Survivor Series 2003

| Date: November 16, 2003
| Venue: American Airlines Arena | City: Dallas, Texas
| Attendance: 13, 487 | Buys: 450, 000

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A Fall From Grace. That’s the tagline for the 17th annual Survivor Series pay per view but who does it apply to? Could it be the end of Stone Cold Steve Austin? Is it literal for what Shane McMahon could end up doing tonight? Or could it mean Triple H who tonight gets what must be his final shot at Goldberg for the World Heavyweight championship. A lot of the build for this match has been around the bounty that Triple H put on Goldbergs head and after the likes of Steven Richards and Mark Henry failed to get the bounty it was none other than the returning Batista who would take Goldberg out and get the bounty. Eric Bischoff would announce that Goldberg is injured and was about to announce Triple H as the new World Heavyweight Champion but Stone Cold Steve Austin instead announced that Goldberg would be back at Survivor Series to defend his title against Triple H.

As it is Survivor Series it means that we will get not one but two traditional Survivor Series matches. The Raw Survivor Series match has a lot riding on it. It’s team Stone Cold vs. Team Bischoff. Should Austins team win then Stone Cold will be able to kick whoever’s ass he wants after months of not being able to lay his hands on anyone. But if Bischoffs team wins then Stone Cold will be sacked from his position as co-general manager. Representing Stone Cold will be Booker T, who was first to offer his services, The Dudley Boyz, Rob Van Dam and finally Shawn Michaels who took a bit of convincing to join the team. Team Bischoff consists of Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner, Christian, Mark Henry (who recently joined Raw) and Randy Orton.

The other traditional Survivor Series match will be from the Smackdown roster and it’s Team Angle vs. Team Lesnar. Team Angle consists of Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, the returning Hardcore Holly who Brock Lesnar put out of action over a year ago, Bradshaw and the fifth man was supposed to be Faarooq but he was injured at the hands of Team Lesnar a few weeks ago. John Cena was the fifth man to join the team following his issues with the likes of A-Train and Big Show. A-Train and Big Show join Team Lesnar along with the captain Brock Lesnar and two new recruits to Smackdown in Nathan Jones, who you may remember from earlier this year, and Matt Morgan who makes his PPV debut tonight.

Vince and Shane McMahon will be in singles action tonight against a set of brothers. Shane’s rivalry continues with Kane who he has challenged to a stretcher match. The object is to lock your opponent in an ambulance to win that one. Vince McMahon goes one on one with The Undertaker in a Buried Alive match after The Undertaker was given the opportunity to fight whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted by new general manager of Smackdown, Paul Heyman. Undertaker, instead of choosing the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, decided to choose a match with Vince McMahon, the man who cost him the WWE title at No Mercy last month. Also tonight, Eddie and Chavo Guerrero get a rematch against the men that beat them for the WWE Tag Team Championships, The Basham Brothers and Lita gets an opportunity at Molly Holly’s Womens Championship after winning a number one contenders match.

On Heat prior to the event, Tajiri successfully defended his Cruiserweight title against Jamie Noble.

A video package kicks us off focusing on surviving. The focus shifts around the different matches with black and white shots mixed in with the colour. Michael Cole then welcomes us to Dallas Texas, that must mean Smackdown are kicking us off tonight!

Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Hardcore Holly, Bradshaw & John Cena) vs. Team Lesnar (Brock Lesnar, The Big Show, A-Train, Nathan Jones & Matt Morgan) – Traditional Survivor Series Match

A few Survivor Series record to hit you with first. Kurt Angle has a 3-1 record at Survivor Series, Chris Benoit has a 1-1 record, Hardcore Holly has a 1-2 record, Bradshaw has a 0-3 record, Brock Lesnar has a 0-1 record, Big Show is 2-1, A-Train is 0-3 whilst John Cena, Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones make their Survivor Series debuts tonight. John Cena cuts a rap before the match insulting the heel team. Hardcore Holly has been out since September 2002 when Brock Lesnar broke his neck. Brock Lesnar is the WWE Champion whilst Big Show is the United States Champion so neither of those belts will be on the line tonight.

Hardcore Holly attacks Lesnar before the match begins and throws him into the steps. A referee tries to break up the fight but Holly just throws him out of the way. The referee then disqualifies Hardcore Holly, eliminating him from the match! Bradshaw then officially kicks off the match with A-Train and quickly hits him with the clothesline from hell, eliminating A-Train from the match. Big Show comes in and hits Bradshaw with a chokeslam, eliminating Bradshaw from the match!

Very quickly we’re down to four on three. John Cena comes in, as does Brock Lesnar and Cena takes Lesnar down with a chopblock. Cena rolls Brock up for the first near fall of the night. Brock hits a big clothesline and then tags in Matt Morgan who is making his PPV debut tonight. Morgan hits a headbutt and some big right hands and then a powerslam. Morgan misses with a legdrop  but takes the advantage back with a backbreaker. Morgan tags in Nathan Jones who is making his in-ring PPV debut tonight. Jones clubs away at Cena and then hits him with a powerslam. Lesnar tags himself in and continues to lay into Cena. Cena avoids a snake eyes and gets back into it with a snapmare before tagging in Chris Benoit. Benoit hits some big chops on Lesnar and then a hard Irish whip.

Benoit hits a snap suplex on Brock but Lesnar is up and hits a big clothesline. Lesnar tags in Big Show who hits a gorilla press slam on Benoit. Big Show has won the WWE Championship twice at Survivor Series PPV’s. He goes for a chokeslam but Benoit reverses it into a crippler crossface which is broken up by the rest of Big Shows team. Big Show applies an abdominal stretch and then throws Benoit out of the ring where the likes of Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan lay into him. Big Show hits a big headbutt on Benoit and then tags in Matt Morgan. Benoit tags in Kurt Angle who comes in for the first time. Angle hits three German suplexes on Morgan and then takes down Nathan Jones. Angle takes the whole of Team Lesnar down. He clears the ring and then hits an Angle Slam on Matt Morgan, eliminating Morgan from the match. 

Big Show quickly comes in but accidentally hits Nathan Jones with a clothesline. Kurt applies the ankle lock and Nathan Jones taps out! Brock Lesnar quickly comes in and hits an F5 on Angle, eliminating Kurt Angle from the match! We are down to just Chris Benoit and John Cena against Brock Lesnar and The Big Show. Benoit comes in and lays into Lesnar until he gets caught with an elbow. Lesnar attempts the F5 on Benoit but Benoit counters it into a crossface! Lesnar gets out of it but once against Benoit locks it back on. This time Lesnar taps out! Brock Lesnar has been eliminated!

Big Show comes in but Chris Benoit takes him down with a flying shoulder tackle for a near fall. Benoit tags in Cena but Big Show doesn’t know the tag has been made. Big Show hits Chris Benoit with a big chokeslam but as the referee sees to Benoit, John Cena hits Big Show with his chain! Cena then hits Big Show with the FU and covers him to win the match! John Cena and Chris Benoit pick up the big win tonight! Benoit offers his hand to Cena and the two men shake. A huge win for John Cena tonight and for Chris Benoit. Great match between these five.

Rating: 7.5/10

Vince McMahon is backstage and walks into Shane McMahons locker room. Vince says that it’s ironic that he and his son are taking on a set of brothers in Undertaker and Kane. Vince says he feels protected by a higher power, Shane says he feels sorry for him. Vince leaves and bumps into Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin laughs at him.

Molly Holly (c) vs. Lita – WWE Women’s Championship Match

It’s a first meeting between these two women on pay per view. Lita has a 0-2 record at Survivor Series PPV’s whilst Molly has a 0-1 record. Lita hits a hipblock takeover for the first near fall of the match. The two then battle to the outside where Lita smashes Molly into the apron and then back into the ring. Lita hits a suplex and nips up but Molly throws her to the outside of the ring. Molly rams Lita into the barricade and then throws her back into the ring for a near fall. Molly hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two count and then applies a chinlock. Lita gets out of the chinlock but Molly applies a dragon sleeper. Lita kicks her way out of it but Molly hits a handspring elbow in the corner before stomping away at her challenger.

Lita kicks back and then pulls herself up to the top rope before flying off with a cross body for a near fall. Lita hits some big right hands in the corner but Molly gets back into it with a sidewalk slam for a two count. Lita gets back into it with a powerbomb for a near fall. The two girls get back up to their feet and Lita hits a side Russian leg sweep. Lita then heads to the top and attempts a moonsault bot Molly rolls out of the way. Molly then goes to the top and hits the Molly-go-round but Lita kicks out! Molly can’t believe it. She takes off a middle turnbuckle pad and then drop toe holds Lita into it. She covers Lita and gets the three! Molly Holly retains her Women’s Championship tonight!

Rating: 6/10

There’s a video package for Kane vs. Shane McMahon next.

Shane McMahon vs. Kane – Ambulance Match

This is the second PPV match between these two men. Kane won the previous match at Unforgiven a couple of months ago. Kane has a 3-3 record at Survivor Series PPV’s whilst Shane has a 0-1 record. Shane attacks Kane before the bell, crossbodying him out of the ring. The two men go at it outside the ring where Kane throws Shane into the steps. Kane then picks up the steps but Shane swings a chair into the big red machine, taking him down. Shane then hits Kane with a monitor and lays him down on the Spanish announce desk. Shane goes up to the top rope and then dives off, dropping an elbow on Kane through the Spanish announce table. Kane doesn’t take long to sit up and Shane then runs through the crowd and Kane follows. Shane runs to the backstage area and Kane follows.Shane then attacks Kane with a kendo stick before getting in a car, reversing it and sending Kane through some glass.

Kane gets on a walkie talkie and tells somebody to “send it”. The ambulance then turns up and Shane pulls out a stretcher. Shane puts Kane on the stretcher but Kane fights him off and throws Shane into a wall. They keep losing the camera feed. Kane continues to throw Shane into every object he can find before the two battle back out to the arena. Kane throws Shane into the side of the ambulance that is sat out on the entrance ramp. Shane then rams Kane into the side of the ambulance three times and Kane really bangs his head every time. To add insult to injury, Shane swings a door into Kane’s face a couple of times. Kane hits a big boot and then throws Shane into the ambulance but Shane just manages to fight his way out. Shane then hits a DDT, still up the entrance ramp.

Shane opens a box which contains a trash can (is this a computer game?!) and nails Kane with it. He then lays Kane down and pops the trash can on him. Shane climbs up on top of the ambulance and dives off, dropkicking the trash can into Kane’s face! Shane puts Kane in the ambulance but he can’t shut the door. Kane grabs Shane by the throat and drags him into the ambulance before the two men fight back out. Kane picks Shane up and rams him into the ambulance a few times before throwing him into the side of the ambulance head first. Kane then hits a Tombstone on Shane on the concrete. He throws Shane into the back of the ambulance and slams the doors shut which means Kane wins this match. That’s 3 PPV wins on the bounce for Kane since he unmasked.

Rating: 7/10

Josh Mathews is backstage with Brock Lesnar. Lesnar denies losing and denies tapping out. Lesnar says to line up anybody in this world and he will beat them single handedly. Goldberg then turns up and introduces himself. Goldberg asks Lesnar if he’s going to wish him luck and Lesnar just stares.

The Coach is out next with a neckbrace on. Coach says he’s ok, despite being hit with a 3D on Raw. Coach thanks everyone for the cards he’s been sent and then just as he’s about to leave he spots the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Coach interviews him and he says he’s looking forward to Stone Cold kicking Eric Bischoff’s ass. Coach says that won’t be happening and then asks him about referee’s. Cuban says that all referee’s suck. Eric Bischoff then turns up and invites Cuban into the ring. This is rubbish. Cuban pushes Bischoff who flies out of the ring. Randy Orton then comes from nowhere and hits Cuban with an RKO!

Evolution are backstage with a load of women of all over them. Ric Flair drinks a new toast to the new World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H says the title is as good as his. Randy Orton then arrives and gloats about what he did to Mark Cuban. Evolution toast to taking out Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg tonight.

The Basham Brothers (Danny & Doug) (c) vs. Los Guerrero’s (Eddie & Chavo) – WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Both Eddie and Chavo have 1-1 records at Survivor Series PPV’s whilst The Basham Brothers make their Survivor Series debuts tonight. It’s a first time tag team match between these two teams on pay per view. The Basham’s are joined by their manager Shaniqua. Los Guerrero’s get right into it before the bell rings and clear the ring of the champions. They then go after Shaniqua but Doug and Danny come to the save. Chavo and Danny officially start the match and Chavo quickly tags in Eddie. Eddie lays into Danny and hits three consecutive suplexes for the first near fall of the match. Eddie tags in Chavo who hits a low dropkick for a two count. Chavo hits a slam and tags in Eddie who hits a senton for a two count. Eddie takes down both Bashams but then gets caught with a flapjack.

Doug Basham throws Eddie out of the ring where Shaniqua hits Eddie with a clothesline and powerslam. Doug throws Eddie back into the ring and gets a near fall. Doug tags in Danny and the champions hit a double suplex for a two count. Danny applies a camel clutch but Eddie gets out of it and tags in Chavo. Danny tags in Doug but it’s all Chavo as he hits back body drops, dropkicks and tilt-a-whirl slams. The Bashams hit a double flapjack on Chavo to slow him down and then all hell breaks loose. Eddie hits a top rope hurricanrana on Doug but the Bashams double team Chavo until Chavo fights them off with a dropkick. Chavo and Doug then take each other down with a clothesline. Shaniqua gets up on the apron allowing Danny to swap with Doug. Chavo takes Shaniqua down with a clothesline and Eddie hits her with a frog splash! Chavo then spanks her! Danny Basham comes from nowhere and rolls up Chavo, pulling the tights and getting the three!

The Basham Brothers win the match tonight and retain their WWE Tag Team Championships! On the replay we see that Chavo accidentally kicked Eddie in the back of the head at the end. Los Guerrero’s argue after the match .

Rating: 6.5/10

There’s a VT for Austin and Bischoff next.

Team Stone Cold (Booker T, Shawn Michaels, The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) & Rob Van Dam) vs. Team Bischoff (Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner, Mark Henry, Christian & Randy Orton)

Survivor Series records for this one: Booker T: 0-2, Shawn Michaels: 3-7, Bubba Ray Dudley: 2-2, D-Von Dudley: 1-2, Rob Van Dam: 0-2, Chris Jericho: 0-4, Scott Steiner: 0-1, Mark Henry: 1-1, Christian: 1-2. It’s a Survivor Series debut for Randy Orton. The two teams can out as teams as opposed to individually. Austins team looks like team Alliance featuring Shawn Michaels. Teddy Long and Stacy Keibler are in the corner of the heels. Jericho gets in Austins face before the bell. A tables chant breaks out as D-Von gets in the ring to start the match against Christian. Christian actually eliminated D-Von in a Survivor Series 2000 match. I’ll be surprised if D-Von is the sole survivor tonight. He takes Christian down early but Christian hits him with a slap. D-Von takes Christian down again and then hits him with a shoulder block for a two count.

D-Von tags in the Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam who hits a martial arts kick for a two count. Christian tags in Chris Jericho who hits some chops on RVD but Van Dam hits a kick and a northern lights suplex for a two count. Jericho hits an enzeguri for a two count and then tags in Scott Steiner. Steiner hits a hard Irish whip but Van Dam hits him with a cross body and a spinning heel kick for a two count. Scott hits a couple of belly to belly suplexes for a near fall. Van Dam goes to the top but Steiner crotches him and then hits a belly to belly suplex off the top for a two count. Austin and Bischoff are at ringside for their teams. Van Dam tags in Booker T but Steiner knocks him down with a clothesline before dropping an elbow on him for a two count. Booker hits a forearm, clothesline and then his scissors kick before spin-er-oonie’ing in the middle of the ring.

All hell breaks loose and all 10 men fight around the ring. In the ring, Scott Steiner hits Booker T with a low blow and then locks on the Steiner recliner! Stacy gets up on the apron and cheers for Booker causing Steiner to break the hold. Steiner kicks off at Stacy and The Dudley Boyz come from behind and hit a neckbreaker on Steiner. Booker T then hits him with the book end and hooks the leg which eliminates Scott Steiner from the match. Mark Henry quickly comes in and hits Booker T with the world’s strongest slam which is enough to eliminate Booker T from the match.

Rob Van Dam comes in but Mark Henry lays into him. Bubba Ray tags himself in and lays into Mark Henry but Henry soon takes him down. Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton have yet to enter this match yet. Bubba Ray clubs at Mark Henry and then tags in D-Von but Henry slings them into one another and takes both Dudleyz down with a clothesline. Henry misses with a splash in the corner and then the Dudleyz hit him with a 3D! Rob Van Dam then comes in off the top with a 5 star frog splash! Both Dudleyz and Rob Van Dam pin Mark Henry which is enough to eliminate Mark Henry from the match.

Chris Jericho is in but RVD hits him with a moonsault. Stacy has stayed at ringside, watching the match. Jericho tags in Randy Orton who lays into Rob Van Dam, taking him down with a big clothesline for a near fall. All 3 of Randy Ortons PPV matches so far in his career have involved Shawn Michaels. Van Dam hits Orton with rolling thunder and then goes up top but Jericho pushes him off! Orton hits Van Dam with the RKO and pins him to eliminate Rob Van Dam from the match.

It’s down to Shawn Michaels and The Dudley Boyz against Chris Jericho, Christian and Randy Orton. D-Von hits a side slam on Orton and then goes up top and hits him with a flying headbutt for a near fall. Jericho tags himself in but D-Von takes him down with a shoulder block. Jericho hits D-Von with a missile dropkick and then a slingblade which is enough for the 3! D-Von Dudley is eliminated. Bubba Ray comes in and hits a big sidewalk slam on Jericho for a two count. Bubba Ray then tags in Shawn Michaels who enters the match for the first time. He chops away at Jericho and then hits some right hands. Michaels is distracted by Christian which allows Jericho to take down Michaels with a clothesline. Jericho tags Orton who lays into Michaels but misses with a dropkick. Orton tags Christian and Michaels tags Bubba Ray. Bubba takes down everyone.

Bubba Ray hits Christian with a hot shot and then a back body drop for a two count. Bubba Ray hits Randy Orton with a Samoan drop but then the numbers become too much. Christian hits Bubba Ray with an unprettier eliminating Bubba Ray Dudley from the match. There’s only Shawn Michaels left and he hits Christian with a flying forearm. Chris Jericho low bridges the ropes so he and Orton can lay into Michaels. Christian tags in Randy Orton who lays into Michaels and then tags Christian back in. Jericho pulls HBK out of the ring and then Christian slingshots him into the ringpost. Michaels is bleeding now and Christian drags him back into the ring with a suplex. Christian attempts the unprettier on Michaels but Shawn pushes him away and hits him with sweet chin music eliminating Christian from the match.

Chris Jericho is back in and he and Shawn slug it out. Jericho hits a hard Irish whip and a clothesline for a two count. Jericho tags in Orton who chokes Michaels, screaming at him to bleed. Michaels applies a sleeper but Orton gets out of it with a side suplex. Randy tags in Jericho who covers Michaels for a two count. Michaels hits a DDT and covers Jericho but Orton breaks up the pinfall. Michaels throws Orton out of the ring and then Jericho hits Michaels with a bulldog. Jericho attempts the lionsault but Michaels gets his knees up. The two men get up to their feet and Jericho ducks sweet chin music. Jericho goes for the walls of Jericho but Michaels rolls him up and gets the 3, eliminating Chris Jericho from the match!

Jericho grabs a chair and smashes it into the face of Shawn Michaels. Orton crawls into the ring and pins Michaels but Shawn kicks out! Orton goes to the top for a cross body but Michaels ducks and Orton takes out the referee! Michaels get up to his feet and motions for sweet chin music but Bischoff gets in the ring and kicks Michaels! Stone Cold then gets in the ring, disposes of Bischoff and then Stunners Orton! Austin lays into Bischoff outside the ring and Michaels pins Orton but the referee is down. Batista then comes from nowhere and powerbombs Michaels! Orton pins him and the referee is up to count the three! Randy Orton wins the match for his team tonight!

Rating: 7.5/10

Austin comes back out after the match and says that it’s fitting that his career ends in Dallas, Texas. He then says that he loves the shit out of you guys. Coach then comes out singing goodbye to Austin with four security guards. Austin Stunners all the security guards and then gives one to the Coach! Austin celebrates with some beers and then leaves a couple of cans in the ring before leaving.

There’s a VT hyping up Vince McMahon and The Undertaker, their match is next.

The Undertaker vs. Vince McMahon – Buried Alive Match

This is a first match between these two men on pay per view. undertaker has a 6-5 record at Survivor Series PPV, it’s 13 years since he made his debut. This is a first Survivor Series match for Vince McMahon. McMahon walks out praying and even prays in the corner before the bell. Undertaker hits McMahon with a big right hand as the bell rings. Vince is already busted open. Undertaker continues to lay into McMahon with big right hands as blood continues to pour from Vince’s face. Undertaker then crotches McMahon on the ringpost before smashing his knee into the steel. Undertaker crotches McMahon into a different ringpost before choking him with some cable. It is all Undertaker in this match as he smashes a monitor into the bosses face.

Undertaker marches over the gravesite that is set up at the top of the entrance ramp. He grabs a shovel and takes it back to McMahon in the ring before swinging it into face. Vince rolls to the outside where Undertaker drops the steel steps on his ankle. Undertaker then pops Vince onto his shoulders and carries him over to the grave where he throws him on the dirt. Vince throws some dirt into Undertakers eyes and then hits him with a low blow. McMahon then hits Undertaker with the shovel, sending him flying into the grave! Undertaker pulls McMahon into the grave and then climbs up to the JCB but there’s a huge explosion! Kane appears and throws Undertaker into the grave. Vince McMahon the climbs into the JCB and empties the dirt into the grave! The bell rings and Vince McMahon has won this match with a lot of help from Kane!

Rating: 4/10

There’s a VT next for Triple H and Goldberg.

Goldberg (c) vs. Triple H – World Heavyweight Championship Match

This is the second meeting between these two men on pay per view. Goldberg beat Triple H at Unforgiven a couple of months ago. Triple H has wrestled at 5 Survivor Series PPV’s before and has never won at the event. Triple H is accompanied by Ric Flair. The two men get into it before the bell as Ric Flair distracts the referee. Goldberg hits a massive spear on Triple H and the bell hasn’t even rung yet. Goldberg hits Flair with a right hands and a back body drop before clotheslining him out of the ring. The bell finally rings and Goldberg throws Triple H out of the ring. Outside the ring Goldberg smashes Triple H into the announce desk and then into the ring steps. Only three title matches tonight and so far the champions have all retained.

Back in the ring and Goldberg hits a big powerslam. Goldberg holds Triple H high above his head but his leg then gives way. Triple H hits a chopblock and then throws Goldberg out of the ring. The challenger throws the champion into what’s left of the ring steps and as Ric Flair distracts the referee, Triple H smashes a steel chair into the leg of Goldberg. Triple H then distracts the referee allowing Ric Flair to smash Goldbergs leg into the ring post. Back in the ring and Triple H hits another chopblock. Helmsley has some ridiculous shorts on. They’re basically cycle shorts with his logo on. He works away at Goldberg injured ankle. The two men slug it out until Triple H once again works away at Goldbergs ankle. Triple H kicks Goldberg to the outside where Flair lays into Goldberg ankle. Back in the ring and Triple H applies a half crab but Goldberg is already hanging out the ring.

Triple H attempts to wrap Goldbergs leg around the ringpost but Goldberg forces Helmsley into the post. Triple H goes right back to work on the ankle but Goldberg fights back and hits a clothesline. Triple H hits another chop block and then motions for a figure four but Goldberg kicks him away and right into the referee. With the referee down, Flair throws Triple H some brass knucks and he smashes Goldberg in the face with them. He covers Goldberg who kicks out at 2. Triple H then drops an elbow on the referee and grabs the sledgehammer but Goldberg fights him off and then fights off Flair who gets involved. Goldberg picks up the sledgehammer and nails Flair with it. Out come Batista and Randy Orton but Goldberg fights them off.

Triple H tries to hit Goldberg with a Pedigree but Goldberg back body drops him and picks up the sledgehammer before tossing it aside. Goldberg then hits Triple H with a spear! He picks up The Game and hits him with a jackhammer! Goldberg hooks the leg and the referee slowly counts the 3! Goldberg wins the match and retains his World Heavyweight Championship!

Rating: 5/10

And that was the 17th annual Survivor Series. 7 matches as opposed to the usual 8 on this show but it did give the matches we had time to breathe. The night kicked off with the match I thought it would but I was quite surprised about the result. Chris Benoit and John Cena won which suggests that those two men could get a big push going into Wrestlemania season. It helps cement John Cena as a babyface whilst Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Benoit could be an intriguing feud going forward. Hardcore Holly was eliminated as the match began which makes me think there could be more in store for Holly and Lesnar too. Molly then won pretty cleanly (albeit the old exposed turnbuckle spot) which would suggest Lita is out of the running for the Women’s title. It kinda kills her steam, I think this could have been done better. Decent match from the women though.

Kane beat Shane McMahon in the match that seemingly ends their feud. Kane has back to back wins over Shane so unless they go down the hell in a cell or inferno route, this feud will be over and the heel has won it. It’s nice for the actual talent to win, and we would find out later what is next for Kane. This will give Shane some time off. Again, a good match. The WWE Tag Team title match that followed was also decent and gave the Basham Brothers a huge win. I think this may spell the end for Los Guerrero’s. I’m not entirely sure which Guerrero will turn heel but I’m inclined to think Chavo. Eddie could go on to main event but I can only see Chavo going back to the Cruiserweight division. Smackdown don’t have a lot of teams so maybe Doug and Danny will go back to the APA?

Team Bischoff got a huge win over Team Austin to put the final nail in Stone Cold Steve Austins coffin. Randy Orton got the win over an all star team which is a huge rub for him. Obviously he got help from Batista but I can see Orton going into the Intercontinental title picture with Rob Van Dam going forward. Everyone else from this match will disperse in different directions. Maybe Shawn Michaels will feud with Goldberg into the next pay per view? Vince McMahon beats The Undertaker with a lot of help from Kane. I would love for this to give Undertaker a bit of time out and then return as the dead man. He could then feud with Kane into Wrestlemania. Not sure where it leaves Vince McMahon but with no Smackdown pay per view for a couple of months he doesn’t need to do a lot.

Then in the main event, Goldberg retained his World Heavyweight Championship against Triple H. I half expected Triple H to win the title back tonight but instead Goldberg fought off all of Evolution to retain his belt. This wasn’t the best match but it did have a big fight feel. This feud will probably continue into next months Armageddon pay per view. Overall some top quality matches on this Survivor Series with a scattering of average. There was nothing really terrible on the card and I love the traditional Survivor Series matches. More of them please!

Overall Rating: 62.14/100 (ranked 43rd out of 158)

Match Of The Night: Team Austin vs. Team Bischoff
Worst Match Of The Night: The Undertaker vs. Vince McMahon
Surprise Of The Night: Kane costs The Undertaker his match
Worst Booking Of The Night: Molly Holly winning fairly cleanly
Superstar Of The Night: Kane
Survivor Series 2003 Will Be Remembered For: Vince McMahon and Kane burying The Undertaker alive

One thought on “Survivor Series 2003

  1. Three things of note:

    1.Tajiri vs. Noble for the Cruiserweight Title was originally scheduled to be part of the main PPV card, but got moved to Sunday Night Heat because we needed that in-ring segment where Orton RKO’s Mark Cuban.

    Anyway, Tajiri won the match and retained the title after outside interference from Akio (Jimmy Wang Yang) and Sakoda.


    2.Molly wore a “CH” wristband as a tribute to her fellow Holly cousin, Crash, who died ten days prior to this PPV.

    3.Just like with Stephanie at No Mercy, Vince and Shane both needed to disappear for a while again to freshen up after their matches with Taker and Kane, as it had been McMahon Overload throughout all of 2003.

    But don’t worry, Vince will still make one-off appearances throughout 2004, until he, Shane, Stephanie, and Linda all pop up again on October 3rd 2005 for the Raw Homecoming special to celebrate WWE’s return to USA Network.

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