Survivor Series 2001

| Date: November 18, 2001
| Venue: Greensboro Coliseum | City: Greensboro, North Carolina
| Attendance: 10, 142 | Buyrate: 450, 000

Winner Take All is the theme for tonight as the WWF vs. Alliance rivalry officially ends tonight. The fate of both companies is on the line in the 5 against 5 traditional Survivor Series match main event. If the WWF wins then The Alliance are out of business and if the Alliance win then the WWF are done. The WWF team consists of The Rock, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Kane and The Big Show whilst team Alliance is Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Rob Van Dam and Shane McMahon. Vince McMahon has claimed that Steve Austin is going to turn his back on the Alliance tonight and join team WWF which he denies. Can The Alliance trust Austin? Can The Rock and Chris Jericho get on? Big Show was a last minute replacement for an injured Vince McMahon, how will he factor in?  With the fate of both companies on the line this may be the most important main event in WWF history.

Also tonight we will have the merging of a few titles. The Intercontinental title will be merged with the United States Championship as US Champion Edge goes one on one with IC champion Test. Test actually beat Edge for the Intercontinental title in the first place so this should be an interesting match. Both sets of tag team titles will also be merged as wCw tag team champions The Dudley Boyz meet their old rivals and WWF tag team champions The Hardy Boyz in a cage match. It’ll be winner takes all in both of those matches.

William Regal will be in action, he goes one on one against his old friend Tajiri. Regal attacked Tajiri in his office a few weeks ago and have had multiple tag team matches against one another since. Although the two met at Rebellion, this will be their first major match against each other. The WWF women’s championship will also be determined tonight. It has been vacant since Chyna left the company but now 6 women get the opportunity to win the belt. It’ll be Lita, Trish Stratus, Jacqueline, Mighty Molly, Ivory and a mystery woman in a 6 pack challenge, first fall wins the WWF Women’s title. Who will be the mystery lady? We’ll find out tonight.

Also tonight will be an immunity battle royal between WWF and Alliance wrestlers in which the winner keeps their job for a year regardless of what happens tonight. Expect to see anybody that does not have a match tonight thrown in this battle royal. On Sunday Night Heat a match was announced for the European Championship in which Christian will defend his title against Al Snow. There was also a 6 man tag match where Justin Credible, Lance Storm and Raven defeated Albert, Scotty Too Hotty and Spike Dudley. Let’s get to it.

A VT kicks us off showing historical moments of the WWF. It’s got a nice theme running underneath it and shows shots of many legends. Could this be the end of the WWF as we know it? We then get soundbites from Vince, Shane, Stephanie and Paul Heyman with shots of the competitors in tonights main event. Jim Ross then welcomes us to Survivor Series, he’s joined by Paul Heyman.

Al Snow vs. Christian (c)  WWF European Championship Match

This made was made after a confrontation on Heat prior to this pay per view. Christian gets on the mic before the bell and says that tonight is the night that WWF dies. Al Snow comes out to the Tough Enough music. It’s Als first PPV match since the Royal Rumble earlier this year and it’s his fourth Survivor Series appearance. He first wrestling in 1996 in an elimination match and lost before competing in the 1998 Deadly Game tournament, beating Jeff Jarrett in the first round before losing to Mankind in the quater finals. Al then wrestled in the 1999 event teaming with Mankind in a losing effort against the New Age Outlaws. Christian has been unsuccessful in traditional Survivor Series matches the past two years.

Snow takes Christian down in the early going before locking on a headlock. Al gets the first near fall of the night but Christian soon takes advantage. Snow, who is the chief trainer on Tough Enough takes Christian down with a suplex. Snow is a former European Champion and a “we want head” chant breaks out. Christian hits a hard Irish whip and a side Russian leg sweep for a two count before going to the chinlock. Snow gets out of it and the two men slug it out before Al hits one of his trademark headbutts. Christian hits a double underhook suplex for a two count. The European title seems like a step down for Christian who chokes the Tough Enough trainer. Snow comes back with some jabs and then more of his trademark jabs. The crowd seem into this one.

Christian attempts the Unprettier but Snow gets out of it and hits a superkick. Al then hits his trademark sitout powerbomb for a two count. Christian hits a reverse DDT from nowhere but instead of pinning Al, he shouts at him so Snow rolls him up for a two count. Snow then hits a high cross body from the top but Christian rolls it through for a near fall. Snow then hits the Snow Plough but Christian gets his foot on the rope. Christian rolls out the ring and Snow follows only to be lured into a kick to the face as he re-enters the ring. Christian then hits the Unprettier and that’s enough for the three! Christian retains his European title in the opening contest.

Rating: 6.25/10

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra arrive at the arena where team Alliance are waiting for him. Stephanie asks him if he’s jumping to the WWF tonight and Austin says no. Shane isn’t happy with Austin smiling at Vince McMahon last week on Smackdown. Kurt wants to be the new leader, as do Rob Van Dam and Booker T. Austin is such a good promo at the moment.

Vince McMahon is backstage with his wife Linda. Linda is concerned about the risk of injuries tonight. McMahon says Shit Happens. Michael Cole then shows up and says that tonight could be the end of the WWF. McMahon says the WWF will win tonight because Vince is a businessman and is used to taking risks. Vince says he has an ace in the hole and tonight it will be 6 on 4. William Regal then turns up and says that Austin is as loyal to the Alliance as Regal is to the Queen. The Alliance commissioner looks forward to tomorrows first ever Alliance Raw. McMahon says that proves his point that Shit happens.

We then see some footage from Smackdown with William Regal laying into Torrie Wilson in a mixed tag team match.

Tajiri vs. William Regal

This is the second PPV meeting between these two men as Regal beat Tajiri at last months Rebellion PPV in the UK. This is Tajiri’s first Survivor Series match and William Regals third, he’s undefeated after beating Hardcore Holly at last years event and drawing with X Pac in 1998’s Deadly Game tournament. Regal takes down Tajiri early and hits a running knee to the face. Tajiri gets back into it with a dropkick to Regals knee and some kicks to Regals thigh. Tajiri then locks on the Tarantula and Regals nose is bleeding. Tajiri hits a handspring back elbow for a two count. Tajiri then gets his head stuck between the top and middle ropes! Tajiri is up and hits a big kick to Regals bloody face. Plenty of holds and reversals in this one so far. Regal then hits a double underhook powerbomb and this one is over! Regal wins the match pretty sharpish tonight. That’s two wins for the Alliance tonight from 2. Regal hits Tajiri with another powerbomb after the bell. Not a lot of chemistry in this match. Torrie Wilson runs out after the match and sees to Tajiri so Regal hits her with a powerbomb too!

Rating: 3.5/10

Package for the rivalry between Test and Edge.

Test is backstage in make up when Stacy Keibler shows up. Test asks Stacy out and she says maybe.

Jonathan Coachman is backstage with Edge who makes jokes about Test being dumped by every chick on the planet.

Edge (c) vs. Test (c) – United States and Intercontinental Championship Unification Match

It’s a first PPV meeting between these two men. It’s Edge’s United States vs. Tests Intercontinental title match. Winner takes all and unifies both. Edge has lost in his two previous Survivor Series matches. Test lost in his previous Survivor Series match last year but tonight is both mens first singles match at this event. Edge hits a cross body on Test to take him down but Test is quickly back up. Test takes Edge out of the ring and drops him on the barricade. Back in the ring and Edge hits a hip toss and a dropkick sending Test to the outside and he hits the bigger man with a baseball slide. Test has been getting a decent push as of late. Back in the ring and Edge hits a swinging neck breaker. Edge has wrestled more PPV matches than anybody else in history without main eventing.

Test takes the advantage and applies a chinlock. Edge gets out of it and hits a dropkick off the second rope for a two count. Test then hits a powerslam from nowhere for a near fall. Edge then attempts a cross body off the middle rope but Test sidesteps it. Test takes Edge up to the top rope and attempts a superplex but Edge fights it off and tries for a sunset flip but Test holds on. Test then stands up on the top and flies off but Edge hits him with a dropkick. The two men get up and slug it out which results in Edge hitting a clothesline, spinning heel kick and a bulldog for a two count. Test gets back into it with a knee and he attempts a pump handle slam but Edge slips down the back and rolls Test up for a two count.

Edge bounces off the ropes but Test hits him with a spear for a two count. Test attempts his big boot but Edge ducks and tries for his Spear which Test avoids. Test then hits his Pump Handle Slam but Edge kicks out! Test goes for a powerbomb but Edge counters into a hurricanrana before hitting his Spear! And Test kicks out this time! Edge looks for his DDT but Test blocks and goes for a full nelson slam but Edge rolls through it and gets the 3! Edge wins the match and becomes the unified champion! A well deserved win for Edge who is turning into a big star. Good match between these two.

Rating: 6.5/10

Stephanie McMahon isn’t happy with Edge has won the titles. She’s worried about losing tonight and becoming a regular person. Kurt Angle tells her not to worry, she’s special. Angle thinks Austin is telling the truth but if he isn’t, he’ll make sure Austin doesn’t screw the Alliance.

Lita is backstage with Jeff asking if he thinks Matt has been acting strange recently. Jeff says everyone has been. Matt then turns up and gives a motivational speech. Matts title looks like all the pain has rubbed off. Lita then bumps into Trish and the two girls wish each other luck.

The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff)(c) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von)(c) – WWF & wCw Tag Team title unification match

This is only the second PPV match between these two teams in straight up 2 v 2 tag team matches. The first was a tables match at the 2000 Royal Rumble in which the Hardy Boyz won. The Hardyz are the WWF Tag Team Champions and the Dudleyz are the wCw Tag Team Champions. These two teams actually teamed up at last years Survivor Series in a match which Jeff Hardy was the sole survivor. The year before that both teams were in separate Survivor Series matches and both teams lost so only Jeff has had success at this event before. Both teams lay down their belts before the match. Looks like both teams will be tagging in and out of this one. Bubba Ray and Matt Hardy start the match and Matt has the advantage and tags in Jeff. Bubba tag in D-Von who gets hit with a dropkick. Jeff tags Matt who gets a near fall of a backslide. D-Von takes Matt down with a reverse DDT and tags in Bubba Ray.

Bubba Ray hits a neckbreaker on Matt and lays into him on the mat. The Dudley Boyz make quick tags and eventually Matt makes the tag to Jeff. Jeff takes down both men and the Hardyz then hit Poetry in Motion on both Dudley Boyz. Matt and Jeff both climb the cage but the Dudley Boyz meet them up there and bring them back down to the canvas with a side Russian leg sweep and Bubba Bomb.Bubba then climbs up the cage but Matt Hardy makes sure he doesn’t get very far. Looks like all four men are going to stay in the ring now. Bubba Ray and D-Von throw Matt into the cage. Bubba tries the same on Jeff but Jeff climbs up the cage and nearly gets out. Bubba puts him on his shoulders and D-Von hits the Dudleyville Device.

Stacy Keibler watches on from ringside and it’s looking good for her team. Bubba squashes Matt into the cage and the Dudley Boyz are comfortable at the moment. Bubba Ray and D-Von go up to the middle ropes but both men miss when they fly off. Matt Hardy then goes to the top and takes both men down with a clothesline. The Hardyz then hit their double team moves off the middle ropes for a near fall. Matt then climbs up the cage but D-Von meets him up there and hangs him upside down before bringing him back down to the canvas. Bubba Ray asks Stacy for a table and she gets a table, pickpockets the keys from Nick Patrick like only Stacy can and puts the table in the ring through the cage door! The Dudleyz attempt 3D on Jeff through the table but Matt Hardy makes sure it doesn’t happen.

Matt Hardy climbs the cage and gets over the top and out! But I’ve never seen a cage match won by the first man that gets out of the cage. Jeff is now alone against the Dudley Boyz. Jeff climbs the cage and D-Von is kind enough to put himself on a table. Jeff then leaps off the top of the cage with a Swanton Bomb and D-Von gets out of the way so Jeff goes crashing through the table. Bubba Ray pins Jeff and gets the three! The Dudley Boyz become undisputed tag team champions tonight! EMT’s come out with a stretcher for Jeff.

Rating: 7/10

An advert for WWF live events is up next. You don’t see that very often.

Mick Foley is in WWF New York and says he has to answer to Vince McMahon which makes the commissionership a joke. Foley is pulling for the WWF tonight but he will be in Charlotte for Raw tomorrow night to give Vince McMahon some choice words.

Scotty Too Hotty is backstage and bumps into Test. Test asks Scotty if he’s in the immunity battle royal tonight, Scotty is, so Test attacks Scotty and says he won’t be in it now.

Justin Credible vs. Raven vs. Lance Storm vs. Diamond Dallas Page vs. Shawn Stasiak vs. Billy Kidman vs. The Hurricane vs. Test vs. Steven Richards vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Bradshaw vs. Faarooq vs. Crash Holly vs. Funaki vs. Billy Gunn vs. Chuck Palumbo vs. Perry Saturn vs. Albert vs. Spike Dudley vs. Tazz vs. Hugh Morrus vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr – Immunity Battle Royal

This is a WWF vs. Alliance immunity battle royal where no matter which way the result goes tonight, the winner cannot be fired for a year. It’s probably a pretty safe bet that whoever wins this will be on the losing team later tonight. Steven Richards goes into this match undefeated in his 4 previous PPV matches which is the best record anyone in history has in terms of win percentage/matches wrestled. Bradshaw eliminates Shawn Stasiak before the bell so I’m not sure that should count. Tazz shows up as a surprise entrant after the bell and Heyman can’t believe it. Test circles the ring on the outside whilst in the ring DDP is the biggest name in there. The Hurricane puts his cape on and flies off the top but Faarooq catches him and Bradshaw eliminates Hurricane from the match. Test is in the ring now. Albert eliminates his own teammate Perry Saturn and Test eliminates Faarooq. Chuck Palumbo has died his hair brown and he goes at it with Tommy Dreamer who is making his PPV debut tonight.

Palumbo eliminates DDP and then Justin Credible eliminates Palumbo. Hugh Morrus and Chavo Guerrero Jr then enter the match and eliminate Funaki and Raven! Albert eliminates High Morrus and Billy Gunn eliminates Chavo Guerrero Jr. Crash Holly lays into Tommy Dreamer and Tazz then eliminates both of them! Lance Storm hits an enzeguri on Spike Dudley and eliminates him. Test and Albert go at it on one side whilst on the other Bradshaw nails Steven Richards with a clothesline from hell and eliminated Steven from the match. Tazz shouts at Paul Heyman and Billy Gunn eliminates Tazz from the match. Lance Storm hits a dropkick on Billy Gunn whilst Test and Kidman eliminate Albert! Bradshaw hits a fallaway slam on Billy Kidman right out of the ring!

There are four men left in this match. Bradshaw, Lance Storm, Test and Billy Gunn. Bradshaw hits a big boot on Storm whilst Test and Billy Gunn go at it. Bradshaw hits a neckbreaker on Storm as the pace slows down in this one. Test throws Billy Gunn over the top but Billy hangs on. Test then eliminates Bradshaw and Lance Storm. Billy Gunn goes for a Fame-asser on Test but Test boots him in the face, sending over the top and out of the ring! Test wins the match and immunity for a year!

Rating: 5/10

Booker T and Shane McMahon are backstage and Booker is telling Shane that he doesn’t trust Austin. Shane believes Austin will lead the team to victory tonight.

Trish Stratus vs. Jacqueline vs. Lita vs. Ivory vs. Mighty Molly vs. Jazz – 6 Pack match for vacant Women’s Championship

Jazz makes her WWF debut tonight as the mystery woman in this match and she runs straight to the ring and hits a sidewalk slam on Lita. Jazz lays into Lita with forearms and axe handles until Lita hits a flying head scissors. Jazz tags Molly and Lita tags Jacqueline. Jacqueline and Mighty Molly get into a test of strength which Jacqueline wins. Jacqueline hits a hiptoss and dropkick. Molly tags Ivory who slingshots Jacqueline into the ropes. Jacqueline tags Trish who catapults Ivory before hitting a flapjack. Molly cheapshots Trish and then Ivory cheapshots Lita. All three Alliance ladies lay into Trish and all hell breaks loose! Lita hits Poetry in Motion on Jazz and then attempt the same to Mighty Molly but Jacqueline levels Lita with a clothesline. Molly then comes off the top with her finisher on Jacqueline but Trish sorts her out. Lita hits twist of fate on Ivory and goes to the top and hits a moonsault! Jazz drags Lita off Ivory.

Lita lays into Molly and Jazz, throwing Molly out of the ring. Jazz rakes the eyes of Lita and Trish backdrops Lita out of the rig. Jazz then falls out of the ring and botches something. Trish hits a springboard bulldog on Ivory and that’s enough for the three! Trish Stratus wins the match and for the first time becomes Women’s Champion! Bit of a surprising result but a great moment for Stratus!

Rating: 3.5/10

Vince McMahon is backstage with his team WWF. McMahon gives a speech, telling his team that he has every confidence in his team but he could be looking at a team of losers. He tells them that if they lose tonight then they will be disgraced. Vince says that they will disgrace the names of Buddy Rogers, Gorilla Monsoon, Andre The Giant and High Chief Maivia. The Rock is jigging about the whole time.

Video package up next showing the highlights from the past month involving the ten men in tonights main event. From Kurt Angle turning his back on the WWF to Jericho and The Rock going at it and Vince McMahon claiming Stone Cold is coming back to the WWF.

The Rock, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Kane & The Big Show vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Rob Van Dam & Shane McMahon – Winner takes all Traditional Survivor Series match

This is the match to end the war. Raw tomorrow night will either be a WWF show or an Alliance show. The war started with a ten man tag and ends with one. Interestingly the only men remaining on the same team are The Undertaker, Kane and Jericho for team WWF and Booker T for Team Alliance. Austin and Angle have jumped to team Alliance. Kurt Angle and The Big Show come into this match undefeated at Survivor Series whilst Shane McMahon, Booker T and Rob Van Dam make their Survivor Series debuts. At last years event Kane beat Chris Jericho. Austin gets a good pop when he comes out, will he re-join the WWF tonight? Austin and Rob Van Dam will both be safe from getting fired as both hold titles. Same goes for The Rock. Kane has new ring gear tonight.

The Rock and Austin slug it out in the middle of the ring as the bell rings. The top two wrestlers in the world today. Austin hits a Lou Thesz press and right hands before hitting his trademark elbow for the first near fall of the match.  The Rock hits a Thesz Press and elbow of his own and it’s Shane McMahon making sure no pinfall is made. Austin tags in Booker T who lays in some boots to The Rock. These two men had a big match at Summerslam which The Rock won. And it’s The Rock with a big clothesline before tagging out to his rival, Chris Jericho. Jericho hits a flapjack and Booker tags out to Rob Van Dam who is ever popular. Jericho takes RVD down and hits him with a spinning heel kick. Jericho then hits a suplex. These two fought at Unforgiven in a match Van Dam won. Jericho misses with a dropkick and RVD takes advantage with a standing moonsault for a two count.

Van Dam attempts a hurricanrana but Jericho puts on the brakes and applies the Walls of Jericho which Shane McMahon breaks up. Booker T and Kane are both tagged in but Kurt wants Kane and tags himself in. Kane throws Kurt into the corner and lays in some right hands. Kane follows that up with a big clothesline but Kurt comes back with a belly to back suplex. Kane hits a sidewalk slam and then goes to the top and nails Angle with a clothesline for a two count. Shane McMahon has broken up every count so far. Kane tags Undertaker who gets a good pop. Kurt and Undertaker met at last years Survivor Series which Kurt won. Kurt tags out to Booker T. Undertaker hits a big boot on the man he beat at No Mercy. Shane McMahon once again breaks up the cover.

Undertaker twists the arm of Booker T and then heads to the top where he hits Old School. Undertaker then works the arm of Booker applying an armbar. Booker gets out of it but Undertaker takes him down with a clothesline. Austin gets the tag and he lays into Undertaker. These two men last went at it one on one at Judgment Day. Undertaker hits old school on Austin and once again Shane McMahon breaks up the cover. All 5 Alliance members lay into Undertaker and Booker T is tagged back in. But it looks like Angle is going to take over. Undertaker and Angle slug it out until Angle hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Nobody has been eliminated yet. undertaker hits a DDT and both men are down. Undertaker tags Big Show who goes mad on Kurt Angle. Show throws Kurt across the ring and then lays into Rob Van Dam! Show hits a gorilla press slam on RVD and then takes down the whole Alliance corner. Show goes for a chokeslam on Angle but Angle hops down and hits the Angle Slam! Booker T then tags in and hits his scissors kick! Spineroonie and RVD wants the tag. Van Dam hits the 5 Star Frog Splash and tags in Shane who drops an elbow on Big Show to eliminate him from the match. 

The Rock enters the match and lays into Shane with a big clothesline and then he tags in Kane. Kane hits a chokeslam on Shane and then tags in The Undertaker who hits a Tombstone on Shane and tag in Chris Jericho. Jericho hits a Lionsault on Shane to eliminate him from the match!

It’s 4 on 4 now as Jericho and Angle go at it. Jericho beat Angle at Rebellion a few weeks ago. Booker T tags in as Shane is carried out of the ringside area. Booker hits multiple powerslams on Jericho and drops a knee before tagging in Rob Van Dam. Van Dam hits a spinning heel kick and a shoulder charge in the corner. Jericho hits a sunset flip for a two count and tags in Kane. Kane hits a big boot on Van Dam and a couple of clotheslines. There’s a great spot with Kane squeezing Van Dams fist. Kane hits a clothesline on the Hardcore Champion and then a powerslam. Kane brings Booker T into the ring and hits him with a big boot That allows Van Dam to hit Kane with a spinning heel kick and a 5 star frog splash but Kane grabs RVD by the throat only for Booker T to hit Kane with a big kick. All hell then breaks loose and all 8 men go at it. Van Dam comes off the top and hits Kane with a kick eliminating him from the match.

It’s now 4 to 3 in favour of the Alliance. Austin lays into Booker T and Steve Austin in the ring. Undertaker has all four Alliance members in corners and hits them all with clotheslines before getting rid of them all. Undertaker hits Last Ride on Kurt Angle, then Booker T gets in the ring with a chair. Undertaker fights him off but Austin then hits Undertaker with a Stone Cold Stunner! Angle pins Undertaker and he is eliminated!

It’s Austin, Angle, Booker T and RVD against The Rock and Jericho now. The Rock lays into Booker T until Booker hits him with a big kick. The Rock hits a DDT for a two count. Rocky hits a Samoan Drop but Austin makes sure The Rock doesn’t get the 3. Could Austin really be switching sides if he’s helping his team? The Rock throws Booker into Angle and then rolls Booker T up for the three!

It’s 3 on 2 now. Rob Van Dam gets right in there and lays into The Rock. Van Dam and Booker T are the only men that have come in from wCw and ECW to represent their team in this match. The Rock tags Chris Jericho who hits a flying forearm on Van Dam. Jericho hits a neckbreaker for a near fall in what could be the most important Survivor Series match ever. Jericho hits a bulldog but Van Dam gets out of the way of the Lionsault. Van Dam hits a roundhouse kick and a split legged moonsault but Y2J gets a knee up. Jericho hits a facebuster similar to what Jeff Jarrett used to do and RVD is eliminated!

It’s The Rock and Chris Jericho against Kurt Angle and Steve Austin now! On the outside, Austin catapults The Rock into the ring post whilst in the ring Angle has a sleeper applied to Jericho. Jericho gets out of it but it’s advantage Angle. Kurt tags Austin who hits some chops to Jericho before placing him up top and hitting a superplex for a two count. There’s a bit of a miscommunication that ends in Austin hitting a belly to belly suplex. Austin tags Angle and they double team Jericho. Angle hits a big clothesline on Jericho and then tags out to Austin. Austin applies a sleeper to Jericho who gets out of it and both men clothesline each other down. Both men make tags and Rocky hits a big belly to belly suplex on Angle before locking on the Sharpshooter! And Kurt Angle taps out!

It’s 2 on 1 now! Jericho tags himself back in and Austin goes for a Lou Thesz Press but Jericho catches him and goes for the Walls of Jericho but has no luck. Austin, who is bleeding from the mouth, then tries for a Walls of Jericho on Jericho but Y2J pushes him off. Jericho takes Austin down with a right hand and then attempts a Lionsault but Austin gets his knees up. Austin puts Jericho on the top rope again but Jericho fights Austin off the top and flies off himself with a dropkick. Jericho rolls up Austin but Austin reverses it and gets the three! Jericho is eliminated!

We’re down to The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin and The Rock go at it but before he leaves, Jericho hits The Rock with the facebuster! Austin covers The Rock but Rocky kicks out! Jericho can’t believe it and walks back towards the ring but out comes The Undertaker who forces Jericho to the back. Austin lays into The Rock with boots but Austin is distracted by the referee who he flips off. The WWF Champion throws the wCw Champion out of the ring and Austin lays into The Rock on the outside of the ring. The Rock reverses it and hits some chops on Stone Cold outside the ring. Back in the ring and Austin hits a spinebuster and then ties Rocky up in the Sharpshooter! The Rock manages to get to the ropes! Austin grabs his WWF title but The Rock ducks his attempt to hit him with it. The Rock then locks on the Sharpshoter but Austin reaches the ropes. The Rock drags Austin back to the middle of the ring but once again Austin gets to the ropes.

Austin hits a low blow to get back into it and then attempts the Stunner but The Rock grabs his leg and hits a Stunner of his own! The Rock takes a long time to make the cover and when he does wCw referee Nick Patrick pulls Earl Hebner out of the ring! The Rock grabs Patrick fora Rock Bottom but Austin attacks him from behind and hits Rock Bottom on the Rock! Austin covers his rival but Rocky kicks out! Austin can’t believe it and he nails the referee and pulls Hebner back into the ring. Austin attempts a Stunner but The Rock shoves him away right into Earl Hebner, knocking him down! Austin then hits the Stunner on The Rock but there no referee! Kurt Angle runs back out with the WWF title and nails Austin with it! The Rock hits Rock Bottom on Austin and t’s over! Team WWF win thanks to The Rock and Kurt Angle! Vince McMahon comes out and celebrates too.

Rating: 8.5/10


And that was the 15th annual Survivor Series pay per view. Seven matches featuring all the top talent on the roster that ended with the WWF beating the Alliance and ridding them of the company. The night began with a random match between Christian and Al Snow. We haven;t seen a lot of Snow recently but this gives good exposure to the second series of Tough Enough. Christian won the match which was pretty decent but I can’t see this feud continuing, assuming Christian keeps his job because he’s a champion. William Regal then beat Tajiri in another weak match between the two. They don’t have a lot of chemistry so maybe it’s time to give up on this feud. What will Regals role be now the Alliance are done? Tajiri is still Cruiserweight Champion and I’m sure a match with X Pac is on the cards.

The first big match of the night was between Edge and Test which Edge won, unifying the Intercontinental and United States Championships. Edge is getting a good push at the moment and he deserves every minute of it. It’s a matter of time before he’s wrestling the likes of Booker T, Rob Van Dam and other upper midcarders. This isn’t the last we would see of Test tonight. The Dudley Boyz beat The Hardy Boyz which goes to show how high the company is on the Dudleyz at the moment. Bubba Ray and D-Von have wrestled on every pay per view so far this year and now they have both sets of titles. This presumably keeps the Dudleyz on the roster. The tag team division does need freshening up though as there aren’t a lot of new teams about and the Dudleyz, Hardyz and APA have been around for a few years now.

Test beat up Scotty Too Hotty to get into the Immunity Battle Royal and went on to win it. Test is another man getting a big push at the moment and now he can’t be fired for a year. I’m surprised it came down to him and Billy Gunn but there weren’t a lot of big WWF names in the match. Bradshaw might have made more sense. Then it was time for the women and the mystery lady turned out to be former ECW woman’s champion Jazz. I thought she might win as it would give her a strong debut and keep her around if the Alliance were to lose but instead it was Trish Stratus who won her very first championship. She’s improved a lot in the ring but still has a long way to go. I’m not against this result but with the Alliance “gone” it doesn’t give her many women to wrestle with.

Then in the main event, the WWF defeated The Alliance. I like that it came down to The Rock and Austin, the two biggest stars in the company. Big Show, Undertaker and Kane seemed like filler which I remember thinking when I watched the match live. The genuine wCw/ECW guys were also there to make up the numbers. Jericho appeared to officially turn heel in this match, almost costing The Rock the match whilst Kurt Angle seems to have turned face as he helped team WWF win the match. There are a lot of Alliance guys that should be gone from the WWF now so it’ll be interesting to see how they are re-introduced and what happens over the next few weeks.

Overall Rating: 57.5/100 (ranked joint 60th out of 131)

Match Of The Night: Winner Takes All Main Event
Worst Match Of The Night: Regal vs. Tajiri/Women’s title match
Surprise Of The Night: Kurt Angle turns on the Alliance
Worst Booking Of The Night: I think Jazz should’ve won the Women’s title
Superstar Of The Night: The Rock//Kurt Angle
Survivor Series 2001 will be remembered for: The end of the WWF/Alliance rivalry

One thought on “Survivor Series 2001

  1. Three things of note:

    1.Before settling on Regal vs. Tajiri, the original plan was to have Tajiri face X-Pac to unify the WWF Light-Heavyweight and WCW Cruiserweight Titles. But, after X-Pac suffered an injury on the house show circuit, the Light-Heavyweight Title was quietly retired, and the Cruiserweight Title became the main belt.

    2.NWA legend Wahoo McDaniel was in attendance for this PPV, five months before his death.

    3.This marked the final WWF PPV appearance of Debra, so I’d like to give my input on her short three-and-a-half-year stay:

    Debra was only in the WWF because she was Jeff Jarrett’s valet from their WCW days, and became a transitional champion when the two Vinces wanted to get the Women’s Title off Sable and onto Ivory.

    Once Jarrett left for WCW with Vince Russo, Debra just floated around here and there, and even stumbled over her words when she was a guest ring announcer at Backlash 2000, as well as became Mick Foley’s lieutenant commissioner.

    Then came 2001, when Vinnie Mac and the bookers made the questionable decision to have Debra be Rock’s manager in the buildup for Rock vs. Austin II at WrestleMania X-Seven. It then got worse, as when the Invasion reared its ugly head, Debra got WAY too much screentime, showing how void of charisma she really is.

    Thankfully, after the Invasion ended, Debra would leave the WWF around King of the Ring 2002, and good fucking riddance!

    Sorry if any of this sounds like I’m being a stuck-up hipster, but damn it, I had to say something about it because it was driving me nuts.

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