Unforgiven 2001

| Date: September 23, 2001
| Venue: Mellon Arena | City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
| Attendance: 13, 855 | Buyrate: 350, 000

The Greatest Battles Are Fought From Within. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has shown a paranoid side in recent months that have caused him to go over the deep end. After Kurt beat Austin at Summerslam by disqualification, Kurt soaked the whole of the Alliance with a milk bath, humiliating Austin. The WWF Champion responded by throwing Angles gold medals over a bridge which only angered Kurt more. The Olympic Gold Medalist kidnapped Austin in his own truck and blindfolded him, taunting and telling Austin that he was going to throw him over a bridge. Austin cried for Angle and told him that he can have a rematch for the WWF Championship at Unforgiven. Angle pushed Austin into a kiddy pool, embarrassing him again. Austin would get his revenge, piledriving Angle on concrete, injuring his neck on Raw last week. Tonight the two meet in a Summerslam rematch. 

The wCw Championship will also be on the line tonight. As Shane McMahon is in charge of wCw, he also has control over the titles so for Unforgiven he has made a handicap match in which The Rock has to defend the belt against both Booker T and Shane McMahon. Since the match has been announced, Shane has put The Rock in handicap matches against Test and Stephanie McMahon and last week, after lots of interference, Stephanie McMahon pinned The Rock. Edge is still Intercontinental Champion but following a successful defence on Raw, his brother Christian turned on him, attacking him with a chair. The two brothers are now at war and tonight Edge has to defend his belt against his jealous sibling.

Both sets of tag team titles will be on the line tonight. The Undertaker and Kane lost their WWF Tag Team titles to The Dudley Boyz after Steven Richards, who is still bitter about Undertaker ending the Right To Censor, cost them the match along with Kronik. Kronik are Bryan Clark and Brian Adams, formerly Adam Bomb and Crush and they are the newest members of The Alliance. Tonight they get a shot at Undertaker and Kane’s wCw Tag Team titles. The Dudley Boyz will be defending their WWF Tag Team titles in a four team elimination match. The contenders will be The Hardy Boyz, Spike Dudley and The Big Show and the fellow Alliance team of Lance Storm and The Hurricane. Perry Saturn will also take on the man that stole his Moppy and destroyed it in a woodchipper, Raven.

There are more title matches on this pay per view than any other PPV in history. Rob Van Dam will defend his Hardcore championship against the man that Stephanie McMahon hates more than any other in Chris Jericho. Tajiri defeated Chris Kanyon on Raw a few weeks ago to win the United States Championship. He is now managed by Torrie Wilson as the two seem to have a relationship. After Tajiri retained his title against Christian, Rhyno Gore’d Tajiri on the ramp. A match was then announced by Shane McMahon between the two at Unforgiven. On Heat before the event, Billy Gunn defeated Tommy Dreamer.

Let’s get to it.

We kick off the show with The Fink introducing Jennifer Holliday to sign America The Beautiful. This is unusual for a non-Wrestlemania show but it is a couple of weeks after the 9/11 disaster and patriotism is running wild brother. Quite the set of lungs on her.

We then go into a video package that uses a lot of stills highlighting the Rock vs. Booker T & Shane McMahon match and of course the Kurt Angle and Steve Austin match. Jim Ross then welcomes us to Pittsburgh with some eerie music over the top. He’s joined by Paul Heyman.

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) (c) vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) vs. The Big Show & Spike Dudley vs. Lance Storm & The Hurricane – 4 Team Elimination Match for the WWF Tag Team Championships

This match signifies a WWF PPV debut for The Hurricane. It all kicks off before the bell until Matt Hardy and The Hurricane officially get us underway. Matt hits an arm drag and mocks The Hurricane who has a great superhero gimmick. Matt tags Jeff and The Hardy Boyz hit some trademark double teaming. Jeff gets the first near fall of the night on The Hurricane. Bubba Ray Dudley gets involved with a cheapo shot on Jeff Hardy but it doesn’t slow Hardy down. Jeff tags in Spike who is looking for his first PPV victory tonight. Hurricane tags in Lance Storm who hits a backbreaker and powerslam on Spike before tagging out to The Hurricane. Hurricane misses with an elbow drop and Spike tags the advantage with an atomic drop and a clothesline. Storm makes a blind tag and we get some double teaming from Storm and Hurricane (the new Natural Disasters?). Lance hits a dropkick and tags in fellow Alliance member Bubba Ray Dudley.

So far all four of the PPV matches Spike Dudley has had has involved The Dudley Boyz. The Hurricane tags back in and hits a cross body off the top on Spike with his cape on! Hurricane hits a gutbuster for a two count and then tags in his partner Lance Storm. Storm is looking for his first PPV victory tonight on the third time of asking. He accidentally punches his partner The Hurricane and Spike takes advantage with a Dudley Dog! Spike tags in The Big Show and he takes apart all four Alliance members. All hell breaks loose and all 8 men get involved! The Hardyz fly out at The Dudley Boyz, Hurricane and Storm and then Spike jumps out on all 6 men! Big Show then points to the top rope and starts to climb but Bubba Ray pulls him down. The Hurricane attempts a chokeslam on Big Show and fails before Show hits Storm with a big chokeslam to eliminate Lance Storm and The Hurricane.

Matt Hardy and Spike Dudley go at it and exchange pinfalls. Hardy attempts a Twist Of Fate but Spike hits a neckbreaker. Matt then does hit the Twist Of Fate on Spike to eliminate Spike and The Big Show. 

We’re down to the Hardy Boyz and Dudley Boyz who have plenty of history. Bubba Ray chops away at Jeff Hardy who has had a couple of good PPV matches against Rob Van Dam in recent months. D-Von tags in and hits his trademark spinning elbow on Jeff before tagging his half brother back in. Bubba Ray hits a big back body drop on Jeff and then a cheap shot on Matt. With Matt trying to get back into the ring The Dudley Boyz hit their trademark flying headbutt to the groin. D-Von applies a sleeper to Jeff which Jeff gets out of but D-Von hits a big powerslam. D-Von throws Jeff Hardy outside the ring where Bubba Ray throws him into the ring steps. The Dudley Boyz have wrestled on every PPV so far in 2001, only Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho and Steve Austin can claim the same. Bubba Ray tags in and hammers away at Hardy. He Irish whips Jeff who jumps onto the top rope and hits a corkscrew on Bubba Ray to take him down.

Bubba Ray tags in D-Von and Jeff tags Matt! Matt takes down both Dudleyz and gets a near fall on D-Von. He launches both Dudley Boyz out of the ring before flying to the outside onto them with a moonsault! Back in the ring and Matt hits a flying legdrop on D-Von but Bubba Ray breaks up the counts. He goes for Twist of Fate on D-Von but D-Von pushes him into the ropes and the Dudley Boyz hit 3D! D-Von makes the cover but Jeff breaks it up with a Swanton Bomb! Bubba Ray gets in the ring and hits a Bubba Bomb on Matt! D-Von covers and the referee counts the three! The Dudley Boyz retain their WWF Championships tonight!

Rating: 7/10

Rob Van Dam is shown looking for something backstage. Stephanie McMahon shows up and wishes RVD luck. She asks if there is any way she can help RVD beat Jericho. He doesn’t need any help but he would like a big locker room, she tells him to help himself to any locker room he wants.

Michael Cole is in the front row interviewing Kurt Angles mom and brother, Dave. Bit of an awkward interview.

We see a clip from Raw last week with Raven and Terri Runnels revealing that they stole Perry Saturns mop before putting it in the woodchipper, destroying it.

Perry Saturn vs. Raven

This is a first time meeting between these two men on PPV. Raven has Terri Runnels in his corner and they are representing the Alliance. Raven is also wearing a kilt. Saturn takes the early advantage, dropkicking Raven out of the ring. Terri soon gets involved, allowing Raven to hit a baseball slide. Raven then hits a drop toe hold on Saturn into the ring steps. Back in the ring and Raven lays into Saturn with right hands, a clothesline in the corner and a bulldog for a two count. Raven then locks on a Cobra Clutch but Saturn gets out of it before being knocked out of the ring with a knee lift. Raven then won’t let Saturn back in the ring! Saturn eventually gets back in with a sunset flip and he’s bleeding from the eye. Raven gets a near fall. Saturn hits a superkick and a big suplex. Perry follows it up with a belly to belly suplex and a springboard forearm for a two count. Saturn then goes for a hurricanrana off the top but Raven shoves him off before launching off the top rope with a clothesline for a two count.

There’s a bit of confusion as Saturn, Raven and the referee don’t know what’s going on. Saturn catapults Raven into the top turnbuckle and then hits a fishermans suplex for a three count! Saturn beats Raven in a pretty terrible match.

Rating: 3/10

Lilian Garcia is backstage with Christian who says that he is superior to his brother Edge.

Edge (c) vs. Christian – Intercontinental Championship Match

This is a first time meeting between these two “brothers”. Neither men have won at an Unforgiven PPV before, they’ve teamed at the last two. This will be the third time that the Intercontinental title has been defended at Unforgiven and it hasn’t changed hands the previous two times. Both men have new music and both have great themes. Edge pauses for a long time at the top of the entrance ramp before striding down to the ring. This one gets underway before the bell. Edge hits a flapjack on Christian and then attempts a DDT but Christian exits the ring. Edge goes after him and lays into Christian up the entrance ramp. This should definitely be a count out as Edge catapults Christian into the set. Back in the ring and Edge throws Christian into the middle turnbuckle. He then rams his face ten times into the top turnbuckle. Edge and Christian as a tag team had more matches on PPV than any other team on PPV.

Christian takes the advantage with a cheap shot and even calls Edge a “son of a bitch” which must be a rib. He hits a backbreaker for his first near fall of the match. Edge has opened the last two pay per views. The previous Intercontinental title matches at Unforgiven have both finished with the champion winning by disqualification. Edge gets back into it with a side Russian leg sweep. Edge heads to the top but Christian meets him up there and attempts a superplex but Edge shoves him down and jumps off the top and lands on his feet as Christian rolls out of the way. Edge hits a German suplex for a two count and then attempts a spear but Christian gets out of the way and hits a dropkick for a couple of near falls. Edge is bleeding from just beneath the eye, much like Saturn was in the last match. Both men attempt a cross body and both men go down. Edge hits some clotheslines and a back body drop then both men try for their finishers but keep countering. Edge hits one of his moves for a two count before Christian throws Edge out of the ring.

Edge goes under the ring and comes out the other side. Christian doesn’t know where Edge is until he comes off the top with a cross body for a two count. Edge nearly clotheslines the referee and Christian hits a spear on Edge for a two count. Christian leaves the ring and grabs two steel chairs. Could this be another DQ win for the IC champ at Unforgiven? Christian places a chair under Edge’s face and as he attempts a con-chair-to, Edge sweeps Christian down to the mat. Edge then puts Christian on the chair and attempts the con-chair-to on Christian! The referee grabs the chair off Edge which allows Christian to grab the other chair and hit Edge with a low blow with it! Christian pins Edge and the referee counts the three! Christian wins the Intercontinental Championship tonight! I wasn’t expecting that!

Rating: 7.5/10

We get a video package for the debut of Kronik with them attacking The Undertaker under the management of Steven Richards. Kronik then cost The Undertaker and Kane the WWF Tag Team titles.

The Coach is backstage with The Undertaker and Kane. The Undertaker is hot that Steven Richards is telling everyone that The Undertaker got rid of the Right To Censor. Undertaker isn’t afraid of two muscle statues.

The Undertaker and Kane vs. KroniK (Brian Adams & Bryan Clark) – wCw Tag Team Championship Match

Adams and Clark are making their WWF PPV debut as Kronik tonight but they have of course previously wrestled as Crush and Adam Bomb. Adam Bomb never won a PPV match. The two teams get into it before the bell, fighting around the ring. Undertaker and Brian Adams get into the ring where Undertaker hits a legdrop for a two count. There is no mention of the previous gimmicks from Kronik. Undertaker hits a drop toe hold on Adams and an elbow for a two count. Undertaker tags Kane who lays into Adams, hitting him with a powerslam and dropping an elbow for a two count. Richards has died his hair black. Adams hits a backbreaker on Kane and tags in Clark. Adam Bomb was one of my favourites. Bryan Clark hits a terrible kick in the corner followed by a terrible big boot for a two count. Kane hits a neckbreaker and a shoulderbreaker before tagging The Undertaker. Undertaker hits some shoulder blocks and then Old School before locking on a cross arm breaker which Adams breaks up. Kane has lost at the last 3 Unforgiven PPVs. Brian Adams is the only man wrestling on this PPV who is no longer with us as I write this.

Clark lays into Undertaker with some boots and then tags in Adams. Both men hit boots on Undertaker in the corner before Adams hits a dropkick for a two count. Adams then clotheslines The Undertaker out of the ring. Clark hits a big shoulder block off the apron on Undertaker and all four men go at it outside the ring. Kronik double team Kane and then take the fight into the ring. Kronik hit a double shoulder block on Undertaker for a two count. Adams applies a sleeper which Undertaker gets out of but Adams hits a powerslam and tags in Clark. Clark sets himself up for a DDT and Undertaker tags in Kane. Kane takes out both members of Kronik. He has both members set up for a chokeslam but Kronik fight out before all three men go down with clotheslines. Kane tags Undertaker and all four men go at it. Kane throws Undertaker into Adams and Clark and then Undertaker hits a big book on Clark. Steven Richards gets in the ring distracting Undertaker, allowing Kronik to take the advantage. Kane then comes in off the top with a clothesline on Adams. Undertaker hits a chokeslam on Clark and it’s over! Undertaker and Kane beat Kronik and after the bell Kane chokeslams Steven Richards for good measure. Successful defences of the wCw tag team titles for Undertaker and Kane against Kronik and DDP & Kanyon. Not a great match tonight though. Bryan Clark in looked pretty terrible.

Rating: 4/10

Shane McMahon and Booker T are backstage when Tazz shows up and says that the wCw title will be coming back to wCw tonight. He makes the point that Stephanie pinned The Rock on Raw last week so it’d be pretty sad if they don’t win tonight.

Stephanie McMahon asks Coach if he’s seen Rob Van Dam and Coach points her in the direction of dressing room 5. Stephanie bangs on RVD’s dressing room and from outside tells RVD that she sees something special in him and if he beats Jericho tonight then his time in the Alliance will be much more pleasurable. Jericho then shows up and gives Stephanie some abuse.

Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Chris Jericho – Hardcore Championship Match

This is the first PPV meeting between these two men and I’m expecting a great match. It’s the fourth title match so far tonight. RVD is representing The Alliance who so far are 2-1 down to the WWF tonight. The Hardcore title has been defended twice before at Unforgiven and has been retained both times, once by Al Snow and once by Steve Blackman. We get some chain wrestling from both men in the early going which ends with both men attempting a dropkick at the same time. Jericho has fought on every PPV so far this year as well as every PPV last year. We get a couple of near falls and Jericho hits some knife edge chops. More pinfalls by both men and another stalemate as an “RVD” chant breaks out. The two men exchange chops and right hands and Jericho hits a flying forearm. Rob Van Dam is so far undefeated on PPV having previously beaten Jeff Hardy twice. Jericho hits an enzeguri but RVD hits a thrust kick. Near fall from Van Dam and we get a bit of a botch as a result of a miscommunication. Van Dam then sends Jericho to the outside before flying out with a cross body for a two count on the outside.

Van Dam suplexes Jericho onto the barricade before diving off the apron but missing with a spinning kick. Jericho got out of the way and he pulls a ladder out from under the ring and rams it into Van Dams face. Back in the ring and Van Dam misses with a shoulder charge in the corner. Jericho rams RVD back into the ring post for good measure. Jericho pulls the ladder into the ring and suplexes RVD onto it for a two count. Jericho attempts a second suplex onto the ladder but RV D spins around and suplexes Jericho onto the ladder! RVD misses with a dropkick and Jericho attempts a Walls of Jericho which Van Dam gets out of. RVD hits Rolling Thunder for a two count and follows it up with a spinning legdrop and then attempts a split legged moonsault but Jericho gets his knees up. Jericho continues his advantage with a bulldog and then attempts a Lionsault, RVD moves, Jericho lands on his feet but gets caught with a kick. RVD then attempts the 5 Star Frog Splash but Jericho moves out of the way and rolls the champion up for a two count.

Jericho is busted open from the eye now, much like Edge and Saturn have been tonight. He grabs the ladder but Van Dam drop toe holds him right onto it. Van Dam sets the ladder up in the corner and then grabs a steel chair which he jabs into Jerichos gut before powerslamming Chris onto it. Van Dam climbs up the ladder but Jericho gets up and throws the chair at him! Jericho then locks on the Walls Of Jericho on Van Dam on the top of the ladder, much like we saw him do to Benoit at the Royal Rumble. Jericho pushes Van Dam off the ladder to the outside before balancing on the top rope and launching to the outside where Van Dam gets out of the way and Jericho hits the barricade. Van Dam gets in the ring and flies to the outside but Jericho smashes him with a chair for a near fall. Jericho rams Van Dam into the ring post and then back into the ring. Van Dam hits a spinning heel kick for a two count. Jericho applies a Fujiwara arm bar from nowhere and Van Dam slides out of the ring. Jericho keeps holding onto the arm and throws Van Dam into the ring steps.

Jericho rolls Van Dam back into the ring and grabs a steel chair before jabbing it into Van Dams shoulder and back. Stephanie McMahon then runs down to ringside and grabs the chair. Jericho snatches it back and swings it at Stephanie before turning around into a Van Daminator! RVD goes to the top and hits a 5 Star Frog Splash! He hooks the leg and gets the three count! Rob Van Dam beats Chris Jericho tonight with help from Stephanie McMahon! That’s three wins from three on PPV for Rob Van Dam! Good match between these two.

Rating: 7.75/10

Shane McMahon is with Booker T telling him that it doesn’t matter who brings the title back to the Alliance tonight. Booker T leaves and Shane is excited about winning the title himself.

Video package next for The Rock against Booker T and Shane McMahon.

The Rock (c) vs. Booker T & Shane McMahon – Handicap Match for wCw Championship

The Rock has wrestled on the three previous Unforgiven PPVs but has only won on one of them. Booker T and Shane McMahon will have to tag in for this match and it’s Booker that kicks off the match with The Rock. Rock hits a clothesline and a neckbreaker for the first near fall of the match. Shane breaks up the cover and Booker T takes the advantage. The Rock hits a side suplex and once against Shane breaks up the cover. Booker tags in Shane and The Rock gets up and chases him around the ring! Back in the ring and The Rock hits right hands and an elbow. Booker T joins Lance Storm and Rob Van Dam as the only three new signings to have wrestled on all 3 PPVs since the Invasion began. Shane tags in Booker T who hits a sidewalk slam for a two count. Booker tags Shane back in and he hits a side kick and lefts and rights. The Rock hits a big belly to belly suplex on Shane before turning his attention to Booker. This allows McMahon to hit a chopblock. Shane hits his trademark jabs but The Rock blocks the last one, takes Shane down and applies The Sharpshooter! Booker breaks it up and the wCw guys double team The Rock.

Shane lays into The Rock on the outside of the ring, even coming off the barricade with a clothesline. Plenty of double teaming from Booker T and Shane now with The Rock getting crotched around the ring post. Booker bounces off the ropes but The Rock throws him out of the ring. Shane then runs in and clotheslines The Rock out of the ring. Booker grabs a chair and swings at The Rock but misses. Again, the double teaming gets the better of The Rock. Booker catapults The Rock into the ringpost. This is the fifth title match of the night so far and three of the previous four have been successfully defended. Back in the ring and Booker drops a knee on The Rock before doing the Spineroonie! The Rock rolls up Booker for a two count but Booker is first up and he throws The Rock back out of the ring. Booker then lays The Rock down on the Spanish announce table. Shane goes up top but The Rock gets off the table and fights back! Booker hits a kick and throws Rocky back in the ring. The Rock hits a Samoan Drop. Rock and Kane are the only two men to have fought on every Unforgiven PPV so far. Shane McMahon grabs the wCw titles and attempts to nail The Rock with it but Rock ducks and Shane smashes Booker T with it! Shane then hits The Rock with it! The referee doesn’t DQ anyone though, which Jim Ross points out. Booker T pins The Rock who kicks out!

Booker tags Shane who goes up top and tries for an elbow drop but The Rock gets out of the way! Shane tags Booker T but The Rock beats him to the punch! The Rock fights off both Booker and Shane and hits both men with a clothesline! Rocky throws Booker into Shane and then hits Booker with a DDT for a two count. Shane takes The Rock down with a clothesline and then tries for a People’s Elbow but The Rock nips up and hits Shane with a Rock Bottom! Rock then hits a spinebuster on Booker T and sets up for a People’s Elbow but out runs Test! Test hits a clothesline and a big boot to The Rock! Bradshaw runs out and chases Test off! The referee rolls The Rock back into the ring and tells Booker to pin him! A WWF referee runs out and isn’t happy. Shane then pins The Rock but the WWF referee Mike Chioda pins Shane out of the ring! Booker T pins The Rock and Nick Patrick shoves Mike Chioda and makes the count but The Rock kicks out! Mike Chioda knocks Nick Patrick out of the ring and then Booker T takes out Chioda! Booker attempts the Book End on The Rock but The Rock elbows his way out of it and hits the Rock Bottom! He makes the cover and Earl Hebner runs out and makes the count! The Rock gets the three and retains his wCw title tonight!

Rating: 8/10

William Regal is backstage with Tajiri and Torrie Wilson. Regal said that he was considering banning Torrie from ringside but they clearly like each other so he doesn’t.

Stacy Keibler is at WWF New York saying that she liked a cleanly shaven man. We then see her shaving her legs in the bath to the music of Sunny’s “you know you want me”.

Tajiri (c) vs. Rhyno – wCw United States Championship match

This is a first time meeting between these two men on WWF PPV, they’re highest profile match to date was when Rhyno beat Tajiri in the quater finals of this years King Of The Ring tournament. It’s the first time the US title has been defended on PPV in the WWF. Tajiri is joined by Torrie Wilson. Both men make a brisk entrance which makes me think this could be a short match. Two ECW alumni here. Tajiri sends Rhyno out of the ring in the early going and hits him with a springboard moonsault. Tajiri is selling his ribs and Rhyno throws him back into the ring. Tajiri hits a martial arts kick and some knife edge chops. Rhyno hits a big shoulder barge in the corner and a powerslam The British Bulldog would be proud of. Rhyno gets a near fall and he hits a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Rhyno has been a staple on WWF PPV recently. He applies a chinlock to Tajiri but the former Light-Heavyweight champion gets out of it and hits a hurricanrana and spinning heel kick for a two count.

Tajiri hits a handspring elbow for a two count but gets caught with a spinebuster. Rhyno gets a near fall and Torrie gets up on the apron. Rhyno chases Torrie around the ring and then into the ring where she falls over. Rhyno motions for the Gore but Tajiri hits him with a kick as he runs at full pace for a near fall. Tajiri attempts a DDT but Rhyno puts the brakes on. Tajiri then locks on the Tarantula! Rhyno gets out of it and Tajiri attempts a knockout kick which Rhyno ducks and follows up with a suplex. Rhyno then hits the Gore on Tajiri which is enough for the three! Rhyno wins the match and the wCw United States Title! Enjoyable enough match between two very good workers.

Rating: 6.75/10

There’s a video package for Kurt Angle and Steve Austin now. Austin threw Angles gold medals over a bridge and Angle kidnapped Austin to get his match tonight.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) vs. Kurt Angle – WWF Championship Match

This is the second PPV match between these two men. Angle won the first by disqualification at Summerslam. In less than two years since his debut in the WWF, Kurt angle has won the European, Intercontinental, Hardcore, wCw and WWF titles as well as the King Of The Ring. Not a bad couple of years. Angle gets a huge pop in his home town. Both men have only wrestled at one Unforgiven event before and neither have won. Angle meets Austin in the entrance way and Angle lays into Austin on the ramp. Angle hits a hiptoss and slams Austins face into the ring steps. The two men get into the ring and the bell rings. Angle las into Austin with boots and then a Lou Thesz Press! Kurt hits a clothesline and then pops Austin on the top turnbuckle before chopping him so much that the champion falls to the outside. If you’re keeping count then WWF have won 3 matches tonight and the Alliance have won 3 matches tonight, this one will decide it. Back in the ring and Angle hits a superplex. Kurt sells his neck which Austin injure don Raw with a piledriver to the concrete floor.

Angle gets a near fall and lays in some boots to Austin. Stone Cold applies a sleeper but Angle gets out of it with a jawbreaker. Angle then clotheslines Austin out of the ring and the champion grabs his title. Austin then heads to the back with his title! Kurt goes after him and takes him down at the top of the entrance ramp. Angle is wearing much better ring gear than what he wore at Summerslam. Kurt throws Austin off the ramp, much like Austin did to Angle a couple of weeks ago.Angle carries Austin back to the ring and smashes him into the ring post. This match has been all Angle so far which is unusual for a WWF match as the heel tends to lead it. Kurt pulls back the mats at ringside but before he can do anything, Austin  attacks him from behind. Austin attempts a piledriver on the exposed concrete but Angle hits a back body drop. Austin is now bleeding from just above the eye which seems to be the theme of the night. Angle attempts a piledriver but Austin back body drops him onto the exposed floor.

Austin suplexes Angle onto the announce table and it seems as though this match is no disqualification and no count outs. Austin rolls Angle back into the ring and the two men slug it out. Austin hits a high knee and a knee drop before driving his knee into the back of Angles neck. Stone Cold hammers away at the back of the challenger before standing on his back. Austin then flips off Kurt Angles family, what a heel. Kurt avoids a chop and hits right hands but Austin hits a boot and a double axe handle. The champion then applies a chinlock but Kurt gets out of it and rolls Austin up for a two count. Austin takes the advantage again as he goes back to work on Angles neck. Angle manages to turn it around and he hits three German suplexes. Kurt goes up top to hit a moonsault but Austin attacks him from behind and tries for a suplex off the top but Angle reverses it into a cross body for a near fall. Austin hits a spinebuster and a low blow. Austin then throws Earl Hebner out of the way and Angle hits a low blow! Kurt then hits a DDT sending Austin to the outside. Both men have a history of neck surgeries. The WWF title has never changed hands at an Unforgiven PPV before.

Austin rolls back into the ring and Kurt hits him with a Stunner! He hooks the leg but Austin kicks out. Angle pulls down the straps and tries for an Angle Slam but Austin counters and hits an Angle Slam of his own. He hooks the leg but Kurt gets his shoulder up. Austin hits Angle with a piledriver but Kurt gets his shoulder up again. Austin then hammers away at the neck of Kurt and flips the double bird before throwing a kick but Angle catches him and locks on the Ankle Lock! Austin taps out! Kurt Angle wins the match and becomes a 2 time WWF Champion! The Angle Family get in the ring ad lift Kurt on their shoulders! The WWF locker room then exits, lead by The Rock as the celebration continues.

Rating: 8.5/10

And that was the fourth annual Unforgiven PPV. The Dudley Boyz retained their WWF Tag Team titles against one of their greatest rivals and two up and coming tag teams. The Dudley Boyz have looked really strong so far during this Invasion and Bubba Ray has great mic skills so they’re a good tag team to lead the division. The other three teams in the match have been mainly wrestling in singles matches as of late so didn’t pose too much of a threat. I’m a big fan of The Hurricane though, there could be a lot of fun to had with this character. Perry Saturn then beat Raven in a match that didn’t really click. These have the potential to put on very good matches but this wasn’t one of them which is a shame considering their wCw history. Saturn wins and gets revenge on Raven for destroying his Moppy. I think these two guys have the charisma and wrestling ability to prop up the lower card. Raven has the potential to go much higher up the card but we’ll have to see.

In the surprising result of the night, Christian beat his brother Edge for the Intercontinental title. Christian has been rebranded brilliantly since turning heel and I think his IC reign could be a lot of fun. Edge could really be thrust into the upper midcard but I think this feud with Christian is far from over. Undertaker and Kane beat KroniK in a match that marked the return of Crush and Adam Bomb. Adams and Clark were far from their best although I understand they hadn’t wrestled in months. Clark in particular was terrible and although this team looked the part, it was definitely a case of style over substance. I like Undertaker and Kane as wCw tag team champions, it’s a good spot for the Brothers Of Destruction and should they decide to merge the belts with the WWF Tag Team titles, they will be the perfect team to represent the WWF. Sadly that’ll be Clark and Adams last match ever as WWF Superstars. Brian Adams is the only man that wrestled on this show that isn’t alive as I write this.

The popular Rob Van Dam beat Chris Jericho, retaining his Hardcore Championship. Jericho definitely does not need the Hardcore title but I think this match was put together as a “dream match”. It was a great match and Van Dam won when Stephanie McMahon got involved. I’m not sure where this Stephanie/Jericho is feuding but I’m guessing a feud with Triple H when he returns. I’d love to see more from RVD and Y2J but it’s not a necessary feud whilst Van Dam is Hardcore Champion. The Rock retained his wCw Championship despite interference from Test. I like The Rock as wCw Champion, it brings a lot of credibility to the championship and gives a second main event to every pay per view. There are plenty of opponents for The Rock including Rob Van Dam, DDP and Steve Austin who all fight for the Alliance. They may need to build up some more opponent though. Booker T is proving to be a top member of The Alliance and I could see him feuding with the likes of Chris Jericho, The Undertaker or Kurt Angle in the future.

Rhyno beat Tajiri for a title we haven’t seen much of recently. The United States title is the equivalent of the Intercontinental title so it does Tajiri and Rhyno no harm to be associated with it. Rhyno got the big win and he’s been getting a good push recently, main eventing Invasion and going up against Jericho at Summerslam. Tajiri seems to be a transitional champion after brief spells with the Light-Heavyweight and United States titles. Both are valuable members of the roster at the moment. Then in the main event Kurt Angle became a two time WWF Champion, beating Stone Cold Steve Austin in front of his home crowd. This was a great match that really solidifies Angle as a main eventer. He’s now beaten The Rock and Austin for WWF Championships. The psychology in the main event was fantastic and these two men have become great enemies. They have a lot of chemistry and I don’t get bored of their matches.  These two will continue to lead their sides going forward and I think we might get a third match between the two at No Mercy next month. A good PPV with some great matches and only a couple of duds.

Rating: 65.62/100 (ranked 14th out of 128)

Match Of The Night: Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle
Worst Match Of The Night: Perry Saturn vs. Raven
Surprise Of The Night: Christian wins the Intercontinental Championship
Worst Booking Of The Night: None
Superstar Of The Night: Kurt Angle
Unforgiven 2001 Will Be Remembered For: Kurt Angle winning the WWF title in his home town





One thought on “Unforgiven 2001

  1. You forgot to mention that one week after SummerSlam, The Hurricane defeated Matt Hardy on the August 21st edition of Raw to win the WWF European Title with help from Ivory.

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