Armageddon 2006

|Date: December 17, 2006
|Venue: Richmond Coliseum |City: Richmond, Virginia
|Attendance: 8,200 |Buys: 239,000
|Brand: Smackdown

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The End…..Is Only The Begnning. I think it’s refering to the end of the year being the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania? But maybe I’m looking too much into it. Batista is on the poster for this event but sadly for the second year in a row (with him as champion at this PPV) the World Heavyweight Championship won’t be defended because Batista is in a tag team match. King Booker and Finlay will be on the other side of the ring and Teddy Long gave Batista the opportunity to pick his own partner. Batista pikced the WWE Champion from Raw, John Cena. Last month at Cyber Sunday King Booker defeated John Cena and The Big Show in a triple threat match. Batista continues to have problems with Booker and Finlay but more interestingly Booker and Finlay have had their own issues and might not be able to trust each other. Batista and John Cena have both beaten Finlay in singles matches on Smackdown over the past couple of weeks.

The World Heavyweight Championship might not be defended tonight but there are three title matches. Jimmy Wang Yang defeated Jamie Noble to become number one contender to the Cruiserweight Championship so he’ll get his shot against the longest reinging champion currently in the WWE, Gregory Helms. Chavo Guerrero gets another shot at Chris Benoit’s United States Championship as Chavo’s business manager Vickie Guerrero sells a neck injury “caused” by Chris Benoit. And the WWE Tag Team Championships will be defended as Paul London and Brian Kendrick defend against the dastardly duo of William Regal and his buddy that has recently shown up on Smackdown, grizzled veteran Dave Taylor.

Two major rivalries on Smackdown that has been coninuing over the past couple of months are the rivalries between The Undertaker and Mr Kennedy and Kane’s feud with MVP. Mr Kennedy has actually defeated The Undertaker through controversial circumstances twice on pay per view but Teddy Long has now made a third match between the two but this time it will be a Last Ride match. There has only been one of these matches before, previously between The Undertaker and John “Bradshaw” Layfield where to win the match you have to stuff your opponent into a hearse and drive them out of the arena. Kane and MVP will also be wrestling in a big gimmick match where they meet in an inferno match. The idea there that you have to set your opponent on fire to win the match, wrestling in a ring surrounded by fire.

With only 6 matches announced for this pay per view, I would expect one or two matches to be added tonight.

In a dark match prior to the event Vladimir Kozlov defeated Scotty Too Hotty.

A video package kicks off the show hyping up the MVP vs. Kane Inferno match, Undertaker vs. Mr Kennedy Last Ride match and tag team main event.

Michael Cole welcomes us to Armageddon 2006, he’s joined by John “Bradshaw” Layfield on commentary.

Kane vs. M.V.P. – Inferno Match

We’re kicking off with one of tonight’s main events, the inferno match. It’s a first singles match on PPV between these two men, an Armageddon debut for MVP whereas Kane goes into this years event with a 2-3 record. After MVP’s entrance there is a video package showing what led to this match. I don’t like it when they do a video package after the entrance. As the bell rings MVP gets down on his knees but Kane kicks him in the face. MVP manages to hit a boot of his own and then thinks about climbing out of the ring but decides against it. Kane knocks him down and then hits a back body drop as the flames fly up in the air. There’s a red hue to the ring which makes it look even more menacing. Kane pops MVP onto the top rope and looks to hit a superplex but MVP knocks him off and then flies down on the big red machine with a high cross body. MVP hits a running big boot to Kane and then a clothesline but Kane sits right back up. The two men slug it out until Kane knocks MVP down with a big boot.

Kane motions for a chokeslam and he hits it in the middle of the ring. Kane has lost more PPV matches than anyone else in history to this point. Kane takes off one of the turnbuckle pads and then sets it alight! MVP hits Kane with a low blow and then takes him down with a neckbreaker. MVP hits a couple of low dropkicks, attempting to kick Kane into the fire but Kane rolls out of the way and takes MVP down with a clothesline. Kane hits lefts and rights and a clothesline in the corner. He hits a second and then a sidewalk slam. MVP has a 50/50 PPV record going into this one but he has only had 2 PPV matches before this. MVP goes up to the top rope and Kane then pushes him out of the ring! Kane then heads to the top and dives down with a huge forearm. Kane tries to force MVP into the fames but MVP counters it and tries to force Kane. Kane big boots MVP as the two battle on the outside of the ring. MVP tries to escape under the ring but Kane pulls him back out. Kane grabs MVP by the throat and forces MVP into the flames! The match is over, Kane wins! MVP’s back and arse was on fire there, it looked pretty painful! It’s a win for Kane though tonight! A hard match to pull off.

Rating: 6.5/10

The Smackdown diva’s are backstage. Jillian, Kristal, Ashley and Layla are joined by Teddy Long who has a special guest and it’s Santa Claus! Teddy then announces that all four women will compete in a naughty or nice lingerie contest. Michael Cole uses a terrible gag that Santa Claus is coming tonight.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor – WWE Tag Team Championship match

This is a first time PPV match between these two teams. London and Kendrick have been champions for some time now. Teddy Long then comes out and announces that this match is going to be a ladder match and he is adding two more teams to this match! MNM are out first and then come The Hardy Boyz!

Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) vs. MNM (Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury) – Ladder match for the WWE Tag Team Championships

Well this match has got a whole lot better. A few Armageddon records for you, London, Kendrick and Dave Taylor are making their Armageddon debuts, William Regal is 1-2, MNM are 1-0, Jeff Hardy is 0-2 and Matt Hardy is 0-3. Jeff is the current Intercontinental Champion. The crowd are very much behind The Hardy Boyz as all hell breaks loose. There’s a standoff between the champions and the Hardy Boyz. London hits a standing hurricanrana on Jeff but Jeff fires back with a jawbreaker. Matt takes Kendrick down and then the rest of the competitors get involved. Regal hits London with some knees as Dave Taylor lays into Kendrick with uppercuts. Regal hits Kendrick with a big suplex as MNM grab more ladders. Jeff Hardy has wrestled on four consecutive pay per views now. That’s every PPV since he returned to the company. Kendrick lays into Johnny Nitro as The Hardy Boyz hit poetry in motion on Dave Taylor. MNM then hit the snapshot on Taylor.

London and Kendrick hit double superkicks on Regal as Matt Hardy comes off the muddle rope with an elbow on Regal. Kendrick dropkicks Nitro out of the ring and then Matt Hardy throws Kendrick into a ladder. Jeff Hardy sets a ladder up in the middle of the ring and climbs it but Paul London dropkicks him off. London then climbs the ladder and Nitro attempts to dropkick him off but London gets out of the way and Nitro hits the mat. Mercury jabs both Hardys with a ladder and then sets it up in the middle of the ring. Mercury climbs but Kendrick, London and both Hardy Boyz lift up the ladder and toss Mercury out of the ring! Kendrick climbs a ladder but Matt pulls him off. The Hardy Boyz whip Kendrick into a ladder and then do the same with London! Jeff misses with poetry in motion on London and hits the ladder. London and Kendrick hit a double suplex on Matt Hardy. London then sets up a ladder but Matt shoves him off. Matt then clotheslines London. Kendrick climbs the ladder but Matt pulls him off.

Matt hits a neckbreaker on London as Nitro suplexes Regal on the outside. London dropkicks Matt Hardy onto a ladder and Brian Kendrick hits Matt with a stomp. MNM are back in the ring now and hit a double gutbuster on London. Mercury sets up one ladder on top of another in a seesaw type fashion. MNM then pop Jeff Hardy on the top and look to hit a superplex but Matt Hardy stops it from happening. Jeff then dives off the top and smashes one of the ladders into the face of both members of MNM! Joey Mercurys nose is seriously busted open. He can barely see too, he is seriously hurt. Regal throws Jeff Hardy out of the ring and Dave Taylor lays a ladder across one of the corner before tossing Brian Kendrick onto it. Regal hits a brutal suplex on London onto a ladder. Dave Taylor sets up a ladder and Regal climbs it. It’s a PPV debut for Dave Taylor. Regal climbs half way up the ladder and gets scared! Regal climbs back down and Dave Taylor climbs the ladder but he gets scared too!

Joey Mercury has been rushes to hospital. Matt Hardy lays into Dave Taylor and The Hardy Boyz then double team Regal. Matt, Jeff and Regal have wrestled a lot of pay per view matches but never main evented one. Matt Hardy hits twist of fate on Dave Taylor. Jeff sets up a ladder outside the ring and looks to hit a swanton bomb on Taylor but Nitro dropkicks the ladder from underneath him! Nitro throws a ladder at Taylor and then smashes it into Regals face. Nitro sets up a ladder and clears the ring. Nitro climbs the ladder, fights off Kendrick but Paul London dropkicks him of the ladder! Kendrick climbs the ladder but Matt Hardy climbs the other side and tosses Kendrick off! Paul London then climbs up the other side of a clearly broken ladder. Matt Hardy back body drops London off the top of the ladder and then falls down himself. Jeff sets up another ladder but it’s off-centre. Johnny Nitro climbs up the other side but Jeff hits a very smooth sunset flip powerbomb on Nitro!

Matt sets up another ladder and climbs up two ladder but Regal and Taylor take them away. Matt Hardy fights off both Regal and Taylor but the numbers become too much. Regal hits a running knee on Hardy. Regal and Taylor both climb a ladder but Kendrick pulls Taylor off and then hammer Regal! Taylor then pulls Kendrick off the ladder and knocks him down with a clothesline. London clotheslines Taylor out of the ring. Kendrick then hits an extremely botches sliced bread on Regal off the top of the ladder! Paul London crawls back into the ring as does Matt Hardy. They climb opposite sides of the same ladder, London hammers Matt Hardy off the ladder and then grabs the championships! Paul London and Brian Kendrick retain their titles! Great match between these four teams.

Rating: 8.5/10

Kristal is backstage teasing her lingerie for the match later.

The Boogeyman vs. The Miz

This is a first time PPV match between these two men. The Miz has a 0-1 record at Armageddon PPV’s. The Boogeyman is 2-0 at PPV’s, he’s beaten JBL and Booker T. Both of these men were actually on Tough Enough together. Miz attempts to get away from Boogeyman but Boogeyman bring him back into the ring and hits him with a powerslam. Miz hits an elbow but Boogeyman doesn’t sell. Boogeyman misses with a shoulder charge in the corner and boogeyman hits the ring post. The Miz hits a clothesline for the first near fall of the night! Boogeyman hits a back body drop and an Irish whip but runs into The Miz’s boots. The Miz goes up top but Boogeyman catches him by the throat and hits him with a double armed chokeslam for the three! The Boogeyman beats The Miz tonight! Boogeyman spits worms into The Miz’s mouth! Terrible matches between these two.

Rating: 2.25/10

Jillian is backstage showing Layla her lingerie. We then see a bit of Layla’s. JBL is excited.

Chavo Guerrero is backstage with Vickie Guerrero. Chavo dedicates his match tonight to Vickie. Vickie says that Benoit has abused her and tonight he will get what’s coming to him.

Chris Benoit (c) vs. Chavo Guerrero – United States Championship match

This is the second PPV match between these two men. Benoit beat Chavo at Survivor Series last month. Benoit has a good record at Armageddon PPV’s, he’s 3-0 whilst Chavo surprisingly makes his Armageddon debut tonight. Chavo attacks Benoit before the bell rings and lays in some right hands. Benoit fires back with some chops and a running forearm. Benoit hits a snap suplex for a near fall and then lays in some right hands. Benoit hits a side suplex and an elbow drop. It’s all Chris Benoit as he hits a back body drop and a powerslam before trying to lock on the sharpshooter. Chavo kicks him off but Benoit throws Chavo out of the ring and nearly hits Vickie. Back in the ring and Benoit continues to take it to Chavo. Benoit hits three consecutive German suplexes. Benoit heads to the top but Chavo gets up and crotches Benoit on the top. Benoit hits Chavo with headbutts but Chavo is right back up on the top and superplexes Benoit down to the mat. Chavo hits a hard Irish whip and then wraps Benoit around the ring post before baseball sliding Benoit into the post.

Chavo Guerrero gets a near fall and then boots Benoit in the back. Benoit tries to fight back with some chops but Chavo takes him down to the mat and applies a chinlock. Chavo chokes Benoit on the bottom rope but out of nowhere Benoit tries to lock the crossface on! Chavo gets to the bottom rope and quickly goes back to work on Benoit with some boots to the ribs. Chavo hits a big uppercut to the back of Benoits neck and then two side suplexes for a near fall. Chavo pops Benoit on the top rope and then ties him up in a tree of woe before hitting the United States Champion with a dropkick. Chavo then tries for a baseball slide but Benoit pulls himself up and Chavo crashes into the ringpost. Benoit hits some chops but Chavo rakes his eyes. Chavo hits a suplex but Benoit counters the second and hits Chavo with eight consecutive German suplexes! Wow, that was impressive. Benoit pins Chavo but Chavo gets his foot on the bottom rope. Benoit then looks to lock on the sharpshooter and he does! Vickie then gets in the ring with the United States title so Benoit breaks the hold.

Vickie backs off and Benoit grabs her legs! Before he can do anything Chavo rolls him up for a near fall! Benoit reverses the roll up and then locks the sharpshooter back on! Chavo taps out and Benoit retains the United States Championship! A good match between these two men.

Rating: 6.5/10

Ashley is backstage getting ready for the lingerie contest.

Gregory Helms (c) vs. Jimmy Wang Yang – Cruiserweight Championship match

It’s a first PPV meeting between these two men. It’s a first PPV match for “Jimmy Wang Yang” although he did previously wrestle as Akio. Helms has a 0-1 record at Armageddon PPV’s. Helms hits a headlock takedown and we get some chain wrestling from the two men. Helms slaps Wang Yang in the face which fires Jimmy up. Wang Yang hits an elbow, a clothesline and then tries for a moonsault, Helms gets out of the way and Jimmy lands on his feet. Helms draws Wang Yang out of the ring and then back in before stomping him on the mat. Jimmy hits a flying head scissors and a dropkick before taking Helms down with a nice suplex for a near fall. Jimmy Wang Yang applies a wristlock and then misses with a spinning heel kick in the corner. Helms hits Wang Yang with a baseball slide and then a neckbreaker on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring and Helms gets a near fall. Helms drops Wang Yang on the top rope and then hits a snapmare and a legdrop before applying a million dollar dream.

Wang Yang gets out of the hold but then runs into a reverse elbow. Helms hits a neckbreaker for a near fall.  Wang Yang back body drops Helms out of the ring and then goes up top and hits a lovely high cross body to the outside. Back in the ring and Helms hits a hotshot. Helms chokes Wang Yang and then applies a chinlock. Wang Yang gets out of it as a “boring” chant breaks out. Wang Yang hits a clothesline and then some big right hands and a flying forearm. Wang Yang hits a back body drop, a spinning heel kick in the corner and then heads to the top and hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Wang Yang misses with a shoulder charge in the corner and hits the ring post. Helms then hits a swinging neckbreaker from the top rope and both men are down. Helms heads up to the top rope  but Jimmy wang Yang catches him with a spinning heel kick on the way down for a near fall. Helms hits a reverse standing elbow and then pop Jimmy on the top rope but wang Yang elbows him off. Wang Yang then attempts a corkscrew moonsault but Helms gets out of the way. Helms hits a knee to the face and gets the 3! Helms has blood pouring from his mouth but he retains the title tonight!

Rating: 5.75/10

There’s a video package up next fore the last ride match between The Undertaker and Mr Kennedy. The end is near.

The Undertaker vs. Mr Kennedy – Last Ride match

This is the third PPV match between these two men. Mr Kennedy has won the first two albeit in dubious fashion. Undertaker has a 1-2 record at Armageddon PPV’s whilst Kennedy makes his Armageddon debut tonight. Going into this match Kennedy has the best PPV record of all time with 4 wins and 0 losses. Kennedy manages to stay away from The Undertaker in the early going but Undertaker eventually catches him, hits him with a right hand and then knocks Mr Kennedy out of the ring. Undertaker smashes Kennedy into the ring steps and then into the announce table. Nobody is as decorated on pay per view as The Undertaker. He throws Undertaker from the announce table into the ring apron and then back into the ring. Undertaker attempts a running boot in the corner but Kennedy gets out of the way. Kennedy then lays in some stomps and right hands on the outside. Kennedy dives off the apron but Undertaker catches him and smashes him into the ring post.

Undertaker tosses Kennedy over his shoulder and takers him over to the hearse but Kennedy nips down and throws Undertaker into the back door of it. Kennedy rams Undertaker into the hearse. Kennedy opens the back door and sits Undertaker in it, hitting him with right hands and then tries to shut the door but Undertaker doesn’t let him. Undertaker boots Kennedy in the face and Kennedy tries to escape through the fans but Undertaker continues to lay into him with right hands and boots. Undertaker lays Kennedy on the ring apron and then hits him with a legdrop. Undertaker crotches Kennedy on the bottom rope and then pops him on the top turnbuckle before hitting Mr Kennedy with a superplex. Undertaker throws Kennedy out of the ring and takes him back over to the hearse. Kennedy manages to lock on a sleeper, taking Undertaker down to the floor. Kennedy then throws Undertaker into the back of the hearse! Kennedy just has to drive The Undertaker out of the arena to win the match!

Undertaker comes out of the front seat of the car and lays into Mr Kennedy! Undertaker throws Kennedy into the ring post and then into some steel chairs near the commentators desk. Kennedy grabs one of the chairs and smashes it into Undertakers ribs, back and face. Undertaker gets back up and chases Mr Kennedy back towards the hearse. Kennedy heads to the back and Undertaker follows as the crowd boo’s. Mr Kennedy climbs up the set! Undertaker follows and hits Kennedy with right hands! Kennedy battles back and the two men slug it out. Undertaker then looks to chokeslam Kennedy but Kennedy kicks his way out of the grip and throws Undertaker down to the floor below! Onto a crash mat by the look of it. Kennedy climbs back down and drags Undertaker towards the hearse. Kennedy finally manages to toss Undertaker into the hearse. Kennedy gets into the front seat and we get a shot inside the hearse.

Undertaker sits up and drags Mr Kennedy out of the hearse. Undertaker smashes Kennedy with a chair and then tries the same with a steel pip but Kennedy gets out of the way. Undertaker hits Kennedy in the head with another chair, busting Kennedy open. Undertaker hits lefts, rights and a boot. Undertaker then places Mr Kennedy on the roof of the hearse. He wraps his hand around Mr Kennedy’s throat and then chokeslams him onto the top of the hearse! Undertaker tombstones Mr Kennedy on the hearse! Undertaker opens the hearse which is now full of broken glass. He tosses Mr Kennedy into it and then drives the hearse out of the arena to win the match! Undertaker finally gets his victory over Mr Kennedy, stopping Kennedy’s undefeated streak in the process.

Rating: 6.75/10

Booker T and Finlay are backstage and Finlay tells Booker he won’t be double-crossing him tonight. Booker says he won’t double-cross Finlay tonight. Sharmell then arrives and tells them to stay on the same page. Interestingly Booker isn’t talking like King Booker anymore. Finlay holds up his shillalah and says he has the lick of the Irish and the little fella and all Booker has is Sharmell.

Santa Claus is out next handing out presents. Santa gets on the mic and wishes everybody Merry Christmas. He then ring announces the lingerie contest.

Jillian Hall vs. Ashley vs. Layla vs. Kristal – Lingerie Contest

I don’t think this is a match, just a contest voted by the fans. Kristal is up first and looks great in white. Layla is in black. Jillian is in a red Christmassy outfit and Ashley is in plaid. Santa decrees that everybody wins. He then reveals himself to be Big Dick Johnson.

There’s a video package up next for the tag team main event.

Batista & John Cena vs. King Booker & Finlay

It’s a first tag team match between these two teams. I actually hate the fact that for the second year running a tag team match has main evented this pay per view. Why not have a world title match? As Armageddon records go Booker is 2-2, Batista is also 2-2 and John Cena is 1-0. Finlay makes his Armageddon debut tonight. This is a big spot for Finlay who isn’t a recognised main evented like the other three. John Cena and King Booker start the match and Cena hits an arm drag into the arm bar. Booker hits a knee and some forearms. Cena fires back with some right hands and another arm drag. Cena tags in Batista and Booker tags in Finlay. Batista hits some shoulder charges but runs into Finlays knee. Finlay goes up to the middle rope but Batista catches him and slaps the Irishman. Batista hits a right hand then hits a weak looking catapult/backbreaker type move. Batista hits a suplex for as near fall. Finlay tags in Booker who hits a big chop on Batista. Batista clotheslines Booker to the mat for a near fall.

Batista tags in Cena who gets a mixed reaction this time. Cena hits some right hands but Booker pokes him in the eye. Booker hits a reverse thrust kick for a near fall. Cena hits a bulldog and a side suplex before hitting the five knuckle shuffle. Cena motions for the FU and gets Booker up on his shoulders but Booker gets down! Cena hits a drop toe hold and applies the STFU but Finlay kicks him off Booker. Batista disposes of Finlay but as the referee is distracted with those two, Booker jabs Cena’s throat with his sceptre! Booker hits another thrust kick for a near fall. Booker tags in Finlay who hits a clothesline and then applies a chinlock. Cena gets out of it but Finlay knocks him down with a clothesline. The Little Bastard then shows up but accidentally kicks himself in the face! He was aiming for Cena. Booker applies a wristlock to Cena. Cena gets o ut of it and tags in Batista!

Batista hits Finlay with a running powerslam and then hits both Booker and Finlay with spears. Batista runs into Finlays leg and Finlay then holds Batista for Booker! Batista gets out of the way though and Booker nails Finlay! Cena hits Finlay with a belly to belly. Finlay then jabs a chair into Batista’s knee! Batista manages to hit Booker with a spinebuster and then a Batista bomb! That’s enough for the three! Batista and john Cena win the match! Average.

Rating: 5.25/10

So that was Armageddon 2006. It felt like a pretty good show for the most part. 6 of the 8 matches were above average and there was only one proper stinker. The show started well. Inferno matches are always mesmerising and this one was no different. The danger is always there but the matches can be more limited as a result. Kane won which was probably the right result, Kane is the fire man and it won’t hurt MVP to lose this match. I’m not sure whether this leaves either man but it’s safe to say this feud is over. MVP is a good candidate for a US title feud whereas Kane can slot in anywhere really. Maybe a feud with Mr Kennedy next?

The ladder match was insane. It was a nice surprise to upgrade the match to a fatal four way ladder match and it turned out to be a gem. All four teams bought something different to the table but the match might just be remembered for Joey Mercury’s face exploding. That spot was not nice at all and Mercury had to leave the match straight away. Nitro is a real star in the making though and this was a good win for London and Kendrick. I’m assuming the Hardy Boyz and MNM will go their separate ways now. Great match. The Boogeyman and Miz was pretty terrible. Two green superstars with entertaining enough gimmick but not so good in the ring. Boogeyman won, remains undefeated. Not a good match. Chris Benoit beat Chavo Guerrero with a sharpshooter. I reckon this could be the last match between these two men in this feud. Benoit could go on to feud with someone like MVP, Chavo could feud with one of the midcard faces, I’m not sure who, nobody spring to mind that could elevate him. Kane? Benoit keeps his title in a good match.

Gregory Helms retained his Cruiserweight title against Jimmy Wang Yang. This match was ok, there wasn’t a lot of chemistry really and the live audience found it boring. The cruiserweight division is struggling a little at the moment and could do with some new blood. The likes of Jamie Noble, Funaki and Scotty Too Hotty don’t provide much competition to Helms so maybe the feud with Wang Yang will continue. The Undertaker beat Mr Kennedy in a match that I think will end this rivalry. Kennedy is another man that could get involved in the United States division. There aren’t a lot of top faces on the brand at the moment which is backed up by Batista having to team up with a Raw guy. This match was good though and I liked the bump off the top of the set even though you could clearly see the crash mat. A good win for Undertaker who I’m sure will be mixing it up with Batista before long.

The women’s stuff was crap. Used only to promote Ashley’s upcoming playboy shoot. Jillian can actually wrestle but the other three are just eye candy. Batista and John Cena then beat King Booker and Finlay. I hate to say this but I couldn’t care less about this match. Why couldn’t this have been a triple threat match for Batista’s title? Why not elevate somebody on Smackdown instead of using John Cena? It was a pretty bad match and seemed short too. The ladder match stole the show.

Overall Rating: 59.28/100 (ranked 80th out of 204)

Match Of The Night: London & Kendrick vs. Regal & Taylor vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. MNM
Worst Match Of The Night: The Boogeyman vs. The Miz
Surprise Of The Night: The tag team title match is upgraded
Worst Booking Of The Night: A tag team main event, really?
Superstar Of The Night: Batista
Armageddon 2006 Will Be Remembered For: That ladder match and Joey Mercury’s injury

One thought on “Armageddon 2006

  1. In another round of armchair booking, I would have put the Last Ride match as the main event and put the tag match in the middle, or maybe the second to last match.

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