Unforgiven 2000

| Date: September 24, 2000
| Venue: First Union Centre | City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
| Attendance: 18, 092 | Buyrate: 605, 000

Unforgiven has the second biggest buyrate of any none big 5 PPV ever. That’s a lot of eyes on this PPV which says a lot about the build into this show. The WWF Champion is the man that tends to get the credit for the big numbers and that man is The Rock. Tonight he defends his title against 3 men who couldn’t decide between them who is the number one contender. The Undertaker, Kane and Chris Benoit all get a shot in the main event tonight despite Mick Foleys best efforts to get one number one contender. It all ended in a tag team match that Mick Foley was at ringside for in which he wanted to see whether Chris Benoit could hang with the other 3 WWF main eventers. It was Benoit who got the win for his team and so Foley decided that Unforgivens main event would be a fatal four way. Will the numbers be too much for The Rock, will he be able to hang on to the title he won back in June at King Of The Ring? We’ll find out tonight.

The sub main event tonight is the one on one match between Triple H and Kurt Angle. This one has been a long time in the making and has centred around Triple H’s wife, Stephanie McMahon. Kurt Angle has kissed Stephanie not once but twice and this has angered Triple H. Triple H has even been claiming that Kurt Angle is gay due to him claiming to be Stephanie McMahons friend. Kurt has got under Triple H’s skin enough for Helmsley to demand a match between the two and tonight we finally get to see that. Another Kliq member in X Pac will also be in action tonight against Chris Jericho. This is actually a rematch from last years Unforgiven when X Pac beat Jericho in his first PPV match by disqualification. Over the past few weeks X Pac has attacked Jericho with nunchucks, busting Chris open on more than one occasion. This is definitely going to be the sleeper match of the show.

As well as the WWF title, three other championships will be defended. At Summerslam we saw Chyna win the Intercontinental title in a tag team match. She didn’t have the gold for long as her boyfriend Eddie Guerrero beat her for the gold “by accident” on Raw a couple of weeks later. Eddie’s Latino Heat has been on show over the last few weeks and he’s attacked a lot of Chyna’s friends, such as Rikishi and Too Cool. So tonight we have Chyna’s friend and former Intercontinental champion Rikishi get a shot at Guerrero. Edge and Christian will be defending their Tag Team titles against their rivals The Hardy Boyz. Edge and Christian have mocked the Hardyz over the past few weeks with midgets and showing old footage of them in their younger days. Tonight the two teams meet in a cage match. The other title match will be for the Hardcore championship with champion Steve Blackman defending his belt in a Hardcore invitational.

We’ll also have a rematch from Summerslam tonight as Tazz goes one on one with Jerry “the King” Lawler. This time though, the two will compete in a strap match. And we’ll also get The Right To Censor, who have new recruited Val Venis in an 8 man tag match against The Acolytes and The Dudley Boyz. So let’s get to it.

A dramatic video package kicks us off highlighting the return of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the fatal four way main event and the rivalry between Triple H and Kurt Angle. It’s a pretty terrible package. But the graphic designers have done a nice job with the Unforgiven logo. Jim Ross then welcomes us to Philadelphia. Steve Austin is the first thing he mentions, that’s going to be a big deal. But he did return a few months ago to be in The Rocks corner. Jerry Lawler joins Jim Ross and the other big news is that Shane McMahon has video proof over who ran over Austin! Oddly, The Fink then thanks everyone and Jerry Lawler doesn’t recognise The Dudley Boyz music.

The Right To Censor (Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan, The Goodfather & Val Venis) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) & The Acolytes (Faarooq & Bradshaw).

Right To Censor kick us off for the second PPV in a row. The Acolytes actually beat The Dudley Boyz in their PPV debut at Unforgiven last year. Faarooq has actually won at both previous Unforgiven PPVs. D-Von and The Godfather start the match and it’s D-Von with the early advantage. D-Von tags in Bubba Ray and the Goodfather goes for the Hoe Train but misses. Bubba hits a side suplex for the first near call of the match. Goodfather hits a back body drop and tags in Bull Buchanan. Bubba hits him with a clothesline and tags out to Bradshaw to a big pop. Bradshaw hits a neckbreaker and lays into Bull with big right hands. He Irish whips Buchanan into the corner but Bull springboards off the top rope and hits a clothesline. Bull tags out to Val Venis who is all in white. Bradshaw whips him hard into the corner and follows it up with a fallaway slam. Bradshaw tags Faarooq in for the first time of the night.

Faarooq lays into Val and then tags out to D-Von. We’re yet to see Steven Richards tonight. D-Von hits a big shoulder block and Richards gets involved which distracts Dudley. Venis hits a powerbomb and tags out to The Goodfather. He hits a side suplex on D-Von for a two count. Val Venis tags in and hits a powerslam but misses with an elbow drop. D-Von tags Bubba Ray who hits some clotheslines, back body drops and a reverse atomic drop. He then taks out everyone in Right To Censor! He gets a near fall on Val and all eight men get involved. The Dudleyz hit the Doomsday Device on Val but Goodfather breaks up the cover. Steven gets in the ring and hits a Steven kick on Bubba Ray! Val covers him and gets the three! Right To Censor win the match! Steven Richards remains unbeaten on PPV!

After the match The Dudley Boyz hit their diving headbutt on Richards and then bring out the table! Bubba Ray looks to powerbomb Richards through the table but the rest of Right To Censor make the save. Faarooq hits a big spinebuster on Val and then the Acolytes hit a big spinebuster on Stevie. Bradshaw is really stiff on Stevie. Bubba then hits his powerbomb off the top rope on Richards through the table. The fans got what they wanted tonight but it’s Right To Censor with another PPV win tonight!

Rating: 5.5/10

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are backstage and Stephanie is worried about Triple H’s ribs. Triple H makes it very clear that it comes to an end with Angle tonight. Stephanie is sorry for defending Kurt Angle in the past and she was wrong.

Kevin Kelly awaits Stone Cold backstage.

Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Tazz – Strap Match

This is a rematch from Summerslam in which Lawler beat Tazz with a lot of help from Jim Ross. Tazz gets the early advantage in this one, using the strap to pull Lawler closer and hitting a suplex. Tazz throws Jerry out of the ring and follows him out, choking Jerry in front of Jim Ross. Ross tells Tazz to shut up and get in the wrong. Lawler then chokes Tazz and whips him with the strap. Lawler is in a yellow and blue ensemble tonight. Back in the ring and Tazz hits a low blow to take the advantage before whipping Lawler once more. Lawler has been in the WWF for well over 7 years now. He hits some big jabs on Tazz, knocking down the former Hardcore champion. Jerry then hits hit finisher, the piledriver! But Tazz gets right back up! Lawler hits another and Tazz no-sells again! Lawler hits a third and Tazz just keeps getting back up! But then Tazz falls down. Lawler walks to the first turnbuckle and taps it, then the second, the third….but Tazz stops him from making the fourth. Lawler tries to carry Tazz on his back but Tazz takes out the referee.

Just then Raven shows up! The crowd go nuts as Raven hits a DDT on Lawler! Raven leaves and Tazz locks on the Tazzmission. The referee gets up and checks Jerry who is out! Tazz wins the match with a lot of help from Raven! Not a bad match between these two which resulted in the debut of Raven!

Rating: 6.25/10

Steve Blackman is backstage with what looks like axe’s swinging back and forth.

Kevin Kely bursts into life as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin arrives. Austin isn’t here to answer questions, he throws Kelly into a gate and walks off!

Michael Cole joins Jim Ross on commentary.

Steve Blackman (c) vs. Al Snow vs. Crash Holly vs. Test vs. Perry Saturn vs. Funaki – Hardcore Invitational

This match, much like at Wrestlemania is an anything goes Hardcore match where the winner is the last man to get the fall. There has only been one Hardcore match on PPV ever to not feature Al Snow or Crash Holly and that was at last months Summerslam. This match is the first to feature both. There are lots of near falls in the early going. This match has a ten minute time limit. Blackman and Crash go at it on the outside whilst on the inside Saturn hits a superkick on Test. Terri grabs Head and throws it Saturn where he accidentally hits Trish. Test then accidentally hits Terri! Al Snow then hits everyone with Head! Crash hits a hurricanrana off the top and then Funaki hits a cross body on Blackman for a two count. All of these men are former Hardcore champions. Test and Blackman go at it on the outside and then Saturn hits a moonsault on everyone!

7 minutes left to go and there hasn’t been a fall yet. Al Snow has a fishing net which he uses on Crash. Perry Saturn takes Funaki to the back! Test and Blackman still go at it in the entrance way. Test boots a trashcan in Blackmans face and then Crash hits Test with the bin lid and pins Blackman for the three! Crash is the Hardcore champion! He runs to the back but Saturn smacks him with a trash can and gets the three count! Saturn is the champion. Al Snow hits him with a trash can lid for a two count. Al Snow, the European Champion, is representing Italy tonight. Saturn is now the man to beat and Blackman lays into him. Blackman then lays into Funaki and we’re at the half way mark. Snow lays into Funaki as blackman and Saturn go at it. Test comes over and lays into Al Snow. All 6 men are now battling in the crowd! 4 minutes to go. Blackman has been in the WWF for the longest out of these 6 men, nearly 3 years. 3 minutes to go, Perry Saturn is still the champion.

The 6 men make it back round to ringside. We know that the winner of this match will get  24 hour rest from having to defend the title. Snow hits Test with a pizza box. Blackman lays into Saturn with his martial arts stickers. 2 minutes to go. Blackman hits a suplex on Saturn and then he nails Perry with a kendo stick! Blackman hits Snow with the kendo stick and then does the same to Crash, Funaki and Test. He knocks Saturn down with the kendo stick again and gets a three count! Blackman is the Hardcore champion with a minute to go. Blackman creates some distance but all 5 men go after him! They all knock him down but nobody goes for a cover! They all try to but nobody can get it! Blackman takes back his Hardcore title tonight!

Rating: 6.5/10

Kurt Angle is backstage showing his Olympic gold medal to Tony Garea and some other bloke. Steve Austin then arrives and this is the first time we’ve ever seen them together. Angle offers his hand but Austin doesn’t take it. Kurt then gives Austin an honoury gold medal. Austin then says he’s going to store it up Angle ass and beats the hell out of Angle!

Chris Jericho vs. X Pac

This is a rematch from last years Unforgiven pay per view when X Pac beat Jericho by disqualification. Jericho becomes the first man to have wrestled on every PPV so far this year. He can be joined by Triple H, The Rock, Kurt Angle and Edge and Christian later. X Pac has attacked Jericho with weapons on a number of occasions recently. Jericho runs to the ring and X Pac runs away. Jericho has had some big matches on PPV recently against the likes of Triple H and Chris Benoit but he’s comes down a peg or two now. Jericho takes X Pac off his feet in the early going and X Pac returns the favour. Jericho hits some chops  and an Irish whip. X Pac then hits some martial arts kicks in the corner and attempts the Bronco Buster but Jericho flies out of the corner with a clothesline. Jericho then hits a spinning heel kick and attempts his trademark dropkick to the apron but X Pac pushes Jericho off the top to the outside. X Pac follows it up with a plancha and then throws Jericho onto the announce table. Not many have had as many PPV matches as Sean Waltman.

X Pac hits a dropkick to Jericho on the outside. Jericho has only won at Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania this year as far as PPVs. And the Wrestlemania win was shared with Chris Benoit. Back in the ring and X Pac locks on a sleeper. Y2J gets out of it and locks on a sleeper of his own which X Pac quickly gets out of with a suplex for a near fall. X Pac then hits the Bronco Buster! He celebrates right above Jerichos head but Jericho stands up and hits a powerbomb! The two men get up and slug it out in the middle of the ring. Jericho hits a flying forearm for a two count. Jericho then hits a Bronco Buster of his own! Chris misses with a shoulder barge in the corner and X Pac looks under the ring and grabs some nunchucks! He swings them at Jericho who ducks and rolls X Pac up for a two count! X Pac hits a low blow and the X Factor! He pins Jericho who just kicks out! I think the referee hesitated for the three then. Jericho hits a powerbomb and then locks on the Walls Of Jericho but X Pac quickly gets to the ropes. X Pac hits a nice roundhouse kick which Jericho just kicks out of. Jericho hits a bulldog and goes for the Lionsault but X Pac gets his knees up.

Jericho goes to the middle rope and dives off but Jericho catches him and locks on the Walls of Jericho! X Pac taps out and Jericho wins this match! He gets his win back from Unforgiven last year. A much needed win for Y2J. A really good match between these two. After the bell X Pac attacks Jericho with the nunchucks again!

Rating: 7.25/10

Mick Foley is in his “office” backstage and Kurt Angle arrives and isn’t happy about Austin attacking him. Kurt then tells Mick that he had a head cold before he won his gold medal and IBS! Mick doesn’t care. He makes Kurts match with Triple H a no disqualification match!

The Rock is getting ready backstage when Stone Cold arrives. The two men shake hands and Rock welcomes him back. Austin wants to know who could have got Rocks rental car keys. Just Joe then turns up and Austin lays him out!

Edge & Christian (c) vs. The Hardy Boyz (Jeff & Matt) – Cage Match for the WWF Tag Team Championships

This is the fifth tag team match between these two teams on PPV with The Hardy Boyz currently beating Edge and Christian 3-1. That’s not including multi-team matches. These two teams get right into it and it’s the Hardy Boyz with the early advantage. No sign of Lita tonight. Matt and Jeff throws Christian into the cage. Edge and Christian won the titles back at King Of The Ring back in June and have held it ever since. Jeff Hardy climbs the cage and gets all the way to the top but instead of dropping down, he looks to hit the Swanton Bomb! Edge quickly gets up there and pushes Jeff off and he falls down to the outside! Jeff is out of the match! Matt now needs to climb out for the Hardy Boyz to win the match. The rules for this are odd. Matt seems to do well, taking both Edge and Christian apart. He rolls up Edge for a two count whilst Christian is tied up in the corner. Matt then ties Edge up in the ropes and Matt climbs the cage! The tag champs break themselves free and they suplex Matt back into the match. This is essentially a handicap match now. Edge covers Matt for a two.

Edge and Christian ram Matt into the cage as Jeff looks on. Jeff tries to climb the cage but Edge and Christian throw Matt into the side of the cage to knock Jeff off. Jeff manages to climb to the top of the cage but Christian hammers him off. Edge and Christian stomp away at Matt. Jeff manages to get the key to the cage off the referee and he opens the cage door and throws a chair in the ring but Christian fights Jeff off! Christian then leaves the cage through the door and grabs another chair. Edge has busted Matt open. Christian locks the cage door from the inside. Edge and Christian both grab a steel chair and they go for the con-chair-to but Matt ducks it and takes down both men with clotheslines! Matt climbs the cage and gets all the way to the top and over but Edge grabs him by the head! Christian climbs over the top and Jeff Hardy throws a ladder at him! Christian falls to the outside which means he’s out of the match too! The next man out of Matt Hardy and Edge to climb out of the cage, wins the match for his team!  Jeff sets up a ladder on the outside and climbs up it and up onto thr top of the cage. Edge tries to stop him but Matt takes him down with a side suplex.

Jeff Hardy stands up on top of the cage and then leaps off with a corkscrew moonsault on both Edge and his brother Matt below! He looks like he missed both men. On the outside, Christian climbs up the ladder but from nowhere comes Lita who hits a low blow on Christian and then a hurricanrana off the top of the ladder! In the ring, Edge throws a chair at Jeff Hardy. Edge climbs the cage but the Hardy Boyz stop him and lodge chairs in the top of the cage. The Hardyz then stand at the top of the cage and hit a con-chair-to on Edge, sending him flying back into the ring! Matt and Jeff then climb down to the outside and win the match! The Hardy Boyz win the match and the tag team title tonight! They are also 4-1 up against Edge and Christian on PPV. This was a really odd match. It got better as the match went on but when Jeff left the match it was a little confusing.

Rating: 6.75/10

Stephanie McMahon is backstage when Stone Cold shows up! He wants to know where Triple H is but he’s gone to talk to Mick Foley. Stephanie gives him the cap he wore the night he was run down at Survivor Series. Austin seems very happy that he got his cap back. Who cares about who ran him over? Stephanie then tells Austin that Shane has proof who ran him over. Austin doesn’t trust anyone.

Triple H says that he and Foley have bonded recently but tonight he wants to retire Angle. Helmsley wants to know that Foley will call the match down the middle tonight. Mick says he will.

Jerry Lawlers music hits and the King returns to ringside! Michael Cole leaves the broadcast position and Lawler returns to his seat.

Video package now for Eddie Guerrero and Rikishi. Wierdly they used the music for the “don’t try this at home” promo.

Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Rikishi – Intercontinental Championship Match

This is a first time one on one match between these two on pay per view. It nearly happened at King Of The Ring but Val Venis beat Guerrero in the quater finals. Eddie and Cyna are engaged to be married and Chyna is out here with her man. Rikishi is a former Intercontinental champion. Rikishi lays into Eddie in the early going with right hands and a clothesline before throwing the champion out of the ring. Rikishi then throws Eddie into the ring steps before chucking him back in the ring. Rikishi attempts to sit down on Eddie but Guerrero gets out of the way. Latino Heat then looks to head to the back but Chyna tells him to get back in the ring. She throws him back in and Eddie isn’t happy. It allows Rikishi to take the advantage with a big back body drop and a splash in the corner. Eddie falls down to a seated position and Rikishi motions for the Stink Face! Chyna pulls Guerrero out of the ring though! Rikishi exits the ring and Eddie uses Chyna as a shield before going to the top and flying to the outside with a cross body!

Eddie throws Rikishi into the steps and then back into the ring. He then goes to the top and takes a long time to fly off and when he does, Rikishi rolls out of the way! Rikishi then hits a big splash in the corner and a Samoan drop. He drags Eddie over to the corner and then hits the Banzai drop! It looks to be over but Chyna slides into the ring and distracts the referee! She seems like she doesn’t want to do what she’s been doing. Rikishi goes out and throws Chyna into the ring before shoving her down and hitting her with a superkick! The referee then calls for the bell. Apparently Rikishi has been disqualified? I don’t really understand that decision. Rikishi hits the Banzai drop on Chyna. It looks as though Eddie Guerrero wins this match by DQ. He retains his Intercontinental title in any case!

Rating: 6/10

The Coach is backstage with The Undertaker. Undertaker says that Benoit, Kane and Rock will be taking a ride tonight.

Kurt Angle isn’t having a good night. He’s not happy with it being a no dq match tonight, Austin kicked his ass and Stephanie doesnt forgive him. Trish Stratus then shows up and says if he needs anyone to talk to then she’s there for him. Kurt then has a brainwave and runs off.

Video package next for Kurt Angle and Triple H.

Triple H vs. Kurt Angle – No Disqualification match with Mick Foley as special guest referee

Kurt Angle comes out first and sings happy birthday to Stephanie McMahon. She joins Triple H at ringside. Triple H is still heavily taped up after Kurt attacked him with  sledgehammer last week. Kurt goes right for the ribs. Both of these men have wrestled on every PPV so far in 2000. Triple H hits clotheslines and reverse elbows as Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon look on. Helmsley back body drop Angle out of the ring and then follows him out, throwing him into the announce table and ring steps. Triple H then takes apart the Spanish announce table in this first one on one meeting between the two on PPV. Kurt is still looking for his first PPV victory since winning the King Of The Ring in June. He throws Triple H into the barricade. The two get back into the ring where Triple H takes Angle down to the mat. He then goes for a double axe handle off the middle rope but Kurt catches him and hits a belly to belly suplex. Angle hits some big right hands and stomps in the corner.

Kurt misses with a clothesline and gets hit with a DDT for the first near fall of the match. Triple H then gets distracted by Mick Foley allowing Kurt to hit a german suplex for a near fall. Foley and Angle then get involved in a shoving contest before Angle hits a side suplex on Triple H for a two. Kurt hits another suplex for a near fall. Triple H is the only man that can go three for three at Unforgiven PPVs tonight. He’s previously beaten Owen Hart and won the 6 pack challenge at last years event. He lays into Angle with right hands and a jumping knee. Helmsley then hits a suplex and a knee drop for a two count. Kurt sends Helmsley out of the ring and smashes his face into the announce table. Triple H reverses an Irish whip, sending Angle into the ring steps. Triple H then takes apart the main announce table. Kurt tries for a suplex on the outside but Triple H reverses it. The Game then hits Kurt with a steel chair across the back. The two men then battle on the announce table where Helmsley goes for a Pedigree but Angle hits a low blow and then a belly to belly suplex through the Spanish announce table!

Kurt throws Triple H into the ring and goes to work on his ribs before baseball sliding The Gamr out of the ring. Triple H seems to be bleeding from the face and Kurt rolls him back into the ring. Angle works the ribs again until Triple H goads him and moves out of the way of the corner. Triple H can’t take the advantage though because of his injuries. Kurt hits a belly to belly from the top rope and just gets a two. Kurt then locks on an abdominal stretch. Kurt breaks the hold and heads to the top where he attempts a moonsault but Triple H rolls out of the way! Helmsley starts a comeback with one arm and hits a facebuster before trying for a Pedigree. Helmsley can only link one arm and he hits the move. Instead of pinning Angle though, he then calls Stephanie into the ring. He tells Stephanie that he has to pick either him ot Angle. Stephanie hits a low blow on Angle and Triple H nails him with the Pedigree! He covers Kurt and gets the three! Triple H wins the match and Angle still hasn’t won a match since he became King Of The Ring. Not a bad match between these two, if a little boring at times. Triple H lands a rough kiss on Stephanie after the bell.

Rating: 6.75/10

We see Too Cool dancing at WWF New York.

Shane McMahon then heads out to the ring. He says he has video proof of who ran over Austin last November. Shane says tonight he has to publically call out the culprit. He says it’s not somebody you would expect but they do have a history of vehicular violence. We see some video of Steve Blackman running down Ken Shamrock in a car. Shane then blames Blackman for running over Steve Austin. Steve Blackmans music then hits and the Hardcore champion walks out. Shane exits the ring and Austins music hits. Austin has new music which is similar to his old theme but with vocals. The crowd go nuts for Austin. Austin goes eye to eye with Blackman and Shane gets in the ring. I think Shane will be getting a Stunner. Blackman gets a Stunner! Shane then grabs a cooler with beers. Austin and Shane have some beers together before Austin inevitably Stunners Shane. Who ran over Austin? We can’t be far from finding out.

Video package next for the fatal four way main event.

Michael Cole is backstage with The Rock who says that maybe Kane wants a box of matches to set himself on fire. Benoit might want a wolverine to lick his left testicle and The Undertaker might want to ride his bike around longer to give himelf that funny feeling.

The Rock (c) vs. The Undertaker vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kane – WWF Championship Match

WWF title on the line in fatal four way action now. These four men have had five Unforgiven matches before between them and it’s only the man that has featured on all three posters, The Undertaker that has won. He beat Kane in 1999. This is the first time Benoit has met Undertaker or Kane on PPV before. Jerry Lawler predicts that Chris Benoit will win the title tonight which means he won’t. As the wrestlers make their entrance, there are a lot of referees in the ring keeping them apart. The Rock is the only one of these four men to have wrestled on every PPV of 2000 so far. He and Kane have both wrestled at the last 2 Unforgiven PPVs and lost at both. Undertaker is yet to lose on PPV since returning as the American Badass. He and Benoit go right at it whilst Kane and The Rock go at it in the other corner. Kane hasn’t been WWF Champion for over 2 years. Benoit lays into The Rock on the outside now whilst Kane and Undertaker slug it out in the ring. Kane hits a flying clothesline off the top on Undertaker for the first near fall of the match. The first fall wins the title regardless of who takes it.

Undertaker hits a big clothesline on Kane for a two count. The champion has never lost the WWF title at an Unforgiven PPV before. Undertaker hits some right hands on Kane until Benoit goes after Undertaker. He stomps the former WWF Champion out of the ring. In the ring, Kane lays into The Rock until The Rock hits a Samoan drop. Kane then hits a running powerslam for a two count. It’s been over a year since The Undertaker was last WWF Champion. Benoit throws him into the ring post. Kane hits a splash on The Rock in the corner whilst Undertaker drops Benoit on the barricade. The Rock and Undertaker then take it in turns to take shots at Kane. They clothesline the big red machine out of the ring and then go after each other. These two men met at King Of The Ring last year. Undertaker hits a sidewalk slam on The Rock for a two count. He then twists the arm of The Rock and goes to the top but the champion pulls him off the top and then clotheslines him out of the ring. Rocky gets no time to rest as Kane takes him down with a clothesline and then goes for a Tombstone! The Rock slips down and pushes Kane away, knocking him into the referee! The Rock hits a DDT and covers Kane but there’s no ref!

The Undertaker smashes The Rock with a chair and then Benoit gets in the ring and hits Undertaker with a chair! Benoit pins Undertaker and gets the three! Benoit doesn’t sell the win, mainly because Undertaker clearly had his foot on the rope. Mick Foley then comes out and demands the match continues! It’s like Fully Loaded all over again! The match continues and The Rock, Kane and Undertaker go after Benoit! They take it in turns to throw him into the set underneath the Titantron. Kane and The Rock then go at it in the entrance way whilst Undertaker throws Benoit back into the ring. Undertaker pins Benoit but The Rock pulls him out of the ring. Benoit then lays into Undertaker in the ring. Kane joins Benoit inbeating down his brother. The Rock then hits Undertaker with the ring steps. Benoit hits some knife edge chops on The Rock in the ring before getting hit with a belly to belly suplex which The Rock gets a 2 count for. Benoit then hits his trademark triple German suplexes for a two count. Nobody has main evented as many WWF PPVs as The Undertaker.

Chris Benoit goes to the top and hits his diving headbutt on The Rock! He covers the champion and gets a two count. The Rock from nowhere then locks on the Crippler Crossface on Benoit! Undertaker breaks up the submission and clotheslines The Rock out of the ring. Kane then hits a chokeslam on Undertaker and pins him but Benoit breaks it up. The Rock gets back in the ring and tries for a People’s Elbow on Kane but Chris Benoit hits him with a clothesline to a chorus of boos. The Rock slaps Benoit out of the ring and then turns around into a Last Ride from the Undertaker but Kane breaks up the cover. Kane and Undertaker then battle to the outside where Benoit hits both men with chair shots! Chris then locks the Crippler Crossface on The Rock! Undertaker breaks up the hold and hits a chokeslam on Benoit. He makes the cover but Kane pulls Undertaker out of the ring. The two brothers exchange right hands on the outside whilst in the ring, The Rock hits Rock Bottom on Benoit! He covers him and The Undertaker tries to break it up but Kane pulls Undertaker back out and The Rock wins! The Rock retains his WWF title tonight! Fun main event which is all you can expect in a fatal four way.

Rating: 7/10


And that was Unforgiven 2000. Another solid PPV showing in what has been a year of phenominal shows. The opening match was tough because all 8 guys wanted to get their stuff in, in what was a fairly short match. The end result was the right one with Right To Censor continuing to look strong but the Dudley Boyz putting Richards through the table. That gave the fans what they want. I’m not sure how far the Right To Censor can go, I mean, could they get to the main events? I have my doubts but they have a lot of heat and are perfect fodder for babyfaces at the moment. Then we had Jerry Lawler and Tazz in the strap match which gave Tazz the win back from Summerslam. The major talking point from this match was when Raven debuted, helping Tazz win the match. Raven is a hell of a talent and right off the bat I could see a feud with him and Steve Blackman or Al Snow over their respective titles. Maybe Tazz and Raven will enter the tag team division? In any case, I think this signals Tazz getting away from Lawler. Decent enough match between these two.

Steve Blackman then took his title home in a fun match between 6 tough guys. There were a few title changes within this match but Blackman took home the gold. They must be happy with Blackman as Hardcore champion and maybe have something big lined up in his future. The rest of the guys in this match don’t seem to be up to much else besides Snow who is the European champion. Jericho beat X Pac with the Walls Of Jericho in the match of the night. I’m glad Jericho won, he really needed the victory after losing on practically every PPV this year. Jericho has main event potential so needs to be kept hot. I don’t know what this means for X Pac though. He’s still putting on good matches and has a lot of heat so is worth keeping around maybe in the European title division. The Hardy Boyz then beat Edge and Christian in the most confusing match of the night. A tag team cage match is a confusing enough match as it is, maybe it should have been pinfalls only. It was the Hardy Boyz that won the match though with a bit of help from Lita, which is fine. They haven;t been champions for a over a year and they’re extremely over. Edge and Christian have been so good as of late that they don’t necessarily need the belts.

Eddie Guerrero retained his Intercontinental championship after a confusing finish. Rikishi got DQ’d for kicking Chyna which just seems odd. But it does help establish Guerrero as a heel and in some ways looked to turn Rikishi and he hit the Banzai Drop on the popular Chyna. I think either Guerrero and Chyna need to turn heel or Rikishi needs to turn. I don’t think this feud is over yet. Maybe Rikishi and Chyna get into a feud? We’ll soon find out. Triple H then beat Kurt Angle after Stephanie McMahon was made to choose who to help. She went with her husband and Helmsley won the match because of it. That keeps Triple H on top of the mountain and although I don’t think his rivalry is over with Kurt, I hope he doesn’t move on to The Rock. We’ve seen enough of those two. Give him The Undertaker, I’d love to see a match between those two. Kurt continues to hover on the outskirts of the main event. I don’t think this loss will kill him too much.

The Rock then won the fatal four way main event in a decent enough match. There were plenty of pairings in this one and all four men got to show off their best moves. Chris Benoit was declared WWF Champion for the second time in 3 months only to have the title taken away form him by Mick Foley. That keeps Benoit hot and I’m sure we’ll see him in the main event again. The most important thing is that The Rock retained his title once again and it’s nice for him to enjoy a long reign as his previous WWF title reigns have been short. Who does The Rock go on to next? He could easily have a one on one rivalry with anyone in this match. Decent match between these four in any case in what a decent show overall.

Overall Rating: 65/100 (ranked 9th out of 114)

Match Of The Night: Chris Jericho vs. X Pac
Worst Match Of The Night: Right To Censor vs. The Dudley Boyz & Acolytes
Surprise Of The Night: Raven debut
Worst Booking Of The Night: The confusing cage match & Rikishi getting DQ’d
Superstar Of The Night: The Rock
Unforgiven 2000 Will Be Remembered For: The first ever tag team cage match



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