Insurrextion 2001

| Date: May 5, 2001
| Venue: Earls Court | City: London, England
| Attendance: 15, 794

Insurrextion is one of two annual PPVs held in the UK. What I like about these shows are that you don’t always get matches you expect. They don’t necessarily follow the curve of the storylines that are current. Tonight will probably be no different. No matches have been announced going into this but what we do know is that Kane and Test have both suffered injuries in the past week so I don’t expect them to be in action. It’ll be Steve Austins first UK PPV as a heel so it’ll be interesting to see what reaction he gets as well as the reaction William Regal receives in his home country. So let’s get to it.

William Regal is in his office on the phone to Kurt Angle telling him to come to the arena because the whole card has changed for tonight. Vince McMahon then shows up and says that the commissionership has gone to Regals head. He’s made a 2 out of 3 falls match between Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit and a match for the Queens cup between Chris Jericho and Regal. Regal says that he didn’t make the changes, Linda McMahon did. Vince isn’t happy and he says he might bend but he won’t break. There will be no more changes tonight. Linda then shows up and says that she acts in the interest of the WWE fans. The main event hasn’t changed, it’s going to be a handicap match between Triple H and Austin against The Undertaker. Linda leaves and Vince seems more worried about getting foot and mouth disease.

The titles then run and Michael Cole welcomes us to London, he joined by Paul Heyman on commentary tonight.

Grand Master Sexay vs. Eddie Guerrero

Grand Master Sexay kicks off Insurrextion much like he did at last years event. He and Scotty defeated Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko last year. Eddie Guerrero successfully defended his European title against Chris Jericho at last years Insurrextion event. Guerrero attacks Sexay as the bell rings and hits him with a reverse elbow. Eddie then puts Grand Master Sexays sunglasses on before throwing them into the crowd. Sexay gets back into the match with a powerslam and a dropkick off the second rope. Grand Master hits a baseball slide but dances for too long allowing Guerrero to get back in the ring and attack him from behind. Eddie has had one hell of a debut year in the WWF, a former European and Intercontinental champion. Grand Master Sexay hits him with an enzeguri, back body drop and a clothesline. Grand Master has been teaming up with Steve Blackman as of late. Sexay hits a kick to the chin for the first near fall of the night.

Grand Master Sexay hits a big sit-out powerbomb but he did stumble over there. He then goes to the top and puts his goggles on but Guerrero rolls out of the way of the Hip Hop Drop! Guerrero then goes to the top but Grand Master Sexay is up and throws Guerrero across the ring. Sexay then misses with a move in the corner and Eddie rolls him up, putting his feet on the ropes for extra leverage and he gets the three! Eddie Guerrero kicks off the night with a big win tonight!

Rating: 4.75/10

Triple H is backstage with Stephanie and is very relaxed. He’s confident that he and Austin will beat Undertaker tonight.

Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko vs. The Holly Cousins (Hardcore & Crash) 

Terri Runnels was supposed to be in this match but she backs out before the bell. The four men in this match get right into it as Molly and Terri go at it in the ring. Molly spins Terri around by her legs and Perry Saturn and Hardcore officially start the match. Hardcore hits a belly to back suplex for a two count. Hardcore holds Perry on the ropes and then kicks him in the middle section. Hardcore then tags Crash who hits a clothesline. Perry gets back into it with a belly to belly suplex before tagging in Dean Malenko. Two former Light-Heavyweight Champions go at it and Crash hits a powerslam and tags in Hardcore. Saturn clotheslines Hardcore from the apron to get The Radicalz back into the match. Crash Holly lost his Hardcore title to the British Bulldog at last years Insurrextion event. Malenko hits a powerslam and tags in Saturn. Saturn hits a brainbuster for a two count. Saturn then applies a chinlock. These are two good teams to have in the lower card. Perry hits a nice T-Bone suplex. He then goes to the top but Holly gets out of the way of the elbow.

Hardcore tags in Crash who hits a clothesline and spinning head scissors on Saturn before hitting Malenko with a DDT. Crash goes up top and hits a hurricanrana on Saturn. All four men are in the ring and Crash hits a bulldog similar to what Spike Dudley has been doing recently. Terri then comes in and so does Molly! As all hell breaks loose, Perry hits a fishermans suplex on Crash and the referee spots it and counts the three! Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko win this one!

Rating: 5/10

We get a VT with William Regal looking around London and being interviewed by various journalists.

There’s a shot now of William Regal on the phone to his uncle saying that he’ll get cheered over Chris Jericho tonight.

The Big Show comes out. He was originally supposed to fight Test tonight but Big Show injured Test a couple of weeks ago on Smackdown. Big Show calls out Test, calling him a coward. Tests music hits and he walks out in his street clothes holding his ribs. Test takes off his shirt and Big show attacks him. Test battles back with some big right hands. There is a referee out there but the bell hasn’t rung. Big Show hits a sidewalk slam and drives his knee into the injured ribs. Big Show then hits his reverse sidewalks slam type move and referees come out from the back and see to Test, taking him out of the ring. Big Show gets on the microphone and says there is nobody in the back, in the crowd or on this planet that can stop him one on one. As he walks up the aisle The Acolytes music hits and Bradshaw comes out from the back! Bradshaw lays into Big Show and the bell rings!

The Big Show vs. Bradshaw

Big Show starts the match with a sidewalk slam and a headbutt. Big Show then hits some big chops in the corner. Show is the first man to have wrestled on all 5 PPVs so far in 2001. EMT’s come out to see to Test on the outside. Bradshaw hits a boot and some big right hands but Big show reverses an Irish whip, hits a clothesline in the corner and then a powerslam. Big Show goes to drop an elbow but Bradshaw rolls out of the way and goes up to the top where he dives off with a big shoulder block. Big Show goes for a chokeslam but Bradshaw holds onto the top rope. Big Show then throws Bradshaw out of the ring. Big Show then grabs a chair. He shoves the referee onto the floor and then goes after Test who is being carried to the back. Big Show headbutts Test, throws him into the ring and picks up the chair but Test boots the chair into Big Shows face! Bradshaw then hits the Clothesline From Hell and pins Big Show for the three! Bradshaw beats Big Show tonight!

Rating: 3.5/10

Jonathan Coachman is backstage with the WWF Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Austin asks how stupid The Undertaker is for requesting the handicap match tonight.

Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) vs. X Factor (X Pac & Justin Credible)  Four Team Elimination Match

This is Christians 25th consecutive PPV. Only The Rock has beaten that record ever with 26 PPVs. Matt Hardy is the current European Champion but that title isn’t on the line tonight. Justin Credible starts the match with Bubba Ray Dudley. Both men hit right hands in the early going and Bubba Ray hits a hiptoss and powerslam. Credible then tags out to Matt Hardy and Christian tags himself in. Christian hits Matt with a dropkick but Matt gets back into it with a clothesline before tagging Jeff in to a huge pop. Christian tags in Edge and Jeff knocks him down and tags in X Pac. Jeff hits a spinning head scissors on X Pac and tags in Matt. X Pac sells his leg and the referee sees to him allowing Justin Credible to crotch Matt Hardy around the ringpost. X Pac chokes Matt with his boot and then hits the Bronco Buster! Quick tags between X Factor now but Matt takes both men down with a clothesline.

Matt tags in Jeff who drops both of X Factor with a dropkick. He then knocks Edge and Christian off the apron! Jeff hits poetry in motion on X Pac and all 8 men are in the ring! Matt hits Twist of Fate on X Pac and pins him but Albert comes in and accidentally splashes X Pac! Jeff then hits the Swanton Bomb on X Pac and X Factor are eliminated! X Factor lay into Matt Hardy whilst in the ring Christian hits Unprettier on Jeff Hardy eliminating The Hardy Boyz! We’re down to Edge and Christian against The Dudley Boyz. The Dudleyz hit a flapjack on Christian and D-Von is the legal man. He hits a slam on Christian and then lays into him in the corner but Edge makes the save. Christian then hits a backbreaker on D-Von and tags in Edge. Edge hits a dropkick for a two count and then tags in Christian. Lots of double teaming from Edge and Christian. Edge hits a hard Irish whip on D-V0n who needs to make a tag. Plenty more double teaming from Edge and Christian who lost to The Hardy Boyz by disqualification at last years Insurrextion event. Edge goes for a superplex on D-Von but D-Von shoves him off and hits a clothesline from the second rope.

D-Von tags Bubba Ray but the referee doesn’t see it. Classic. The tag team division is so good right now. Christian hits a backbreaker on D-Von for a two count. D-Von gets back into it with a reverse suplex. Christian tags Edge and D-Von tags Bubba Ray! Bubba Ray takes both Edge and Christian down with back body drops and sidewalk slams. He hits a Bubba Bomb on Christian and the Wassup Drop on Edge! Bubba Ray then calls for the tables! They don’t get the chance to get the tables in the ring though! Edge saves Christian from a 3D. As the battle takes to the outside Rhyno comes from nowhere and hits a gore on Bubba Ray! Edge covers him and they get the three! Edge and Christian win tonight! Rhyno sets up a table but here comes Spike Dudley! Spike clears the ring and the Dudley Boyz hit 3D on Rhyno through the table! Edge and Christian win the match thanks to Rhyno but it’s Rhyno who ends up going through a table tonight!

Rating: 7.25/10

VT for a charity do is next, hosted by Michael Cole. A night that ended with Michael Cole getting a slap from Stephanie McMahon.

Paul Heyman finds the slap hilarious. We then see some of the stars in attendance tonight such as Eamonn Holmes, Chris Tarrant and Gianfranco Zola!

The Coach is backstage with Kurt Angle who says that after he beats Chris Benoit twice tonight he will take his gold medals back from.

Steven Richards and Ivory head to the ring much to the surprise of the commentators. Richards get on the mic and says that he heard what has been going on in this country and it is wrong. Richards holds up Page 3 of the newspaper with naked breasts. Richards then says that he will be their Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill. He then says that he has spoken to William Regal and he has been allowed to censor the Womens Battle Royal. Regals introduces the women’s wrestlers, Jacqueline, Trish Stratus who gets a huge pop and Lita. Ivory then gets on the mic and says that she is the only woman fit for royalty. She calls the other 3 women slappers. Jacqueline then dropkicks Ivory! The three women jump on Ivory and rip off her shirt and trousers! Ivory heads to the back! Steven Richards then gets on the mic and calls Lita, Trish and Jacqueline hussies. Trish flirts with Richards and then hits him with a low blow. They pull his pants down and Jacqueline hits him with a DDT before Lita hits him with a moonsault! The battle royal isn’t happening then?

Video package for Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit next.

Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle – 2 out of 3 falls match

This is the 4th PPV match between these two men. The first, which was at last years Insurrextion was won by Angle, as was the match between them at Wrestlemania. Benoit won the match at Backlash, putting the series 2-1 to Angle. Kurt comes out and asks for his gold medals but Benoit says they’re in a safe place. We get a bit of wrestling between the two in the early going as you would expect. Benoit gets the Crossface on early but Angle gets to the ropes and exits the ring. Back in the ring Angle goes for the legs and then the Ankle Lock but Benoit gets to the ropes. Back up and Benoit hits some big right hands but Angle rolls him up and Benoit once again rolls through and goes for the Crossface. Angle is first up and stomps away at Benoit before dropping him on the top rope with a hotshot. Angle then hits a suplex for a one count and then two belly to bellys. Benoit gets back into it with a belly to belly of his own. Chris hits some knife edge chops and a snap suplex before hitting another suplex and dropping angle on the ropes. Benoit then hits three German suplexes before heading to the top and hitting a flying headbutt! That gets the three and Benoit gets the first fall.

Angle knocks Benoit out of the ring as Paul Heyman makes a reference to Triple H beating Steve Austin with two straight falls. Angle throws Benoit into the steel steps and lays into him with some boots. Back in the ring and Angle hits a belly to back suplex for a two count. Kurt then applies a sleeper. Benoit gets out of it but runs right into a belly to belly. Another near fall for Angle. Benoit rolls Angle up from nowhere for a two count but Angle keeps the advantage with right hands. Benoit then hits a DDT to slow the match down. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Benoit lands on his feet and hits three German suplexes. Much like the last fall Benoit goes to the top but this time Angle rolls out of the way of the headbutt. Angle hits a drop toe hold and locks on the ankle Lock but Benoit rolls through and locks on the Crossface. Angle gets out of that but Benoit rolls him up and gets the three count! Chris Benoit beats Kurt Angle with two straight falls! Great match if you’re into a technical showcase. Both men have now won 2 PPV matches against each other. After the bell Benoit pulls the medals out from his tights.

Rating: 7.5/10

Austin is backstage with Triple H and Stephanie. Austin still isn’t happy that Undertaker threw him through a window. Austin then calls for Debra and tells her to get him a drink. Triple H and Stephanie also ask for a drink but Debra says she isn’t an errand girl and they all need to worry about the match and not drinks.

VT for Chris Jericho and Regal now.

Chris Jericho vs. William Regal – Queens Cup Match

Jericho beat Regal at Wrestlemania and Regal beat Jericho at Backlash so the two men are tied at 1-1 going into this one. Jericho joins Christian and Kurt Angle as the three men who fought on every PPV in 2000 and 2001. The Queens Cup is at ringside but sadly Regal doesn’t get the ovation he was expecting. Jericho locks on a wristlock in the early going which Regal reverses. Jericho applies a headlock and then a hammerlock which Regal reverses. Regal then sends Jericho out to the apron but he lands on his feet and goes to the top before launching off with an elbow. They go to the outside where Jericho drops Regal onto the barricade. Back in the ring and Jericho hits a flying cross body from the top for a two count. We get some chain wrestling between the two that results in Jericho trying to lock on the Walls Of Jericho but Regal shoves him off and into the ring post. Regal then locks on a wristlock. Regal then goes to the top but Jericho hits a dropkick and then a hurricanrana off the top for a two count.

Regal slingshots Jericho into the top rope and then hits him with a suplex before applying a chinlock which looks like something Ted Dibiase would do. The two then go outside the ring where Regal throws Jericho into the barricade. Back in the ring and Jericho rolls Regal up for a two count before Regal takes Jericho down with a big clothesline for a two count. Regal then goes back to the chinlock. Jericho gets out of it and back body drops Regal before rolling him up for a two count. The commission then ties Jericho up in the ropes before laying into him with right hands. Regal hits a suplex and gets a two count before locking on an abdominal stretch. Jericho gets out of it and hits some right hands and actually gets some boos. He hits an enzeguri and a clothesline to a mixed reaction. Jericho then hits a missile dropkick from the middle rope for a two. He then hits a bulldog and Lionsault but Regal gets his knees up! Regal hits a suplex and Jericho just kicks out! Regal goes for another suplex but Jericho rolls through and locks on the Walls of Jericho! Regal taps out and Jericho wins the match and the Queens Cup! He makes it 2 wins against 1 from their three PPV matches. After the match Regal attacks Jericho with the cup! This match was good but I got bored towards the end.

Rating: 5.75/10

There’s a VT about Stone Cold, Triple H and The Undertaker next.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) & Triple H vs. The Undertaker – Handicap Match for WWF Championship

This is the only title match tonight as Triple H heads into his third PPV match in a row with The Undertaker on the opposite side of the ring. After two Insurrextion PPVs it is only Eddie Guerrero that has won on both shows. He beat Chris Jericho last year and Grand Master Sexay this year. Undertaker comes out last and chases the Two Man Power Trip off with a steel chair. Triple H eventually attacks The Undertaker from behind and Austin jumps into double team The Undertaker in the early going. undertaker takes both men down with a clothesline and then hits a boon on Triple H and a sidewalk slam on Austin. Only The Undertaker has fought on more PPVs than Triple H. Undertaker and Triple H battle up the ramp until Austin comes up to help out his buddy. Undertaker fights back and pairs off with Triple H, hitting him with elbows before battling around to the announce table and taking it apart. It doesn’t come into play yet though as Undertaker and Triple H battle back into the ring where Undertaker hits Old School. Undertaker has to pin Stone Cold in order to  win the WWF title tonight.

Undertaker hits Triple H with a DDT as Austin stands on the apron awaiting the tag. Undertaker covers Triple H and Austin breaks it up. Triple H hits a big knee to the face and then tags in the WWF Champion. Austin hits a low blow to the Dead Man and then lays into him in the corner. Austin hits a Lou Thesz Press and drops an elbow and then tries for a second elbow but Undertaker catches him by the throat. Triple H saves his partner from a chokeslam. Undertaker and Triple H then knock each other down with clotheslines. Stephanie then attempts to get into the ring but the referee stops her and Austin leathers Undertaker with a chair. Triple H covers Undertaker but Undertaker kicks out! Austin knocks Undertaker out of the ring where Triple H rams him into the post before shoving him back into the ring. Austin goes for three covers in a row but every time Undertaker kicks out. Austin tags in Triple H who hits some big right hands and then locks on a sleeper. Undertaker battles out of the sleeper and hits a huge clothesline. Helmsley tags in Austin who locks on a sleeper of his own but Undertaker reverses it!

Austin hits a suplex to get out of the sleeper and then goes up to the middle rope but Undertaker hits him with a right hand. Austin tags in Triple H who hits a reverse elbow and then goes up top but gets caught with a boot to the face! Triple H tags Austin but Undertaker lays into him with right hands and elbows before doing the same to Triple H. Undertaker clears the ring of both men and then throws Austin into the barricade and chokeslams Triple H through the announce desk! Undertaker and Austin get back into the ring where Undertaker averts a Stunner and then goes for a chokeslam but Austin hits a low blow! Undertaker then hits a low blow! Undertaker is bleeding severely from the ear and he pins Austin but Triple H saves it. Triple H then attempts a Pedigree but Undertaker counters it and slingshots Triple H into Austin! Triple H manages a facebuster and a clothesline. Vince McMahon then makes his way out to ringside. He grabs a steel chair but accidentally nails Triple H with it! Undertaker chokeslams Vince McMahon and then Triple H and that’s all she wrote! Undertaker beats Triple H and Austin tonight but he doesn’t win the WWF title because he didn’t pin Austin. Undertaker chokeslams Austin and then attacks all three men with a steel chair.

Rating: 7/10 


Well that was Insurrextion 2001. Let me start by saying that I would have liked to have seen a triple threat hardcore match between Rhyno, Raven and Spike Dudley. That was the one thing missing. It wasn’t the most memorable show of all time but there were a handful of decent matches. The tag team fatal four way and Benoit/Angle in particular are worth a watch. The show kicked off with a random contest between Eddie Guerrero and Grand Master Sexay. I think this was a case of putting two men together who weren’t up to a fat lot. Eddie picked up the win which was definitely the right result. He seems to have fallen down the pecking order quite considerably over the last year. Grand Master Sexay, who has been teaming with Steve Blackman as of late, isn’t up to much either, especially as his usual partner Scotty Too Hotty is out with an injury. Then we had a bit of a throwaway tag team match between The Radicalz and Holly’s. Saturn and Malenko got the win but I took from this one was crazy entrance gear tha Saturn was wearing. He looks like he’s going through a gimmick change at the moment and it suits him.

We then had the Big Show and Test angle which resulted in Bradshaw getting a huge win over Show. I like Bradshaw so I’m all for him picking up this win. Big Show doesn’t need to win every match but his career is in danger at the moment, especially with all his face and heel turns. I can see them following up on this if Test is out for a while. The four way tag team match was a great watch and could have gone any way. Edge and Christian picked up the win which makes me think they may be back in the tag team title hunt before the other teams in the match. The Dudley Boyz currently have their hands full with X Factor but this match made me think that maybe X Factor will move onto the Hardy Boyz next. Good win for Edge and Christian with no prize at stake. Chris Benoit beat Kurt Angle 2 falls to 0 in their 2 out of 3 falls match. A predictably good match between these two men who could put on good matches in their sleep. This feud will keep going and I look forward to seeing more of it. Benoit should some personality after the bell, pulling Kurts medals out from his tights.

They seem to be going pretty big on the Jericho and Regal feud but their match tonight didn’t click. It was a bit boring and makes me think that maybe these two have run their course. Move them on to new feuds, either man could win the King Of The Ring come June. I like both but their strengths are against others. Then in the main event, The Undertaker pinned Triple H to win a handicap match. This keeps Undertaker strong as challenger to the WWF Championship at Judgment Day. It doesn’t make Triple H looks great though. Decent enough main event for those in attendance.

Overall Rating: 58.2/100 (ranked 50th out of 123)

Match Of The Night: Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
Worst Match Of The Night: The Big Show vs. Bradshaw
Surprise Of The Night: Bradshaw beats The Big Show
Worst Booking Of The Night: Rhyno, Raven and Spike Dudley not in action
Superstar Of The Night: The Undertaker
Insurrextion 2001 Will Be Remembered For: Chris Benoit beating Kurt Angle 2 falls to 0

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