No Mercy 2005

| Date: October 9, 2005
| Venue: Toyota Center | City: Houston, Texas
| Attendance: 7,000 | Buys: 230,000

| tweet me: @BastionBlogger

Tonight we find out whether “good friends” Batista and Eddie Guerrero have no mercy for one another as they battle in tonights main event. Palmer Cannon has been a thorn in Teddy Long’s side as of late, showing up on Smackdown as a network representative and sticking his oar in where it doesn’t belong. With Teddy Long aobut to announce Rey Mysterio as Batista’s next PPV opponent, Palmer interrupted and instead announced Eddie Guerrero. Since then Eddie has tried to gain the trust of Batista and although claiming to have turned a corner, he did accidentally knock Batista down with a steel chair on Smackdown a week ago. Batista, although not trusitng Eddie, has been humouring him and tonight at No Mercy we find out what Guerrero is willing to do to take back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

There are three title matches in all tonight. Chris Benoit was given the opportunity to name his own opponent for his United States Championship and after weighing up Booker T, Christian and Orlando Jordan, Benoit decided to wrestle against all three men at No Mercy in a fatal four way match. Benoit has had the better of Orlando Jordan over recent weeks, beating the former champion in under 30 seconds on multiple occasions. Meanwhile Christian has been stirring the pot with Booker T, converting Sharmell to his way of thinking with Benoit his target. The Cruiserweight title is also set to be defended as Nunzio defends against the winner of a number one contendership battle royal, Juventud Guerrera. Nunzio has Vito in his corner but Juventud will be joined by Psicosis and Super Crazy.

Randy Orton defeated The Undertaker at Summerslam with help from his father, Cowboy Bob Orton. Since then, Randy and Bob tried to mock The Undertaker first appearing with a casket and inside of it was a waxwork model of The Undertaker himself. The Ortons appeared again with the waxwork but this time it was the real Undertaker who chokeslammed both men. The following week The Undertaker bought out a double casket with models of both Ortons inside. Tonight The Undertaker battles both Randy Orton and Cowboy Bob Orton in the first ever hanidcap casket match. Another big match pits John “Bradshaw” Layfield against Rey Mysterio. Layfield has mocked Mysterio’s Mexican heritage and mocked Mysterio’s size. They go one on one tonight.

The WWE Tag Team Championships will not be defended tonight as the champions Animal and Heidenreich team up with Christy Hemme to take on MNM. Christy has recently taken up a bit of a managerial role with the tag team champions and whilst MNM look to take the titles back at some point, tonight there will be a 6 person mixed tag team match. Two newcomers to Smackdown will also get singles matches tonight. Mr Kennedy is a loud, obnoxious newcomer, something that Hardcore Holly takes exception to. Those two will meet one on one tonight. As will Bobby Lashley and Simon Dean. Simon Dean fought Lashley on his Smackdown debut and couldn’t get the better of the hench superstar. They meet again tonight.

The show kicks off with a video package hyping Eddie Guerrero and Batista. It’s mainly focused on Guerrero and whether he can be trusted or not. The video package then shifts to The Undertaker and Randy Orton. Michael Cole then welcomes us to Houston Texas whilst a new “No Mercy” theme plays. Cole is joined by Tazz.

Animal, Heidenreich & Christy Hemme vs. MNM (Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro & Melina)

It’s a No Mercy debut for all six involved in this match. Melina goes into this match undefeated on pay per view having beaten Torrie Wilson in her only previous PPV match. The WWE Tag Team Championships held by Animal and Heidenreich not on the line tonight. Heidenreich grabs Johnny Nitro and pulls him into the ring to start the match. Animal hits Nitro with a big slam and then tags in Heidenreich who takes Nitro out with a big clothesline for the first near fall of the night. Heidenreich tags Animal back in and the tag team champions hit a double reverse elbow. Animal hits a clothesline on Nitro in the corner and then tries for a second but Nitro reverses the Irish whip and tags in Joey Mercury. Mercury hits some kicks to Animals injured shoulder and then drives him into the turnbuckle. Mercury takes a cheap shot at Heidenreich and then he and Mercury hit the snapshot on Animal! The referee is slow to make the count and as a result Animal kicks out.

Mercury tags Nitro back in and I think that finisher spot happened too early into this match. Plenty of double teaming from MNM in this one as they continue to work Aninals arm. Nitro tags in Mercury who comes in off the second rope. Mercury applies an armbar and then hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. Mercury then heads to the top but Animal catches him and hits a slam for a two count. All hell breaks loose as all four men get into it. Nitro disposes of Heidenreich but then misses with a jump off the apron. Melina tags herself in and goes to the top but Animal catches her and tags in Christy Hemme! Big pop for Christy who hits a big clothesline on Melina. Christy hits a hurricanrana, kinda notched but it’ll do. Animal then pops Melina on his shoulders, Christy heads to the top and hits the doomsday device! Christy hooks the leg and gets the 3! Christy, Animal and Heidenreich win the match tonight. Slightly unexpected, I thought MNM might get the win.

Rating: 5/10

Batista is backstage limbering up when Eddie Guerrero arrives and wishes him good luck. Batista wishes him good luck back.

Christy, Animal and Heidenreich are shown in some sort of website area, they’ll be answering questions.

Bobby Lashley vs. Simon Dean

Simon Dean gets on the mic before the match saying that the people in Houston are the fattest in America. He’s come prepared with 20 double cheeseburgers. Simon Dean looks for his first PPV victory tonight and he says that if he doesn’t beat Bobby Lashley tonight then he’ll eat all 20 cheeseburgers. Lashley makes his PPV debut tonight. Dean applies a headlock early doors but Lashley throws him into the corner and then knocks Dean down with a clothesline. Lashley hits a double underhook suplex and then some big shoulder charges in the corner. Simon gets out of the way of a clothesline in the corner. He then throws burgers at the referee to distract him before smashing Lashley with the metal tray that the burgers were on. Lashley no sells and attempts to pull Simon Dean up on his shoulder but he ends up falling over. Lashley picks Simon Dean up and this time nails him with the dominator for the win. Lashley wins on his PPV debut. This guy is going to be a star. Not a great match but it was quick. Lashley feeds Dean a burger after the match.

Rating: 3/10

Jillian Hall and John “Bradshaw” Layfield are asked backstage if the Raw superstars are going to show up tonight. JBL says it’s impossible but they can come get some. Layfield says he’ll beat Mysterio tonight and then Mysterio shows up and gives Layfield a mask to hide himself from the shame tonight. Bradshaw turns it down so Mysterio gives it Jillian instead.

Chris Benoit (c) vs. Booker T vs. Christian vs. Orlando Jordan – Fatal four way match for the United States Championship

In terms of No Mercy records, Benoit is 2-1, Booker T is 0-3, Christian is 2-3 and Orlando Jordan makes his No Mercy debut tonight. Sharmell is out to announce her husband Booker T to the ring. It was Chris Benoits choice to take on all three of these men. It’s his first PPV title defence since beating Orlando Jordan for the title at Summerslam. Christian tees off with Booker T and Orlando with Benoit as the bell rings. Orlando knocks Benoit out of the ring and then he and Christian double team Booker T. Booker T walked into last years No Mercy PPV as United States champion. He disposes of Christian and then lays some chops into Jordan. Christian pulls Booker out of the ring allowing Benoit to sneak in and lock the crippler crossface on Jordan! Christian breaks the hold but Benoit takes him out with a high knee. Benoit then slams Jordan and hits Christian with a suplex before suplexing Jordan onto Christian!

Benoit hits Jordan with some chops and then drop toe holds Christian into Jordan. Benoit gets a near fall on Christian and then locks on the sharpshooter but Orlando quickly breaks that hold. Christian and Jordan double team Benoit but Booker goes to the top and hits Christian with a missile dropkick. Booker then lays into Jordan, both men in red trunks tonight. Booker and Benoit dispose of Jordan and Christian and then go face to face with one another. The two men lock up but Christian and Jordan break it up. Benoit belly to belly suplexes Christian out of the ring. Booker and Jordan go at it but both men knock each other down with clotheslines. Benoit then heads to the top but Christian goes up with him. Jordan then throws Booker T into them, sending both Christian and Benoit to the floor below. Booker rolls up Jordan for a very close two count. Booker T has the momentum now and hits a spinebuster on Jordan.

Christian breaks up a pinfall attempt but Booker disposes of him. Booker then hits a scissors kick on Benoit and executes a spin-er-oonie! Booker hits the axe kick on Jordan and hooks the leg but Christian breaks it up. Booker T fighting in his hometown tonight. Christian sends Benoit into Booker T, sending Booker out of the ring. Christian attempts the unprettier on Benoit but Benoit reverses it into a German suplex! Benoit then throws Jordan out of the ring and into Booker T before hitting another German suplex on Christian. Benoit hits another three German suplexes on Christian and then heads to the top but Christian rolls out of the way of the diving headbutt. Christian tries to roll up Benoit who counters it into a crippler crossface! Sharmell tries to wake up Booker T on the outside but Orlando breaks up the hold. Booker clotheslines Orlando out of the ring, going out with him. Christian tries for an unprettier on Benoit but Benoit counters it and locks a sharpshooter on! Christian taps out and it’s Benoit who retains his United States championship tonight! After the match Sharmell berates Booker T and tells him that Chris Benoit is not his friend! Three wins for three babyfaces so far.

Rating: 6.75/10

Backstage Bobby Lashley is making Simon Dean eat cheeseburgers backstage.

Hardcore Holly vs. Mr Kennedy

This is a PPV debut for the charismatic Mr Kennedy who makes his own ring announcement tonight. Hardcore Holly has a 1-0 record at No Mercy event following his victory in 1999. Hardcore lays into Kennedy in the early going, hitting him with a suplex for a two count. Holly hits right hands and kicks before choking Kennedy with his boot. Kennedy hits a knee of his own and then some right hands but Holly takes him down with a nice dropkick. Hardcore hits painful sounding chops and Kennedy sells like it hurts. Kennedy hits a headbutt the the abdomen and then throws Holly out of the ring. He drives Hardcore into the ringpost and then throws Holly back into the ring for a one count. Kennedy hits a side suplex and again only a one count. Kennedy applies an armbar as he looks to follow Bobby Lashley in winning on his PPV debut. Holly gets out of the arm bar with an armdrag but Kennedy knocks the veteran down with a clothesline for a near fall.

Kennedy is looking to be the first heel to pick up a win tonight. Holly hits him with some chops but Kennedy takes Holly down to the canvas with an armbar takedown for another near fall. Kennedy goes back to the arm with a keylock but Holly gets out of that with some right hands and a back body drop. Holly ducks a clothesline and then hits a couple of reverse elbows and then a full nelson slam for a near fall. Hardcore hits a couple of clotheslines in the corners and then his trademark kick to the abdomen for a two count. Kennedy misses with a big kick and then walks into Hollys boot. Hardcore heads to the top but Kennedy meets him up there before hitting his finisher, the inverted atomic drop for the three count! Mr Kennedy wins on his PPV debut! Hardcore sells his ribs after the match. A slow match but they were given plenty of time. Sylvan Grenier comes out after the match and attacks Hardcore Holly! Sylvan looks like he’s got a lot bigger recently. He hits Hardcore with a brainbuster.

Rating: 4/10

Bobby Lashley is still backstage force-feeding Simon Dean.

Sharmell is backstage screaming at Booker T, telling him that Chris Benoit is a winner, a champion. She blames Chris Benoit for Bookers loss. Mr Kennedy then shows up to announce that tonight he won and Booker T is a loser. Sharmell tells Booker that his problem is himself.

Rey Mysterio vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield

This, like every match so far, is a first PPV meeting. Bradshaw has a 3-2 record at No Mercy events compared to Rey Mysterio’s 0-3 record at this event. Mysterio has lost at the last 3 No Mercy PPV’s. Layfield looks to become the first man to have won at the 2004 and 2005 events, only Eddie Guerrero can match that tonight. Only 6 of the 22 that wrestled at last years No Mercy events are wrestling tonight. Bradshaw one of three men that fought on the very first No Mercy PPV that’ll be fighting tonight. The other two being Christian and The Undertaker. Rey hits some big lefts and rights in the early going, using his speed. Bradshaw hits a headlock takedown to slow the pace as Jillian Hall, JBL’s fixer, looks on from the outside. This is the first time JBL has wrestled on PPV since Wrestlemania 20 and a world title hasn’t been involved. Mysterio gets out of the headlock but JBL takes him down with a shoulder charge. Mysterio gets out of the way of an elbow drop and then kicks JBL out of the ring. Mysterio runs away from JBL, tiring Layfield out.

Mysterio hits a baseball slide on Layfield but is distracted by the crowd which allows JBL to attack him from behind. Bradshaw hits a spinning neckbreaker and then a clubbing blow to the back of the former cruiserweight champion. Mysterio hits a dropkick to JBL’s knee’s and then hits a snapmare for a two count. Mysterio works the knee of JBL but the former WWE champion gets back into it with a thumb to the eye. Mysterio hits a flying head scissors and then attempts a 619 but JBL gets out of the way and out of the ring. Mysterio hits a bulldog on JBL to the mat below. Layfield smashes Mysterio into the ring steps to take the advantage. Back in the ring and JBL gets a near fall. Layfield then hits some big right hands on Rey in the corner and then a fallaway slam off the middle rope. Layfield hits another fallaway slam in the ring and then a third fallaway slam on the outside. JBL gets a near fall and then applies a bear hug. Nobody wants to see a bear hug. Mysterio gets out of it with a spinning DDT. Mysterio hits some kicks and a springboard cross body.

Mysterio hits a hurricanrana and then a bronco buster in the corner. Jillian Hall gets up on the apron and JBL nearly clotheslines his own advisor. Mysterio hits a cross body on JBL for a near fall. Layfield hits a shoulder charge and then sets up for a clothesline from hell but Mysterio hits a dropkick and the 619! Rey bounces off the top rope but JBL gets out of the way and knocks Mysterio down with a clothesline from hell! Layfield hooks the leg and gets the 3! Big win for JBL tonight in a match that I thought could go the other way.

Rating: 6.5/10

There’s a video package next for the handicap casket match between Undertaker and the Ortons.

The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton & “Cowboy” Bob Orton – Handicap Casket Match

This is a first time handicap match with these three men in it and a first ever handicap casket match. Undertaker has a 1-4 record at No Mercy events whilst the Ortons make their debut at this event. This is Bob Orton’s first PPV match since Wrestlemania 3, over 18 years ago. He’s also looking for his first ever PPV victory tonight. A huge double casket is wheeled down which The Undertaker will need in order to win this match. Cowboy Bob does not look dressed to wrestle. He’s wearing a shirt and jeans. Undertaker fights off both men in the early going with right hands, kicks and elbows. Undertaker hits a headbutt on Randy and then some big right hands on Bob. The numbers become too much though and Cowboy Bob hits a low blow on Undertaker. Randy follows up with a knee drop and some big lefts and rights. Bob hits a fist drop as the two Ortons double team Undertaker.

Undertaker manages to fight back and nearly throws Randy into the casket. Randy avoids it though whilst Undertaker lays into Bob. Undertaker knocks Randy back out of the ring and then throws cowboy Bob into the casket! Undertaker goes after Randy who reverses an Irish whip and sends Undertaker into the ring steps. Bob Orton escapes the cage. Randy bounces Undertaker off the announce desk and then the ring steps. Randy then attempts to roll Undertaker into the casket and they get him in there but Undertaker is stood up and stops the lid from closing. Undertaker gets out and rolls Randy back into the ring before hitting Bob Orton with some right hands. Undertaker hits old school on Randy and then a front faceplant. Undertaker then attempts old school on Bob Orton but Randy crotches him on the top rope. Randy and his father then hit a double superplex on Undertaker. Cowboy Bob covers Undertaker, forgetting that you can’t win that way. The Ortons attempt to double suplex Undertaker into the casket but Undertaker counters it and hits both men with a DDT. Undertaker then throws cowboy Bob into the casket and hits snake eyes on Randy before dropping him with a running boot. Bob Orton gets out of the casket as Undertaker hits Randy with a clothesline.

Randy hits his trademark neckbreaker on Undertaker whilst on the outside Cowboy Bob grabs a fire extinguisher. Randy throws Undertaker out of the ring and then attempts to jump on him but Undertaker catches Randy and rams him into the ring post. Undertaker grabs a steel chair and smashes Randy in the back with it, sending him into the casket. Undertaker then hits Bob Orton with some right hands and then applies a triangle choke. Cowboy Bob passes out into the casket and Undertaker is too slow to close the lid as Randy fights out. Randy and Undertaker then slug it out inside the casket and Undertaker actually tosses Randy out of the casket. Undertaker closes the lid which apparently means that Cowboy Bob is out of the match. Back in the ring Orton hits a big powerslam on Undertaker and then drags him over to the casket. The referees open the casket and Randy just stares inside it, looking scared. Weird. Undertaker hits him with a low blow to take the advantage but Randy gets back into it with a dropkick.

Randy hits some big right hands on The Undertaker but Undertaker gets him up for the last ride! Randy nips down but Undertaker gets him back up and this time hits the last ride! Undertaker scoops Randy up to throw him in the casket but when the lid is opened Cowboy Bob sprays a fire extinguisher in Undertaker face! Randy then hits Undertaker with an RKO! Bob Orton rolls Undertaker to the casket but Undertaker outs the brakes on and sets Bob up for a chokeslam! Randy hits Undertaker with the fire extinguisher which knocks Undertaker into the casket! Undertaker pulls Randy into the casket with him and Bob closes the lid! Surely it’s over? Apparently not. Randy hits Undertaker with a chair and closes the lid! Randy and Cowboy Bob win the match! A big win for the Ortons tonight! Randy and Bob wheel the casket up to the top of the stage and Randy then smashes the casket up with an axe. Bob then pours petrol all over the casket and Randy lights it, setting the whole thing ablaze!

Rating: 7.5/10

We see some footage from a battle royal on Velocity last week in which Juventud won to get a shot at the Cruiserweight title.

Nunzio (c) vs. Juventud Guerrero – Cruiserweight Championship match

This is a first time PPV meeting between these two men. Bear in mind that the Cruiserweight title has never changed hands on a No Mercy PPV. Juventud is joined by his fellow Mexicools Super Crazy and Psicosis. Nunzio has Vito with him. Nunzio has a 0-1 record at No Mercy PPV’s. It’s a fast start to the match with both men getting quick covers. Juventud hits some chops and Nunzio replies with some right hands. Lots of counters in this one. Juventud hits a boot and a head scissors for a two count. Juventud then hits a backbreaker for another two count. Juventud goes to the top but Nunzio pulls him back down to the canvas for another near fall. Nunzio hits a couple of elbow drops and then applies a submission. Juventud gets out of it but Nunzio hits a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Nunzio smashes Juvi into the top turnbuckle and then heads to the top but Juventud meets him up there and hits a facebuster. both men go for covers and both men kick out.

Juventud hits a spinning heel kick and then rolls through a sunset flip and hits dropkick for another near fall. Juventud hits a knee to the face and then a facebuster for another two count. Nunzio misses with the Sicilian slice, legdrop off the middle rope. Vito hangs onto Juventud leg but Juvi kicks him off. Juventud then hits a head scissors on Vito! Guerrera hits a cross body off the top rope but Nunzio rolls through it for a near fall. Juvi hits a northern lights suplex and then the Juvi driver for the three count! Juventud Guerrera wins the Cruiserweight title tonight! This was a bit of a scrappy match. Could have been a lot better. Good win for Juventud though.

Rating: 4/10

Backstage Simon Dean has finished all of his cheeseburgers. Lashley tells him that he’s only eaten 19 and gives him one more. Dean can’t eat it though and throws up in the toilet.

There’s a video package next for Batista and Eddie Guerrero.

Batista (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero – World Heavyweight Championship match

This, like every match tonight, is a first PPV encounter. Eddie has a 1-1 record at No Mercy PPV’s whilst Batista makes his No Mercy debut tonight. This is Batista’s 5th PPV defence of his title, more PPV defences than any current title reign in the WWE. Eddie looks to match JBL as the only men to have won at both the 2004 and 2005 No Mercy events. Batista is huge compared to Guerrero. Eddie takes down Batista early with a double leg but Batista fights him off. Eddie hits a firemans carry and barely gets a one count on the pinfall attempt. Batista throws Guerrero across the ring and Eddie decides to leave the ring. Back in the ring and Batista executes a headlock which Eddie struggles to get out of. Eddie manages to get out of it but Batista hits Eddie with two powerslams for a near fall. Eddie leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair but decides against it and drops the chair. He drops Batista on the top rope and then heads to the top and hits the frog splash to the back of Batista! Eddie makes the cover but Batista kicks out!

Eddie applies a body-scissors which Batista eventually gets out of by backing Guerrero into the corner. Eddie takes Batista back down with a dropkick and then applies a half Boston crab. Batista gets to the ropes to break the hold and Eddie grabs the tag rope off one of the turnbuckles. Guerrero thinks twice and throws it to one side before dropkicking Batista and going back to the body-scissors. Batista gets out of it but Guerrero goes right back to work on Batista’s leg. Eddie looks to lock on a Texas cloverleaf but Batista rolls him up for a two count. Eddie leapfrogs over Batista and then stumbles into the referee before taking Batista down with a DDT. Eddie grabs a steel chair and looks set to use it but instead thinks twice and throws it back out of the ring, much to the dislike of the crowd. Batista gets up and Eddie tells hi that he threw the chair out of the ring.

Batista hits a clothesline in the corner and then a back body drop. Batista then knocks Eddie down with a spear. The referee is back up now. Batista motions to finish the match and sets up for the Batista bomb but Eddie rolls through with a sunset flip. The champions picks Guerrero up and takes him back down with a spinebuster. Batista’s back is hurting and so Eddie hits him with the three amigos. Eddie heads to the top and looks for the frog splash but Batista gets out of the way and Eddie rolls through. Batista then nails Guerrero with a spinebuster and it’s all over! Batista wins with a spinebuster. Disappointing match between these two with a disappointing finish. Some nice psychology form Guerrero though. The two men shake hands after the match.

Rating: 5.75/10

And that was No Mercy 2005. This felt like a pretty average pay per view, nothing spectacular. I would have no reason to go back and watch this show again. The match that opened the show was bang average. I would much rather have seen a tag team title match between the two teams as it would have added a lot of excitement. With no women’s championship on Smackdown the women don’t have a lot to fight for so attaching them to the male superstar seems the way to go. MNM should have won this match to earn themselves a shot at the tag team titles. Not really sure of the logic behind Animal, Heidenreich and Christy winning. Bobby Lashley then beat Simon Dean in a poor match. It was an extended squash really with Lashley getting the obvious win. Lashley and Dean were then the thread running throughout the show with Lashley feeding Dean burgers. Bobby’s promo skills aren’t the best so I hope he learns a few things from Simon Dean in that department.

Chris Benoit retained his United States Championship in the fatal four way match. I don’t mind this at all, Benoit does a lot for the belt. The real story here is Booker T and Sharmells relationship and what I think will result in a Booker T heel turn. I am slightly surprised it was Christian that tapped out and not Orlando Jordan. Christian doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere on Smackdown at the moment. I wouldn’t mind seeing a 2 to 3 PPV feud between he and Rey Mysterio. Mr Kennedy defeated Hardcore Holly in his PPV debut. I like Kennedy a lot and look forward to seeing more of him. He has great promo skills. Sylvain Grenier then attacked Hardcore Holly after the match which will be Holly’s next feud going forward but with no Smackdown PPV until December I don’t see much of a payoff for this feud. JBL beats Rey Mysterio cleanly which shows who they value more out of these two guys. With a babyface WWE Champion it makes sense to keep the heels hot in order to build them to title matches, even if it does look like Layfield’s run at the top is over for now.

The Ortons defeated The Undertaker in a somewhat surprising result. It keeps this feud alive and I can see a big blow-off at Survivor Series but I’m not sure what stipulation they’ll add. This was a good match and I quite like the dynamic of having Bob Orton in there. Big win for Randy who now holds back to back PPV wins over The Undertaker. Juventud Guerrera defeated Nunzio to win the Cruiserweight Championship in a scrappy match. It wasn’t the most fluid but it’ll have to do. Hopefully this brings more exposure to the Cruiserweight title which has been featured on Velocity for a long time now. There are plenty of good Cruiserweights so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of them. Batista then beat Eddie Guerrero with a spinebuster. This match was ok and I loved the psychology from Guerrero but the ending really sucked. Eddie lost to a spinebuster? Come on. This is actually a really well executed story and you know at some point Guerrero is going to snap. I look forward to seeing how it pans out. Pretty average match to finish off a pretty average show.

Overall Rating: 53.125/100 (ranked 134 out of 185)

Match Of The Night: The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton & Bob Orton
Worst Match Of The Night: Bobby Lashley vs. Simon Dean
Surprise Of The Night: JBL defeats Rey Mysterio
Worst Booking Of The Night: A win for Animal, Heidenreich & Christy
Superstar Of The Night: Batista
No Mercy 2005 Will Be Remembered for: Being Eddie Guerrero’s final PPV

2 thoughts on “No Mercy 2005

  1. Five things you never mentioned:

    1.In the Sunday Night Heat match, William Regal and his new tag-team partner Paul Burchill defeated the newly-formed team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick:

    2.The opening six-person tag marked the final WWE PPV appearances for Christy Hemme and Jon Heidenreich.

    Christy’s final WWE TV match had her losing to Melina on the November episode of SmackDown before Survivor Series 2005:

    After putting Melina over, Christy would join TNA in April 2006 and stay there for an entire decade until April 2016.

    Meanwhile, after he and Animal dropped the SmackDown Tag-Team Titles back to MNM on the October 28th episode of SmackDown thanks to help from a new tag-team called “The Dicks” (who didn;t do much until being fired in February 2006 after losing to The Boogeyman), Heidenreich would leave WWE in January 2006 to be with his family after Hurricane Katrina.

    From there, Heidenreich would wrestle on the indy circuit and WWC before retiring in December 2009, but would make a one-off appearance in February 2018 at Battle On The Border as part of the Golden Ticket Battle Royal. Also, Heidenreich would be involved in the 2016 CTE lawsuit against WWE.

    3.The character of Palmer Cannon, played by indy wrestler Brian Black, is clearly meant to be based on UPN, as well as having taken some cues from Cyrus the Virus f.k.a. The Jackyl of the Truth Commission, when was an evil network representitive for TNN during ECW in 2000.

    4.Hardcore Holly would get his revenge on Sylvan Grenier by beating him twice.

    First time was on the October 15th episode of Velocity:

    And the second time was a hardcore match on the October 21st episode of SmackDown:

    After those matches, Sylvan’s career was never the same again.

    5.Meanwhile, Raw made its return to USA Network with the Raw Homecoming, which had Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle fighting to a draw in an iron man match, Edge defeating Matt Hardy in a ladder match, Triple H making his return by bludgeoning Ric Flair after they beat Carlito and Chris Masters in a tag match, the on-screen return of Dusty Rhodes to WWE, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin giving Stone Cold Stunners to the entire McMahon Family, and John Cena retaining the WWE World Title against Eric Bischoff.

    In an unrelated side-note, since they don’t do that much during their time in WWE, here’s a video of The Dicks fighting Animal and Heidenreich:

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