Cyber Sunday 2006

|Date: November 5, 2006
|Venue: U.S. Bank Arena |City: Cincinnati, Ohio
|Attendance: 7,000 |Buys: 228,000
|Brand: Raw

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Log on. Take over. This is the debut Cyber Sunday pay per view which steps in where Taboo Tuesday left off. Clearly they thought that Sunday would be a more profitable day then Tuesday but buy rates are down from the previous year. The main event tonight is a unique one with all three world champions in a triple threat match. The WWE Champion John Cena, World Heavyweight Champion King Booker and ECW Champion The Big Show will compete tonight and like every single match on the card, the fans will have the opportunity to vote for something. In this case the vote is to decide which championship will be defended in this “champion of champions match. This feud has developed since Vince McMahon announced the match a few weeks ago and it has been a feud that has been competed on both Raw and Smackdown. Booker and Big Show have tried to trust one another but both have turned their back on each other. John Cena has also had his problems with Kevin Federline, husband of Britney Spears, who is a friend of Johnny Nitro. Big Show has been competing with Rob Van Dam on ECW whilst King Booker has had to deal with Batista.

The Intercontinental Champion is set to be defended but champion Jeff Hardy will have to wait to find out his opponent as it will be decided by a fans vote. The three options are Intercontinental title division mainstays Carlito, Shelton Benjamin and former champion Johnny Nitro. The World Tag Team Championships will also be on the line as The Spirit Squad, who have been at odds with one another as of late, take on the team of Ric Flair and a partner voted in by the fans. Ric Flair has beaten the likes of Mikey and Nicky of The Spirit Squad as of late which has led Kenny to berate his squad-mates. Ric Flair has enlisted help from the likes of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes and Sgt Slaughter and now the fans will decide who of those three legends will team with Ric Flair in this title match.

Trish Stratus retired last month with the WWE Women’s Championship which led to the belt being vacated and being put up for grabs in a tournament. In the tournament quarter finals Lita defeated Candice Michelle, Maria beat Candice, Torrie Wilson and Victoria in a bra and panties match, Mickie James beat Victoria and Melina beat Torrie. In the semi-finals Lita beat Maria and Mickie James beat Melina setting up a final of Lita vs. Mickie James. Those girls meet tonight with the WWE Women’s Championship on the line. The fans can vote on that match either being a no disqualification match, a submissions match or a divas lumberjack match. Umaga will also be in action tonight, he has made an open challenge to anybody from Smackdown or ECW and the three opponents put up to the public vote are Kane, The Sandman and Chris Benoit.

A huge rivalry that has picked up steam over the past few weeks is between D-Generation X and the newly former tag team or Rated-RKO. Edge had his final shot against john Cena and the WWE Championship in a cage match, a cage match that DX would ultimately cost Edge the victory. Edge would recruit Randy Orton, claiming that Triple H ruined his career when Orton was World Heavyweight Champion. Edge would ask Vince McMahon for a tag team match at Cyber Sunday and suggested that there be a special guest referee. McMahon decided that the choices for special guest referee would be Eric Bischoff, Jonathan Coachman and himself, three men that DX have had history with. Also tonight, Cryme Tyme, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, Charlie Haas & Viscera and The Highlanders meet in either a tornado tag team match, a gauntlet match or a fatal four way match, all to be voted on by the fans.

In a dark match prior to the event Super Crazy defeated Rob Conway.

A video package kicks us off with a quick run-down of the matches and what the fans will be voting on. The DX against Edge and Randy Orton match gets a lot of hype, as does the triple threat champion of champions match. Jim Ross then welcomes us to the show, he is of course joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler. Over 14 million votes apparently.

Umaga is out first, he’ll be going up against a mystery opponent. Todd Grisham and Maria are the hosts for the evening. It’ll be either Kane, Chris Benoit or The Sandman. Surely Chris Benoit?

  • Kane (49%)
  • Chris Benoit (23%)
  • The Sandman (28%)

Wow, I’m surprised. It’s a rematch against Kane tonight. But I guess Kane has the most history with Umaga.

Umaga vs. Kane

Umaga is undefeated on PPV, nobody has lost as more PPV matches as Kane. Kane has previously won a match and lost one at Taboo Tuesday events. These two have met on PPV before and drew. Kane hits Umaga with a big uppercut in the early going but Umaga gets back into it with a headbutt and a chop. Umaga then takes Kane down with a belly to belly suplex but Kane sits right back up. Umaga kicks Kane back down to the mat and then drops a headbutt. Kane tries to fight back but Umaga hits a rolling heel kick and then a facebuster. Umaga hits a couple more chops and the two men slug it out until Umaga rakes the eyes. Powerslam from Umaga and then a headbutt from the middle rope for the first near fall of the night. Umaga hits a couple of knees and some right hands before hitting his running butt splash which sends Kane rolling out of the ring. Umaga attempts the Samoan spike on the outside but Kane moves and Umaga’s thumb smashes into the ringpost.

Kane lays into Umaga on the apron and then hits some right hands in the ring. Kane hits a headbutt and then two big splashes in the corner. Umaga manages to reverse an Irish whip and then takes Kane down with a Samoan drop. Estrada gets up on the apron to break his cigar and call for the finish but Kane gets up and grabs Umaga by the threat. Umaga fights Kane off but Kane hits a back suplex on Umaga and then heads to the top but Estrada gets up on the apron. Kane kicks Estrada off and then flies off the top but Umaga catches him with a spike to the throat before hitting Kane with a second Samoan Spike which is enough for the three! Umaga beats Kane tonight! A decent enough match between these two but nothing special.

Rating: 5.75/10

The Big Show is backstage and bumps into Sharmell. Sharmell says that what matters tonight is that Big Show and King Booker hang on to their titles tonight. Sharmell says that if Big Shows title is defended tonight then Booker will help him out. And if Bookers title is on the line then Big Show should help him out. Big Show doesn’t trust King Booker or Sharmell, Sharmell says that he’ll regret it.

The four teams come out for the next match and we then find out what type of tag team match we’re going to be getting. I’m hoping for Texas Tornado.

  • Fatal Four Way (15%)
  • Tag Team Turmoil (35%)
  • Texas Tornado Match (50%)

Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG) vs. The Highlanders (Robbie & Rory) vs. Charlie Haas & Viscera vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch – Texas Tornado Match

All four teams are in the ring at the same time! And as the bell rings all four teams go for it! This is going to be hard to keep track of. Cade and Murdoch lost their match at last years Taboo Tuesday. Cryme Tyme double team Viscera in the early going and get a near fall. Murdoch and Cade then double team Shad. The Highlanders take Cade and Murdoch out, clotheslining both men out of the ring and then hitting a plancha on both men. Charlie Haas and JTG get into the ring where Haas lays into JTG. Haas stomps away at JTG and hits him with right hands. JTG hits a dropkick but misses with a clothesline and Haas takes him down with a German suplex. Shad Gaspard then takes haas down with a big boot but Viscera is back in now. Viscera takes Shad down with a sidewalk slam and then attempts to squash JTG in the corner but ends up squashing his own tag team partner! The Highlanders double dropkick Viscera out of the ring but Cade and Murdock dispose of the Scotsmen. Cryme Tyme then dispose of Cade and Murdoch and pin Robbie McAllister for the three! Cryme Tyme win the match! That should put them in line for a tag team title opportunity. Cryme Tyme steal Jerry Lawlers laptop on their way out!

Rating: 3.5/10

Shawn Michaels is backstage trying to vote on the referee for their match later. Triple H turns up and says that he shouldn’t vote for Vince McMahon and Jonathan Coachman. Triple H then says that Bischoff says that DX aren’t controversial. Michaels superkicks a backstage guy called Stan (Tye Dillinger), kicks a couple of other guys and walks off. Triple H finds it funny.

Next up we find out who Jeff Hardy will be defending the Intercontinental Championship against. I’m guessing Nitro. Maybe Carlito?

  • Carlito (62%)
  • Shelton Benjamin (25%)
  • Johnny Nitro (13%)

62% is the biggest landslide so far tonight. Two babyfaces in action.

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Carlito – Intercontinental Championship match

This is a first match between these two men. Carlito lost to Mankind at Taboo Tuesday last year. This is the first title match of the night and the first time Jeff Hardy has defended the Intercontinental title on PPV during this reign. The two men shake hands to being the match. Carlito hits a snapmare and the two men exchange pinfalls. Jeff Hardy has a slightly better PPV win record than Carlito, 31% to 25%. Carlito hits a dropkick to the knees but Jeff comes back with a dropkick of his own sending Carlito to the outside before hitting a baseball slide. Jeff then runs on top of the railings but Carlito catches him with a dropkick. Back in the ring and Carlito gets a near fall before applying a chinlock. Jeff gets out of it and tries for a pendulum dropkick in the corner but Carlito gets his knees up. After a near fall Carlito applies a bearhug but Jeff gets out of that with some elbows and then a jawbreaker.

Hardy attempts the twist of fate but Carlito pushes him away and then rolls him up for a near fall. Carlito goes back to the bearhug  but Jeff gets to the ropes. Carlito hits a snapmare and then a legdrop for a two count. Carlito once again goes to the bearhug. Nobody wants to see a bearhug and you can sense the crowd getting restless. Jeff gets out of it again but Carlito takes him down with a flapjack for a near fall. Carlito applies a sleeper which Hardy gets out of. Jeff hits a DDT, a clothesline and then a reverse elbow and a slingblade for a near fall. Jeff hits a facebuster and then heads to the top, flying off with a swanton bomb but Carlito gets his knees up! Carlito hooks the leg but gets a near fall. Carlito hits a springboard senton and then a springboard moonsault but only gets a two count. Carlito attempts another springboard but Jeff ducks. Hardy tries for a twist of fate, Carlito pushes him away and so Hardy hits whisper in the wind for a two count.

Jeff Hardy heads to the top but Carlito gets up and crotches him on the top. Carlito mocks Hardy and tries for a hurricanrana but Jeff pushes him off the top and hits the swanton bomb which is enough for the three! Jeff Hardy retains the Intercontinental Championship tonight! This match was a lot slower than it should have been. A shame really but I think Jeff would’ve had a better match with the other two guys.

Rating: 4/10

Up next is a video package for the D-Generation X vs. Edge and Randy Orton match.

Who is going to be the referee for the next match? Time to find out.

  • Eric Bischoff (60%)
  • Jonathan Coachman (20%)
  • Vince McMahon (20%)

I’m very surprised by that result. I guess it’s just an excuse to see Eric Bischoff as he’s not around a lot!

D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) vs. Rated RKO (Edge & Randy Orton) – Eric Bischoff as special guest referee

DX are out first and warm the crowd up as only they know how. It’s a first tag team match between these two teams. Shawn Michaels has lost at the two Taboo Tuesday PPV’s, Triple H has a 1-1 record, Edge and Randy are both 1-0. Edge doesn’t have Lita with him as she gets ready for her match later. In the background it looks like some stagehands are doing something to the Spanish announce table. Somebody going through it later? We’ll find out. Bischoff calls for the bell and it’s Shawn Michaels and Edge that start the match. These two men had a brief feud in 2005. Michaels starts the match well, hitting chops and even pulling down Edge’s tights to sunset flip him. Michaels hits some chops and then another sunset flip for a near fall. Shawn then hits a drop toe hold and applies an armbar before tagging out to Triple H. Triple H looks like he thinks about going to the middle rope but then decides against it. He kicks Edge, clotheslines him in the corner and then hits some jabs ala Dusty Rhodes or Road Dogg.

Edge pokes Triple H in the eye and tags out to Randy Orton. Orton lays in some right hands, he had a big feud with Triple H back in 2004. Triple H knocks Orton down and then hits a suplex. Triple H hits a kneedrop and then tags out to Shawn Michaels who hits some chops. Quick tags now as Michaels tags back out to Triple H. Orton hits a knee to the gut and then tags Edge who attacks Triple H from behind. A double team from Orton and Edge leads to a one count on the pinfall. Edge and Triple H slug it out and Edge then hits an inverted DDT for a two count. Slow count for Edge there. Edge tags Orton who hits some big right hands on Triple H and then some chops. Orton tags Edge who continues the right hands and then comes off the middle rope but Triple H catches him with a kick and then takes him down with a DDT. Triple H tags Shawn Michaels who has a lot of momentum. He hits a flying forearm, nips up and hits an inverted atomic drop and then disposes of Randy Orton. Triple H powerslam Edge and then leaves the ring allowing Michaels to come off the top with an elbow drop!

Michaels motions for sweet chin music but Orton grabs him and crotches him into the ringpost. Edge pins Michaels for a near fall and it’s another slow count. Edge tags in Orton who hits three knee drops for a near fall. Randy hits a few rights and then tags in Edge. Lots of classic heel tactics now with distracting the referee and drawing in the opponent which also distracts the referee. Edge hits a standing dropkick on Michaels for a two count. Edge then goes to the front facelock and Michaels gets out of it but can’t make a tag. Edge hits a big boot and gets a near fall before tagging in Randy Orton. Orton hits a standing dropkick for a near fall and then applies a sleeper. Michaels gets out of it but Orton takes him down with a big backbreaker. Orton tags Edge who motions for a spear but Michaels gets out of the way and Edge takes out Bischoff with the spear! I don’t know why Triple H is waiting for a legal tag now. Michaels takes Edge out with an enzeguri and both men then make tags! Triple H takes Orton and Edge out with high knee’s, facebusters, clotheslines and spinebusters.

Triple H attempts a pedigree on Orton but Edge takes out Triple H with a spear! Michaels then throws Edge out of the ring and dives out at him with a cross body. Orton hits an RKO on Triple H and this one would be over but Bischoff is out. Another referee comes out and Triple H kicks out! Orton tries for another RKO but Triple H pushes Orton into Michaels who takes him out with sweet chin music! Triple H is slow to make the cover but as the referee counts 2, Bischoff pulls the referee out of the ring! Michaels goes after Bischoff but Edge takes Shawn out with a steel chair! Edge goes after Triple H with the chair but Triple H kicks it out of his hand. Orton then hits Triple H with the chair and follows it up with an RKO on the chair for the win! Bischoff turned a blind eye to the chair then. Big win for Rated RKO if that is their real name. Good match between these four.

Rating: 7/10

There’s a VT for WWE’s film The Marine featuring John Cena next.

Edge and Randy Orton are backstage celebrating their victory. Lita joins them and says she’ll catch them up. Orton says that he and Edge should go party. Todd Grisham then arrives and says their victory was tainted. Orton says that they’re laughing last. Edge and Orton leave in their limo.

A dozen WWE divas show up to see if they’ll be required in a lumberjack match. I can only assume that’s the way the voting will go!

  • No Disqualification (40%)
  • Diva Lumberjacks (46%)
  • Submission (14%)

Mickie James vs. Lita – Tournament final lumberjack match for the vacant WWE Women’s Championship

This is a first singles PPV match between these two ladies. Mickie James was involved in a battle royal at last years Taboo Tuesday but wasn’t successful. The lumberjacks around the ring are Ashley, Melina, Kelly Kelly, Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle, Trinity, Ariel, Trinity, Michelle McCool, Layla, Kristal, Victoria and Jillian Hall. Lita throws Mickie James out early and the divas surround her but Mickie gets back into the ring and hits some lefts and rights. Mickie throws Lita out of the ring but Lita manages to get back in unscathed. Mickie applies a headlock but Lita takes her down. Lita applies a headlock of her own but Mickie gets out of it. Mickie hits an arm drag and a dropkick. Lita tries to get out of the ring but the likes of Jillian Hall, Ashley and Candice Michelle make sure she can’t go far. Lita drops Mickie on the top rope and then lays in some boots. Lita hits a knee drop and then a suplex for a near fall.

Lita continually smashes Mickie James into the mat and then into a top turnbuckle. Mickie then reverses it and smashes Lita into the top turnbuckles. Lita kicks Mickie in the back and then chokes her on the bottom rope. Two of the top 10 women of all time in this match. Lita hits a tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam for a near fall. Lita applies a sleeper with a body scissors but breaks the hold. Mickie is up to her feet and hits a leg-sweep and then a few reverse elbows for a near fall. Mickie hurricanranas Lita to the outside and both girls go tumbling over the top rope. All of the other divas get involved, laying in boots and then throwing both girls back into the ring. The two girls slug it out and Mickie hits some kicks and then smashes Lita into the top turnbuckle. Mickie attempts a springboard DDT but crashes into the mat. Lita rolls Mickie up with her feet on the rope but Candice pushes her feet off. Victoria then grabs Mickie’s feet which distracts her. Mickie kicks Victoria away but walks right into a DDT from Lita! Lita hooks the leg and gets the 3! Lita wins the match and becomes WWE Women’s Champion again!

Rating: 4/10

The Spirit Squad are backstage getting ready for their match when Kenny berates them and calls them all a bunch of losers. Johnny asks who died and made Kenny boss. Nicky, Mikey and Mitch break them up but Johnny isn’t happy. Kenny tells Mikey that he roughed him up to make him mad. Mikey says he’s with Kenny and the five men put their hands in and “chants till the end”.

Who will Flairs partner be tonight? Maria is acting like Eugene as the co-host. Piper gets the biggest pop of the three. Sarge won’t be close.

  • Sgt Slaughter (19%)
  • Roddy Piper (46%)
  • Dusty Rhodes (35%)

The Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey) vs. Ric Flair & “Rowdy” Roddy Piper – World Tag Team Championship match

It’s a first tag team match between these two teams! Flair has a 1-1 record at Taboo Tuesday pay per views. Just a note but I love the staging for this event. The giant keyboard on the stage is very cool. The Spirit Squad have been tag team champions for a good 6 months now. They comes out as a five so Ric Flair calls for some back up and out come Dusty Rhodes and Sgt Slaughter! Ric Flair and Kenny start the match and Kenny applies a headlock before knocking Flair down. Flair hits a hiptoss and a side headlock takeover. Kenny gets out out the headlock and knocks Flair down with a dropkick for a near fall. Kenny tags Mikey who misses with a couple of elbow drops allowing Flair to tag in Piper. Piper fights off all 5 members of the Spirit Squad and then applies a sleeper to Mikey. Kenny saves his partner and then tags in. Kenny tags in Mikey and fires him into Piper.

Quick tags between the Spirit Squad as they lay into Piper, getting near falls along the way. Kenny applies a chinlock until deciding to break it up and tag in Mikey. Piper pokes Mikey in the eye but the shortest member of the Spirit Squad won’t let Piper tag out. Mikey tags Kenny who hits a slam and tags Mikey back in. Mikey goes up onto Kenny’s shoulders up on the top before diving off but Piper gets out of the way! Piper tags Flair who hits chops, lefts and rights on both Kenny and Mikey. Flair and Piper dispose of Kenny and then hit a double reverse elbow on Mikey. The challengers hit a double suplex on Mikey before Piper finally leaves the ring. Flair applies the figure four to Mikey but Kenny comes in off the top with a legdrop! Flair takes Mikey down again with some chops and then applies the figure four again! Mikey taps out and this match is all over! The Spirit Squad rush the ring but Flair, Piper, Rhodes and Slaughter fight them off! Flair and Piper have won the World Tag Team Championships though!

Rating: 3.75/10

King Booker is backstage with John Cena and suggests that they team up to take out Big Show tonight. Cena agrees but only if he can have one night with Sharmell. Booker agrees which surprises Cena. Cena says that if the World Heavyweight title is on the line tonight then he will be taking it. Ron Simmons shows up at the end with his trademark “damn!”.

There’s a VT for the triple threat main event.

Which title will be on the line tonight?

  • WWE Championship (12%)
  • World Heavyweight Championship (67%)
  • ECW Championship (21%)

King Booker (c) vs. John Cena vs. The Big Show – Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship

This is the champion of champions match. WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight champion vs. ECW Champion. They’ve never had a triple threat match before but they’ve all wrestled each other in singles match. Cena has beaten both, Booker has beaten The Big Show but Big Show hasn’t beaten either. Big Show and john Cena both has 1-0 record at Taboo Tuesday PPV’s. The bell rings and Booker tries to team with Cena but Cena lays him out. Big Show headbutts Cena and hits him with a big chop and then a reverse elbow. Booker stays out of the action and Big Show hits Cena with a big Irish whip. Show takes Cena out with a clothesline and then a powerslam as Booker watches on. Big Show hits Cena with a chop and Cena tries fighting back but Big Show flattens him. Cena rolls to the outside and Big show grabs him but Booker hits Big Show with a scissors kick over the top rope! King Booker then gets in the ring and lays into Big show with knees and chops.

Big Show takes King Booker down with a clothesline and then hits him with a chop. Cena gets up on the apron but Big Show sends him flying to the outside. Big Show hits a powerslam on Booker and then drops an elbow for a near fall. Booker and John Cena then double team Big Show, sending him out of the ring. Booker then quickly rolls Cena up for a near fall. Cena hits a fishermans suplex for a near fall and then Big Show pulls Cena out. Big Show grabs the steel steps but Cena dropkicks him in the knees, sending Big Show face first into the steps. Cena gets back into the ring where King Booker hits him with the Book End for a near fall. Booker hits his side kick for another near fall. Booker hotshots Cena onto the top rope for another near fall and then hits a sideslam for another. Cena hits a belly to belly suplex for a near fall of his own. If you ask me, these are three of the top 30 of all time up to now. King Booker applies a sleeper to Cena but Cena powers out and hits a side suplex. Cena then goes up to the middle rope for a splash but Booker gets out of the way.

Booker attempts the scissors kick but Cena gets out of the way and sets Booker up for the FU but Booker nips down and hits John with a DDT for a near fall. Cena manages to get the STFU locked on but Booker gets to the ropes. Booker then pokes Cena in the eye and tries for a big kick but cena ducks it and knocks Booker down with a clothesline. Cena hits a suplex for a near fall. Booker hits a back body drop. Big Show has been out for ages. Way too long. Booker slowly climbs to the top and Cena gets up and crotches him. Cena goes up with him but Big Show gets back into the ring and pouts Cena on his shoulders. King Booker then hits a dropkick on Big Show and all three men are down. Booker pins Big Show and gets a near fall. Cena and Booker double team Big Show with right hands and then try for a double suplex but Big Show reverses it and suplexes both opponents. Big Show then hits both men with right hands and headbutts and then Irish whips Booker into Cena before squashing both men in the corner and taking them down.

Big Show hits a big chokeslam on Booker T and then spears Cena out of the ring. Out of the ring and Big Show smashes Cena into the announce table. Cena then returns the favour before smashing Big Show into the ringpost. Cena gets back into the ring and hits a shoulderblock and clothesline on Booker. Cena then hits the 5 knuckle shuffle on Booker! Sharmell gets in the ring with the World Heavyweight championship belt but Cena sees her coming, gets her on his shoulders and takes her out with the FU! Cena then ties Booker up in the STFU! The referee sees to Sharmell and behind his back Kevin Federline gets in the ring and hits Cena with the World Heavyweight Championship belt! Cena doesn’t stay down long, he chases K-Fed off and when he turns around, Booker smashes Cena with the World Heavyweight Championship belt! Booker hooks the leg and gets the 3! Booker T win the match, retains his title and is the champion of champions! Good match between these three.

Rating: 7.5/10

And that was Cyber Sunday 2006. It didn’t feel like a spectacular show, average for the most part to be honest. Umaga and Kane kicked off the show in a rather disappointing vote result. We’ve seen Kane and Umaga battle for the last couple of months. Chris Benoit or Sandman would have felt a lot more fresh. Umaga was winning whatever the outcome and continued his undefeated streak tonight. This match was ok, nothing special but was better than a couple of their previous encounters including their match at Unforgiven. Cryme Tyme then won the tornado tag team match in what was a fairly predictable outcome. They have had a decent push since their debut a few weeks ago and the fans seem to be into them. They feel like a “proper” tag team too. They’re a little gimmicky like The Highlanders but I don’t mind them. I can’t see them getting involved in the tag team title picture just yet because of what would happen later but should The Spirit Squad win the titles back then I can definitely see them feuding with Cryme Tyme going forward. Not the best quality match though mainly because it was hard to keep up with all of the action.

Carlito won the vote to get a shot at the Intercontinental Championship taking nearly two thirds of the votes. In hindsight I don’t think it was the right voting result as Carlito and Jeff Hardy didn’t have a lot of chemistry. Way too many submissions from Carlito for my liking. Hardy won and retained his title and will probably go back to feuding with Johnny Nitro but there are plenty of other Raw midcarders like Chris Masters, Shelton Benjamin, Kenny from The Spirit Squad or even Umaga if they want to mix it up a bit. I can’t see Carlito doing much following this. He is popular but to be honest he probably needs drafting back to Smackdown. Rated RKO defeated D-Generation X in a fairly surprising result. DX have been pushed to the moon since linking back up and although the odds were stacked against them in this match you still expected them to defy those odds. It wasn’t clean by any stretch but it was a good finish. Eric Bischoff seemed out of place and made some very slow counts unintentionally. This feud can only continue.

Lita beat Mickie James in an ok match. The lumberjack match was the obvious result for the voting and I liked how that played out. The girl did have a couple of good spots but in the end it was Lita that won with a little bit of help from Victoria. The women’s division is ok, it seems bigger than it has ever been but there aren’t a lot of stand-outs. Lita, Mickie James and Victoria are the three with the most talent with Melina on the cusp of the division. I can only see Lita and Mickie James continuing with maybe Victoria getting involved. Ric Flair and Roddy Piper won the world tag team championships from the Spirit Squad. I can only think this is to help promote the new Piper DVD. It was nostalgic which was nice but it shows a failing tag team division. As long as the reign is short then I don’t really mind it. The tag team division is getting bigger with four tag teams involved earlier, The Spirit Squad and even DX and Rated RKO all on Raw. Piper is so out of shape but he’s a good nostalgia act. Not a great match though.

King Booker was voted to defend his title which pretty much guaranteed his victory. None of the titles were changing hands. I like Booker though so I’m glad he won. I didn’t necessarily like the way he won though. Kevin Federline? Why is he getting involved in a pay per view main event, he’s an absolute nobody. Cena vs. Federline at Survivor Series? I seriously hope not. The triple threat itself was pretty good though, I enjoyed it.

Overall Rating: 50.71/100 (ranked 161st out of 201)

Match Of The Night: John Cena vs. King Booker vs. The Big Show
Worst Match Of The Night: Cryme Tyme/The Highlanders/Cade & Murdoch/Haas & Viscera
Surprise Of The Night: Flair and Piper become tag team champions
Worst Booking Of The Night: Kevin Federline.
Superstar Of The Night: King Booker
Cyber Sunday Will Be Remembered For: King Booker winning the champion of champions match

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