TLC 2009

|Date: December 13, 2009
|Venue: AT&T Center |City: San Antonio, Texas
|Attendance: 15,226 |Buys: 228,000
|Brands: Raw, Smackdown & ECW

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Tables, Ladders and Chairs, oh my! This is the first ever TLC PPV, a show based around tables, ladders and chairs so it’s bound to be a fun event. There will be one tables match, one ladder match, one chairs match and one TLC match. The WWE Championship will be defended in a tables match. Raw guest host Jesse “The Body” Ventura announced that John Cena would defend his championship against somebody that has never been world champion before. There were qualification matches which resulted in a battle royal that newcomer to Raw, Sheamus would win. Sheamus last eliminated Kofi Kingston. Sheamus would go on to put John Cena through a table after a heated contract signing. Tonight Sheamus gets his first ever shot at the WWE title.

Batista beat Kane to become number one contender to Undertaker’s World Heavyweight Championship. Batista would use a chair behind the referee’s back to beat Kane and then later attack Undertaker with a chair. The match between old rivals Undertaker and Batista tonight will be a chairs match where the only legal weapon is a chair. Shelton Benjamin beat Zack Ryder to become number one contender to the ECW Championship Christian said that the ECW title has been over-looked in recent months and wants to steal the show with Benjamin at TLC in a ladder match, which Shelton accepted. The Unified Tag Team Championships will also be defended tonight in a TLC match when Chris Jericho and Big Show defend against Triple H and Shawn Michaels. DX won the right to take on Jericho in a handicap match on Raw last week but Big Show would help out his tag team partner and leave DX laying as the show went off the air.

The Intercontinental Championship will be defended as John Morrison puts the title on the line against Drew McIntyre. McIntyre beat Morrison in a non-title match to earn his title shot and since then Morrison has made a mockery of McIntyre’s heritage, dressing up as Braveheart. Mickie James became number one contender to the WWE Women’s Championship held by Michelle McCool when she beat Beth Phoenix and Natalya in a triple threat match. Michelle and Layla have been teasing Mickie about her weight, nicknaming her “Piggie James” causing Mickie to cry in the ring. Also tonight the feud between Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston comes to a head. Kofi has stepped it up a notch in recent weeks and even legdropped Randy through a table. These two go one on one tonight.

In a dark match prior to the event R-Truth defeated CM Punk.

A video package kicks off this show, it’s got dramatic music and highlights the fact that tonight is all about tables, ladders and chairs. The three World Title matches and the TLC match for the Tag Team Championships are the focus of the package. Michael Cole welcomes us to TLC and we’re kicking off with a ladder match for the ECW Championship! The commentators for tonight are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Matt Striker.

Christian (c) vs. Shelton Benjamin – Ladder match for the ECW Championship

This is a second PPV meeting between these two men, Shelton Benjamin beat Christian at Survivor Series 2004, that night the Intercontinental Championship was on the line. It’s a cagey start with a bit of wrestling, a headlock from Benjamin and a dropkick from Christian. Benjamin leaps to the top and hits a cross body and Christian attempts the killswitch but Benjamin counters with a backbreaker. Shelton leavers the ring to grab a ladder but Christian follows so Shelton throws him into the barricade. Benjamin then grabs a ladder but Christian gets in the ring and leaps to the outside, wiping Benjamin out. Christian then takes the ladder into the ring and sets it up. He climbs but Benjamin pulls him down. Christian attempts a monkey flip in a spot where I think Shelton was supposed to land on the ladder but he doesn’t. Christian throws Benjamin out of the ring and then grabs the ladder but Shelton pulls his feet and Christian hits the deck with the ladder landing on his face which busts Christian open.

The doctors check on Christian and the crowd boo. It is rather strange to see a doctor fix up a competitor mid-match. Christian finally gets up and the two men slug it out. Christian throws Benjamin into the crowd but Shelton gets up and climbs the ladder, diving off with a plancha to Christian on the outside! Back in the ring and Benjamin Irish whips Christian into a ladder. Christian then throws the ladder into Benjamin before setting it up and climbing. Shelton pushes over the ladder in what looked like another botched spot and Shelton then hits a spinning heel kick. Shelton throws a ladder at Christian after he looked like he was going for something else. This match has been a tad disappointing so far. Shelton sets up a ladder and climbs it but Christian goes up with him and hits an inverted DDT off the top of the ladder! Christian climbs the ladder but notices Shelton Benjamin climbing to the top rope. Christian hops down and looks to ram the ladder into Shelton who stops it and then uses the ladder to climb.

Christian stops Benjamin from climbing up the ladder and Shelton then dives off and hits Christian with a clothesline. Christian falls to the outside and Benjamin climbs the ladder. Surely he should win here? Benjamin gets to the top but Christian gets in at the last second and climbs up the ladder but Shelton manages to get the ECW over his shoulder and hit a powerslam off the ladder! Christian uses a ladder in the corner to get to his feet and Benjamin splashes him into it. Shelton then climbs the ladder again and he gets to the top and grabs on to the hook as Christian takes away the ladder. Christian grabs another ladder and sets it up, Benjamin balances on to the ladder but christian hits him off. Christian then climbs to the top of the ladder and should win the match but instead grabs onto the hook. Strange. Benjamin takes away the ladder and then powerbombs Christian into the ladder set up in the corner.

Both men climb up a ladder and Benjamin hits a sunset flip which he looks to turn into a powerbomb but Christian counters it into a messy hurricanrana. The two men then go at it on the apron with a ladder laying between them. Christian kicks Benjamin onto the ladder which lies from the ring apron to the announce desk. Christian heads to the top and then dives off, splashing Benjamin through the ladder. Christian rolls back into the ring, climbs the ladder and retrieves the ECW Championship. This match was really disappointing. Too many blown spots. Neither man will be happy.

Rating: 4/10

We’re shown some footage from Raw with Big Show dominating DX. Michael Cole predicts Jeri-Show will win later which means they probably won’t. Will this be tonights main event?

John Morrison (c) vs. Drew McIntyre – Intercontinental Championship match

This is a first PPV match between these two men. Drew McIntyre is undefeated on PPV and a win tonight would mean he’s won three out of three, equalling Max Mini’s record. McIntyre takes down Morrison early with a forearm and then applies an armbar. Morrison hits an arm drag and a hurricanrana before punting his challenger in the back for the first near fall of the night. McIntyre rolls to the outside but Morrison follows and Drew back drops him into the ringpost. Back in the ring and McIntyre gets a two count on the pinfall before hitting right hands and stomps in the corner. McIntyre hits a short-arm clothesline for a two count and then applies an armbar. McIntyre breaks the hold and hits some clubbing blows in the corner before executing a suplex for a near fall. Drew then goes back to the armbar but Morrison gets out of it only to run into a big boot.McIntyre goes back to the armbar but Morrison gets out of it and hits a spinning DDT and both men are down. Morrison is the first man up and he hits lefts, rights and clotheslines.

John heads to the top and hits a missile dropkick for another two count. McIntyre hits an inverted Alabama slam for a near fall. Morrison manages to dropkick McIntyre out of the ring and follows it up by drop toe holding McIntyre into the barricade. Morrison then heads a flying Chuck kick on the outside and then rolls McIntyre back into the ring. McIntyre tries for a shoulder charge in the corner but Morrison avoids it and hits starship pain (he looks like he missed). Morrison hooks the leg but McIntyre’s leg is under the rope. Morrison hits some boots and then whips his belt off. I have no idea why he did that but whilst the referee kicks it out of the ring McIntyre pokes Morrison in the eye and then hits the double underhook DDT! Drew hooks the leg and gets the three! Drew McIntyre wins the Intercontinental Championship tonight and goes 3 for 3 on PPV.

Rating: 5.75/10

Vince McMahon is backstage congratulating Drew McIntyre on his victory tonight. Josh Mathews wants a word with McMahon but McMahon passes Mathews onto Drew. Josh asks McIntyre if he thinks his victory came quickly in the WWE, Drew said he didn’t. Sheamus then shows up and says that he’s impressed but Drew won’t be the only newcomer leaving TLC with gold.

Image result for tlc 2009 mickie

Michelle McCool (c) vs. Mickie James – WWE Women’s Championship

This is a first time singles meeting between these two divas on PPV. Michelle is joined by Layla. Mickie is wrestling in what looks like normal clothes tonight, jeans and cowboy boots. Mickie beat Beth Phoenix and Natalya to get a shot at the titles tonight. The two girls lock up hard and rolls all the way to the outside of the ring. The girls roll back into the ring and Mickie takes down Michelle a couple of times for a couple of one counts. Michelle forces Mickie into the corner and pins her for a one count. Michelle then hits a snapmare and rams her knee into James’s back a couple of times. Michelle then applies a camel clutch before rubbing Mickie James’ face into the mat as Layla cheers Michelle on from the outside. Michelle hits some more knees but Mickie fires back with forearms and then looks for a tilt-a-whirl head scissors which Michelle counters into a backbreaker for a two count.

Mickie rolls Michelle up for a two count. McCool throws Mickie out of the ring and then throws her into the barricade. Michelle is the longest reigning current champion in the WWE but this is only her second PPV defence. Mickie avoids a kick on the outside and then hits a Lou Thesz press. Layla then gets involved but the referee doesn’t seem to care. Back in the ring and Mickie James hits another Lou Thesz press. Mickie hits a couple of clotheslines and then heads to the top but Layla shoves her to the mat. Mickie lands on her feet and Michelle accidentally kicks Layla off the apron. Mickie rolls Michelle up for a two count and then Michelle boots Mickie to the mat for the three. Michelle McCool retains her Women’s Championship tonight. Not a great match.

Rating: 3.75/10

There’s a video package next for John Cena and Sheamus.

John Cena (c) vs. Sheamus – Tables match for the WWE Championship

This is a first time PPV meeting between these two men. This is only Sheamus’s second PPV match, he won his previous match at Survivor Series. Cena goes right to work on Sheamus with right hands before smashing him into two top turnbuckles and hitting a bulldog. Cena hits an Irish whip but runs into an elbow. Sheamus then hits a clothesline and a suplex before laying into the WWE Champion with right hands. Sheamus hits a knee drop and then leaves the ring to get a table but Cena attacks him from behind and smashes him into the announce desk. Cena launches Sheamus into the barricade but Sheamus fights back and throws Cena into the ringpost. Sheamus looks to throws Cena into the ring steps but Cena counters it and Sheamus crashes into the steel. Cena pulls out a table and sets it up on the outside before laying Sheamus on some of it. Cena then heads to the top but Sheamus walks away form the table and rolls back into the ring. Cena follows but Sheamus gets to him first.

Sheamus hits a powerslam causing Cena to roll out to the apron. Cena manages to fight off Sheamus and then looks for  the attitude adjustment but Sheamus roll down. Sheamus drags Cena out of the ring and then rams him into the apron. Sheamus rams Cena into the steps  but Cena fights back and looks for an attitude adjustment again but Sheamus falls back and looks for a powerbomb which Cena manages to avert. Cena manages to hit a suplex on the entrance ramp. Cena then grabs the table and looks to hit Sheamus with it but Sheamus avoids it. The two men then fight through the crowd and back to the ringside area. Cena rolls Sheamus into the ring and then sets up a table on the outside. Cena gets into the ring but Sheamus hits him with a pump kick! Sheamus rolls a table into the ring and leans it up in the corner. Sheamus then lifts Cena up but Cena counters with a sunset flip and then looks for the STF but sheamus gets to his feet.

Cena hits a couple of shoulder tackles and then a side suplex before motioning for the 5 knuckle shuffle. The crowd boo but Cena hits it. Sheamus gets to his feet and throws the table out of the ring but then turns around into an attitude adjustment. Cena slides another table into the ring and sets it up before popping Sheamus on the top rope. Cena then goes up with him, looking to hit an attitude adjustment off the top but Sheamus fights him off and shoves him down to the mat. The two men then slug it out with Sheamus sat on the top rope. Cena goes up with him for a superplex but Sheamus manages to shove him away and Cena goes crashing through a table! Sheamus looked like he fell through a table on the outside but it doesn’t matter, Sheamus has won the match and the WWE Championship! What a shocker.

Rating: 6/10

There’s a video package for The Undertaker and Batista next.

The Undertaker (c) vs. Batista – Chairs match for the World Heavyweight Championship

This is the fifth PPV singles match between these two men. Batista has won two of the previous four, Undertaker has won one and they drew the other. They haven’t wrestled in a singles match on PPV for two years now. The commentators do a good job of making this match have a big fight feel. Only chairs can be used as weapons in this match and as the bell rings Batista slides out of the ring to get a chair. Undertaker stops Batista from using them and then hits a clothesline in the ring. Undertaker hits an Irish whip but runs into an elbow and Batista then explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Undertaker forces Batista out of the ring and smashes him into the ring steps. Undertaker grabs a chair but Batista kicks it out of his hands and smashes the World Heavyweight Champion into the steps. Batista rams Undertaker into the ring apron but Undertaker throws Batista over the barricade.

Undertaker looks for a running boot but Batista ducks it. Batista then hits Undertaker with the chair, driving it into his chest. Batista swings the chair but Undertaker ducks and Batista hits the ringpost. Undertaker lays Batista down on the apron and then hits him with a boot and a legdrop for a near fall. Undertaker sets up for old school but Batista kicks him and looks for a superplex which he hits for a near fall. Batista looks for a Batista bomb on the chair but Undertaker back body drops him onto the chair. The two men slug it out which results in Batista hitting a spinebuster for a near fall. Batista sets up a chair in the corner but then goes back to hitting Undertaker with right hands and elbows. Undertaker hits a big clothesline and then old school. Batista hits a spinebuster on the chair and then motions for the Batista bomb but Undertaker locks him in hell’s gate! Batista gets to the ropes to break the hold and then rolls out of the ring before hitting Undertaker with a chair.

Batista looks for a shoulder charge but Undertaker moves and Batista hits the chair in the corner. Undertaker hits a clothesline for a near fall and then hits a chokeslam for another near fall. Undertaker looks for a tombstone but Batista slides down and hits a low blow! Batista swings a chair into Undertakers face and that’s enough for the three! Batista wins the match with a chair shot! Batista’s music hits but out comes Teddy Long! Teddy Long won’t let the title change hands following the low blow and restarts the match! Batista runs at Undertaker with a chair but Undertaker boots it into his face. Undertaker then uses the chair before hitting a tombstone for the three! The Undertaker retains his title! I hate those finishes. Restarting the match. Not a bad match between these two but nothing spectacular.

Rating: 6/10

There’s a video package showing the recent history between Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston is getting ready for his match backstage when Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase show up to get in the head of Kofi. DiBiase claims that Kofi is terrified but Kingston says that Randy must be terrified to send his two carrier pigeons. Kofi then goes into Orton’s locker room and tells him that he is looking forward to beating him down tonight.

Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton

This is a first time PPV meeting between these two men. I’d say that this is the biggest match of Kofi’s career so far. The bell rings and Randy hits a headlock takedown which Kingston counters into a head scissors. Kofi applies an armbar which Orton counters into a hammerlock as the two exchange wrestling holds. Randy hits some right hands and stomps Kofi into the mat. Randy runs into Kofi’s boot but then hits a powerslam for a two count. Orton applies a chinlock which Kofi gets out of. Kingston hits some right hands in the corner and then rolls up Orton for a two count. Kingston hits a side Russian leg sweep and looks for the boom drop but Orton rolls out of the ring. Kofi looks for a baseball slide and Orton sidesteps it so Kofi runs up to the top rope in one fluid movement. Kofi then looks for a cross body but Orton hits him with a dropkick.

Orton suplexes Kingston onto the barricade and then rolls Kofi back into the ring for a two count. Orton hits some stomps and an uppercut but Kofi hits the SOS for a near fall. Randy rolls to the outside and Kofi hits him with a suicide dive. Back in the ring and Kofi hits a cross body for a near fall. Kingston hits chops and a clothesline and then a springboard chop for a two count. Orton hits a backbreaker but Kofi hits a dropkick and the boom drop. Kingston motions for trouble in paradise and hits it! Kofi hooks both legs but Orton grabs the bottom rope. Randy hits the hangmans DDT and then looks to hit the punt and I think he hit it? Kofi might have got his arm in the way, I’m not really sure but Kofi sells the arm. Orton hits a single arm DDT and then motions for the RKO but Kofi fires up looking for trouble in paradise which Orton ducks and then finishes with the RKO! Randy gets the three and beats Kingston tonight.

Rating: 6.5/10

Batista is backstage intimidating Teddy Long over what he did earlier. Batista swings a chair near Teddy and tells him that he will make it right or he’ll swing a chair into Teddy Long’s head.

Chris Jericho & The Big Show (c) vs. Triple H & Shawn Michaels – TLC match for the Unified Tag Team Championships

This is a first time PPV match between these two teams and this is the 5th PPV title defence for Jeri-Show. All four men square off as the bell rings. Triple H pairs off with Big Show whilst Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho slug it out. Big Show and Triple H take the fight to the outside where Big Show throws Triple H into the barricade. Big Show then goes flying into the barricade as Jericho hits a snapmare on Shawn Michaela and a kick to the back. Triple H pulls a table out from under the ring and lays it against a barricade. Michaels kicks Jericho out of the ring as Big Show and Triple H take their fight up the entrance ramp. Jericho smashes Michaels into the ringpost and then pulls a table ringside. Jericho looks to suplex Michaels through the table but Michaels blocks it. Michaels throws Jericho back into the ring and hits a flying forearm before nipping up but Jericho takes him down and looks to lock on the walls of Jericho which Michaels counters.

Michaels hits a powerslam and then heads to the top, leaping off but Jericho gets his knees up. Jericho grabs a chair and heads up the entrance ramp but Triple H fights him off and looks for a pedigree but Jericho back body drops him on top of the ramp. Michaels makes his way up the ramp and fights off Jericho and Big Show with a chair. Big Show clotheslines Michaels and the tag team champions head back to the ring with a huge ladder. Triple H gets in the ring and lays into Jericho as Shawn Michaels battles The Big Show on the outside. Triple H hits Chris Jericho with a ladder and Shawn Michaels then slams Jericho. DX then suplex a ladder onto Jericho which I’ve never seen before! DX set up a ladder and Shawn Michaels climbs up it but Big Show takes out Triple H and then pulls Shawn Michaels down. Big Show hits Triple H with lefts and rights and Chris Jericho baseball slides a ladder into Shawn Michaels, sending him out of the ring. Jericho bulldogs Triple H into a ladder before Big Show sets the ladder up in the corner.

Chris Jericho Irish whips Triple H into the ladder in the corner and Big Show then scoops Triple H up and rams him into the ladder before hanging him upside down. Big Show Irish whips Shawn Michaels into Triple H and that looked pretty brutal. Big Show then misses with a splash in the corner which allows Triple H to hit him with a facebuster. Helmsley then swings a ladder into Big Show before throwing the ladder out of the ring into Chris Jericho! Big Show attempts a chokeslam but Triple H counters it with a suplex. Michaels then comes off the top with an elbow drop to Big Show. Michaels motions for sweet chin music but Jericho hits him with a codebreaker! Triple H then drops Jericho with a spinebuster but Big Show hits Triple H with a spear and everyone is down! Big Show sets up a ladder and starts to climb it but Triple H swings a chair into his back! Big Show no-sells and then punches the chair out of his hand!

Big Show climbs the ladder but both members of DX push over the ladder! Triple H then hits Big Show with a pedigree and Michaels sets the ladder back up. Michaels climbs the ladder but Jericho pushes it over and Michaels falls to the outside right onto Big Show. Jericho climbs the ladder and reaches the titles but Triple H goes up with him. Jericho fights him off but Triple H powerbombs him down to the mat! Triple H climbs the ladder but Big Show chokeslams him down to the mat. Big Show then pushes over the ladder and destroys it! Jericho brings a new ladder into the ring and the champions trap DX inside it. Jericho then smashes a chair into the ladder which I honestly think would have no affect at all. Big Show rips the ladder apart and then throws Triple H out of the ring. Big Show disposes of Shawn Michaels too as the crowd chant for tables. On the outside Big Show chokeslams Shawn Michaels into Triple H and both DX members crash through a table.

Jericho tries to climb half a ladder which doesn’t work. Jericho then gets on Big Show’s shoulders but can’t grab the titles. DX get back into the ring, Shawn Michaels hits sweet chin music on Big Show and Jericho falls off his shoulders and to the outside, hitting a table but not going through it. DX then dispose of Big Show! Triple H holds half the ladder up and Shawn Michaels climbs it and unclips the titles! DX win the match and the unified tag team championships tonight! A great main event.

Rating: 7.25/10

And that was TLC 2009, the final pay per view of the year. To be honest, it felt very average. Most of it was teetering just below or just above the 5 out of 10 mark. The match that kicked things off really divided people. I was a little let down by Christian and Shelton Benjamin but others felt that it was fantastic. There were too many blown spots for my liking. Both are talented guys and on another night this match could have been twice as good but tonight it wasn’t good. Christian won and has really become the face of ECW since returning to WWE earlier this year. Drew McIntyre then beat John Morrison for the Intercontinental Championship. It always looked on the cards but as the newer guys go I think I prefer Dolph Ziggler. McIntyre is a change of direction though and I can see him having a long reign following Vince McMahons approval. There are plenty of contenders for his title including John Morrison, Matt Hardy, Finlay, Rey Mysterio, Kane and R-Truth.

Michelle McCool defeated Mickie James to retain her Women’s Championship. Not a great match but Michelle is being booked as the star of the women’s division. This match just goes to show that you can be a bully and still come out a winner. Not a great message to send. I think Layla is really under-rated at the moment. She’s got a lot of charisma and is a great sidekick to McCool. Slap bang in the middle of the card was the WWE Championship match. Why not end the night with this match? Especially considering the result. Sheamus beating John Cena is a huge shocker. A complete newcomer is now WWE Champion. I don’t think he’ll be champion going into Wrestlemania but this is a great rub for Sheamus, who I have been impressed with. The finish to the match was odd though with both men losing their balance and Cena crashing through the table.

Speaking of odd finishes, Undertaker beat Batista to retain the World Heavyweight Championship next in a match with a restart. This match wasn’t as good as some of their matches in the past and I hated how it ended. Teddy Long coming out and asking for the match to be restarted? Come on. Batista is great as a heel, just give him a title run. Randy Orton beat Kofi Kingston which I think was the right result. Kofi has had a big rub through this feud but Orton is the main eventer and the guy you want to keep hot so it makes sense for him to win the blow-off. I assume this will be the end of this feud. It was a good match and a feud that has done wonders for Kofi Kingston. Then in the main event DX won the Unified Tag Team Championships from Jeri-Show. I think this was inevitable and I don’t see it being a long reign but this was a great match. Really well put together and a fun match to end the show with. It should have kicked off the show in my opinion and the Sheamus match should’ve ended it.

Overall Rating: 56.07/100 (ranked 153 out of 247)

Match Of The Night: DX vs. Chris Jericho & Big Show
Worst Match Of The Night: Michelle McCool vs. Mickie James
Surprise Of The Night: Sheamus wins the WWE Championship
Worst Booking Of The Night: Not having Sheamus and Cena close the show
Superstar Of The Night: Sheamus
TLC 2009 Will Be Remembered For: Sheamus winning the WWE Championship

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