Survivor Series 2000

| Date: November 19, 2000
| Venue: Ice Palace | City: Miami, Florida
| Attendance: 18, 602 | Buyrate: 400, 000

The Rules Have Changed. I’m not sure which rules have changed but in terms of traditional Survivor Series matches they haven’t. “Stone Cold “Steve Austin is on the poster for this pay per view as he goes one on one with Triple H. How did this come about you ask? Well Rikishi was the man that ran over Austin at last years Survivor Series but who put him up to it? Who is the man that has worked with Rikishi over the past month to get to Austin? It’s the man that has been endearing himself to the fans as of late, Triple H. Helmsley looked to save austin from an attack at the hands of Rikishi a few weeks ago but instead hit Austin with the sledgehammber before revealing himself to be the mastermind. It was Triple H that lured Austin to the parking lot last November and Triple H that has tried to put Austin out of action many times over the past month. Tonight the two meet one on one.

The WWF title will also be on the line with Kurt Angle defending the belt he won last month. There was a fatal four way match to decide a number one contender between Kane, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and The Undertaker and the winner of the match was The Undertaker. There hasn’t been much of a rivalry between the two men but Undertaker did beat Angle back in July at Fully Loaded. The Women’s title is the only other belt set to be defended tonight as Ivory, who is now a part of Right To Censor, defends the title against the woman she won it from in Lita. Ivory has attacked and embarrased Lita recently and generally isn’t happy with the way Lita dresses. 

For weeks Rikishi claimed that it was The Rock that put him up to running over Steve Austin and went as far to say that The Rock gave Rikishi his keys to drive the car. The Rock denied all the claims and eventually it was revealed to be Triple H. Rikishi was happy that he used The Rock and went as far to attack him. Tonight these two family members meet in a big match. In another big match Chris Jericho takes on Kane in a feud that began when Jericho accidentally spilt coffee on Kane and made a joke about burning him. Since then this rivalry has been a war of words with Kane wanting to disfigure the “beautiful” Jericho. Kane has brutally attacked Jericho on more than once occasion but tonight they compete in singles action. In 6 man inter-gender tag action we’ll see T & A and Trish Stratus take on the Hardcore duo of Steve Blackman, Crash Holly and Crash’s cousin Molly Holly.

In addition to all that we will of course get two traditional Survivor Series matches. One will be based around the tag team division with tag team champion The Goodfather and Bull Buchanan, who beat The Hardy Boyz for the belts with a lot of help form Edge and Christian, team with Edge and Christian against The Hardy Boyz and Dudley Boyz. There is plenty of history between The Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian and The Dudley Boyz and now Right To Censor are in the mix. The other traditional Survivor Series match sees the recently re-formed Radicalz (Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero and PArry Saturn) take on the team of Billy Gunn, Chyna, (who Eddie Guerrero has had a lot of problems with as of late) Road Dogg and his new tag team partner K-Kwik. K-Kwik is full of energy and looks to be a talent for the future. So let’s go to it.

Triple H is the focus of the video package that opens the PPV. It’s showing him as a puppet master and manipulator. Everyone else is a puppet because he fooled everyone when he ran over “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He has some words for Austin, the man he faces tonight. Jim Ross then welcomes us to the Ice Palace in Tampa Florida. He’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler.

T & A (Test & Albert) & Trish Stratus vs. Steve Blackman, Crash Holly & Molly Holly

This is a PPV debut for Molly Holly tonight. It’s a bit odd that Steve Blackman is in this match and not Crash’s cousin Hardcore who returned recently. Blackman is the reigning Hardcore champion. He starts the match with Albert who wears a T & APA t shirt. Blackman takes Albert off his feet with a leg sweep and then takes in Crash who hits a cross body from the top for a two count. The heels and faces are in the wrong corner! Albert tags in Trish who accidentally hits a low blow on her own man. Crash then tags in Molly who chases Trish around the ring until Trish tags in Test. Molly tags Crash who hits Test with right hands. Crash then hits a hurricanrana for a two count. Test takes the advantage with a big boot. This is a Survivor Series debut for Test and Albert. Test goes for his pumphandle slam but Crash gets out of it. The two then crash heads. Trish tags herself in and she tries to drop on elbow on Crash but Crash moves and tags in Molly. Molly hits some slams and drops a couple of elbows. Trish is looking for her first PPV win tonight and is helped by Test. Molly hits a suplex and tags Blackman but the referee doesn’t see it.

All hell breaks loose as T & A get involved. The men battle to the outside and Trish hits a bulldog on Molly from the top. Molly hits a sunset flip and that’s enough for the three! Molly, Crash and Blackman win the match! That’s a bit of a surprise result but a great win for Molly on her debut!

Rating: 4.75/10

Kurt meets Edge and Christian backstage. Edge and Christian assume Kurt wants help in his match but apparently Christian is coming down with some food poisoning. Kurt says that’s not what he wanted but he came to ask them if they fancy going out for some drinks later when they’ve all won their matches.

Next we see Tiger Ali Singh with Low Down not being allowed in the building! Apparently their names aren’t on the list!

Survivor Series 2000: Chyna, Billy Gunn, K-Kwik & Road Dogg

Road Dogg, K-Kwik, Billy Gunn & Chyna vs. The Radicalz (Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn) – Traditional Survivor Series Match

It’s a PPV debut for K-Kwik tonight. The Road Dogg is undefeated at Survivor Series, he’s won at the last 3 events. Billy Gunn has also won at the last 3 events but did lost in 1994 as part of Lex Lugers team. Chyna beat Chris Jericho at last years event. It’s a Survivor Series debut for The Radicalz. Perry Saturn and Billy Gunn start the match and it’s Billy with a clothesline. He then tags in Chyna and they hit a double suplex on Saturn. Chyna hits some big forearms and kicks in the corner. This is the first time all four Radicalz have teamed together on PPV. Chyna hits a powerslam on Saturn for the first near fall of the match. Chyna then tries for her trademark handspring elbow but Saturn catches her. He goes for a German suplex but Chyna hits a low blow. Chyna gets a near fall and all hell breaks loose! All 8 participants get into it! Billy Gunn and Malenko go at it on the outside distracting the referee. This allows Eddie to hit Chyna with the Intercontinental title! Saturn pins Chyna to get the three! That was Chyna’s 15th PPV match, more than any woman ever.

Road Dogg and Eddie Guerrero come in for their teams and we get some double teaming from the Radicalz. Saturn chokes Road Dogg on the middle rope whilst Benoit lays into him. Road Dogg manages to separate himself from the corner and hits some jabs before Eddie hits him with a dropkick to the knees. Guerrero hits his senton splash over the ropes to Road Doggs knee and then goes to the top but Road Dogg gets up and hits him with some jabs and a superplex! Road Dogg crawls to his corner where his current and former tag team partners wait for the tag. Billy Gunn makes the tag and goes after all 4 of The Radicalz! Gunn then hits a gorilla press slam on Eddie and some sort of sleeper drop which gets him the three count! Eddie Guerrero is eliminated, we’re down to 3 on 3.

Billy tags K-Kwik and in comes Dean Malenko. We get some quick action between these two until Malenko tags in Benoit. K-Kwik takes Benoit down with a dropkick and a spinning head scissors. He then goes for a big kick but Benoit grabs him and hits him with a German suplex! Benoit bridges it and gets the 3! K-Kwik is eliminated.

We’re down to 3 Radicalz against the former New Age Outlaws. Malenko lays into Road Dogg, hitting a bodyslam for a two count. Malenko tags in Saturn who is a former European Champion. Road Dogg tags him down with some big right hands. He tries for a clothesline but Saturn hits a suplex and bridges it to get the three! Road Dogg is eliminated, breaking his undefeated streak at Survivor Series.

Billy Gunn comes in and attempts to take down all three Radicalz but the numbers are too much. Malenko tags in and lays into Gunn with boots in the corner before choking him with his boot. Benoit is the only Radical to have wrestled on every PPV since the debut of this faction. Malenko throws Billy into the ropes but Benoit pulls down the ropes, sending Billy out of the ring. Saturn and Benoit lay into Billy until Saturn accidentally kicks Benoit. Malenko baseball slides Billy and then throws him into the ring but Gunn hits the Fame-asser on Malenko and pins him for the three! Malenko is eliminated!

We’re down to Billy Gunn against Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn. Saturn comes in and Gunn hits a Jackhammer but Benoit breaks the count. Benoit tags in and hits a slam before going to the top and hitting his trademark headbutt. Billy Gunn kicks out! Gunn knocks Benoit out to the apron and then suplexes him back in but Benoit falls on top of him and pins him. Saturn holds down Billy Gunns feet and Benoit gets the three! Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn win the match! Saturn doubles his PPV win record tonight.

Rating: 7/10

Lilian Garcia attempts to get a word with The Rock but The Rock just walks on by.

Michael Cole then interviews Chris Jericho who says his match with Kane is about so much more than coffee. We then get some footage of Jericho spilling coffee on Kane and Kane throwing Jericho through a window and chokeslamming him through the announce table.

Chris Jericho vs. Kane

Chris Jericho becomes the first man to have wrestled on all 12 PPVs so far in 2000. Kane has previously beaten X Pac and Mankind at Survivor Series but lost to The Undertaker in 1998. Chris Jericho lost to Chyna at last years event. Jericho goes right for Kane but it’s soon Kane with big right hands. This is the first PPV meeting between these two men. Jericho hits a dropkick sending Kane to the outside before hitting the big red machine with a baseball slide. Jericho then goes for a plancha but gets his foot caught on the rope and botches it. The two men slug it out on the outside and Kane throws Chris into the ring steps. Jericho gets back in the ring and hits his trademark springboard dropkick to Kane on the apron. Jericho joins Kane on the outside and dropkicks the ring steps into Kanes face. He then rolls Kane into the ring and attempts a cross body from the top but Kane catches him and hits a running powerslam for the first near fall of the match.

Kane chokes Jericho with his boot on the corner before choking him with his hand. Kane misses with a shoulder barge in the corner but doesn’t miss with a big boot. Kane locks on some sort of standing choke hold that I’ve never seen before. He then hits some right hands and boots. Kane takes off the turnbuckle pad and tries to ram Jericho’s face into it but Jericho blocks it. Kane hits a series of right hands before throwing Y2J out of the ring. Kane goes outside and throws Jericho back into the ring! The former WWF Champion then goes to the top but Jericho crotches him up there. Jericho goes up with Kane but Kane shoves him off and then comes of the top but he gets hit with a dropkick! Jericho then goes to the top and hits a flying dropkick for a two count. Kane tries to drop Jericho on the exposed turnbuckle but Jericho slips down and pushes Kane into it! He then rolls Kane up for a two count. Chris then goes straight to the Walls Of Jericho and he locks it on! Kane is in the hold for a while until eventually crawling to the ropes. Jericho drags Kane to the middle of the ring but this time Kane gets out of it.

Jericho hits a bulldog and then his Lionault (which Kane rolled a lot closer for). But Kane has Jericho by the throat and he stands up and hits Jericho with his one armed chokeslam! He pins Jericho and gets the three! Kane wins the match tonight. Jericho doesn’t win many PPV matches but I thought he might win this one. It’s Kane that takes the win tonight though.

Rating: 6/10

The Radicals are backstage and Terri walks in. She tells them that Triple H has a couple of things to take care which the Radicalz know of and then he’ll meet them later. Chris Benoit finds that funny.

William Regal (c) vs. Hardcore Holly – European Championship Match

William Regal gets on the mic before the match and slates the fans for not being able to elect a President or having any manners.Holly has had two matches before at Survivor Series, winning at last years event but losing in 1995. Williams Regal draw his only match at this show in 1998 with X Pac. It’s a first time meeting between these two men on PPV. Holly applies a headlock before taking Regal down for a two count. Plenty of chain wrestling in the early stages of this one. Regal beat Mideon at No Mercy in his first PPV defence of the European title. Regal starts to work Holly’s arm that took him out of commission for 5 months. Regal applies an armbar but Holly gets out of it and goes for a suplex which Regal gets out of. Regal goes back to working the arm, applying another arm bar. The European champion then stomps Hardcore out of the ring. He’s looking to make it three PPV matches unbeaten tonight. Hardcore gets back into the ring and hits a cross body for a two count.

Hardcore goes for a German suplex but Regal hits a low blow and then tied Holly up in the ropes. Regal hits some right hands but Hardcore gets out of the ropes and hits a couple of clotheslines. Challenger then throws champion out of the ring and smashes him into the ring steps. Regal gets back into the ring and Hardcore Holly grabs the European title. Holly then smashes Regal with the belt right in front of the referee. It’s a disqualification win for William Regal tonight, he retains his European title. The crowd were pretty dead for this one.

Rating: 4/10

Trish Stratus offers Kurt Angle some special assistant backstage but angle is confident and tells Trish to thank Test and Albert but it’s ok, Angle has got this. He seems very very confident.

Video package next for Rikishi and The Rock. Rikishi claimed that The Rock told him to take out Austin. But The Rock denies it all. Eventually it came out that Triple H was behind it all.

The Rock vs. Rikishi

These two men have met once before on PPV and that was when Rocky Maivia beat The Sultan at Wrestlemania 13, retaining his Intercontinental title. Rikishi won his Survivor Series matches in 1992 and 1995 but lost in 1993 and 1994. The Rock has also had mixed results at this event. The Rock doesn’t waste any time, running down to the ring and laying into Rikishi. He hits a back body drop and grabs a steel chair which the referee takes off him. He then turns around into a superkick from the big man. This is the first PPV of the “Big 5” in 2000 that The Rock has not been in the final match for. Rikishi drops a leg on Rikishi. The Rock is the second man, following Chris Jericho, that has now wrestled on every PPV so far in 2000. He lays into Rikishi with right hands but gets caught with an Irish whip and a sidewalk slam. That gets Rikishi a two count. Rikishi works The Rocks injured chest, an injury caused by Rikishi and a sledgehammer. The Rock sends Rikishi out of the ring and slams him into the ring steps. Rikishi then cracks The Rocks head into the timekeepers table. Rikishi has now fought Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in singles matches on back to back pay per views.

Rikishi Irish whips The Rock into the barricade, taking out the referee as he does. Rikishi then looks under the ring and pulls out the sledgehammer. He gets back in the ring but The Rock hits him with a right hand and then The Rock Bottom! Both men go down. The referee slowly climbs back into the ring and The Rock slowly crawls over to Rikishi and pins him for a two. The referee tosses the sledgehammer out of the ring and the two competitors get back up to their feet. The Rock hits some right hands but Rikishi hits him with a headbutt to the chest. Rikishi then drops a headbutt on The Rock. The Rock gets back up and hits right hands but Rikishi hits a Samoan drop and following it up with a standing Banzai drop for a two count. Rikishi hits an arse-first splash in the corner and then the Stink Face! I’d have thought he’d drop that move since turning heel. The Rock explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. The two men slowly get up to their feet where The Rock ducks a superkick and hits a spinebuster! Rocky then hits the People’s Elbow! But The Rock is in pain and it takes him a long time to cover Rikishi. He manages to though and Rikishi doesn’t kick out! The Rock beats Rikishi tonight making it 2 from 2 against his fellow Samoan.

After the match, Rikishi hits a superkick to The Rock and then drags him over to the corner and hits him with not one, not two, not three but four Banzai drops!

Rating: 7/10

We get a shot of Raven at WWF New York, just standing around.

Stone Cold arrives in the building and we then see Triple H and The Radicalz watching backstage. Mick Foley then shows up and tells him that The Radicalz are banned from ringside and his match with Austin tonight is now no disqualification.

Ivory (c) vs. Lita – WWF Women’s Championship Match

The new Women’s champion Ivory representing Right To Censor is up next defending her title against Lita. Ivory wrestled at last years Survivor Series in a losing effort. Lita gets straight into it, throwing Ivory around the ring. She hits a hiptoss and an enzeguri, getting the better of Ivory in the early going. Lita hits a clothesline for a two count. Lita is now bleeding from near the eye, I’m not sure what caused that. Ivory hits a legdrop and an elbow drop for a two count. Ivory has to hitch up her long skirt to lay in some boots. She hits a suplex for another near fall. Lita is actually only wrestling in her second PPV match, she won her first. Lita hits a head scissors for a near fall. We see the shot that caused Lita to bleed, a big right hand from Ivory. Steven Richards walks out to ringside. Lita sends Ivory to the outside and then hits a cross body on both Right To Censor members. Back in the ring and Lita hits a cross body for a two count.

Lita then goes for her trademark moonsault but Richards pulls Ivory out of the ring. Richards distracts the referee and Ivory grabs the Womens Championship and swings it at Lita. Lita ducks and hits a suplex before heading to the top and leaping off with a moonsault! Ivory gets the Women’s title up though, all behind the referees back. Ivory covers Lita and gets the three count! Ivory retains her Women’s title over a bloody Lita tonight. Definitely the best PPV match in Ivory’s career.

Rating: 4/10

The Coach is outside The Rocks locker room and tells us that The Rock is injured and coughing up blood.

We then se Kane walking backstage and Jericho attacks him with a chair, throws him into a metal fence and then attacks him with metal poles and a 2×4 until referees break it up.

Video package next showing Kurt Angle’s quick rise to success in the WWF and feud with The Undertaker.

Kurt Angle (c) vs. The Undertaker – WWF Championship Match

This is a rematch from Fully Loaded a few months ago, a match The Undertaker won but this time the WWF title is on the line. I don’t like it being on this spot in the show. It should be the last match on the card. Michael Cole interviews The Undertaker before the match, pointing out that it’s ten years since The Undertaker debuted. Since then, The Undertaker has won 6 matches at Survivor Series and lost 3. He won the WWF title in 1991, could he win it again tonight? The WWF has changed hands at the last 6 Survivor Series PPVs, to a different man every time. From Bob Backlund, Diesel, Sycho Sid, Shawn Michaels, The Rock and The Big Show. Could The Undertaker make it 7 different champions crowned in a row? Kurt Angle beat Shawn Stasiak at last years event in his debut. How far he’s come.

The Undertaker looks like he’s wearing snake-skin pants tonight. Kurt isn’t joined by his business partner Stephanie McMahon. Kurt takes a long time to get into the ring. The Undertaker grabs a steel chair and then hands it to Kurt Angle. And Angle uses the chair! The bell finally rings and it’s advantage Angle. He lays into Undertaker with right hands and boots in the corner. Undertaker hits a boot and a legdrop for a two count. IT’s all Undertaker now as he hits a powerslam and drops an elbow before covering Angle for another two count, lifting Angles shoulders off the mat. He then shouts old school and twists the arm of the champion, walks the top rope and leaps off with a single axe handle. Kurt leaves the ring and Undertaker follows which gives Kurt the advantage, attacking Undertaker as he gets into the ring. The two men exchange rights and Kurt hits a German suplex for a two count. Kurt then clotheslines Undertaker out of the ring before following him out and getting caught. Undertaker rams Angle spine first into the ring post twice.

The two men get back into the ring where Undertaker focuses on Angles back. Nobody has as many wins on pay per view as The Undertaker. To be fair though, nobodies wrestled as many pay per view matches as him. Kurt works on Undertakers knee in the corner. The two men then exchange right hands and Undertaker locks on an armbar. Edge and Christian then run down to the ring and distract the referee as Kurt taps out! Christian then drops Undertaker on the top rope. Kurt applies a leglock but the Dead Man gets out of it. Undertaker then attacks Edge and Christian! Undertaker has a 57% win record on PPV compared to Angles 53%. The referee gets rid of Edge and Christian but in the ring Undertaker hits a chokeslam! The referee eventually turns around and counts but Angle kicks out at 2. Undertaker isn’t happy with the referee and Kurt rolls him up for a two. Undertaker then gets a near fall following a clothesline and another following a side Russian leg sweep.

Angle applies a figure four leg lock in the middle of the ring but eventually Undertaker reverses the hold, applying the pressure to Kurt. Kurt gets to the ropes but Undertaker hits a running powerslam for a near fall. Kurt locks a figure four on around the ring post which he has to break up after a 5 count. Undertaker gets back into it with some body shots and he drops the champion on the top turnbuckle for a 2 count. Kurt then hits the most blatant low blow ever, right in front of the referee but apparently Earl Hebner doesn’t see it. Kurt scoops Undertaker up but Undertaker reverses it into a Tombstone set up. Kurt manages to slip down the back onto the apron before Undertaker hammers him off. Kurt crawls underneath the ring and Undertaker drags him back out and throws him into the ring. Undertaker then hits the Last Ride and the referee stops at a two count. The referee points at Kurt Angle but it isn’t Kurt Angle! The real Angle slides in the ring and rolls Undertaker up for the three! Kurt Angle wins and retains his WWF Championship tonight with the help of a body double! The other bloke looks just like Angle and that’s because he is an Angle…Eric Angle! He’s a lot bigger than Kurt. But he isn’t the champ like his brother!

Rating: 7.25/10

We get a shot of Kurt Angle leaving the building and driving off!

XFL cheerleader advert next. With the tagline “Don’t worry, we’ll teach them how to cheer”. Great stuff.

Edge, Christian, The Goodfather & Bull Buchanan

Right To Censor (Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather) & Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) & The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) – Traditional Survivor Series Match

Jim Ross gets his facts wrongs here, saying The Dudley Boyz were against Edge & Christian and The Hardyz last year at Survivor Series. Wrong. Bull Buchanan starts the match with Bubba Ray and Bull lays into Bubba in the corner. Right To Censor are the tag team champions at the moment and they’re in there with the 3 best teams in the business. Bubba tags D-Von who hits a spinning elbow on Buchanan. The Goodfather was the only man in this match to have won their match at last years event. D-Von gets the first near fall of the match. Buchanan tags in The Goodfather who hits a big shoulder block. Christian tags in but gets caught with a reverse DDT. Matt Hardy tags in and in come Edge. Matt takes down everyone! All 8 men are then in and all hell breaks loose! The Hardy and Dudleyz hit DDT’s and Matt then goes to the middle rope but Val Venis pulls him down! Edge then hits the Edge-o-matic on Matt which is enough to eliminate Matt Hardy!

D-Von comes in and hits a clothesline on Edge but Christian makes a blind tag and D-Von takes both men down. Bull gives D-Von a cheap shot allowing Christian to hit a reverse DDT on D-Von and eliminate him from the match!

it’s 4 on 2 now and Bubba Ray comes in and takes down Christian. Bubba slams Christian and tags Jeff Hardy who hits a springboard moonsault on Christian for a 2 count. Christian throws Jeff into the ring post and tags in Bull Buchanan. Bull last wrestled at a Survivor Series back in 1997, teaming with the Truth Commission. He was eliminated that night but Kurrgan won for his team. Bull hits some big right hands but misses with a splash in the corner. Jeff tags Bubba Ray who hits some clotheslines and a scoop slam. Bubba Ray then takes all 4 men down on the other team. Edge dives at Bubba Ray with a spear but Bubba Ray sidesteps it and Edge nails Bull Buchanan. Bubba Ray pins Bull and gets the three! Christian then attempts a splash on Bubba Ray but Christian accidentally hits his own partner Edge! Bubba Ray pins Edge and eliminates him!

It’s 2 on 2 now with Bubba Ray and Jeff Hardy against The Goodfather and Christian. All 4 men get into it and Goodfather disposes of Jeff. Christian shoves Bubba Ray into The Goodfather who hits the Pimp Drop on Bubba Ray! Goodfather pins Bubba Ray for the 3! Goodfather tags Christian who misses with a spear in the corner and hits the ringpost. Jeff goes to the top and hits the Swanton Bomb on Christian, eliminating him from the match! It’s The Goodfather against Jeff Hardy! Goodfather misses with his splash in the corner and then Goodfather and Val Venis accidentally clothesline each other! Jeff pins The Goodfather and gets the 3! Jeff Hardy wins the match! All of Right To Censor then comes in, including Steven Richards and Val hits the Money Shot on Jeff! Matt Hardy and the Dudley Boyz run out for the save. We get twists of fate, 3D’s and wassup drops. They then get tables and in one corner, Matt Hardy legdrops Val Venis through a table and in the other corner Bubba Ray powerbombs Steven Richards through a table!

Rating: 6.5/10

Triple H is backstage telling The Radicalz that they know what to do. We then get a video package taking us through Triple H being revealed as Rikishi’s accomplice.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Triple H – No Disqualification Match

This is the 4th PPV match between these two men with Austin currently winning 2-1. Austin and Triple H go right at it and Austin knocks Triple H down and drops an elbow. I’m willing to bet this one will go to the back where The Radicalz will get involved. Triple H tries to get back into it but Austin has the advantage in the early going, scrapping and brawling to take Triple H down. Austin has won 2 and lost 2 at Survivor Series in the past whereas Triple H has lost all 3 previous matches at this event. Triple H hits a knee to the face but austin gets back into it with a Lou Thesz Press, right hands and his trademark elbow drop. Helmsley rolls out of the ring and Austin follows, taking The Game up the entrance way. Stone Cold then picks up some of the set but Triple H fights him off and throws him into the railings. The two then battle into the technical area where Triple H throws Austin from pillar to post. The two then battle to the backstage area but not for long as Austin takes Triple H back to the ring entrance where he hits him with a clothesline.

Austin goes for a suplex up the entrance way but Triple H manages to reverse it. The two slug it out towards the ring where Triple H throws Austin into the steel steps. Helmsley then throws Austin onto the Spanish announce table but Austin gets off and reverses an Irish whip, sending Triple H into the steel steps. Austin then grabs a monitor and smashes it into Triple H’s face, busting him wide open. He’s not finished there though, he nails Triple H with the beer cooler and sits drinking a beer on the steps! He smashes Triple H’s face into the steps, this match has got brutal. The two battle into the ring where Triple H takes the advantage with a low blow. Austin looks for the Stunner but Triple H reverses it into a neckbreaker. Triple H works the neck of Austin now, knowing the surgery history on Austins neck. Triple H gets a near fall. Triple H hits another neckbreaker for another near fall. Stone Cold gets back into it with a spinebuster and then goes for a Bret Hart-esque elbow from the middle rope but Triple H gets out of the way. Helmsley stomps away at Austin in the corner.

The two go at it on the outside where Triple H drops Austin on the security barrier. Helmsley then goes for a Pedigree on the ring steps but Austin back body drops him through the announce table! Stone Cold picks Triple H up and slams him right back where he found him. The two then get back into the ring where the crowd are hot for Austin! He stomps a mudhole in Triple H in the corner and then flips him the double bird and nails the Stone Cold Stunner! Austin doesn’t go for the cover though, instead grabbing a chair from ringside and putting Triple H’s ankle in it. The referee tells him not to and Austin takes the chair off his foot and instead puts it around Helmsleys head. Triple H manages to roll out of the ring, losing the chair. Austin lays into Triple H in the entrance way and Triple H keeps backing off to the backstage area. Austin lays into Triple H with right hands backstage and then throws him into the drinks machine. The Radicalz then arrive as expected and lay into Austin! All four men hammer away and Triple H backs away from the scene. Referees come and break it up but can’t gain control. Triple H gets into a car outside the arena and Austin chases Benoit outside.

Triple H sits in his car waiting for Austin as Benoit runs past. Austin seems to have vanished but Triple H tells Benoit to go and get him. Benoit runs back into the arena but Austin is in a huge forklift! Austin picks up Triple H’s car with the forklift and drives him across the car park, lifts up the car as high as he can before dropping him off, crushing the car and presumably Triple H! It’s another no contest but Triple H should be dead after that! A great spectacle at the end but I’m not sure it should’ve been the end of this match, it’s more of a stunt on Raw. An alright match between these two but nothing out of the ordinary (until the end).

Rating: 6.75/10 


And that was the 13th annual Survivor Series. I definitely think there should be more traditional Survivor Series matches. I think the opening 6 person tag team match could definitely have been one! It was an OK way to open the show but I definitely think you need a pacier match to kick things off. They could have put the APA with Crash and Blackman and Tazz and Raven with T & A. But that’s just me. We got to see Molly Holly in action and she looks more of a wrestler than some women have in the past. Along with Lita, Ivory and Trish, there seems to be a bit of a division building. It was a short match but it got Molly Holly a big win on her debut. It may have made more sense to have Hardcore Holly with his cousins here and found something else for Crash. Again, that’s armchair booking from me.

Then we had our first traditional Survivor Series match and my favourite out of the two tonight. I wasn’t too surprised that Chris Benoit got the win but was a little shocked with Perry Saturn winning alongside him. It does make me question whether there is a push on the cards for Saturn. His relationship with Terri certainly doesn’t look like it’s holding him back. Billy Gunn was the last man on his team which made sense, he’s going in a slightly different direction now as “The One”. Kane then beat Jericho which surprised me a little. I thought Chris would win this but it gives Kane a big win and pushes him as a monster. The ending was pretty cool with him catching the Lionsault and turning it into a chokeslam. The clean result makes me thing these two will head in different directions after this show.

William Regal beat Hardcore Holly in an unadvertised match. This was ok but nothing spectacular. Regal is very much in the lower card at the moment but back to back wins over veterans Mideon and Holly won’t harm him. It would be in Holly’s nature to get the DQ finish and it does suggest that there may be more to come from these two. I like Hardcore Holly, especially as “The Big Shot” so I’d like to see more of that. Regal is the perfect man for the European title at the moment. The Rock then beat Rikishi as the man at the heart of the biggest storyline of the past 12 months continues to job. These two had decent enough chemistry and there were a couple of unexpected oves in this one. The first was the Stink Face which I expected Rikishi to drop since turning heel. The other was The Rock winning with the People’s Elbow. I genuinly can’t remember him ever winning with that move but it was enough for the three tonight. Rikishi has had a couple of good rubs with Austin and The Rock at back to back PPVs, it will be very telling as to who he feuds with into next months Armageddon.

Ivory retained her title against Lita in what was a bloody affair. Ivory hit Lita with a right hand early into the match which left Lita with a crimson mask. She would cheat to win which was the right way to go and keeps this rivalry alive. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a rematch and with the Hardy Boyz feuding with Right To Censor there is a lot of potential for matches down the line. I hate the WWF title match not being on last but that was the case tonight with Kurt Angle defeating The Undertaker with a lot of help from his brother. You could tell it wasn’t Kurt when Undertaker had him up for the Last Ride but that’s ok. This was a decent enough match, the two had some good chemistry. This feud could continue although a brothers vs. brothers match looks out of the question at this time.

The second traditional Survivor Series match came down to 4 men from different tag teams before Jeff Hardy won the match for his team. I was a little surprised by this but I quite liked it. Jeff is a great worker and deserves a bit of a push after a short tag team title reign with brother Matt. It had to be a face team win to give the tag team champions some compeition going forward. Do not be surprised at all to see the Hardy Boyz and Right To Censor lock it up in the not to distant future. The match that ended the show was between Austin and Triple H. Triple H had made it clear all night that he had a plan which usually means it wont work and it didn’t. There was some very clever editing used here that made it look like Austin literally crushed Triple H to death when he dropped the car. This match was ok but not the best. I’m fed up of no disqualification matches at this point so would prefer to see the two in a normal match. The spot at the end was great though, very cleverly done. I doubt very much that it’s over between these two.

Overall Rating: 59.16/100 (ranked 34th out of 116)

Match Of The Night: Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker
Worst Match Of The Night: William Regal vs. Hardcore Holly
Surprise Of The Night: Triple H gets dropped on his head
Worst Booking Of The Night: Perry Saturn co-winning?
Superstar Of The Night: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin/Kurt Angle
Survivor Series 2000 Will Be Remembered For: The car spot and Eric Angle

One thought on “Survivor Series 2000

  1. Five things you didn’t mention:

    1.In the Sunday Night Heat match, Val Venis defeated Jeff Hardy.

    2.On the Raw after No Mercy, Los Conquistadores were scheduled to defend their newly-won WWF Tag-Team Championship again Edge & Christian. As Michael Cole attempted to interview Los Conquistadores in their locker room, E&C burst in and told him and his camera crew to scram.

    Later that night, Edge found Christian seemingly put through a table by the Dudleyz, which meant that Edge would have to wrestle Los Conquistadores all by himself.

    Once it came time for the match, Los Conquistadores defeated Edge in a very quick match to retain their titles. When Christian ran down to the ring, Los Conquistadores ran back up the ramp and unmasked themselves, revealing themselves to be the Hardyz. Mick Foley made his way, feigning confusion, and then explained that when E&C told Michael Cole to buzz earlier, his crew left their camera switched on, which recorded Edge and Christian tell the Los Conquistadores in front of them that the Los Conquistadores who beat the Hardyz for the titles last night were actually Edge & Christian themselves, and their plan for the following night was to have two goons called Rick and Sparky (played by Christopher Daniels and Aaron Aguilera, who had doubled for Los Conquistadores in backstage segment) lay down for E&C, so they can win back/retain the belts as themselves.

    After the footage was shown, Foley also went to say that the Hardyz beat up the goons and nicked their costumes in order to get their titles. Foley still declared E&C’s title victory at No Mercy official, but then declared the Hardyz title victory over them also official, thus putting an end to the Los Conquistadores until 2003. Also, because of this double title change, the ban on Edge & Christian challenging for the Tag-Team Championship was officially lifted.

    3.The reason why Billy Gunn is now called “The One” was because he lost to Steven Richards on the October 30th episode of Raw, where the stipulation was that since Richards won, Gunn could no longer use the term “Mr. Ass”… at least, not until 2003.

    4.On the November 2nd episode of SmackDown, Foley’s newly-appointed Lieutenant Commissioner Debra denied Edge & Christian another title shot against the Hardyz, so that gave E&C a good reason to interfere in the fatal four-way match for the Women’s Championship between Lita, Jacqueline, Ivory, and Trish Stratus by attacking Lita and helping Ivory win the match and the title.

    5.Parts of the scene where Austin lifts and drops HHH in his car were taped the night before the PPV.

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