Vengeance 2005

|Date: June 26, 2005
|Venue: Thomas & Mack Center |City: Las Vegas, Nevada
|Attendance: 9,850 |Buys: 420,000

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Hell In A Cell. Tonight the long standing rivalry between Triple H and World Heavyweight Champion Batista comes to a close when the two men go one on one in Hell In A Cell. There was a number one contenders “gold rush” tournament to decide a contender to Batista and this tournament was won by Edge. Batista would beat Edge in the title match but following the match Triple H, who had takes a few weeks off following a tournament loss to Chris Benoit, returned and attacked Batista with a sledgehammer before challenging him to a match inside hell in a cell. Batista would accept and tonight the two rivals meet once again in a match that Triple H is very experienced in.

The draft lottery began a few weeks ago with superstars from Raw and Smackdown swapping brands. The very first pick of the draft lottery was none other than WWE Champion John Cena joining Monday night Raw. Chris Jericho was there to welcome Cena to Raw but it wasn’t long before Christian would get involved. Eric Bischoff granted Christian a shot at Cena’s WWE title at Vengeance, something Chris Jericho took exception to. Jericho attacked Cena himself and was then added to the match by Bischoff, making a triple threat between John Cena, Christian and Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship at Vengeance. The second draft pick for Raw was Kurt Angle who got in the face of Triple H. Shawn Michaels, the man Angle beat at Wrestlemania, then challenged Kurt to a rematch at Vengeance, a match Angle accepted, setting up another dream match.

The third draft pick was Carlito who made a huge impact on his Raw debut, defeating Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship. This was much like Carlito’s Smackdown debut where he beat John Cena for the United states Championship. Tonight Benjamin is expected to get his rematch for the IC belt. The women’s Championship won’t be on the line tonight as Trish Stratus has been out of action following an attack from Viscera but there will be a women’s match tonight none the less. Christy Hemme won a bikini contest featuring the likes of Maria, Candice and Victoria but following the contest Victoria attacked Christy unhappy that she didn’t win. A match was then announced between the two for Vengeance.

Also tonight, Kane meets Edge in a re-match from the gold rush tournament final. Edge may have beaten Kane that night but the real story was Lita turning her back on her husband and siding with Edge. Edge and Lita would get married themselves one week ago on Raw, a wedding interrupted by Kane as all hell broke loose. Tonight Kane and Edge go one on one. Some of the wrestlers who won’t be in action tonight (due to being drafted over to Smackdown) are Chris Benoit, Randy Orton and Muhammad Hassan/Daivari.

Assuming Rosey or Viscera do not wrestle tonight, this is the oldest WWE PPV held in the US in which everybody that wrestled on the show is still alive today (as of writing this on March 16th 2018).

On Heat before Vengeance, World Tag Team Champions The Hurricane and Rosey defeated The Heart Throbs (Romeo & Antonio).

A video package kicks us off, starting with hype for John Cena defending his WWE Championship against Chris Jericho and Christian. It’s the beginning for the WWE Championship on Raw and the end for the rivalry between Triple H and Batista.

There’s a big Las Vegas themed set with roulette wheel as Jim Ross welcomes us to Nevada. Jerry Lawler and The Coach join JR in a three man commentary booth.

Carlito (c) vs. Shelton Benjamin – Intercontinental Championship Match

Ring announcer Justin Roberts makes them mistake of introducing Carlito as the challenger. It’s a first pay per view match between these two men and I like the Intercontinental title picture at the moment. Shelton Benjamin previously wrestled at the 2003 Vengeance event, teaming with Charlie Haas to beat Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman. Carlito is Raw’s newest acquisition, coming over from Smackdown much like Benjamin did the year prior. Shelton hits a firemans carry for a quick one count as the match gets underway. Benjamin executes a headlock takeover and we get some counters from the two before Shelton gets the first near fall of the night. Benjamin hits a clothesline and then some chops and right hands. Shelton hits a knee to the middle section for a two count. This is only Carlito’s third PPV match, he previously beat The Big Show at Judgment Day and lost at Survivor Series last year. He grabs his IC title and walks towards the back but Shelton Benjamin goes after him and throws him back into the ring.

Benjamin hits a snap suplex for a near fall but carlito takes the advantage with a thumb to the eye. Shelton leaps up to the top rope and then dives off with a clothesline for a near fall. This has been a back and forth match so far and continues to be as Carlito hits a clubbing blow to the back and then knocks Benjamin out of the ring. Back in the ring and a notable “Shelton sucks” chant breaks out. Carlito hits a couple of powerslams for a near fall and then applies a chinlock. Benjamin gets out of it and hits a flying reverse elbow. There are a few boo’s and “Carlito” chants. Shelton hits a Samoan drop and both men are down until Benjamin scores a near fall. The two men exchange right hands and Benjamin builds momentum with a couple of clotheslines, a back body drop and a backbreaker for a near fall. Benjamin heads to the top but Carlito crotches him and then heads up with him but Benjamin drops Carlito on the top rope! Benjamin then hits a nice springboard bulldog and hooks the leg but Carlito kicks out at 2.

Carlito takes off one of the top turnbuckles and then hits a slam for a two count. Benjamin hits a spinning heel kick and then attempts a Stinger splash in the corner but Carlito gets out of the way and Benjamin goes face first into the exposed turnbuckle! Carlito rolls him up and gets the 3! Carlito retains his Intercontinental Championship tonight.

Rating: 5.75/10

Triple H and Ric Flair are shown arriving at the arena and walking to their locker room. Triple H looks like he’s wearing a Colonel Sanders suit.

There’s a video package showing the recent issues between Christy Hemme and Victoria. All because Jerry Lawler judged Christy Hemme the winner of a bikini contest.

Christy Hemme vs. Victoria

It’s a first pay per view meeting between these two ladies. Victorias beat Molly Holly at last years event. Christy charges to the ring and chases Victoria around the ring and then back into it. The two slug it out in the ring with Christy slamming Victoria’s head into the canvas and the one of the top turnbuckles. Victoria hotshots Christy onto the top rope and then hits her with some right hands. Victoria hits a clothesline in the corner and then chokes Christy. Lots of choking from an angry Victoria. She gets a near fall. A “we want puppies” chant breaks out. Victoria applies a sleeper and Christy actually attempts to fight her way out of it which you don’t see very often. Hemme manages to get out of the sleeper and attempts to roll Victoria up but Victoria holds on to the ropes and Hemme hits the mat. Victoria attempts the widows peak but Hemme counters it. Victoria manages to keep the advantage and attempts a second rope moonsault but Christy gets out of the way.

Hemme looks really angry now. She throws Victoria around the ring by her hair before hitting Victoria with a DDT for a near fall. Hemme attempts a sunset flip but Victoria sits down on her and holds on to the ropes and the referee counts the 3! Victoria beats Christy tonight with a little bit of cheating.

Rating: 3.75/10

Todd Grisham is backstage with John Cena. Todd is great, he has a lot of charisma. Cena says he is a target because he’s the new kid in school. No, he’s a target because he’s WWE Champion. Cena has a few words for Jericho and Christian.

There’s a video package showing the recent history between Kane and Edge.

Kane vs. Edge

This is the second pay per view match between these two men. Their previous match was at Backlash 2004 where Edge defeated Kane. Edge has a 2-1 record at Vengeance PPV’s having previously beaten Randy Orton and William Regal in Intercontinental title matches. Kane has a 0-2 record at the event. Edge is joined by Lita so expect plenty of “you screwed Matt” chants. Much like the last match we have a chase as the bell rings and the heel outsmarts the face. Edge’s advantage doesn’t last long though as Kane lays into him with some big right hands. Nobody has lost as many PPV matches as Kane. He chokes Edge on the middle rope and then hits some more right hands. A “we want Matt” chant breaks out as Kane clotheslines Edge out of the ring. Kane then intimidates Lita before laying out Edge and throwing him back into the ring. A “she’s a crack-whore” chant breaks out now as Kane chokes Edge in the middle of the ring. Edge pokes Kane in the eyes but Kane smashes Edge out of the ring again. Edge still has his money in the bank briefcase, might he cash it in tonight?

Kane smashes Edge into the security barricade but Edge takes the advantage by shoving Kane into the ring post and then flooring him with a spear. Kane gets back in the ring but Edge baseball slides him right back out. Kane finally gets back into the ring but Edge hits him with a big shoulder charge in the corner. Edge hits a few knee drops and some right hands before taking Kane down with the Edge-o-cution. I think it’s called that anyway. Kane sits up and hits Edge with a clothesline in the corner before taking Edge down again with an uppercut. Kane hits snake eyes and a clothesline for a two count. The big red machine then hits a sidewalk slam and then heads to the top but Edge sees him coming and hits Kane with a dropkick. Edge motions for the spear but Kane takes him down with a big boot. Kane motions for a chokeslam but out comes Snitsky! Kane disposes of him and then grabs Edge by the throat but Lita gets in the ring with a chair! Kane takes Lita down by the throat and then grabs the chair.

Kane wraps the chair around Lita’s neck but Snitsky is back in with a big boot to Kane! Edge then crawls over and covers Kane but Kane kicks out at 2! Edge attempts a DDT but Kane throws him across the ring. Snitsky then comes in off the top but Kane grabs him! Lita distracts the referee and Edge runs at Kane with the briefcase but Kane moves and Edge nails Snitsky! Kane then chokeslams Edge and pins him for the three! Kane beats Edge tonight! A surprising result actually. I expected Edge to win.

Rating: 6/10

There’s a video package showing Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels match at Wrestlemania 21. Kurt won that match of course and now he’s been drafted to Raw.

Todd Grisham is backstage with Shawn Michaels. Michaels laughs at Kurt Angle guarantee that he’ll make Michaels tap out twice. Shawn says Vengeance will be his.

Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

This is a re-match from Wrestlemania 21 where Kurt defeated Michaels. Kurt is 1-2 at Vengeance PPV’s whilst Michaels makes his Vengeance debut tonight. Shawn takes Kurt down with a headlock as both men look to execute some mat wrestling in the early going. Angle takes Michaels down with a shoulder charge but Michaels quickly hits a hiptoss and an armdrag into an armbar. Kurt counters the armbar into one of his own and Michaels escapes the ring holding his arm. Michaels gets back into the ring and hits some loud chops but Kurt tries to apply the ankle lock and manages to get a half Boston crab locked in until Michaels gets to the ropes. Michaels hits a couple more big chops and then a sunset flip but Angle counters it into an ankle lock. Shawn quickly gets out of it and then clotheslines Kurt out of the ring. Michaels hits a couple of chops on the outside but Kurt German suplexes him onto the Spanish announce table. Back in the ring and Angle gets a quick near fall.

Kurt hits a big knee to the face and then a neckbreaker for a near fall. Kurt then hits some stomps and Michaels looks like he may be bleeding just under one of his eyes. Angle powerbombs Michaels into the corner which looked pretty rough. That gets Angle a near fall. Kurt drops a couple of elbows and then hits a suplex for a near fall. Angle applies a chinlock which Michaels gets out of but Kurt hits him with a German suplex for a two count. Angle attempts an Angle slam but Michaels counters it with an arm drag just for Kurt to take him back down with a clothesline. Kurt hits a belly to belly suplex for a two count. This is the final Raw PPV before Summerslam so this match should give a good understanding of who will be featured higher on that card. Kurt applies a chinlock which Michaels gets out of with a side suplex. The two men slug it out and Michaels hits a flying forearm before nipping up! Michaels hits three right hands, an inverted atomic drop, a clothesline, powerslam and then heads to the top and drops an elbow!

Michaels motions for sweet chin music but Kurt takes him down with a clothesline. Kurt then tries for something else which Michaels counters into a DDT for a near fall. Michaels attempts a suplex but Kurt nips down and hits a German suplex. Kurt then hits the Angle slam and hooks the leg but Shawn kicks out! Kurt then tries for the ankle lock but Michaels rolls him up for a near fall. Kurt then locks on the ankle lock but Michaels rolls through it sending Angle into the referee! Kurt back body drops Michaels out of the ring and HBK sells the a knee injury. The doctors come out to check on Michaels but Angle shoves them out of the way and rolls Michaels back into the ring. Shawn then tries for sweet chin music but Kurt ducks it and applies the ankle lock! Michaels tries to get out of it but can’t but eventually does, sending Angle into the ringpost. There’s a few boo’s for that. Michaels hits sweet chin music out of nowhere but Michaels is too hurt to make the cover. HBK eventually makes the cover but Kurt kicks out.

Kurt is up first and heads to the top but Michaels sees him coming and hits him with sweet chin music! Shawn lays an arm over Kurt and gets the three! Shawn Michaels wins in this Wrestlemania re-match. It wasn’t as good as the Wrestlemania match but it was still a very good match.

Rating: 8.25/10

There’s an ad for The Great American Bash which is a month away.

Coach is backstage with Batista telling him the odds aren’t good for him tonight and he looks scared spit-less. Batista says he isn’t scared and Triple H will have to kill him to take the title off him. Triple H then gets in Batista’s face. The two get into it backstage until it’s broken up by referees.

Justin Roberts is in the ring next to a sofa. He introduces Lilian Garcia who introduces Viscera. Viscera walks out dressed in his dressing gown. Lilian is besotted with Viscera and the two sit down on the sofa. Lilian is back up on her feet to sing a song that she wrote for Vis. She sings it. Bit weird this. Lilian gets down on one knee and proposes to Viscera! Viscera says he’s going to take it into consideration but is then cut off as The Godfather’s music hits and The Godfather walks out with his hoes! The Godfather tries to talk Viscera out of getting married to Lilian to which Vis climbs aboard the ho train! Lilian is left crying in the ring as Viscera takes off with the hoes!

There’s a VT for the WWE Championship match next.

John Cena (c) vs. Christian vs. Chris Jericho – Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship

The WWE Championship has changed hands at every Vengeance PPV that it has been defended on. It’s a first time triple threat match between these three men and the WWE title is on the line. In terms of Vengeance records, John Cena has a 1-1 record, he actually beat Jericho at the 2003 event. Jericho has a 2-2 record and Christian has a 1-1 record. Christian is accompanied by Tyson Tomko. Chris Jericho has fought more PPV matches in 2005 than anybody else so far this year, this will be his 6th. Sadly for Jericho he’s yet to record a victory. Jerry Lawler tells us that Christian will be winning this so that means he won’t be. Jericho slaps Cena as the bell rings and so Cena takes him down. Christian and Jericho double team Cena but fight over who takes shots at him. Lawler changes his pick to Jericho so it’ll be Cena winning. Jericho hits Cena with a hard Irish whip and then Christian lays in some chops to the WWE Champion. Jericho then turns on Christian, taking him down with a reverse elbow. Tomko drags Jericho out of the ring and throws him into the barricade. Cena hits Christian with a big hiptoss and then lays in some boots.

Tomko trips Cena and the referee sees it and ejects Tomko from ringside! Cena sets christian up for the FU and then hits it on Captain Charisma, sending him to the outside. Cena then turns into a reverse elbow off the top from Jericho and a near fall. Jericho hits a suplex and then a basement dropkick before laying in some chops. Cena gets back into it with a big boot and then a right hand. Jericho hits a bulldog and then a reverse elbow before baseball sliding Cena out of the ring. Jericho lost to Batista at last years Vengeance event. Jericho is also the only man fighting tonight that also wrestled at the ECW One Night Stand PPV a couple of weeks ago. Cena hits Jericho with a DDT on the outside and then Christian rolls Cena back into the ring. This is Christians first ever main event and if you question this being the main event then I would argue anytime the WWE Championship is on the line then it is the main event. Christian applies a sleeper but Cena gets out of it and hits a couple of clotheslines, a shoulder charge and a side suplex.

Cena motions for the 5 knuckle shuffle but Jericho drags him out of the ring and throws him into the ring steps. Christian then baseball slides Jericho before rolling him into the ring. Christian kicks Jericho into Cena, who is standing on the apron and then rolls Jericho up for a near fall. Christian heads to the top but Jericho meets him up there for a superplex. Cena puts Jericho in the powerbomb position and powerbombs him into the mat as Jericho superplexes Christian! Cena pins Jericho and gets a two count and then pins Christian and gets another two count. Cena hits both opponents with clotheslines, powerslams and drop toe holds before hitting both men with a weak looking 5 knuckle shuffle. All three men take it in turns to get near falls and then all three men clothesline each other to the mat. Jericho goes up top but Cena crotches him and then throws Christian into his crotch before rolling up Christian for a two count.

Cena sets christian up for the FU but Christian rakes the eyes and hits his trademark reverse DDT for a two count. Christian exits the ring and grabs the WWE title but the referee holds Christian back. Tyson Tomko arrives from nowhere and takes Cena down with a clothesline. Christian makes the cover but Cena kicks out. Cena then back drops christian out of the ring but Jericho grabs Cena and locks on the walls of Jericho! Christian breaks up the submission but then Cena sets Christian up for the FU. Jericho runs at them but Cena swings Christian into Jericho before dropping Christian with the FU! Cena hooks the leg and gets the three! John Cena wins the match and retains his WWE Championship!

Rating: 7/10

There’s an advert for the new Legion Of Doom DVD.

Next up is a hype video for the Batista and Triple H match.

Batista (c) vs. Triple H – Hell In A Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

This is the third PPV match between these two men and Batista has won the previous 2. Both men made their Vengeance debuts at last years event, Batista with a victory over Chris Jericho and Triple H in a losing effort to Chris Benoit. Batista has new entrance music, I preferred his old music. This is Batista’s first ever Hell In A Cell match. Surely the winner of this match gets drafted to Smackdown? No point in having the World Heavyweight and WWE Championship on Raw. So far all titles have been retained tonight. Batista is in white trunks, kneepads and boots tonight. Batista hits a big clothesline in the early going and follows that up with a sidewalk slam. Jim Ross says Batista is 6 foot 6 but I find that hard to believe. Maybe 6 foot 3. Batista knocks Triple H down and then clotheslines him out of the ring before smashing him into the cell. The World Heavyweight champion launches his challenger into the side of the cell but Triple H reverses an Irish whip and sends Batista into the ringpost. Triple H then launches Batista into the cell.

This is only Batista’s 15th PPV match. He’s won 8 of his previous 14. Batista has wrestled as many PPV matches as Ahmed Johnson. Triple H pulls a chain out from under the ring and whips Batista with it. Helmsley then hangs Batista over the ropes by the chain. Batista escapes and grabs the chain himself before whipping The Game who screams out in pain. Batista spinebusters Triple H into the cell three times and Triple H is bleeding from the face now. Back in the ring and Triple H hits a spinebuster and then escapes the ring. Helmsley then pulls a steel chair wrapped in barbed-wire from under the ring. He smashes it into the back of Batista which immediately pierces the back of the champion. Triple H hits Batista with the chair a second time but Batista kicks the chair out of Triple H’s hand before he can use it a third time. Batista hits a big clothesline and then grabs the barbed-wire chair and smashes it into Triple H’s face! Batista then grates Helmsley’s face with the chair before throwing Triple H into the side of the cell. Back in the ring and Batista misses with a shoulder charge in the corner.

Triple H attempts to pedigree Batista on the barbed-wire chair but Batista hits a back body drop. Batista then powerslams Triple H on the chair for a two count. Triple H then DDT’s Batista on the chair. Batista is now bleeding from the face and Triple H throws him into the side of the cell. Helmsley then pulls out his trademark sledgehammer from under the ring. Batista punches it out of Triple H’s hand and the two men slug it out. Batista sets up for the Batista bomb but Triple H hits a back body drop. Triple H then smashes the sledgehammer into Batista’s face. He hooks the leg and it’s a two! How the hell does Batista kick out of that? Triple H holds the sledgehammer over Batista’s prone body but Batista hits him with a low blow! Triple H goes up to the middle rope with a chain wrapped round his knuckles but Batista hits him with the sledgehammer! Batista hits some big right hands and then Irish whips Triple H out of the ring before throwing The Game into the ring steps. Batista then hits Triple H with the ring steps and throws the steps into the ring.

Batista throws Triple H into the ring and sets the steps up in the corner. Batista smashes Helmsley into the ring steps three times and then throws him into them. Batista motions for the Batista bomb but Triple H low blows him. Triple H then hits the pedigree but Batista kicks out of the pinfall! Triple H sets Batista up for a pedigree on the steel steps but Batista counters it with a spinebuster on the steps! Batista sets up for a Batista bomb and Triple H grabs the sledgehammer but he can’t use it, Batista hits the Batista bomb and gets the 3! Batista retains his World Heavyweight Championship tonight!

Rating: 8/10

And that was Vengeance 2005. There were only 6 matches and it could have done with another one, probably the tag team title match. None the less, the Intercontinental title was defended in an alright match between Carlito and Shelton Benjamin. This match was ok but didn’t quite click. It was a dirty win for Carlito, using the exposed turnbuckle It’s an old school finish and a pretty weak one for this match. It would’ve been nice to see Carlito win in more of a clean fashion but I suppose it keeps Benjamin strong. I like the IC division being built around these two men. Victoria then beat Christy Hemme in another dirty finish. The match was fairly poor but saying that I have seen much worse. Victoria held on to the ropes to win giving two dirty finishes back to back. They should have spread out the matches or just had one dirty finish. It wouldn’t have hurt Christy at all if Victoria had won cleanly. It was the right winner in any case.

Kane beat Edge in what was the most surprising result of the night. Edge has been getting a big push as of late and I thought he’d get another win tonight. Snitsky is involved as Edge’s right hand man at the moment which is fine. Kane beats Edge with a chokeslam. Another weak finish if you ask me but I did enjoy the chaos with Lita, Snitsky and Edge’s briefcase. A win for Kane anyway. Shawn Michaels then beat Kurt Angle, getting his win back from Wrestlemania. This was a very good match, lots of chemistry between these two men and fantastic psychology.  It’s 1-1 in this series so I’d love to see a rubber match but I could see this one ending in a stalemate for now. The WWE Championship match ended with John Cena pinning christian cleanly. This essentially takes Christian out of the WWE title picture for the time being. Cena and Jericho could continue, I definitely see Batista heading to Smackdown in the draft leaving the WWE Championship as the top title on Raw. Decent triple threat between three good competitors. Cena seems to be getting a few boo’s at the moment which is interesting.

The main event was a good one and even more bloody than I could have expected. Batista retains his World Heavyweight Championship in a match with a clever finish. Triple H picked up the sledgehammer as he went up for the Batista bomb but couldn’t use it, as much as you expected him to. I think Batista will be headed to Smackdown or should they crown their own champion then I think they will merge the WWE and World Heavyweight titles. Vengeance was a decent show though, nothing spectacular but the hell in a cell match is definitely worth checking out as are the WWE title match and the Shawn Michaels/Kurt Angle match.

Overall Rating: 64.58/100 (ranked 33rd out of 181)

Match Of The Night: Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle
Worst Match Of The Night: Christy Hemme vs. Victoria
Surprise Of The Night: Kane beats Edge
Worst Booking Of The Night: Back to back dirty finishes
Superstar Of The Night: Batista
Vengeance 2005 Will Be Remembered For: The bloody hell in a cell match

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