Survivor Series 2006

|Date: November 26, 2006
|Venue: Wachovia Center |City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
|Attendance: 15,400 |Buys: 383,000
|Brand: Raw, Smackdown & ECW

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The 20th anniversary of Survivor Series has a traditional feel to it with 3 of the 7 matches announced being traditional Survivor Series matches, which is the most amount of traditional matches since 1999. The main event however is for the World Heavyweight Championship as King Booker defends his belt against Batista. Booker has been successful against Batista at Summerslam and No Mercy so Teddy Long has announced that this is the very last opportunity Batista will get against Booker. Booker no longer has the services of William Regal and Finlay so will have to go alone against the man that was actually protecting him against Raw superstars just a few weeks ago. Also from Smackdown Mr Kennedy takes on The Undertaker in a rematch from No Mercy. Mr Kennedy won that match by disqualification but The Undertaker took Kennedy out after the match, busting him wide open. Since then Mr Kennedy has actually bust open The Undertaker using his microphone so Teddy Long has made the match between the two tonight a first blood match.

There are two other title match tonight. Lita won a tournament at Cyber Sunday to become the Women’s Champion, beating Mickie James in the final. Since then Lita has announced that she is retiring and will be wrestling her last ever match at Survivor Series. Her opponent has been announced as Mickie James. Will Lita leave the WWE as Women’s Champion, much like Trish Stratus did? The United States Championship is also set to be defended. Chris Benoit beat Mr Kennedy for the title a couple of months ago and since then he has had his problems with Chavo Guerrero. Vickie Guerrero and Chavo have turned their back on Chris Benoit much like they did with Rey Mysterio. Vickie thinks Benoit is after some of Eddie Guerrero’s real estate. Tonight Chavo gets a shot at Chris Benoit.

As well as the four singles matches, there are three traditional Survivor Series matches. This year they have made two of those matches by mixing up Raw, Smackdown and ECW superstars. The first of those pits Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and CM Punk against Edge, Randy Orton, Johnny Nitro, Gregory Helms and Mike Knox. It’s a mix of four different rivalries. D-Generation X have had their issues with Randy Orton and Edge who are now the World Tag Team Champions. Edge and Orton actually beat DX at Cyber Sunday. Jeff Hardy and Johnny Nitro have been feuding over the Intercontinental Championship whilst Matt Hardy and Gregory Helms have been going back and forth for months in a deep-rooted rivalry. On ECW Mike Knox’s girlfriend Kelly Kelly has taken a shine to CM Punk which has created heat between those two men.

The second traditional Survivor Series match pits WWE champion John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Kane and ECW’s newest recruit Bobby Lashley against ECW Champion The Big Show, Umaga, Finlay, MVP and Test. The two champions are the captains but John Cena has recently had his issues with Umaga who wants a shot at the WWE Championship. Bobby Lashley has joined ECW and has the ECW World Heavyweight Championship in his sights. Rob Van Dam, Sabu and Test will also be involved in the Extreme Elimination Chamber next month, a match that also features CM Punk. Meanwhile on Smackdown MVP has had his problems with Kane since Kane arrived on the blue brand. The other traditional Survivor Series match tonight pits The Spirit Squad against Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson, Sgt slaughter and Ron Simmons as the legends look to put the irritating Spirit Squad in their place.

In a dark match prior to the event Carlito defeated Charlie Haas.

A video package kicks us off going through a lot of the card. Notably the traditional Survivor Series matches, the Undertaker/Mr Kennedy match and the World Heavyweight title match. Michael Cole welcomes us to the show, he’s joined by John “Bradshaw” Layfield and they let us know that Booker T and Batista will be headlining the show. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are also here from Raw.

Ric Flair, Sgt Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes & Ron Simmons vs. The Spirit Squad (Kenny, Mikey, Nicky & Johnny) – Tradition Survivor Series match

This is legends against The Spirit Squad! Ron Simmons fills in for the injured “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Arn Anderson does not look dressed to wrestle. Oh that’s because it’s a four vs. four Survivor Series match. A few Survivor Series record for you. Ric Flair is 1-2, Sgt Slaughter is 1-1, Dusty Rhodes is 1-0 and Ron Simmons is 0-3-1 with one draw to his name there but no wins. Mitch is the man to sit out on the Spirit Squad team. Ron Simmons starts the match with Mikey. Simmons throws Mikey across the ring to begin with but Mikey takes the advantage with a thumb to the eye before getting caught with a powerslam. Simmons then takes all four of the Spirit Squad members out. Mitch gets involved pulling Rons legs so Arn Anderson throws him into the ring post. The referee then tells Simmons that he has been counted out! Ron Simmons has been eliminated!

The referee tells Mitch to head to the back so Simmons hits him with a big dominator on the way out. The referee then sends Arn Anderson to the back too. Sgt Slaughter and Nicky are the two men to step into the match next. The Spirit Squad make their Survivor Series debuts tonight. Sarge hits Nicky with three powerslams and then tags in Dusty Rhodes to a big pop. Dusty hits his trademark bionic elbow and tags in Ric Flair. Flair hits his trademark chops on Nicky and tags Sgt Slaughter back in. Slaughter hits a clothesline and then locks on the cobra clutch! Nicky fades out and the referee checks the arm but Johnny hits Slaughter with a big spinning kick and pops Nicky on top of Sarge for the three count! Sgt Slaughter has been eliminated. Dusty Rhodes gets involved and hits Nicky with an elbow drop and the referee counts the three! Nicky has been eliminated! 

Mikey attacks Dusty from behind and lays into him with some right hands. Mikey then tags in Johnny but Dusty manages to fight off the Spirit Squad until the numbers become too much. Johnny tags in Kenny who enters the right for the first time. Kenny hits Rhodes with some right hands but Dusty fights back with some jabs and a bionic elbow! Dusty misses with an elbow in the corner and Kenny rolls him up for the three! Dusty Rhodes has been eliminated. It’s down to Kenny, Johnny and Mikey against Ric Flair. Kenny tags in Mikey who lays into Flair with right hands and kicks. Flair hits an inverted atomic drop and rolls Mikey up with his feet on the ropes for the three! Mikey has been eliminated! Kenny lays into Flair with right hands and fist drops but lowers his head and Flair rolls him up for a three! Kenny has been eliminated!

It’s just Ric Flair and Johnny now. Flair hits some chops and then a chopblock. Ric then locks on the figure four! Johnny taps out which means Ric Flair wins the match! Flair is the sole survivor tonight but The Spirit Squad attack Flair, rolling over the figure four and putting the pressure on him. Kenny comes off the top with a legdrop on Flair. The Spirit Squad leave Flair lying in the ring but it is a victory for The Nature Boy tonight.

Rating: 6/10

There’s a video package next showing Chris Benoit winning the United States Championship and then his feud with Chavo Guerrero and Vickie Guerrero.

Chris Benoit (c) vs. Chavo Guerrero – United States Championship match

This is a first time singles match between these two men. Chris Benoit has a 2-3 Survivor Series record to Chavo Guerrero’s 1-3 record. Chavo is joined by Vickie Guerrero. Benoit lays into Chavo early on, hitting him with a powerslam and an elbow drop. Benoit hits a backbreaker for a one count. Benoit hits a big chop and drives some knees into Guerrero’s gut. Chavo fights back with an uppercut but Benoit chops him back down to the mat. Benoit hits a snap suplex for one count and again Chavo fights back with uppercuts. Benoit hits another chop and then a running forearm for the first near fall of the night. Chavo hits more uppercuts and right hands dropping Benoit to the mat. Benoit then attempts the crippler crossface but Vickie sort of helps put Chavo’s boot on the rope. Benoit hits a big side suplex for a near fall but Chavo gets back into it by throwing Benoit into the ringpost. Chavo then chokes Benoit with his boot before hitting a belly to back suplex for a near fall.

Chavo applies a chinlock and then a hammerlock but Benoit gets out of it with a Samoan drop. Chavo then hits a dropkick for a two count. Chavo hits another uppercut and screams at Benoit, telling him to stay out of his business. Benoit responds by hitting Chavo with three consecutive German suplexes. Benoit heads to the top but Vickie Guerrero grabs his boot, slowing him down. The distraction seems to work as Chavo rolls out of the way of the diving headbutt. Chavo lays into Benoit with right hands and then a suplex. Guerrero then heads to the top and hits a frog splash! He hooks the leg but Benoit kicks out at 2. Chavo screams at Chavo again and Benoit takes him down and tries to lock on the sharpshooter but Chavo kicks him off and kicks Benoit into Vickie Guerrero who is up on the apron! Chavo then rolls Benoit up but Benoit rolls through and locks on the crippler crossface! Chavo taps out and Chris Benoit is the winner! Benoit retains his United States Championship tonight.

Rating: 6.5/10

Todd Grisham is backstage with Edge, Randy Orton and Lita. Todd asks Lita if she’s changed her mind about retiring tonight. It’s a no from Lita. Edge says that Lita doesn’t give a crap about what the fans say about her. Edge then lays into DX, The Hardy Boyz and CM Punk. Meanwhile in the background Cryme Tyme are showing sneaking into Lita’s locker room and then sneaking back out with a box of her stuff.

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Lita (c) vs. Mickie James – Women’s Championship match

This is a rematch from Cyber Sunday where Lita defeated Mickie. Lita is 0-4 at Survivor Series PPV’s whilst Mickie makes her Survivor Series debut tonight. Mickie starts well with a slap and a drop toe hold before laying into Lita with right hands. Lita then throws Mickie into the middle turnbuckle before hitting a monkey flip takeover and more right hands. Lita throws Mickie across the ring but Mickie fights back with a clothesline and then sets up for a flying headscissors but Lita throws her to the mat. Lita then repeatedly smashes Mickie’s face into the mat before hitting her with a knee to the face. Lita hits more knees and then a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. A “she’s a crack-whore” chant breaks out as Lita gets another near fall. Lita hits a suplex for a two count. Lita is having one of the best matches of her career tonight. She applies a sleeper with a body scissors but Mickie manages to roll over to the ropes.

Lita heads to the top but misses with a cross body as Mickie gets out of the way. Mickie then heads to the top but Lita gets up and side suplexes her off the middle rope. A “she’s got herpes” chant breaks out aimed at Lita. The two girls slug it out with right hands and Mickie hits a clothesline, reverse elbow and a forearm for a two count. Mickie hits a few more kicks and a spinning roundhouse that takes Lita down for a two count. Mickie hits a fishermans suplex for another near fall. Mickie motions for her trademark DDT but Lita pushes her away. Mickie then sets up for a hurricanrana but Lita drops her face first into the mat. Lita then heads to the top and hits her moonsault! Lita hooks the leg but Mickie James kicks out! Lita attempts a DDT but Mickie holds onto the ropes. Mickie then rolls Lita up for a two count. Lita rolls Mickie up and gets a near fall. Mickie hits her trademark spinning DDT and gets the three! Mickie James wins the match and becomes a two time WWE Women’s Champion at the behest of Lita who has now wrestled her final match. Really good match between these two.

After the match Lita demands that Lilian Garcia address her as the greatest women’s champion of all time. Lita freaks out and kicks off at the crowd for booing her. Cryme Tyme then head out with Lita’s stuff. Lita’s acting at this point is terrible. Cryme Tyme sell Lita’s stuff out of the box. JBL then buys Lita’s panties. End this, please. There’s a vibrator in there that they sell for $25.

Rating: 7/10

There’s a pre-taped interview with Michael Cole and Batista. Batista doesn’t answer any questions, he just sits there. Batista finishes by saying that he’ll be taking the World Heavyweight Championship.

Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & CM Punk vs. Edge, Randy Orton, Johnny Nitro, Gregory Helms & Mike Knox – Traditional Survivor Series match

As Survivor Series records go, Triple H has only own at 1 Survivor Series event and that was last year, Shawn Michaels is 3-9, Matt Hardy is 0-3, Jeff Hardy is 2-2. CM Punk, Mike Knox and Johnny Nitro make their Survivor Series debuts tonight, Edge is 1-4, Orton is 3-0 having been the sole survivor for the last 3 years and Gregory Helms is 0-1. DX start the match with their usual schtick but the fans chant for CM Punk. This show marks PPV debuts for CM Punk and Mike Knox. Mike Knox is accompanied by his girlfriend Kelly Kelly who is wearing the shortest skirt I have ever seen. Mike Knox looks to start the match and Triple H waves out to Kelly Kelly. He asks her up on the apron and flash him but Mike Knox stands in the way. Shawn Michaels hits sweet chin music on Knox and pins him for the three! Mike Knox has been eliminated! Michaels has no idea who he was though and whether he was part of the match. His team clear it up for hi.

Johnny Nitro gets involved but Michaels poses with Melina and then chops away at Nitro, Michaels tags Jeff Hardy who hits a slingblade on Nitro and then tags in his brother Matt. The Hardys hit some classic double team moves and Matt gets a near fall on Nitro. Nitro tags in Gregory Helms who hits Matt with some right hands and then pulls him off the middle rope. Helms tags in Edge, lots of history between he and Matt Hardy. Edge hits some stomps and right hands and then tags Gregory Helms back in. Helms hits a suplex and tags in Randy Orton who hits some stomps. Orton tags Nitro who hits some kicks, lefts and rights. Hardy hits Nitro with a side effect and then tags in CM Punk to a big pop. Punk hits Nitro with some forearms, knees and a running knee in the corner into a bulldog. Nitro hits some elbows but Matt Hardy drops Nitro on the top rope allowing CM Punk to lock on the anaconda vice! Nitro taps out! Johnny Nitro has been eliminated. 

Edge is in quickly and attacks CM Punk. Edge and Orton look like a couple of big dudes in this match. Punk hits Edge with some big right hands until Orton drops him on the top rope. Edge tags in Orton who hits a big dropkick for a near fall. Randy tags in Gregory Helms who hits some kicks and right hands before applying a front facelock. Punk fights out of it but Helms hits a facebuster. Helms tags in Orton who takes his time. He and CM Punk slug it out until Orton hits Punk with an RKO! Orton is very slow to cover Punk though and Shawn Michaels breaks the count. Orton tags in Edge who sets up for a spear but Punk gets out of the way, Edge hits the middle turnbuckle and Punk tags in Triple H! Edge tags Gregory Helms who Triple H takes down with a high knee. Triple H hits a facebuster and then sets up for a pedigree but edge breaks it up. All hell breaks loose resulting in Jeff Hardy and Shawn Michaels diving over the top at Rated RKO. Triple H hits Gregory Helms with a spinebuster and then tag in Matt Hardy. Matt hits a twist of fate on Helms and Jeff comes in off the top with a swanton bomb! Matt pins Helms for the three! Gregory Helms has been eliminated!

It’s all five members of DX’s team against Edge and Randy Orton now. Edge and Orton heads for the back but Matt and Jeff Hardy go after them and bring them back to the ring! Triple H disposes of Orton whilst CM Punk hits a big knee to Edge, Jeff hits poetry in motion and Shawn Michaels pins Edge, eliminating Edge from the match. Randy Orton is the only man left and he runs through the crowd! The Hardy Boyz and CM Punk go and get him, bringing him back to the ring where Michaels hits him with sweet chin music. Triple H hits him with the pedigree and that’s all she wrote! Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and CM Punk win the match! Jerry Lawler is questioning whether that was the first ever team to win without losing anyone, they’re not, there were 5 previous teams which were The Visionaries, The Doinks, Sgt Slaughter, Jim Duggan, Tito Santana and The Texas Tornado and The Dark Side.

Rating: 7.5/10

There’s a video package for The Undertaker and Mr Kennedy up next.

Kristal interviews Mr Kennedy before the match and Kennedy says that it is the biggest match of his career. MVP then shows up and says that he has Mr Kennedy’s back tonight.

The Undertaker vs. Mr Kennedy – First Blood match

This is a second PPV match between these two men, Mr Kennedy won the first by disqualification. The Undertaker has a 7-6 record at Survivor Series PPV’s whilst Mr Kennedy makes his debut at the event tonight. Mr Kennedy is first out and takes off the top turnbuckles from the corners. Kennedy hits some right hands in the early going but Undertaker no-sells. Undertaker hits a right hand of his own and then throws Mr Kennedy out of the ring. Undertaker smashes Kennedy into the announce desk a couple of times. Mr Kennedy goes into this with an undefeated 3-0 record on PPV. Only Max Mini can match that. Undertaker continues to repeatedly smash Kennedy into the announce table and then the ring steps. Undertaker headbutts Kennedy into the crowd and then hiptosses him back over the guardrail. Undertaker hits a big boot and Mr Kennedy reverses an Irish whip, sending Undertaker over the ring steps. Mr Kennedy then smashes Undertaker into the announce table a couple of times.

Kennedy jumps off the ring steps but Undertaker catches him and drives him into the ringpost. Undertaker then gets back to work on Kennedy, smashing him into the announce table again and then rolling him back into the ring. Undertaker suplexes Kennedy onto the top turnbuckle before superplexing him down to the mat. Kennedy attempts to fight back but Undertaker drops him with a big boot. Undertaker hits some big kidney punches but Kennedy hits a low blow to take the advantage. Mr Kennedy rolls to the outside and is bleeding internally. Kennedy spits out blood but out comes MVP with a towel and mops it up! MVP then throws Mr Kennedy back into the ring! Undertaker lays into Kennedy with right hands and boots. Kennedy drops Mr Kennedy off the exposed turnbuckle and Undertaker hits him with a second shot to the exposed steel. Kennedy hits more right hands and MVP then enters the ring with a chair and after a brief tussle with the referee, MVP smashes Undertaker with the chair!

But the way MVP is looking, he looks like he meant to hit Kennedy! Kennedy then lays into Undertaker with more right hands but the steel chair busted Undertaker open and the referee sees it and calls for the bell! Mr Kennedy wins the match and goes 4-0 on PPV! Undertaker lays into Kennedy after the match, hitting him HARD with a chair. Kennedy is busted open now! Undertaker hits Mr Kennedy with a tombstone but it’ll go down as a Mr Kennedy victory tonight.

Rating: 6/10

Sharmell and King Booker are backstage giving a great promo as per. Booker says he will leave as World Heavyweight Champion.

John Cena, Kane, Rob Van Dam, Sabu & Bobby Lashley vs. The Big Show, MVP, Test, Finlay & Umaga – Traditional Survivor Series match

As Survivor Series record go, John Cena is 3-0, Kane is 4-4, Rob Van Dam is 0-4, Bobby Lashley is 0-1, Big Show is 2-4, Test is 1-2, Finlay, MVP, Sabu and Umaga make their Survivor Series debuts. Finlay has his shillalah taken off him as he makes his entrance. A few years ago John Cena, Rob Van Dam and The Big Show made up three quarters of a Survivor Series team with Eddie Guerrero. John Cena and Umaga kick off the match and the crowd are very against Cena. He clotheslines Umaga out of the ring and then brings in Finlay. Cena tags Van Dam who hits Finlay with a legdrop. Umaga then bring a monitor into the ring and lays out Van Dam and Cena! All hell breaks loose with Bobby Lashley laying into MVP and Kane and Test going at it. Umaga has been eliminated! It’s a DQ elimination for Umaga. Finlay rams RVD into the ring apron on the outside and Big Show rolls him back in. Finlay tags in Test who rams Van Dam into the turnbuckle and hits him with some elbows.

This is Tests first PPV match in a long long time. Over 3 years. He hits RVD with a backbreaker and tags Finlay back in. Finlay hits Van Dam with a headbutt and then tags in MVP who applies a sleeper to Rob Van Dam. Van Dam is bleeding from the mouth now. Van Dam gets a near fall form nowhere and then drops MVP with a spinning heel kick. Van Dam then takes out Test and Finlay with kicks before kicking Big Show off the apron. Test drags RVD out of the ring but Van Dam pushes him into the ringpost. Inside the ring Kane hits MVP with a chokeslam. Van Dam then goes up top and hits MVP with the 5 star frog splash for the three! MVP has been eliminated. Test quickly gets in the ring and takes Van Dam out with a running boot for the three! Rob Van Dam has been eliminated! Test throws Sabu out of the ring but Bobby Lashley hits Test with a spear! Sabu then hits Test with a springboard DDT and pins him for the 3! Test has been eliminated! Big Show gets in the ring and hits Sabu with a chokeslam to eliminate Sabu from the match!

We’re down to John Cena, Bobby Lashley and Kane against Big Show and Finlay,. Kane gets involved and goes toe to toe with Big Show but the little bastard comes from under the ring. The referee gets distracted by him and Finlay hits Kane with his shillalah! Big Show pins Kane and eliminates Kane from the match! Big Show tags in Finlay who lays into John Cena now. Big Show gets involved, hitting Cena with a big chop and then officially tags in. Big Show hits more chops on Cena and right hands before tagging Finlay back in. Finlay hits some kicks and then goes up to the middle rope but Cena catches him with a boot and tags in Lashley! Lashley hits a reverse elbow, a clubbing right hand and a t-bone suplex. Lashley hooks the leg but Big Show breaks it up. Cena and Lashley attempt a double clothesline on Big Show but Big Show clotheslines them down! Finlay grabs the little bastard and throws him at Cena but Lashley spears Finlay and pins him for the three! Finlay has been eliminated!

It’s Lashley and Cena against The Big Show. Lashley and Big Show slug it out and Lashley drop toe holds Big Show onto the top turnbuckle. Lashley tags Cena and they double DDT Big Show for a near fall. Cena attempts a suplex but can’t get Big Show up so Lashley helps him and they hit a double suplex! Cena hits a five knuckle shuffle, Lashley hits a spear and Cena hits the FU on Big Show for the win! John Cena and Bobby Lashley win the match!

Rating: 6.75/10

There’s a video package for King Booker and Batista next.

King Booker (c) vs. Batista – World Heavyweight Championship match

This is a rematch from Summerslam where Batista beat King Booker by disqualification. Booker is 1-4 at Survivor Series PPV’s whereas Batista is 0-2. Teddy Long is out before the match and says that if King Booker gets himself counted out or disqualified then he will lose the World Heavyweight Championship. Batista attacks Booker as he makes his slow entrance, laying into him with right hands. Batista finally throws Booker into the ring and the bell rings. Booker hits elbows and chops but Batista fires back with right hands and a suplex. Booker exits the ring but Sharmell begs him to get back into the ring and not get counted out. Booker tries to drop Batista on the top rope but Batista reverses it and then takes Booker down with a backbreaker for a near fall. Batista hits three clotheslines for a near fall. Booker drops Batista on the top rope and Batista sells it by choking. Booker then slingshots Batista into the bottom rope causing more choking from Batista.

Booker hits a big kick for a near fall. Booker hits more chops as Sharmell cheers him on from the outside. Booker hits a thumb to the eye, an Irish whip and a clothesline in the corner before chopping away at his challenger. Batista fires back with a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Batista hits a jackhammer for another near fall. Batista hits a another slam for another near fall. This match has been pretty boring so far. The two men slug it out on the apron and Booker once again pokes Batista in the eye. Sharmell then grabs the leg of Batista and Booker T kicks him off the apron! Booker rolls Batista back into the ring and gets a near fall, using the ropes for extra leverage. Booker hits a big kick on Batista and gets another near fall before applying a million dollar dream. Batista breaks the hold and hits a belly to belly suplex. Batista hits some right hands a couple of clotheslines before booting King Booker out of the ring. Batista then throws Booker into the ring steps and then back into the ring.

Batista heads to the top, which is unusual for him, and flies off with shoulder charge for a near fall. Booker hits the Book end from nowhere and gets a near fall. Batista then hits the Batista bomb but Booker rolls over to the ropes. Batista makes a cover but Booker gets his hand to the ropes. Sharmell hands Booker the World Heavyweight Championship and then gets into the ring! Batista sets her up for a Batista bomb but then decides against it. The referee sees to Sharmell and Booker dives at Batista with the World Heavyweight title but Batista ducks! Batista picks up the title and smashes Booker with it! He hooks the leg and gets the 3! Batista wins the World Heavyweight Championship tonight! Pretty boring match though.

Rating: 3.5/10 

And that was Survivor Series 2006. Overall it felt like a decent show. The legends and Spirit Squad was a fun way to kick off the show. I thought Arn Anderson was supposed to be involved in the match but they must have made a last minute change. That meant Mitch had to sit out. He’s the least experienced wrestler so I guess it makes sense. Kenny and Johnny are the two stand-outs from the Spirit Squad but Nicky and Mikey can also go. Mitch was involved in Tough Enough and hasn’t had as much ring time as the other four guys. Sarge and Ron Simmons went out first followed by Nicky and then Dusty Rhodes. That left Flair against three members of The Spirit Squad but Flair beat Mikey, Kenny and Johnny in two minutes to win the match. The Spirit Squad seem to be on their way out and with most of the legends just being part time then I guess it makes sense for Flair to win the match. With Kenny sticking around they could have had him win the match but with the Squad falling apart I guess it made sense for Flair to win.

Chris Benoit beat Chavo Guerrero to retain his United States Championship. This was a big spot for Chavo and he did look strong but in the end it was Benoit with the victory. Chavo is arguably more over than he has been his entire career as a singles star so if he was going to win the title then now was the time. I like Vickie with Chavo, they’re a good pairing and Vickie does have some heat. I think this feud is over though, Benoit wins cleanly and can move on to somebody else. Mickie James beat Lita to become a two time Women’s Champion. Lita doesn’t retire with the belt and now the division has lost both Trish Stratus and Lita. Mickie leads the division into the new era and will have to compete with the likes of Victoria and Melina. I would’ve liked to have seen a Women’s Survivor Series match tonight but there is the risk it could have been awful. A good match between Lita and Mickie though, Lita wanted to go out with a bang. The aftermath was awful and unnecessary though.

The next match was a lot of fun. I like the ten guys involved, well most of them. It was a clean sweep for DX, The Hardy Boys and CM Punk who are a very popular team. Especially CM Punk and Jeff Hardy. I liked Mike Knox going out straight away and Shawn Michaels not knowing who he was. Matt Hardy got some retribution on Gregory Helms by eliminating him from the match. It was nice to see Matt and Jeff Hardy back together. Rated RKO were the last two men eliminated form their team and DX has a bit of fun with them. It was three wins for all three babyface teams tonight so maybe one of them could have had a heel win. Umaga could have been the a good winner for his match for example. Mr Kennedy beat The Undertaker after MVP came out and smashed Undertaker with a chair. I’m not sure that was intentional, maybe he was supposed to hit Kennedy. There’s a lot of intertwining with this feud and the MVP/Kane rivalry. Maybe it’s heading towards a gimmicky tag team match? Kennedy wins tonight but this rivalry looks far from over.

Then came the third and final traditional Survivor Series match. I liked the mix of talent in this match, it was reminiscent of the random teams you would get in the past. The faces started well, eliminating Umaga, MVP and Test whilst only losing Rob Van Dam. Umaga was disqualified early doors which was probably the best way to lose him. Four men were then eliminated in the space of a minute with RVD eliminating MVP, Test eliminating RVD, Bobby Lashley eliminating Test and Big Show eliminating Sabu. It then came down to John Cena, Lashley and Kane against Big Show and Finlay. Finlay helped eliminate Kane with his shillalah which hints at a Smackdown feud between those two men in the future. Lashley and Cena then went on to win the match. I think this match was mainly used to elevate Lashley who I guess they figured needed the help rather than Umaga who also would have been a good winner. Everybody else was filler really.

Batista then beat Booker T to win the World Heavyweight Championship. This was the weakest match of the night. It was also a very strange ending with Batista using the title belt to beat King Booker. It was a heelish move and made it look as though Batista couldn’t win the match without cheating. Batista wins the title though which was inevitable and I hope King Booker doesn’t fade away because he’s been a great champion, exceeding all expectation.

Overall Rating: 61.78/100 (ranked joint 55th out of 202)

Match Of The Night: DX, The Hardy Boys & CM Punk vs. Team Rated RKO, Johnny Nitro, Gregory Helms & Mike Knox
Worst Match Of The Night: King Booker vs. Batista
Surprise Of The Night: Mr Kennedy beats The Undertaker
Worst Booking Of The Night: Batista cheats to defeat King Booker
Superstar Of The Night: Batista
Survivor Series 2006 Will Be Remembered For: Batista regaining the World Heavyweight Championship

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  1. Mickie was only a bit player in the story of the Women’s Title match, because as soon it’s over and she wins back the gold, get the fuck out of the ring so Cryme Tyme can sell Lita’s shit to the fans.

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