No Mercy 2000

| Date: October 22, 2000
| Venue: Pepsi Arena | City: Albany, New York
| Attendance: 14, 342 | Buyrate: 550, 000

No Mercy. That is exactly what Kurt Angle and The Rock will have for another as they battle over the WWF title in tonights main event. Kurt Angle won number one contendership for the WWF title when he beat Triple H on Raw a few weeks ago. It wasn’t a clean win as Chris Benoit atacked Triple H allowing Angle to get the No Mercy main event slot. Since then Kurt has continued his business relationship with Stephanie McMahon who has been accompanying him to ringside and will do so tonight. Triple H has banned Stephanie from accompanying The Game to ringside to protect her, especially against Benoit tonight as he has gone as far as to headbutt Stephanie. Triple H demanded the match with Benoit and he got it. So tonight we are set for The Rock vs. Kurt Angle for the WWF title and Triple H vs. Chris Benoit in what should be a technical showcase.

The Intercontinental title will also be on the line as Eddie Guerrero defends his belt against the returning Billy Gunn. Guerrero has been horrible to Chyna as of late but her old friend Gunn has come to the rescue. Eddie has attacked Billy a couple of times too. With The Right To Censor also on Chyna’s case, could the numbers be too much for Billy Gunn? The Tag Team titles will be on the line as The Hardy Boyz defends the belts they won at Unforgiven against Los Conquistadors. Yes you read that right. Edge and Christian were given their final rematch against The Hardy Boyz on Raw and they blew it and were told they wouldn’t get another shot at the titles as long as The Hardy Boyz were champions. It was after that, that Los Conquistadors, two men dressed in gold with very similar builds to Edge and Christian arrived on the scene. They won themselves a shot at the tag team titles with a battle royal win and so tonight they face the Hardy Boyz. Are they Edge and Christian? Can they win the gold?

Mick Foley finally got to the bottom of who ran over “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. And that man? Rikishi. Rikishi admitted what he did and claimed he did it for The Rock and the rest of the Samoan people. Steve Austin returns to action tonight to take on the man that ran him down. Rikishi has tried to run down Austin a second time and failed but tonight the two men finally go face to face. Also tonight Chris Jericho and X Pac continue their rivalry as they battle in a cage, T and A team with Trish Stratus to take on The Acolytes and Lita and The Dudley Boyz have a tables match invitational. LEt’s get to it.

A black and white video kicks us off with Stone Cold Steve Austin voicing over pictures of himself with some strong words for Rikishi. No mention of the WWF tirle match. Jim Ross then welcomes us, he’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Dudley Boyz Tag Team Table Invitational

Too Cool (Scotty Too Hotty & Grand Master Sexay) vs. Low Down (D-lo & Chaz)

This is basically a tag team turmoil match wrestled under table match rules. Too Cool and Low Down kick us off, Scotty pairs off with Chaz, the former Mosh, whilst D-lo and Grand Master Sexay go at it. Chaz and D-lo are a relatively new team but have similar styles so work well together. Chaz lays Scotty down on a table and then he and D-lo ram a table into Grand Master Sexay. Chaz hits a suplex on Scotty Too Hotty and then D-lo attempts the same on Grand Master Sexay but Sexay reverses it. It only takes one member of a team to go through the table for a team to be eliminated. Scotty uses a table to hit D-lo in the groin. Too Cool then set up a table and lay Chaz on it. Scotty goes up to the top but Chaz crotches Scotty on the top rope. D-lo then hits a Sky High on Grand Master Sexay and lays him on a table before going to the top. On the other side of the ring D-lo has Scotty set up for a superplex through a table but Scotty pushes Chaz just as D-lo flies off the top. Grand Master Sexay gets out of the way and both members of Low Down go through tables! Low Down are out of here.

Too Cool (Scotty Too Hotty & Grand Master Sexay) vs. Tazz & Raven

This is a PPV in-ring debut for Raven. Too Cool quickly get Raven on a table on the outside of the ring and Scotty jumps up to the apron but Tazz gets him from behind in a Tazzmission! Grand Master Sexay helps his partner out and all four men are in the ring. Raven hits a bulldog on Grand Master Sexay whilst Tazz lays into Scotty Too Hotty. Tazz and Raven then attempts to suplex Grand Master Sexay out of the ring and through a table there but Grand Master blocks it. Scotty hits a bulldog on Raven in the ring and looks set for The Worm! Scotty hits it after worming underneath a table! Tazz and Raven then hit a double suplex on Scotty Too Hotty through a table to eliminate Too Cool!

Tazz & Raven vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von)

Four ECW alumni now go at it as an “E-C-Dub” Chant breaks out. Bubba Ray is quick to hit a Bubba Bomb and then the Dudleyz hit their Wassup Drop on Raven! Bubba tells D-Von to get the table and he does so and sets it up in the ring. Tazz is up though and hits a suplex on Bubba Ray. D-Von runs Raven into the top turnbuckle and then hits a suplex. Bubba sets Tazz up on a table and D-Von goes up top and flies off with a legdrop! That’s Tazz and Raven eliminated!

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) vs. Right To Censor (Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather)

The final team out represent Right To Censor. Right To Censor beat The Dudley Boyz (and Acolytes) at the last PPV, Unforgiven. Bull Buchanan gets into it with Bull Buchanan whilst The Goodfather and D-Von lay into each other on the outside. Bubba goes for a Bubba Bomb on Buchanan but Buchanan hits a low blow. Bull then attempts a clothesline on bubba Ray but accidentally hits the referee instead! Bull hits some big right hands on Bubba Ray in the corner but Bubba Ray hits a big powerbomb on Buchanan through a table! The referee doesn’t see it though because he’s out. The Goodfather gets in the ring and nails Bubba Ray with a chair and then drags Bull Buchanan out of the broken table and puts Bubba Ray in! The referee wakes up and announces Right To Censor as the winners! Another referee comes out and clears up what has happened and the match is ordered to continue! Goodfather goes for a Pimp Drop on Buba Ray but Bubba moves and the Dudley Boyz hit 3D on The Goodfather through the table! The Dudley Boyz win their invitational tonight! A fun way to kick off the night.

Rating: 6.75/10

Trish is backstage with T & A talking about her boobs falling out. She wouldn’t want to distract The Acolytes now would she?

Rikishi is shown backstage waiting for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin who is yet to arrive.

We see some footage from Heat with The Acolytes beating T & A and Trish Stratus in strip poker and then some in-ring action between The Acolytes and T & A.

The Acolytes (Faarooq & Bradshaw) & Lita vs. T & A (Test & Albert) & Trish Stratus

Lita is out first and we then wait for The Acolytes but we get a shot of backstage and T & A have attacked Bradshaw!  Test and Albert then double team Faarooq with a tyre iron. It looks like The Acolytes are out of this match! Lita runs towards the back but T & A meet her in the entrance way. Trish then attacks Lita from behind! The three of them take Lita to the back where they take it in turns to lay into her. The Hardy Boyz eventually run out to make the save. This match does not happen tonight!

Lilian Garcia is backstage with Edge & Christian. They are both complaining about food poisoning which is why they didn’t enter the Dudley Boyz “death table thing”. They blame their nuts but say they will be cheering on Los Conquistadors later.

Chris Jericho vs. X Pac – Cage Match

This is the third PPV match between these two men, so far they are tied 1-1. Jericho gives X Pac a lot of stick before the match and says that this feud ends tonight. It’s the third cage match in the last 4 PPVs. Val Venis and The Hardy Boyz have won the last two. Jericho looks forward to never hearing of D Generation X or X Pac ever again. X Pacs goatee ages him considerably. X Pac takes a while to get in the cage so Jericho baseball slides him through the doorway. Jericho then lays into X Pac on the outside of the ring with chops. X Pac rakes the eyes and grabs a chair but swings and misses. Jericho then attempts to take X Pac into the cage but X Pac slams the door into his face before getting in the ring. A big ” X Pac sucks” chant breaks out. X Pac chokes Jericho in the corner and then heads for the door but Jericho makes sure he doesn’t get out. X Pac hits some martial arts kicks and then attempts to climb the cage but Jericho dropkicks him. These two men had the match of the night at last months Unforgiven. Jericho throws X Pac into the side of the cage and follows it up with a bulldog.

This is a No Mercy debut for Chris Jericho whilst X Pac beat Kane and The Acolytes in a fatal four way match at last years event and lost to Shane McMahon in the previous show. Jericho hits a dropkick off the top but X Pac gets his knees up when Chris attempts his Lionsault. X Pac heads for the door again but Jericho grabs onto his foot so he can’t leave. X Pac throws Jericho into the cell a couple of times. Jericho then backdrops X Pac into the cage but X Pac is the first man up and goes right back to work on Y2J. Jericho gets up and hits some right hands but then gets caught with a spinning heel kick. He pins Jericho but pinfalls don’t count in this one. X Pac hits some martial arts kicks in the corner and then nails the Bronco Buster! X Pac climbs the cage but Jericho gets up with him before powerbombing him off the top turnbuckle! Jericho is the first man to have wrestled on every PPV in 2000 so far. He throws X Pac into the cage twice and then hits a clothesline before climbing the cage. It looks like there’s a platform over one corner of the cage. X Pac crotches Jericho on the top rope and heads for the door but Jericho stops him from crawling out.

X Pac grabs a chair from the outside and leathers Jericho with it. Surely that’s it? X Pac climbs the cage instead of going through the door and he gets all the way to the top. Jericho goes up with him and crotches him on top of the cage! Jericho then gets up to the top with him and locks the Walls Of Jericho on him! X Pac quickly gets out of it and kicks Jericho back inside the ring. X Pac climbs down on to the door but Jericho gets up and dropkicks the cage, crotching X Pac on the door! Jericho then crawls out the door and wins! Jericho (rightfully) gets the victory tonight, beating X Pac on back to back pay per views. Decent enough cage match between these two.

Rating: 6.5/10

We see Steve Blackman at WWF New York waving around his sticks.

Rikishi barges into Rikishi’s office asking where Austin is. He wants to know where Steve Austin is but Foley tells him that if Austin doesn’t show up then Foley will raise Rikishi’s arm as the winner by forfeit. He then tells Rikishi to get ready as Austin is always closer than you think.

We see some footage of Eddie Guerrero getting injured on Raw after a monkey flip from Chris Jericho. Then Mick Foley tells Guerrero and Right To Censor that Steven Richards and Val Venis will be teaming up against Billy Gunn and Chyna.

The Coach is then backstage with Chyna and Billy Gunn. Chyna says her fist will get intimate with Eddie Guerrero’s crotch and Billy Gunn says he’s going to kick these two dweebs ass.

Right To Censor (Steven Richards & Val Venis) vs. Billy Gunn & Chyna

Richards gets on the mic before the bell and says that Right To Censor wouldn’t put their hands on a woman unless it was necessary and tonight it is necessary. Billy Gunn returns to PPV tonight having not wrestled on pay per view since No Way Out last February when he and Road Dogg lost the tag team titles to the Dudley Boyz. Billy Gunn and Chyna have teamed once before in a losing effort to X Pac and Road Dogg just over a year ago. Billy Gunn and Val venis start the match and Val hits some right hands. Gunn hits an elbow, powerslam and a knee drop for the first near fall of the match. Billy Gunn then lays into Val with right hands. Gunn gets distracted for a second allowing the former two time Intercontinental champion to take the advantage. Gunn sends Val to the outside where Chyna throws him into the ring steps. Gunn gets a near fall on Venis. Val hotshots Billy and tags in Steven Richards. Richards is undefeated on PPV so far. Billy hits him with a gorilla press slam and tags in Chyna.

Chyna throws Richards around the ring by his tie and then rubs Val Venis’s face into her cleavage! She then dropkicks Richards into Val and tags in Billy Gunn. Billy misses with a splash in the corner and Richards tags in Val Venis who works Gunns shoulder. Val tags in Richards who goes up top and hits a double axe handle on the shoulder of Billy Gunn. Richards applies an armbar. Billy Gunn has appeared at all three No Mercy PPVs, he’s previously beaten Mankind and lost in a tag team match by disqualification. He gets out of the armbar and tags in Chyna as Richards tags Venis. Chyna hits clotheslines on Val and her trademark handspring elbow. She then hits Richards with a low blow and Billy Gunn hits him with a Fame-asser. Bull Buchanan and The Goodfather then run out and go after Billy Gunn which apparently isn’t a DQ. Chyna sets up Val for a Pedigree but Eddie Guerrero runs in and nails her with some roses! Val pins her and it’s over! Richards continues his PPV undefeated streak. Gunn unveils a lead pipe in the roses.

Rating: 6/10

Stephanie McMahon wishes Triple H luck backstage and asks if she can acompany her husband against Chris Benoit tonight. Helmsley says no and Stephanie hands Triple H a tape of Benoit applying the Crossface. Stephanie says that she has to go and help Angle get ready! Triple H sends her away with a warning.

We see Rikishi on his way to ringside and then a video package hyping the Austin/Rikishi match.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Rikishi

Rikishi has new entrance music. He walks out in a Hawaiian top holding a sledgehammer. There has been no sign of Austin yet. Rikishi gets on the mic and says Stine Cold is too scared to face the man that ran his ass over. He then demands that Mick Foley raises his hand as the winner of this match. An “Austin” chant breaks out. Who’s music is going to hit? It is Foleys. Mick walks out as the commentators speculat something must have happened to Austin. Before Mick can say anything, Austins music hits! We then get a shot of Austin driving his truck in all the way to the ring! Austin jumps out of the truck looking furious and he lays into Rikishi. This is Austins first PPV match in a year, since losing to Triple H at last years No Mercy PPV. This is the first No Mercy PPV that Austin isn;t main eventing. He rams the truck door into Rikishi’s face and then throws the big man into the ring steps and over the Spanish announce table. This is the first PPV meeting between these two men. Austin chokes Rikishi with a cable and then sends Rikishi into the crowd.

The two men slug it out in the crowd and Rikishi takes the advantage after throwing a drink in Austins face. Austin is dressed in t shirt and shorts as opposed to his usual trunks. Rikishi back drops Austin on the concrate but the former WWF Champion is up and he whips Rikishi with his belt! Austin then pulls some rope from under the ring and takes it into the ring. He ties it around Rikishis throat and I don’t think the bell has officially rung for this match yet. Rikishi kicks Austin in the face on the outside of the ring and then grabs a chair but like X Pac earlier, it’s a swing and a miss. Austin then takes the chair and smashes it into Rikishi’s face three times. Rikishi is busted wide open! Austin puts Jim Ross’s hat on and continues to lay into Rikishi with the chair. Austin grabs the sledgehammr but Rikishi manages to avoid the shots. Austin lays into Rikishi with the back of his truck and then hits him with the chair and throws him into the back of his truck! Austin reverses the truck up the entrance ramp and out of the building!

Austin lays into Rikishi outside the arena, leaving him set up against the side of the road. Austin then gets back in his truck and drives it right at Rikishi! But a cop car gets in the way and Austin hits that instead! More cop cars then arrive and the police arrest Austin! I guess this is a no contest! But a good match none the less in what was essentially an ass kicking for Rikishi!

Rating: 6.5/10

William Regal (c) vs. Naked Mideon – European Title Match

Regal gets on the mic before the bell and isn’t happy that he has to fight Naked Mideon tonight. He says that he asked Mick Foley if Mideon can fight in clothes tonight and Foley agreed. Mideon comes out in an Undertaker t shirt and tracksuit bottoms. Mideon has wrestled on both previous No Mercy PPVs, losing to Kane on one and The Godfather on the other. Regal has only had one PPV match before and that was drawing to X Pac in the Deadly Game tournament at Survivor Series 1998. Mideon drops Regal to the mat and looks to take his top off but doesn’t. Regal hits a European uppercut and applies a headlock. He takes Mideon down with a shoulder tackle for a two count. He then hits a drop toe hold but gets taken down with a powerslam. Mideon hits a dropkick but Regal then throws him into the ring post shoulder first. Regal hits some knees and then slams Mideons face into the apron. Regal dumps Mideon out of the ring and Mideon takes off his shirt! Regal looks disgusted but Mideon hits him with a splash in the corner.

Regal hits a double underhook suplex for a two count. Multiple two counts. The European champion applies a reverse chinlock before throwing Mideon to the outside. Mideon rolls under the ring and gets his bum bag. He gets back into the ring and whips off his tracksuit bottoms! Mideon hits a back body drop on Regal and heads to the top but Regal crotches him on the top rope. William then looks to do his Regal Stretch but decides against it and instead hits a neckbreaker for the win! William Regal retains his European Championship tonight against Naked Mideon. That’s three losses from three at No Mercy for Mideon.

Rating: 4/10

Next up is an edited interview from Kurt Angle to the Rock. It’s absolutely briliant.

Speaking of brilliant, Kevin Kelly is backstage with Los Conquistadors. Lots of “Si Senor”, “Dos” and “Arriba”.

The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) (c) vs. Los Conquistadors (Uno & Dos) – Tag Team Title Match

Los Conquisatadors are absolutely not Edge and Christian. Absolutely not. This is technically the sixth PPV match between these two teams and as it stands, The Hardy Boyz are 4-1 up. Matt Hardy and Dos kick things off. Matt knocks Dos down with clotheslines and right hands and tries to take off Dos’s mask but can’t. Dos tags Uno who applies a headlock. Matt tags Jeff who lays into Uno with right hands, a flying headscissors and a dropkick for a two count.Dos hits some right hands on Jeff and a back bosdy drop but Jeff lands on his feet and hits an enzeguri before tagging in Matt Hardy. The Hardy Boyz hit a double team move for a two count. This match has been very quick paced. Matt tags Jeff and they hit poetry in motion. All four men are in the ring and the Hardy Boyz tie Uno up in the ropes. Uno gets out though and the two hit a double dropkick, sending the Hardy Boyz to the outside. They then attempt baseball slides but the Hardy Boyz get out the way and throw the Conquistadors into one another. Uno then lays into Jeff Hardy outside the ring.

The Christian looking one hits a snapmare on Jeff back in the ring and then tags in his partner. Quick tags now between Uno and Dos and a catapult backfires. One of the Conquistadors applies a headlock to Jeff and then heads to the top and misses a senton. Jeff tags Matt who hits DDTs on both men. The Hardyz then hit a double fastbuster on Dos. Jeff Hardy hits a sprinboard off the barricade onto Dos. Matt dives to the outside on all three men. Matt then throws one Conquistador back in the ring but the Conquistador hits Christians finisher. Jeff then flies off the top with a Swanton Bomb. The other Conquistador gets in the ring and Matt hits him with a Twist Of Fate! Matt then pulls off the mask and he’s got another mask on underneath! The other Conquistador hits Christians finisher and that’s enough for the three! Los Conquistadors win the match and the Tag Team titles!

Rating: 5.5/10

Triple H is backstage watching the tape that Stephanie McMahon gave him. He looks happy with something that he sees.

We see some of the action that led to the match between Triple H and Chris Benoit.

Triple H vs. Chris Benoit

This is a first time meeting between these two men on pay per view. They have been allies for most of the year but Benoit put his hands on Stephanie and Triple H is teasing a face turn. The crowd are behind Triple H in this one which seems unusual. He uses his pwer in the early going to knock Benoit down. Helmsley then works the knee of Benoit, ramming it into the mat and then onto the apron. Triple H is one of 6 men who have wrestled on every PPV so far in 2000 along with Chris Jericho, Ege & Christian and the two men in the main event tonight, The Rock and Kurt Angle. Triple H chop blocks Benoit and drops an elbow to the former Intercontinental Champions knee. Triple H’s so blatant attacks on Benoits knee suggests that Triple H saw a weakness in the tape that he was watching. Triple H hits a drop toe hold and a leg grapevine. Benoit hasn’t got any offence in yet. Triple H locks a neck vice on but Benoit won’t tap. This is proving to be a technical match so far. Benoit dumps Triple H over the top rope and ends up going over with him. Chris then catapults The Game into the ring post and throws him into the ring steps.

Both men get back into the ring and Benoit hits some knife edge chops and an armbar takedown. Triple H has main evented both previous No Mercy PPVs, beating Steve Austin at the last one and losing in a triple threat at the one before to Austin. Benoit hits a northern lights suplex for a near fall. The two men go to the outside where Triple H throws Benoit into the ring steps. Benoit then hotshots Triple H onto the announce desk. Back in the ring and Benoit hits a suplex for a near fall. Benoit then applies an armbar which Triple H tries to get ut of but Benoit floors him with an arm drag and then goes to a cross arm breaker. Benoit hits a suplex and then hits the flying headbutt. Triple H manages to roll Benoit up out of nowhere for a two count. He then hits an inverted suplex and starts a comeback with a knee to the face and a neckbreaker for a two count. Helmsley props Benoit up on the top rope and then hits a big old superplex for a two count. Triple H goes for a Pedigree but Benoit back body drops him and then hits three German suplexes for a two count.

Benoit bounces Triple H off the ropes and then locks on the Crippler Crossface! In recent months, Triple H has defeated both Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho in PPV matches. Could this be three from three? Benoit has the Crossface on in the middle of the ring. Triple H manages to get up to one knee and then up to his feet and then he gets Benoit up on his shoulders and hits a death valley driver! Stephanie McMahon then comes running out from the back and slaps Benoit in the face! Chris turns around into a PEdigree attempt but Benoit gets out of it! Triple H then reverses it into another Pedigree attempt but once again Benoit reverses it! Stephanie distracts the referee and Helmsley hits a low blow and this time hits the Pedigree! Triple H pins Benoit and gets the three! Triple H beats Chris Benoit tonight.

Rating: 7/10

Edge and Christian celebrate Los Conquistadors tag team title win with the champions. Edge and Christian even ran out and got the new champs some Coronas!

Video package next for Kurt Angle and The Rock.

The Rock (c) vs. Kurt Angle – No Disqualification match for WWF Championship

The Rock has had a couple of good title defences but this is the first time meeting Kurt Angle one on one on PPV. Stephanie McMahon distracts The Rock allowing Kurt to get the early advantage. Kurt sends The Rock out of the ring and then smashes him into the barricade and announce table. Kurt then grabs a chair and swings it into Rockys back. Back in the ring and Kurt chokes The Rock on the ropes. The Rock gets back into it with a clothesline and Samoan drop for the first near fall of the match. Kurt walks towards the back and The Rock runs after him and nails him with a clothesline. The WWF Champion then lays into Kurt up the entrance way and throws Angle through the set! Kurt manages to reverse an Irish whip and The Rock gets thrown into some lighting. Rocky likes to fight up the entrance way, we’ve seen it so many times before. Stephanie looks like she’s had a boob job. Kurt and Rock battle back into the ring where Stephanie lays another slap on Rocky.

The Rock grabs a chair and smashes it into Angles knee and then The Rock hooks on a Sharpshooter! Stephanie McMahon jumps on the apron to distract the referee and Angle taps out! But the referee doesn’t see it! The Rock chases Stephanie around the ring and back into it where Kurt hits the champion with a belly to belly suplex. Kurt hits a flying forearm for a two count. Angle then locks on a sleeper. The Rock is unbeaten at No Mercy having only fought and beaten The British Bulldog. He throws Angle out of the ring and tries to smash his face into the ring barricade but Angle counters it and drops The Rock on the barricade. He then tries for an Irish whip into the ring steps but The Rock reverses it and throws Kurt into the steps! The Rock then bounces Angle’s head off the announce desk before spitting a bottle of water in his face! Kurt throws The Rock into the ring post and then back into the ring. Stephanie grabs the WWF title belt and throws it in the ring. Angle grabs the belt and tries to hit The Rock with it but Rock sets up for a Rock Bottom! Kurt pushes him away and this time hits him with the belt! Kurt hooks the leg and gets a two count.

Kurt goes up to the top but The Rock crotches him. Angle looks like he’s bleeding near his eye. The Rock goes up top with him and hits a superplex! Rock covers Kurt but just gets a two count. Both men get up and Kurt hits a German suplex. He then goes up to the top but misses with a moonsault! Both men get up and it’s The Rock with right hands and a DDT. That earns him a two count. Rocky hits a belly to belly suplex and then a spinebuster! He sets up for a People’s Elbow but Stephanie gets in the ring and right in The Rocks face! The Rock hits her with a Rock Bottom! He tries for a People’s Elbow on Stephanie but Kurt hits him with a clothesline! Triple H then runs out and takes out Kurt Angle! He throws him out of the ring and The Rock spins him round but Triple H then hits The Rock with a Pedigree! That’ll be for the Rock Bottom on his wife. Triple H takes Stephanie to the back. Kurt crawls into the ring and hooks The Rocks leg but The Rock kicks out! Both men get up and The Rock hits a DDT for a two count. Angle rolls out of the ring and The Rock follows and throws him back in the ring. Angle rolls out again and The Rock follows and slams his face into the announce desk.

Rikishi then walks out from the back with a face covered in blood. Angle hits him with a right hand and Rikishi hits him back and rolls Angle back into the ring. The Rock hits Angle with right hands but Kurt hits him with a low blow! The Rock then hits Rock Bottom on Angle! But the champion isn’t quick enough covering Angle and so the challenger kicks out. Rikishi then gets in the ring and aims to splash Angle in the corner but Angle pulls The Rock in front of him! Rikishi then tries a martial arts kick on Angle but he ducks and Rikishi nails The Rock! Kurt hits an Olympic Slam on Rikishi and then does the same to The Rock! Kurt pins The Rock and he gets the three! Kurt Angle wins the match and the WWF title! Angle celebrates with the title up the entrance ramp! Kurt Angle is champion! What a night!

Rating: 8/10


And that was No Mercy 2000. Like almost every PPV in 2000 this one did not disappoint. There were a couple of tweaks to the card but they couldn’t be helped. We kicked off with the tag team table turmoil match. And unbelievably The Dudley Boyz won! Not only is that their second PPV victory in a year but it is the first time they’ve won a tables match on PPV! That’s a good win for the Dudley Boyz which either means they’ve realised how much they have jobbed them out on PPVs or there’s a bit of a push coming for them. It was a good way to get a few tag teams on the card too with Too Cool, Right To Censor, Tazz & Raven and Lo Down all getting on the show. The 6 person mixed tag match that was scheduled for after didn’t happen which was a shame. I’m not sure why this was dropped unless it is to continue the feud between The Acolytes and T & A. I don’t think they were struggling for time anyway.

Chris Jericho then beat X Pac in a decent cage match. This got really interesting towards the end with the Walls Of Jericho on top of the cage and the crotching on the door. I feel like we’ve seen a lot of cage matches as of late with Rikishi vs. Val Venis which had the huge splash off the top and the spotfest that was Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz. On reflection this one probably wasn’t as good as the previous 2 but it’s a bit overkill with the cages at the moment. I think this will put an end to this rivalry. It’s onwards and upwards for Jericho but I’m not sure where X Pac goes from here. The Eddie Guerrero/Billy Gunn match was cancelled but instead we got a tag team match between Val Venis, Steven Richards and Billy Gunn & Chyna. Billy Gunn has looked good since his return and probably could have done with a win tonight but Right To Censor seem to be on a roll and I think there could be some big plans for those guys down the line. Eddie got involved so I’m sure he’ll get back into it with Chyna and Billy Gunn soon. If you ask me, Right To Censor could do with a female member to take on Chyna…

Austin and Rikishi’s match never really got started but I’ll put it down as a draw. This was designed for Austin to kick Rikishi’s fat ass for 10 minutes. Austin being back is a good thing and adds a bit more depth to the main event picture. I can see the feud betwen these two men coninuing. It’s one of the biggest angles of all time so why would it end yet? I’m not totally convinced by Rikishi yet but maybe that’ll change over time. Next was the random match between William Regal and Naked Mideon. We’ve not really seen much of Mideon over the past year but he’s now got this naked gimmick and seems to be getting a bit of a push. In reality, this match was comic relief but I do like Regal as European champion and think there’s much more to come from him. Los Conquistadors then won the Tag Team titles in the shocking result of the night. Even if it is Edge and Christian under the masks, I wasn’t expecting it. It wasn’t their best PPV match but it was their sixth! They’re catching up with Rock and Triple H who have the record for PPV matches against each other at 8. This storyline has legs and could go on for a while yet. The mannerisms of Los Conquistadors are hilarious. I wouldn’t be against a tag title reign from them over the next couple of months!

Then came the main events of the evening. Firstly, Triple H beat Chris Benoit which allowed Stephanie McMahon to get some revenge on the man that headbutted her. This also means that Triple H has beat the three men on the cusp of the main event, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho in singles PPV matches over the past 4 months. Besides the low blow, the win was fairly clean so I could see this being the end of this feud. Triple H can be thrown back into the main event scene pretty easily, especially as there is a new champion now. Chris Benoit can get a good match out of anybody so he’ll also feature on a pay per view. Kurt Angle is the new WWF Champion. He’s the first man to win the WWF for the first time since Big Show last November. I’m a huge Kurt fan so I love him as champion but I don’t think it’s over between him and The Rock. You could easily put Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker, Kane, Benoit or Jericho against him and I’m confident he’ll get a long reign, maybe until Royal Rumble or even Wrestlemania depending on how much faith they have in him. The main event to this show was good fun with plenty of run-ins. Overall a decent show as we have come to expect in 2000.

Overall Rating: 62.81/100 (ranked 17th out of 115)

Match Of The Night: The Rock vs. Kurt Angle
Worst Match Of The Night: William Regal vs. Naked Mideon
Surprise Of The Night: Los Conquistadors win the tag team titles
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: Kurt Angle
No Mercy 2000 Will Be Remembered For: Kurt Angle winning the WWF title

One thought on “No Mercy 2000

  1. Regarding the Euro Title match, it was a very simple defense to push Regal and get over his new gimmick, which was the right decision since Mideon was now a comedy jobber on par with Kaientai and the Mean Street Posse.

    On a side note, aside from making a cameo at Armageddon 2000, this is the end of the road for Dennis Knight a.k.a. Phineas I. Godwinn and Mideon in the WWF, as he would be let go before New Year’s 2001, and would spend the rest of his career on the indy circuit.

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