Summerslam 2001

| Date: August 19, 2001
| Venue: Compaq Centre | City: San Jose, California
| Attendance: 15, 293 | Buyrate: 565, 000

Finally……The Rock has returned to the WWF! He’s been away since losing his WWF title to Steve Austin at Wrestlemania, suspended by Vince McMahon. Vince lifted his suspension to bring The Rock back to the WWF and although it was up in the air which side The Rock would join, he sided with the WWF. Since then Booker T challenged The Rock to a match at Summerslam with the wCw title on the line. Booker T has been imitating The Rock a lot recently, referring to himself as “The Book” and using The Rock Bottom as his finisher, “The Book End”.

Since Invasion, Steve Austin revealed that one of the reasons he turned his back on the WWF was because Vince McMahon is grooming Kurt Angle to be the next “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Kurt Angle challenged Austin to a match for the WWF title but Austin instead nominated Booker T to fight Angle with his wCw title on the line. Kurt would beat Booker for the belt before losing it back to him a few days later due to Austin interference. Kurt would challenge Austin again, this time for a match at Summerslam for the WWF title and the challenge was accepted. It’s the biggest title in the business and tonight it’ll be on the line in a first time ever one on one PPV bout between Austin and Angle.

One of the main storylines since the inception of the Alliance has been Diamond Dallas Page stalking The Undertakers wife Sara. DDP’s creepiness has continued and DDP even made a shrine for Sara. Undertaker found his way to the shrine and it turned out to be a trap as DDP and fellow wCw alumni Chris Kanyon attacked The Undertaker, beating him down. Since then DDP and Kanyon beat the APA for the WWF Tag Team titles with help from turncoat Test and The Undertaker and Kane beat Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo for the wCw Tag Team titles. Tonight The Undertaker and Kane will fight DDP and Kanyon with both sets of tag team titles on the line in a cage match. The Intercontinental title will also be on the line as Lance Storm defends the title that he won from Albert against Edge.

Since Invasion, X Pac beat Billy Kidman for the wCw Cruiserweight Championship becoming a double champion. X Pac would go on to lose his WWF Light-Heavyweight Championship to Tajiri after the Japanese Buzzsaw made jokes about how X Pac sucks. Tonight in the only WWF vs. WWF match, X Pac and Tajiri will go one on one with both the Cruiserweight and Light-Heavyweight titles on the line in winner takes all. The other title that will be defended tonight will be a rematch from Invasion, the only rematch tonight, when Jeff Hardy defends the Hardcore title against Rob Van Dam, this time in a ladder match.

Also tonight, Chris Jericho will face a man that he has never beaten before and a man that has been hand-picked by Stephanie McMahon to silence Jericho in Rhyno. The two men were on opposite teams at Invasion and since then Rhyno has gone as far as to Gore Jericho through the Smackdown set! The other match tonight will be a 6 man tag match with The Dudley Boyz teaming up with Test against The APA and Spike Dudley. Test cost the APA the Tag Team titles, turning his back on WWF and joining the Alliance and this is Bradshaw and Faarooqs chance at revenge. On Sunday Night Heat before the event, Lita, Molly Holly and Jacqueline defeated Ivory (Who has recently joined the Alliance), Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson.

Let’s get to it.

A video package kicks us off with the “Bodies” by Drowning Pool music video edited into it. Shots of the likes of Kurt Angle, Steve Austin and the rest of tonights competitors are quickly edited in, making it look like part of the music video. Jim Ross welcomes us to San Jose, California, he’s joined by Paul Heyman. Lance Storms music immediately hits.

Edge vs. Lance Storm (c) – Intercontinental Championship Match

If he could be serious for one minute, Lance Storm takes the mic and says there is no place for off-beat shenanigans but Edge’s music cuts him off. It’s a first PPV defence for Storm since he beat Albert for the Intercontinental championship and it’s a first time one on one meeting between these two men that also kicked off last months Invasion in tag team action. Christian is shown watching backstage, could this be the first PPV in 29 that he isn’t wrestling on? Storm knocks Edge down but Edge hits a flapjack and dropkick before clotheslining Storm out of the ring. Edge heads to the top and hits a big cross body for the first near fall of the night. Lance Storm is looking for his first PPV victory tonight. He drops Edge on the top rope before sending him to the outside. Edge has won on 2 of his previous three Summerslam appearances but this is his first singles match on this show. He rolls Storm up with a schoolboy for a two count. Lance quickly takes the advantage and hits a face first suplex for a two count.

Lance rams Edge in the corner as the WWF locker room watch on. Storm hits a running senton from a crucifix position for another near fall. Edge is the reigning King Of The Ring, an accolade that has seem many previous Kings main event Summerslam two months later. Kings such as Mabel, Owen Hart and Kurt Angle spring to mind. Storm locks on an abdominal stretch but Edge eventually gets out of it and hiptosses Storm onto the apron. Storm then springboards off the top rope but Edge catches him with a big powerslam. The two men slug it out and it’s advantage Edge who hits clotheslines, a back body drop and spinning heel kick which nearly gets him the three. Edge hits a powerbomb for a near fall. Storm manages to tie Edge up in a single Boston crab but the bigger Edge manages to get to the ropes before locking a single crab on himself. Storm gets out of it by shoving the referee and out comes Christian! Christian attempts to spear Storm but he sidesteps it and Christian spears Edge! Storm kicks Christian out of the ring and pins Edge but Edge kicks oot!

Storm goes for a superkick on Edge but Edge catches Lance and hits him with the Edgecution DDT! And that’s it for the three! Edge becomes a two time Intercontinental Champion! Christian presents Edge with the belt before leaving. What a start to Summerslam for Edge and the WWF!

Rating: 7/10

The Dudley Boyz and Test are walking backstage when Michael Cole asks Test why he turned his back on the WWF. Test says it was the WWF that turned his back on him.

Lilian Garcia is backstage with Chris Jericho who is looking to beat Rhyno for the first time. Jericho takes the opportunity to have a pop at Stephanie McMahon and her first time.

Spike Dudley & The APA (Faarooq & Bradshaw) vs. Test & The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von)

Spike is looking for his first PPV victory tonight on the third time of asking and he teams up with The APA. Test and the Dudley Boyz represent The Alliance. Test and the APA were both successful at Summerslam 1999 but they weren’t in action at last years event. The Dudley Boyz were and they lost. It’s a Summerslam debut for little Spike Dudley. wCw referee Nick Patrick is the official in charge so I won’t be surprised to see a screwy finish. Faarooq and Bubba Ray start the match and D-Von makes a blind tag and we get a double neckbreaker. D-Von hits a clothesline on Faarooq and his trademark spinning elbow. Faarooq then hits his trademark spinebuster. D-Von tags in Test who hits some big right hands until Faarooq smashes Test’s face into Bradshaws boot before tagging him in. Bradshaw and Test are two big lumps but Bradshaw goes for a powerbomb until Bubba Ray makes sure it doesn’t happen.

D-Von tags in but Bradshaw hits him with a DDT for a two count. Bradshaw tags in Spike who gets a couple of pinfalls on D-Von. Bubba Ray makes a blind tag and he lifts Spike high into the air before dropping him on the top rope. Bubba Ray lays into Spike who looks in pain. Bubba then tags in Test who misses with an elbow drop and then hits a spinebuster. Molly Holly is at ringside for Spike. She was successful on Heat. The Dudley Boyz then pull a table out from underneath the ring and set it up outside the ring. Test lifts Spike up to throw him through the table but Spike rakes the eyes. Test tags in D-Von who tags in Bubba Ray and They Dudleyz hit a double flapjack for a two count. All three of Spikes PPV matches in the WWF have involved the other two Dudley Boyz, either teaming up with them against X Factor or facing them with Kane. He tags in Bradshaw who hits some big clotheslines and a neckbreaker on Test. Bradshaw then takes down both Dudley Boyz before he and Faarooq hit a double spinebuster on Bubba Ray Dudley.

All hell breaks loose now and in the middle of the ring Bradshaw powerbombs Test! He covers the newest member of the Alliance but Bubba Ray pulls him out. Spike then goes for the Dudley Dog but Test throws him through the table set up outside the ring. From nowhere Bradshaw hits the Clotheslines From Hell on Test! Referee Nick Patrick is distracted with Spike on the outside and Shane McMahon runs in and smashes Bradshaw with a chair! Test pins him and Nick Patrick counts the three! The Dudley Boyz and Test win the match! Spike continues to look for his first PPV win whilst the Alliance even up the score tonight!

Rating: 6/10

The WWF lock room is celebrating with Edge when Christian shows up and says that he;s got a European title match against Matt Hardy on Raw tomorrow. He seems more concerned with that than Edge’s title win. A split coming soon?

Debra is in her locker room when Shawn Stasiak shows up and says his tights are bringing him bad luck. Debra doesn’t care. Shawn wants to impress Steve. Debra says to impress Steve he should go kick some butt.

Tajiri (c) vs. X Pac (c) – WWF Light-Heavyweight title match vs. wCw Cruiserweight title match

This is Tajiri’s Light-Heavyweight title against X Pac’s Cruiserweight title, winner takes all. X Pac has won 2 matches at Summerslam and lost 3. His first Summerslam appearance in 1993 was a loss to I.R.S. He takes Tajiri down first, a Summerslam debut for the Japanese buzzsaw. Tajiri hits a standing moonsault for a two count. X Pac beat Road Dogg at last years event. Both of these men are WWF wrestlers. X Pac lost to Hakushi a few years ago, another Japanese wrestler. Tajiri hits X Pac with a baseball slide and a moonsault. X Pac takes the advantage crotching Tajiri around the ringpost and kicking him in the back. It’s a first time PPV meeting between these two men. Back in the ring and X Pac hits a roundhouse kick and then locks on a surfboard stretch. Tajiri is actually undefeated on PPV following his victory over Tazz at Invasion. X Pac hits a powerbomb for a two count. X Pac has reinvented himself over the past twelve months but he doesn’t hit the Bronco Buster. Tajiri hits his springboard elbow for a two count.

Tajiri locks on his trademark Tarantula which is an illegal submission hold. He then goes up top and hits a cross boy which X Pac rolls through for a two count. X Pac then goes up top but Tajiri meets him up there before hitting one of the most uniquie pinfalls I’ve ever seen. Tajiri then hits a German suplex for a two count before X Pac kicks him to the outside. X Pac then flies out of the ring with a somersault plancha. Back in the ring and X Pac hits the X Factor! But he’s too slow to pin and Tajiri counters the pinfall into one of his own for a two count. X Pac’s buddy Albert then emerges from the back but Tajiri spits red mist in his face! X Pac hits a low blow and then hits Tajiri with the X Factor for the three count! X Pac defeats Tajiri tonight and becomes the holder of both belts!

Rating: 6.75/10

Perry Saturn is in WWF New York and is devastated that his mop has gone missing. You’re welcome.

Stephanie is backstage motivating Rhyno before his match against Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho vs. Rhyno

This is a first time meeting between these two men on PPV. It’s a Summerslam debut for Rhyno who has won 3 out of his previous 4 PPV matches. Jericho fought and lost to Chris Benoit at last years Summerslam event. If Christian doesn’t wrestle tonight, which it doesn’t look like he will, Jericho (as well as Kurt Angle) have wrestled on the most consecutive PPVs currently with 25. So far tonight the Alliance and WWF both have one win a piece. Both men slug it out in the early going as Stephanie McMahon cheers on Rhyno from ringside. Rhyno takes Jericho down and Jericho hits a cross body. Rhyno throws Jericho out onto the apron and Jericho goes up to the top and hits a flying elbow. Jericho gets the first near fall of the match and then attempts to lock on the Walls Of Jericho but Rhyno gets to the ropes. Jericho sends Rhyno out of the ring before going to the top. Stephanie grabs Jerichos leg which gives Rhyno time to get up. Jericho kicks Stephanie off and then leaps off the top but Rhyno catches him with a Gore!

Rhyno shoves Jericho back in the ring but only for a two count. The man beast then suplexes Jericho onto the top rope before distracting the referee allowing Stephanie to hit Jericho with a slap to the face. Rhyno applies a body-scissors to Jericho who screams in agony. Rhyno then airplane spins Jericho before hitting him with a version of the Diamond Cutter for a two count. This is the biggest PPV Rhyno has ever wrestled on and he applies a sleeper to Jericho. Chris gets out of it and rolls Rhyno up for a two count. Rhyno is first to his feet and he hits a suplex. Rhyno then misses with a splash from the top and both men are down. Jericho is looking for his first PPV win since Judgment Day back in May. Both men get up and Jericho hits a big chop and a backslide but Rhyno is right back up before getting caught with a forearm. Jericho hits a springboard moonsault to a standing Rhyno and despite nearly botching it, he does hit it. Jericho then hits a dropkick from the middle rope but Stephanie McMahon distracts the referee as Jericho pins Rhyno. Jericho then plants a kiss on Stephanie before hitting a bulldog on Rhyno and the Lionsault but Rhyno kicks out of the pinfall!

Rhyno gets back into it with a spinebuster and then Rhyno locks on the Walls of Jericho! Jericho manages to get to the ropes and he hits an enzeguri. Rhyno hits a belly to belly suplex and then goes for the Gore but Jericho sidesteps it, Rhyno hits the turnbuckle and Jericho locks on the Walls of Jericho! Rhyno taps out in the middle of the ring! Jericho beats Rhyno tonight and Stephanie McMahon can’t believe it! She storms to the back! It’s a much needed win for Chris Jericho.

Rating: 6.75/10

The Rock walks into the arena and William Regal meets him. Regal asks The Rock if he’s ok after Smackdown and The Rock says he is. It’ll take more than a Rock Bottom through a table to keep The Rock out of Summerslam. The Rock asks Regal if he can hear it, feel it and smell it. Shawn Stasiak then runs into shot and straight into a shutter, much like he did a couple of weeks ago.

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Rob Van Dam – Ladder Match for the Hardcore Championship

This is a rematch from Invasion in which Rob Van Dam won his first WWF PPV match. This is Jeffs third Summerslam PPV and he’s looking for his first victory at the second biggest show of the year. Both men have a black and purple theme tonight and we get some chain wrestling to start the match. Van Dam then hits some kicks but misses with a dropkick allowing Jeff to hit a legdrop to the crotch. This is the third title match so far tonight. Jeff hiptosses RVD to the outside of the ring before hitting a springboard corkscrew to Van Dam below. The two men then fight around the outside of the ring and Hardy attempts a jumping something off the top rope but Van Dam avoids it. RVD hits a legdrop on Hardy on the barricade and then wanders off to get a ladder. Jeff runs across a barricade and lands on Van Dam before taking the ladder himself. He takes it into the ring but RVD slingshots it into Jeffs face. Hardy then does the same to Van Dam before hitting a springboard moonsault on Van Dam on the ladder!

These are the two most athletic men in the company and a ladder match is perfect for them. Van Dam backflips across the ring before ramming his shoulder into Hardy’s gut. Jeff is having a good singles run at the moment having won both the Hardcore and Light-Heavyweight title in recent months. RVD lies him accross a ladder in the corner before rolling accross the ring and hitting a senton onto the champion. So far two titles have changed hands from two title matches, could this be the third? Van Dam hits a legdrop over the ropes onto Jeff who is laying on a ladder. Van Dam is slow to get up and Hardy dropkicks the ladder into Van Dams sternum. Jeff sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring but it doesn’t look high enough to reach the belt! Van Dam comes flying off the top rope with a judo kick to take Hardy off the ladder. RVD lays Hardy down on the mat and puts the ladder on top of him before hitting a standing moonsault! He then climbs the ladder but this time Jeff Hardy comes off the top with a dropkick sending Van Dam to the mat.

Jeff Hardy heads to the top and attempts the Swanton Bomb but Van Dam rolls out of the way and heads to the top himself. He flies off but Hardy rolls out of the way of the 5 star frog splash. Both men climb the ladder before RVD suplexes Jeff Hardy off the top! Once again both men climb the ladder and this time Jeff Hardy hits a sunset flip/powerbomb on Van Dam down to the mat. Hardy climbs the ladder again and he reaches the titles but Van Dam takes away the ladder and Jeff swings from the cable holding the title. Van Dam then attempts a spinning heel kick from the top but completely misses! Jeff then falls down to the mat. Jeff sets up the ladder again and climbs it but RVD pushes over the ladder. Rob then sets the ladder back up and climbs it and this time Van Dam retrieves the belt. Van Dam wins the match, continuing his undefeated PPV streak. Hardy continues his losing streak at Summerslam and it’s all even for WWF and the Alliance tonight.

Rating: 7.25/10

Shane McMahon is backstage presenting a gift to Booker T. Booker T opens it to discover book ends made out of the announce table that Booker put The Rock through on Smackdown. Bizarre segment. Booker dedicates his match later to Shane.

Undertaker, Kane and Undertaker’s wife Sara are shown walking backstage and we then have a video package for the upcoming tag team title match.

The Undertaker & Kane (c) vs. Diamond Dallas Page & Chris Kanyon (c) – Cage match for wCw Tag Team Titles and WWF Tag Team Titles

The Undertaker and Kane look for their first win on PPV as a tag team on the third time of asking. They are defending their wCw tag team titles against DDP and Kanyon who are defending their WWF Tag Team titles. Kane is looking for his first Summerslam victory tonight, he has been on the opposite side of the ring to The Undertaker in his previous two matches. He also lost to Bret Hart in 1995 as Isaac Yankem DDS. DDP and Kanyon are undefeated on PPV as both men won their respective matches at Invasion. The bell rings and DDP and Kanyon both try to get the hell out of there. They get caught and dragged back down to the mat. Undertaker pairs off with DDP and Kane does with Kanyon. DDP hits undertaker with big lefts and rights and Undertaker returns the favour! DDP hits a low blow and throws Undertaker into the cage. It’s unusual to follow a ladder match with a cage match. DDP gets the first near fall of the match on The Undertaker. It’s a wCw referee in charge of this one.

Kanyon goes after Undertaker but finds himself on the wrong end of right hands. DDP lays into Kane until Kane reverses an Irish whip and hits a big boot. Kane gives a big boot to Kanyon too. Kane launches Kanyon into the cage head first as Undertaker lays into DDP with elbows. Kanyon hits a boot of his own to Kane and then goes up top but he gets caught with a chokeslam from Kane! Undertaker then launches DDP into the cage head first. Undertaker repeatedly splashes DDP into the side of the cage. Kanyon then hits a clothesline on Undertaker before climbing up the cage. Kane stops him from escaping before Kanyon hits a rocker-dropper from the top. DDP hits a DDT on Undertaker and then the wCw wrestlers climb the cage. Undertaker and Kane sit up and catch their opponents. Undertaker is stood on top of the cage and he tells undertaker to let Kanyon go. Kanyon escapes down the cage and he walks back up the aisle. DDP is now left with Undertaker and Kane!

Undertaker and Kane lay into DDP with clotheslines and sidewalks slams. Undertaker won’t keep DDP down for the three though. Undertaker and Kane wrestled to a no contest at last years Summerslam. The year before, Undertaker and Big Show beat Kane and X Pac. Undertaker lays into DDP and throws him head first into the cage. Undertaker tells DDP to leave the cage and don’t come back. It seems like a very strange thing to do. Undertaker turns round and chokeslams DDP off the middle rope! Kane lifts DDP up and hands him over to Undertaker who hits DDP with the Last Ride. And that’s enough for the three. Undertaker and Kane win and become both WWF and wCw Tag Team Champions!

Rating: 6/10

The Rock is backstage telling a doctor that he’s fine. Shawn Stasiak then runs into shot and misses with another run-in attempts.

Video package next for the WWF title match.

Kurt Angle vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin – WWF Championship Match

It’s a first time meeting between these two men on pay per view. Kurt is looking for his first victory at Summerslam following his loss in last years main event. Austin has now main evented three of the last 4 Summerslam PPVs as defending WWF Champion and he’s had mixed results. Both Kurt and Austin have wrestled on every PPV so far in 2001. Kurt fought on every PPV in 2000 and only he and Jericho have wrestled on every PPV in 2000 and 2001. The two men fight in the entrance way as Austin makes his entrance and they fight their way into the ring. It’s odd that this isn’t the main event tonight. It definitely should be. The two men slug it out, exchanging right hands in the corner. Angle is wearing hideous ring gear tonight. He gets the first near fall of the match following a cross body. Austin gets boo’d as he takes the advantage, working away at Angles knee and ankle. Kurt manages to reverse a hold and locks the Ankle Lock on early. Austin gets to the ropes and escapes the ring before levelling Angle with a clothesline.

Kurt has a marginally better PPV win record than Austin who hits a couple of suplexes. Only Edge and Rob Van Dam have had back to back PPV victories, Booker T can join the later if he beats The Rock. Kurt hits multiple German suplexes, throwing Austin around the ring with 7 big suplexes. Kurt then goes for the Angle Slam but Austin manages to avoid it and take Kurt down to the mat. Stone Cold then places the Olympic gold medalist on the top rope before hitting a superplex. Austin is bleeding from the head and Angle is bleeding from the nose. Austin then hits the Stone Cold Stunner from nowhere and Kurt kicks out! Austin hits another Stone Cold Stunner but this one sends Kurt all the way out of the ring! This is Kurt angles 25th WWF PPV, the same as “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Austin smashes Angle into the ring post four times and then lays into him with big right hands. Angle has blood all over his face and he doesn’t defend himself. Stone Cold rolls Kurt back into the ring and pins him where Angle just gets his shoulder up. Steve then takes the fight back to the outside where he throws Angle into the ring post again.

Austin puts Kurt up on his shoulder and tries to run at the ring post but Angle slips down and throws the champion over the barricade! Austin then suplexes Angle into the crowd in what has been an incredibly one sided match. Angle locks on the Angle Lock on top of the barricade! He keeps it locked on outside the ring with blood pouring down his face. Angle then pulls Austin back into the ring with the Angle Lock applied but Austin gets to the ropes. Kurt belly to belly suplexes Austin outside the ring and then hits a belly to back suplex! Back in the ring and Angle hits a moonsault!  He rolls over but Austin kicks out! Austin manages to lock on the Million Dollar Dream which we haven’t seen him use in years! Kurt manages to bounce off the middle ropes and pin Austins shoulders to the mat but Austin kicks out. Austin keeps the hold applied until Angle gets out of it but Steve hits the Stone Cold Stunner! He covers Kurt but Angle kicks out! Austin goes for the Stunner again but Angle grabs the leg and hits the Angle Slam! He’s slow to make the cover and as a result Austin kicks out.

Angle locks on the Ankle Lock but Austin gets out of it. Austin then purposely nails the referee! Hebner flies outside the ring and Angle hits a DDT on Austin! He hooks the leg and another referee runs out! He counts the two and Austin kicks out. Austin then hits a low blow on Angle before hitting a Stunner on the second referee! The champion goes outside and grabs his title but referee Tim White comes out to stop him so Austin leathers Tim White with the belt! Angle hits the Angle Slam and pins the champion so out comes wCw referee Nick Patrick! Patrick counts one and then calls for the bell. He tells The Fink that Angle wins the match by disqualification! Kurt wins the match but Austin retains his title tonight!

Rating: 8/10

Video package for The Rock and Booker T next!

The Rock vs. Booker T (c) – wCw Championship Match

This is The Rocks first PPV match since Wrestlemania. Booker goes into the match undefeated on WWF PPV whilst The Rock goes into his fourth Summerslam PPV having currently won in 2 of his previous 3 matches. This is a huge match for Booker T who is main eventing the second biggest WWF PPV of the year against the biggest star in the company. The Rock knocks Booker T down early before chasing Shane McMahon around the ring. The Rock then throws Booker into McMahon before hitting the wCw Champion with a Samoan Drop for the first near fall of the match. Booker gets back into the match with some knife edge chops. The Rock replies with some right hands and a clothesline to get another near fall. Charles Robinson, the wCw referee is assigned to this match. Booker hits a big kick to Rocky’s face for a two count. A win for The Rock in this match would mean he has win 50% of his PPV matches. A loss for Booker would do the same for him.

The Rock throws Booker out of the ring before smashing him into the announce table. The Rock then uses some rather foul language before hitting a blatant low blow to the champion. Booker T gets back into it by dropping The Rock on the barricade. The two men then fight into the crowd where Booker hits a big clothesline on The Rock. Booker throws Rocky hard into the ring post before dropping him on the barricade. Back in the ring and Booker hits a big kick for a two count. He follows that up with a spinning elbow for another near fall before applying a sleeper. The Rock gets out of it and locks on a Sharpshooter! Shane gets up on the apron to distract the referee so The Rock brings the owner of wCw into the ring and Booker T hits his challenger with a kick for a two count. The Rock catapults Booker T into the top turnbuckle and then hits him with a DDT for a two count that Booker T DID NOT kick out of. Booker T attempts to grab a chair and the referee stops him from doing so allowing Shane McMahon to get in the ring and smash The Rock with the wCw title belt! The APA then run out from the back and Bradshaw hits Shane with a huge Clothesline From Hell!

The referee sees to Shane McMahon on the outside of the ring and on the inside Booker hits the Book End on The Rock! He covers him but Rocky kicks out. The Rock starts a come back with a big clothesline and belly to belly suplex for a two count. Booker attempts his scissor kick but The Rock hits him with a spinebuster and then the People’s Elbow! The referee counts two but Shane McMahon interrupts the count! The Rock heads outside the ring and hits Shane with Rock Bottom! Booker T then hits The Rock with a spinebuster as the crowd chant for the Spineroonie! But they don’t get it. Booker is slow to take advantage but he does and he hits his scissors kick and does the Spineroonie! The Rock nips up though and hits Rock Bottom to which the wCw referee counts the 3! The WWF locker room celebrate backstage as The Rock celebrates in the ring with his newly won title.

Rating: 7.5/10

And that was the fourteenth annual Summerslam. 8 matches, 6 of which were titles matches. We kicked off with a new Intercontinental Champion being crowned in Edge. Edge seems to be getting a slow singles push since winning the King Of The Ring tournament. This is a big step for Edge who has been IC champion before for a cup of coffee. Lance Storm is a solid member of the Alliance and somebody who has a lot of potential going forward. I think this’ll be the last we see of these two against each other for the time being and hopefully Edge gets a decent run with the belt. Cracks are really beginning to show between Edge and Christian so that’ll be a situation to keep your eye on. The Dudleyz and Test beat Spike and the APA which I believe to be the right result. Test needs some momentum as he gets a spotlight as the first person to jump to The Alliance since it’s inception. I could see Test being put forward to challenge Edge for the Intercontinental title.

X Pac beat Tajiri with help from Albert. That makes X Pac both Cruiserweight and Light-Heavyweight champion, so maybe they should merge the two titles. There isn’t a need for both and it would create a brilliant division. I’m not sure X Pac is the man to lead the division but I could see him and Albert teaming up in the future as a full time tag team. Tajiri continues to be very entertaining. Chris Jericho beat Rhyno which was a win Jericho needed. He doesn’t seem to have had many wins recently and this one gets him back on track. I’d put him above Rhyno so the loss won’t affect the man-beast too much. RVD beat Jeff Hardy in what looked like a bit of a botch ending. I think Jeff was supposed to get tied up in the ropes like Shawn Michaels did at Wrestlemania X. Van Dam won the match and I like him as Hardcore Champion for the time being so this result is fine.

The Undertaker and DDP have had one of the biggest rivalries since the Invasion began. I think I would have preferred to see have seen a singles match between the two but instead we got a tag team match in a cage. This was a decent enough match that was basically just Undertaker and Kane beating DDP and Kanyon down for 10 minutes. Kanyon was taken out of the equation half way through which we’ve seen before in tag team cage matches. That just left DDP to get a beating. The right result but I’d have preferred to have seen a singles match. I doubt this rivalry is over yet. Kurt Angle then beat Stone Cold by disqualification which can only mean that this feud continues. Angle is getting over huge as a babyface and I tink he’ll be the man to bring the WWF title back to the WWF but they may as well drag it out. Then in the main event The Rock became wCw Champion by beating Booker T. There’s a lot of titles at the moment, they need to start merging these. Maybe they’d head towards a Rock vs. Austin match to merge the two top titles? It’d be a big Wrestlemania rematch between the top two guys in the company. Overall a great pay per view that seemed like a massive step up from Invasion.

Overall Rating: 69.06/100 (ranked 6th out of 127) 

Match Of The Night: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle
Worst Match Of The Night: The Dudley Boyz & Test vs. The APA & Spike
Surprise Of The Night: Edge becomes Intercontinental Champion
Worst Booking Of The Night: None
Superstar Of The Night: The Rock
Summerslam 2001 Will Be Remembered For: The Rock becoming wCw Champion


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