Vengeance 2007: Night Of Champions

|Date: June 24, 2007
|Venue: Toyota Center |City: Houston, Texas
|Attendance: 15,000 |Buys: 247,000
|Brands: Raw, Smackdown & ECW

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Night Of Champions. It’s a special Vengeance event this year as every title will be defended. All nine of them. And because of the draft, superstars have switched brands so there are plenty of new angles and match-ups. The WWE Championship will be front and center as John Cena will be defending his title in a fatal five way match. It was announced that Cena would be defending his championship againt anybody who was a former world champion. Up stepped former WWE Champion Mick Foley (coming out of reitrment again), former World Heavyweight Champions Randy Orton and King Booker (Booker had just been drafted over to Raw from Smackdown) and former ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley who had just been drafted to Raw from ECW.

Bobby Lashley being transferred from ECW to Raw meant that he had to vacate his ECW World Championship. Two matches were set up on ECW with the two winners to battle for the vacant title at Vengeance. CM Punk would beat Elijah Burke and Chris Benoit (who had been drafted from Smackdown to ECW) defeated Marcus Cor Von. Tonight CM Punk and Chris Benoit go one on one for the gold. The World Heavyweight Championship is also set to be defended as Edge puts the gold on the line for one last time against Batista. This is Batista’s last chance at the title and if Edge beats him for a third time on PPV then Batista will get no further opportunities during Edge’s title reign.

The World Tag Team Championships will be defended when Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch defend against the former champions, The Hardy Boys. Melina defends her Women’s Championship against the woman that has pinned her in numerous non-title matches Candice Michelle. The WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce and Domino will put their belts on the line in an open challenge and Santino will defend his Intercontinental title against former champion Umaga. Jimmy Wang Yang won a fatal four way match to earn a shot at Chavo Guerrero’s Cruiserweight Championship and MVP defends the United States title against Smackdown newcomer and multi-time United States Champion Ric Flair.

In a dark match prior to the event Super Crazy defeated Carlito.

A video package kicks us off hyping up that every title will be on the line tonight. It then focuses on Edge defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Batista and John Cena defending the WWE Championship against Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, Mick Foley and King Booker.

Jim Ross then welcomes us to the Toyota Centre for Vengeance: Night Of Champions. Ring announcer Just Roberts announces that 2x former tag team champions Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham are sat at ringside.

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (c) vs. The Hardy Boys (Matt & Jeff) – World Tag Team Championship match

This is the third PPV match between these two teams. The Hardy Boys won the previous two contests. At Vengeance PPV’s, Jeff Hardy is 2-0, Matt Hardy is 1-2 and Cade is 0-1. Jeff actually beat Matt at the 2001 event. This is a first PPV defence of Cade and Murdoch. Cade starts the match against Matt Hardy and Lance makes a point of making a clean break. Cade offers a handshake but Matt kicks him in the gut and knocks the champion down. Matt makes a tag to Jeff and we get some classic teamwork from the Hardy Boys. Cad tags in Murdoch who hits a swinging neckbreaker on Jeff for the first near fall of the night. Jeff hits an enzeguri and tags in Matt Hardy who hits a double axe handle off the middle rope.

Matt tags Jeff back in and they hit poetry in motion on Murdoch. Jeff follows it up with a pendulum dropkick. Lance Cade tries to get involved but Matt Hardy disposes of him. Cade and Murdoch walk towards the back bu Matt and Jeff roll them back into the ring. Murdoch slaps Matt and then tags in Lance Cade who hits a chopblock on Matt. Nobody has wrestled as many PPV matches without main eventing as Matt Hardy. Lance Cade works the leg of Matt and tags in Murdoch. Murdoch continues to work the left leg and drops an elbow. Murdoch tags Cade who hits another chopblock and then drives the knee into the mat for a near fall. Cade tags Murdoch who applies a single leg crab. You’d have to go back to 2004 to find the last time any of these men wrestled on a Vengeance PPV.

Matt Hardy kicks his way out of the single leg crab and tags in Jeff. Murdoch tags Cade who gets hit with a dropkick. Jeff hits a flying forearm and a legdrop before dropkicking Cade in the face. Jeff hits a slingblade for a near fall. Jeff then hits whisper in the wind for a near fall and then a suplex. Hardy heads to the top but Murdoch gets involved and pushes Jeff off the top. Matt gets involved, slugging it out with Murdoch. Cade then hits Jeff with a powerbomb and hooks the leg for the three! Cade and Murdoch win the match and retain their World Tag Team Championships!

Rating: 5.75/10

King Booker is backstage with Sharmell who is worried about the King tonight. Booker reels off his acomplishments and is confident that the night will belong to him.

John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Michael Cole link into a VT about Eddie Guerrero winning the WWE Championship at No Way Out 2004.

Chavo Guerrero (c) vs. Jimmy Wang Yang – Cruiserweight Championship match

This is a first singles PPV match between these two men. Dean Malenko, a former Cruiserweight Champion, is shown watching in the back. This is a Vengeance debut for both of these men. Jimmy hit a schoolboy to start the match but only for a one count. Wang Yang hits a headlock takedown and another schoolboy for another one count. Chavo then hits a cheapshot and a hard Irish whip before nailing Jimmy Wang Yang with an uppercut. Jimmy fires back with some kicks and a dropkick before hitting a floatover suplex for a one count. Jimmy applies a wristlock but Chavo throws him out of the ring. Chavo hits a baseball slide and then an uppercut on the outside before rolling his challenger back into the ring.

Chavo heads to the top but Jimmy Wang Yang kicks him all the way down to the mat below. Wang Yang then flies to the outside with a high cross body. Back in the ring and Jimmy gets a near fall. Chavo hiptosses Wang Yang into the corner and then applies a camel clutch underneath the bottom rope which he has to break. Chavo hits a side suplex for a near fall. Chavo applies a surfboard and then a chinlock bit Wang Yang gets out of it with a suplex. Wang Yang heads to the top and hits a missile dropkick and then hits a spinning heel kick in the corner. Wang Yang heads to the top and hits a very high cross body for a near fall. Chavo hits a kick and then tries for the three amigos but Wang Yang counters the third and knocks Chavo down with a spinning heel kick for a near fall.

Wang Yang heads to the top but Chavo rolls out of the way of a moonsault. Chavo attempts the gorybomb but Jimmy counters it with a sunset flip for a near fall. A very near fall. The crowd boo as it was reall a three count. Chavo pops Jimmy on the top but the challenger elbows Chavo off. Chavo does knock Wang Yang off and then heads to the top himself, hitting a frog splash to the back of Wang Yang for the three! Chavo Guerrero retains the Cruiserweight Championship! Decent match between these two men.

Rating: 6.5/10

Jim Ross takes us back to Vince McMahon getting blown up in his limo. Lawler and Ross speculate about McMahon and his mindset. They show a WWE opinion poll on who was behind the explosion. Names like Bobby Lashley, John Cena, Paul London and Donald Trump are all on there.

Todd Grisham asks Bobby Lashley about the limo explosion. Lashley says that he wishes McMahon was here tonight to see him win the WWE Championship.

Joey Styles and Tazz are ringside for the ECW Championship match. Styles links into some footage of Tazz, a former ECW Champion.

CM Punk vs. Johnny Nitro – ECW Championship match

Nitro replaces Chris Benoit who did not show up for tonight’s event. We would later find out that this was because Chris Benoit killed his wife and child before killing himself. This is a first time PPV match between Punk and Nitro. Johnny Nitro is 1-0 at Vengeance PPV’s, he won the Intercontinental Championship at last years event. There is no reference from the commentators about Chris Benoit, I wonder if this is an edit from the original broadcast. A “we want Benoit” chant breaks out. Punk applies a front facelock which Nitro gets out of. Punk hits some kicks that send Nitro to the outside. Nitro slaps Punk so Punk chases him around the ring and then into it. Punk hits an Irish whip and then a big right hand. Nitro reverses an Irish whip and then hits a springboard kick to the face for a one count.

Nitro mounts CM Punk and hits him with right hands before applying a choke. Nitro follow it up with a clothesline for a near fall and then applies an armbar. Punk hits some forearm smashes to get out of it but runs into a dropkick. Nitro only joined ECW one week ago, drafted from Raw. Nitro goes back to the choke but Punk elbows his way out of it before hitting an enzeguri. Nitro and Punk slug it out until Punk kicks Nitro down to the mat. Punk hits a dropkick for a near fall but runs into an elbow. Nitro then rolls Punk up but the referee catches Nitro’s feet on the ropes. Punk hits a big spinning clothesline for a two count. Punk attempts the “go to sleep” but Nitro fights out of it. Punk manages to cover Nitro for a near fall. Punk hits some knees and then a running knee in the corner into a bulldog.

Punk steps out onto the apron and tries for a springboard knee but Nitro gets out of the way. Nitro hits a swinging neckbreaker on CM Punk which is enough for the three! Johnny Nitro wins the ECW World Championship tonight! The finish came out of nowhere but Nitro is the new champion!

Rating: 5.75/10

There’s some footage of the iron man match between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 12.

Mick Foley and Randy Orton are backstage. Orton pretends to be concerned about Foley having a concussion. Randy says it would be a shame if Orton ended his career like he did Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels. Foley reminds Orton of what he is capable of. Orton reminds Foley that he won that match.

There’s some footage of Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat who Justin Roberts then announces onto the stage.

Santino Marella (c) vs. Umaga – Intercontinental Championship match

This is a pay per view debut for Santino. Umaga wrestled at last years Vengeance PPV and beat Eugene. Santino is one of three men to have beaten Umaga, joining John Cena and Bobby Lashley. Umaga attempts a splash straight away but Santino avoids it. Santino jumps on Umaga’s back but Umaga drives him into the mat. Santino did beat Umaga for the title earlier this year. Umaga hits a big kick to the face of the champion. Umaga then applies a nerve hold which Santino struggles to get out of. Umaga breaks the hold and hitsSantino with right hands in the corner. He doesn’t stop and the referee calls for the bell! It’s a disqualification win for Santino! Umaga lays into Santino after the match with his running arse splash and then a top rope splash. Umaga leaves the ring but then heads back and hits the Samoan spike! Maria runs out to check on Santino.

Rating: N/A

There’s an ad for Summerslam which is getting crashed by the stars of Jackass!

There’s a press conference from Jonathan Beck, lead investigator for the Vince McMahon investigation. He says there is DNA of one well known personality in the limo. There is going to be a Mr McMahon memorial service on Raw tomorrow night.

Magnum T.A. former United States Champion is at ringside.

M.V.P. (c) vs. Ric Flair – United States Championship match

This is a first time meeting between these two men. Ric Flair is 1-1 at Vengeance PPV’s, MVP makes his debut at the event tonight. I like the beginning to this match. MVP gets in the face of Magnum T.A. and Ric Flair get sin MVP’s face outside the ring. In the ring now and the bell rings. MVP trash talks Flair who woo’s back. MVP scrambles to the outside allowing Flair to strut around the ring. This is a first PPV defence for MVP. Flair takes MVP down in the early going and applies an ankle lock. MVP gets to the ropes and rakes the eyes of Flair to take the advantage. MVP suplexes Flair onto the top rope and then hits the Nature Boy with a running boot to send Flair to the outside. The champions rolls challenger back into the ring and gets a near fall.

MVP elbows Flair in the face which has busted Flair open. MVP then applies a sleeper but Flair gets to the bottom rope. MVP hits some boots and right hands. Flair fires back with some chops but MVP hits an Irish whip and a big back body drop. MVP then goes back to the sleeper which he breaks up. MVP hits a running boot for a near fall. MVP then applies a chinlock which Flair breaks with a jawbreaker. Flair hits some chops and a side suplex. More chops from Flair which knock MVP down. Flair hits a back body drop and then some right hands in the corner but MVP drops him on the top turnbuckle. MVP tries for another running boot but Flair gets out of the way and hits a chopblock. Flair hits another chopblock and then locks on the figure four!

MVP gets to the bottom rope to break the hold and then pokes Flair in the eye. MVP hits the playmaker which is enough for the three! MVP retains his United States Championship tonight! No champion has lost his title as of yet! Big win for MVP.

Rating: 5.5/10

Todd Grisham is backstage with John Cena. Before Cena can answer a question, Edge shows up. Edge says the odds aren’t good for Cena but Edge only has to beat Batista. Edge suggests that Cena is a suspect in the McMahon investigation. Cena says Edge is an asskisser and too soft to pull off what happened to Vince McMahon. Edge says he is capable of things Cena can’t comprehend. The investigator then shows up and Cena heads off.

We see some footage of Tony Garea and Ric Martel who are at ringside!

Next up is a special challenge match for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Deuce and Domino trash talk Garea and Martel at ringside. Domino cuts a pretty good promo. I love their gimmick.

Deuce n Domino (c) vs. Sgt Slaughter & “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka – WWE Tag Team Championship match

All four men make their Vengeance debuts tonight. I think this just shows how there are no teams in the Smackdown tag team division anymore. Here’s an interesting note for you, it is father against son as Deuce is the son of Jimmy Snuka. Domino and Snuka start the match and Snuka knucks Domino down with headbutts and chops. Snuka tags in Slaughter  who hits knees to the middle section, a kick and then a gutbuster for a two count. Slaughter hits a chop, an Irish whip and then some shoulder charges in the corner. Sarge hits a back body drop for another two count. Slaughter ducks a clothesline and then locks on the cobra clutch! Domino manages to get to the ropes.

Slaughter hits a reverse elbow and then a clothesline. Domino has been dominated in this match. Slaughter locks the cobra clutch on again! Deuce gets involved which allows Domino to break the hold. Domino tags in Deuce who hits some right hands. Deuce then tags Domino in who hits a fistdrop for a near fall. Domino tags Deuce in. Deuce hits an elbow drop for a near fall and then some right hands. Deuce then heads up top and dives off with a superfly splash but Slaughter gets out of the way! Sarge tags in Superfly who hits right hands and heabutts. Snuka gets a near fall which Domino breaks up but Sarge disposes of Domino. Superfly hits a backbreaker on Deuce and then heads to the top. Snuka is distracted by Domino but he still manages to dive off onto Deuce with a cross body! Deuce rolls straight through it and gets the three count! Deuce and Domino retain their WWE Tag Team titles tonight!

After the match the champions lay into Snuka and Slaughter before Garea and Martel make the save! So far all champions have retained their titles! And Santino is the only face to have won (Albeit by disqualification).

Rating: 4/10

There’s a video package next for Edge and Batista. Harley Race is at ringside.

Edge (c) vs. Batista – World Heavyweight Championship match

So far Edge has beaten Batista twice on PPV in their two previous contests. Batista is 1-1 at Vengveance PPV’s, Edge is 2-3. Since the World Heavyweight Championship was bought back, it has been defended twice previously at Vengeance and it has not changed hands at this event up to now. Batista uses his power in the early going to throw Edge into the corner. Batista lays into Edge with right hands and shoulder charges to get a one count. Batista applies a wristlock which Edge gets out of and fights back with right hands. Batista hits a sidewalk slam, gets a near fall but Edge manages to force Batista to the outside. Edge then leaps off the apron but Batista catches him and rams him into the ring apron. Edge then rams Batista into the ringpost.

Edge once again rams Batista into the ringpost and follows it up with a baseball slide. If Edge loses this match then he will be the only man so far to have lost at last years Vengeance event and this years. Batista manages to get back into the ring but Edge takes him down with a fujiwara arm bar. Batista gets out of it but misses with a shoulder charge, once again hitting the ringpost. Edge then swings Batista’s arm into the ringpost. Edge and Batista slug it out and Edge hits a drop toe hold before applying a hammerlock which he transitions into a crucifix hammerlock. Only two men in history have won more PPV matches than Edge and they are The Undertaker and Triple H. Batista gets out of the hammerlock and there are a few boo’s for The Animal. Batista runs into a boot and Edge follows it up by dropping Batista’ arm on the top rope.

Batista hits a clothesline from nowhere and then a back body drop. Batista hits a clothesline in the corner and then a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Batista sets up for the Batista bomb but Edge counters it into an impaler DDT for a near fall. Edge leaves the ring and grabs his title belt but the referee follows and takes it off him. Edge gets back in the ring and is rolled up for a near fall. Edge then gets a near fall of his own. Batista attempts a powerslam but Edge counters it into a slam of his own. Edge motions for the spear but Batista hits a spear of his own! Batista sets up for the Batista bomb but Edge hits him with a low blow! The referee see’s it and calls for the bell!

Batista wins the match by disqualification but Edge retains the World Heavyweight Championship! Edge celebrates but out comes Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long! Long orders Edge back to the ring to continue the match! But this time if Edge gets himself DQ’d again then he will lose the title! Edge heads back and goes right to work on the back of Batista as he gets up to his feet. Edge then motions for spear and hits it in the middle of the ring! Edge hooks the leg but Batusta kicks out at 2. Edge exits the ring and grabs a chair but then drops it. He gets back into the ring where Batista rolls him up for a two count. Batista then attempts the Batista bomb but (With a little help from Batista) Edge nips down. Batista clotheslines Edge out of the ring where Edge then throws Batista into the ringsteps.

Edge attempts a spear on the outside but Batista kicks him in the face and then hits Edge with a Batista bomb on the outside! Batista is slow to get Edge to his feet and roll him back into the ring. But Batista is too slow getting back into the ring and gets counted out! Edge wins the match and retains the World Heavyweight Championship by count out! Batista picks Edge up and hits another Batista bomb after the bell. Good match between these two.

Rating: 7.5/10

There’s some old school footage of the controversial match between Fabulous Moolah and Wendy Richter back in 1985.

Melina (c) vs. Candice Michelle – WWE Women’s Championship match

This is somewhat of a rematch from One Night Stand where Candice beat Melina in a non-title pudding match. Both ladies make their Vengeance in-ring debut tonight. Melina takes a cheap shot as the bell rings but Candice hits a drop toe hold. Candice hits a hard IRish whip and then applies an inverted tarantula but Melina pushes her to the outside. Melina hits a head scissors on the outside and then back in the ring and Melina chokes Candice. Melina gets a one count and continues the assault with a headbutt and running knees in the corner. Melina applies a standing headscissors but Candice rolls Melina up from nowhere for a one count.

Melina applies a bow and arrow submission but Candice quickly gets out of it. Candice ducks a clothesline and Melina goes crashing to the outside. Candice drops Melina on the top rope and then hits a powerslam. Candice hits an elbow drop for a two count and then hits a bit of a bulldog for another near fall. Melina rakes the eyes and then hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Melina hits some right hands but Candice catches her with a reverse elbow/spinning heel kick thing which is enough for the three! Candice Michelle wins the WWE Women’s Championship! A title finally changes hands tonight.

Rating: 3.75/10

Before the WWE Championship match, Justin Roberts announces that former WWE Champion John “Bradshaw” Layfield would like to be recognised. Layfield then hands Justin Roberts a speech to read about the life and career of JBL. Roberts reads it.

There’s a video package with the five men in the main event talking about what being a champion is like. Of the four challengers, only Mick Foley is actually a former WWE Champion.

John Cena (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Bobby Lashley vs. King Booker vs. Mick Foley – WWE Championship match

As Vengeance records go, Cena is 3-1, Randy Orton is 1-1, Booker is 1-0, Mick Foley is 0-1 and Bobby Lashley makes his Vengeance deubt tonight. If Mick Foley loses then he will be the only man to have lost at the 2006 Vengeance event and the 2007. A win for John Cena would have him join Johnny Nitro as the men to have won at last years and this years Vengeance event. The bell rings and King Booker exits the ring. Cena, Lashley and Foley then lay into Orton. Foley clotheslines Orton out of the ring, going out with him. That leaves Cena and Lashley in the ring but King Booker gets in and knees Cena out of the ring. Booker then lays into Lashley but Lashley fires back with a clothesline and a powerslam before clothesining Booker out of the ring. Lashley then leaps out at all four opponents!

Booker and Lashley get back into the ring where Bobby hits a backbreaker for a near fall. Cena saves his title to boo’s from the crowd. Lashley and Cena then slug it out where Lashley hits a big spinebuster. They battle to the outside where Lashley smashes Cena into the ring steps. Bobby then takes apart the ECW announce desk but Orton attacks him from behind. Foley then takes out Orton and Booker takes out Mick. Booker hits Foley with right hands but Foley fights back with rights of his own. Foley smashes Booker into the barricade and Booker reverses and Irish whip, sending Foley into the ring steps. Orton then attempts an RKO on Lashley but Bobby shoves him away. Lashley then walks into an FU, with Cena putting Lashley through the ECW announce desk!

Cena and Booker slug it out in the ring where Booker hits a kick for a near fall. Booker hits some knees and then a hard Irish whip. The two men exchange right hands until Booker hits his trademark scissors kick! He hooks the leg but Orton breaks up the cover. Cena takes Orton out and then takes Booker down with clotheslines, shoulder charges and a side slam. Cena attempts the five knuckle shuffle on Booker but Orton comes form nowhere and hits Cena with the RKO! Orton hooks the leg but Foley breaks up the cover. Foley hits a running knee on Randy and then a double armed DDT. Foley reaches into his tights and pulls out Mr Socko but then walks into a big kick from Booker. Booker and Orton then take each other out with clotheslines.

Foley throws Mr Socko into the crowd and grabs a steel chair. Foley aims to hit Booker wit hthe chair but Booker moves and Foley takes out Bobby Lashley! Foley then cracks Booker wit hthe chair and then Cena! But from behind Orton takes out Foley who falls face first on the chair. Orton then punts Foley right in the face! Lashley hits a spear on Orton but King Booker kicks Lashley out of the ring. Cena then attempts an FU on Booker but Booker slips down onto the apron. Cena drops Booker on the top rope and then hits Foley with an FU for the three! Cena retains his WWE Championship tonight, pinning Mick Foley! Exciting match between these five.

Rating: 8/10

So that was Vengeance 2007: Night Of Champions! Nine matches where every single title was put on the line. There was a lot of average but nothing terrible. The opening match was decent with Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch defeating The Hardy Boys. Cade and Murdoch won fairly cleanly so I can only assume that this is the end of this rivalry. Hopefully it is and Matt Hardy can concentrate on things over on Smackdown. I was surprised to see Jeff Hardy take the pinfal as he is the star in this match. I’m guessing Cade and Murdoch can now turn their attention to London and Kendrick or maybe Cryme Tyme. Chavo Guerrero beat Jimmy Wang Yang to retain his Cruiserweight title. Another clean finish for a heel suggests that this feud is over. The division is struggling at the moment so I’m not sure what is in store for Chavo next. Maybe some fresh blood?

Next up was Johnny Nitro and CM Punk for the ECW title. Johnny Nitro replaced Chris Benoit who didn’t show up to work that night. We would later find out that Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and son Daniel were found dead in their house. Raw the next night was dedicated to Chris Benoit but the day after we would find out that Chris Benoit killed his wife and son before killing himself. Johnny Nitro would win the ECW title which is often the case when a replacement is added to the match. He’s the heel and it makes sense for CM Punk to chase the gold. This was another decent match, the two men have chemistry, both men are great workers so I look forward to any future re-matches between the two. Santino then get squashed by Umaga. Umaga wins the Intercontinental Championship and I look forward to see him mixing it up with the likes of Jeff Hardy and Carlito.

MVP successfully defended his United States Championship against Ric Flair after a poke in the eye. This could suggest that the feud between these two men will continue. Otherwise MVP has the likes of Matt Hardy, Finlay, Kane and Chris Masters to compete with. There are plenty of dream matches for Ric Flair on Smackdown especially against the likes of Kane and Finlay. I’m not exactly sure where Ric Flair fits in on Smackdown especially when it gets to Wrestlemania season but he is a legend and this might freshen him up a little. Deuce and Domino retained their WWE tag team championships against Sgt Slaughter and Jimmy Snuka. Jimmy Snuka is Deuce’s father so I did like that dynamic. This match was a bit of fun and it’s always nice to see the legends back in action although these two looked a little worse for wear. Slaughter looked the better of the two. Smackdown’s tag team division is pretty terrible at the moment. Four teams that have been the heart of the division over the last few months London & Kendrick, MNM, The Hardy Boys and Regal and Taylor have all gone. The Major Brothers and the soon to debut Jesse and Festus are the only other tag teams on the brand currently.

I liked the finish to Edge and Batista as it keeps Edge as champion, eliminates Batista from the title picture for now (presumably) and keeps Batista strong. This was the best of their trilogy and it’s nice to se it end on a high. Smackdown’s title picture isn’t great at the moment. There are not many names that spring to mind for Edge’s next opponent. The Great Khali is a heel, as is Mark Henry. The Undertaker is out injured for now, maybe Rey Mysterio will be Edge’s next opponent as he is due to return soon. Batista could feud with The Great Khali for the time being. Candice Michelle beat Melina for the Women’s Championship which is a bit of a surprise despite Jim Ross telling us how much Candice has improved. I get the impression this reign will be short and has probably only happened so one of the champions lost their title tonight. Candice has a long way to go until she’s in the league as Mickie James, Melina and Victoria.

In the main event John Cena won the fatal five way match. Cena is having a great title reign may even surpass his previous title reign if he can make it to the Royal Rumble. He’s gone through the likes of Shawn Michaels and Umaga up to now but since Wrestlemania he has mostly been involved in multi-man matches. It would be nice to see a clear cut feud between two big stars. He has plenty of main event talent to battle with such as Randy Orton, Mr Kennedy, King Booker and Bobby Lashley. The match tonight was a lot of fun though and gave Cena a solid title defence.

Overall Rating: 58.4/100 (ranked 99th out of 212)

Match Of The Night: WWE Championship Fatal 5 Way Match
Worst Match Of The Night: Melina vs. Candice Michelle
Surprise Of The Night: Candice Michells beats Melina
Worst Booking Of The Night: Jeff Hardy takes the clean pinfall
Superstar Of The Night: John Cena
Vengeance 2007 Will Be Remembered For: Every championship being defended

One thought on “Vengeance 2007: Night Of Champions

  1. Two things of note:

    1.After this PPV, Flair would be off TV for three months after getting (kayfabe) injured by The Great Khali. When he does come back in November, Flair will embark on a pretty big storyline.

    2.For the next couple of years, the Benoit murder-suicide was a pretty hot topic, and would covered by these documentaries:

    But, this also meant the “who killed Vince?” part of the “Vince’s illegitimate son” storyline had to be dropped.

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