No Way Out 2004

| Date: February 15, 2004
| Venue: Cow Palace | City: Daly City, California
| Attendance: 11, 000 | Buys: 265, 000

| tweet me: @BastionBlogger

Wanted for lying, cheating, stealing. Eddie Guerrero may be a wanted man but tonight he gets a WWE Championship match. Chris Benoit won the Royal Rumble match back in January and chose to go over to Raw and challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. So without a number one contender on Smackdown, Paul Heyman made a 15 man Royal Rumble match on Smackdown to decide who would challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE title at No Way Out. Eddie Guerrero won the match despite being attacked earlier in the night by an unknown attacker. Since then, Brock has belittled Eddie and told him he’s a nobody but Guerrero has given some passionate, spirited promos about how his demons in the past have helped to shape the man he is now. Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero will be tonights main event. Stone Cold Steve Austin has given Goldberg a front row ticket to the event, will he play a part in the main event considering Brock hit Goldberg with an F5 leading to his elimination in the Royal Rumble match?

Paul Heyman also needs a number one contender to the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. After assessing his talent on Smackdown he made a triple threat match for No Way Out to decide a number one contender and the three men getting the opportunity are The Big Show, Kurt Angle and John Cena. Big Show and John Cena have had their problems over the last month with Show eliminating John Cena from both the Royal Rumble match at the PPV and on Smackdown. Kurt Angle was attacked on Smackdown last week and Angle clearly thought it was Big Show or John Cena as he attacked them both in a match with a steel chair. The United States Championship may not be on the line but the Cruiserweight Championship will be as Rey Mysterio defends against Chavo Guerrero. Chavo and Rey’s rivalry has escalated recently with Mysterio blaming Chavo for attacking Eddie, something Chavo denies. Mysterio has even gone one on one with Chavo’s father Chavo Guerrero Senior. I expect Mysterio and Chavo to open the show.

The WWE Tag Team Championships will also be defended tonight as The Basham Brothers attempt to regain their titles from the team that beat them on Smackdown a couple of weeks ago, Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty. The title change came from nowhere really and Rikishi has given The Basham Brothers manager Shaniqua a rump shaker and stink face over the past few weeks. The tag team title match tonight is a three on two handicap match with Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty taking on The Basham Brothers and Shaniqua. Shaniqua isn’t the only girl making her in-ring PPV debut tonight as Nidia steps in the ring against her ex-boyfriend Jamie Noble. Nidia split up with Jamie, pretending to be blind and being taken advantage of by Noble. Jamie’s advantage in this match has been taken away as he will know what it’s like to be blind as he’ll be wrestling in a blindfold. Also tonight The APA team up to take on The World’s Greatest Tag Team. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a match added between Hardcore Holly and Rhyno.

On Sunday night Heat prior to the event Tajiri, Akio and Sakoda defeated Billy Kidman, Paul London and Ultimo Dragon.

The pay per view opens without a video package or anything but instead Sable and Torrie Wilson head to the ring. Sable and Torrie are appearing in playboy together this month so they’ll be out to promote that. Sable says that there is nothing she and Torrie Wilson won’t do before doing nothing. They welcome us to No Way Out anyway.

A video package then plays hyping tonights main event. There’s some good voiceover towards the end of the package with both men saying the same words.

Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty (c) vs. The Basham Brothers (Doug & Danny) & Shaniqua – Handicap Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships

This is a first meeting between these two teams on pay per view. Scotty has wrestled on two No Way Out PPVs before and has a 1-1 record whilst Rikishi has wrestled once and won. That was back in 2000 when Rikishi, Scotty and Grandmaster Sexay beat Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko. Danny and Scotty start off the match and Scotty hits a spinning tilt-a-whirl, planting Danny on his head. Scotty tags in Rikishi and Danny tags Doug. Rikishi hits a hiptoss and a clothesline before doing the same to Danny and then bringing Shaniqua into the ring. Doug Basham saves Shaniqua from a stinkface and then tries a headbutt but hurts himself. Rikishi slams Doug and then tags in Scotty Too Hotty. The two men knock heads and hit the mat.

Scotty is first up and he sets up for the worm but Shaniqua lays out Scotty with a clothesline. Doug tags in Danny and the Bashams hit a double suplex for the first near fall of the night. Danny tags in Shaniqua who is making her in-ring PPV debut tonight. She hits a big powerslam on Scotty and tags out to Danny Basham. Danny hits a slam for a two count and then tags in Doug. Doug applies a sleeper but Scotty hits a jawbreaker to get out of it. Shaniqua then tags in and sets up for a powerbomb but Scotty back body drops her and tags in Rikishi. The Bashams rush the ring but Rikishi fights both men off with kicks and a DDT. Shaniqua jumps on Rikishis back but the big man snapmares her to the mat. Rikishi drags Shaniqua to the corner but the Bashams hit a double powerbomb on Rikishi off the middle rope. That gets Shaniqua a near fall.

Scotty takes out the Basham Brothers on the outside whilst in the ring Rikishi squashes Shaniqua with a Samoan drop. Rikishi then drags Shaniqua to the corner and hits her with the banzai drop! That’s enough for the three! Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty win the match and retain their WWE Tag Team Championships! Not a bad way to kick off the show at all. A fun match between these two teams.

Rating: 6.5/10

There’s a video package next for Jamie Noble and Nidia.

Nidia vs. Jamie Noble

This is a pay per view in-ring debut for Nidia. Jamie Noble wrestles at No Way Out for the first time. Jamie Noble has wrestled 7 PPV matches prior to this and won in 5 of them which is a very good record. The 14th best PPV record of all time for anyone that has wrestled 2 or more PPV matches. Noble is given a hood and he puts it on and lunges at Nidia who escapes the ring. Nidia then slaps Noble causing him to take off his hood. He puts it back on and Nidia sweeps his feet and then dropkicks him in the face. Nidia kicks Noble, pulls down his shorts and hits Noble with a bulldog for a near fall. Nidia then hits a head scissors sending Noble to the outside of the ring.

Noble gets back in the ring and spends a lot of time mocking Noble. This is really quite slapstick. It actually gets quite sloppy when Noble grabs her. He rips some of her hair out. Nidia goes up top and Noble peaks from under his hood! Noble throws her off the top and then locks on a dragon sleeper! Nidia taps out and it’s all over. Another pay per view win for Jamie Noble! Pretty terrible but entertaining for what it was.


We see some footage from Smackdown last week where Kurt Angle got attacked backstage. Back to No Way Out and Josh Mathews is interviewing Kurt Angle. Angle says he attacked Cena and Big Show because he thinks one of them attacked him last week. John Cena then shows up and says he’d attack Kurt to his face and slaps him.

The APA (Bradshaw & Faarooq) vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)

Bradshaw and Faarooq are the only men expected to wrestle on this PPV that fought on the very first No Way Out card back in 1998. Bradshaw has a 2-0 record at No Way Out events, Faarooq has a 1-1 record and Benjamin and Haas have a 0-1 record. These two teams have never met on pay per view before. Bradshaw has a bandaged up right arm. Faarooq and Benjamin start the match and it’s Shelton with the early advantage, wrestling Faarooq to the floor for the first near fall of the match. Faarooq hits a knee and back elbow for a near fall of his own. Faarooq tags in Bradshaw and they take Shelton down with a double shoulder charge. Bradshaw hits a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall and then Benjamin targets Bradshaw injured arm.

Benjamin tags in Haas who finds himself on the receiving end of a hard Irish whip. Bradshaw tags Faarooq who hits a hard Irish whip of his own but misses with a shoulder block in the corner. Haas then targets Faarooqs arm, applying a hammerlock. Haas tags Benjamin who continues the hammerlock. Plenty of quick tags now between Benjamin and Haas as they take it in turns to lock on armbars. Benjamin applies a fujiwara arm bar and gets a near fall. Benjamin tags in Haas and the referees are very on point tonight with their calls. Haas applies an armbar and then hits a powerslam. Faarooq hits a spinebuster out of nowhere and then tags in Bradshaw. Haas tags in Benjamin but Bradshaw takes apart both men. Bradshaw hits a powerbomb on Benjamin and then Haas breaks up the cover.

Faarooq disposes of Haas and they go at it on the outside. Haas throws Faarooq into the ringpost. In the ring Benjamin goes up top but Bradshaw goes up with him and hits a last call from the top rope. Bradshaw hits a clothesline from hell on Haas but hurts his arm. Benjamin hits Bradshaw with a super kick and that’s enough for the three! The World’s Greatest Tag Team get the win tonight.

Rating: 4.5/10

There’s a shot of Goldberg arriving at the arena and taking his front row seat. We then see a VT of why Goldberg is here tonight. Stone Cold get him the front row ticket and he’s here to see the man that caused Goldberg to be eliminated from the Royal Rumble match, Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman is out next and and isn’t happy Goldberg is here. Heyman tells Goldberg to stay in his seat tonight or Heyman will have him arrested. Brock Lesnar then emerges form the back and tells Goldberg to come at him right now. Lesnar calls Goldberg a bitch and Goldberg gets in the ring. The two men go at it and Goldberg hits the jackhammer on Lesnar! Security arrive and take Goldberg away in handcuffs. Hardcore Holly then rushes out causing Lesnar and Heyman to scurry off.

Hardcore Holly vs. Rhyno

These are two men known for their hardcore style. They’ve never fought each other on pay per view before and neither man have ever fought on a No Way Out PPV before. Hardcore attacks Rhyno as he makes his entrance. The two men fight back into the ring where Hardcore takes Rhyno down with a headlock. Rhyno gets out of it but Hardcore hits some big chops before throwing Rhyno outside of the ring. Rhyno drags Hardcore to the outside and smashes him into the ring apron a couple of times. Back in the ring and Rhyno hits a hard Irish whip and then a shoulder charge to the gut. Rhyno gets a near fall and then applies a leg scissors to Hardcore. Rhyno then suplexes Hardcore onto the top rope for a two count.

Hardcore ducks a clothesline and hits a back suplex. Rhyno is first up though and continues to work on Hardcores middle section. Rhyno hits a couple of hard Irish whips until Hardcore fights back with a big clothesline. Michael Cole then throws to the Spanish announcers which means there’s either a technical problem or Cole is bored. Rhyno and Holly exchange right hands and Holly takes Rhyno down with a couple of clotheslines and a dropkick for a near fall. Holly goes to the top but Rhyno crotches him on the top rope and hits a superplex for a near fall. Hardcore hits an inverted DDT for a near fall. Rhyno hits a spinebuster and then motions for the gore which he nails! Holly rolls out of the ring and very nearly gets counted out. He rolls back in and Rhyno hits him with right hands but from nowhere Holly hits Rhyno with the Alabama Slam! And that’s all she wrote. Hardcore wins the match, a match that should have been contested under hardcore rules. This was pretty bad.

Rating: 3/10

Video package next showing Chavo turn heel on Eddie and the heat between he and Rey Mysterio.

We head back to ringside but Cole and Tazz are interrupted by an Undertaker will rise again package. 28 days until the return of The Undertaker, 28 days until Wrestlemania.

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Chavo Gurrero Jr – Cruiserweight Championship Match

This is a firs time meeting between these two men on pay per view and a first time No Way Out for both men. Chavo is joined by his dad, Chavo Guerrero Sr whilst Rey Mysterio is accompanied by Jorge Paez. Mysterio starts the match with an arm wrench which leads to some nice chain wrestling between the two. Chavo knocks down Rey with a shoulder block and then hits a snapmare and tries to rip Mysterio’s mask off. That fires Mysterio up and he dropkicks Chavo out of the ring. Chavo gets back into the ring and slaps Mysterio which fires up the champion even more. Chavo hits a flapjack to gain control and then hits a legdrop for a near fall. Chavo has some good heel heat tonight. He hits a powerslam for another near fall and then applies a wrist lock.

Rey gets out of the wrist lock and then hits the 619! Rey then goes for the west coast pop but Chavo Guerrero Sr grabs his leg! Jorge Paez knocks out Chavo Sr with a big left hand and the referee sends Jorge to the back. Chavo Jr checks on his father but turns around into a springboard cross body courtesy of Rey Mysterio. Mysterio hits a springboard legdrop onto Chavo in the middle of the ring for a two count. Lots of Mysterio’s big moves already used makes me think Chavo could be winning this one. Mysterio rolls Chavo up for a two count. Chavo hits a boot to the face and then goes up to the second rope to hit a swinging DDT but Mysterio fights out of it and goes up to hit a top rope hurricanrana but Chavo fights out of that and hits a top rope gutbuster on the champion.

Chavo applies an abdominal stretch and turns that into a walls of Jericho type move. Rey gets out of that and hits a sunset flip for a near fall but can’t take advantage as Chavo hits him with a gutbuster for a two count. Chavo applies a wrist lock which Mysterio gets out of and hits Chavo with a bulldog. Mysterio is looking to get his second ever WWE PPV victory tonight, 18 months after his debut. Rey hits a big spinning heel kick and then hurricanranas Chavo into the ringpost. Both men take their time getting to their feet but when they do Mysterio hits a reverse Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Rey hits a boot and then kicks Chavo onto the apron when he DDTs him into the apron for a near fall. Mysterio misses with a springboard cross body and Chavo makes him pay with a face first suplex.

Chavo whips Mysterio into the corner and then pops him on the top rope before trying to rip his mask off again. Mysterio fights him off and then hits him with a moonsault before nearly getting the pinfall victory but Chavo gets his foot on the bottom rope. Chavo hits a gorybomb but only for a two count. Chavo goes for a powerslam but Rey nips down and hurricanranas Chavo onto the middle rope. Rey then hits the 619 and the west coast pop but Chavo rolls through the west coast pop into a single leg crab! Rey gets to the ropes but Chavo pulls him back into the ring where the referee incorrectly tells him to break the hold. Mysterio goes up to the top but Chavo Guerrero Sr pushes him down behind the referees back! Chavo rolls up Rey and pulls the tights for the three! Chavo Guerrero Jr becomes Cruiserweight Champion!

Rating: 6.25/10

Josh Mathews catches Chavo backstage where Chavo takes the opportunity to call his uncle Eddie a loser multiple times.

Kurt Angle vs. John Cena vs. The Big Show – triple threat match for number one contendership to the WWE Championship

We’ve had singles matches on PPV between Kurt Angle and Big Show, Kurt Angle and John Cena but this is the first triple threat match between these three men. In terms of No Way Out records, Big Show is 2-1 at the event, Kurt Angle is 2-2 and John Cena makes his No Way Out debut. Whilst I’m here, this is the first ever No Way Out PPV to not have Triple H and The Rock wrestling. Big Show is looking bigger than ever in this match. He throws Kurt Angle around in the early going and hits Kurt with a big powerslam. John Cena just stands in the corner laughing. Cena has a go at Big Show but meets the same fate. Cena and Angle then go at it and Angle hits a belly to belly suplex on Cena. Kurt goes for a pin but Big Show breaks it up. Big Show sends Cena to he outside and then hits Angle with a big chop to the chest.

Big Show hits Angle with a sidewalk slam and then covers him but Cena breaks up the pinfall attempt. Cena is a regular on pay per views these days. Big Show hits him with a powerslam and a headbutt. Big Show hits another big powerslam and then a couple of legdrops. Big Show and Kurt Angle get into it on the apron and Kurt takes Big Show down with a low blow. Angle then pulls Cena out of the ring and smashes him into the steel steps before rolling him back into the ring for a two count. Kurt hits some big chops and right hands on Cena but Cena fights back with an elbow and a side suplex. Kurt hits John with three big German suplexes but Big Show makes sure Angle doesn’t get a pinfall. Big Show throws Angle out of the ring and then hits Cena with a big chop and a hiptoss.

John Cena tries to fight back against Big Show but Show just clubs him away and then hits him with a suplex for a two count. Cena then takes Big Show off his feet with a couple of dropkicks to the knees before going up top and hitting a flying axe handle. Kurt then comes off the top and hits Big Show with a missile dropkick. Kurt pins Big Show but Cena throws him out of the ring and then hits the FU on Big Show! Angle gets back into the ring and tries for an Angle slam but Cena nips down and hits a DDT. Cena pins Big Show who gets his foot on the rope. Angle then throws Cena out of the ring and hits the Angle slam on Big Show but Big Show kicks out of the pinfall. Cena gets in the ring but angle applies the ankle lock to him! Big Show breaks it up by chokeslamming Angle and then chokeslams Cena! Kurt breaks up the pinfall attempt and applies the ankle lock to Big Show!

Big Show fights out of the ankle lock and then Cena hits Kurt with a spinebuster and the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena attempts the FU on Angle but Big Show hits Cena with a chopblock. Big Show then powerslams Cena knee first into the top turnbuckle. Kurt then Angle slams Big Show out of the ring before locking on the ankle lock! Cena taps out and Kurt wins the match! Kurt Angle is going to Wrestlemania!

Rating: 7.5/10

There’s a video package next for Brock Lesnar and Eddie Guerrero. The WWE Championship is on the line next.

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero – WWE Championship Match

This, like every match tonight, is a first time PPV meeting. Brock goes into this one with a 1-0 record at No Way Out PPV’s whilst Eddie has a 0-1 record. The crowd are very much behind Eddie in this one. Brock has the 15th best PPV record in history going into this match. Brock keeps shoving Eddie away in the early going and he hits Eddie with clotheslines and a big back body drop. Lesnar hits a suplex and some big knees and right hands. Eddie hits a back elbow and then some big lefts and rights but Brock shoves him back down to the canvas with a knee. Eddie then goes for a hurricanrana but Brock puts the brakes on and shoves Eddie across the ring. Brock hits a couple of big belly to belly suplexes and then a huge running knee to Eddie’s jaw in the corner.

Tazz says that he doesn’t think Eddie is in Brock Lesnars class, surely Tazz should be putting Eddie over? Lesnar hits another big belly to belly suplex, this time sending Eddie out of the ring. Eddie rolls back into the ring but Lesnar kicks him right back out. Eddie pulls Lesnars leg into the ringpost but Brock pulls Eddie back into the ringpost before throwing him back into the ring and hitting him with a big Samoan drop for a near fall. Lesnar applies a sleeper as Tazz continues to tell us that Eddie won’t win tonight. Guerrero gets out of the sleeper with a jawbreaker and then hits Lesnar with a dropkick but Brock hits Eddie with a big clothesline to take him back down. Brock hits a German suplex and then lays into Eddie with lefts, rights and shoulder charges. Brock then attempts another high knee but Eddie gets out of the way and Brock goes flying over the top and out of the ring.

Eddie flies to the outside with a beautiful plancha. Both men get back into the ring, beating the 10 count, then Eddie hits a dropkick to the knees and a side suplex. He can’t take the advantage though as Lesnar hits a hotshot onto the top rope for a near fall. Brock stands over Eddie belittling him so Eddie grabs his leg and applies an STF. Brock breaks the hold but can’t take the advantage due to his injured knee. Eddie then sets up for a figure four but he makes a mess of it and Lesnar kicks him away. Eddie hits a dropkick to the side of the head and then goes for the figure four again but again Lesnar fights him off. Brock then hits a belly to belly from nowhere. A “Goldberg” chant breaks out. Did they not see he was arrested earlier?!

Eddie hits a leg scissors and then goes for the figure four again and this time he locks it on. Brock breaks the hold by getting to the bottom rope. Eddie kicks Brocks leg from out of his leg and then applies a Texas cloverleaf before rolling into an STF. Lesnar powers out of it and then takes the advantage with a quick German suplex. Brock then hits a spinebuster for a near fall before locking on another sleeper. Eddie gets out of it by launching Brock into the middle turnbuckle and then Guerrero heads up top but Lesnar gets out of the way of a missile dropkick. Brock is bleeding from the nose now, he hits another German suplex whilst screaming “just die”. The champion then applies a gut wrench and turns it into a gut wrench suplex before going back to the gut wrench.

The crowd are right behind Eddie as he gets out of the gut wrench with headbutts and then another dropkick to the knee. Eddie hits a headscissors and then three consecutive suplexes. Guerrero heads to the top and then leaps off with the frog splash but Lesnar rolls out of the way. Brock is first up and he hits the F5! But Brock swung Guerrero into the referee and knocked him out! Lesnar makes the pinfall but the referee is down. The whole crowd are looking around waiting for Goldberg. Lesnar heads to the outside and grabs his WWE title. But out comes Goldberg who runs in and hits a big spear on Lesnar! The crowd love it. Eddie crawls over and pins Lesnar but the WWE Champion kicks out! Eddie picks up the WWE title and swings it at Lesnar but Lesnar ducks!

Brock picks up Eddie for the F5 but Eddie counters it into a spinning DDT onto the title belt! Eddie goes up top and hits the frog splash! He covers Brock and the referee counts the 3! Eddie Guerrero wins the WWE Championship! Eddie celebrates with the fans but is quickly pulled back out. He hugs his mother at ringside and his brother Mondo.

Rating: 7/10

And that was No Way Out 2004. It was an interesting pay per view. It felt like there was a lot of crap on it. Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty as tag team champions in 2004 is odd. They’re clearly struggling for tag teams at the moment. I’m not convinced by the Basham Brothers either. The sooner the belts are back on the World’s Greatest Tag Team the better. The match itself was pretty entertaining and was better than a lot of the crap on this card. Nidia and Jamie Noble was every bit as bad as I thought it would be. It should have been a lot shorter. I’m not a big fan of this slapstick rubbish, Noble deserves a lot better. He’s so good. I’m not really sure where he goes from here. Presumably away from Nidia. Noble has probably out-grown the Cruiserweight division (not literally) so I hope he’s kept away from there for the time being.

The APA and World’s Greatest Tag Team was a nice bit of filler. Nice to see actual tag teams. I think Faarooq is pretty much done. He doesn’t seem as mobile as he once was and didn’t feature in the Royal Rumble last month and back at Survivor Series he was taken out of his match. Bradshaw seems to be the bigger star of the two but needs to find his niche if he’s going to have a singles run. Shelton and Charlie should get the tag team titles back pronto. The Hardcore Holly/Rhyno match wasn’t very good. They have both had better matches believe me. This needed to be under hardcore rules really. I’d be surprised if these two are even on the roster this time next year.

Chavo beat Rey in a good match for the Cruiserweight title. I’m not a huge fan of Chavo but I am liking the dynamic with his father. It’s the most over Chavo has been so I’m fine with him as champion. It’s another pay per view loss for Rey Mysterio who has only won once on PPV since his debut in the WWE 18 months ago. This feud may just continue into Wrestlemania. This was definitely a pay per view of two halves as the last three matches were a big improvement on the first four. Kurt Angle confirmed his place in the Wrestlemania main event with a win over John Cena and The Big Show. I was initially surprised that Angle pinned Cena and not Big Show but thinking about it, it does make sense. Big Show and Cena will probably continue their rivalry into Wrestlemania where Cena will get a shot at the United States Championship.

Then in the main event was the biggest feel good moment the WWE have provided in a long time. Eddie Guerrero winning the WWE Championship was fantastic. He’s so over and the story leading into this was great. Guerrero truly over-comes his demons and becomes the top guy in the company. I would have preferred that he beat Lesnar clean without the help from Goldberg but alas. The Goldberg attack could have happened later. Smackdown now headlines Wrestlemania with Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle and I can not wait. Good match between Eddie and Lesnar.

Overall Rating: 52.8/100 (ranked 121st out of 161)

Match Of The Night: Kurt Angle vs. John Cena vs. The Big Show
Worst Match Of The Night: Nidia vs. Jamie Noble
Surprise Of The Night: Eddie Guerrero wins the WWE Championship
Worst Booking Of The Night: Rikishi and Scotty retain?
Superstar Of The Night: Eddie Guerrero
No Way Out 2004 Will Be Remembered For: Eddie Guerrero winning the WWE Championship

One thought on “No Way Out 2004

  1. Two things of note:

    1.The opening handicap match marks the final WWE PPV appearance for Linda Miles a.k.a. Shaniqua, who would be fired right after this PPV.

    From there, Linda would retire from wrestling that same year and nowadays resides in Cincinnati as a substitute teacher for public schools.

    2.Future WWE women’s wrestlers Sasha Banks and Bayley were both in attendance, as Sasha would become one of Eddie’s biggest fans this very night.

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