New Year’s Revolution 2007

|Date: January 7th, 2007
|Venue: Kemper Memorial Stadium |City: Kansas City, Missouri
|Attendance: 10,000 |Buys: 220,000
|Brand: Raw

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The Revolution Continues. D-Generation X are on the poster so presumably it is their revolution that is continuing. Tonight they’ll be in tag team action, they get a world tag team title shot against the champions Rated RKO. Randy Orton and Edge have stepped up their agression, bloodying both Shawn Michaela dn Triple H over recent weeks and even targetting DX’s mentor Ric Flair, leaving him a bloody mess. Tonight the two all star teams meet with the titles on the line. The main event for tonight will feature John Cena defending his WWE Championship against Umaga. Umaga targetted the WWE champion, making that title his goal and John Cena accepted the challenge. Cena has had his issues with the likes of Johnny Nitro and Kevin Federline in recent weeks and defeated Edge to retain his title. Umaga goes into this match having never been pinned or made to submit.

There are two other title matches tonight. Jeff Hardy continues his rivalry with Johnny Nitro as he is set to defend his Intercontinental Championship in a steel cage match. Nitro made the challenge and Hardy accepted. The feud has been lacking a little bit due to Nitro’s involvement with John Cena but I can see this match finally ending this long standing rivalry. The WWE Women’s Championship is also set to be defended as Mickie James puts her title on the line against Victoria. Victoria has been tearing through the Women’s division and has gone as far as to make a checklist, ticking off the women as she went along. She’s already gone through Maria, Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson and now she has Mickie Jame sin her sights.

There are two other matches scheduled for tonight. The fued between Ric Flair and Kenny Dykstra has continued since the Spirit Squad has were sent back to Ohio Valley Wrestling. Kenny has repeatedly targetted Flair and with over 30 years age difference this rivalry continues tonight. Also tonight Carlito and Chris Masters meet one on one after Masters has taunted Carlito’s girlfriend Torrie Wilson and even gone as far as to lock her up in The Masterlock. With only 6 matches announced tonight I would expect one or two matches to be added to the card.

In a dark match prior to the event Vladimir Kozlov defeated Eugene.

Well there is no video package to kick us off like usual, we’re straight into the show! I wonder if that was edited off the WWE Network version because of the music used or something. Jim Ross welcomes us to the show, he’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler and the cage is lowered for the opening match.

Before that though is the video package we expected at the beginning! I can only assume there was technical problems. DX and Rated RKO is the first match hyped and then the John Cena/Umaga match.

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Johnny Nitro – Cage match for the Intercontinental Championship

This is a PPV rematch from Unforgiven 2006 where Johnny Nitro retained his Intercontinental Championship against Jeff Hardy. This is Hardy’s 5th PPV in a row which is unheard of these days but he’s wrestled on both a Smackdown and an ECW PPV recently. Neither man have wrestled at a New Year’s Revolution event before. Nitro hits some big uppercuts in the early going and then lays in some boots and right hands. Hardy fires back with some right hands of his own, stomping him into the corner. Jeff hits a hard Irish whip and then lays in some boots. Hardy hits 10 big right hands and then a swinging dropkick for the first near fall of the night. Nitro hits a facebuster for a near fall. Johnny Nitro has wrestled on the last 4 PPV’s. Hardy hits a facebuster for a two count. Nitro hits a springboard kick for a near fall. Nitro then tries to climb the cage but Jeff pulls him down and hits him with a swingblade. Jeff attempts to escape the cage through the door but Nitro pulls him back into the ring.

Hardy tries to climb the cage but Nitro dropkicks him down. Nitro then drops Hardy on the top rope as Melina lets out a high-pitched scream. Nitro hits a couple of running knee lifts and a dropkick to crush Hardy into the cage. Nitro hits an Irish whip and Hardy manages to jump up to the top turnbuckle and then up the cage but Nitro pulls him back down to the mat with a suplex. Hardy backdrops Nitro, launching him into the side of the cage. The two men then climb the cage and slug it out on the top rope before one of them hits a side Russian leg sweep on the other. I couldn’t tell you which one actually hit the move though. Hardy is up first and climbs up the cage again but Nitro follows him up and over him, getting to the top of the cage. Nitro then hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Hardy from the top of the cage! Nitro climbs up the cage to boo’s from the crowd. He gets to the top but Jeff Hardy climbs up with him. Nitro manages to push Hardy down to the mat but gets stuck hanging upside down from the top of the cage!

Nitro manages to untie himself and then for some reason climbs back down the inside of the cage. Melina then hits Jeff with her belt through the cage. Not sure how affecting that was. Nitro hits a missile dropkick from the top rope and once again both men are down. Nitro hits a neckbreaker and then attempts something off the middle rope that Jeff blocks. Hardy then heads to the top and hits a swanton bomb! Hardy covers Nitro who gets his foot on the bottom rope. Both men get to their feet and it’s advantage Hardy as he hits clotheslines and a back body drop. He runs into the boot on Nitro who then quickly scarpers up the cage. Hardy goes up with him and Nitro straddles the top of the cage. Hardy pulls him back into the cage and looks for a twist of fate off the top rope but Nitro blocks it. Nitro then climbs up the cage and Hardy heads to the door! Melina stands in front of the door until the referee pulls her out of the way. Hardy then crotches Nitro on the door and crawls through the door to win the match! Jeff Hardy retains his Intercontinental Championship tonight!

Rating: 7.25/10

Todd Grisham, with a fresh haircut, is backstage with Rated RKO. Edge says that he and Orton formed to take DX out. Orton says they are fighting for their future. Edge says that they will end DX tonight.

Tag Team Turmoil

Lilian Garcia informs us that we have a bonus match and the team that wins will get a future tag team title match.

The Highlanders (Rory & Robbie) vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)

The recently re-formed World’s Greatest Tag Team kick things off against The Highlanders. Shelton Benjamin has two wins to his name at the previous two New Year’s Revolution PPV’s. Charlie Haas kicks the match off with Rory Mcallister and it’s The Highlanders with the early advantage. They make quick tags and double team moved to get near falls. Rory misses with a splash in the corner and Charlie Haas makes him pay with a clothesline. Haas tags in Benjamin and we get the classic double team move from those two. Benjamin gets a near fall and tags in Charlie Haas. Benjamin drops Rory on Haas’ knee for a near fall. Haas hits Rory with a big right hand and then tags in Shelton Benjamin. Haas sends Rory into Benjamins knee. Shelton applies a chinlock which Rory gets out of and he rolls Benjamin up for a near fall. Shelton takes Rory down but Rory slips away and tags in Robbie! Robbie hits Benjamin and Haas with powerslams and dropkicks before clotheslining Benjamin out of the ring.

Robbie hits Charlie Haas with a side suplex and then heads to the top but Charlie Haas rolls away. Benjamin then hits Robbie with a superplex which is enough to eliminate The Highlanders!

The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & Super Crazy

What a random team this is! Duggan takes Benjamin down with a couple of clotheslines but Shelton fires Duggan into Haas’ knee. Benjamin tags in Haas who drives his knee into Duggans throat. Duggan tries to hit some big right hands but Haas hits some knees before Benjamin chokes Hacksaw with the tag rope. Duggan smashes Haas into the top turnbuckle a couple of times and then hits the three point stance clothesline! Duggan tags in Super Crazy to a big pop and Crazy hits Haas with a couple of dropkicks, a snapmare and another dropkick. Crazy hits a standing moonsault and then springboard onto the second rope but Benjamin hits him with a big right hand! Haas hits a German suplex and that’s it!

The World’s Great Tag Team vs. Cade & Murdoch

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch are out next and then attacks Benjamin and Haas early. Cade hits Benjamin with a powerslam but Benjamin rolls him up for a near fall. Cade hits a reverse atomic drop and Murdoch hits Shelton with a big time running boot. This show marks New Year’s Revolution debuts for Cade, Murdoch, Duggan and Super Crazy. Murdoch applies an armbar to Shelton Benjamin and then tags in Lance Cade. Cade hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. Cade is much improved since tagging with Mark Jindrak. He hits an elbow drop for another near fall. Cade tags in Murdoch and then slams Murdoch onto Benjamin for another near fall. Murdoch attempts a suplex but Benjamin nips down and hits Trevor with a neckbreaker. Haas tags in and hits Murdoch and Cade with dropkicks and suplexes. Haas heads to the top and hits Murdoch with a missile dropkick. Cade flatter Haas from behind. Haas gets up and hits Murdoch with a flapjack but Cade comes in off the top with a knee drop. Murdoch covers Haas and gets the 3!

Cade & Murdoch vs. Cryme Tyme (JTG & Shad Gaspard)

This might just be the last team. Shad takes Cade down with a shoulder charge and then a powerslam. Shad slams Murdoch to get rid of him. Shad tags in JTG and fires him up onto Cade. Cade hits a knee to JTG snd then tags in Murdoch. Murdoch drops JTG with a clothesline but JTG fires back with a right hand. Cade makes a blind tag and drops JTG with a big clothesline. Cade hits a reverse elbow and tags in Murdoch. Murdoch hits a reverse elbow of his own and then chokes JTG. Murdoch tags Cade back in and they double team JTG with a throw into their corner. Murdoch chokes JTG with the tag rope as Lance Cade distracts the referee. Cade tags in Murdoch who hits an elbow to the face of JTG. Murdoch then looks to hit a suplex but JTG rolls him only for the referee to be distracted by Lance Cade. Murdoch tags in Cade who continues to lay into JTG with elbows before tagging Murdoch back in. Murdoch comes off the second rope but JTG gets his boot up.

Murdoch tags in Cage and Lance Cade stops JTG from tagging in Shad Gaspard. Cade and Murdoch attempts a double suplex but JTG nips down and tags in Shad! Shad lays into both opponents with clotheslines and elbows until the numbers become too much. Shad ducks a clothesline and Cryme Tyme hit their samoan drop/neckbreaker finisher for the three! Cryme Tyme pick up the win! Another big win for JTG and Shad.

Rating: 5.75/10

Vince McMahon is backstage with Coach talking about Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell. McMahon wants to book Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell for tomorrow on Raw. Coach sucks up to McMahon and McMahon walks away. Ron Simmons then shows up and gives his one word catchphrase…..DAMN!

Ric Flair vs. Kenny Dykstra

This is a firs time PPV meeting between these two men. Kenny walks out in a knock-off robe. Ric Flair beat Edge at last years New Year’s Revolution PPV. Kenny shows some footage from Raw with Rated RKO taking out Flair. Kenny says that Flair can use that as an excuse for losing tonight but Kenny was going to beat him anyway. This is Kenny’s first singles match on PPV. Kenny knocks Flair down early and mocks him. Flair then knocks down Kenny before Kenny replies with a dropkick for a near fall. Dykstra hits a knee drop and some right hands before smashing Flair into a top turnbuckle. Flair hits a chop and the two men slug it out. Ric hits a back body drop, a chop and then a right hand. It’s all Flair as he hits an elbow and then chops Kenny out of the ring. Flair drops Kenny on the top rope and then struts around the ring. Flair heads out the outside but Kenny hits him with a suplex on the outside. Back in the ring and Kenny only gets a one count.

Kenny, the former member of the Spirit Squad, hits another suplex for a two count. Dykstra hits a couple of elbow drops but only for a one count. Dykstra applies a Boston crab and Flair gets to the ropes. Kenny hits some jabs in the corner dropping Flair down to one knee. Flair then fires back with a couple of big chops. The two men slug it out and it’s Kenny that drops Flair to the mat before mounting him and hitting some big right hands. Kenny then motions for the figure four but Flair rolls him up in an inside cradle for a near fall. Flair hits some more big chops and then a reverse elbow. Ric heads to the top, which never ends well for him, and Kenny throws him off the top to the mat below. Kenny then leaps to the top and hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Flair pokes Kenny in the eye and then takes him down with a chopblock. Flair hits another chopblock and then locks on the figure four! Kenny gets to the ropes to break the hold, hits Flair with a low blow and then rolls Flair up for the three! Kenny Dykstra wins the match over the veteran Flair!

Rating: 4/10

Johnny Nitro is backstage with ice packs. He tells Melina to phone Joey and tell him that the Hardy Boyz are going to pay for what they have done. Melina leaves and bumps into Victoria who has her clipboard. Victoria says she has taken out ever diva except her. Victoria then says that she and Melina could be a team. If Melina helps Victoria win tonight then she will get the first shot at her title.

Mickie James (c) vs. Victoria – WWE Women’s Championship match

This is the first PPV singles match between these two girls. Victoria has her clipboard and pops it down on the announce desk. Victoria and Mickie both wrestled in losing efforts at last years event. Victoria pushes Mickie to the mat in the early going showing that she is the more powerful of the two divas. Victoria then wrestles Mickie to the mat and applies an affective chinlock and then a reverse headlock. Mickie hits a monkey flip but Victoria goes back to the side headlock. Two of the top 10 divas of all time up to now these two. Mickie hits a couple of arm drags and a dropkick for a near fall. Mickie goes for a hurricanrana but Victoria dumps her on the apron and then kicks her to the mat outside. Victoria then hits Mickie with a baseball slide before dropping James on the barricade. Victoria starts talking smack to Lilian Garcia and Mickie rolls Victoria up for a near fall.

Victoria chokes Mickie on the middle rope and then throws her across the ring by her hair for a near fall. These are definitely the two best divas on the roster for wrestling. Mickie gets out of the way of a moonsault and then fires back with some right hands and a clothesline. Mickie hits reverse elbows, and some jabs for a near fall. Mickie hits a hurricanrana sending Victoria out to the apron. Mickie then shoves Victoria to the mat below and out comes Melina. Mickie lays Melina out and then rolls Victoria back into the ring. Mickie hits Victoria with a clothesline and then motions for her spinning DDT but Melina grabs her foot! That distracts Mickie long enough for Victoria to set up for the widows peak! Mickie slips down and rolls Victoria up for a near fall. Candice and Maria then come out and lay out Melina! Mickie hits the spinning DDT on Victoria for the three! Mickie James retains her title! Maria, Candice and Lilian celebrate with Mickie! Good match from these two girls.

Rating: 6/10

There’s a video package up next for DX’s match against Rated RKO.

Rated RKO (Randy Orton & Edge) (c) vs. D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) – World Tag Team Championship match

This is a PPV rematch from Cyber Sunday where Rated RKO defeated DX. All four men have wrestled at New Year’s Revolution PPV’s before. Triple H is 2-0 at the event, Shawn Michaels is 0-1, Randy Orton is 0-1 and Edge is 1-2. DX give their usual schtick on the mic and then rush Edge and Orton as they make their entrance. Triple H throws Edge over the barricade and Michaels then does the same to Orton. Triple H suplexes Edge back over the barricade as Michaels lays into Orton. Orton hits Michaels with some right hands as Triple H back drops Edge on the mat outside. Michaels then rams Orton into the steel steps. The bell is yet to ring in this one. Michaels and Edge get into the ring and the bell rings. Michaels tags Triple H who lays into Edge with stomps. Triple H rakes the eyes of Edge and then hits him with a clothesline in the corner. All four men in this match have won world titles, Intercontinental titles and tag team titles. Triple H tags in Shawn Michaels who smashes Edge into a top turnbuckle.

Michaels hits an Irish whip and then misses with a shoulder charge. Edge tags in Randy Orton who hits Michaels with some right hands, an Irish whip and then runs into Michaels boot. Michaels hits a snapmare and a stomp to the face of Orton. Michaels tags in Triple H who hits some big right hands on Orton and then a knee drop. Triple H could become the only man to have won at all three New Years Revolution PPV’s. He hits some elbows to Orton on the apron and Michaels follows it up with a legdrop. Triple H gets a near fall and it looks like Orton is bleeding from the forehead. Triple H tags in Michaels who hits a chop. Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Edge are three of the best of all time up to this point and there’s no doubt Orton could be there too one day. Michaels tags in Triple H who hits some big jabs to Ortons bloody forehead. Edge hits a cheap shot to Triple H form the outside so Triple H pulls him into the ring and lays into him! Orton and Edge double team Triple H to take him down to his knees.

Randy Orton tags in Edge who became a WWE Champion at this event last year. Edge then works the left knee of Triple H, smashing it into the ringpost. Edge looks to apply a figure four but Triple H kicks him into the ringpost. Triple H tags in Shawn Michaels who hits a flying forearm on Edge before nipping up and hitting an inverted atomic drop, a powerslam and a flying elbow drop. Orton then comes out of nowhere and takes out Michaels but Triple H clotheslines Orton out of the ring. Michaels then back body drops Edge out of the ring before flying out at both men. Michaels rolls Edge back in but then gets distracted by Orton as he climbs back into the ring but Edge hits Michaels with a spear! Orton then smashes a tag team title belt into the face of Michaels! Michaels is now bleeding from the head and Triple H checks on him. Edge pulls Shawn Michaels back into the ring, hammering him in the face as he does. Edge tags Orton who hits Michaels with a big backbreaker for a near fall.

Orton stomps Michaels and then hits a knee drop to the back of his head for a near fall. Orton tags in Michaels who hits more right hands. Edge hits a hard Irish whip and then a backbreaker for a two count. Edge tags Orton who hammers away at Shawn Michaels back. Orton pins Michaels in cocky fashion for a two. Michaels fires back with some chops but Orton rakes the eyes and then tags in Edge. Edge and Orton hit a double backbreaker for a near fall. Edge applies a modified surfboard which Michaels gets out of. Edge and Michaels slug it out with right hands and chops and Shawn drops edge with a suplex. Edge hits a big boot to Michaels and then tags in Orton. Orton then attempts the RKO but Michaels avoids it! Orton tags in Edge and Michaels tags in Triple H! Triple H knocks Edge down with a high knee. He follows that up with a facebuster before clotheslining Edge out of the ring.

Triple H hits a spinebuster on Orton and he seems to have damaged his knee in the process. That looks like a legit injury. Triple H hits a spinebuster on Edge for a near fall and all four men are down. Triple H sets Edge up for a pedigree but Orton stops that with an RKO! Michaels then hits sweet chin music on Orton but Edge then disposes of Michaels! Edge crawls over and pins Triple H who kicks out at 2. Edge looks to hit a spear on Triple H but Helmsley gets out of the way. Triple H hobbles about and pedigree’s Edge! He pins Edge but only for a 2! Michaels then dives out of the ring taking out Orton! Michaels gets in the ring and lays out the referee! He then grabs a chair and takes out both Edge and Orton with it! Orton is bleeding all over the shop now. Triple H hits Edge with a chair and Michaels hits Orton with another. DX then lay int Rated RKO’s repeatedly with chairs!

Michaels takes apart both the Spanish and English announce tables. Triple H rolls Edge onto the English announce table and Michaels places Orton on the Spanish announce table. Triple H sets up Edge for a pedigree and hits it on the announce desk! Michaels then goes up to the top turnbuckle and dives off with an elbow drop putting Orton through the Spanish announce table! DX’s music hits and I can only assume Rated RKO win by DQ. There’s no official announcement made though. Wikipedia calls it a no contest.

Rating: 8/10

Todd Grisham is backstage with John Cena. More cheers than boo’s when Cena is introduced. Cena cuts a cheesy promo. He says he’ll be leaving as champion.

Carlito vs. Chris Masters

This is the second PPV match between these two men. Carlito beat Masters at Backlash last year. Masters is still looking for his first ever PPV victory. This will be his 8th opportunity to do so. If he loses this match then only Koko B.Ware will have a worse PPV record than him. Carlito is joined by Torrie Wilson. The two men lock up, Masters shoves Carlito into the ropes and Carlito bounces back and takes Masters down. Carlito smashes Masters into the top turnbuckle and then hits a bulldog form the second rope for a near fall. Masters hits a back body drop and then a powerslam before laying a boot into Carlito’s ribs. Carlito hits a dropkick and then a double springboard moonsault for a near fall. The crowd are dead for this match. Great move from Carlito there though. Masters attempts to lock on the Masterlock but Carlito counters it and tries for his own full nelson which Master counters. Carlito gets to the ropes but Masters hits an overhead suplex.

Chris Masters lays in some big right hands and then drags Carlito around by his hair before hitting a backbreaker for as near fall. Carlito hits another backbreaker and then applies a submission hold. Carlito gets out of it but Masters takes him down with a clothesline for a near fall. The two men exchange right hands and Carlito hits a springboard reverse elbow and a running knee before taking the bigger an down with a clothesline. Carlito hits a facebuster for a near fall as Torrie cheers her man on. Masters attempts the Masterlock but Carlito counters it into a pinfall attempt which Masters reverses into his own pinfall and gets the three! Chris Masters finally wins a PPV match! After the bell Master locks the Masterlock on Carlito and ragdolls him around. Masters leaves and then heads back to the ring before leaving again. It’s a win for Masters tonight.

Rating: 4.5/10

There’s a video package for the match between Umaga and John Cena. The WWE title is on the line next. It’s quite a dramatic package with high tempo music.

John Cena (c) vs. Umaga – WWE Championship match

This is a first PPV match between these two men. John Cena has a 1-1 record at New Year’s Revolution PPV’s whereas Umaga makes his debut at this event. This is Umaga’s first PPV main event. This is actually Cena’s first PPV defence since winning the title for s second time at Unforgiven last year. Cena does his best to avoid Umaga in the early going but does hit some lefts and rights, avoids a splash in the corner and takes Umaga down with a bulldog before sending the big man to the outside. Umaga is yet to be pinned or made to submit. Umaga throws Cena out of the ring from the ring apron before throwing Cena into the steps and then back into the ring where he drops Cena with a clothesline. Umaga hits some right hands and Cena fires back with a kick and a right hand of his own but Umaga drops him with a Samoan drop. Umaga then fires Cena back out of the ring.

Umaga smashes Cena into the announce desk and then rolls back into the ring. Cena hits a couple of shoulder charges from the apron and then sunset flips back in but can’t take Umaga down. Umaga tries for a sit down splash but Cena gets out of the way. Cena then attempts a powerslam but collapses under the weight of Umaga who gets a near fall as a result. Umaga hits a legdrop and then a kick to the chest. Umaga hits a couple of right hands sending Cena out to the apron but Cena drops Umaga on the top rope. Cena then heads to the top and tries for a cross body but Umaga catches him and hits him with a spinning sidewalk slam for a near fall. Umaga hits a headbutt and then a shoulder charge. Cena hits a bulldog out of nowhere but Umaga is right back up and hits a spinning heel kick. Umaga hits a big chop and then hits a version of the banzai drop off the middle rope. Umaga hits it a second time and then attempts a third but Cena gets his knees up. Cena gets Umaga up for an FU but then falls flat on his face from the weight.

Umaga throws Cena out of the ring and then pulls him back in. Umaga hits some big right hands and then applies a nerve hold which Cena does a really good job of selling. Cena gets out of the hold but runs right into a reverse elbow. Umaga goes up to the second rope and dives off head first but Cena gets out of the way. Both men get to their feet and Cena hits some big right hands, two clotheslines but then runs into a shot to the ribs from Umaga. Umaga misses with a splash in the corner and Cena throws Umaga head first into the ring post. Cena then hits a side suplex and the five knuckle shuffle! Cena tries for the FU but he still can’t get Umaga up. Umaga hits a belly to belly suplex and then ties Cena up in a tree of woe where he hits the WWE Champion with a flying headbutt. Umaga attempts his running arse splat but Cena moves out of the way and then rolls Umaga up for the three! John Cena beat Umaga tonight! It was a bit flat and it came from nowhere but Cena retains his WWE Championship against Umaga tonight!

Rating: 5.5/10

And that was New Year’s Revolution 2007, the pay per view to kick off the year. It felt pretty average to be honest. It started well with the match between Jeff Hardy and Johnny Nitro. These are two very talented wrestlers with great chemistry and this feud has really elevated Johnny Nitro. Hardy retained his title and with Wrestlemania season upon us you wonder who will be added to the mix for the title. I think both men will be in the Money In The Bank ladder match should it go ahead and both would add a lot to the match. The cage match was full of all the great spots you would expect and if they go their separate ways then I’m sure they’ll be having great matches with whoever they are paired up with. I wouldn’t be against Jeff losing the title in order to be elevated. He’d be a great shout for the Money In The Bank briefcase.

Then was the bonus match which was tag team turmoil. There is a bit of a tag team division being built of Raw and I like Cryme Tyme, Cade & Murdoch, The Highlanders and The World’s Greatest Tag Team because they are all proper tag teams in my book. Jim Duggan and Super Crazy was pretty random though and probably just a way to get these guys on the show. Cryme Tyme picked up the win though and will get a future shot at Randy Orton and Edge. They’re obviously not in the same league but with a solid enough division these days maybe Cryme Tyme could pick up the fluke win allowing Rated RKO to move on to other things. Kenny Dykstra defeated Ric Flair with a pull of the tights. I like this result, if they have big plans for Kenny then a win over Flair is a good place to start. I love that there’s a massive age difference between the two, it’s a feud that makes a lot of sense. I can see the rivalry continuing but for PPV matches I think it’ll be done.

Mickie James defeated Victoria to retain her WWE Women’s Championship. Melina, Maria and Candice Michelle all got involved and it makes me wonder whether a Mickie James/Melina feud is on the cards. This was a decent enough match though, both women can go so it’s a natural fit. A Victoria/Melina partnership seems to be in the making so I have no idea what the long term/Wrestlemania plan is for the Women’s division which is starting to flounder since Trish Stratus and Lita reitred. Rated RKO and DX then had a bloody match in every sense of the phrase. It was really good fun and all four men put their all into it. Triple H clearly picked up a serious injury and I hope he’s ok for Wrestlemania. The ending seemed a bit odd with Shawn Michaels just taking out the referee. I don’t think that was the original plan. And I’d have though the result should have been a DQ win for Rated RKO but it looks to be a no contest. I’m guessing this feud would continue all the way to Wrestlemania but we’ll have to see what happens now. This was a great match though.

Chris Masters beat Carlito in a sub-par match. Nobody wanted to see Masters win this one but with Kenny the only other heel winner tonight then it was probably done to mix it up. I don’t know if this feud will continue, nor do I care. Move Carlito on to something meaningful. I think he’ll make up the number in the Royal Rumble match and get chucked in the Money In The Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania. In the main event John Cena retained his WWE Championship against Umaga. I’m not convinced this was the right way to end the match. I didn’t want to see Umaga pinned yet. The way it ended suggests that the feud will continue so there was no reason for Umaga to be pinned. I can see Cena holding the title all the way to Wrestlemania now. Average match between these two.

Overall Rating: 58.57/100 (ranked joint 94th out of 205)

Match Of The Night: D-Generation X vs. Rated RKO
Worst Match Of The Night: Kenny Dykstra vs. Ric Flair
Surprise Of The Night: Chris Masters wins a match!
Worst Booking Of The Night: John Cena pins Umaga
Superstar Of The Night: John Cena
New Year’s Revolution 2007 Will Be Remembered For: Triple H getting injured

One thought on “New Year’s Revolution 2007

  1. Since we won’t be having a Women’s Championship match on PPV again until WrestleMania 23, I will point out that on the February 19th episode of Raw, Melina beat Mickie James to win the title:

    Then, two weeks later, March 5th edition of Raw, Melina successfully defended her title against Mickie in a falls count anywhere match:

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