Cyber Sunday 2007

|Date: October 28, 2007
|Venue: Verizon Center |City: Washington D.C.
|Attendance: 10,094 |Buys: 195,000
|Brands: Raw, Smackdown & ECW

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Log on. Take over. It’s the return of Cyber Sunday and that means that the fans choose the opponents, choose the stipulations and choose the special guest referee. The referee’s to be voted on are “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Mick Foley and John “Bradshaw” Layfield. And the match one of those will be refereeing tonight is for the World Heavyweight Championship, it’ll be Batista defending against The Undertaker. Originally a match between Finlay and Rey Mysterio would decide the number one contender to Batista’s title but the match would be interrupted by The Undertaker as he staked his claim to the belt. Since then, John “Bradshaw” Layfield has been campaigning to be the special guest referee and has gone as far to say that he would screw both guys in the match.

The WWE Championship is also set to be defended but Randy Orton does not know his opponent yet. There are three superstars that can be voted on, Jeff Hardy, Mr Kennedy and the recently returned Shawn Michaels. Michaels made his return on Raw a few weeks ago and since then has hit sweet chin music on Randy Orton three times. The WWE have made Michaels the main focus of the build, hoping the votes will go his way whilst Mr Kennedy and Jeff Hardy have spent the last month feuding with one another. The ECW Championship is also set to be defended but like Orton, CM Punk does not know his opponent. The three candidates for the fans to vote on are Big Daddy V, John Morrison and The Miz. CM Punk has had his run-ins with all three of his potential opponents and all three opponents have had their problems with each other but Big Daddy V has always come out on top.

The other title set to be defended tonight is the United States Championship. Matt Hardy finally gets his shot at M.V.P. as much as MVP has tried to get out of the match. The match might be in doubt though as Matt Hardy took a hard shot to the face on Smackdown and it’s touch and go whether Hardy will be cleared to compete tonight. Also from Smackdown, rivals Finlay and Rey Mysterio will go one on one again. The two battled at No Mercy to a no contest and so this time the match will have a gimmick, as voted on by the fans. The three gimmick to choose from are a stretcher match, a shillelagh on a pole match and a no disqualification match. This time there has to be a winner. Triple H will be in action as he battled Umaga in a rematch from No Mercy. Their match type will also be voted on and it” either be a cage match, a first blood match or a street fight.

In a dark match prior to the event Jesse & Festus defeated Deuce n Domino.

A video package kicks things off, first in a democracy based politics theme and then going over a few of the matches tonight. Plenty for the fans to vote on tonight. Michael Cole welcomes us to Washington, DC, he’s joined by John “Bradshaw” Layfield and we are straight into the action. First up is Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay and we see what type of match this will be.

  • Stretcher Match (40%)
  • Shillelagh On A Pole Match (24%)
  • No Disqualification Match (36%)

Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay – Stretcher Match

This is the second PPV match between these two men, the first ended in a no contest. Rey Mysterio fought at Taboo Tuesday 2005 and won whilst Finlay wrestles at a Cyber Sunday/Taboo Tuesday event for the first time. Finlay slaps Rey Mysterio in the early going but Rey slaps him back! Finlay then ground Mysterio before throwing him into the ringpost and knocking him down with a big clothesline. Finlay then throws Mysterio out of the ring, under the bottom rope and onto a stretcher. Finlay attempts to win the match early but Mysterio rolls off the stretcher and hits Finlay with some kicks. Finlay rams the stretcher into Mysterio and then suplexes him onto it. Finlay shoves Rey into the side of the ring and then pops him onto the stretcher but again Rey rolls off. Again, Finlay rams Mysterio into the apron and then both men roll into the ring. Finlay smashes Rey into the ring apron but Rey gets back into it with a flying head scissors and low dropkick.

Rey throws Finlay out of the ring and then kicks him in the face. Finlay gets back into the ring and sees the shillalah on the pole which was set up in case that was the match chosen and starts to climb towards it but Rey stops him and then dropkicks him in the nether regions. Rey then tries to climb the pole but Finlay pulls him down. Finlay climbs again but Rey goes up with him and hits a sunset flip powerbomb. Mysterio climbs the pole and grabs the shillalah but Finlay pushes him off and grabs the weapon himself! Finlay then smashes Mysterio’s knee with the shillalah before pushing the stretcher back towards the ring. Mysterio hits Finlay with a baseball slide but Finlay knees Mysterio onto the stretcher. Finlay pulls the stretcher towards the finish line but Mysterio kicks him away. Finlay then rams the stretcher into the gut and the face of Mysterio. Mysterio avoids the stretcher and then rams the stretcher into the gut of Finlay!

Mysterio hits a modified 619, kicking Finlay onto the stretcher. Mysterio then goes into the ring and hits a splash on Finlay! Mysterio pushes the stretcher all the way up the entranceway but one of the wheels gets caught in a cable! Finlay falls off and grabs the shillalah but Mysterio drop toe holds Finlay onto the stretcher and pushes it across the line for the win! There was a bit of a cock up at the end but generally this was a fun way to kick off the show.

Rating: 7/10

We see some footage from Smackdown where Matt Hardy got busted open in a tag team match. Will Hardy be able to wrestle tonight? He’s got a big gash on his head. Matt is then backstage, footage from earlier today, and MVP joins him. MVP agrees with the medical professionals, that Matt shouldn’t compete tonight. MVP says that it’s a shame because he was ready to go. Hardy lets MVP know that Vickie Guerrero has said that MVP will be competing tonight against either Mark Henry, The Great Khali or Kane.

Cole and JBL let us know we can vote on the winner of the Divas Haloween Costume Contest.

Maria then promo’s saying we should vote for her as a pussycat. Victoria is next, she’s voted as a sumo wrestler. Kenny Dykstra is dressed as Mr Fuji. Ron Simmons enters the shot, DAMN.

Next up we find out who will challenge CM Punk for the ECW Championship.

  • Big Daddy V (28%)
  • The Miz (39%)
  • John Morrison (33%)

CM Punk (c) vs. The Miz – ECW Championship match

This is a first time meeting between these two men on PPV and it marks Cyber Sunday/Taboo Tuesday debuts for both men. The Miz is looking for his first PPV victory tonight on the fourth time of asking. Miz starts the match with a takedown but Punk reverses into a front facelock. Miz counters into a headlock and CM Punk reverses into a headlock takedown. The Miz applies a head scissors and this is some nice chain wrestling between the two men. There’s eventually a stand-off and The Miz hits some forearms but Punk dropkicks him down. Punk hits a big chop and then a snapmare and a kick to the back. The ECW Champion hits a slingshot suplex for a two count. Punk lays in some knees but The Miz hits a snapmare, a legdrop and a fist drop. The Miz heads to the top but CM Punk gets up there with him only for The Miz to slip down and pull the leg of CM Punk. This is a third PPV defence of the ECW title for CM Punk, he’s previously beaten Big Daddy V and Elijah Burke.

The Miz gets a one count on the pinfall and then smashes Punk into a top turnbuckle. The Miz then hits a clothesline in the corner for another one count. The Miz applies a chinlock which CM Punk gets out of. Punk then attempts a cross body from the middle rope but The Miz gets his knee’s up. On the replay it just looks like Punk landed on The Miz’s head. The Miz drops Punk on the middle rope and gets a two count for it. The Miz then applies a chinlock but Punk gets out of it just for The Miz to hit a suplex. Miz heads to the top but Punk gets up there with him and hiptosses Miz back down to the mat. CM Punk hits some elbows and chops and then kicks to the face before hitting a running knee in the corner and a bulldog. CM Punk heads to the apron and then hits a springboard clothesline for the first near fall of the night.

CM Punk calls for his finisher but The Miz nips down and rolls CM Punk up but Punk reverses the cover and gets a one count. The Miz attempts the reality check but CM Punk gets out of the way and hits the go to sleep for the three! CM Punk wins the match and retains the ECW Championship! A good match between these two men.

Rating: 6.5/10

Mickie James is dressed as an Indian Warrior Princess and asks for your votes. Torrie Wilson is dressed as a football player.

There’s a video package next showing what happened at No Mercy with Randy Orton leaving as WWE Champion. We then see some build for Cyber Sunday.

William Regal is out to tell us that the two people not voted in to take on Randy Orton tonight will be up against each other in the very next match.

  • Shawn Michaels (59%)
  • Jeff Hardy (31%)
  • Mr Kennedy (10%)

It’s a predictable result.

Jeff Hardy vs. Mr Kennedy

This is a first singles match between these two men on PPV. Jeff Hardy is 1-0 at Cyber Sunday events, he beat Carlito last year whilst Mr Kennedy makes his debut. Hardy is the Intercontinental Champion but this is a non-title match. Hardy applies a headlock and takes down Kennedy. Kennedy gets out of the headlock and applies a headlock of his own before turning that into a hammerlock which gets reversed. Hardy hits a headlock takedown which Kennedy gets out of with a back suplex for a two count. Kennedy goes back to the headlock and it’s been a slow start to this match. Hardy reverses the headlock but Kennedy gets out of it with some big right hands. Hardy back body drops Kennedy onto the apron and then dropkicks him off it before going to the top and hitting a cross body on Kennedy on the outside. Hardy rolls Kennedy back into the ring for a cover and a one count.

Jeff Hardy lays into Kennedy with a few right hands but Kennedy manages to throw Hardy out of the ring. Hardy tries to get back into the ring but Kennedy boots him in the side of the face and then covers him for a two count. Kennedy applies a chinlock but Hardy gets out of it only to be caught with a DDT. Kennedy gets a near fall on the cover and then goes back to the chinlock. Hardy gets out of the chinlock but Kennedy takes him back down with a clothesline for a near fall. Kennedy then heads to the top but Hardy goes up with him and hits a top rope hurricanrana. The two men get up to their feet and slug it out until Hardy knocks Kennedy down with two big clotheslines. Hardy hits a slingblade for a near fall and then attempts a twist of fate but Kennedy pushes him away only for Hardy to hit whisper in the wind for a near fall. Hardy hits a mule kick and then attempts a pendulum dropkick in the corner but Kennedy gets out of the way and quickly pins Hardy to get the 3! Mr Kennedy wins the match out of nowhere. I liked the match but not so much the finish.

Rating: 6/10

Michael Cole shows us how to vote for MVP’s opponent tonight and he votes for Kane.

Back to the halloween costumes and Michelle McCool is dressed as Eve from the Garden of Eden. Melina is dressed as a hot showgirl.

Mick Foley is backstage shouting at “fatheads” of Batista and The Undertaker. John “Bradshaw” Layfield shouts some abuse at Mick Foley and then links to a “vote for JBL” video. Following the video, Mick Foley sells himself as the special guest referee.

Next up we find out who MVP’s opponent is tonight. Vickie Guerrero is out to announce the winner of the vote..

  • Mark Henry (9%)
  • The Great Khali (24%)
  • Kane (67%)

M.V.P. vs. Kane – United States Championship match

This is a second PPV match between these two men, Kane won the first, an Inferno match back at Armageddon 2006. Kane is 1-2 at Cyber Sunday/Taboo Tuesday events whilst MVP makes his debut. This is a third title defence for MVP on PPV, only CM Punk of the current champions has successfully defended his title three times on PPV. Kane hits a big boot in the early going and a couple of clotheslines in the corner before dropping MVP with a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Kane heads to the top but MVP is up and drops him off the top, further injuring his ribs in the process. MVP stomps away at Kane and kicks him in the ribs. MVP then hits a running boot in the corner on Kane for a near fall. MVP applies an abdominal stretch which Kane gets out of but MVP hits more kicks to the ribs of Kane. Kane takes MVP down and lays in some lefts and rights and knees to the kidneys.

Kane hits a backbreaker and then applies an abdominal stretch bore ramming MVP into the corner. Kane hits a couple of shoulder charges and then lays MVP across the top rope before booting the United States Champion. Kane wraps MVP around the steel post and MVP then refuses to get back into the ring and gets counted out! Kane wins the match by count out but doesn’t win the United states title! Some good psychology in this match but a disappointing finish.

Rating: 4/10

An ominous video plays with the words “2nd coming” and “save us”.

We get more diva costumes with Layla dressed as a cop and Kelly Kelly dressed as a gangster. My vote goes to Melina.

Randy Orton is backstage and introduces a video showing the history between he and Shawn Michaels.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Shawn Michaels – WWE Championship match

I’m surprised of the placement of this match, the WWE title always closes the show! This is a third PPV match between these two men, Randy Orton has won the previous two. Michaels becomes the first man to have wrestled on all four Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday events but he has a 0-3 record. Orton has a 2-0 record at these events. Orton hits some big rights hands in the early going but Michaels hits a knee and some chops. Shawn then tries for sweet chin music early but Orton hangs on to the ropes and exits the ring. Michaels dives out at Orton and then rolls him back into the ring. Orton hits an uppercut to take the advantage and then a drop toe hold and front facelock. Orton likes a lot of rest-holds. Michaels throws Randy into the ringpost and then into the opposite turnbuckle. Michaels works the shoulder of Orton now, hitting him with a hammerlock slam and then applying an overhand wristlock. Orton manages to get out of the hold with a boot to the face.

Orton lays in some right hands, I like how Orton throws a right hand. He then runs into Michaels boot and Shawn follows it up with a hammerlock back suplex. Michaels applies a side headlock with an arm grapevine. Michaels then throws Orton out of the ring. On the outside Orton takes the advantage, suplexing Michaels onto the security wall. Back in the ring and Orton hits a hard Irish whip and a nice dropkick to take the challenger down. Orton then applies a chinlock which Michaels gets out of and Orton tries for another dropkick but Michaels puts the brakes on and pins Randy for a two count. Michaels hits a cross body for a near fall. Orton sets up for a superplex but Michaels fights him off and attempts an elbow drop but Orton gets out of the way. Orton then motions for the RKO but Michaels counters it with a backslide for a near fall.

Michaels hits a flying forearm and then nips up before hitting an inverted atomic drop and a powerslam. Shawn then heads to the top and hits his trademark elbow drop. Michaels fires up and motions for sweet chin music but Orton ducks it and hits a low blow! The referee see’s it and calls for the bell. Shawn Michaels win the match but not the WWE title! A lazy finish, not too dissimilar to the MVP/Kane match earlier. But overall a good match. After the match Orton lines up to punt Michaels in the face but Shawn nips up and hits sweet chin music!

Rating: 7.5/10

Brooke is backstage dressed as Jungle Girl Jane and Jillian Hall is dressed as Britney Spears.

There’s a video package next for Triple H and Umaga. Now to find out which match has been voted in. It’ll be the cage match.

  • Street Fight (57%)
  • First Blood Match (17%)
  • Steel Cage Match (26%)

I am genuinely shocked. and the crowd don’t seem happy about it either.

Triple H vs. Umaga – Street Fight

This is a rematch from No Mercy where Triple H defeated Umaga in what was actually a WWE Championship match. Triple H has fought on all of the Cyber Sunday/Taboo Tuesday shows and has a 1-2 record whilst Umaga fought on last years show and beat Kane. Triple H is out first and when Umaga makes his entrance the two go at it right away. Umaga hits Triple H with some big right hands on the entrance ramp and Triple H fights back, setting up for the pedigree early but Umaga counters it. The two men then slug it out behind the set but Triple H spears Umaga back through the set! Triple H then smashes Umaga into a nearby barricade and the two men go at it through the crowd! The two men then fight it out back to ringside where Umaga goes flying over the barricade towards the ring. The two men slug it out in the ring where Umaga misses with a splash and goes face first into the ringpost. Triple H then hits some right hands before smashing Umaga with a trashcan for a near fall.

Umaga fights back with headbutts and right hands and then a banzai drop off the middle rope. Umaga then hits a splash for a near fall before ramming Triple H into the ring apron. Umaga then throws Triple H into the ring steps before rolling The Game back into the ring and hitting a legdrop for a near fall. Umaga hits a Samoan spike to the ribs and then drops Triple H with a right hand. Triple H blocks the next right hand and hits right hands of his own but Umaga catches him in a bear hug which he turns into a belly to belly suplex. Umaga runs at Triple H with an arse splash which earns him a near fall. Umaga then grabs a steel chair but Triple H sees him coming and low blows him with the chair! Triple H then drops Umaga with a DDT on the chair for a near fall. Triple H hits a facebuster and tries for the pedigree but Umaga counters it. Triple H then tries for a cross body but Umaga catches him and drops him with a spinning sidewalk slam.

The two men go to the outside and Umaga swings a chair at Triple H who ducks and then spears Umaga over the announce desk. Michael Cole dives out of the way in hilarious fashion. Umaga smashes Triple H into the announce desk a few times Umaga then gets lays Triple H across the ECW announce desk, runs across the other two announce desk and splashes Triple H through the ECW desk! Umaga then rolls Triple H back into the ring and heads to the top before diving off head first but Triple H rolls out of the way! Triple H reaches under the ring and grabs his trusty sledgehammer but Umaga sees him coming and headbutts it out of his hands. Umaga then tries for the Samoan spike but Triple H ducks it and nails Umaga with the sledgehammer! Triple H hits the pedigree and it’s all over! Triple H beats Umaga tonight in a decent match.

Rating: 6.75/10

Time to find out which diva wins the halloween costume contest.

  • Mickie James (21%)
  • Kelly Kelly (17%)
  • Torrie Wilson (15%)
  • Melina (12%)
  • Maria (12%)
  • Layla (7%)
  • Jillian Hall (5%)
  • Victoria (4%)
  • Brooke (4%)
  • Michelle McCool (3%)

Mickie James wins. How she beat Melina I don’t know!

There’s a video package up next for Batista and The Undertaker.

But who will be the special guest referee for the main event? John “Bradshaw” Layfield gets in the ring asking for his name to be announced but Mick Foley comes out and gets in his face. It’ll be neither of them. Austin is shown as the winner and Layfield lays into Mick Foley. The two men slug it out and Austins music hits! Austin comes out and stunner Foley but JBL then clotheslines Austin to the mat. JBL lays into Austin who fights back and stuns JBL.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin (79%)
  • Mick Foley (11%)
  • John “Bradshaw” Layfield (10%)

Batista (c) vs. The Undertaker – World Heavyweight Championship match with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee

This is the third PPV match between these two men, The Undertaker won the first and the second was a no contest. Batista has wrestled at one of these events before and won whilst The Undertaker makes his Cyber Sunday debut tonight. The bell rings and in a comedy moment, Batista misses a spear. The two men then collide but neither men goes down. Batista applies a headlock but Undertaker gets out of it and knocks Batista down with a big boot. Undertaker starts to work the left shoulder of Batista but Batista fights back with some shoulder charges. Batista smashes Undertaker into the top turnbuckles and then hits some lefts and rights before running into The Undertakers elbows. Undertaker locks in a triangle choke but Batista gets to the bottom rope. Undertaker then goes to work on the ribs of Batista and attempts a running knee but Batista gets out of the way. Batista hits some right hands and then kicks The Undertaker out of the ring.

On the outside Batista smashes Undertaker into the barricade and then the ring steps. Batista picks up The Undertaker and drops him on the ring apron before rolling Undertaker back into the ring. Undertaker hits his trademark flying clothesline for a near fall. Undertaker twists the arm on Batista and then heads to the to for old school but Batista crotches him up top and sets up for a superplex. Undertaker fights Batista off and gets a near fall on the mat. Undertaker hits an Irish whip but misses with a running boot in the corner. Batista throws The Undertaker into the ring steps and then rolls him back into the ring for a near fall. Undertaker manages to throw Batista out of the ring and then lays the World Heavyweight Champion on the apron and hitting a legdrop. Undertaker rolls Batista back into the ring and covers him for a two count. Undertaker hits a few big clotheslines in the corner and then hits snake eyes before running into a clothesline from the champion.

Batista sets up for the Batista bomb but Undertaker rams him into the corner. Batista hits a hard Irish whip but Undertaker avoids a shoulder charge in the corner. Stone Cold has been pretty quiet so far in this match. Undertaker heads to the top for old school but Batista catches him and hits the dead man with a spinebuster for a near fall as Undertaker counters the cover into a triangle choke. Batista gets out of the choke but Undertaker drops him with a chokeslam. Undertaker then tries for the tombstone but Batista shoves him into the ropes and hits a spear. Batista sets up for the Batista bomb but Undertaker counters it with a back body drop. Batista hits a drop toe hold and then hits Undertaker with some big right hands in the corner until Undertaker lifts Batista up and drops him with the last ride! Undertaker makes a weak cover and gets a near fall. Undertaker motions for the tombstone and scoops Batista up but Batista counters and hits a spinebuster for a near fall.

Both men stand up and Batista hits a Batista bomb! He covers The Undertaker but only for a near fall. Batista screams at Undertaker to get up and sets up for another Batista bomb and hits it! Batista hooks the leg and gets the three! Batista beats The Undertaker is a great match.

Rating: 7.75/10

And that was Cyber Sunday 2007. A lot of the voting was predictable, I don’t think it was fixed but I think the WWE just inspired the fans to vote in certain ways. The opening match between Finlay and Rey Mysterio was a fun contest which resulted in a win for Rey Mysterio. I definitely think this was the right result but it is a shame about the finish. Rey got the stretcher caught in some cable so Finlay fell off. I like the stretcher match stipulation but this was one of the closest votes of the night. A win for Rey Mysterio in a big gimmick match suggests the end of this feud. I also enjoyed the match between CM Punk and The Miz. The Miz won the voting by the tightest margin of the night and I quite like the result as we haven’t had a CM Punk vs. The Miz match on PPV before. They put on a good match and it’s clear to see how much The Miz has improved in the ring. I like CM Punk as champion though and happy to see his reign continue.

Next up we were told that the two men not voted in to the World Heavyweight Championship match would battle each other next. Shawn Michaels predictably won the vote which meant Jeff Hardy and Mr Kennedy were up next. This was a decent match, as you would expect with Jeff Hardy but it was Mr Kennedy that came away with the victory. I like this result as it keeps Mr Kennedy in the running for an Intercontinental Championship shot. The finish was a bit sudden but it makes sense if they are to wrestle again in the near future. It was official that Matt Hardy couldn’t compete tonight so MVP was forced to defend against the winner of the vote between Kane, Mark Henry and The Great Khali. Kane got two thirds of the votes and renewed the old rivalry between he and the United States Champion. Kane won the match by count out which I guess makes sense, he was never going to win the title and this gives him a big win over the champion. Not a great match and kept fairly short.

I was surprised to see the WWE Championship match before the end of the show. We already knew Shawn Michaels was voted in to take on Orton and it would transpire that Michaels won the match but only by disqualification. This keeps the feud going which is probably necessary as the main event scene is fairly weak at the moment. This was a very good match though, both are solid main event talents and Shawn Michaels never puts on a bad match. Orton retains his title and I think he’s deserved of a good run with the title. Triple H beat Umaga in another decent match. This match could have gone either way but why would Triple H lose? That’s back to back PPV wins for Triple H over Umaga so hopefully it marks the end of this rivalry. I wouldn’t mind Umaga moving on to Shawn Michaels once he’s done with Orton. Mickie James won the divas costume contest. I’d have voted Melina. And would have preferred a battle royal.

Batista beat The Undertaker cleanly next which probably ends their feud. It was a great match with a main event feel and I’m glad this one went on last. These are two big main eventers and they have both now won a PPV match each and drew the other. I have no idea where this leaves with men as there aren’t a lot of main event heels at the moment, until Edge returns. I guess there is the likes of Mark Henry and The Great Khali but we’ve seen all of these matches before. This was a good main event though between Smackdowns two biggest stars. Overall this felt like a good show. Plenty of entertaining matches and the unpredictability is always good.

Overall Rating: 65/100 (ranked joint 31st out of 217)

Match Of The Night: Batista vs. The Undertaker
Worst Match Of The Night: MVP vs. Kane
Surprise Of The Night: The Miz voted in to face CM Punk
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: Batista
Cyber Sunday 2007 Will Be Remembered For: Being one of the best PPV’s of 2007

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