Judgment Day 2001

| Date: May 20, 2001
| Venue: ARCO Arena | City: Sacremento, California
| Attendance: 13, 632 | Buyrate: 405, 000

Tonight could be Judgment Day for the two man power trip of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H. Both men will defend their championships with Austin defending his WWF title in the main event against The Undertaker. This rivalry has been going on since Wrestlemania and took a turn for the worst a couple of weeks ago when Austin and Triple H tipped off the police about a car crash that The Undertakers wife had been in. It all turned out to be a hoax in the end but it left The Undertaker furious. The Undertakers brother Kane was a recipient of physical abuse when Triple H and Austin broke his arm. Kane returns tonight to take on Triple H for the Intercontinental title.

There will be two other title matches tonight. The Women’s title will be on the line as Chyna defends her belt against Lita. This has been a friendly rivalry between the two with both women threatening to dish out a spanking. These are definitely the top two women in the division, could there be a new champion tonight? The other title match defended tonight will be the Hardcore belt. Rhyno defends against The Big Show and Test in a triple threat match. Big Show and Test have been feuding with each other for a few weeks, especially since Test helped Shane McMahon beat Big Show at Backlash. Test and Big Show are former Hardcore champions, could they reclaim the gold tonight?

Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle have had an intense rivalry for a few months now. Chris Benoit has stolen Kurts gold medals and has been keeping them warm down his tights. Tonight the two men meet in a 2 out of 3 falls match. The first fall can only be won by pinfall and should it go to a third fall then Kurts gold medals will be hung high above the ring in a ladder match. Rikishi is a man that has turned face recently, dancing around the ring like he used to. William Regal and Vince McMahon wanted him to attack Mick Foley and he refused. This has led to a match between Rikishi and Regal tonight. Also tonight there will be a tag team turmoil match between Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, The Acolytes, X Factor, The Radicalz and Chris Jericho who will be teaming with a mystery partner. He can’t wait to get his hands on Edge and Christian. So let’s get to it.

An elaborate video package kicks us off with a man on the streets shouting about Judgment Day being here. Clips of Austin, Undertaker, Triple H and Kane are shown too before “the end is near” is written in red text and we kick off the show. Not such an elaborate set and stage for this one. Jim Ross welcomes us to California, he’s joined by Paul Heyman.

William Regal vs. Rikishi

Regal gets on the mic before the bell and says that tonight Rikishi will be punished for Stink Facing Stephanie McMahon. He says that if Rikishi tries it on him tonight then the consequences will be permanent. This is a first time meeting between these two men on PPV and I like it. I like new and interesting combinations between midcarders. Rikishi hits some right hands in the early going and a clothesline. A headbutt takes Regal off his feet and Rikishi goes right in for the Stink Face but Regal hits a low blow. Regal gets the advantage and hits some lefts and rights and then tries for a sunset flip and nearly gets sat on. Regal hits some forearms and gets the first near fall of the night. Rikishi reverses an Irish whip and hits a clothesline, legdrop and splash in the corner before hitting Regal with the Stink Face! The Commissioner looks like he’s going to throw up. Sensational selling from Regal! He exits the ring and Rikishi follows, smashing Regals head into the ring steps.

Back in the ring and Rikishi hits a superkick. Regal then sidesteps a shoulder barge in the corner and hits a neckbreaker which is enough for the three! William Regal beats Rikishi in the opening contest tonight! Good fun between two fun superstars. We got the Stink Face but its Regal that goes home the winner tonight.

Rating: 5/10

Edge and Christian are excited about the tag team turmoil tonight but worried about who Chris Jerichos partner is. Kurt Angle then shows up and asks for advice if his match comes to the third fall and the ladder part of the match. Edge and Christian tell him not to fall off.

Triple H and Stephanie arrive in the building and meet up with Vince. Vince asks Triple H why they made Undertaker so mad by involving Undertakers wife.

A graphic comes up for Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle has a very good head of hair on it. It barely looks like Kurt. Following that is a video package for Benoit and Angle. This feud revolves around Benoit stealing Kurts medals.

Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle – 2 out of 3 falls match

This is the 5th PPV match between these two men. They have both own a match each at Insurrextion whilst Kurt won at Wrestlemania and Benoit won at Backlash. It’s the 4th PPV in a row they have gone one on one. Kurt gets a good pop as his music hits. He gets on the mic before the bell as he usually does and is excited because tonight his medals are coming home. Kurt wrestled on every PPV in 2000 and so far every PPV in 2000. Benoit hasn’t missed a PPV since his PPV debut at No Way Out 2000. The first fall in this match can only be decided by pinfall. Kurt attacks Benoit before the bell and hits three consecutive german suplexes. Benoit is wearing some new black tights tonight. Angle goes to the top and tries for a diving headbutt but Benoit gets out of the way. Benoit then hits an Angle Slam and gets the three count! The first fall goes to Benoit!

Benoit goes straight to the Crippler Crossface as the second fall can only be won by submission. Kurt goes to the outside but Chris follows and throws him into the ring steps and ring post. The first fall was a quick one. Angle avoids a chop on the outside and crotches Benoit into the ringpost. These two men had a two out of three falls match at Insurrextion a couple of weeks ago and Benoit won with two straight falls. Angle smashes Benoit into the announce table and follows it up with some right hands. Back in the ring Angle goes for the ankle but Benoit quickly crawls to the ropes. Both men try for Ankle Locks and then Benoit goes for the Crossface but Angle gets to the ropes. Benoit hits some kicks to the middle section but Angle takes the advantage with a rake to the eyes. Angle hits a suplex in the middle of the ring and follows that up with a belly to belly suplex. Benoit has been Angles main foe since angle lost the WWF Title in February. Benoit gets the Crippler Crossface but Kurt gets to the ropes again.

Benoit hits a big clothesline to knock down Angle bur from nowhere Angle locks the Ankle lock on and once again Benoit gets to the ropes. Kurt rolls Benoit up forgetting that this is submissions only and Benoit hits a suplex. Benoit then locks on the Walls of Jericho but Kurt gets out of it. Chris locks on a figure four to the “wooos” of the crowd. Benoit beat Jericho at last years Judgment Day in a submission match to retain his Intercontinental title. Angle gets to the ropes to break the figure four. Benoit works the leg of Kurt Angle knowing that if he wins this fall then he wins the match. Benoit locks on an ankle lock but Kurt is way to close to the ropes and reaches them. Benoit hits a DDT and Kurt springs right back up and form nowhere hits the Angle Slam! Angle then locks on the ankle lock and Benoit taps! Kurt takes the second fall! 

So this comes down to the third fall which is a ladder match to grab the gold medals. Angle stomps Benoit out of the ring and the two men go at it next to the crowd. Benoit lost his Intercontinental title to Jericho in a ladder match at the Royal Rumble earlier this year. Angle throws Benoit into the ring steps. Kurt finds a ladder from under the ring but it looks way too small. He sets it up and climbs it but it’s not too small and he’s inches away but Benoit pushes him off. Benoit throws Angle into the crowd and then grabs the bigger ladder from the entrance way. Benoit climbs up it but Kurt pulls him off and pushes over the ladder. Angle hits a suplex in the ring and then jabs the ladder into the stomach of Chris Benoit a few times. Angle then runs it at Benoit who ducks and back body drops the former WWF Champion out of the ring. Benoit uses the ladder now, battering Angle with it and then setting it up in the middle of the ring. Benoit climbs it but Angle comes from behind with a low blow and then pulls him off.

Angle leans the ladder in the corner and then runs Benoit into it. Benoit reverses an Irish whip and catapults Angle into the ladder! He then throws Angle into the ladder who tries to run up it but Benoit pulls it backwards sending Angle onto his arse. It’s been a hell of a rivalry between these two men. Benoit hits a German suplex and then sets up the ladder in the corner. Angle reverses and Irish whip, sending Chris into the ladder. Angle follows that up with a suplex on the ladder! Judgment Day 2000 was one of the best PPVs I’ve ever seen, I’m hoping this show can match up. Benoit uses the ladder, smashing it into Kurts face and then setting up the ladder over Kurt! Angle is trapped underneath the ladder and Benoit climbs up but Angle pushes it over. The two men slug it out in the corner until Benoit locks on the Crippler Crossface! Edge and Christian then show up and break it up! Benoit fights them off but Angle climbs the ladder and grabs the medals! Kurt Angle beats Chris Benoit tonight with a lot of help from Edge and Christian! The three of them leave and Benoit is furious. Great match between these two men.

Rating: 8.5/10

Regal is backstage with a trainer. Undertaker then shows up and asks for his match with Austin to be No Holds Barred. Regal obliges out of fear!

We go to WWF New York where Jerry Lynn is stood with his Light-Heavyweight title. Lynn says that his title should be defended at Judgment Day. Lynn isn’t happy to be doing an interview and not wrestling. Good promo from the champ.

We see Kane smashing a chain around somewhere underground.

Rhyno (c) vs. Test vs. The Big Show – Triple Threat Match for WWF Hardcore Championship

This feud has been between Big Show and Test but tonight these two former Hardcore champions get a shot at the current champion, Rhyno. Rhyno has only fought one PPV match before, beating Raven, so he’s technically undefeated on PPV. Test and Big Show go at it before Rhyno is even out. Rhyno comes out and helps out Test until Big Show takes both men down. They all go to the outside where Rhyno and Test continue to double team Show, throwing him into the barricade. Test and Rhyno then go at it but Big Show sends both men into the crowd. The three men fight into the backstage area where Big Show throws Test into a pillar. Test then chokes Big Show with some rope who used to be his partner in The Union. Rhyno pushes some boxes into Big Show but Test lays into Rhyno. Big Show gets up and throws Test into a fence and then Rhyno into a wall. Big Show tries to pin Rhyno against a wall but Test breaks it up.

Big Show tries to chokeslam Test into some pallets but Rhyno breaks it up. Rhyno and Test then sends Big Show into the pallets before pairing off with one another. This is the first title match of four we’re expecting tonight. Rhyno and Test fight back through the crowd and to the ringside area. Rhyno throws Test into the ringpost and then grabs a trash can and throws it into the ring. He grabs a trash can lid but Test pushes it right into his face. Rhyno then DDTs Test into the trash can lid. Big Show then re-emerges and chokeslams Rhyno in the middle of the ring. Test hits a big boot on Show and pins him for a two count. Rhyno then attempts to Gore Test but he moves and Rhyno hits Big Show. Test then hits Rhyno with the trash can lid and pins him for a two count. Test grabs a fire extinguisher and swings it at Rhyno who ducks. He then sprays it in the face of Big Show for another near fall.

Rhyno swings a trash can into Test who falls out of the ring. He then throws the can at Big Show who catches it before running up the ring steps (that are set up in the ring) and hits him with a Gore! Rhyno pins Show and gets the three! Rhyno retains his Hardcore title tonight. The feud is not settled between Big Show and Test though.

Rating: 4/10

William Regal is pacing backstage by Steve Austins locker room. He asks a runner if he is here yet and sadly for Regal he is.

Lita is backstage with The Hardy Boyz when Eddie Guerrero shows up. Guerrero offers Lita some advice but Lita rejects it.

Steve Austin is backstage with Debra. William Regal barges in and tells Austin that his match is No Holds Barred and Austin says it’s fine with him.

Video package next which starts with Chyna winning the Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania. Chyna says there is no competition but Lita challenges her to a match. It’s been a funny relationship between these two since.

Chyna (c) vs. Lita – WWF Women’s Championship Match

Both women get a good pop as they come out. Chyna has some sort of peacock feathers in her entrance attire. I’m willing to bet on Chyna cheating to win this one. This is Chyna’s 20th PPV match, more than any other woman in WWF history and puts her in the top 60 of all time for most PPV matches. She and Lita hug before the bell. Chyna uses her strength in the early going but she’s struggling to keep her boobs in her top. Lita goes to the headlock but Chyna quickly shrugs her off and lifts her above her head. Lita nips down and sunset flips Chyna for a two count. Chyna hits a forearm and a few kicks to Litas ribs before picking her up and nailing her with a clothesline. Lita ducks the second clothesline but Chyna grabs her arm and nails her with a clothesline for a two count. Lita hits a swinging DDT from nowhere and lays into Chyna with right hands.

Lita goes up to the middle rope and dives off with a clothesline for a two count. Chynas boob falls out now, she can’t keep it in! The fans love it! Chyna locks on an arm wringer giving Chyna chance to put her boob back in. Chyna gets out of it and hits a neckbreaker and a powerslam for a two count. Chyna hits a military press and then pins Lita before pulling her up at the two. Lita then rolls through and locks a cross arm breaker on Chyna! Chyna gets out of it using her legs and locks a head scissors on. Eddie Guerrero then emerges from the back and watches from the top of the entrance way. Lita manages to get to the topes to break the head scissors. Chyna then goes for a powerbomb but Lita counters it into a hurricanrana for a two count. Lita goes for Twist of Fate but Chyna pushes her off before hitting her with a powerbomb. She pins her and it’s all over! Chyna wins cleanly tonight and retains her Women’s title! After the match Chyna helps Lita up and raises her arm. This was Chyna’s final match for the WWF.

Rating: 4.5/10

Kurt Angle is backstage celebrating his win. Michael Cole asks if this chapter is over. Kurt says that on Raw he’s going to have an olympic medal winning celebration tonight. Kurt thanks Edge and Christian who are happy to never hear Kurt whine about his medals again.

Vince McMahon is having a teamtalk backstage with Steve Austin and Triple H and he tells them all to stick together tonight and they are all happy to do so.

Video package next for the Triple H and Kane rivalry.

Triple H (c) vs. Kane – Chain Match for The Intercontinental Championship

Three title matches in a row. These two men have met once before on PPV and it was Kane that won by disqualification at Wrestlemania 15. Triple H is joined by his wife Stephanie who has a new business suit. Triple H attacks Kane before the bell with a chain and goes right to work on Kanes arm. He smashes it into the ring post and then he leathers Kane with a steel chair. The two aren’t even attached to the chain yet. Triple H smashes the chair into Kanes arm. The two get back into the ring and Triple H puts the chain on Kane before putting it on himself. Kane hits some right hands and then hits Helmsley with the chain. Triple H soon takes the advantage and goes to the top before hitting a double axe handle on the bigger man but it doesn’t keep Kane down for a three. Triple H continues to work the injured arm of Kane and he pulls Kane into the ring steps. Triple H picks up a chair but Kane pulls back so far on the chain that Triple H gets head first into the ring post with the chair!

Triple H is busted wide open and Kane lays into him and hits him with a clothesline. He rolls the champion back into the ring and wraps the chain around Triple H’s face! Kane then wraps the chain around his fist and smashes his fist into Triple H’s face. He sends Triple H to the outside and wraps the chain around The Games throat before essentially hanging him over the ropes! That was a good image. Kane continues to use the chain, wrapping it around his fist and smashing it into Triple H’s face. Back in the ring and Kane goes to the top but Triple H pulls him off! Triple H hits a clothesline and then takes Kane to the outside. Kane blocks a hit into the barricade and hits one of his own. He then throws Triple H into the crowd but Helmsley pulls Kane into the barricade. Triple H stands atop the barricade but Kane throws him off. They get back into the ring where Triple H hits a facebuster and clothesline. Triple H ducks a clothesline and goes for a Pedigree but Kane gets out of it and hits a low blow.

Kane hits another big right hands with the chain before going to the top and flying off with a big clothesline with the chain. Kane motions for a chokeslam and hits it! Austin then comes running from the back but Kane quickly disposes of him. Triple H then hits a low blow and Austin runs in with a chair but Kane ducks and Austin hits Triple H! Kane gets rid of Austin again and pins Triple H for the three! There’s a huge pop for Kane who has just won the Intercontinental title! He celebrates with the gold in somewhat of a surprising result tonight.

Rating: 6/10

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Chris Jericho is backstage with Jonathan Coachman and Jericho isn’t giving away who his partner is tonight. Jericho then says that his partner is a real party animal and if him and his partner go out then they’ll be taking Edge and Christian with them.

Vince McMahon is with Triple H and Stephanie and says that they still need to do everything together. Triple H isn’t happy though.

Tag Team Turmoil for Number One Contendership to the Tag Team Titles

The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Faarooq) vs. Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko

The Radicalz rush to the ring and get right into it where Perry Saturn hits a suplex on Faarooq. Malenko then gets in and hits a dropkick on Faarooq for a near fall. Malenko tags Saturn and Perry and Faarooq take each other down with a clothesline. Malenko rushes the ring to make sure Faarooq doesn’t make a tag. Bradshaw then comes in and Saturn hits him with a suplex. Faarooq then hits a spinebuster on Saturn and gets the three count! The Radicalz are out of here.

Thr Acolytes (Bradshaw & Faarooq) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von)

The Dudley Boyz are joined by their brother Spike. Two big teams to go at it here. Bradshaw attacks D-Von from behind and the Acolytes take D-Von down. D-Von hits a reverse elbow but Faarooq hits a powerslam for a two count. A “We Want Tables” chant breaks out as D-Von hits a shoulder block and tags in Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray hits some big right hands on Faarooq and then misses with a splash in the corner. Faarooq finally tags Bradshaw and the Acolytes take Bubba Ray down. Bradshaw goes for the Colthesline from Hell but Bubba Ray hits a sidewalk slam for a two count. Bubba Ray then tags D-Von and then hit a double reverse elbow on Bradshaw. D-Von hits a big clothesline and a side Russian leg sweep. Near fall. Bradshaw hits some big right hands and a fallaway slam before nailing a big boot for a covers that is broken up by Bubba Ray. Faarooq fights off Bubba Ray on the outside whilst Bradshaw attempts a superplex on D-Von. Bubba Ray then gets Bradshaw up on his shoulders and D-Von flies off with the Dudleyville Device. The Dudleyz then hit the Wassup Drop on Faarooq before Bubba Ray calls for the tables!

D-Von sets up a table on the outside but here come the Holly Cousins! Weird how the Holly Cousins aren’t in this match. Hardcore hits an Alabama Slam on D-Von through the table and Bradshaw hits the Clothesline from Hell on Bubba Ray which gets the 3 count! The Acolytes survivor again!

The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Faarooq) vs. X Factor (X Pac & Justin Credible)

X Factor are out next which means X Pac is the first man to have fought on all 3 Judgment Day PPVs. X Pac and Faarooq kick things off and Faarooq hits a backbreaker. Albert is on the outside for Justin and X Pac. Faarooq tags Bradshaw who hits a suplex on X Pac. He follows that up with a side suplex for a two count. X Pac has had a big shave. X Pac tags Justin Credible and Bradshaw throws him to the outside. Bradshaw throws Justin Credible into the barricade and Albert then gets involved with a big Pump Kick to Bradshaw. Back in the ring and Bradshaw hits a powerslam to Credible. Bradshaw tags Faarooq who slams Credible and then hits a clumsy legdrop off the second rope for a two count. Justin Credible tags X Pac who hits some chops but gets hit with a powerslam for a two count. Faarooq tags Bradshaw who goes for a fallaway slam on X Pac but Albert grabs his foot and Bradshaw falls backwards with X Pac on top of him. The referee counts and with Albert holding Bradshaws leg, X Pac gets the fall! The Acolytes are done.

X Factor (X Pac & Justin Credible) vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff)

The Hardy Boyz get right into this one, knocking Credible down and hitting him with double team moves. Jeff bounces off the ropes but X Pac pulls down the rope and Jeff falls to the outside at great speed. X Pac and Credible then smash Jeff into the ring post crotch first before Albert throws him back into the ring. Credible knocks Jeff down in the corner and then X Pac hits Jeff with the Bronco Buster!  X Pac tags Justin Credible back in but both men get hit with a dropkick. Jeff tags in Matt who takes both X Pac and Justin Credible down. He hits a legdrop off the middle rope on X Pac before both Hardyz dispose of Credible. They then hit Poetry in Motion on X Pac and Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb on X Pac but Albert pulls Matt out the ring! Jeff flies out at Albert and Justin Credible then hits a superkick on Matt Hardy and X Pac pins him for the three! The Hardy Boyz are out of here.

X Factor (X Pac & Justin Credible) vs. Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit

Benoit is out for his second match of the evening. They go right to work on X Factor. Jericho hits a hiptoss on X Pac followed by a bulldog. Jericho then dropkicks Albert off the apron and dives out at him but Albert catches him and rams him into the ringpost. In the ring X Pac chokes Benoit and hits him with some knife edge chops. X Pac tags Justin Credible who lays into Benoit with some boots and a powerbomb for a two count. Justin then applies a sleeper but Benoit gets out of it. Credible tags in X Pac who hits a big clothesline. There’s no way Benoit and Jericho don’t advance here. X Pac misses with a Bronco Buster allowing Benoit to tag Jericho. Jericho goes wild with clotheslines on X Pac and one for Credible, knocking him off the apron. Jericho hits a dropkick from the middle rope for a two count and then accidentally nails the referee with a flying forearm. X Pac and Credible then hit double superkicks whilst on the outside Albert has taken out Benoit. Another referee comes in but Jericho kicks out. X Factor then go for a spike piledriver but Benoit crotches X Pac. Albert comes in but Benoit and Jericho hit him with a double suplex. Jericho then puts the Walls of Jericho on X Pac as Benoit puts the Crippler Crossface on Credible! They both tap out and X Factor are out!

Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit vs. Edge & Christian

Edge and Christian run to the ring and predictably it comes down to these wo teams. Jericho hits Edge with a suplex as Christian and Benoit go at it on the outside. Edge and Christian drop Jericho on the ropes and then Edge hits Jericho with a forearm. Edge tags Christian who stomps away at Jericho. Christian and X Pac are the only two men to have fought on all three Judgment Day PPVs. Christian made his PPV debut at Judgment Day 1998, winning the Light-Heavyweight title. Christian tags Edge who hits a dropkick and applies a sleeper to Jericho. Jericho gets out of it but Edge hits him with a knee and tags in Christian. These two teams have a slower pace and it seems more like a regular tag team match now. Christian hits a backbreaker for a two count. Edge tags in and hits some right hands and then tries a dropkick but Jericho grabs the ropes and tries for a Lionsault but Edge gets his knees up. Edge gets a two count as Benoit breaks up the count. Jericho hits a bulldog on Edge and tag in Benoit! Benoit hits Christian with a suplex and then a German for a two count. Edge attacks Benoit from behind and in comes Jericho! Edge and Christian double team Jericho and then Christian goes for a superplex on Benoit but Jericho pops Christian on his shoulders and Benoit dives at him with a dropkick.

All four men are in the ring and Jericho misses with a shoulder charge in the corner. Edge then hits a DDT on Benoit and Edge and Christian then grab chairs from ringside. Benoit and Jericho baseball slide the chairs into their faces! Benoit and Jericho then go for a con-chair-to but Edge spears Jericho and Christian ducks Benoits shot. Edge and Christian then go for a con-chair-to but Jericho takes Edge down and Benoit locks the Crossface on Christian! Christian taps! Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit win the match and become number one contenders to the tag team titles!

Rating: 7.5/10

Video package for Austin and Undertaker next and the sick way this one came about.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) vs. The Undertaker – No Holds Barred Match for the WWF Championship

This is the sixth PPV match between these two men. Austin has won 3 of the previous 5 and The Undertaker has won 2. Vince McMahon comes out before the match and joins Jim Ross and Paul Heyman on commentary. Undertaker attacks Austin as he makes his entrance, smashing him into some technical equipment and into a barricade. Their last PPV match one on one against each other was two years ago at Fully Loaded 99 in which Austin won. Their biggest was the Summerslam 1998 main event which Austin also won. Undertaker chokes Austin with some cable and then throws him into the ring steps. This is Austins first ever match at a Judgment Day PPV. He referee’d Undertaker match against Kane at the first Judgment Day PPV. Undertaker hits old school off the barricade. The two battle back up he entrance way where Undertaker hits Austin in the face with a fire extinguisher. Undertaker fires Austin into the ring and then enters himself with a chair. Austin takes the advantage and hits a neckbreaker before working the knee of the Undertaker.

Austin attempts to smash the Dead Man with a chair but Undertaker avoids it and hits a big clothesline. He then goes for the Tombstone but Austin slips down the back and goes for the Stunner which Undertaker pushes his way out of and hits a big boot for a two count. Undertaker gets distracted by Vince McMahon which allows Austin to attack him and take the advantage. Austin works Undertakers knee around the ring post before getting back into the ring and working the knee. This is Austins third PPV defence of his WWF title and Undertakers third shot at it. The previous two have been tag team and handicap matches. Undertaker has fought more PPV matches than anyone else in history up to now. Austin stops working the knee to hit a low blow before going back to the knee. Undertaker finally starts a comeback and he sends Austin out of the ring before taking apart the announce table. Undertaker then chokeslams Austin through the table! He then turns his attention to Vince McMahon who runs away. Undertaker then rolls Austin into the ring and gets a two count.

Undertaker hits a big powerslam and drops an elbow for a two count. The two go to the outside where Austin hits Undertaker with a TV monitor. Stone Cold then rolls in the ring and takes off one of the turnbuckle pads. Undertaker is bleeding from the face and Austin aggregates that by slamming his face into the Spanish announce table. Back in the ring and Austin hits some jabs to Undertakers bloody face and then a Lou Thesz Press and right hands for a two count. I really like Austins heel work. He hits a low blow on Undertaker and that gets him a near fall. The champion locks on a sleeper but the challenger suplexes his way out of it. Austin is first up and he grabs the steel chair and smashes it into Undertakers face. An “Austin” chant breaks out which shows just how much the fans are still behind him. Austin tells Undertaker to get up and Austin flips him the bird. Undertaker stands up and Austin hits him with the Stone Cold Stunner but it doesn’t keep Undertaker down for the three! He kicks out and Austin goes right back for the chair where he smashes it into Undertakers back. He stands over the challenger but Undertaker hits him with a low blow and then a chokeslam!

Undertaker then grabs the chair and he leathers it into the back of Austin! Triple H then runs from the back with a sledgehammer but Austin sees him coming and smashes him with the chair! Undertaker pins Austin but Vince McMahon jumps in the ring and breaks it up! Undertaker lays into McMahon but Austin swings a chair and accidentally hits McMahon! Undertaker sets Austin up for the Last Ride but Triple H nails him with the sledgehammer! Austin covers Undertaker and a second too late Kanes music hits. He runs down but can’t get to the ring in time. Austin retains his WWF Championship tonight thanks to Triple H.

Rating: 7.75/10


Well that felt like a decent enough pay per view. Regal beat Rikishi in the opening match in pretty quick fashion which makes me think we won’t see another match between these two. Regal will probably continue to be booked in high profile matches but I’m not sure where Rikishi goes from here. His heel turned seems to be a failure and now he’s back to where he was a year ago. Kurt Angle is a man that keeps getting better and better. He beat Chris Benoit with a lot of help from Edge and Christian to get his medals back. This could signify the end for Angle and Benoit against each other for the time being. Both men could potentially main event any pay per view they wanted to and don’t show any signs of slipping down the card at the moment. I think Kurt could be on the verge of a face turn and could definitely go on to battle Austin but for Benoit, well we haven’t seen the last of him tonight. Brilliant match between these two.

Rhyno retained his Hardcore title in a match that didn’t really seem to click. There were three big guys in this match and although they battled to the back and there were some entertaining spots, the match wasn’t great. This could have been two separate matches with Big show against Test and Rhyno defending the Hardcore title against somebody else. Not great but a decent defence for Rhyno. Chyna beat Lita which was the right call I think. They can continue to build Lita until she’s in a position to win. Chyna might just plough through this division for the time being. The only title change tonight was Triple H losing the Intercontinental title to Kane. This was a surprise to me, I didn’t see it coming. It’s a good win for Kane who has never been Intercontinental champion before. He’s having a good year after winning the Hardcore championship at Wrestlemania and main eventing Backlash.

Chris Benoit turned out to be the mystery partner of Chris Jericho which wasn’t a massive surprise as the two have been teaming up a lot recently. They would win a tag team turmoil match that had dominant patches from X Factor and The Acolytes. The match came down to Edge and Christian and Jericho and Benoit which made sense as the two teams were the main story heading into this match. Benoit and Jericho now go on to face Austin and Triple H for the tag team titles which should be a big match and a potential pay per view main event. Then in the main event Stone Cold successfully defended his title against The Undertaker. The numbers became too much for The Undertaker as Triple H and Vince McMahon helped Austin retain the belt. I think this’ll be the end of this feud for a while. Austin will probably get involved with Jericho and Benoit now. Decent enough main event between two experienced main eventers.

Overall Rating: 61.78/100 (ranked 24th out of 124) 

Match Of The Night: Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
Worst Match Of The Night: Rhyno vs. Big Show vs. Test
Surprise Of The Night: Kane wins the Intercontinental title
Worst Booking Of The Night: Kane winning the Intercontinental title?
Superstar Of The Night: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Judgment Day 2001 Will Be Remembered For: The last night of the Two Man Power Trip


One thought on “Judgment Day 2001

  1. This was the final WWF PPV appearance for Chyna, and this two-part documentary can explain the 15-year downward spiral she went on towards her death:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Chyna would be inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame alongside Shawn Michaels, Triple H, X-Pac, and the New Age Outlaws in 2019.

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