December To Dismember 2006

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|Date: December 3, 2006
|Venue: James Brown Arena |City: Augusta, Georgia
|Attendance: 4,800 |Buys: 90,000
|Brand: ECW

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You Better Watch Out….this might be terrible. I tend to introduce my reviews with a run-down of the matches. Well, only two matches have been advertised for this show so it won’t take long. The main event will be for the ECW Championship held by The Big Show. Originally Rob Van Dam was given the opportunity to fight for the title, an opportunity that he won and was announced as number one contender. However Paul Heyman then moved the goalposts and announced that the main event at the pay per view would be an Extreme Elimination Chamber match. Basically an Elimination chamber match with added weapons. Sabu then beat Kevin Thorn to qualify, CM Punk beat Mike Knox and Test beat Tommy Dreamer. Paul Heyman then had an open contract for the 6th place in the Chamber and it looked like Hardcore Holly was about to sign but Bobby Lashley shocked the masses and attacked Holly before signing the contract himself.

The other match announced for the show doesn’t actually involved anybody from ECW. Matt and Jeff Hardy have recently started teaming up together. They were winners at Survivor Series and also won a match on ECW TV. They made an open challenge at the December To Dismember press conference, a challenge that was accepted by the man Jeff Hardy has had issues with as of late Johnny Nitro and his former tag team partner Joey Mercury. So in a one tine only match The Hardy Boyz take on MNM. There are no other matches announced for the show.

In a dark match prior to the event Stevie Richards defeated Rene Dupree.

A video package kicks off the show hyping up the Extreme Elimination Chamber match. Joey Styles then welcomes us to the show, he’s joined by Tazz. The Spanish announce team are also ringside.

The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) vs. MNM (Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury)

This is a first time meeting between these two tag teams. Nitro and Mercury are joined by their manager Melina. Jeff Hardy and Johnny Nitro have been feuding over the Intercontinental Championship on Raw whilst Matt Hardy has had his issues with Gregory Helms on Smackdown. This is a return for Joey Mercury who hasn’t been seen since Nitro turned on him earlier this year. Matt Hardy starts the match against Joey Mercury who has a slightly different look to before. Matt takes him down with a headlock, a shoulderblock and a hiptoss. There’s a bit of a stand off which draws Jeff Hardy and Johnny Nitro in. Matt twists the arm of Mercury and then tags in his brother Jeff who continues to work the left arm of Joey Mercury. Jeff tags Matt back in who applies a hammerlock. Mercury gets out of it and tags in Nitro but Nitro is a victim to the same fate.

Matt tags in Jeff who hits a springboard dropkick for the first near fall of the night. Jeff tags Matt and both Hardys double team Nitro and then Mercury. Matt and Jeff have wrestled more PPV matches with main eventing a PPV than anyone else in history to this point. MNM hit double elbows on Jeff earning Mercury a near fall. Mercury then smashes Jeff’s face into Nitros boot before tagging him in. Nitro hits a neckbreaker but Jeff gets out of the way of a standing shooting star press. Jeff tags in Matt who hits Nitro with a reverse elbow and then an elbow drop. Matt runs into an elbow and Nitro heads up to the second rope but Hardy hits him with a powerbomb! Mercury breaks up the cover and Melina then grabs the leg of Matt Hardy. Hardy chases her around the ring but Mercury drops him with a forearm. Mercury tags in and MNM hit a double gutbuster on Matt. Mercury tags in Nitro who hits a running knee to the gut of Matt for a two count. Melina once again gets involved with a head scissors to Matt Hardy behind the referee’s back.

MNM hit a double facebuster on Matt as Melina lets out a very high pitched scream. Near fall for Mercury on Matt and Mercury then tags in Nitro. Nitro lays into Matt with lefts and rights and tags his partner back in. MNM attempt a double suplex on Matt who reverses it into a double neckbreaker on both men. MNM knocks Jeff off the apron, making sure he doesn’t tag in. MNM then hit poetry in motion on Matt Hardy! Nitro heads to the top and Mercury attempts a twist of fate but Matt pushes Mercury into Nitro, crotching Nitro on the top rope! Matt tags in Jeff who steps it up a gear, taking Mercury out with clotheslines, a reverse atomic drop and a legdrop for a near fall. Jeff then hits Nitro with an inverted suplex. Matt clotheslines Mercury out of the ring and then dives out at him. Nitro then dives out at both men! Jeff Hardy heads to the top and takes out both members of MNM and his brother Matt.

Back in the ring and The Hardy Boyz hit poetry in motion on Joey Mercury. Matt then hits twist of fate and Jeff attempts the swanton bomb but Nitro pulls his partner out of the ring. Nitro hits a springboard dropkick on Jeff for a near fall. Nitro hits some kidney punches to Jeff and then tags in Mercury. MNM catapult Jeff Hardy into the top turnbuckle. Mercury applies a surfboard stretch to Jeff and then tags Nitro back in. MNM hit a hard Irish whip as the pace slows down in this match. Nitro hits a spinning legdrop for a near fall and then throws Jeff out of the ring. Melina takes a running kick at Jeff and then slaps him. Nitro tags Mercury and both members of MNM hit legdrops on Jeff for a two count. Nitro and Jeff slug it out and Nitro manages a blind tag to Mercury who comes attacks Hardy from behind. Mercury applies a chinlock which Jeff gets out off but Mercury rolls Hardy up for a near fall. Hardy kicks Mercury out of the ring but it works against him as Mercury takes out Matt from the apron. Nitro then pulls Jeff back to the MNM corner.

Mercury gets back in the ring and tags in Nitro before the two men catapult Jeff into the corner. Jeff lands on the top rope and hits whisper in the wind on both men before finally tagging in Matt! Matt comes in with clotheslines, forearms and powerslams to both members of MNM. Matt hits a big clothesline/bulldog combo on both men and then a side effect on Mercury. Matt hits a side effect to Nitro and then a powerslam and a legdrop off the middle rope for a near fall. Matt tags in Jeff but Mercury gets involved enabling Nitro to hit a hurricanrana on Jeff off thew top for a near fall. Nitro then heads to the top but Jeff goes up with him, meanwhile Matt goes up to the top with Mercury in the other corner and both Hardy Boyz hit superplexes. Jeff pins Nitro but Melina distracts the referee. Jeff goes over to Melina but Nitro comes over and accidentally dropkicks Melina! Jeff rolls Nitro up for a near fall but MNM hit the snapshot on Jeff! Nitro hooks the leg but Matt breaks it up!

MNM pop Jeff on the top rope and then set Jeff up for a snapshot off the top but Matt stops that from happening and hits diamond cutters on Joey and Johnny from the top! Matt lays Mercury on top of Nitro and Jeff then comes off the top and hits a swanton bomb on both members of MNM! Jeff hooks the leg and gets the 3! The Hardy Boyz win the match! Great match between these two teams.

Rating: 7.5/10

There’s a pre-recorded promo form Rob Van Dam hyping up how dangerous the extreme elimination chamber will be.

Balls Mahoney vs. Matt Striker 

This is a non-advertised match. Matt Striker is out first and cuts a promo about how bad violence is. Striker then announces that his match with Balls is going to be an Extreme Rules match. The crowd cheer. Striker then says that there will be an extreme enforcement of rules. No eye gauging, no foul language, no moves off the top. This is actually a PPV in-ring debut for Matt Striker. Balls has had one PPV match before and he won that match against Masato Tanaka. Balls goes for a half crab but Striker quickly gets to the ropes and straddles them. Balls leapfrogs over Striker, just. Balls then hits a hiptoss and applies a cross-arm breaker but Striker gets to the ropes again. Striker hits Balls with a big right hand and avoids a shoulder charge in the corner. Matt takes Balls down with a flying armbar and then looks to apply an armbar before taking Mahoney down by his hair. Striker continues to work the arm and gets a near fall. Striker goes back to work on the arm, applying a hammerlock and then a facebuster.

Striker hits an Irish whip but runs into the boot of Balls. Mahoney hits some jabs and then a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Balls heads to the top but the referee reminds Balls of Strikers rules. Strikes then crotches Balls on the top rope before hitting a rolling Fujiwara arm bar. Balls gets to the ropes and then hits a side suplex on Striker. Balls hits some big right hands and a back body drop. More jabs from Balls and a big right hand. Mahoney hits a sit-out spinebuster and the referee counts the three! Balls Mahoney beats Matt Striker tonight! Not a good match.

Rating: 3.5/10

Sabu is shown backstage passed out. EMT’s arrive and put him on a stretcher but nobody knows what’s happened to him!

The F.B.I. (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke) vs. Elijah Burke & Sylvester Terkay

Elijah Burke gets on the mic before the match and is looking forward to “feeding time” tonight. Guido and Mamaluke are managed by Trinity. Mamaluke and Burke start the match where Burke (who is wrestling in a cap) hits a takedown. Guido tags in and hits a drop toe hold and then steals Burke’s cap, puts it on and takes Burke down again! Guido tags Mamaluke who hits a drop toe hold and then twists the arm. Quick tags from the FBI and Guido tags back in. The FBI hit a double hip toss and then a double elbow drop. Mamaluke applies a hammerlock but Burke gets out of that quickly and tags in Terkay. Terkay hits some knees to the middle section of Mamaluke and then misses with a splash in the corner. Mamaluke tags Guido who comes in off the top but Terkay catches him and throws Guido out of the ring on top of Mamaluke! Burke throws Guido back into the ring where Terkay grabs him by the face and then tags in Burke.

Burke hits an uppercut for a near fall and then applies a chinlock. Guido gets out of it but from the outside Terkay knocks Guido back down to the mat. Burke tags Terkay back in and he hits a big kick to Guido. Terkay tags Burke back in and Burke hits a double running knees to Guido and then a clothesline/leg sweep for a near fall. Burke applies a chinlock which Guido gets out of. Guido ducks a clothesline and a kick and then tags in Mamaluke! Mamaluke hits some big dropkicks to Burke and a flying forearm. Terkay comes in and grabs both members of the FBI but they take him down with a double dropkick. Double flapjack form the FBI for a near fall. Burke then throws Mamaluke into Terkay, Turkey nails Mamaluke with a big right hand and Burke hits the Elijah Experience on Mamaluke for the three! Burke and Terkay win the match! Terkay hits a musclebuster on Guido after the bell for good measure. Good win for Burke and Terkay tonight.

Rating: 4/10

Sabu is shown being rolled into an ambulance. Rob Van Dam and CM Punk are with him for morale support.

Daivari is out next talking a foreign language. He is joined by The Great Khali.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Daivari

This is a first time PPV match between these two men. Tommy Dreamer is looking for his first PPV victory tonight. Daivari is also yet to win a PPV match. Dreamer hits a few right hands in the early going causing Daivari to scarper to the outside. Dreamer gets distracted by Khali which allows Daivari to get back into the ring and attack Tommy. It doesn’t last long though, Dreamer hits a hiptoss and Daivari scarpers again. Back in the ring and Daivari pokes Dreamer in the eye and then dropkicks Tommy out of the ring before hitting him with a baseball slide. On the outside of the ring Dreamer throws Daivari into the barricade. Back in the ring and Dreamer hits a suplex and then bounces off the ropes but Khali pulls the top rope down causing Dreamer to go flying out of the ring! The referee then ejects Khali from ringside! Daivari lays into Dreamer in the ring with right hands, a snapmare and then a chinlock. Daivari breaks the hold and drops a few elbows for a near fall.

Daivari goes back to the neck vice but Dreamer gets out of it only for Daivari to apply a sleeper. Bit slow this one. Dreamer breaks the sleeper by flying back onto Daivari. Daivari has mostly worked as a manager in the WWE for the likes of The Great Khali, Mark Henry, Kurt Angle and Muhammad Hassan. The two men slug it out until Dreamer drops Daivari and follows it up with a back body drop and then a slop drop for a near fall. Dreamer then sets up for the death valley driver but Daivari pokes him in the eye. Daivari heads to the top but Dreamer meets him up there. Daivari pushes Dreamer to the mat and then flies off but Tommy sidesteps it! Dreamer ties Daivari up in a tree of woe before hitting him with a baseball slide. Dreamer goes for a DDT but Daivari rolls him up and pulls the tights, getting the 3! Daivari wins the match! Bit of an upset tonight. Dreamer chases Daivari out to the back but out comes The Great Khali who hits Dreamer with a double armed chokeslam on the stage!

Rating: 3/10

Paul Heyman is backstage looking for someone. He bumps into Hardcore Holly and tells Holly that he is going to be added to the Extreme Elimination Chamber match in place of the injured Sabu.

Mike Knox & Kelly Kelly vs. Kevin Thorn & Ariel 

Mike Knox and Kelly Kelly are out first and Kelly Kelly grabs the microphone and says that she wishes CM Punk luck in the Elimination Chamber match later! This match marks in-ring PPV debuts for Kelly Kelly and Ariel and Kevin Thorn under this character (he previously wrestled as Mordecai). Mike Knox was unsuccessful at Survivor Series, he’ll be hoping to last longer tonight. Knox and Thorn start the match and both men are cagey in the early going. Thorn hits a haymaker, a few kicks and a reverse elbow to take down Knox. Thorn hits some knees to the back and then some clubbing blows to the chest. Knox gets back into it with a big clothesline and then some right hands to Thorn. Kevin Thorn hits a clothesline of his own and more clubbing blows to the chest. Thorn hits right hands and back elbows in the corner but Mike Knox fires back with some rights of his own and then a powerslam for a near fall.

Know hits Thorn with a big pump kick for a near fall, Thorn got his foot on the bottom rope there. Knox applies a neck vice as Ariel screams form the outside. The crowd cheer every time Ariel leans over the ropes. Decent view from in front and behind I expect. Ariel tags in and tells Knox to tag in Kelly Kelly. Knox tags in Kelly Kelly and Ariel takes her down with a kick. Ariel then kicks Kelly Kelly around the ring and hits her with forearms before choking the blonde with her boot. Ariel pulls Kelly Kelly’s hair  but then misses with a splash in the corner. The two girls exchange elbows and forearms but Ariel takes Kelly Kelly right back down before dropping an elbow. Ariel’s thong is on full show. Kelly Kelly looks to tag Mike Knox but Knox waves at her and then leaves! A “CM Punk” chant breaks out but Ariel hits a takedown and gets the 3! Kevin Thorn and Ariel win the match. Again, not great. The Sandman then comes out and lays into Kevin Thorn after the match!

Rating: 3.25/10

ECW backstage interviewer Rebecca is backstage and joined by Bobby Lashley. Lashley says nothing will stop him tonight. Not a great promo.

We see The Big Show walking backstage. He’s flanked by Paul Heyman, Heymans private security as well as Test and Hardcore Holly.

There’s a hype video for the Extreme Elimination Chamber. Paul Heyman then walks out to the ring with his personal security guards. Heyman seems happy with ECW and he does more hyping for the main event.

The Big Show (c) vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Rob Van Dam vs. CM Punk vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Test – Extreme Elimination Chamber for the ECW Championship

The Big Show, CM Punk, Test and Bobby Lashley are out first and take their places in the four pods. Rob Van Dam and Hardcore Holly start the match. Holly hits some right hands but RVD takes him down with a clothesline. Hardcore replies with a clothesline of his own and then some kicks to the middle section. Hardcore Holly has been around for nearly 14 years as a WWE employee. He knocks Van Dam out of the ring and Van Dam manages to fight him off but misses with a springboard cross body. Van Dam is the only man in this match to have previously wrestled in an elimination chamber match. Holly throws him into the side of the cage and then slams Van Dam on the steel. Hardcore Holly goes to the top and then jumps off but Van Dam gets his boot up. Van Dam then hits rolling thunder from the inside of the ring to the outside. Holly suplexes RVD back into the ring and gets a near fall. The two men slug it out until Holly hits his trademark dropkick for a two count.

CM Punk enters the match. CM Punk wrestling in his first PPV main event throws a chair at Hardcore Holly and then hits a springboard dropkick on Van Dam. RVD then throws the steel chair at Punk wiping him out. Van Dam hits a monkey flip on CM Punk with Punk landing on the chair. Punk fires back with a legdrop on RVD onto the chair. Punk hits Hardcore Holly with a springboard dropkick. CM Punk goes into this match having wrestled one PPV match and winning it. Van Dam is busted open and CM Punk throws him into a chair setup in the corner. Punk then attempts a hurricanrana on Hardcore Holly but Holly catches him and swings him into the steel. Holly hits a sidewalk slam on CM Punk for as near fall and follows that up with a suplex onto the top rope. Holly pops Punk onto the top turnbuckle before hitting him with a superplex! Van Dam pins Punk for a near fall. Punk hits a running knee on Hardcore and then his trademark bulldog from the corner.

Test enters the match. Test smashes a crowbar into the ribs on CM Punk and then rips back Van Dams face with it. This is a first PPV main event for Test. Punk drops Test on the top rope as Rob Van Dam hits Hardcore Holly with some clotheslines. Van Dam then smashes a chair into the face of Test who got his hands up.Van Dam smashes Hardcore Holly with the chair and then dropkicks it into CM Punk’s face. Van Dam goes up top and then hits CM Punk with the 5 star frog splash! Van Dam covers Punk and pins him for the 3! CM Punk has been eliminated. Test hits Hardcore Holly with a running boot and then pins him but Hardcore kicks out at 2! Oh wait, Hardcore Holly is eliminated. Weird. It looked like he kicked out at 2 and I think the commentators thought he did too. Van Dam comes off the top with a kick and then climbs on top of the pod that The Big Show is in. Big Show grabs RVD’s leg and Test smashes Van Dam with a chair before pulling him down to the mat. Test then climbs on top of the pod and flies off with an elbow drop onto a chair laid across Rob Van Dam! Test pins RVD and gets the 3! Rob Van Dam has been eliminated. 

So Test is in the ring on his own now with Bobby Lashley and The Big Show still to enter the match. Test grabs a crowbar and waits. Bobby Lashley enters the match. Or at least he tries to. Paul Heymans personal security guards take out the referee and stop Lashley from exiting his pod. Lashley uses the table which is in the pod with him and he uses it to snap the steel chains above the pod. Lashley climbs out of the pod and kicks Test who tries to meet him up there. Lashley then comes off the top turnbuckle with a clothesline. Lashley Irish whips Test into the pod he just came out of as Big Show watches on. Bobby Lashley throws Test into another pod and then battles Test in the ring. Test hits some big right hands and then chokes Lashley with his boot. Lashley kicks a chair into Tests face and then hits him with a couple of big clotheslines. Lashley hits a suplex and then smashes a crowbar into his gut! Lashley hits a spear and pins Test for the 3! Test has been eliminated. 

Lashley has a minute to burn and he throws a chair and a table at The Big Show’s pod. Big Show enters the match. Big Show steps out of his pod with a barb wire baseball bat as Lashley waits for him with a chair. Big Show swings the bat at Lashley who blocks it with the chair. Big Show chases Lashley to the outside where he gets the bat stuck in the chains. Lashley then smashes Big Show with the chair and then smashes Big Show into the chains. The crowd are not happy that Rob Van Dam and CM Punk have been eliminated. Lashley throws Big Show through a pod before laying into him with right hands. Big Show is busted open. Big Show busts through the other side of the pod and then throws Lashley back into the ring. Show takes Lashley down with a clothesline and motions for the chokeslam but Lashley counters it into a DDT. The two men slug it out and Big Show attempts a running powerslam but Lashley nips down and hits Big Show with a big spear! Lashley hooks the leg and gets the 3! Bobby Lashley wins the ECW World Heavyweight Championship tonight!

Rating: 6/10

Man. What have I just watched. It actually started really well. They drafted in The Hardy Boyz and MNM and they put on a hell of a match. The Hardy Boyz won and to be honest I want to see more form these teams! They were given a lot of time too, over 22 minutes. It’s a shame Matt and Jeff are on different brands but maybe I’m just getting swept up in nostalgia. It was a great way to start the show and a spot both teams are used to. Sadly it was all downhill from here. Balls Mahoney beat Matt Striker in a disjointed match. I don’t know what this was. Why wasn’t Striker fighting Sandman? They’ve been feuding for months. Balls is good for comedy but not much else. Sylvester Terkay and Elijah Burke beat The F.B.I in a match you’d expect to see on ECW TV, not a pay per view. This was slightly better than the previous match but not great. Terkay could be a big star, it’ll be interesting to see where they go with him. Burke is a good mouthpiece for him too.

Daivari beats Tommy Dreamer with a roll up and a pull of the tights. I don’t know if Daivari is headed for big things and to be honest I thought this would be a win for Dreamer to lead on to his feud with The Great Khali. Another bad match. What is this show? Kevin Thorn and Ariel beat Mike Knox and Kelly Kelly when Knox walked out on Kelly Kelly. Fine, a bit of storyline, I didn’t mind that but the match against wasn’t good. I like Thorn and Ariel actually, I’d like to see Thorn as an opponent for Undertaker (much like Mordecai was supposed to). In the main event Bobby Lashley won the ECW Championship. I think the crowd wanted CM Punk to win. It was an entertaining match in a lot of ways but didn’t feature the chaos of a usual Elimination Chamber match because guys were getting eliminated before everybody had entered the match. Probably the weakest Elimination Chamber match. Lashley wins the title though and continues his ascent to the top. I guess he has a few opponents in the likes of Big Show, Test and Hardcore Holly. Overall this show was terrible. The opening match was very good and the Elimination Chamber is probably worth a watch but avoid the rest.

Overall Rating: 45.4/100 (ranked 188th out of 202)

Match Of The Night: The Hardy Boyz vs. MNM
Worst Match Of The Night: Tommy Dreamer vs. Daivari
Surprise Of The Night: How awful this show was
Worst Booking Of The Night: Everything between the opener and the main event
Superstar Of The Night: Bobby Lashley
December To Dismember Will Be Remembered For: Being one of the worst PPV’s in WWE history

One thought on “December To Dismember 2006

  1. Four things of note:

    1.Sylvester Terkay didn’t last very long in WWE after making his debut in the summer of 2006, as he would be gone before the next year’s Royal Rumble.

    It’s too bad, because I think Terkay could’ve been fed to either Cena, HBK, Taker, or Batista.

    2.Paul Heyman’s masked security are none other than the Basham Brothers, who left WWE shortly after this PPV, and would head off to TNA in 2007 to job to the Voodoo Kin Mafia at that year’s edition of Slammiversary.

    Now, that’s two tag-teams (the Heart Throbs and the Basham Brothers) who were fired from WWE and then picked up by TNA to be fed to the New Age Outlaws. Proof that Dixie Carter made quite the hobby of hiring just about anyone who got booted out of McMahon Land.

    3.Heyman’s original plan for the Elimination Chamber match was to start off with CM Punk eliminating The Big Show by submission in the first five minutes to ensure a new ECW World Champion, with Rob Van Dam getting the win and the title back. Vince McMahon hated the idea, but Big Show liked it and was willing to put Punk over as a big star.

    4.In the hours leading up to this PPV, Heyman told Vince, “The people are going to throw this back in our face.”

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