Royal Rumble 2006

|Date: January 29, 2006
|Venue: American Airlines Arena |City: Miami, Florida
|Attendance: 16,000 |Buys: 550,000
|Brand: Raw & Smackdown

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The Royal Rumble, my favourite match of the year and tonight will be no different. There is no clear favourite going into the match but a handful of guys worth keeping your eye on. The likes of Triple H, Shawn Michaels and the returning Rob Van Dam representing Raw and Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashley from the Smackdown side of things. And then there’ll be the steady competitors that could pull out an upset like Kane, Big Show, Chris Benoit, Booker T, Ric Flair, Carlito and Chris Masters who haven’t necessarily been pushed as Royal Rumble winners but you never know. We don’t know every competitor involved in the match but we do know that besides the names I have previously mentioned, Chavo Guerrero, Shelton Benjamin, Sylvan, Trevor Murdoch, Viscera, Jonathan Coachman, Psicosis and Super Crazy all won qualifying matches. Road Warrior Animal and Matt Hardy have also announced their entry into the match.

Both of the top titles will be defended tonight as the road to Wrestlemania begins. Edge won the WWE Championship at New Year’s Revolution when he cashed in his money in the bank briefcase. Edge and Lita would have a live sex celebration on Raw the next night that got interrupted by Ric Flair and John Cena. Ric Flair had a couple of opportunities at Edge’s title in the weeks that would follow but John Cena was entitled to a rematch for the WWE Championship and it’ll go down at The Royal Rumble. The World Heavyweight Championship is also set to be defended. Batista had to relinquish the title due to injury and the vacant title was put on the line in a battle royal. Kurt Angle shockingly turned up and would go on to win the battle royal, last eliminating the man that put him through the announce table earlier in the match, Mark Henry. Mark Henry would face Rey Mysterio in a number one contenders match to decide who would face Angle at Royal Rumble and the match was won by Mark Henry.

The Cruiserweight Championship is set to be defended in a Cruiserweight Championship invitational. Kid Kash beat Juventud Guerrera at Armageddon and now must defend the title against any previous champion of the division. The women’s Championship isn’t set to be defended tonight but Mickie James will go one on one with Ashley. Mickie has become increasingly jealous of Trish Stratus’s friendship with Ashley and has attacked the Diva Search winner on a number of occasions. Trish Stratus has been made special guest referee of the match. Also tonight The Boogeyman makes his in-ring debut on the man he has been creeping out as of late, John “Bradshaw” Layfield. The Boogeyman would go as far as to chew the mole off Jillian Hall’s face. They meet tonight.

On Heat prior to the event Finlay defeated Brian Kendrick.

A video package kicks us off, with somber music, telling us that the road to Wrestlemania beings tonight. Mark Henry and Kurt Angle is the focus of the video, the Royal Rumble match itself and then the Edge/John Cena match. The last 5 Royal Rumble winners have gone on to win the WWE/World title at Wrestlemania. Michael Cole then welcomes us to the Royal Rumble, he’s joined by Tazz and they throw to Joey Styles and Jerry Lawler who throw to the Spanish announcers!

Kid Kash (c) vs. Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Nunzio vs. Paul London vs. Gregory Helms  Cruiserweight Championship Invitational

This match is open to all current and previous Cruiserweight champions. It’s a free for all with the first fall to a finish. Gregory Helms is a Raw guy but eligible because it’s an open invitational. So, Royal Rumble PPV records. It’s a Rumble debut for Kid Kash who looks to extend his unbeaten PPV streak. This is actually a Royal Rumble PPV debut for Funaki too despite him being unofficially involved in the 2000 Royal Rumble match. Jamie Noble, Nunzio and Paul London all have a 0-1 record at Royal Rumble events and Gregory Helms has a 0-3 record. This is Kid Kash’s first PPV defence of his title. Nunzio and Jamie Noble get quick near falls in the early going as Kid Kash and Gregory Helms go at it. London, Noble, Funaki and Nunzio all go after Helms, not happy that a Raw guy is involved in the match. Kash takes Funaki down with some big kicks for a two count. Nunzio hits Kash with a neckbreaker for a two count. Kid Kash and Nunzio are both ECW alumni. Noble hits a big powerslam on Nunzio for a near fall.

Noble locks a cross arm breaker on Nunzio but Helms breaks that up. London then hits a dropsault on Helms and Noble. All six men go at it in the ring. London hits a slam on Helms and then a senton splash. Noble and Funaki are paired off. helms throws London out of the ring. Nunzio then hits Gregory Helms with the Sicilian slice but Noble breaks up the pinfall. Funaki hits Noble with a bulldog and hooks the leg but Nunzio breaks up the cover. Kid Kash back drops Nunzio out of the ring. Noble hits Kash with a running leg lariat for a near fall. Noble then dives through the ropes and takes out Nunzio. Nunzio still looking for his first ever PPV victory. Funaki heads to the top but Kid Kash knocks him off and Funaki falls on a couple of guys on the outside. Paul London dropkicks Kid Kash out of the ring and then heads to the top and hits a shooting star press on Nunzio, Kash, Funaki and Noble. Nobody caught him. London sets Kash up for his 450 splash but Gregory Helms meets London at the top and hits him with a swinging neckbreaker off the top! Both men look like they’re in pain.

Kid Kash hits Helms with a dropkick and then hits Paul London with his trademark brainbuster! Nunzio and Funaki make sure a pinfall doesn’t happen. Kash hits a backbreaker on Nunzio for a near fall. Jamie Noble hits a big gutbuster on Funaki and then applies a dragon sleeper! Helms then throws Noble out of the ring and hits Funaki with a shining wizard! Gregory Helms hooks the leg and gets the three! Helms wins the Cruiserweight Championship tonight! But is he a Raw guy or will he join Smackdown? A really fun match between six talented guys.

Rating: 7/10

Vince McMahon and Teddy Long are backstage. McMahon is in charge of drawing numbers and he’s joined by Candice, Torrie and Victoria. McMahon makes sure to get a little feel of all the girls before spinning the balls. Randy Orton then arrives to pick his number, he picks it and he seems pretty happy. Triple H then arrives and says that he lives in the reality world unlike Orton. Triple H opens his number and looks shocked with his pick. Orton tells Triple H that he’s screwed.

Trish Stratus is backstage in her referee shirt limbering up. Mickie James asks her who she will favour in her match tonight, Trish says she won’t favour anyone. Mickie then tells Trish that she loves her!

Ashley vs. Mickie James – Trish Stratus serving as special guest referee

Royal Rumble debuts for both of the girls in this match. And a first women’s match on a Royal Rumble event since 2003. Mickie is looking for her first PPV victory tonight following two losses. Ashley has won 2 of her 3 previous PPV matches. The two girls lock up and Mickie is a lot more convincing. The two girls then roll out of the ring and shove each other on the outside. Back in the ring and more locking up until Mickie twists Ashley’s arm but Ashley reverses it and rolls Mickie up for a one count. Ashley throws Mickie around the ring by her arm and James gets frustrated and exits the ring. Mickie tries to get back into the ring but Ashley kicks her back out and then hits her with a flying clothesline off the apron. Mickie crawls back into the ring but Ashley hits her with a running knee. Mickie takes the advantage after Ashley turns her back. Mickie then applies a single leg Boston crab but breaks the hold for some reason. Mickie then kicks Ashley out of the ring.

Mickie rams Ashley into the ring post and then hits her with a baseball slide before throwing Ashley back into the ring and kicking her for good measure. Mickie hits a fishermans suplex with a bridge for a near fall and then a snapmare before applying a bow and arrow. Again, Mickie breaks the hold. Mickie keeps looking at Trish for approval. Ashley fights back with some kicks and right hands. Ashley is far from the finished article. Ashley throws Mickie across the ring by her hair and then tries for a crucifix, hitting it for a two count. Ashley lays in some right hands and Trish breaks it up. Ashley spears Mickie into the corner and there are a few boo’s. Ashley hits some right hands in the corner and Trish tells her to stop. The momentary distraction is enough for Mickie to hit Ashley with a powerbomb and roll Ashley up for the three! Trish hesitated on the three count. But it’s a win for Mickie James tonight! She celebrates with Trish after the match as Trish tries to shove her off. Mickie looked solid in this match, Ashley did not.

Rating: 4/10

Gregory Helms is being interviewed by Josh Mathews in the instant access room.

Vince McMahon is backstage with the girls who are all showing him their tattoo’s. Victoria has a terrible “WWE Diva” fake tattoo on her back. Big Show then arrives to draw his number and looks to show off his tattoo but Vince isn’t interested. He can’t get his hand in the tumbler so Candice picks Big Shows number and he doesn’t seem to mind his number too much. Rey Mysterio then shows up and despite the fact they’ve been fighting each other for the last few months and Big Show has been killing Rey, the two act like they’re best friends. Mysterio is dedicating the night to Eddie Guerrero, he picks his number and looks up and tells Eddie that he got him.

The Boogeyman vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield

This is a debut for the Boogeyman. He meets JBL who has a 1-7 record at Royal Rumble events. Layfield is scared of The Boogeyman and takes a while to get into the ring. When he does get into the ring, he hides behind Jillian. Bradshaw pushes Jillian into The Boogeyman and waits for him to turn his back before JBL goes after The Boogeyman. The two men exchange right hands and Layfield then throws Boogeyman out of the ring and throws him into the steps before smashing him off the announce table. Back in the ring and Layfield chokes Boogeyman with his wrist tape as Jillian distracts the referee. Layfield hits some more right hands and a thumb to the eye. JBL tries for the clothesline from hell but Boogeyman ducks and Layfield goes into the ring post. Boogeyman then hits a pump handle slam and hits JBL with it to get the win! Boogeyman wins the match and celebrates by eating worms and spitting them all over JBL. Bit of an upset tonight. Not a great match though.

Rating: 3/10

Backstage to Vince McMahon when Shelton Benjamin and his Mama show up. Benjamin picks his number and looks happy. Shelton then says he will make Vince McMahon’s night by throwing Shawn Michaels out of the ring. Melina shows up and Benjamin looks pleased but his Mama escorts him out. Melina asks McMahon to look into the working conditions over on Smackdown. McMahon says he will. MNM pick their numbers and seems happy enough. Melina then says that MNM will eliminate Shawn Michaels. McMahon and the girls sit down on the sofa, set to enjoy the Royal Rumble match.

There’s a video package (set to some techno music) for the Royal Rumble match.

The 2006 Royal Rumble match

Just as Lilian is about to announce the rules of the Royal Rumble out come The Spirit Squad who made their debut on Raw last week. They get into the ring and do a cheer for the Royal Rumble.  They head to the back and we can crack on. #1 is Triple H who doesn’t look happy. The #2 entrant is Rey Mysterio which means we have two big names kicking off the match. Mysterio arrives in a low rider, similar to an Eddie Guerrero entrance. Arguably two of the favourites. It’s quite odd not to finish the night with the Royal Rumble, I don’t like this being in the middle of the show. This is Mysterio’s third Royal Rumble match. He did go nearly 40 minutes in last years match. The last time Triple H was in a Royal Rumble match was 2002 and that year he won it. These two men have never gone one on one to my knowledge. Mysterio hits Triple H with a springboard cross body and a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Triple H nearly eliminates Mysterio but the former Cruiserweight champion bounces back in. #3 is Simon Dean who arrives on a Segway. Simon Dean was in last year Royal Rumble but did not last long. Simon Dean throws Mysterio over the ropes but Mysterio lands on the apron.

Simon Dean thinks that he eliminated Mysterio and asks for a high five off Triple H but Triple H hammers him with a big right hand. Mysterio then hits Dean with a west coasts pop and both Mysterio and triple H throw Simon Dean over the top, eliminating him from the match. Mysterio and Triple H go back at it and Mysterio hits Triple H with a bronco buster. #4 is Psicosis who goes right after Rey Mysterio before taking Triple H down. Psicosis throws Mysterio onto Triple H and then hits Mysterio with a facebuster. It’s a Royal Rumble debut for Psicosis who tries for a crucifix on Mysterio but Mysterio counters it into a hurricanrana and eliminates Psicosis from the match. #5 is Ric Flair and Triple H does not look happy. Flair goes right after Triple H, hitting him with right hands a back body drop. Ric Flair, like Triple H has won a Royal Rumble before, back in 1992. Triple H hits a knee to the face on Flair but Flair grabs Helmsley by the balls! Flair then goes marching over to Triple H but Triple H back body drops Ric Flair, eliminating him from the match!

#6 is The Big Show who also has an issue with Triple H. Big Show has lost in his previous 6 Royal Rumble events. Big Show hits some big chops Triple H and then a headbutt on Mysterio. Show drops Triple H with a sidewalk slam and then drops a few elbows. #7 is Jonathan Coachman who wrestled in last years Royal Rumble match. Big Show very quickly eliminates Coach from the match with a pie-face. Big Show goes back to work on Triple H, stomping on his face and then hitting him with a giant chokeslam! #8 is Bobby Lashley who makes his Royal Rumble debut tonight. Lashley goes toe to toe with Big Show and then shoves him but Big Show drops Lashley with a right hand. Big Show then goes for a chokeslam but Lashley nips down and takes Big Show down with some sort of back body drop/throw type move. Lashley then kicks Big Show out of the ring (under the bottom rope). Lashley then hits Rey Mysterio with a hard Irish whip before taking down Triple H. #9 is Kane who has lost in 7 prior Royal Rumble matches.

Kane and Bobby Lashley go at it with neither man going down. That is until Kane hits a big boot which knocks Lashley down. Lashley hits a belly to belly on Kane and then gorilla press slams Triple H. Lashley hits the dominator on Kane and then stands tall. #10 is Sylvain Grenier who now goes by “Sylvan”. This is a Royal Rumble debut for Sylvan who makes the mistake of going after Lashley. Lashley then throws Slyvain over the top, eliminating him from the match. Kane and Big Show then double chokeslam Lashley before throwing him over the top, eliminating Bobby Lashley from the match. There were a few boo’s as he was eliminated. Kane and Big Show then go at it and Kane hits a big boot on his tag team partner. These two men are the current World tag team champions. The two men choke each other on the top rope but Triple H grabs both men, lifts them up and eliminates both Kane and Big Show from the match. 

So we’re back down to Triple H and Rey Mysterio. #11 is Carlito who stomps away at Rey Mysterio and then at Triple H. Mysterio hits a boot on Carlito and we get a series of moves that ends with Carlito hitting Mysterio with a backstabber. Triple H pokes Carlito in the eye. #12 is Chris Benoit who won the Royal Rumble match in 2004. Benoit hits all three men in the ring with chops and then a German suplex on Mysterio, one for Triple H and one for Carlito. Benoit then applies the crossface to Carlito but Triple H breaks it up. Helmsley hits Benoit with a hard Irish whip, sternum first. Triple H suplexes Benoit onto the apron but Benoit hits Triple H with some right hands and then the two men try to suplex one another. Triple H suplexes Benoit onto the top turnbuckle but Benoit fights him off with headbutts and then a flying headbutt. #13 is Booker T, the reigning United States champion. Booker T goes right after Benoit but Benoit quickly clotheslines him over the top, eliminating Booker T from the match! There were a few boo’s there. #14 is Joey Mercury who goes right for Carlito. It’s a Royal Rumble debut for Mercury. Benoit hits Mercury with a German suplex.

Joey Mercury, one half of the WWE tag team champions stomps away at Mysterio who Carlito hits Mercury with a chop. Triple H and Chris Benoit go at it on one side of the ring. #15 is Tatanka who has not been on PPV since the 1996 Royal Rumble match ten years ago! Tatanka chops away at both Triple H and Carlito before going after Joey Mercury. Tatanka had a match with Eugene a few months ago so must’ve impressed! Mysterio pairs off with Carlito, Triple H with Chris Benoit and Tatanka with Joey Mercury. #16 is Johnny Nitro which is an ally for Joey Mercury. Tatanka takes down Nitro with chops as soon as he gets into the ring. Carlito chokes Triple H in one corner as Chris Benoit and Johnny Nitro go at it in another corner. #17 is Trevor Murdoch who makes his Royal Rumble debut tonight. Murdoch goes for Tatanka, hitting him with chops and right hands. MNM double team Chris Benoit in another corner. Triple H throws Mysterio over the top but Mysterio holds on and gets back into the ring. Carlito and Murdoch double team Tatanka who holds on. Benoit fights off both members of MNM.

#18 is Eugene who hasn’t been seen for a while! This is a Royal Rumble debut for Eugene who tries to shake hands with Murdoch but Murdoch hits him with a right hand. Eugene doesn’t take well to that and airplane spins Murdoch in the middle of the ring! Both men are dizzy and Mysterio takes them both down with a double bulldog. Lots of men in the ring at the moment. #19 is Road Warrior Animal which Eugene looks excited about. Animal takes both members of MNM down with clotheslines and then powerslam Triple H. Animal hasn’t been on a Royal Rumble event since 1998 where he and Hawk beat the New Age Outlaws by disqualification. MNM are now double teaming Rey Mysterio in one corner. #20 is Rob Van Dam who is making his triumphant return after over a year away! Van Dam takes down everyone moving and the crowd are right behind him! Carlito hides behind one of the ringposts, he had a run-in with Carlito last year when he was injured. Van Dam and Benoit go at it with RVD hitting a spinning heel kick. RVD then takes down MNM with a dropkick before back body dropping Animal, eliminating Animal from the match!

#21 is Orlando Jordan who lasted 3:36 in last years Royal Rumble match. Jordan goes after Joey Mercury as a big “RVD” chant breaks out. Eugene and Tatanka double team Trevor Murdoch as Van Dam comes off the top with a kick to Carlito. Van Dam nearly eliminates Carlito as Murdoch tries to eliminate Benoit. #22 is Chavo Guerrero as Van Dam hits rolling thunder to Orlando Jordan. Chavo hits anyone moving, including Rey Mysterio. Chavo hits the three amigos on Joey Mercury and then heads to the top but Triple H shoves Chavo, eliminating Chavo Guerrero from the match. #23 is Matt Hardy who gets a decent pop. MNM double team Matt as soon as he gets into the ring but Hardy fights them both off. Orlando Jordan is paired off with Eugene whilst Rey Mysterio and RVD double team Triple H, trying to eliminate The Game. Tatanka comes off the top but Johnny Nitro catches him with a kick. MNM then hit the snapshot on Tatanka! MNM then eliminate Tatanka. #24 is Super Crazy who makes his Royal Rumble debut. Super Crazy comes in off the top, taking down MNM with a cross body.

The ring is full of superstars at the moment. Johnny Nitro suplexes Carlito onto the top rope. Carlito falls down on to the apron but Rey Mysterio can’t eliminate him. MNM double team Super Crazy. Triple H and Rey Mysterio both look like they’re resting having been in there since the beginning. #25 is Shawn Michaels who takes down Matt Hardy, Triple H, Carlito, Super Crazy and Johnny Nitro. Trevor Murdoch gets the better of Shawn Michaels but not for long. Shawn Michaels won the Royal Rumble match in 1995 and 1996. Shawn Michaels eliminates Trevor Murdoch. Eugene and Super Crazy go at it in one corner. Rob Van Dam and Chris Benoit in another corner. #26 is Chris Masters who makes his Royal Rumble debut. Masters is looking for his first ever PPV victory tonight. He goes right for Chris Benoit and then Matt Hardy. Joey Mercury has Shawn Michaels teetering on the top rope. Matt Hardy nearly eliminates Triple H. Masters goes after Rey Mysterio as Super Crazy and Orlando Jordan go at it. #27 is Viscera who hits a Samoan drop on Matt Hardy.

Viscera eliminates Matt Hardy. #28 is Shelton Benjamin who earlier promised to eliminate Shawn Michaels. Chris Benoit eliminates Eugene as Shelton Benjamin hits Carlito with a backbreaker. Carlito and Chris Masters try to eliminate Rob Van Dam as MNM double team Orlando Jordan. #29 is Goldust who is making his return to the WWE! Goldust takes down both members of MNM as Rob Van Dam hammers away at Shawn Michaels. Orlando Jordan hammers away at Viscera and Benoit goes for Carlito. Shelton Benjamin hammers away at Triple H. #30 is Randy Orton who drew his number earlier. That is everyone in there now. Randy Orton eliminates Chris Benoit! Orton then hits an RKO on Viscera! Orlando Jordan goes after Orton. Goldust hits an uppercut on Triple H as Carlito and Chris Masters eliminate Viscera! Carlito then eliminates Chris Masters! Goldust sets Carlito up for shattered dreams and hits it! Rob Van Dam then eliminates Goldust and Randy Orton eliminates Orlando Jordan! RVD lays into Randy Orton as Carlito and Shelton Benjamin go at it on the apron! MNM double team Rey Mysterio whilst Shawn Michaels lays into Triple H!

MNM double team Shawn Michaels as Rob Van Dam tries to eliminate Randy Orton. MNM motion for the snapshot on Shawn Michaels but Michaels pokes Nitro in the eye and then eliminates both members of MNM! Shelton Benjamin hits a big kick on Shawn Michaels, dropping him to the mat. There are 7 men left in this match, 6 now as Shawn Michaels eliminates Shelton Benjamin! We’re down to Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, Carlito, Triple H and Rey Mysterio. Vince McMahon’s music then hits and out walks Vince McMahon. McMahon distracts Shawn Michaels and from behind comes Shane McMahon who eliminates Shawn Michaels from the match! Michaels then gets back into the ring, hits sweet chin music on Triple H and then goes after the McMahons! Carlito drops Rob Van Dam in the ring but Van Dam hits a big kick on Carlito, eliminating him from the match! 

It;’s the final 4 now. Triple H, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio. Van Dam and Mysterio look like they’re going to team up, they go after Orton and Triple H. The former WWE tag team champions Mysterio and Van Dam hit the “420” on both Triple H and Orton. Van Dam then goes up top but Triple H crotches him! Triple H then back body drops Mysterio into Van Dam, eliminating RVD from the match! Triple H and Randy Orton then look to double team Rey Mysterio but Rey takes both men down with DDT’s. Mysterio then hits both men with dropkicks, setting both men up for 619’s before hitting them both with it! Mysterio then hits Randy Orton with a west coast pop before Triple H takes Mysterio down with a clothesline. Orton hits Triple H with a powerslam and then tries for an RKO but Triple H shoves him away and takes Randy down with a spinebuster. Rey Mysterio the only man left in to have never been a world or WWE champion. Triple H looks to dump Mysterio out but Mysterio counters it and eliminates Triple H from the match! 

It’s just Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio left. Triple H drags Mysterio out of the ring (under the bottom rope) and throws Mysterio into the ring steps before rolling him back into the ring. The crowd break out in an “‘Eddie chant” as Randy scoops Rey up onto his shoulder. Randy looks to eliminate Mysterio but Eddie counters it into a hurricanrana and eliminates Randy Orton to win the match! Rey Mysterio is going to Wrestlemania! A huge win for Rey Mysterio who started the match and went on to win. A good Royal Rumble, a couple of nice surprises in Tatanka and Goldust and a solid final four.

Rating: 7.5/10

Trish Stratus is in the instant access room when Mickie James shows up and is happy that Trish “did the right thing”. Mickie says Trish loves her like she loves Trish and walks off.

Rey Mysterio is backstage celebrating with Chris Benoit, Chavo Guerrero and Dean Malenko when Edge and Lita show up. Edge tells Mysterio not to move over to Raw because if he challenges Edge then his fairytale won’t have a happy ending.

There’s a video package for Edge and John Cena up next.

Edge (c) vs. John Cena – WWE Championship match

Edge won the WWE title by beating John Cena at New Year’s Revolution a few weeks ago. This is John Cena’s rematch. Edge has a 1-6 record at Royal Rumble events, his only victory came in his only singles match at the event. John Cena has a 0-3 record at Royal Rumble events having lost in three consecutive Royal Rumble matches. Before the match a huge structure lowers from the ceiling as smoke sprays out. Cena’s music then hits and Cena walks along the catwalk! This is the first PPV match between the two in which Cena is actually fresh and not just fought an elimination chamber match. Edge lays into Cena with a right hand but Cena hits a clothesline and gets some boo’s. Edge heads to the outside and drags out Cena. Back in the ring and Edge launches Cena into the middle turnbuckle. Cena hits a sidewalk slam for a near fall and Edge once again heads to the outside. Cena then smashes Edge into the ring steps. Lita gets involved which is enough distraction for Edge to spear Cena into the ring steps.

Edge then baseball slides Cena all the way into the crowd. The referee checks on Cena instead of counting him out. Cena just about gets back into the ring and Edge continues to lay into him with knee drops. Edge hits a lovely spinning heel kick for a two count. I am definitely sold on Edge as WWE Champion. Edge hits a suplex and then dropkicks Cena out of the ring before throwing him into the ring steps. Edge drops Cena on the barricade and then rolls his challenger back into the ring. Edge heads to the top and flies off with a missile dropkick for a near fall. Edge hits a clothesline and then dumps Cena on the top rope before climbing up for a superplex but Cena shoves him off and dives off with a top rope legdrop but Edge gets out of the way. Edge hits some jabs and then from nowhere Cena sets Edge up for the FU but Edge rakes the eyes and takes Cena down with a big boot. Edge heads to the top and launches off with a high cross body but Cena reverses it into a pinfall that Edge kicks out of. Edge applies a sleeper with a body scissors but Cena manages to get out of it and drops Edge with a DDT.

Cena is up first and hits a shoulder knock-down, a couple of clothes, a sit out suplex and then the 5 knuckle shuffle! Cena pins Edge but the referee is distracted with Lita who is up on the apron! Cena goes over to Lita but moves out of the way when Edge charges at him and Edge runs into Lita! Cena hits Edge with the FU and then applies the STFU! Edge taps out and John Cena wins the match! John Cena becomes a two times WWE Champion! Not the best match and Edge confirms that he was indeed a transitional champion.

Rating: 5.75/10

Todd Grisham is backstage trying to interview Edge and Lita. Edge isn’t in the mood for talking so walks off. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan” then arrives and calls Lita a Hooooooo!

Josh Mathews is backstage with Kurt Angle. Kurt promises to beat Mark Henry tonight.

Kurt Angle (c) vs. Mark Henry – World Heavyweight Championship match

This is a first time PPV match between these two men. Mark Henry has a 0-3 record at Royal Rumble events. Kurt has a 2-4 record. Mark Henry has Daivari in his corner. Interesting that this match closes the show. We’ve had Rey Mysterio win the Royal Rumble match and John Cena crowned the new WWE Champion but yet this match is the main event? Henry throws Kurt around the ring in the early going. Kurt uses his speed to get away form Kurt. Both of these men are olympians. Henry uses his strength to get Angle down to his knees. Henry then dumps Angle out of the ring which allows Daivari to lay into Kurt with stomps and right hands. Kurt gets back into the ring but Henry dumps him onto the top rope and lays in some boots. Mark then hits a splash on Kurt for a near fall. This is definitely the biggest match of Mark Henry’s career. Henry applies a bear hug which Angle gets out of with a hip-throw.

Kurt hits some right hands, a reverse elbow and then tries for a cross body off the middle rope but Henry catches him. Kurt then slides down Mark Henry and locks on the ankle lock! But Mark Henry quickly powers out of it. Kurt then goes for Angle slam but can’t get Henry up so Henry clubs Kurt down to the mat. Henry attempts a running powerslam but Kurt slides down and hits a German suplex! Kurt then hits the Angle slam! Kurt hooks the leg but Henry kicks out. Kurt then applies the ankle lock but Daivari gets up on the apron, distracting the referee. Henry powers out of the ankle lock and this time Kurt flies into the referee, taking him down. Kurt leaves the ring and grabs a chair, smashing it into the face of Daivari. Kurt then looks to hit Henry with it but Henry blocks it. Kurt hits Henry with a low blow and then swings the chair hard into Henrys face, not once but twice! Kurt wakes up the ref and covers Henry who kicks out at 2! Angle takes off one of the turnbuckle covers and drop toe holds Henry into it before rolling him up in a schoolboy, holding onto the ropes and getting the three!

Kurt Angle wins the match tonight and retains his World Heavyweight championship. But Kurt can’t celebrate for long as The Undertakers music hits! Undertaker then comes out from the back on a horse and carriage! Undertaker hops off the chariot and stares at Angle before motioning at the title. Undertaker then uses his electric powers and we get some shitty graphics and the ring collapses. Terrible.

Rating: 4/10

And that was the 2006 Royal Rumble event. It felt like there were more matches than usual with 6. It was quantity over quality though. Saying that, the show did start well with the Cruiserweight invitational. Gregory Helms won the match and I think this is a good place for him. Losing to Jerry “The King” Lawler on Raw PPV would’ve been a low so he now has a new lease of life as Cruiserweight champion. It did cut the reign of Kid Kash short and I would like to see a feud between the two but that would mean Kash turning face. This was an entertaining match though, loads going on but it didn’t seem like a clusterfuck. Mickie James then beat Ashley in a below average match. Mickie was really good, as she was against Trish at New Year’s Revolution. Ashley still has a long way to go though but has potential. Mickie should be the new contender for Trish’s title, the storyline between the two has been the greatest storyline the women’s division has ever had.

Boogeyman beat JBL in an interesting match. The Boogeyman gimmick is so over the top that I don’t think I mind it. It’s just odd. I’m not sure Layfield was the right guy to put Boogeyman over in his first PPV match. Could this guy be pushed all the way to the top? Or is it a matter of time before he turns heel and gets buried by The Undertaker? Layfield has had a good run over the last two years and although I still find it weird seeing him without the WWE Championship, he’s still a good opponent for the top faces. The Royal Rumble match was up next and I hated it being in this spot. It should always be the last man. I like Rey Mysterio winning, I have no problems with that. Better him than Triple H. I wouldn’t have minded Randy Orton but that isn’t the direction they’re going. The match itself was structured quite interestingly. After Rey Mysterio and Triple H, entrants 3-10 were all eliminated pretty quickly. After that there were not a lot of realistic winners besides Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels or Randy Orton. I like the surprises in Tatanka and Goldust and there was a decent final four of Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Triple H and Rob Van Dam. And a nice spot with Shane McMahon eliminating Shawn Michaels. Rey Mysterio is the winner and goes on to Wrestlemania, presumably to take on the olympic machine Kurt Angle.

John Cena defeated Edge in a match that didn’t really click. Both men have put on far better matches. John Cena became a 2 time WWE Champion though and will presumably go into Wrestlemania as champion (probably to take on Triple H). I did like Edge as champion and I’m sure he’ll get another shot at the gold. He’s the number 2 heel on Raw right now after Triple H. The crowd have turned on John Cena and he received a lot of boo’s. and then in the main event Kurt Angle had one of the worst matches of his career against Mark Henry. Can they really keep putting Henry in main events? Kurt won and after we got all the BS with The Undertaker. I hated all that. It’s 2006, nobody believes The Undertaker has powers. Kurt wins though and should have an awesome match with Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania 22.

Overall Rating: 52.0833/100 (ranked joint 146th out of 190)

Match Of The Night: The 2006 Royal Rumble match
Worst Match Of The Night: The Boogeyman vs. JBL
Surprise Of The Night: Tatanka & Goldust in the Royal Rumble
Worst Booking Of The Night: Mark Henry in the main event
Superstar Of The Night: Rey Mysterio
Royal Rumble 2006 Will Be Remembered For: Rey Mysterio going the distance and winning the Royal Rumble

One thought on “Royal Rumble 2006

  1. Here are three facts to feast your eyes on:

    1.This was the first Royal Rumble to not feature Chris Jericho.

    2.As much as the Cena victory was cheesy and very unpopular with the smark fans, at least WWE had a long-term plan with that decision.

    However, making that lousy Angle/Henry match last just so we can have some awful Taker theatrics at the end? No excuse for that. The Rumble win for Mysterio would’ve been a fine ending to the PPV. But no, we gotta have fireworks and parlour tricks with the ring.

    3.One of the druids was played by Dean Ambrose.

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