Summerslam 2004

| Date: August 15, 2004
| Venue: Air Canada Centre | City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
| Attendance: 17, 640 | Buys: 415, 000

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Let The Games Begin. Summerslam 2004 has an Olympics theme to it, falling in line with the 2004 Olympic Game in Athens. Besides the over-the-top advertising campaign, there isn’t a lot of “gamesmanship” involved except for one particular event but I’ll get to that later. Summerslam is historically the second biggest pay per view of the year and the card for this show will not let you down. There are two main events to this event, both singles matches for the top two titles. John “Bradshaw” Layfield will be defending his WWE Championship against The Undertaker after Undertaker basically told Layfield that he would be challenging for his title. Since then, JBL has mocked The Undertaker with a midget and when The Undertaker looked to take Layfield out, Orlando Jordan saved the WWE Champion. Jordan has been revealed as JBL’s chief of staff and fought The Undertaker on Smackdown last week in a losing effort.

The big match on Raw will see Chris Benoit defend his World Heavyweight Championship against number one contender Randy Orton. Unlike The Undertaker, Randy earned his title shot by winning a battle royal. Benoit defeated Triple H in an iron match to rule Helmsley out of the title picture and give Orton a clear run through to Summerslam. This will be the first time since the brand split two years ago that Triple H is not in the main event or the World Heavyweight Championship match. Triple H will be in action tonight as he takes on Eugene. Eugene cost Triple H the World Heavyweight Championship against Chris Benoit and since then Triple H has gone as far as to take both Eugene and William Regal out, leaving them both a bloody mess.

The only other title match tonight will be for the Intercontinental Championship as Edge defends against both Chris Jericho and Batista in a triple threat match. Chris Jericho and Edge’s friendship has been on the brink recently with Jericho eliminating Edge from the battle royal to decide a number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. Batista has taken both men out in recent weeks. The United States Championship won’t be defended as Booker T won the title in an 8 man elimination match beating John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Rene Dupree, Charlie Haas, Kenzo Suzuki, Billy Gunn and Luther Reigns. New Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long then announced a best of five series between Booker T and Cena for the United States Championship and the first match will be tonight.

Smackdowns other champions will be in action tonight but the belts will not be defended. Spike Dudley recently won the Cruiserweight Championship, turning heel on Rey Mysterio in the process and joining up with his brothers Bubba Ray and D-Von. The Dudley Boyz target the WWE Tag Team Championships currently held by the men that beat them for the belts, Billy Kidman and Paul London. A 6 man tag team match has been announced between Spike, Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley and Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman and Paul London. The other match representing Smackdown is a Wrestlemania 20 rematch between Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle. Kurt cost Eddie Guerrero the WWE Championship in a cage match between he and JBL which caused Vince McMahon to fire Angle as General Manager of Smackdown (replacing him with Teddy Long) before announcing the match between Angle and Guerrero for Summerslam.

The other big match on a stacked card is between Kane and Matt Hardy. Hardy defeated Kane at Vengeance last month before it was revealed that Kane is the father of Lita’s unborn child. The two men then decided on a match in which the winner would marry Lita. Apparently Lita doesn’t get a say in it. But the two men meet tonight with Lita on the line. Also tonight there will be a dodgeball match. The dodgeball match is inspired by the movie “dodgeball” which was released earlier in the year and it also sort of fits in with the olympic theme. It’ll be two teams of ladies, on one team is Trish Stratus, Victoria, Gail Kim, Nidia, Stacy Keibler, Molly Holly and Jazz. And on the other team are 6 of the 7 remaining candidates from the Raw Diva Search. So that’ll be Maria, Christy, Michelle, Joy, Amy and Tracy.

On Sunday Night Heat prior to the event Rob Van Dam defeated Rene Dupree. How arguably the most talented man on the roster (RVD) can’t make the actual card I do not know.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

A video package kicks us off reminding us about the “summer games” theme to the event. It then introduces another video package and it’s probably the worst one I’ve ever seen. Poorly edited, terrible music, just a bad video running through the card. Jim Ross then welcomes us to the show, he’s joined by Jerry Lawler. They throw to the Smackdown announcers Michael Cole and Tazz.

Rey Mysterio, Paul London & Billy Kidman vs. Spike Dudley, Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley

Lots of Smackdowns champions in this match with the WWE Tag Team Champions Billy Kidman and Paul London on one team and Cruiserweight Champion Spike Dudley on the other team. D-Von and Billy Kidman start the match and Kidman hits a head scissors, an arm drag and a dropkick for the first near fall of the night. D-Von is looking really big these days. Kidman tags in Paul London who is making his PPV debut tonight. London hits a dropsault for a near fall. I hate that word “dropsault”. Bubba Ray grabs Paul Londons hair allowing D-Von to hit London with a clothesline. D-Von tags in Spike who hits a stomp off the top. The Dudley Boyz have a 1-2 record at Summerslam, Rey Mysterio has a 0-1 record, Spike has a 0-1 record whilst Kidman and obviously London make their Summerslam debuts tonight.

Spike tags in Bubba Ray who hits a suplex on London, a headbutt and then drops an elbow. Bubba tags in D-Von who hits a snapmare and then applies a chinlock to the WWE tag team champion. London gets out of it but D-Von hits a powerslam for a two count. D-Von tags in Bubba Ray who lays into London. London tries to fight back with some kicks and then Bubba Ray accidentally nails D-Von off the apron. London then hits an enzeguri and tags in Rey Mysterio! Spike Dudley is tagged  in too and Mysterio hits him with a flapjack and a springboard leg drop for a near fall. Rey then hits a hurricanrana off the top for a two count. Mysterio hits Bubba Ray with a senton and then Spike hits Mysterio with a headbutt. Billy Kidman tags himself in and he hits a flying elbow on Spike and then a powerbomb for a two count.

All 6 men get involved now and the tag team champions dispose of The Dudley Boyz. Mysterio hits the 619 on Spike and then Kidman hits the shooting star press! But D-Von pulls Kidman out of the ring. D-Von lays out London and Mysterio and then the Dudley Boyz hit Kidman with 3D in the middle of the ring. Spike pins Kidman and it’s all over! Spike, Bubba Ray and D-Von win the opener. Not the best 6 man tag team match I’ve ever seen but it wasn’t awful.

Rating: 4.5/10

There’s some footage shown from Raw last Monday with Lita telling Matt Hardy that her child is Kane’s and not his.

Matt Hardy vs. Kane – Lita marries the winner

This is the second ever PPV match between these two men and it was Matt Hardy that won the previous match. Kane has a 2-1-1 record at Summerslam PPV’s whilst Matt Hardy has a 0-2 record. Matt goes right to work on Kane before the bell and gets the first near fall of the match following a side effect off the top. Hardy then hits a legdrop off the second rope for another two count. Matt hits a DDT off the second rope for a third near fall and it is all Hardy in the early going.Kane gets back into it with a big uppercut and then a clothesline. Kane hits some big right hands and then Hardy sidesteps a clothesline which sends Kane to the outside. Matt hits a crossbody over the top and then a twist of fate on the outside!

It’s been four years since Matt Hardy wrestled on a Summerslam pay per view. Lita hands Matt the ring bell and he smashes it into Kane’s face! Hardy hooks the leg but Kane gets his foot on the rope. Hardy then goes to the top but Kane sees him coming and grabs him by the throat. Hardy fights out of the chokeslam but Kane hits him with a boot. Kane then goes to the top but Hardy crotches him. Matt goes up to hit Kane with a DDT but Kane chokeslams Hardy off the top! Kane hooks the leg and gets the three! Kane wins which means he’ll be marrying Lita!

Rating: 4/10

Todd Grisham is backstage with Randy Orton. Orton says that tonight he will ascend to greatness. John Cena then shows up and interrupts and tells Randy he’ll get him some merch. Cena asks the fans if they like Randy Orton. They don’t. Orton isn’t impressed. But he is confident that he’s going to leave tonight as the youngest ever World Heavyweight Champion.

Booker T (c) vs. John Cena – Match #1 in the best of 5 series for the United States Championship

So I’m pretty sure the title isn’t on the line tonight. IT’s the first match in the best of 5 series. Booker T has a 0-2 record at Summerslam PPV’s whilst it’s John Cena’s debut at the second biggest event of the year. Booker T hits some chops and right hands in the early going and then attempts a hiptoss but Cena hits him with a clothesline and then a jumping snapmare for a two count. Cena then applies a headlock but Booker T drops him on the top rope and then clotheslines him to the outside. Booker then comes off the apron with somewhat of a blow to the spine of Cena. Back in the ring and Booker hits a back kick and a knee drop and then some right hands. It’s a first time one on one match between these two men on pay per view. The two men slug it out and then Booker T hits a big heel kick.

Booker T applies a camel clutch but Cena gets out of it only to be hit with a spinebuster. Booker then hits a sidewalk slam before applying a chinlock. Cena gets out of it but Booker T knocks him back down to the ground with a clothesline. Booker then goes for the axe kick but Cena gets out of the way. Cena hits a clothesline and a reverse elbow but Booker knocks him down with a flapjack before performing a spin-er-oonie! Cena gets up and from nowhere hits Booker with the FU! He hooks the leg and gets the three! John Cena beats Booker T tonight!

Rating: 5/10

Teddy Long is backstage when Eric Bischoff shows up and congratulates him on his new position as General Manager of Smackdown. Bischoff tells Teddy that he doubt he’ll be around come Survivor Series. Teddy says that he doesn’t know whether Bischoff will rid Raw of Eugene but if he does then he’d be happy to sign him over to Raw.

There’s a shot of the diva dodgeball court, that’s coming up later.

Edge (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Batista – Intercontinental Championship match

This is the first title match of the night. Edge has a 4-1 record at Summerslam PPV’s, Jericho has a 1-3 record and Batista makes his Summerslam debut tonight. I like this match on paper. Batista attacks Edge as he makes his entrance, ending him out of the ring. Jericho then lays into Batista with some big right hands. Batista takes Jericho down with a reverse elbow and then some shoulder charges in the corner. Batista knocks Jericho down with a shoulder block and then a big powerslam. Batista then attempts the Batista bomb but Edge hits him with a chop block. Edge hits Batista with some right hands and a boot. Batista then hits a boot of his own and drops Edge on the top turnbuckle. Edge dropkicks Batista out of the ring and he gets stuck in the ropes which the crowd boo. Edge clotheslines Batista out of the ring and then drop toe holds him into the ring steps.

Jericho and Edge then get into the ring and go face to face before slugging it out. Edge hits a knee and gets a lot of boo’s. Jericho tries to lock on the walls of Jericho but Edge rolls him up for a two count. The crowd are definitely behind Jericho in this match and they pop as Jericho locks the walls of Jericho on Edge. Batista breaks the hold and throws Jericho out of the ring. Edge hits an implant DDT on Batista for a two count. The crowd are not going to like it if Edge wins this match. Edge lines up for a spear on Batista but Jericho knocks him down with a clothesline. Batista then hits Jericho with a spinebuster for a two count. Edge rolls up Batista for a two count and then Jericho rolls up Edge for a two count. Jericho hits a bulldog on Edge and then dropkicks Batista off the apron. From nowhere Edge hits a spear on Jericho and he gets the three! Edge wins the match to no reaction. Decent enough match between these three. Summerslam is a good PPV for Edge.

Rating: 6.5/10

There’s a video package next for Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle

Eddie has a 2-1 record at Summerslam events whilst Kurt has a 3-1 record. These two men have met on pay per view only once before and it was Eddie who won that match at Wrestlemania 20. This match definitely has a big fight feel to it. Angle is joined by Luther Reigns. Kurt out-wrestles Eddie in the early going but to be fair Guerrero does hold his own. The crowd seem to be behind Angle in this one which is interesting. Plenty of chain wrestling in the early going and Guerrero applies a headlock. Angle reverses it into a wristlock and Eddie then counters it into a hammerlock. Kurt counters that and hits a German suplex. Eddie then goes after the ankle, locking on an ankle lock! Kurt gets out of it with a thumb to the eye.

Kurt hits the Angle slam out of nowhere! Kurt pulls down the straps and then applies the ankle lock! Eddie gets out of it by applying an ankle lock of his own but Kurt still has his ankle lock applied and rolls Eddie back onto his front. Guerrero gets to the bottom rope to break the hold. Luther Reigns then takes a cheap shot at Eddie and Angle goes back to the ankle lock. Eddie once again gets to the ropes to break the hold. Angle smashes Eddie’s ankle into the ringpost and then attempts to lock on the ankle lock again but Eddie stops him from doing so. Kurt instead locks on an STF. Eddie gets out of it and hits an Angle slam on Kurt! Angle has un-laced Guerrero’s boot so that’s flapping about as Eddie lays into Angle with right hands. Guerrero hits three consecutive suplexes and then heads to the top but Angle meets him up there and hits him with a belly to belly off the top for a near fall.

Kurt attempts the Angle slam but Guerrero counters it into a DDT. Eddie heads to the top again and this time dives off with a frog splash but Angle rolls out of the way. Kurt hits an Angle slam but Eddie kicks out of the pinfall. Angle pulls Eddie’s boot off and then applies the ankle lock but Guerrero pulls Angle into the referee, knocking both of them down. Eddie then hits Angle with his boot before nailing Luther Reigns with his boot. The referee wakes up and Eddie hits the deck, pretending he’s hurt. Guerrero then gets up and goes up top, hitting the frog splash on Kurt for a two count. Angle applies the ankle lock on Guerrero and Eddie has no choice but to tap out! Kurt wins the match. A great mat based match between two of the greats.

Rating: 8.25/10

There’s a video package next for Triple H and Eugene.

Eugene vs. Triple H

Triple H has a 3-4 record at Summerslam events whilst it’s a Summerslam debut for Eugene. It’s a first time singles match between these two men on pay per view. Triple H hits some right hands in the early going and stomps Eugene to the mat. Eugene hits a reverse elbow and a back body drop. Eugene is getting a very mixed reaction tonight. Triple H rolls out of the ring and Eugene hits a double axe handle off the apron. Triple H then uses Lilian as a shield before shoving her to the ground which distracts Eugene and allows Triple H to take control. Lilian Garcia gets taken to the back whilst Triple H takes apart the Spanish announce table. Triple H looks to suplex Eugene from the ring down to the table but Eugene counters it and suplexes Triple H into the ring.

Eugene hits some big right hands on Triple H in the corner. Triple H then Irish whips Eugene but falls to the mat holding his knee. He’s feigning injury though and hits Eugene with a clothesline. Helmsley hits two backbreakers and a “Eugene sucks” chant breaks out. Eugene comes back with a clothesline and then stomps Triple H in the corner. Triple H offers Eugene his hand and Eugene pulls him back up to the mat and hits him with a Rock Bottom! Eugene then sets up for the People’s Elbow but Triple H gets up and instead hits Eugene with a spinebuster. Outside the ring Triple H throws Eugene into the ring steps. Back in the ring Triple H applies a sleeper and then attempts the Pedigree but Eugene back body drops him. Eugene then starts to “Hulk up” and hits some big right hands on Triple H, a reverse atomic drop and then a clothesline. Eugene flips Triple H the bird and then hits him with a stone cold stunner!

Triple H flies to the outside and Eugene goes out with him and smashes him into the ring steps. Ric Flair then heads out from the back but it doesn’t distract Eugene for long. Eugene hits a big boot and then a legdrop for a near fall. Flair gets up on the apron and Eugene hammers him off. Eugene then heads to the top rope and tries for a double axe handle but Triple H kicks him and sets Eugene up for the Pedigree! Eugene counters it and catapults Helmsley onto the top turnbuckle and then hits Triple H with a Pedigree! Eugene hooks the leg but Flair puts Triple H’s leg on the bottom rope. Flair then trips Eugene and the referee sends Naitch to the back. William Regal then walks out form the back and hits Flair with a loaded right hand. This distracts Eugene and Triple H kicks him and lands the Pedigree to win the match! Triple H had to win this one really. Good match between these two.

Rating: 6.5/10

Diva Dodgeball next. It’s Trish, Victoria, Nidia, Molly Holly, Gail Kim, Jazz and Stacy Keibler against the 7 diva search girls. Coach is the host for this one. I have no idea if this is a work or not. The diva search girls go 6-3 up with only Gail Kim, Nidia and Molly Holly left for the divas. Molly and Joy then get eliminated. Gail Kim is then eliminated and then Nidia and it’s the diva search girls who win. This is clearly capitalising on the popularity of Dodgeball the movie. Trish and Victoria go at it after the match.

John “Bradshaw” Layfield (c) vs. The Undertaker – WWE Championship Match

This is a first one on one match between these two men on pay per view. Bradshaw has a 1-1 record at Summerslam events whilst The Undertaker has an 8-3-1 record. JBL has his new chief of staff Orlando Jordan with him tonight. Undertaker throws JBL out of the ring in the early going and then bounces Layfields wrist off the ring steps. Back in the ring and Undertaker looks to hit old school but JBL counters it and hits a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Layfield then heads to the top and hits a shoulder block off the top before dropping an elbow for a two count. JBL hits an Irish whip but Undertaker locks on an arm bar. Undertaker then hits his old school axe handle off the top rope.

Undertaker hits a face first drop to the canvas on JBL for a near fall and then applies a triangle choke. Bradshaw hits a boot but Undertaker hits a boot of his own before booting Orlando Jordan off the apron. That’s enough distraction for JBL to chopblock The Undertaker and then wrap his knee around the ringpost. Orlando Jordan distracts the referee which allows JBL to smash a chair into The Undertakers knee. Undertaker fights back and smashes JBL into the ring steps but JBL fights back and smashes Undertaker into the steps. Back in the ring and Layfield applies a leglock as the crowd go nuts. They’re going nuts because they are doing a Mexican wave. Undertaker reverses the leglock but JBL quickly gets to the ropes. Undertaker then hits a very nice rolling knee bar and JBL gets out of it by punching Undertakers leg.

Undertaker hits JBL with a big right hand sending him out of the ring. Undertaker then hits a legdrop on the apron before JBL drops Undertaker on the top rope. Layfield heads to the top rope but Undertaker hits him with some right hands and then a superplex for a near fall. Undertaker then sets up for the last ride but JBL attacks his knee to take him down to the mat. Undertaker hits a spinebuster for a two count. The two men then slug it out and it’s Undertaker that drops JBL to the mat. Undertaker then hits a big clothesline and then a couple of splashes in the corner. Undertaker hits snake eyes and then a clothesline for a near fall. Undertaker hits a chokeslam and against JBL kicks out. Undertaker sets up for the Tombstone but JBL slips down the back. Undertaker then hits Orlando Jordan with a big right hand which distracts Undertaker long enough for JBL to hit him with a clothesline from hell. Layfield hooks the leg but Undertaker kicks out at 2.

Undertaker Irish whips JBL right into the referee, taking him out. Orlando Jordan throws JBL the WWE Championship and JBL smashes it into the face of The Undertaker. The referee is still down though. Jordan attempts to make the count himself but even then Undertaker kicks out. Jordan goes after Undertaker but gets disposed off. JBL hits Undertaker with another big clothesline and then some right hands but Undertaker hits the last ride! Undertaker covers JBL who gets his shoulder up at 2. Undertaker picks up the WWE Championship and leather JBL with it but the referee saw it and calls for the bell! JBL wins the match by disqualification! Undertaker lays into JBL after the match and slams him into the hood of his limo. It was a pretty rough landing for JBL who is busted open. Quite a good visual with blood pouring down the white limo. Undertaker then chokeslams JBL through the top of the limo!

Rating: 6.5/10

Chris Benoit (c) vs. Randy Orton – World Heavyweight Championship Match

This is a first time meeting between these two men on pay per view. Benoit has a 1-1 record on Summerslam PPV’s whilst Orton has a 0-1 record. A “you screwed Bret” chant breaks out aimed at Earl Hebner. Orton applies a hammerlock in the early going that Benoit reverses it into a chinlock. Benoit applies a nice overhand wrist lock and then an arm drag into an armbar and then a wristlock. Orton has been in the main event of the last 2 Summerslam PPV’s. Orton takes Benoit down with a shoulder block but Benoit hits another arm drag into an arm bar. Orton gets out of it with an elbow but then misses with a dropkick Randy then locks on a Sharpshooter! Benoit counters it into one of his own before moving into a crippler crossface! Orton exits the ring and shoves Benoit into the ring post.

Orton rolls Benoit back into the ring and covers him with his feet on the ropes but the referee sees it. Orton then applies a modified armbar which Benoit gets out of with some big right hands and chops. Orton then suplexes Benoit onto the top rope but Benoit DDT’s Randy onto the apron. Back in the ring and Benoit gets a near fall. Orton rolls out of the ring and so Benoit knocks him down with a baseball slide before missing with a suicide dive and instead diving face first into the barricade. Back in the ring and Orton gets a near fall. Orton applies a chinlock which Benoit gets out of but Orton then hits Benoit with a huge neckbreaker. Randy then goes back to the chinlock which Benoit once again gets out of before both men hit each other with crossbodies. Benoit starts a comeback, hitting clotheslines and a back body drop and a northern lights suplex for a near fall.

This is only the third title match tonight and both previous championships stayed with the man that was defending it. Orton goes up top and hits a big cross body for a two count. Only 2 babyfaces have won form the first 7 matches tonight. Those being Edge and John Cena. Benoit hits a German suplex and then applies the sharpshooter again. Orton gets to the bottom rope but the damage has been done. Benoit hits 6 German suplexes! He then heads to the top rope and dives off but Orton gets his feet up. Orton rolls Benoit up but Benoit counters the pinfall into a crippler crossface. Orton gets out of it and hits the RKO outta nowhere! Randy hooks the leg and gets the 3! Randy Orton is the new World Heavyweight Champion! The youngest World Champion in WWE history. Benoit and Orton shake hands after the match.

Rating: 7/10

And that was Summerslam 2004. On paper it looked like a good show but in reality it started off quite average before turning into a really good show. I didn’t expect the 6 man match to start off the show but it did have some good action. I really like Spike Dudley as a heel and I think the result was right with him pinning Kidman. It protects Rey Mysterio and Paul London and gives Spike a big win, bearing in mind the whole build to this match was based around him. Kane then beat Matt Hardy to win his prize of marrying Lita. This match was ok and it was a good spot on the card for Hardy. It looks as though these two will continue especially as the storyline looks set to progress with Kane marrying Lita. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a third match between the two at Unforgiven next month.

John Cena beat Booker T to take the lead in the best of 5 series. This result surprised me a little as it’s usually the heel that takes the lead in these scenarios. But it’s John Cena with the win and you had to remind yourself as the bell rang at the end that Cena hasn’t actually won the title. This match was pretty average and I fully expect the next three matches to take place on Smackdowns over the next couple of months before ending the series at No Mercy in October. Edge retained his Intercontinental Championship in a very entertaining triple threat match. Edge is getting really negative reactions at the moment, surely he has to turn heel and embrace it. Jericho is just floating about and has never bounced back since losing his WWE Undisputed Championship two and a half years ago. I like Batista in the IC title picture though and maybe we’ll get him and Edge at Unforgiven if Edge doesn’t turn before then. Solid match between these three.

Kurt Angle would beat Eddie Guerrero next in a Wrestlemania rematch. I like this result and it sets the series up for a rubber match, maybe at Survivor Series or No Mercy. This was the high quality match you’d expect from these two and I hope this feud continues. Triple H then beat Eugene in what was Triple H’s most low-key match in a long long time. Triple H had to win really but where this leaves Eugene I don’t know. Maybe tagging with William Regal. This match was decent enough and it gives us all a break from Triple H in the main event. With Randy Orton winning the World Heavyweight Championship maybe it’ll give us a longer break from Triple H in the main event? John “Bradshaw” Layfield then beat The Undertaker by disqualification to retain his WWE Championship. I really like JBL is WWE Champion, he’s so cowardly but at the same time he’s a big stiff guy. I’m not keen on Orlando Jordan but it means there’s somebody to take the hits for JBL. I can definitely see a rematch between these two men at No Mercy.

A new World Heavyweight Champion was crowned in the main event as Randy Orton became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion of all time by beating Chris Benoit. And it just took one RKO. I’m not 100% convinced that Orton is ready for this title and a part of me thinks that they made him the youngest ever champion to spite Brock Lesnar. This was a decent match, as you’d expect from a Chris Benoit match. I fully expect a rematch between the two at Unforgiven next month. Overall a good show, much better than the single brand shows from 2004.

Overall Rating: 60.3125/100 (ranked 57th out of 168)

 Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle
Worst Match Of The Night: Matt Hardy vs. Kane
Surprise Of The Night: John Cena beats Booker T
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: Randy Orton
Summerslam 2004 Will Be Remembered For: Randy Orton becoming the youngest ever World Heavyweight Champion

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