Unforgiven 2005

|Date: September 18, 2005
|Venue: Ford Center |City: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
|Attendance: 8,000 |Buys: 250,000

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WWE Champion vs. Gold Medalist. Tonight John Cena defends his WWE Championship against Kurt Angle. Cena went one on one with Chris Jericho one final time on Raw a few weeks ago with the winner leaving with the WWE title and the loser being fired. Jericho lost the match and was subsequently given his marching orders by Eric Bischoff. Kurt Angle then made his presence felt, attacking Cena after the match where Bischoff announced that Kurt would get a title shot at Unforgiven. Kurt has been given some help as of later by the problems solver Tyson Tomko and the two battled Cena in a handicap match on Raw last week. Cena won the match, pinning Tomko but after the match Kurt wrapped Cena’s ankle around the ringpost, injuring it and giving Angle the advantage heading into their title match.

There are three title matches scheduled for Unforgiven. The Intercontinental Championship is set to be defended as Carlito puts his title on the line against the legendary Ric Flair. Flair was a guest on Carlito’s Cabana a few weeks ago and Carlito disrespected him by spitting apple in his face. Tonight Flair gets the opportunity to take away Carlito’s title. The tag team titles will also be defended as The Hurricane and Rosey get set to put their belts on the line. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch are a new team on Monday Night Raw and on their very first night they defeated The Hurricane and Rosey in a non title match. Because of this win Cade and Murdoch were granted a tag team title match at Unforgiven.

The Women’s Championship isn’t defended tonight but the champion will be in action. Recently there was a trade with Christy Hemme and Stacy Keibler heading to Smackdown and Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle joining Raw. Torrie and Candice immediately targeted the winner of the 2005 diva search Ashley. They attacked her on a number of occasions with help from Victoria but Ashley went out and found a tag team partner in Trish Stratus and as a result Ashley and Trish will be in tag team action against Torrie Wilson and Victoria. One diva who will be at the show but not in action is Lita. She was yards away as Matt Hardy and Edge flew off the stage, crashing through electrical equipment and injuring both men. Eric Bischoff then made a steel cage match for Unforgiven between Matt Hardy and Edge.

Shawn Michaels has made it clear that he’s happy Hulk Hogan is gone but one man that says Michaels is too old is Chris Masters. Shawn Michaels accepted Masters offer of a Masterlock challenge but Michaels could not break the hold. Masters would attack Michaels with a chair but as a result Shawn challenged Chris for a match at Unforgiven. It’ll be Masters first PPV match. Chavo Guerrero has recently repackaged himself as middle class white man Kerwin White. He’s interfered in a Shelton Benjamin match and even attacked Benjamin with a golf club when they were supposed to go one on one. Tonight they will meet again. Also tonight The Big Show meets Snitsky. Big Show saved Matt Hardy a few weeks ago from Snitsky attacking him with the ring bell but in the end Snitsky attacked Big Show with the bell. These two big men go one on one tonight.

On Heat prior to Unforgiven Rob Conway defeated Tajiri.

A video package kicks off the show hyping up the John Cena vs. Kurt Angle main event tonight. Jim Ross then welcomes us to Oklahoma, he’s joined by Jerry Lawler and Coach.

Carlito (c) vs. Ric Flair – Intercontinental Championship Match

This is a first PPV match between these two men. Flair has a 0-2 record at Unforgiven PPV’s, whilst Carlito is wrestling his first match at this event. Carlito is undefeated in singles matches on pay per view and now defends his IC title for a second time on pay per view. Flair takes down Carlito in the early going with a side headlock. Carlito takes Ric down with a shoulder block and then mocks the Nature Boy. It’s a slow start to this match with both men getting a move in and taunting their opponent. Carlito hits a reverse elbow and a big right hand which sends Flair sprawling. Flair gets back into it with a chop, flooring the champion. Carlito re-groups on the outside. Flair is a former WWE and Tag Team champion but never an Intercontinental champion. Back in the ring and Carlito hits some rights and lefts in the corner. Flair pokes Carlito in the eye and then hits him with some chops and right hands.

Carlito knocks Flair down with a clothesline and then hits some left hands in the corner. Flair takes Carlito down with an inverted atomic drop and then a chop before looking for the figure four but Carlito kicks him out of the ring. Carlito heads outside and pushes Flair into the ringpost before throwing the former WWE Champion into the ring steps. Carlito rolls Flair back in the ring for the first near fall of the night. Carlito then applies a hammerlock which Flair gets out of by hitting some chops. Carlito pulls Flairs hair to take him down and then mounts him and hits some big left hands. A “lets go Flair” chant breaks out as Carlito hits a big back body drop for a two count. I like Carlito as IC champion, I don’t see any reason to take the belt off him tonight. He hits an armbar takedown for another near fall before going back to the hammerlock. Flair gets out of it and hits some more chops and a reverse elbow.

Flair hits a big knee-drop and then another chop before heading to the top. Flair never executes a move off the top. Carlito meets him up there but Flair fights him off with a thumb to the eye. Flair then comes off the top and knocks Carlito down with an axe handle! Flair celebrates actually hitting a move off the top and then goes back up there but this time Carlito sees him coming and hits him with a dropkick for a near fall. Carlito heads to the outside and grabs his apple, takes a bite of it but Flair punches him in the mouth! Carlito looks like he’s choking on the apple but Flair locks on the figure four! Carlito taps out and Ric Flair wins the Intercontinental Championship! The crowd goes nuts! Flair gets on the microphone after the match and says what na honour it is to win the IC title. Flair then grabs a coupe of girls from ringside and goes off to party!

Rating: 5/10

Todd Grisham tries to get a word with Carlito backstage but Carlito is too angry to talk and walks off!

Edge is backstage with Lita who is reminiscing about Matt phoning her when she was with Edge.

Trist Stratus & Ashley vs. Victoria & Torrie Wilson

This is a PPV in-ring debut for Ashley who teams with the WWE Women’s Champion tonight. Trish is 3-0 at Unforgiven PPV’s so she’s a safe bet in this one. Victoria is 0-0 and the other two girls make their Unforgiven debuts tonight. Trish and Torrie start the match but Torrie quickly tags out to Victoria. Trish beat Victoria at last years Unforgiven event. Victoria takes Trish down with a front facelook but Trish takes Victoria down with a head scissors and then hits a Lou Thesz press. Trish hits some right hands a chops on Victoria and then tags out to Ashley. Ashley takes Victoria down with a clothesline and then rolls over her without touching her. Ashley does hit Victoria with a basement dropkick before coving Victoria. Torrie breaks up the pin and throws Ashley out of the ring head first. Candice Michelle lays into Ashley on the outside before throwing her back in where Victoria nails the diva search winner with a legdrop.

Victoria applies a sleeper on Ashley but Ashley gets out of it just for Victoria to take her down and tags out to Torrie Wilson. Torrie isn’t the most accomplished wrestler herself and she slams Ashley’s head into the mat and then tags back out to Victoria. Victoria stops Ashley from tagging out by hitting her with a knee to the face. Trish, Victoria and Torrie are three of the top 10 of all time women wrestlers in the WWE if you ask me. Trish being number one. Ashley tags Trish but the referee doesn’t see it so kicks Trish back out. Victoria hits Ashley with a snap suplex and then heads to the top but Ashley gets up and crotches Victoria before tagging out to Trish! Trish hits her trademark hurricanrana. Trish hits some forearms on Victoria and then nails Torrie off the apron. Trish then takes Victoria down with a headscissors and takes both opponents down with clotheslines. Trish hits Victoria with a spinebuster and makes the cover but Candice distracts the referee.

Ashley takes Candice Michelle down on the outside whilst on the inside of the ring Trish hits a headlock/headscissors takedown on Victoria and Torrie. Trish then hits Victoria with the chick kick and hooks the leg and it’s all over! Trish Stratus and Ashley win the match! It’s a win on Ashley’s PPV debut.

Rating: 4.5/10

Ric Flair is backstage with four ladies and two battles of champagne. He takes them all to a limo and pops a couple of viagra for good measure! Flair then counts the women in the limo and takes another couple of viagra! Gotta love the Nature Boy!

Lilian Garcia points out ZZ Top who are ringside.

The Big Show vs. Snitsky

It’s a first PPV meeting between these two men. Big Show is 0-2 at Unforgiven PPV matches whilst Snitsky makes his Unforgiven debut tonight. The two men get into it before the bell and Big Show throws Snitsky across the ring. Big Show hits some big chops and then hiptosses Snitsky across the ring again. The two men exchange right hands and Big Show comes out on top before choking Snitsky with his boot. Snitsky exits the ring and walks up the entrance ramp but Big Show goes after him and throws him back into the ring. Big Show silences the crowd and then hits a big chop to the chest of Snitsky. Snitsky once again leaves the ring and Big Show goes after him but this time misses with a clothesline and hits the ringpost instead. Back in the ring and Snitsky applies a hammerlock and we now go to a replay of Snitsky hitting Big Show with a ring bell 3 weeks ago. Back in the ring and Snitsky still has the hammerlock applied that is until Big Show throws him across the ring again.

Big Show sets up for a chokeslam but snitsky fights him off. Big Show then sets it up again but Snitsky nips down. Snitsky hits a side suplex and it looked like Big Show landed on the back of his neck. Snitsky gets a near fall. Snitsky goes back to the hammerlock but Big Show fights him off and takes him down with a spinebuster. Big Show looking for his first ever win at an Unforgiven PPV tonight in his first ever singles match at the event. Big Show nips up! He then fights off Snitsky with headbutts and a shoulder charge before motioning for the chokeslam and hitting it in the middle of the ring for a three count. Big Show wins the match and makes it three for three for the faces so far tonight. After the match Big Show grabs the ring bell and lamps Snitsky with it! And then a second time for good measure!

Rating: 3.75/10

Backstage there’s some steam coming from Ric Flair’s limo. Sounds like he’s having a good time!

There’s a video package next hyping up Shawn Michaels and Chris Masters.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Kerwin White

This is a first time meeting between these two men. It’s also an Unforgiven debut for both. Kerwin White is of course Chavo Guerrero who has dropped his Latino heritage and now has awesome entrance music and is parading around as a middle class white man. Shelton lays into Kerwin on the outside before throwing him into the ring to officially start the match. Benjamin hits a knee to the abdomen and then a big right hand and a powerslam. Shelton hits a very cool sliding clothesline but White gets back into it with a basement dropkick to the knee. Kerwin hits a chopblock and then continues to go to work on Benjamins knee. A “Chavo sucks” chant breaks out as White hits an uppercut and a kneebreaker. Chavo then applies a leglock which Shelton gets out of but Kerwin takes him down with a spinning head scissors. Kerwin gets a near fall and then smashes Benjamins knee into the apron. Kerwin attempts a monkey flip but Shelton lands on his feet and hits a Samoan drop but his knee is hurting.

The two men slug it out with right hands and Shelton knocks White down with a clothesline and then a reverse elbow. Benjamin hits a backbreaker for a near fall and then hits a back body drop and a side suplex. Shelton heads to the top but Kerwin smashes his knee and then hits a superplex. These two men have met in tag team action when they were part of Los Guerrero’s and The world’s Greatest Tag Team respectively. Kerwin gets a near fall and then hits a drop toe hold into a half crab. Benjamin counters it into a slingshot, sending White into the ringpost. Kerwin then grabs a golf club but Benjamin sees him coming and hits Kerwin with a t-bone suplex which is enough for the three! Shelton Benjamin wins the match! That’s four wins from four for the faces tonight!

Rating: 5.75/10

Backstage Todd Grisham is with Matt Hardy. Matt calls Lita a bitch because she slept with his best friend. I really don’t think Edge was ever Matt’s best friend but I guess it adds to the story.

There’s a video package for Matt Hardy and Edge next.

Matt Hardy vs. Edge – Cage Match

This is a rematch from Summerslam where Edge beat Matt Hardy because Matt couldn’t continue. Matt Hardy has a 1-1 record at Unforgiven PPV’s compared to Edge’s 0-4 record. This is the 5th match so far tonight and a heel is yet to win. Lita is on the outside of the cage for this one. The two men start the match with an aggressive lock-up and then exchange right hands. Edge attempts the climb up the cage early and gets all the way to the top but Matt pulls him back into the ring before coming off the top with a double axe handle. Hardy applies a headlock. Matt has wrestled 45 PPV matches and has wrestled the most amount of PPV matches without main eventing a single one of them. Edge hits a big kick to Hardy’s ribs and then climbs the cage again but once again Matt pulls him back into the ring and this time hits a clothesline for a near fall. Matt hits a clothesline off the middle rope and then tries for a twist of fate but Edge shoves him into the cage and then drops him with a reverse DDT for a near fall.

Edge climbs the cage once again but Matt climbs up with him and tries for a side effect off the top but Edge fights him off. Edge then comes off the top with a missile dropkick to the back of Matts head. Edge hits two side suplexes and then drops an elbow and applies an armbar. Edge breaks the armbar and DDT’s Hardy into the mat for a near fall. Edge smashes Matt into the side of the cage in a powerbomb position and then actually hits Matt with a powerbomb into the corner. The referee checks on Matt and Edge hits Matt with a running bot. Edge could probably just walk out of the cage door now. Instead Edge pops Matt on the top turnbuckle but Matt fights him off and tries to climb the cage. Edge goes back up and this time powerbombs Hardy all the way down to the mat below. Edge slowly crawls over and gets a near fall. Edge hits some big right hands on Matt in the corner but Hardy drops Edge on the turnbuckle. Hardy hits side effect for a two count. Edge crawls towards the open cage door but Matt drags him back in. Lita hands Edge his money in the bank briefcase and he swings it at Hardy who ducks! Hardy then ties Edge up in the ropes but Edge quickly frees himself.

Hardy catapults Edge into the side of the cage and then bulldogs him onto his briefcase. Matt throws Edge into each side of the cage and then pushes Lita off the side of the cage she was trying to climb up. Edge is busted open from the forehead and Matt hits him with big right hands. Hardy grabs the briefcase and heads to the top but Edge shoves the referee into the ropes and Matt falls down between the ropes and the cage. Edge then hits Hardy with a spear and climbs the cage himself. Hardy then brings Edge back down to the canvas with a side effect! Lita opens the cage door and tries to throw a steel chair in but the referee takes it off her. Hardy pins Edge but Lita dives in and breaks up the cover! Matt hits Lita with a side effect but then turns around into a spear! Edge pins Hardy who kicks out at 2! The crowd are really into this match. Edge climbs the cage again but Matt slams his head into the top of the cage. Matt then climbs to the very top of the cage, looks down at Edge and dives off with a legdrop! Matt covers Edge and it’s over! Matt Hardy wins the match!

Rating: 8/10

John Cena is backstage getting his foot taped on when Eric Bischoff arrives. Bischoff says that Cena can’t survive against Angle tonight. Cena then tapes up Bischoffs mouth.

The Hurricane & Rosey (c) vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch – World Tag Team Championship Match

The Hurricane and Rosey defend their tag team championships on PPV for the first time since winning them back at Backlash four months ago. It’s a PPV debut for Murdoch. Rosey has a 1-0 record at Unforgiven PPVs, Hurricane has a 0-1 record and Cade makes his Unforgiven debut tonight. The tag team championships have been successfully defended at Unforgiven events 4 times out of 6 times they have been defended. The Hurricane and Lance Cade start the match and Cade takes down Hurricane early. Cade hits a slam but misses with an elbow drop. Hurricane hits arm drags on both challengers and then a head scissors on Murdoch. Murdoch has a very distinctive look about him, quite an old school look. Cade drops Hurricane with a reverse elbow and then tags in Murdoch. Hurricane hits Murdoch with an uppercut and then a dropkick off the middle rope for a one count.

Hurricane tags in Rosey and they double team Murdoch for another one count. Murdoch tries for a headbutt on Rosey but it doesn’t affect the big man and Rosey hits another headbutt and then a running arse splat in the corner for a one count. Murdoch tags in Cade who hits a couple of knee drops for a two count before applying a front facelock. On the outside Trevor Murdoch asks Lilian Garcia for a kiss but The Hurricane runs round and fights Murdoch off. Murdoch then hits Hurricane with a DDT off the apron! Rosey gets out of the front facelock and checks on The Hurricane who is out on the outside. Rosey hits a back body drop on Cade and then a clothesline in the corner before clotheslining Murdoch off the apron. Murdoch then saves Cade from another splash in the corner.

Cade tags in Murdoch who covers Rosey for a two count. Murdoch hits a legdrop on Rosey as EMT’s come out to check on Hurricane. Cade hits some cheap shots on Rosey on the outside, ramming Rosey into the ring apron. Back in the ring and Murdoch gets a one count. Murdoch tags in Cade who hits a big right hand on Rosey. Rosey fights back but Lance Cade takes him down with a neckbreaker. Cade tags in Murdoch and Rosey takes down both men with a double clothesline. Hurricane then walks back to the ring and tags himself in! He fights off both challengers with forearms until Cade hits a chopblock and Murdoch a clothesline at the same time! Murdoch covers hurricane and gets the three! Cade and Murdoch win the World tag team championships tonight! Not a bad start to Trevor Murdochs PPV career. It’s also the first heel win of the night on the 6th time of asking.

Rating: 5.5/10

Backstage one of the girls leaves the limo to catch her breath. She then gets back in the limo!

Maria Kanellis is backstage with Chris Masters. Maria asks him why they call him the masterbate. Masters corrects her then says that tonight Michaels is going to get broken.

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Masters

This is a first time meeting between these two men on pay per view, mostly due to this being Chris Masters first ever PPV match. This is Shawn Michaels third Unforgiven match, he beat Kane last year and lost to Randy Orton two years ago. Michaels makes his entrance and Masters attacks him from behind and locks on the Masterlock! The referee breaks it up but Masters takes some more cheap shots at Michaels. The bell is yet to ring. When it finally does Masters looks to apply the Masterlock again but this time Michaels counters it. Shawn hits some chops and right hands and then a running knee lift. Michaels hits a clothesline and then a second clothesline sending Masters out of the ring. Ashley and Trevor Murdoch have both won on their PPV debuts tonight, could Masters do the same? Michaels hits Masters with a plancha, flying over the top rope. Michaels hits a chop on the outside and then throws Masters into the ring steps.

Michaels grabs a chair but the referee grabs it off him which distracts Michaels long enough for Chris Masters to boot him in the middle section and then throw him into the barricade. Masters then smashes Michaels spine-first into the ring post. Back in the ring and Masters hits an elbow drop and a legdrop for a near fall. Chris hits a suplex for another two count and then hits a big knee to Michaels back. Michaels fights back but Masters takes him down with as back body drop for another two count. Masters hits a backbreaker for a two count. Master attempts to lock on the Masterlock but Michaels fights him off and hits some chops. Masters reverses an Irish whip and sends Michaels upside down in the corner before locking on a backbreaker similar to the move Lex Luger used to finish with. Michaels fights his way out of it and rolls Masters up for a two count. Masters then takes the advantage with a big clothesline Masters is bleeding from the nose, creating a Hitler style moustache.

Masters holds Michaels above his head, nearly drops him and then hits a military press. He then motions for the Masterlock but as he tries to get it on Michaels hits him with a low blow! The referee doesn’t see it though. The two men get to their feet and slug it out, Michaels hits a big flying forearm (Jim Ross calls it the flying burrito, I’m sure that’s a shout out to Bobby Heenan) and nips up! Michaels hits an inverted atomic drop, two clotheslines and a powerslam. Shawn heads to the top and hits the flying elbow drop. He then motions for sweet chin music but Masters ducks it and locks on the Masterlock! Michaels tries to fight out of it but Masters shakes him about. Michaels goes down to one knee but he gets back up and dives over the top rope which means Masters has to break the hold! Masters breaks it but isn’t happy. Michaels drops Masters on the top rope and the heads to the top before diving off but Masters catches him! Masters tries to get the Masterlock on but Michaels quickly escapes it and hits sweet chin music! And that’s enough for the three. Shawn Michaels wins the match, a good match between these two.

Rating: 6.75/10

The girls are shown leaving the limo backstage and Flair follows, with his arse hanging out. Flair then collapses face first. The commentators laugh so it can’t be anything serious!

There’s a video package next for John Cena and Kurt Angle.

John Cena (c) vs. Kurt Angle – WWE Championship Match

This is the third singles match between these two men on PPV. Kurt won the first at No Mercy 2003 and Cena won the second, earlier this year at No Way Out. Kurt has a 1-2 record at Unforgiven PPV’s whilst Cena is making his first appearance at an Unforgiven PPV. Here’s a stat for you, John Cena’s only loss on PPV in the last 18 months came in the 2005 Royal Rumble match. Cena has won 12 other PPV matches in that time. Both men were successful at last months Summerslam event, Cena beat Jericho and Kurt beating Eugene. Angle takes Cena down early but Cena gets back into it with a hiptoss, sending Kurt sprawling to the outside. Back in the ring and Kurt hits a hammerlock takedown and then applies an armbar. Cena then hits a headlock takeover which Kurt fights out of. Cena knocks Angle down a couple of times and once again Kurt heads to the outside. Back in the ring and Kurt hits a couple of uppercuts and right hands. Cena hits a boot and then a powerslam and an elbow drop for a two count.

Cena smashes Kurt into all four top turnbuckles and then takes him down with a sidewalks slam for a two count. Kurt rakes the eyes and then takes Cena down with a German suplex. Kurt hits a snap suplex for a two count. Cena fights back with some right hands but Kurt hits a hard Irish whip and a belly to belly suplex. Angle hits a couple of knee lifts and then applies a waistlock. Kurt turns it into a German suplex and then gets a couple of near falls. Angle applies a body scissors but Cena gets out of it and takes Kurt down with a DDT. The two men get to their feet and slug it out and Cena hits two clotheslines, a flying shoulder block and then a suplex for a two count. This match has a big fight feel to it. Cena motions for the FU and he scoops Angle up for it but Kurt counters it into an ankle lock! Cena quickly kicks him off and then hits a spinebuster for a two count. Cena gets Kurt up for another FU but Angle nips down and hits the Angle slam! He makes the cover but Cena kicks out at 2!

Kurt applies the ankle lock but once again Cena quickly kicks him off. Cena hits a slam and then motions for the 5 knuckle shuffle too boo’s from the crowd. Cena hits the 5 knuckle shuffle and gets a 2 count. Kurt attempts a clothesline but Cena ducks and “Kurt wipes out the referee. Cena hits the FU but there is no referee to make the count! John checks on the referee and walks back into a low blow courtesy of Angle. Kurt then grabs his gold medals, wraps them around his hand and leathers Cena with them! Angle hits a knee drop to Cena’s ankle and then pulls down the straps! Kurt applies the ankle lock and out walks Eric Bischoff! Bischoff screams in Cena’s face to say goodbye to his title! Cena gets to the ropes but Bischoff kicks away Cena’s hand and Kurt drags him back to the middle of the ring! Cena manages to kick Angle into Bischoff and then grabs his WWE title and smashes it into the face of Angle! The referee sees it though and calls for the bell! It’s a disqualification win for Kurt!

Eric Bischoff gets on the mic and says the title will not be going to Cena tonight! Cena then puts Bischoff up on his shoulders and hits him with the FU! Cena’s music hits but Angle attacks the champion from behind. It looks like Kurt has won this one by disqualification but obviously won’t be taking his title. Kurt lays into Cena on the outside, throwing him into the ring steps. Kurt then takes the Spanish announcers table apart but Cena scoops him up and FU’s Kurt right through the table!

Rating: 7.25/10

And that was Unforgiven 2005. 8 matches, as we’ve come to expect. It was the first Unforgiven in history not to feature Kane in a match. There was no Triple H on this one either. It kicked off with Carlito losing the Intercontinental Championship to Ric Flair. This was a bit of a surprising result and after taking it in, I don’t actually mind it that much. I did like Carlito as champion but maybe he’ll go on to bigger and better things now. Or maybe he’ll win the title back sharpish. This match wasn’t the usual fast paced match that kicks off a pay per view, it was pretty average but it ended with a nice moment that got a huge pop with Flair capturing the gold. Next up Trish and Ashley beat Torrie and Victoria in another average match. I can see this leading up to Trish vs. Ashley as the heels weren’t made to look strong against the champion in this one. I don’t mind Victoria, Torrie and Candice as a stable, it’ll be interesting to see where they go. It’s nice to have Trish back, hopefully that Women’s title will be defended ASAP.

Big Show beat Snitsky in a fairly poor match. This one could have gone either way and because of all the faces winning tonight, this one could easily have gone to Snitsky. I guess this puts an end to this feud. Who knows where either of these guys go, they’re both sort of floating around really. Shelton Benjamin defeated Kerwin White in a match that on paper could have been really good but in reality didn’t live up to the hype. These are two very talented athletes who could have easily put on a 7/10 match but this just wasn’t that good. I don’t understand why Benjamin won this one either as it kills Kerwins momentum for his new character. Not much to say here, neither men are up to much at the moment. Slightly disappointed by this match. I wasn’t disappointed by the cage match though. Edge and Matt Hardy gave their all and told an amazing story. Matt won the match and this seems like a good place to end the feud. Matts legdrop off the top of the cage made me cringe but Matt seemed ok afterwards. Edge is main event bound, Matt probably isn’t. Still, great stuff from these two, match of the night for sure.

The Hurricane and Rosey lost their tag team championships to the new team of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. I like these guys Cade and Murdoch, I think they’ll be a staple in the tag team division for a while. I think this will be the end for Hurricane and Rosey with one of them turning heel on the other. Especially with how this match went, with Hurricane getting taken out and then trying to save the day only to get pinned. The tag team division is pretty terrible at the moment, you’ve basically got these two teams, The Heart Throbs and then a couple of make-shift teams like Val Venis and Viscera and Eugene and Tajiri. Shawn Michaels then beat Chris Masters. I don’t mind this. Michaels doesn’t need to put everybody over and Masters just being in this match is a huge rub. Chris was made to look good and Michaels sold well for him. Michaels got the win though and this’ll put an end to this feud. Not sure where it leaves Michaels though, there isn’t much of a main event scene at the moment outside of John Cena and Kurt Angle. And we don’t need to see Michaels against Triple H or Edge again.

John Cena lost the match to Kurt Angle by disqualification which means this feud continues. The next Raw brand PPV is Taboo Tuesday so I definitely expect a gimmick match between the two at that show. Kurt is a beast at the moment and if anyone should beat Cena for the title it’s him. I’m waiting for the inevitable feud between Cena and Triple H though. This one continues, expect a gimmick match between the two or who knows, this one could go all the way to Survivor Series. Good match between these two on a fairly average show overall. A show of two halves.

Overall Rating: 58.12/100 (ranked 90th out of 184)

Match Of The Night: Matt Hardy vs. Edge
Worst Match Of The Night: The Big Show vs. Snitsky
Biggest Surprise Of The Night: Ric Flair wins the Intercontinental Championship
Worst Booking Of The Night: Shelton Benjamin beats Kerwin White
Superstar Of The Night: Ric Flair
Unforgiven 2005 Will Be Remembered For: The cage match between Edge and Matt Hardy

One thought on “Unforgiven 2005

  1. Between winning the Raw Tag-Team Titles at Backlash and losing them to Cade and Murdoch here, The Hurricane and Rosey hadn’t been on WWE PPV for a good chunk of 2005, but rather were in a small feud with the Heart Throbs on Sunday Night Heat, as well as briefly picking up Stacy Keibler as their valet before she got drafted to SmackDown just to job to Jillian Hall.

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