Royal Rumble 2007

|Date: January 27, 2007
|Venue: AT&T Center |City: San Antonio, Texas
|Attendance: 13,500 |Buys: 491,000
|Brand: Raw, Smackdown & ECW

|tweet me: @BastionBlogger

The Royal Rumble, my favourite pay per view of the year, the one I always look forward to and this edition is no different. The Royal Rumble match is the jewel in the crown as always and this year all 30 men that re in the match have already been announced. This years match will feature superstars from Raw, Smackdown and ECW. In terms of the favourites for this match you can’t look much further than the likes of Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Edge and The Great Khali from Raw, The Undertaker and King Booker from Smackdown and maybe a Rob Van Dam or CM Punk from ECW. Other superstars set to be involved are Ric Flair, Kane, The Hardy Boyz, Sabu, Carlito, Viscera, MVP, Johnny Nitro, Gregory Helms and Finlay. It’s the biggest match of the year and the winner gets a shot at whichever world title they choose at Wrestlemania.

All three world championships will be on the line tonight. John Cena has his hands full as he takes on Umaga in a rematch from New Year’s Revolution. Armando Estrada named the stipulation for the match and announced it to be a Last Man Standing match. Umaga has attacked Cena on Raw a couple of times over the past few weeks and has injured the WWE Champion’s spleen which is the main focus going into this match. The World Heavyweight Championship will be defended and Teddy Long announced that a beat the clock challenge would decide a number one contender and 16 Smackdown superstars would be involved. Mr Kennedy won the challenge, costing The Undertaker his shot in the final match. The Undertaker was given the opportunity to be added to the match should he beat Mr Kennedy in a singles match as Batista watched on from ringside but Mr Kennedy would slap Batista causing the World Heavyweight Champion to attack Kennedy and cost Undertaker the match. Tonight Mr Kennedy gets his first ever opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship.

The ECW title will be decided as Bobby Lashley defends against Test. Test has got himself involved in a couple of ECW title matches between Lashley and Rob Van Dam and when a triple threat match was made between the three of them, Bobby pinned RVD and Test attacked the champion after the match. With Test a permanent thorn in Lashley’s side the match has been made for the two to meet at the Royal Rumble PPV. Also tonight another tag team match between The Hardy Boyz and MNM. This rivalry has continued over both Raw and Smackdown for months now and has stepped up a gear since The Hardy Boyz broke Joey Mercury’s nose. The two teams meet again tonight and it is five consecutive PPV’s that Jeff Hardy has been on the opposite side of the ring to Johnny Nitro.

In a dark match prior to the event JTG defeated Lance Cade.

A video package kicks off the show hyping up the Royal Rumble match first. Showing pictures of Ric flair, Shawn Michaels, Yokozuna, Steve Austin, Rey Mysterio etc and then showing the competitors in this years match. The hype video moves on to Batista and Mr Kennedy, Bobby Lashley and Test and then John Cena and Umaga.

Jim Ross welcomes us to the Royal Rumble, he’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler. JR throws over to Michael Cole and John “Bradshaw” Layfield who in turn throw to Joey Styles and Tazz.

The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy) vs. MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro)

This is the second PPV match between these two teams, the first being at December To Dismember 2006 where The Hardy Boyz defeated MNM. Jeff Hardy and Johnny Nitro have been on the opposite side of the ring to one another in one way or another at New Year’s Revolution (Cage match), Armageddon (4 way ladder match), December To Dismember (tag match) and Survivor Series (traditional Survivor Series match). That’s 5 PPV’s in a row. Johnny Nitro starts the match by attacking Matt Hardy and then quickly tags in Joey Mercury. Mercury lays in some right hands aiming for Hardy’s jaw. Mercury tags in Nitro who gets hit with some right hands himself. Quick tags form MNM as Joey Mercury comes back in but Matt fights him off with body shots. Matt tags in Jeff to a big pop and Jeff hits a dropkick for a one count. Mercury tags in Nitro who gets him with an inverted atomic drop and a legdrop for the first near fall of the night.

Jeff tags in Matt and the Hardyz hit a double reverse elbow. Mercury then gets involved and Matt suplexes him. Matt then hits Nitro with a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Nitro gets a right hand in and tags in Mercury who tags Nitro back in. Quick tags between MNM and some double teaming. This is a second Royal Rumble appearance for MNM who were involved in last years Royal Rumble match. Nitro tags in Mercury and MNM hit a double facebuster to the delight of Melina. Mercury gets a near fall and then goes back to hitting Matt Hardy with right hands to the face. Big clothesline from Mercury for a two count. Joey applies a sleeper which Matt gets out of and tags in Jeff. Mercury tags in Nitro but it’s all Jeff Hardy as he takes Nitro down with clotheslines and a facebuster for as near fall. Jeff hits whisper in the wind on Nitro and Mercury breaks up the pinfall that follows. Matt gets involved and suplexes Mercury before Matt and Jeff hit a double suplex on Nitro.

Matt and Jeff heads to the top where Jeff dives off first, right into Nitro’s knees. Matt then hits a legdrop on Nitro but has to leave the ring as he’s not the legal man. Nitro tags Mercury who hits a knee to Jeff for a two count. Mercury drops an elbow and Jim Ross keeps calling him Nitro. Mercury tags Nitro in and he hits a running knee for a near fall. The feud and matches between these two teams have been fantastic. Mercury tags back in and he and Nitro hit simultaneous legdrops. Mercury applies a waistlock which Jeff Hardy gets out of and rolls Mercury up for a two count but Mercury is right back on Jeff. Mercury tags Nitro and MNM hit a double gutbuster. Nitro applies a body scissors to Jeff Hardy and then a front facelock. Plenty of time given to this match. Jeff hits a back drop and tag in Matt but the referee doesn’t see it so sends Matt back out of the ring. That allows MNM to lay into Jeff Hardy in their corner. Nobody has wrestled as many PPV’s without main eventing than Jeff Hardy. Matt Hardy is a close second. Jeff manages to fight off both Nitro and Mercury and then tags in Matt!

Matt Hardy hits clotheslines on both opponents and then back body drops and reverse elbows. Matt bulldogs Nitro, taking out Mercury at the same time. Matt goes up to the second rope and hits an elbow drop on Mercury for a two count. Mercury hits a kick to the jaw and MNM attempt the snapshot but Jeff breaks it up. Jeff hits poetry in motion on Mercury and then attempt the same on Nitro who gets out of the way. Nitro rolls Matt up for a near fall. Matt then hits side affect on Nitro and motions for the twist of fate before hitting it! Jeff tags in and Matt and Mercury fight to the outside. Jeff hits the swanton bomb on Nitro and hooks the leg for the three! Matt and Jeff Hardy win the match! Another great match between these two teams. Seriously good tag team action.

Rating: 7.75/10

Jonathan Coachman and Teddy Long are backstage with the balls for the Royal Rumble. Kelly Kelly is rolling the balls when Edge shows up. Edge patronises Kelly Kelly and Randy Orton shows up. Randy reminds Edge that he threw him over the top rope last Monday and he would do the same tonight. Both draw their balls and Edge offers to show him his if you show me yours. King Booker and Sharmell show up and we get a “Tell me, you did not just say that”. It warranted a “Damn” if you ask me.

There’s a video package next for Bobby Lashley and Test.

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Test – ECW World Championship match

This is a first match between these two men on PPV. Test has lost in his 4 previous Royal Rumble appearances, Bobby Lashley was involved in last years Royal Rumble match and lasted nearly four and a half minutes before Kane and Big Show chucked him out. It’s a first PPV defence for Lashley since he won the title at December to Dismember last month. The two men lock up and Test slaps Lashley. That fires Lashley up and he spears Text to the mat. Test gets to the ropes and then takes a cheap shot at Lashley to take the advantage. Test hits some elbows and then chokes Lashley with his boot. Lashley hits a t-bone suplex and then a delayed vertical suplex. Test gets back into it by throwing Lashley into the ringpost. Lashley applies an armbar which Lashley tries to get out of. Lashley then attempts a dominator but he can’t get Test up. Test hits Lashley with a running boot for a near fall.

Test attempts a spinning diamond cutter but Lashley nips down and hits Test with a belly to belly throw before knocking Test out of the ring. Test gets to his feet but then decides against getting back into the ring so gets counted out! Test heads to the back but Lashley goes after him and throws Test back into the ring. Lashley lays into Test and hits him with a running powerslam. Lashley wins the match, it wasn’t a memorable one and it had a strange finish but Lashley retains his title tonight.

Rating: 4/10

John Cena is backstage with a concerned doctor. Cena says he’s going out to wrestle tonight. Vince McMahon shows up and asks Cena if he wants to forfeit tonight. Cena says he’s fine. McMahon says he can’t see Cena as WWE Champion after tonight.

There’s a video package next for Batista and Mr Kennedy.

Batista (c) vs. Mr Kennedy – World Heavyweight Championship match

This is a second pay per view match between these two men. Mr Kennedy actually won the first by disqualification. Batista has a 2-1 record at Royal Rumble events whereas it’s a Royal Rumble debut for Mr Kennedy. Kennedy has only lost once on pay per view. Batista chucks Kennedy about a bit in the early going. Kennedy hits a cheap shot, a few right hands and quickly rolls Batista up for a one count. Batista chokes Kennedy but Kennedy hits a thumb to the eye. Batista hits a big boot and then a suplex for a near fall. Kennedy rolls to the outside but is flanked by Batista who smashes his face into the barricade. Kennedy manages to ram Batista into the ring steps. Batista is now hobbling around on one of his legs but back in the ring he hits Kennedy with right hands and shoulder charges. Kennedy hits a dropkick to the injured left leg of Batista and then lays in some stomps. Kennedy then applies a leglock that I haven’t seen before. Kennedy uses the ropes for extra leverage and the referee forces him to break the hold.

Kennedy goes back to work on the leg of Batista as blood runs form the challengers nose. Kennedy drives his knee into the face of Batista a couple of times for a near fall. Kennedy then applies a single crab but Batista gets out of it and tries for a running powerslam on Kennedy who nips down and hits a chop-block. Kennedy runs into a spinebuster but Batista sells the knee. Triple H recently injured himself hitting a spinebuster. Batista hits a couple of clotheslines, a back body drop, a clothesline in the corner and then a sloppy powerslam. Batista hits a rolling Samoan drop similar to what M Kennedy usually does. Batista motions for the Batista bomb but Kennedy shoves him into the referee, hits a low blow and then a neckbreaker. Kennedy hits a DDT and hooks the leg but Batista kicks out at 2. Kennedy hits a boot and then goes up to the second rope but Batista takes him out with a clothesline and then the Batista bomb which is enough for the three. Batista retains his World Heavyweight Championship tonight in an alright match.

Rating: 5.5/10

Kevin Thorn and Ariel are backstage picking their number and they seem happy. The Little Bastard then shows up and spins the tumbler before picking a number (presumably for Finlay). Coach makes a joke about a small number and the bastard goes for him. The Little Bastard walks into The Great Khali who picks out three balls before dropping two of then. Kelly Kelly picks them up before saying that they are the biggest balls she’s ever held. Ron Simmons shows up and gives us his trademark “DAMN”.

There’s a video package next for John Cena and Umaga.

John Cena (c) vs. Umaga – Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship

This is a second PPV match between these two men. John Cena beat Umaga at New Year’s Revolution earlier this month. Cena has a 1-3 record at Royal Rumble PPV’s whilst Umaga makes his Royal Rumble debut tonight. He did previous wrestle as Jamal in the 2003 Royal Rumble match where he was eliminated by The Undertaker. Cena has his ribs taped up. Cena hits some right hands as the bell rings and then a jawbreaker but Umaga targets the abdomen which sends Cena all the way to the outside. Three babyface wins so far tonight. Umaga throws Cena into the ring steps and follows it up with right hands all the way up the entranceway. Cena fights back with a few of his own, taking the fight back to the ring. Cena smashes Umaga’s face into the ring apron but Umaga no-sells. Classic Samoan defence there. Back in the ring and Umaga hits kicks and right hands. Umaga attempts a splash but Cena gets his foot up but only to run into a clothesline. Cena gets up at the seven count but Umaga powerslams him right back down.

Umaga exits the ring and grabs the ring steps, throwing them into the ring. Cena stops Umaga from getting back into the ring, dropping him onto the top rope. Cena then throws the ring steps out of the ring and into the face of Umaga! That looked brutal. Umaga got his hand up but that will hurt. Umaga did not no-sell that head shot. Back in the ring and Umaga hits a spinning heel kick on the champion. Umaga then applies a bearhug which he turns into a belly to belly suplex. Umaga leaves the ring again and this time grabs the bigger part of the ring steps and slides them into the ring. Umaga lays the stands the steps up in the corner of the ring and then sits Cena down in front of them. Umaga then attempts his arse splash but Cena gets out of the way, picks up the steps and rams them into the face of Umaga. Again, stiff shot. Umaga gets back up to his feet and Cena heads to the top but Umaga catches him and hits a tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam.

Cena hits a low blow, a bulldog onto the ring steps and then a side suplex onto the steps. The WWE Champion hits a five knuckle shuffle on the ring steps and then tries for the FU but falls face first on the ring steps. Cena is busted wide open and Umaga hammers away at his wound with some big right hands. Cena starts to fire up but Umaga takes him back down with a Samoan drop. Umaga tries for the Samoan spike but Cena blocks it only to get knocked down with a headbutt. Umaga ties Cena up in a tree of woe and tries for a running headbutt but Cena pulls himself up to avoid it and then then dives off the top with a legdrop to the back of Umaga’s head. Cena then grabs a tv monitor and as Umaga leans by the ring post, Cena swings the monitor into the face of Umaga! Umaga gets back up to his feet and Cena knocks him out of the ring. Cena jumps off the apron but Umaga catches him and rams him into the ring post and then the ring steps. Umaga lays Cena down on the ECW announce desks and then runs across the other two to hit a splash but Cena gets out of the way and Umaga crashes through the announces desk.

Umaga gets up to his feet at nine and Armando Estrada is up in the corner taking apart the ring! Estrada completely takes off the top rope! Umaga then looks to jab the metal into the throat of Cena but Cena sees him coming and hits Umaga with the FU! Cena then smashes Umaga with the metal before choking Umaga with the ring rope! Umaga passes out and can’t get up by the count of ten and so Cena wins the match! Good match between these two! Umaga is not out of place in a main event spot.

Rating: 8/10

Backstage in the number drawing room Sandman shows up. He picks a number, throws it on the floor, drinks some beer and then smashes his own face in with a kendo stick. Ric Flair is next and he’s last to pick his number. The rest of the Extreme Expose (Layla and Brooke) show up and have a dance.

Michael Cole, John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Jerry Lawler are the commentary team for the Royal Rumble match. A video package runs showing highlights from previous Royal Rumble matches including Ric Flair, Steve Austin, Kane’s dominance, Bret Hart and Lex Lugers controversy, Shawn Michaels epic win, Mr McMahon’s victory, Chris Benoit, Batista and Rey Mysterio winning in recent years. We then see some of the competitors in this years Rumble. Soundbites from Edge, Shawn Michaels, Kenny Dykstra, Kane, King Booker whilst the commentators sell The Great Khali and The Undertaker.

The 2007 Royal Rumble Match

My favourite match of the year. Ric Flair is the first man out. He was the last man to pick his number and he won the match back in 1992. #2 is Finlay and it’s the two old timers kicking off the match. It’s a Royal Rumble debut for Finlay who takes Flair down early on. Finlay hits some right hands on Flair but Flair returns the favour with some chops. Finlay tries to toss Flair out but Flair holds on. Flair pokes Finlay in the eye and then hits some jabs. #3 is Kenny Dykstra who has had a lot of problems with Ric Flair. It’s a royal Rumble debut for Kenny who was in the Spirit Squad at last years event. Finlay tries to eliminate Kenny and Ric Flair tries to eliminate Finlay! Kenny goes right back to work in Flair who fires back with some chops. Kenny and Finlay double team Flair, stomping him down. #4 is Matt Hardy who enters his 6th Royal Rumble match. He hits a side affect on Kenny before trying to eliminate him. Flair and Finlay continue to go at it. Matt Hardy then goes after Finlay and tries to eliminate him. #5 is Edge who runs down to the ring and spear Ric Flair and spears Finlay.

Matt Hardy hits Edge with a twist of fate. Ric Flair looks under the ring for something and pulls out a chair. Kenny doesn’t let Flair use the chair and Edge eliminates Ric Flair from the match. Edge then eliminates Kenny Dykstra! #6 is Tommy Dreamer who lays right into Edge. Tommy Dreamer looking for his first ever PPV win but it won’t be happening tonight. Finlay lays into Dreamer and Edge and Matt Hardy go at it. #7 is Sabu from ECW making his Royal Rumble debut. Sabu sets up a table outside the ring before getting involved and going right for Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer knocks Sabu down with a clothesline as Edge tries to eliminate Finlay. #8 is Gregory Helms who goes right for Matt Hardy. Sabu and Finlay slug it out and Sabu nearly eliminates Finlay. Dreamer tries to eliminate Edge. Finlay has Sabu up on his shoulders and tries to chuck him out. Helms comes close to eliminating Matt Hardy. #9 is Shelton Benjamin who has been in 5 Royal Rumble matches. #10 is Kane. Kane has been in 9 consecutive Royal Rumble matches. He’s not won any of them though. Kane powerslams Gregory Helms, chokeslams Edge and eliminates Tommy Dreamer. 

Sabu tries to clothesline Kane but Kane back body drops Sabu onto the apron. Kane then chokeslams Sabu through the table on the outside, eliminating him from the match. Not a good showing from the ECW guys so far. #11 is CM Punk who goes after Edge. Shelton Benjamin tangles with Kane and CM Punk and Finlay go at it. Punk hits a running knee on Edge and tries to eliminate Edge but Finlay saves Edge. It’s a Royal Rumble debut for Punk. #12 is King Booker who has lost at the last 5 Royal Rumble PPV’s. Booker goes after Gregory Helms, hitting him with right hands and then eliminating Gregory Helms from the match. Matt Hardy and Finlay go after Kane as King Booker lays into CM Punk. #13 is Super Crazy who gets a decent pop. Why this guy isn’t on ECW is beyond me. Kane takes Super Crazy down with a reverse elbow. Super Crazy was in last years Royal Rumble match. Booker nearly eliminates Finlay as Matt Hardy lays into Shelton Benjamin. #14 is Jeff Hardy who gets a big pop. Both Hardy Boyz in there now. Jeff goes after Finlay and is joined by his brother Matt. They hit a double suplex on Finlay and then double reverse elbows on Edge. Matt and Jeff go after Super Crazy and then Kane. Booker hits a big kick on CM Punk. Jeff hits poetry in motion on Kane. #15 is The Sandman. 

The Sandman has a massive entrance, drinking beer in the crowd, smashing his face open with the beer can. He finally gets to the ring and smashes everyone with the singapore cane. Both Hardy Boyz and Super Crazy until King Booker eliminates Sandman! He didn’t last long. Jeff Hardy skins the cat to get back into the ring. #16 is Randy Orton who could be one of the favourites. Randy goes after Super Crazy. Rated RKO eliminate Super Crazy! Orton hits a backbreaker on Matt Hardy. Edge eliminates Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton eliminates Matt Hardy! Both Hardy Boyz eliminated. Finlay and Booker double team Kane as Randy Orton lays into Shelton Benjamin. #17 is Chris Benoit. He won the match back in 2004 and goes right for Finlay. Benoit hits a German suplex on King Booker and then Shelton Benjamin. Edge lays into Booker as Orton lays into Kane. #18 is Rob Van Dam who gets a decent pop. Kane eliminates King Booker. Booker gets back into the ring, takes Kane down and then eliminates Kane from the match! #19 is Viscera! This is his 8th Royal Rumble. Viscera goes after Edge as Finlay hammers at Chris Benoit. Van Dam goes after Finlay with kicks. Viscera turns his attention to Randy Orton. #20 is Johnny Nitro. 

Nitro goes after Rob Van Dam but Viscera knocks Nitro down with a headbutt. Viscera then crushes CM Punk in the corner. Orton and Edge double team Johnny Nitro as Shelton Benjamin just about hangs on. #21 is Kevin Thorn. It’s a Royal Rumble debut for this guy. Thorn lays into Chris Benoit and then Shelton Benjamin. Viscera has RVD up on his shoulders. Finlay who has been in there since entering at #2 lays into Edge. Viscera knocks Van Dam down with a clothesline. Shelton Benjamin and Johnny Nitro go at it. #22 is Hardcore Holly who has been in 6 Royal Rumble matches. Hardcore Holly and Viscera go at it. Benjamin and RVD slug it out. Kevin Thorn and Chris Benoit are in one corner. Rated RKO, Hardcore Holly, Johnny Nitro and Finlay try to eliminate Viscera. #23 is Shawn Michaels who gets a big pop. Michaels and Finlay go at it and the crowd are really hot in Michaels hometown. Shawn Michaels eliminates Finlay! Michaels hits sweet chin music on Viscera and then practically everyone else in the match eliminates Viscera! Shawn Michaels eliminates Shelton Benjamin. #24 is Chris Masters who wrestled in last years match. Masters goes right for Chris Benoit. Rated RKO lay into Shawn Michaels. Johnny Nitro is eliminated by Chris Benoit. #25 is Chavo Guerrero.

Chavo goes after Chris Masters whilst Chris Benoit eliminates Kevin Thorn. Shawn Michaels hits Randy Orton with some right hands. CM Punk and Rob Van Dam go at it. Hardcore holly and Chris Benoit go at it. #26 is MVP. It’s a Royal Rumble debut for MVP. Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels double team MVP and Rob Van Dam eliminates Chris Masters. Randy Orton tries to eliminates CM Punk as Chavo Guerrero has Hardcore Holly on the ropes. #27 is Carlito. Carlito takes shots at everyone. RVD nearly eliminates Shawn Michaels. MVP and Chris Benoit go at it in one corner. Hardcore Holly lends MVP a hand. Rated RKO double team Carlito. #28 is The Great Khali who is a big old unit making his Royal Rumble debut. Everybody stops what they’re doing and focuses on Khali who takes everyone down with headbutts. Khali looks pretty terrible. He hits Orton with his trademark chop. #29 is The Miz. The Great Khali eliminates Hardcore Holly and The Miz. Great Khali eliminates Rob Van Dam,CM Punk, Carlito and Chavo Guerrero. The Great Khali hits a double chokeslam on Shawn Michaels. #30 is The Undertaker who gets a pop and a half.

Everybody is now in the ring and we’re down to The Undertaker, The Great Khali, Randy Orton, Edge, MVP and Shawn Michaels. Undertaker hits Khali with big right hands and Khali firs back. Undertaker clothesline Khali over the top, eliminating him from the match. Undertaker then goes after Edge, Orton and MVP. He hits old school on MVP before eliminating MVP from the match. The final four are Undertaker, Edge, Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels. Randy Orton grabs a chair and smashes The Undertaker with it. Edge then looks to spear Orton but Orton sees him coming and Edge puts the breaks on. Orton hits Michaels with an RKO, sending him out of the ring under the bottom rope. Edge and Orton then agree to double team Undertaker. Undertaker is busted open as he takes shots from the World Tag Team Champions. Undertaker fights back hitting both men with splashes and clotheslines. Undertaker looks to chokeslam Randy Orton but Edge takes him down with a spear. Edge then swings a chair into Undertakers face. Shawn Michaels then comes from nowhere and eliminates both Randy Orton and Edge!

We’re down to just The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels! The crowd absolutely love it. Two old schoolers who have been wrestling in Royal Rumble matches since the early 90’s. Undertaker sits up and Shawn Michaels nips up. Michaels hits some right hands on Undertaker who then returns the favour. Michaels hits lefts and rights and Undertaker whips Michaels out onto the apron. Undertaker attempts a running big boot but Michaels gets out of the way. Undertaker is then on the apron and he elbows Michaels in the face to get back into the ring. Michaels hits a swinging neckbreaker and then some right hands but runs right into a big boot. Undertaker suplexes Shawn Michaels onto the apron. Michaels fights back from the apron and then goes up top but Undertaker hits him with right hands and then sets up for a superplex. Michaels shoves Undertaker back into the ring and then comes off the top with an elbow drop. Michaels motions for sweet chin music but Undertaker catches the foot and hits HBK with a chokeslam! Undertaker scoops Shawn up but Michaels slips down and hits sweet chin music!

Shawn Michaels is first up and looks to hit sweet chin music again but Undertaker ducks it, lifts Michaels up and over the top to eliminate him form the match! Undertaker wins the match and is going to the Wrestlemania 23 main event! Possibly the best finish to a Royal Rumble in history.

Rating: 8.25/10

And that was the 2007 Royal Rumble pay per view. Only five matches but there was some real quality in there. The opening match was another great match between The Hardy Boyz and MNM. These two teams just keep killing it. Jeff Hardy and Johnny Nitro are such workhorses at the moment, both men deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. Matt and Jeff won the match again and this may just be the end of this rivalry. It has been a feud that hasn’t got boring bu I think it’d probably time to move on all four men in time for Wrestlemania. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nitro, Matt and Jeff involved in the Money In The Bank ladder match unless Jeff is defending his Intercontinental title.

Bobby Lashley beat Test by count-out in a pretty weak match. It was quite a short match and the ending seemed odd with Test purposely getting counted out. I don’t understand the logic behind that. I guess they want to continue the feud but this made Test look weak and stupid. I think Lashley will be champion for a while. He doesn’t have much in the way of competition. Batista beat Mr Kennedy in another weak match. I’m starting to lose faith in Batista in terms of him having good matches. Batista was always going to win this match and I can only see him facing Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Mr Kennedy might be involved in Money In The Bank or a US title match, either way he deserves to be in the semi-main event somewhere. John Cena retained his WWE Championship beating Umaga in a really solid match. I really liked the finish, that was unique and Cena choking Umaga out with the top rope was a really cool visual. Cena and Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania? Or a fatal four way with Edge and Orton? I guess time will tell. They need to concentrate on keeping Umaga strong as he did not look out of place in the main event tonight.

The Royal Rumble match was a good one. I liked the old schoolers starting the match and then being joined by Kenny Dykstra. The ECW guys like Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and The Sandman didn’t have a lot of luck but CM Punk looked pretty strong. It looks like a rivalry between King Booker and Kane has kicked off and that one might run until Wrestlemania. The Sabu table spot was good fun. The Great Khali looked really strong, eliminating 7 guys before being thrown out by the man at number 30, The Undertaker. Again, that was very cool with The Undertaker going toe to toe with Khali. I liked the final four as they were the four biggest favourites going into the match and then the final two was a really special moment. Arguably the best finish to a Royal Rumble in history. The Undertaker wins the match and will probably go on to challenge Batista at Wrestlemania in a first match between those two men. Overall this felt like a solid show with 3 of the 5 matches definitely worth checking out. The best pay per view since ECW One Night Stand 2006.

Overall Rating: 67/100 (ranked joint 20th out of 206)

Match Of The Night: The 2007 Royal Rumble match
Worst Match Of The Night: Bobby Lashley vs. Test
Surprise Of The Night: None
Worst Booking Of The Night: Test walks away from a title match
Superstar Of The Night: The Undertaker
Royal Rumble 2007 Will Be Remembered For: The epic conclusion to the Royal Rumble match

One thought on “Royal Rumble 2007

  1. Two things of note:

    1.This marks the final WWE PPV appearance for Test, who was fired from WWE after failing another drug test.

    From there, Test had a brief stint in TNA later that year under his real name Andrew Martin, and then continued to wrestle until 2008.

    After that, Test would pass away on March 13th 2009 due to an accidental overdose of oxycodone, four days before his 34th birthday. It was later revealed that Test also suffered from CTE.

    2.There was a crazy amount of star power in this year’s Rumble match and the booking was damn near perfect from start to finish. It was cool to see Taker finally get a Rumble win even though it looked like the perfect setup for Shawn to win his third.

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