous just looking at it. They are a long way up. Blackman hits him with the kendo stick repeatedly and Shane falls! Shane drops all the way down to the floor below. Blackman then dives on top of him. Blackman puts an arm over Shane and the referee counts the 3! Steve Blackman beats Shane McMahon for the Hardcore title tonight but what a spot we got at the end! A memorable Hardcore title match between these two.

Rating: 7.25/10

Stephanie McMahon is backstage worried about Shane when Kurt Angle walks in. Kurt walks in and gives her a hug and then Mick Foley enters. He says that he thinks Shane landed on his kisser! Mick and Stephanie leave.

Video package next for Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit.

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit – 2 out of 3 fall match

First Fall – This is the third PPV meeting between these two men. The first two at Backlash and Judgment Day were won by Chris Benoit. Chris Jericho becomes the first man to have wrestled on every PPV so far in 2000. This is both mens Summerslam debut despite Jericho debuting before Summerslam last year. The two men get right into the match before the bell and slug it out all the way out of the ring. The referee gets knocked down but accidentally so he doesn’t sell it. Benoit slings Jericho into the ringpost then back into the ring. These two were involved in the triple main events at last months Fully Loaded although both lost to The Rock and Triple H respectively. Benoit goes for the Cripples Crossface but Jericho gets out of it. Jericho hits a German suplex for the first near fall of the match. Jericho looks to go for a Tombstone but Benoit reverses it and hits a shoulderbreaker. Jericho hits a bulldog and then goes for the Lionsault but Benoit gets his knees up and then locks on the Crippler Crossface! Jericho taps out! Benoit wins the first fall!

Second Fall – Benoit goes right back for the Crossface and locks it on! This time Jericho manages to get to the ropes so Benoit breaks the hold. It’s all Benoit though and he ties Jericho up in the corner before dragging him out of the ring and throwing him into the ringpost. Back in the ring and Benoit throws Jericho into the ring post shoulder first for a two count. He throws Jericho into the ringpost again, working Jericho’s shoulder. Jericho gets back into it with a slap and a forearm. He starts a comeback with right hands but Benoit ducks one and hits a German suplex. He goes for a second but Jericho rolls through and locks on the Walls of Jericho! Benoit reaches for the ropes but Jericho walks him back to the centre of the ring. Benoit taps! Jericho wins the second fall!

Third Fall – Jericho hits a backbreaker for a two count. He then goes up top and hits a reverse elbow for another two count. Jericho sends Benoit into the ropes but then lowers his head. Benoit goes for a powerbomb but Jericho gets out of it and then Jericho goes for a powerbomb but Benoit gets out of it. We then get a couple of pinfall attempts and Benoit hits a full nelson suplex for a two. The Cripples then goes to the top but Jericho meets him up there and hits a hurricanrana from a standing position! That was impressive. Jericho pins Benoit for a two before hitting a flying forearm and a clothesline. Both of these men have been WWF Champion before having the decision reversed and the title taken way from them. Jericho knocks Benoit down with a forearm and then hits the Lionsault but Jericho sells an injury. Jericho dives at Benoit and rolls him up for a two and then Benoit reverses the cover and hangs onto the topes and gets the three! Chris Benoit wins the match by holding the ropes! That’s 3 wins out out of 3 for PPV matches against Jericho.

Rating: 8.5/10

We see Triple H arriving and he doesn’t look too pleased.

There’s a video package next for the TLC match, oh my!

Edge & Christian (c) vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) – Tables, Ladders & Chairs match for the Tag Team Championships

This is the second three way match between these three teams, the first was at Wrestlemania in a ladder match and it was Edge and Christian who won that one. This one is TLC though as The Dudley Boyz are the masters of the tables, Hardy Boyz are the innovators of the ladders and Edge and Christian are the chair-men of the WWF. All 6 men get right into it and the Hardyz use the chairs. Edge and Christian use the chairs on D-Von Dudley and then Edge brings a ladder into the ring. Bubba Ray  uses the ladder on Edge before hitting a DDT on Christian. Bubba Ray then climbs up the ladder but the Hardy Boyz powerbomb him off. Edge and Christian have fought on every PPV so far in 2000. Jerry Lawler picks the Hardy Boyz which means they won’t win. Christian climbs the ladders now but Bubba Ray hits a painful looking powerbomb off the top. Jeff Hardy climbs a ladder now but Edge pushes him off onto another ladder which fires up onto Matt Hardys face. Edge and Christian go for a double chair shot on Jeff Hardy but Hardy ducks. Bubba Ray then takes out everyone with a ladder.

Bubba Ray scoop slams Edge and then opens his legs for the Wazzup Drop which D-Von hits off a ladder. Bubba then calls for the tables! D-Von sets up a table in the middle of the ring and they hit Christian with a 3D right through it! The Dudleyz then stack up some tables outside of the ring. Bubba looks to set Jeff Hardy up for something but Edge takes both Dudleyz down with a chair! Matt then hits a twist of fate on Edge before going to the top of the ladder and hitting a legdrop. Jeff then goes to the top and leapfrogs over a ladder and dropping a legdrop on Edge himself! Jeff then sets up a huge ladder outside of the ring. Bubba Ray is lying on a table below and Jeff jumps off with a Swanton Bomb but Bubba Ray gets out of the way and Jeff crashes through the table below! Matt then sets up the huge ladder in the ring and climbs up it but Christian goes after him. D-Von climbs up the other side as Christian hits the reverse DDT on Matt. Edge drags D-Von down and everybody is down!

Bubba Ray gets into the ring and with everyone down he climbs up the ladder. He’s races up the ladder but Edge and Christian push the ladder over sending Bubba Ray through the four tables on the outside! Edge and Christian set up the ladders and the crowd boo them as they both climb up the ladder. Lita then runs out and pushes the ladder over! The crowd break out in a “Lita” chant as Matt Hardy sets up the ladder in his home state. He climbs up to the top but D-Von is up and he tips the ladder over sending Matt through two tables on the outside! Edge then spears Lita! This match is crazy. Lita may have hit the back of her head on a ladder there. D-Von and Jeff Hardy both climb up the ladder and both men grab a title and then hang onto the ropes holding the belts. D-Von falls down and Edge and christian then throws a ladder at Jeff! Edge and Christian climb a ladder and they get the belts! Edge and Christian win one hell of a match! This match was crazy but I absolutely loved it.

Rating: 9.25/10 

Triple H is backstage telling Stephanie to stay away from Kurt Angle.

The Kat vs. Terri Runnels – Stink Face Match

Terri comes out in a dress but immediately rips it off! Perry Saturn runs out and covers Terri up. The Kat is joined by Al Snow. This is somewhat of a rematch from Wrestlemania when Terri beat The Kat in a Cat Fight. Kat hits a powerslam in the early going then tells Terri to sit down in the corner and she does! That was weird. Terri gets out of the ring but Al Snow throws her back in. We then get some standard cat fighting. The Kat throws Terri around the ring before spanking her and shoving her into the corner and hitting a Bronco Buster! The Kat then goes for a Stink Face but Perry Saturn shoves her away. Terri then hits a bulldog and sits on The Kats face. The Kat hits a powerslam and then goes to sit on Terri but Terri gets out of the way. Terri puts The Kat in the corner and then goes for the Stink Face but Kat kicks her away, into the referee. Al Snow then throws Head into the ring and Perry smashes it into Terri’s face! The Kat then does the Stink Face on Terri and wins the match! It was definitely more entertaining than their Wrestlemania match The Kat celebrates with Al Snow.

Rating: 2.75/10

The Acolytes are at WWF New York, drinking and smoking!

Video package for The Undertaker and Kane next. This feud has been a bit rushed.

Kane vs. The Undertaker

This is the 6th PPV meeting between these two men. Undertaker won the first 3, they then the 4th and Undertaker won the 5th which was at Survivor Series 98. That’s 4 wins to Undertaker and one draw. Is it time Kane won one? Undertaker attacks Kane during his entrance and the two men slug it out in the aisle. Nobody has fought as many PPV matches and has recorded as many PPV wins as The Undertaker. The two slug it out into the ring where Undertaker tries to rip off Kanes mask. Kane stops him and lays into Undertaker in the corner. Kane grabs a chair but Undertaker fights him off before he can use it. Undertaker then grabs the chair and smashes Kane with it. Apparently it’s a no disqualification match! Undertaker goes for the mask again and rips some of it off! Kane and Undertaker go at it on the outside where Kane smashes Undertakers face into the ring steps. Kane then tries to run the steps into Undertaker but the Deadman ducks and ends up throwing the steps at his brother.

You get the feeling something big might happen in this match to make up for its lack of build. Undertaker knocks Kane down and then throws him into the ring. Kane hits a low blow and some big right hands. Undertaker then hits some big right hands of his own and then tries to rip Kanes mask off! Kane sets up for a chokeslam but Undertaker low blows his brother off him. Undertaker then rips the mask of Kane! Undertakers music hits and I guess this one is over? A very confusing contest. Apparently the bell didn’t even ring. I guess it’s a no contest! A second draw between these two men.

Rating: 6.5/10 

Kurt Angle phones Stephanie McMahon backstage and Triple H wants to talk to her. Stephanie hands over the phone and unsurprisingly he can’t hear anybody on the other side!

Video package next for the main event. The build for this has been centred more about Stephanie McMahon than it has the title.

The Rock (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Triple H –Triple threat match for the WWF Championship

This is a first WWF title match for Kurt Angle on PPV. Kurt gets on the mic before the bell and says he is sorry that he didn’t kiss Stephanie sooner. Triple H rushes out and lays into Angle before the bell! The referee tries to break it up and Triple H shoves him out of the way. That allows Kurt to hit a clothesline and send Triple H to the outside. He smashes Triple H into the steps and then back into the ring where Triple H throws Angle out of the ring again and then into the steps. These two men are the 1997 and 2000 King Of The Rings respectively and Triple H hits a Pedigree on Angle through the Spanish announce table! But the table gave way before the move and Angle is not in a good way. Triple H then gets his trust sledgehammer from under the ring and The Rocks music hits! The Rock finally comes out and gets in the ring where Triple H is waiting. Rock ducks a sledgehammer swing and hits a clothesline and Samoan drop on Triple H. The crowd are right behind The Rock in this one. The Rock throws Triple H into the steps but Triple H throws Rocky into the announce table. EMT’s look after Kurt.

Triple H lays into The Rock in the ring as this match comes down to those two. Triple H hits a reverse elbow on The Rock and then looks out to Kurt Angle who is now on a stretcher. The Rock hits some right hands but Triple H sends him out of the ring. All three of these men have fought on every PPV so far in 2000. Triple H goes after Kurt who has been taken away on a stretcher. He pulls him back to the aisle and The Rock comes back and hits a clothesline on Triple H. Rocky then catapults Triple H into some of the steel set before taking him down with a clothesline. The Rock hits a low blow then and we see that Stephanie McMahon has come out to see to Kurt Angle. Triple H had told her to stay in the locker room. Helmsley fights back against The Rock, knocking him down with a big clothesline. These two men have had more PPV matches against each other than anyone else in history. Stephanie is at ringside now and Triple H isn’t happy. He hits a high knee for a two count. Triple H asks Stephanie for the belt and she grabs the WWF title belt and aims to hit The Rock but Rocky ducks and she nails Triple H. The Rock pins him and just gets a two.

The Rock diverts his attention to Stephanie and Triple H hits him with a low blow. Sgt Slaughter sees Stephanie to the back. The Rock hits a big clothesline but Triple H hits a neckbreaker. Triple H then gets his sledgehammer again and this time nails The Rock in the gut with it. Helmsley lays into The Rock with boots and left and rights. I’m surprised Big Show wasn’t on this card considering his return recently. Triple H rams The Rock into the ring post. This is standard Triple H now as he slowly, methodically picks apart Triple H. The Intercontinental and Hardcore titles have both changed hands tonight. Edge and Christian are the only champions to have retained. Triple H goes up to the top but The Rock meets him up there and hits a superplex! Earl Hebner counts both men down but there are supposed to be no count outs in this one. We then see Stephanie backstage asking Kurt to go and help Triple H. Will you do it for me Kurt? Only for you Stephanie. The Rock crawls over and pins Triple H but just for a two. The Rock hits a belly to belly suplex for another near fall.

Kurt Angle then comes out from the back, being pulled by Stephanie. The Rock lays into Triple H with right hands but Triple H throws Rock into the ropes and Kurt pulls Rocks foot. Triple H then hits a Pedigree on The Rock but Kurt pulls Triple H out of the ring and throws him into the steps. Kurt pins The Rock for a two! Kurt is back in this match now and he hits a reverse elbow on The Rock for another near fall. The Rock fights back but Kurt hits a big belly to belly for another two count. The Rock hits a nice belly to belly of his own and a DDT but Kurt kicks out of the pinfall. Triple H gets up on the apron but The Rock throws Angle into him! The Rock then hits the Rock Bottom on Angle! He pins Kurt but Triple H stops the count by pulling Rocky out of the ring. Triple H throws The Rock into the ringpost and then into the ring. He asks Stephanie for the sledgehammer and she throws it in. Helmsley goes for it but Kurt kicks him away and grabs the hammer himself! Triple H then goes for a right hand on Angle but Triple H accidentally hits Stephanie! He sees to his wife but Angle nails Helmsley with the sledgehammer! He pins Triple H but The Rock breaks it up. The champion then kicks Angle out of the ring and hits the People’s Elbow on Triple H which gets the three count! The Rock wins the match and retains his WWF title! Through hell, high water, sledgehammer and wives, The Rock has retained his WWF title!

Great match between these three despite the lull in the middle. The Rock retains his title again in a match more based around Stephanie McMahon than it was the WWF title. Kurt then sees to Stephanie and takes her to the back and The Rock celebrates with the title.

Rating: 8/10


And that was Summerslam 2000. There were some fantastic matches on this card and besides the one obvious match, nothing below average. I don’t mind Right To Censor winning the first match, it gives that new stable a decent push. They should’ve done the same with the Radicalz earlier in the year but they killed them by losing. The match wasn’t the best but it was an OK way to start the show. Rikishi and Too Cool are popular so get a decent reaction which is what you need when you start the show. X Pac then beat Road Dogg which, for me, breaks up DX. He used the low blow and Road Dogg hit his finisher on X Pac after the bell. I think it’s probably time for these men to go their own way but my worry is that they will get lost in the shuffle. Neither have been used in any big storylines for a while. I can see Road Dogg joining back with Billy Gunn when he returns. Chyna then won the Intercontinental title, pinning Trish in a pretty decent tag team match. I think this might put an end to the Val Venis and Trish Stratus relationship. I was surprised Chyna won the IC title, I thought it was definitely going to Guerrero who more than deserves it. Maybe this’ll be the beginning of the end for Eddie and Chyna?

Jerry Lawler defeated Tazz with a lot of help from Jim Ross. This was a feel good match really where good prevailed against a bully. Tazz has been getting a decent push as of late so it was a little surprising but with Jim Ross getting involved, I liked it. It’s always good to see Lawler in action, even if he is a bit behind the times! We then got the spot of the night when Shane McMahon went flying off the Titantron and lost his Hardcore title to Steve Blackman. There’s no doubt Shane has balls and it seems that everytime he wrestles, he puts on a hell of a show. That was possibly the most mental thing I’ve ever seen. It makes me think that this match was made because of that one spot, especially because two weeks ago Shane had nothing to do with the Hardcore division. Blackman is getting a decent push at the moment, I like him as Hardcore champion because he just beats the shit out of anyone that tries to take advantage of the 24/7 rule.

Benoit beat Jericho by cheating which suggests that this feud isn’t over. These two have such good chemistry and both men are putting on fantastic matches whoever they fight. This feud definitely has legs and could carry on into next month. Then came the match of the night in the form of TLC. This match was crazy going from spot to spot with all 6 men nearly killing themselves. It was better than their ladder match at Wrestlemania which was also good. Edge and Christian won both matches and ave really established themselves as the top team in the WWF. I could watch this match over and over and the tag division could go in any direction with either the Hardyz or Dudleyz getting the next shot. Phenomenal match, easily one of the best I have ever seen. The Kat and Terri had to follow this whilst two talented competitors in Perry Saturn and Al Snow had to stand by and watch. This should lead to a feud between the two over the European title.

The Undertaker and Kane match was odd. They made out the bell never rung but I’m pretty sure it did. The match went ahead with Undertakers main focus was to take the mask from Kane. Maybe this will lead somewhere down the line. I guess the end result is a no contest but it was a strange match. More matches between the brothers to come? It would make sense. We got a glimpse of a maskless Kane in this one. Then in the main event The Rock retained his WWF title against Kurt Angle and Triple H. Deep down I wanted Kurt to win but Rocky winning is fine. He can go on with the title whilst Kurt and Triple H feud over Stephanie McMahon. The Rock is the top man in the company at the moment and this is the longest title reign he’s ever had so I’m happy to see him as champ. Overall, a really good show. Some really good matches featured on this show and it is definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it before.

Overall Rating: 64.25/100 (ranked 11th out of 113)

Match Of The Night: Tables, Ladders & Chairs
Worst Match Of The Night: Terri Runnels vs. The Kat
Surprise Of The Night: Chyna wins the Intercontinental title
Worst Booking Of The Night: The Undertaker/Kane match
Superstar Of The Night: Shane McMahon
Summerslam 2000 Will Be Remembered For: Shane McMahons epic dive off the titantron

One thought on “Summerslam 2000

  1. Five things of note:

    1.The Right to Censor was clearly a thinly-veiled parody of the Parents Television Council and their leader, L. Brent Bozell III, who had been targeting SmackDown since its debut the previous year.

    2.The X-Pac/Road Dogg match was the swan song for one of the greatest factions in WWF history, D-Generation X. With HHH becoming an established main eventer with Stephanie by his side, Billy Gunn and Tori both injured (and shortly making their returns as “The One” and Raven’s ninja lackey respectively), and Chyna hanging with Eddie (but not for much longer), both Pac and Dogg were pretty much twisting in the wind.

    It’s crazy how three years earlier, D-Generation X was formed in August/September 1997 by Shawn Michaels, HHH, Chyna, and “Ravishing” Rick Rude, and even after Shawn retired from the ring due to his back injury after WrestleMania 14 in March 1998 (until he fully healed up and returned in 2002), Rude left for WCW in November 1997 (and later died in April 1999), and Hunter and Chyna reformed the group with X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws, DX pretty much dominated the wrestling world for all of 1998, and then the first and fourth quarters of 1999.

    But, the once powerful and revolutionary group goes out with a whimper in a match between two guys who weren’t even included in the original incarnation to begin with.

    After this match, the DX signs and innuendos slowly fade, and the Neon Green is finished for good (at least until 2006). Oh, what a ride it’s been.

    3.Instead of Kat vs. Terri, I would’ve preferred either Saturn vs. Snow for the European Title (which happened on the SmackDown after this PPV, with Snow winning the gold thanks to outside help from Head), or even Dean Malenko vs. either Essa Rios, Taka Michinoku, Sho Funaki, or Crash Holly for the Light-Heavyweight Title to take place on this PPV.

    4.Taker vs. Kane was originally supposed to have been Taker vs. Big Show (which makes more sense, since they *DID* team up against Kane and X-Pac at the previous SummerSlam), but Big Show was sent down to Ohio Valley Wrestling to deal with his weight and attitude problems for the rest of 2000.

    5.On the Raw prior to this PPV, Lita defeated Stephanie McMahon by pinfall with the moonsault to win the Women’s Title, thanks to help from The Rock, who was the special guest referee.

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