Armageddon 2007

|Date: December 6, 2007
|Venue: Mellon Arena |City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
|Attendance: 12,500 |Buys: 237,000
|Brands: Raw, Smackdown & ECW

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The Most Devastating Wars Are Fought Over Championship Gold. Tonight, four of the eight matches scheduled will be contested for championship gold. The WWE Championship is set to be defended as Randy Orton puts the title on the line against Chris Jericho. For weeks coded videos ran on Raw, Smackdown and ECW asking you to break the code and when the countdown ran out it marked the return of Chris Jericho. Jericho make his intentions very clear, he wanted a shot at the WWE Championship. Jericho would cost Orton a match against Ric Flair which led Orton to accept the challenge from Jericho.

The World Heavyweight Championship is also going to be on the line tonight. Edge cost The Undertaker his World Heavyweight Championship shot against Batista at Survivor Series and the next week on Smackdown it was revealed that Edge is in a relationship with Vickie Guerrero which led to Edge’s return. Edge would then get a shot at Batista’ title but The Undertaker interfered, costing Edge the title. Teddy Long would then make a triple threat match for Armageddon with Batista defending the title against both Edge and The Undertaker. Mickie James has earned herself a shot at the WWE Women’s Championship when she won a battle royal. Tonight she battles Beth Phoenix for the gold in a first match between those two ladies.

The other title set to be defended tonight is the United States Champion as MVP puts the gold on the line against Rey Mysterio. Mysterio has beaten MVP in non-title opportunities and now he gets a shot at the champion. Triple H and Jeff Hardy have been teaming successfully recently, including at Survivor Series where the two men won their traditional Survivor Series match. William Regal has had enough of the team though and has put them up against each other at Armageddon, one on one in a non title match that will determine who will get a WWE Championship match at The Royal Rumble. It’s a high stakes match and arguably the biggest match of Jeff Hardy’s career. Also on Raw, Mr Kennedy has made Shawn Michaels his target, telling Michaels that he is old and washed up and Kennedy will be the man to put him out of his misery. Kennedy has attacked Michaels on more than one occasion and tonight he goes one on one with Michaels.

Also tonight, Finlay battled The Great Khali in a match made by Vince McMahon. McMahon wasn’t happy with Finlay interfering with Hornswoggle’s match with The Great Khali at Survivor Series so has punished Finlay by putting him in a match with Khali. ECW’s contribution to this pay per view comes in the form of a tag team match were ECW Champion CM Punk teams up with Kane to take on Mark Henry and Big Daddy V.

In a dark match prior to the event Jesse & Festus defeated John Morrison & The Miz.

A video package kicks off the show highlighting the matches between Randy Orton and Chris Jericho and the triple threat match between Batista, Edge and The Undertaker. I miss the old “End Is Near” music they used to use for this pay per view.

Michael Cole is the man to welcome us to the show and we are straight into a Smackdown match.

M.V.P. (c) vs. Rey Mysterio – United States Championship match

This is a first ever pay per view match between these two men. MVP is 0-1 at Armageddon events following his loss to Kane last year whilst Rey Mysterio is 1-1 at the event. This is a fourth PPV defence of the United States title for MVP. The champion has never lost the United States title at this event before. MVP takes down Mysterio early but Rey is too quick to hold down. Mysterio takes MVP down and then lays unto him with kicks and a flying head scissors. Mysterio rolls MVP up for a one count and then hits another couple of kicks before arm-dragging MVP out of the ring. The referee stops Mysterio from diving out of the ring because MVP had his hand on the bottom rope, which I’ve never seen before. Rey then dives out of the ring, over the referee and onto MVP. Mysterio avoids a running boot but MVP hits him with an inverted powerbomb onto the top turnbuckle which gets MVP the first near fall of the night.

MVP applies a chinlock which Rey gets out of but the champion takes down the challenger with a drop toe hold and then a kick to the head for another near fall. MVP then goes back to the chinlock, Rey gets out of it and MVP hits a jawbreaker for a near fall. MVP has had a very good 2007, winning PPV matches against the likes of Chris Benoit and Matt Hardy. MVP applies an armbar but Mysterio kicks his way out of it. MVP once again takes Mysterio down and once again gets a near fall. MVP attempts a gorilla press slam but Mysterio lands on his feet and hits a hurricanrana. Mysterio hits lefts, rights and kicks and then a springboard cross body for a two count. Mysterio then hits a springboard senton but slips and looks like he hurts his knee. He manages to get up and hits a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Rey could genuinely be hurt. MVP takes him down with a clothesline and then heads to the top with Mysterio who counters whatever MVP was trying to do and hits him with a springboard hurricanrana for a near fall.

MVP hits a big boot to take Rey down and covers him for a near fall. Mysterio attempts a 619 but MVP gets out of the way and escapes the ring. Mysterio then hits MVP with a hurricanrana on the outside. MVP then decides against getting back into the ring and takes the count out! Rey Mysterio wins the match but MVP retains his title tonight! After the match Mysterio hits MVP with a 619. Same finish as MVP’s Cyber Sunday match against Kane. Poor finish but a good match between these two.

Rating: 6.75/10

We go to the Raw announce team of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. They give us some recent history between Triple H and Jeff Hardy.

Todd Grisham is backstage with Jeff Hardy. Hardy says it is the biggest opportunity of his career. He doesn’t fear Triple H and it’s time to rock on to the next level. Hardy doesn’t believe in never.

CM Punk & Kane vs. Mark Henry & Big Daddy V

Like every match tonight, this is a first PPV match between these superstars. Kane is 3-1 at Armageddon PPV’s, Mark Henry is 0-2, Big Daddy V is 0-1 and CM Punk makes his Armageddon debut tonight. CM Punk and Mark Henry start the match and Henry shoves Punk down to the ground. No ECW title defence for Punk tonight. CM Punk uses his speed and lays in some kicks to Mark Henry but he can’t do much else. CM Punk does hit a drop toe hold and Henry goes down momentarily. Punk tags in Kane who hits uppercuts and kicks to Mark Henry and then a running kick to the knee of the World’s Strongest Man. Kane tags CM Punk back in and he hits a dropkick before running into a clothesline. Henry hits a right hand and tags in Big Daddy V. Big Daddy V hits a big chop but misses with a second.

Big Daddy V throws CM Punk out of the ring where Matt Striker gets involved and kicks CM Punk. Big Daddy V hiptosses CM Punk back into the ring and then gorilla press slams him into the mat. Mark Henry tags back in and he chokes away at the ECW Champion before pinning him for a one count. Henry hits a headbutt and then chokes CM Punk with his boot. Kane, Mark Henry and Big Daddy V have all been with the company over a decade. Henry misses with a splash in the corner and CM Punk tags in Kane. Kane hits lefts and rights on Mark Henry and then two clotheslines in the corner. Kane hits a boot and then heads to the top before diving off with a clothesline. Kane motions for his trademark chokeslam but instead hammers Big Daddy V. Mark Henry then forces Kane into his corner and tags in Big Daddy V. Kane hits Big Daddy V with right hands and then sets him up for a chokeslam but Big Daddy V counters it into a sit out powerbomb for a near fall.

Big Daddy V takes Kane down with a chokeslam and then follows it up with a splash. Mark Henry tags back in but not before Big Daddy V hits a big splash in the corner. Mark Henry then applies a bearhug before forcing Kane back into the corner and tagging in Big Daddy V. V hits a chop in the corner but Kane fires back with right hands and a boot but Big daddy V takes him back down to the canvas with a clothesline. Mark Henry tags back in but Kane drops him with a DDT. Mark Henry tags in Big Daddy V and Kane tags CM Punk! CM Punk hits Big Daddy V with forearms, right hands and running knees. Punk can’t hit his bulldog but instead hits an enzeguri, dropping Big Daddy V down to one knee. All hell breaks loose and Kane and CM Punk dispose of Mark Henry. Matt Striker distracts Punk but Punk kicks him off the apron. CM Punk the dives off the top but Big Daddy V catches him with a Samoan drop and pins him for the three! Big Daddy V and Mark Henry win this one! A fairly slow match but not terrible.

Rating: 4.25/10

Vickie Guerrero is backstage with her boyfriend Edge. She’s in a wheelchair with a neckbrace on following a tombstone from The Undertaker but she says all the suffering will go away when Edge wins the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge says that her love gives him the strength of three men.

Shawn Michaels vs. Mr Kennedy

Another first PPV match. Shawn Michaels is 1-1 at Armageddon events, Mr Kennedy is 0-1 following a loss to The Undertaker last year. Mr Kennedy gets on his mic before the match and says that he will beat Shawn Michaels tonight. Mr Kennedy starts the match with some right hands and a reverse elbow. Kennedy hits a slam and an elbow drop  before hitting a backbreaker for a one count. This is a huge match for Mr Kennedy. He hits some right hands then smashes Shawn Michaels into the top turnbuckle. Michaels replies with a hard chop but Mr Kennedy hits a hard Irish whip and then gets Shawn up on his shoulder but Michaels slips down and hits a chop block. Michaels is selling his back and couldn’t hit a suplex. Michaels does hit an armbar takedown and keeps the armbar applied. Kennedy gets out of the armbar and spears Michaels out of the ring where both men go sprawling to the outside.

Michaels shoves Kennedy into the barricade and then stomps on Kennedy’s fingers. Back in the ring and Michaels once again stomps on Kennedy’s fingers. Michaels works away at the left hand of Mr Kennedy but Kennedy fights back with right hands. The two men slug it out on the apron until Mr Kennedy shoves Shawn Michaels into the ringpost. Back in the ring and Kennedy repeatedly shoves Michaels into the corner. Kennedy then hits a running boot on Michaels for a near fall. Kennedy hits a backbreaker for a one count and then applies a backbreaker as a submission. Kennedy releases the hold and drops an elbow for a near fall. Kennedy hits a slam and then goes up to the middle rope where Michaels puts up his leg but Kennedy sees it coming and manages to avoid it. Kennedy applies a chinlock but releases the hold to slug it out with Michaels who back body drops him out of the ring.

Kennedy gets back into the ring but Michaels takes him down with a flying forearm. Shawn nips up, hits an inverted atomic drop, right hands, another inverted atomic drop and then a powerslam. Shawn heads to the top and hits the flying elbow drop. Michaels motions for sweet chin music but Kennedy ducks and rolls Michaels up for a two count. Michaels then rolls Kennedy up for a near fall. Kennedy slingshots Michaels into the ringpost and then hits the rolling senton drop for a two count. Kennedy then attempts the mic check but Michaels hangs on to the top rope. Kennedy hits a left hand but it hurts himself more and Michaels hits him with sweet chin music out of nowhere for the three! Shawn Michaels win the match tonight! A decent enough match between these two but nothing spectacular.

Rating: 6/10

Todd Grisham is backstage with Randy Orton. Orton says that Chris Jericho is a virus that can be shut down. Orton says that 18 championship reigns have fallen to the RKO in Triple H, Shawn Michaela and John Cena. Orton says he is the best that this industry has ever seen.

Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy – Winner gets a WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble

This is a first singles PPV match between these two men. Triple H is 3-1 at Armageddon PPV’s, Jeff Hardy is 0-2. The two men shake hands but Triple H then pushes Hardy away. Triple H knocks Jeff Hardy down early and there’s some chain wrestling between the two. Triple H knocks Hardy down with another shoulder block and then a clothesline. Hardy hits a reverse elbow and and a few arm drags. Triple H heads to the outside and avoids a baseball slide. Hardy smashes Triple H into the barricade and then attempts to run along the barricade but falls down where Triple H knocks him down with a clothesline. Back in the ring and Hardy hesitates on a right hand oddly. Triple H hits Hardy with a right hands and screams at him to fight him. Why would Hardy hesitate? Him and Triple H are hardly best mates. Hardy hits some weak looking kicks and then there’s a miscommunication. Hardy takes Triple H down and hits him with a legdrop for a near fall before slapping Triple H which makes The Game smile.

Triple H steps it up a notch with a right hand, kick and then throw Jeff out of the ring. Triple H throws Hardy into the steps, the barricade and then into the side of the ring. Triple H then rolls Hardy back into the ring and hits a couple of elbow drops. Triple H hits a hard Irish whip and Jeff Hardy hits an elbow and heads to the top but Triple H shoves him to the outside. Jeff Hardy just about beats the count but Triple H hits a knee drop on Hardy as he gets back into the ring. Triple H hits an elbow drop for a near fall. Jeff Hardy is the Intercontinental Champion but that title isn’t on the line tonight. Triple H applies an abdominal stretch and he’s near the ropes so I’m expecting him to use them. He does. Triple H breaks the hold and Hardy hits him with an enzeguri. Triple H hits a knee to the face and a big clothesline for a two count. Triple H applies a sleeper but Hardy quickly gets out of it and hits a dropkick and slingblade.

Jeff Hardy hits a big clothesline, a flying forearm and right hands in the corner before missing with a pendulum dropkick. Hardy clotheslines Triple H out of the ring and then hits a pendulum dropkick and a plancha to the outside. Back in the ring and Hardy heads to the top before diving off with a cross body for a two count. Hardy hits whisper in the wind for another near fall. Hardy attempts twist of fate but Triple H counters it with a DDT for a near fall. Triple H hits a Samoan drop for a two count and Hardy reverses the pin for a two count of his own. Hardy hits a mule kick and then hits the pendulum dropkick in the corner. Jeff then heads to the top but Triple H rolls out of the way of the swanton bomb! Triple H quickly pins Hardy and gets a two count. Triple H sets up for the pedigree but Hardy counters it and tries for a twist of fate which Triple H counters and hits a spinebuster. Triple H sets up for a pedigree again but Hardy counters and takes Triple H down with a bridging cover for the three! Jeff Hardy wins the match out of nowhere! Triple H can’t believe it but has a wry smile on his face. Jeff Hardy will be getting a WWE title shot at the Royal Rumble!

Rating: 6.75/10

The Great Khali is backstage saying something. Ranjin Singh translates and says there will be consequences for Finlay tonight. Khali talks again in Indian and Singh translates, saying both Finlay and Hornswoggle will be destroyed tonight.

Finlay vs. The Great Khali 

Another first PPV meeting tonight. Finlay is 0-1 at Armageddon PPV’s whilst The Great Khali makes his debut at the event tonight. This is Finlay’s first ever WWE PPV match as a babyface. Khali shoves Finlay to the mat in the early going. Finlay tries to fight back but Khali throws the Irishman into the corner and lays in some boots. Khali hits a big chop and then a big boot. Everything is big with The Great Khali. Khali tosses Finlay out of the ring and celebrates. Khali has Ranjin Singh in his corner and Finlay has Hornswoggle. Khali smashes Finlay into the barricade and then into the ringpost. Finlay avoids a chop and lays in some kicks but Khali does hit a big chop. Back in the ring and Khali hits a headbutt before applying a nerve hold. Finlay gets out of the nerve hold but runs right into a big boot. Khali then re-applies the nerve hold but Finlay gets to the ropes. Khali then applies the vice grip but Finlay is in the ropes and Khali has to break the hold. Hornswoggle gets up on the apron and Khali drags him into the ring before throwing him across and out of the ring.

Khali hits a huge powerslam on Finlay and then takes off one of the top turnbuckles. Khali then takes off another but Finlay grabs the shillalah. Khali stops Finlay from using the weapon and the referee tosses it out of the ring. Hornswoggle then hits Khali with a low blow using the shillalah. Finlay picks up the weapon and smashes it into Khali’s head before pinning him and getting the three! Finlay wins the match! A surprising result tonight.

Rating: 3.75/10

There’s a video package for Randy Orton and Chris Jericho next.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Chris Jericho – WWE Championship match

Another first time PPV meeting. Chris Jericho returns to PPV for the first time in over two years. Randy Orton is 1-1 at Armageddon PPV’s, Jericho is 3-1. It’s been six years since Jericho last won a world title. This is a third PPV title defence for Randy Orton, he’s beaten Shawn Michaels at Cyber Sunday and Survivor Series. Jericho hits an arm drag in the early going but Orton hits a couple of right hands to take the advantage before missing with a splash in the corner. Jericho hits two arm drags and then applies an armbar. Jericho suplexes Orton onto the top rope and then punts Randy in the ribs twice. Jericho then goes back to the armbar but breaks the hold. Jericho hits a spinning heel kick and Orton goes out to the apron. Jericho looks to hit a springboard dropkick but Orton hops down to the outside so Jericho dives out at Randy with a cross body. Jericho rolls Orton back into the ring and Orton kicks Jericho as he tries to get back into the ring and looks to hit a DDT but Jericho counters it and tries to lock on the walls of Jericho but Orton squirms out of it and hits a DDT for a near fall.

Randy Orton stomps on the hand of Chris Jericho and then applies a chinlock. Jericho gets out of it but Orton drops him with a dropkick for a two count. Randy then goes back to the chinlock with a body scissors. Jericho gets out of it and the two men the collide heads. The two men beat the count to get to their feet and slug it out. Jericho hits a flying forearm and a couple of shoulder blocks and then a clothesline for a near fall. Jericho then hits a missile dropkick for a near fall but Orton gets back into it with a powerslam for a two count. Randy tosses Jericho into the ringpost and then attempts the RKO but Jericho counters it into a backslide for a near fall. Randy then once again throws Jericho into the ringpost. Orton hits a superplex on Jericho for a two count. Jericho avoids a dropkick and tries to get the walls of Jericho locked on but Orton counters it with a roll up for a two count. Jericho then hits an enzeguri and a bulldog before trying a springboard moonsault but Orton gets his knees up.

Randy hits a backbreaker and then motions for an RKO but Jericho pushes him away and hits a lionsault for a near fall. Orton sends Jericho out of the ring and then throws him over the Smackdown announce desk. John “Bradshaw” Layfield seems to take exception to this. Jericho then drops Orton on the top rope before going to the top himself and hitting a forearm shot to the back of the WWE Champions head. Jericho looks to hit the codebreaker but Orton shoves him into the corner. Orton then looks to hit a punt to the head but Jericho avoids it and takes Randy down into the walls of Jericho! Jericho has it locked on in the middle of the ring but JBL gets in the ring and boots Jericho in the head! The referee calls for the bell, this one will go down as a disqualification win for Jericho but Orton will retain his title. After the match Orton drops Jericho with an RKO.

Rating: 7/10

There’s an advert up next for the Royal Rumble event. I could be wrong but it looked like Chris Benoit was in it.

Before the next match can get underway Jillian Hall comes out. Jillian plugs her Christmas album and then sings one of the songs off the album.

Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Mickie James – WWE Women’s Championship match

This is a first time PPV match between these two ladies. Neither have fought at an Armageddon event before. Beth throws Mickie across the ring to start the match showing that she is the more powerful of the two. Mickie tries for a bulldog but Beth pushes her away and hits a shoulder block. Mickie fires back with some right hands but can’t Irish whip the Glamazon. Mickie then tries for a hurricanrana but Beth counters it with a powerbomb for a two count. Phoenix hits a snapmare and then applies an inverted chinlock before breaking the hold and ramming Mickie into the corner. Mickie avoids a shoulder charge and rolls Beth up for a two count. Beth applies an impressive looking chickenwing but Mickie gets out of it and hits a big boot and a reverse elbow. Mickie hits a hurricanrana and then a Lou Thesz press. Mickie hits kicks and another Lou Thesz press before hitting a low dropkick for a two count.

Mickie hits a chop and a neckbreaker before heading to the top and nailing Beth with a missile dropkick for a two count. Mickie motions for a tornado DDT but Beth throws her away and then hits a fishermans suplex for the three! Beth Phoenix needs a better finisher but she wins tonight! These two could have a great match given more time.

Rating: 5/10

There’s a video package next for the triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Tazz has joined Michael Cole on commentary.

Batista (c) vs. The Undertaker vs. Edge – Triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship

This is a first time triple threat match between these three men. This has a bit match feel to it as these three men have been the main event scene for Smackdown for the majority of the last year. As Armageddon records go, Batista is 3-2, The Undertaker is 2-2 and Edge is 2-1. This is the third time the World Heavyweight Championship has been defended at an Armageddon PPV and the title has changed hands both times previously. This is Batista’s 14th PPV consecutively, a bigger current streak than anybody else in the WWE. The bell rings and Undertaker goes right for Edge who is on the outside. Batista and Undertaker then start the match before deciding to go after Edge. Undertaker and Batista then slug it out on the outside and Undertaker rams Batista into the barricade. Undertaker gets back in the ring where Edge lays into him with right hands. Edge then escapes allowing Batista to go after Undertaker. Batista clotheslines Undertaker out of the ring and Undertaker goes after Edge until Batista baseball slides Edge.

Undertaker then rolls Batista back into the ring, lays him across the apron and then hits him with a legdrop. Undertaker gets shoved into the ringpost and Edge then rolls Batista into the ring and lays in the boots. Edge stops Undertaker from getting into the ring and turns around into a sidewalk slam from Batista. Batista hits Edge with a big clothesline and then lays in some shoulder charges. Edge hits Batista with a drop toe hold and then tries for a spear but Batista hits edge with a boot and then a running powerslam for a near fall. Undertaker drags Batista out of the ring and then throws him into the ring steps before tossing him back into the ring. Undertaker boots Edge and then looks to hit him with a legdrop on the apron but Batista stops that with a clothesline to the dead man. Batista hits Edge with a spinebuster and then sets up for the Batista bomb but edge hits him with a low blow and a DDT. No disqualifications in this one. Edge hooks the leg but Undertaker pulls the referee out of the ring.

Undertaker goes after Edge and hits him with lefts and rights. Undertaker hits a splash in the corner and then hits snake eyes and a running boot for a near fall. Undertaker goes to the top and hits old school on Edge before setting up for the last ride but Batista hits Undertaker with a spear! Batista then throws Edge out of the ring and covers Undertaker but Undertaker counters it into a triangle choke! The bell rings and Undertaker breaks the hold but it was Edge ringing the bell! Undertaker is furious with the referee and turns around into a spear from Edge! That gets Edge a near fall so he hits a spear on Batista which also gets him a near fall. Edge grabs a couple of steel chairs and sets Batista up for a con-chair-to but Batista kicks a chair into Edge’s face. Undertaker disposes of Edge and Batista knocks Undertaker down with a clothesline. Batista then heads to the top but Undertaker crotches him and takes the World Heavyweight Champion down to the mat with a superplex for a near fall.

Edge looks on from the outside as Batista counters old school into a spinebuster. Edge gets in the ring but Batista takes him back out the ring with a spear. Undertaker then rams Batista into the corner. There are now two Edge’s on the outside. Undertaker chokeslams Batista but edge comes in off the top and Undertaker chokeslams him. Batista then sets Edge up for a Batista bomb but Undertaker rams him into the corner again. There are now three Edge’s. Undertaker hits snake eyes on Batista but then Batista knocks Undertaker down with a clothesline for a near fall. Batista motions for something and tries for a running powerslam but Undertaker counters it into a tombstone! Undertaker covers Batista but Edge comes in with a chair and smashes Undertaker with it twice! Edge then pins Batista and gets the three! Edge wins the match and the World Heavyweight Championship! The two Edge’s crawl by the actual Edge and clearly they’re the Major Brothers! A great match between these three tonight.

Rating: 8/10

And that was the final pay per view of 2008. It felt like a good pay per view, a bit of a mixed back but nothing really really bad. MVP and Rey Mysterio are two men that have been putting on good matches as of late. MVP has really stepped it up this year. I liked this match but I wasn’t a big fan of the finish. MVP got himself counted out much like he did against Kane at Cyber Sunday. MVP is having a good run as United States Champion but Smackdown has a struggling midcard at the moment, mostly because midcard guys aren’t getting the exposure that they were when the WWE was running single brand pay per views. This feud will probably continue for now. MVP will probably stay champion until Matt Hardy returns.

Big Daddy V and Mark Henry defeated CM Punk and Kane in a match where Big Daddy V pinned CM Punk. This lines Big Daddy V up for a future ECW Championship match if you ask me. Big Daddy V did have a shot at the title before but it ended in a disqualification so there’s definitely reason for the feud to continue. Shawn Michaels beat Mr Kennedy cleanly which will probably put an end to this feud. In some ways it looked like two guys who needed something to do but it turned out to be a good match. Michaels won with sweet chin music out of nowhere. I think this shows who will be getting the bigger push in the near future. And it isn’t Kennedy. Jeff Hardy then beat Triple H which means for the first time ever Jeff will get a WWE Championship match on PPV. This is a huge win for Hardy who I can’t see winning the title but it’s a big spot for him. Triple H will be a big favourite for the Royal Rumble match as there aren’y many contenders. Good match between Hardy and Triple H tonight.

Finlay beat The Great Khali in the weakest match of the night. No offence to Khali but there is only so much you can do with him. It took some shillalah action to beat Khali but it was the right way to do it and both Finlay and Hornswoggle got the better of the big man. Khali’s stock is falling at the moment following his runs in the Raw and Smackdown main event scenes. This was a big win for Finlay as he doesn’t get many PPV victories. He seems to be over as a babyface. Maybe he’ll be next in line for a United States title match. The next match was very interesting. Once again the WWE title match is not the main event of the show. I think that’s fine tonight though. Jericho was knocked into John “Bradshaw” Layfield during the match and it was then JBL that cost Jericho the title. This must be leading to Layfield coming out of retirement. Orton keeps his title and goes up against Jeff Hardy at the Royal Rumble. Good match tonight.

Beth Phoenix retained her WWE Women’s Championship against Mickie James. This was just a standard title defence, it was never going to be anything more than that. Phoenix is a dominant champion but you wonder who, in a weak women’s division, will be next for her. Beth also needs a better finisher than a fishermans suplex. The main event was a good one and saw Edge beat Batista and Undertaker for the WWE Championship. Edge is so good at the moment and he definitely gets my vote. The finish was a good one with the Major Brothers getting involved, dressed as Edge to help him win the match. I really liked that. Edge will make a great heel champion and already has two opponents in Batista and Undertaker. Edge vs. Batista we have seen before but Edge vs. Undertaker we have not. Good match between these three and overall a good PPV.

Overall Rating: 59.375/100 (ranked 84th out of 219)

Match Of The Night: Batista vs. The Undertaker vs. Edge
Worst Match Of The Night: Finlay vs. The Great Khali
Surprise Of The Night: JBL’s and The Major Brothers involvement
Worst Booking Of The Night: The MVP/Mysterio finish
Superstar Of The Night: Edge
Armageddon 2007 Will Be Remembered For: Edge winning the World Heavyweight Championship with help from The Major Brothers

One thought on “Armageddon 2007

  1. This PPV came off the heels of the very successful 15th Anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw, which featured the following matches:

    1.Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito in a ladder match for the IC Title

    2.Rob Van Dam vs. Santino Marella

    3.Mr. Kennedy vs. Marty Jannetty

    4.Evolution (Triple H, Dave Batista, & Ric Flair) vs. Rated RKO (Edge & Randy Orton) & Umaga

    5.The “15 Years of Raw” battle royal featuring Al Snow, Bart Gunn, Doink the Clown (definitely played here by Matt Borne), Repo Man, Steve Blackman, Pete Gas, Bob Backlund, Gangrel, The Goon, Skinner, IRS, Flash Funk, Scotty 2 Hotty, Jim Neidhart, Sgt. Slaughter, and Gillberg:



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