Survivor Series 2009

|Date: November 22, 2009
|Venue: Verizon Center |City: Washington, D.C.
|Attendance: 12,500 |Buys: 225,000
|Brands: Raw, Smackdown & ECW

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The second longest running PPV in WWE history is back but it has a terrible amount of buys, the worst in 13 years of Survivor Series and the fourth worst in Survivor Series history. There are six matches on tonight’s card, three of which are traditional Survivor Series matches. There are two big triple threat match with titles on the line, firstly John Cena will be defending the WWE Championship against Triple H and Shawn Michaels and in the other match, The Undertaker will be defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho and The Big Show. Big Show was given his shot for helping Team Smackdown win at Bragging Rights whilst Jericho was added to the match when he beat Kane in a number one contenders match.

At Bragging Rights, Batista turned his back on Rey Mysterio, violently attacking him after their loss. Since Bragging Right, Rey Mysterio has given Batista the opportunity to apologise for what he did but Batista has showed no remorse. Tonight the two men will go one on one and Batista made Mysterio sign a hold harmless agreement which means he cannot be held responsible for anything he does to Mysterio tonight. Then come the three traditional Survivor Series matches. There will be a divas traditional ten woman tag team match pitting faces against heels. It’ll be captain Mickie James along with Melina, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim and Eve Torres against Michelle McCool, Layla, Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox and Jillian Hall. The main focus of this one is the feud between WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool and Mickie James. Melina is the WWE Divas Champion but ll the other divas are there just making up the numbers really.

The traditional Survivor Series match that I am most interested in pits former tag team partners against one another as Team John Morrison take on Team Miz. On Morrisons team are Matt Hardy, Finlay, Shelton Benjamin and Evan Bourne whilst on Team Miz are Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus. I really like Team Miz in this match, a team loaded with talent and potential for the future. It brings together the feuds between John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler, Finlay and Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne and Sheamus and Shelton Benjamin.I guess The Miz and Matt Hardy are there to make up the numbers.

The other traditional Survivor Series match is Team Randy Orton against Team Kofi Kingston. On Team Kingston are ECW Champion Christian, R-Truth, MVP and Mark Henry and on Team Orton are Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, CM Punk and William Regal. Team Orton looks the stronger of the two with both Randy and CM Punk on. This match merges feuds between Orton and Kingston, Legacy and MVP/Mark Henry, CM Punk and R-Truth and William Regal and Christian.

In a dark match prior to the event Santino defeated Chavo Guerrero.

A video package kicks us off, first focusing on the older Survivor Series PPV’s and then goes through the whole card tonight. The main focus seems to be on the WWE Championship triple threat match. Michael Cole then welcomes us to the second longest running PPV in WWE.

John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy, Finlay & Shelton Benjamin vs. The Miz, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre & Sheamus – Traditional Survivor Series match

This is the match I’m most excited about, I’m a big fan of the heel team. Survivor Series records then, John Morrison is 0-2, Matt Hardy is 1-4, Finlay is 0-2, Shelton Benjamin is 1-1, The Miz is 0-2, Dolph Ziggler once wrestled as Nicky in a losing effort at Survivor Series. Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus make their Survivor Series debut tonight. Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne start the match and Bourne tries to use his speed but Swagger manages to wrestle him down to the canvas. Swagger tags in Dolph Ziggler who continues the attack. Dolph gets a one count and then hits a suplex for a two count. Ziggler drops some elbows for a two count. Bourne is looking for his first PPV victory tonight. Ziggler tags Jack Swagger back in and Swagger applies a front facelock. This match is a great advert for WWE’s current midcard. Swagger tags Ziggler back in and Dolph hits a fistdrop and then applies a single-leg crab.

Bourne kicks his way out of the submission and then hits a springboard hurricanrana for a near fall. Bourne hits a high knee and tags in Matt Hardy who hits a double elbow alongside Bourne. Hardy hits side effect and then tags in Evan Bourne. Bourne hits the Air Bourne off the top for the three! Dolph Ziggler is eliminated. Drew McIntyre gets straight into the ring and hits a double armed DDT which is enough for the three! Evan Bourne is eliminated. Finlay takes down McIntyre and hits a Celtic cross. Drew fires back with some right hands and tags in Sheamus who is making his PPV debut tonight. The two Irishman square off and Miz distracts Finlay which allows Sheamus to hit a pump kick! Sheamus hooks the leg and gets the 3! Finlay has been eliminated. Matt Hardy gets un the ring and hits Sheamus with right hands. Hardy hits a clotheslines and looks for a clothesline and side effect but Sheamus counters both.

Sheamus hits a powerslam on Matt Hardy for a two count. Sheamus hits a couple of elbow drops for a one count and then tags in The Miz. Miz hits Hardy with elbows and right hands and then a powerslam and legdrop for a two count. The Miz applies a chinlock but Hardy gets out of it and looks for a powerslam which Miz counters with a backbreaker for a near fall. The Miz applies a front facelock but Hardy fights out of it and hits a side Russian leg sweep. Miz tags in Jack Swagger who stops Matt Hardy from making a tag. Swagger beat Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship last year. Swagger runs into a boot but hits some forearms to Hardy’s back. Jack then applies a sleeper but Hardy fights out of that and applies a sleeper of his own which he turns into a neckbreaker. Hardy then tags in John Morrison who hits Swagger with right hands and a dropkick. Morrison hits a running knee for a two count but Swagger takes the advantage by reversing an Irish whip.

Swagger misses with a splash but Miz distracts Morrison. Swagger then looks for a slam but Morrison slips down the back and hits the flying chuck kick. All hell breaks loose and the final seven men all get involved. The referee took a knock then. The ring clears  and Morrison hits a snapmare and a running knee before hitting starship pain for the three! Jack Swagger has been eliminated. The Miz attacks John Morrison from behind and then hits an Irish whip and his trademark clothesline in the corner. These two men are the team captains. Miz hits a double axe handle off the top for a two count and then applies a camel clutch. Shelton Benjamin tags himself in, he’s the last man to legally tag in this match,. He hits a side suplex and then a springboard cross body. Benjamin hits a splash in the corner and then an exploder suplex for a two count. Benjamin fights off McIntyre and then hits Miz with a German suplex for a two count. The original referee has been taken out of this match after an accidental knee from Sheamus. Sheamus kicks Benjamin and Miz hits Shelton with a skull crushing finale for the three! Shelton Benjamin is eliminated. 

Matt Hardy gets involved and Miz tags in Drew McIntyre. Drew hits a clothesline in the corner and then a short-arm clothesline for a two count. Drew hits a headbutt but Hardy drop toe holds him into the middle turnbuckle. Hardy hits a neckbreaker and then a legdrop off the middle rope for a two count. Hardy goes up to the top but is distracted by Sheamus allowing McIntyre to avoid the moonsault. Drew then hits a double armed DDT on Matt Hardy which gets a three count. Matt Hardy is eliminated. We’re down to John Morrison against The Miz, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre. Morrison hits Drew with some right hands but McIntyre powers back with right hands and a hard Irish whip. Drew tags in Sheamus who hits some right hands before tagging in The Miz. Miz and Morrison exchange kicks until Morrison hits a dropkick. Miz tags in Sheamus who drops Morrison with a clothesline.

Sheamus distracts the referee so McIntyre and Miz can double team Morrison. Morrison fights them all off and then looks for a flying chuck kick in Sheamus but sheamus counters it with a pump kick and then hits a running crucifix powerbomb for the three! Sheamus, The Miz and Drew McIntyre win the match! A big win for two very young stars of WWE’s midcard and The Miz. I enjoyed this match a lot.

Rating: 7/10

Kofi Kingston is backstage with his team. Christian seems a little out of it and says that he’s different to the other guys. He’s the only white guy but MVP says that it’s fine. Christian says that he is the only one from ECW. Christian says that he’s the only Canadian too. Christian does some rapping and points out the fact that he’s the only white guy.

There’s a video package up next showing Batista’s turn on Rey Mysterio and recent attitude.

Rey Mysterio vs. Batista

This is a firs time PPV match between these two men. Rey Mysterio is 1-4 at Survivor Series events, Batista is 2-3. Mysterio uses his speed in the early going and even sets up for the 619 but Batista escapes the ring. Batista then drags Rey out of the ring and smashes him into the ring apron before rolling him into the ring. Rey hits a couple of kicks to the head and then drops Batista on the top rope. Batista avoids a springboard seated senton and then knocks Mysterio down with a clothesline. Batista looks for a Batista bomb but Mysterio escapes the grip and attempts a sunset flip but Batista counters it. Rey hits a dropkick for a two count a d then sets up for the 619 but Batista catches Rey and tries for a powerbomb but Mysterio hurricanrana’s him out of the ring. Rey hits a baseball slide and then a seated senton to the outside. Back in the ring and Mysterio hits a 619 to the back and then a 619 to the gut before hitting the 619 properly and a seated senton!

Rey Mysterio heads to the top and attempts a frog splash but Batista gets his knees up. Batista then hits a spear in a match that looks like it could be quite short. Batista hits a spinebuster and then sets up for a Batista bomb before hitting it in the middle of the ring. Batista slowly gets up to his feet and stands over Rey Mysterio before pulling him up to his feet and hitting a second Batista bomb. Batista still doesn’t pin Mysterio. He pulls Mysterio up again and hits a third Batista bomb. The referee calls for the bell, throwing out the match. Batista is announced as the winner and the crowd love it. This was a short match but it was a good one. Would’ve got a higher rating if it was longer. After the match Batista grabs a chair and sits on it, looking down at Mysterio. Batista then picks up Rey Mysterio and spinebusters him on to the chair.

Rating: 6.5/10

Randy Orton is backstage with his team. He’s disappointed in some of his team for not being champions but CM Punk tells Randy that he should lead by example.

Kofi Kingston, M.V.P, Mark Henry, R-Truth & Christian vs. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, William Regal & CM Punk – Traditional Survivor Series match

Let’s get some Survivor Series records out of the way. Kofi Kingston is 0-1, MVP is 0-3, Mark Henry is 1-3, R-Truth is 0-1 as R-Truth as 0-2 if you include his run as K-Kwik. Christian is 1-4, Randy Orton is 5-1, Cody Rhodes is 1-1, Ted Dibiase makes his Survivor Series debut tonight, William Regal is 2-1-1 and CM Punk is 2-1. Randy Orton looks to start the match and Mark Henry opts to start for his team. Henry was on Ortons team last year. Henry squashes Orton in the corner in the early going and then takes shots at all of Randy’s team. Henry then applies a bear hug but Legacy help out Orton. Randy hits an RKO on Mark Henry and gets the three! Mark Henry has been eliminated! That is an early advantage for Team Orton. MVP enters the match, he has a terrible Survivor Series record up to now. Cody Rhodes tags himself in and hits MVP with right hands and kicks. Ted DiBiase then tags himself in and continues the assault. William Regal tags himself in and hits some stomps in the corner before tagging in CM Punk who hits more kicks, a snapmare and then applies a chinlock.

Lots of quick tags there from Team Orton. MVP fights out of the chinlock and hits a belly to belly throw before tagging in R-Truth. Truth drops Punk with a right hand and then hits a hiptoss. Cody Rhodes gets in the ring which distracts Truth and allows CM Punk to hit Truth with a Go To Sleep for the three! R-Truth has been eliminated. The heel team is definitely the stronger looking team in this one. Christian gets in the ring and rolls CM Punk up for a two count. Christian hits a forearm but Punk hits a knee and a powerslam before tagging in Ted DiBiase. DiBiase hits a knee drop and a powerslam for a two count. He then looks for dream street but Christian counters it and looks for the killswitch which Dibiase counters. Ted slingshots Christian into the turnbuckle but Christian then hits a sunset flip for the three! Ted DiBiase has been eliminated. Willian Regal gets in the ring but Christian hits him with a dropkick. Christian tags in Kofi Kingston who hits a dropkick and some right hand sin the corner.

7 of these men were in a Survivor Series match with each other at last years event. Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes were the survivors in that match. Regal tags in Cody Rhodes who hits some stomps and a knee drop. Cody tags in Regal and Kofi exchanges forearms with him. MVP tags himself in and he hits a running boot on Regal for the three! William Regal has been eliminated. Cody hits a cross body on MVP who rolls through for a two count. MVP hits a suplex for another near fall and then tags in Christian. Christian looks for a tornado DDT on Rhodes who counters it. Cody applies a body-scissors but Christian gets out of it just for Cody to hit a clothesline for a two count. Cody tags in Orton who hits a dropkick to Christian for a two count. Orton tags in Rhodes who lays in more boots and then a kneedrop. Christian tags in MVP who hits a couple of clotheslines. MVP hits a facebuster and then the Ballin’ elbow drop. MVP looks for the playmaker but is distracted by Randy Orton. Rhodes then hits cross-Rhodes for the three! MVP has been eliminated. 

Kofi gets involved and rolls up Rhodes for a two count. Quick tags between Christian and Kofi Kingston who are the two remaining men on their team. Randy Orton, CM Punk and Cody Rhodes remain on the other team. Rhodes hits some right hands on Christian but Christian hits Cody with a killswitch for the three! Cody Rhodes has been eliminated. It’s down to two on two now. Christian drops Orton with right hands but Orton sends Christian into the middle turnbuckle. Orton hits a kneedrop and then cheap shots Kofi Kingston. Christian rolls Orton up for a near fall and then chases off CM Punk who gets involved. Orton then tries for an RKO but Christian counters and hits a killswitch! CM Punk saves the match and Christian fights him off. Christian then misses with a shoulder charge in the corner and Orton hits the RKO for the three! Christian has been eliminated. Kofi Kingston is the lone man for his team now, he takes on Randy Orton and CM Punk. Orton tags CM Punk in. Punk and Kingston are former tag team champions together.

Kingston and Punk exchange right hands and Punk looks for his finisher but Kofi fights off and attempts trouble in paradise but Punk ducks it. Kofi hits a dropkick and hits the SOS for a near fall. Punk avoids a splash in the corner and hits Kofi with knees and right hands and then a snapmare and kick to the back. Punk applies a head scissors which Kofi kicks his way out of. Punk runs into a big boot but hits a powerslam for a two count. CM Punk applies a body scissors which Kofi fights out of. Kofi tries for the boom drop but Punk gets his knees up. Punk then hits a falcon arrow for a near fall. Randy Orton has just been watching on from the outside. Punk hits a running knee but Kofi counters the bulldog with a side suplex. Kofi heads to the top but Punk crotches him up there and looks for a superplex but Kofi fights him off and hits a cross body for a two count. Kingston hits a clothesline and then looks for the boom drop but Orton distracts him which allows CM Punk to roll him up but Kingston rolls it through and gets the three! CM Punk has been eliminated!

Orton gets in the ring but Kofi hits him with trouble in paradise and that’s enough for the three! Kofi Kingston wins the match as the sole survivor! That is a huge win for Kofi Kingston.

Rating: 7/10

The Undertaker (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. The Big Show – Triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship

This is a first time triple threat match between three men that have been with the company over 10 years. Chris Jericho is 0-7 at Survivor Series events, The Undertaker is 8-8 and Big Show is 2-6. Big Show and Chris Jericho look to double team Undertaker in the early going but Undertaker tries to fight back. Big Show and Jericho fight Undertaker down in the corner and Big Show drops the champion down with a clothesline. Jericho then clotheslines Undertaker out of the ring but Undertaker lands on his feet and pulls Jericho out of the ring. Undertaker throws Jericho into the barricade but Big Show isn’t far behind. Undertaker lays into Big Show with left and rights and then tries for a running boot on Jericho but Jericho avoids it and boots Undertaker over the barricade. Big Show hits a big right hand to Undertaker ribs and Jericho nails Undertaker in the head with a microphone.

Back in the ring and Jericho stomps away at Undertaker. Big Show joins in as the double-teaming on Undertaker continues. A fan shouted “go back to Toronto” at Jericho and without breaking a stride Jericho shouted back “I’m from Winnipeg you idiot”. Brilliant. Undertaker avoids a shoulder charge in the corner from Jericho and then hits Big Show with a flying clothesline. Undertaker then hits a couple of big splashes on Jericho and then snake eyes. Big Show pulls Undertaker out of the ring but Undertaker sends Show into the ringpost. Jericho looks for a springboard dropkick on Undertaker but the World Heavyweight Champion swats him out of the air. Undertaker looks for old school but Jericho crotches him and looks for a superplex. Undertaker fights Jericho off but Jericho hits the superplex for a two count. Jericho attempts a lionsault but Undertaker gets his knees up. Jericho manages to block the knees, grab the legs and lock on the Walls of Jericho!

Big Show breaks up the walls of Jericho and hits his tag team partner with a chokeslam! Big Show then looks for a chokeslam on Undertaker but it’s countered with a DDT and all three men are down. Jericho pins Undertaker for a near fall and then pins Big Show for another near fall. Big Show and Undertaker slug it out and both men wrap their hands around each others necks. Jericho the looks to nail Undertaker with the World Heavyweight title but Undertaker moves and Jericho nails The Big Show! Undertaker drops Jericho for a near fall and then kicks Big Show out of the ring. Undertaker looks for a last ride on Jericho but Jericho grabs the title belt and nails Undertaker with it! Jericho gets a near fall on Undertaker and then looks for a tombstone which Undertaker counters but Big Show lays out Undertaker with a big right hand. Jericho breaks up Big Shows pinfall attempt and looks to pin Undertaker himself but Big Show puts an end to that.

Big Show counters a codebreaker and then lays out Jericho with a right hand. Big Show then motions for a chokeslam but Undertaker counters it with hells gate! Big Show taps out which means Undertaker retains the World Heavyweight Championship! Good match between these three men.

Rating: 6.75/10

Josh Mathews is backstage with The Miz, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre. Miz says that you’re looking at the future. Miz says that they are revolutionising an entire industry. Drew says that tonight everybody saw what Mr McMahon has seen all this time. Sheamus says that tonight was too easy.

Mickie James, Melina, Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly & Eve vs. Michelle McCool, Layla, Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall & Alicia Fox – Traditional Survivor Series match

Every year there is a divas Survivor Series match and this years only has 5 divas that were in last years match. As Survivor Series records go, Mickie James is 2-1, Melina is 0-2, Kelly Kelly is 1-1, Michelle McCool is 1-1, Layla is 0-1, Beth Phoenix is 1-1, Jillian Hall is 0-2 and Gail Kim, Eve and Alicia Fox make their Survivor series debut tonight. Last years match was Raw vs. Smackdown but this time it’s faces vs. heels. Kelly Kelly starts the match against Layla. Layla takes down Kelly and hits her with right hands. Layla hits a low dropkick for a one count. Kelly fights back with clotheslines and then hits a legdrop to the back of Layla’s neck for the three! Layla has been eliminated. Michelle McCool gets involved and Kelly Kelly tags in Gail Kim. Gail hits a dropkick as she looks for her first ever PPV victory tonight. Gail rolls up Michelle for a one count. Gail hits an elbow and then looks for a hurricanrana but Michelle hits her with a Styles clash for the three! Gail Kim has been eliminated. 

Eve gets involved and rolls up Michelle for a one count. Michelle tags in Jillian Hall who hits a cartwheel elbow drop for a one count. Jillian throws Eve across the ring and then hits her with forearms. Jillian avoids a dropkick and then rolls Eve up for a two count. Eve looking for a first PPV victory tonight. Eve heads to the top and hits a sunset flip for the three! Jillian Hall has been eliminated. Beth Phoenix gets involved and hits a glam slam! Eve has been eliminated. Beth Phoenix then hits Kelly Kelly with a glam slam! Kelly Kelly has been eliminated. Three eliminations in quick succession. Mickie James fights up against Beth Phoenix, dropping her with a dropkick and then a crucifix pin for the three! Beth Phoenix has been eliminated! Beth drops Mickie with a clothesline following her elimination. Alicia Fox takes advantage of Beths attack but only gets a one count.

We’re down to Melina and Mickie James against Michelle McCool and Alicia Fox. Alicia hits a northern lights suplex but Mickie applies a front facelock. Alicia forces Mickie into the corner and pops her on the top but Mickie kicks her away and hits a Lou Thesz press off the top for the three! Alicia Fox has been eliminated. Michelle goes right to work on Mickie, hitting her with a knee drop and legdrop for a two count. Michelle applies a sleeper but Mickie fights out of it. Michelle hits a clothesline and covers Mickie for a two count. The three women left in the match are three of the best 11 of all time according to my rankings. Mickie is fourth on that list. Michelle stops Mickie from making a tag and then cheap shots Melina. Mickie kicks Michelle away and tags in Melina! Melina drops Michelle with spears as the divas champion takes down the women’s champion. Melina hits a kick and then a drop toe hold and double knees to the back.

Melina drops Michelle face first for a near fall and then avoids a big boot. Michelle hits a clothesline and then a belly to belly for a two count. Melina counters a powerbomb with a sunset flip/powerbomb of her own which is enough for the three! Melina and Mickie James win the match for their team! A fairly surprising result tonight but I like it. I hate the use of “sole survivors” where there are more than one person.

Rating: 5/10

Todd Grisham is backstage with Batista who said that he was embarrassed for Rey Mysterio tonight.

John Cena (c) vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels – Triple threat match for the WWE Championship

To the best of my knowledge this is a first time triple threat match between these three men. John Cena is 5-0 at Survivor Series events, Triple H has won 3 of his previous 11 Survivor Series matches and Shawn Michaels is 5-10. Triple H and Shawn Michaels make their entrance together. The bell rings and Shawn Michaels instantly nails Triple H with sweet chin music! Triple H falls out of the ring and Cena can’t believe it! What a fantastic start to the match. Michaels hits Cena with a swinging neckbreaker and then a couple of chops and a Lou Thesz press. Cena hits a bulldog and a fishermans suplex for a two count. Shawn hits some chops but Cena hits a couple of Irish whips. Cena sets up for the attitude adjustment but Michaels counters with a DDT for a two count. Michaels hits a chopblock and then locks on a figure four. Cena reverses the hold and then breaks it.

Cena and Michaels slug it out and Cena hits a shoulder charge before missing a second and crashing out of the ring. Michaels dives to the outside and then takes apart the announce desk but Cena scoops Michaels up and looks to hit him with an attitude adjustment but Triple H saves Michaels before spinebustering his partner through the announce desk! Triple H hits Cena with a spinebuster in the ring for a two count and then hits some right hands. Triple H hits Cena with a couple of hard Irish whips for a two count. Triple H hits a neckbreaker for another two count as the pace has now slowed. Shawn Michaels is still out on the outside. Triple H looks for a pedigree but Cena counters it and then slingshots Triple H into the top turnbuckle. Triple H re-takes the advantage with a clothesline for a two count. The two men then slug it out and Cena hits a couple of shoulder charges and a side suplex. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle and sets up for the attitude adjustment but Shawn Michaels saves his partner and throws Cena out of the ring.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H are left in the ring and Michaels hits a couple of inverted atomic drops. Triple H hits a high knee and then a facebuster but Michaels fires back with a flying forearm and then nips up. Triple H hits a spinebuster and then looks for a pedigree but Michaels hits a back drop. Three of the top 5 in of all time in this match to this point if you ask me. Cena crotches Michaels on the top rope and then goes to the top himself but misses with a fame-asser on Triple H. Michaels then hits a top rope elbow drop on Cena. Triple H throws Michaels out of the ring but Cena hits a drop toe hold on Triple H and locks on the STF! Michaels breaks up the submission by locking a crossface on Cena but Cena gets up to his feet. Cena drop toe holds Michaels and locks the STF on him! Michaels gets to the bottom rope causing Cena to break the hold. Michaels then hits sweet chin music on Cena out of nowhere and then sweet chin music to Triple H! Triple H falls on top of Cena and Shawn Michaels falls out of the ring! The referee sees Triple H and counts two before Cena kicks out.

John Cena hits the attitude adjustment on Triple H and both men go down. Michaels looks for sweet chin music on Cena but Cena counters it. All three men go for their finishers on each other and Michaels hits sweet chin music on Triple H! Cena then hits the attitude adjustment on Shawn Michaels onto Triple H! Cena pins Triple H and gets the three! John Cena wins the match and retains the WWE Championship! A great match for the most part but the finish was a bit flat.

Rating: 8/10

And that was Survivor Series 2009. That felt like a good quality show. There was’t a terrible match on the card. They kept to six matches and as a result everything felt like it had its place and wasn’t just thrown on the card for no reason. The one thing that hurt the show was the predictable results for the two World title matches which made it feel like a “B-Show” but the matches themselves were good quality. The show opened with the match I was looking forward to the most. It goes a long way to show who they have the highest hopes for in the crop of new talent. The Miz, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus won the match so expect them to do big things in the future. I think I would have preferred the winners to just be McIntyre and Sheamus but The Miz has been excellent over the past 6 or 7 months. A good way to start the show.

Rey Mysterio and Batista put on a good match that was mostly used to put over Batista as a wrecking machine. The referee threw the match out in the end, awarding Batista the match for tearing Rey apart. Batista will be back in the world title picture before long unless they rematch these two guys with a gimmick. Next up Kofi Kingston won his Survivor Series match in what was a real shocker to me. Kofi pinned CM Punk and Randy Orton in quick succession to take the match. This was a huge win for Kingston, arguably his biggest to date. Again, a decent traditional Survivor Series match, every bit as good as the other one. Undertaker retained his World Heavyweight Championship in a predictable match. It was a decent match, Big Show tapped out to the Hell’s gate after knocking out Chris Jericho. It was decent enough but Undertaker can go his separate way whilst Jeri-Show will probably go on to feud with DX, unless they save it for Wrestlemania.

The women were up next and their contribution to Survivor Series was ok. Mickie James and Melina won a match that could have gone to either team. It maybe would’ve worked better to build up a challenger for Melina as she isn’t up to much as Divas champion. This was the weakest match of the night but it wasn’t terrible. John Cena retained his WWE Championship in the main event, beating Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Again, this was a predictable result which hurt the match a little but it was the best match of the night. Three of the best of all time put on a great match and one of the more under-rated main events of all time. I have no idea who will be up next for Cena, it tends to be the same old challengers.

Overall Rating: 67.08/100 (ranked 25th out of 246)

Match Of The Night: John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
Worst Match Of The Night: Women’s traditional Survivor Series match
Surprise Of The Night: Kofi Kingston is the sole survivor
Worst Booking Of The Night: Heel team should’ve won the women’s match
Superstar Of The Night: Kofi Kingston
Survivor Series 2009 Will Be Remembered For: The two triple threat matches

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