Extreme Rules 2010

|Date: April 25, 2010
|Venue: 1st Mariner Arena |City: Baltimore, Maryland
|Attendance: 12,278 |Buys: 182,000
|Brands: Raw & Smackdown

|tweet me: @BastionBlogger

Extreme Rules is the one night a year when rules go out of the window and every match has a different stipulation. The WWE Championship is set to be defended as Batista uses his automatic rematch clause to take on John Cena in a Last Man Standing match. Batista attacked Cena on Raw a few weeks ago but Cena would get his revenge, taking out Batista and keeping him knocked out for a ten count. The World Heavyweight Championship is set to be defended in an Extreme Rules match. Chris Jericho left Wrestlemani as World Heavyweight Champion but a few days later Jack Swagger cashed in his Money In The Bank and won the title from a laying Jericho. Since then Swagger has lost a couple of matches to Randy Orton over on Raw so David Hasselhofff made the match between the two for Extreme Rules.

Edge and Chris Jericho have continued their rivalry following Wrestlemania and it was an attack from Edge on Jericho that led to Jack Swagger cashing in his Money In The Bank. Edge and Jericho would later meet in a number one contenders match for Swaggers title but the match would go to a double count-out. Edge and Jericho were then booked for a match at Extreme Rules inside a steel cage. Another rivalry that has carried over from Wrestlemania is between Sheamus and Triple H. Sheamus attacked Triple H the night after Wrestlemania with a lead pipe and so the two would be scheduled to face each other at Extreme Rules in a Street Fight.

The other Wrestlemania rematch tonight is between CM Punk and Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio beat CM Punk at Wrestlemania which meant he did not have to join the Straight-Edge society. Punk wanted another match against Mysterio and Rey said that he would only have the match if CM Punk agreed that if he lost then he would have his hair shaved bald, much like how Punk shaves the hair of his Straight-Edge society. Punk agreed to the match with the stipulation for tonight. Michelle McCool will be defending her Women’s Championship against the woman she has been bullying as of late, claiming to look like a man, Beth Phoenix. They will be battling in an extreme makeover match. Also tonight, Shad Gaspard goes one on one with his former teammate JTG after Shad attacked JTG, splitting up the long time team of Cryme Tyme. They will be fighting tonight in a strap match.

In a dark match prior to the event Kofi Kingston beat Dolph Ziggler.

A video package kicks us off highlighting the likes of Rey Mysterio and CM Punk, Edge and Chris Jericho, Triple H and Sheamus, John Cena and Batista and the World Heavyweight Championship match between Jack Swagger and Randy Orton. It’s a packed card, especially with those five matches.

Michael Cole welcomes us to Extreme Rules and we are straight into the action!

Triple H vs. Sheamus – Street Fight

It’s not often that Triple H opens a show! This is the second PPV match between these two men, Triple H beat Sheamus at Wrestlemania. Triple H’s music hits but he is nowhere to be seen. We then go to a camera in the back were Sheamus is laying into Triple H and the two men are brawling backstage! Sheamus hits Triple H with a pipe a couple of times, leaving Triple H laying! Is this match going to happen tonight?

The Unified Tag Team Champions, The Miz and Big Show are out next. The Miz reminds everybody that because The Miz beat DH Smith on Raw a couple of weeks ago, Bret Hart has to admit that Sho-Miz is the greatest tag team in WWE history. The Miz then says there is a serious lack of competition and he is begging for it. Teddy Long comes out and says that he has a team to face Sho-Miz is a non title match and if they win then they will get a future tag team title shot. The Miz tells Teddy Long that he is incompetent. Teddy Long says that he now has a second team to face the champions. The Miz carries on talking and says that Bob Barker would do a better job as GM than Teddy Long. Long now has a third team to face Sho-Miz! Teddy says that if Sho-Miz beat all three teams then maybe they deserve to be called the best team of all time but if any of the three teams beat Sho-Miz then they will get a title shot on Raw tomorrow night.

Sho-Miz (The Big Show & The Miz) vs. John Morrison & R-Truth

The first team out are R-Truth and John Morrison. These two teams battled at Wrestlemania and Sho-Miz won in less than three and a half minutes. Big Show wrestled at last years Extreme Rules PPV and lost to John Cena. Morrison quickly pins The Miz but Miz kicks out and takes the advantage. Morrison hits an arm drag and applies an armbar before tagging in R-Truth. Truth and Morrison hit a double legdrop/shooting star press. Miz tags in Big Show who throws Truth across the ring and then hits him with right hands. Big Show tags The Miz who hits a running boot for a two count. Miz applies a sleeper but Truth gets out of it and hits a flying reverse elbow. Both men make tags and Morrison hits Big Show with a dropkick, a big boot and then goes up to the middle rope but Big Show grabs him. Morrison manages to lock on a modified triangle choke. R-Truth takes out The Miz but because Morrison has the move on Big Show over the top rope the referee counts and Morrison doesn’t break the hold! John Morrison and R-Truth have been disqualified!

Sho-Miz (The Big Show & The Miz) vs. M.V.P. & Mark Henry

MVP quickly gets involved and pins Big Show but only for a two count. Big Show tags in Miz and MVP hits him with a suplex before tagging in Mark Henry. Henry hits Miz with a headbutt but misses with a splash in the corner. The Big Show sells his injuries on the outside. Mark Henry tags in MVP who hits a side suplex and a clothesline. MVP hits a facebreaker and then a ballin’ elbow drop for a two count. Big Show gets involved but MVP disposes of him. MVP then hits the playmaker on The Miz but Big Show hits him with a big right hand form the outside. Miz pins MVP and gets the three!

Sho-Miz (The Big Show & The Miz) vs. The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & DH Smith)

Bret Hart and Natalya accompany Kidd and Smith to the ring. Smith and Kidd quickly hit the Hart Attack on Miz and pin him for the three! The Hart Dynasty are the number one contenders to the tag team championships! A fun way to officially kick off the show.

Rating: 6/10

Todd Grisham is backstage to give an update on Triple H. Sheamus shows up and says he will be going to the ring to challenge Triple H later and Triple H can either man-up or forfeit.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk – If CM Punk loses then he must have his head shaved

This is the third PPV match between these two men, they have both beaten each other once before. These two men put a great match on at Wrestlemania, hopefully this will be the same. CM Punk takes the early advantage, stomping Rey into the corner. Mysterio hits a dropkick but Punk throws him out of the ring. Rey land son his feet and then hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors on the outside. Back in the ring and Rey sets Punk up for the 619 but Punk counters it and sets up for a go to sleep but Rey counters. Punk hits a powerslam for a near fall and then throws Mysterio out of the ring where Serena takes a cheap shot. Punk throws Rey into the ring and hits a rolling senton for a two count. CM Punk applies a head scissors which Rey gets out of and hits a low kick to the face for a two count.

Punk takes the advantage by smashing Rey into the middle turnbuckle. Luke Gallows then gets involved with a big right hand. Punk hits a double-underhook backbreaker for a two count and then applies a modified bow and arrow submission hold which Rey manages to slide out quickly. Punk hits a clothesline for a two count and follows it up with . couple of legdrops. Punk applies a Gory special submission hold but Rey gets out of it with an armdrag. Rey then counters a powerbomb for a two count before hitting a head-scissors onto the middle turnbuckle. Rey then heads to the top for a moonsault but CM Punk crotches him up there and sets him up for the go to sleep which Rey counters and sets up for a 619.

Serena grabs Mysterio’s leg stopping him from hitting the 619 and the referee ejects both Serena and Luke Gallows from the ringside area! That distracts Punk long enough for Mysterio to hit him with a baseball slide and a moonsault on the outside. Rey heads to the outside and hits a springboard seated senton and then looks for a springboard cross body but Punk hits him with a dropkick. Punk then heads to the top and hit a springboard flying forearm for a near fall. Rey counters a go to sleep into a victory roll for a two count. Punk is first up and kicks Mysterio back down to the canvas for a near fall. Punk looks for a running knee but Mysterio counters it and hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and then a 619! A mystery man then puts a chair in the ring! That person then hits Mysterio with an inverted powerbomb and we got a glimpse of him. Bald. The referee didn’t see it as he was putting the chair out of the ring.

Punk rolls Mysterio back into the ring and then hits him with the go to sleep! Punk hooks the leg and gets the three! CM Punk wins tonight and saves his hair! But who was it that saved CM Punk? A new member of the straight-edge society? Good match between these two but not as good as their Wrestlemania match.

Rating: 6.75/10

JTG vs. Shad Gaspard – Strap match

This is a first time match between these two former tag team partner. JTG hits Shad with some big right hands in the early going but shad takes him off his feet using the strap. Gaspard hits three top turnbuckles before JTG started whipping him with the strap. Both men are looking to carve out a singles career now. JTG then touches one turnbuckle but Shad pulls him using the strap and back body drops JTG out of the ring. Shad touches two turnbuckles but JTG stops him from touching a third. JTG uses the ring steps to his advantage and then drops Gaspard on the top rope. JTG touches one turnbuckle and then comes off the middle rope with a legdrop. JTG gets up to three turnbuckles but shad hits him with a face first side suplex. Shad drags JTG over to the corner and rams his shoulder into the ringpost. Shad chokes JTG with the strap and drags him around the ring. Shad hits three turnbuckles and JTG hits everyone too as he goes round. JTG then hits Shad with a slingblade and hits the fourth turnbuckle to win the match! JTG wins tonight! We’ve seen this finish a hundred times before in strap matches but it works. I thought Shad would win!

Rating: 4/10

Todd Grisham lets us know that it’s highly doubtful that Triple H will be able to compete tonight.

There’s a video package next for Randy Orton and Jack Swagger.

Jack Swagger (c) vs. Randy Orton – Extreme Rules match for the World Heavyweight Championship

This is a first time PPV meeting between these two men. Swagger takes Orton down early and rolls him onto his front for a one count. Lots of amateur wrestling from Swagger in the early going. He drives Orton into the corner and rams him with his shoulder. Randy then elbows Swagger off the middle rope and barely gets a one count. Orton hits a backbreaker for a two count. Swagger heads to the outside and grabs a chair but Orton kicks it out of his hands. Back in the ring and Swagger attempts a punt of his own which Orton evades and Jack then heads to the outside. Orton follows and Swagger throws him into the barricade. Swagger then hits a northern lights suplex on the outside before ramming Orton into the barricade and then into the ring apron. Back in the ring and Swagger gets a near fall.

Swagger lays into Orton on the outside and then chokes him with his boot. Swagger keeps Orton in the corner and then hits him with a suplex. The crowd get behind Orton but Swagger hits him with a belly to belly for a near fall. Swagger hits a side suplex and then throws Orton shoulder-first into the ringpost. The World Heavyweight Champion leaves the ring to grab his title belt but as he gets back into the ring Orton fights him off. Swagger hits another suplex for a two count and then a powerslam. Swagger then attempts the Vader bomb but Orton hits him with the World Heavyweight Championship belt to counter it. ORton starts to fire up with clotheslines and a powerslam for a two count. Orton then looks for the hangmans DDT but Swagger counters it by back body dropping him out of the ring. Swagger looks under the ring and pulls out a trash can but Orton takes it off him and leathers him with it!

Randy Orton continues the advantage by smashing Swagger into the announce desk a few times. Randy throws Swagger into the ring steps and then stomps Swaggers head into the steps! Orton rolls Swagger back into the ring and stomps away at him. Swagger avoids a knee drop and grabs a steel chair but Orton boots him as he’s getting back into the ring and hits him with the hangmans DDT. Orton sets a chair up in the middle of the ring and looks to RKO Swagger onto it but Swagger counters it, putting the breaks on and putting Orton through it! Swagger looks for the gut-wrench powerbomb and hits it! He hooks the leg and gets the three! Jack Swagger beats Randy Orton tonight! After the match Orton hits Swagger with an RKO on the outside.

Rating: 6.5/10

Sheamus’s music hits as Orton is walking to the back. Out comes Sheamus, carrying the steel pipe, to challenge Triple H to a match.

Todd Grisham is backstage to tell us that Triple H will not be able to compete tonight but Triple H emerges from the trainers room!

Triple H vs. Sheamus – Street Fight

This is the second PPV match between these two men, Triple H beat Sheamus at Wrestlemania. Triple H takes Sheamus down early and hits him with right hands before clotheslining the Irish Warrior out of the ring. Triple H goes after Sheamus on the outside, taking him down but it looks like he does damage to himself. Triple H throws Sheamus into the announce desk and then into the barricade. Triple H battles Sheamus up the entrance way, throwing him into the barricade and then back towards the ring, rolling Sheamus back in. Triple H hits a spinebuster and then looks for a pedigree but Triple H has an injured left arm. Sheamus takes Triple H down with a clothesline, sending him out of the ring. Sheamus clubs Triple H down to the mat and then launches him into the barricade. Back in the ring and Sheamus hits Triple H with right hands and gets a two count.

Sheamus hits Triple H with a few knee drops and gets a near fall. Sheamus hits lefts and rights, focusing on Triple H’s neck. Sheamus applies an armbar which Triple H gets out of and instinctively rolls out of the ring. Sheamus follows and takes Triple H down with a neckbreaker. Back in the ring and Sheamus runs into a boot. Triple H then throws Sheamus into the ringpost and drops him with a DDT. Sheamus is the first man up and hits a backbreaker for a two count. Sheamus then hits Triple H with right hands and then a powerslam for a two count. Sheamus picks up the pipe but Triple H sees him coming and fights Sheamus off. Triple H hits a facebreaker but Sheamus swings the pipe to Triple H’s skull and pins him but only for a two! How did Triple H kick out of that? That should’ve been it. Sheamus motions for a crucifix powerbomb but Triple H slips down and back body drops Sheamus out of the ring.

Sheamus pulls a kendo stick from under the ring but Triple H drop toe holds him into the ring steps. Triple H then picks up the kendo stick and swings it into the back of Sheamus’ head. Triple H hits Sheamus with the kendo stick multiple times across the back, chest and head. Triple H then looks for a pedigree on the entrance ramp but Sheamus back body drops him. Sheamus then hits Triple H with the brogue kick on the outside! Sheamus has a lot of marks on his back from the kendo stick shots. He rolls Triple H back into the ring and hits him with another brogue kick. The referee checks on Triple H who pushes him away and then crotch chops Sheamus. Sheamus hits Triple H with another two brogue kicks and hooks the leg for the three. Sheamus beats Triple H tonight! A predictable result considering what happened earlier. A slow burn of a match with good psychology. Sheamus attacks Triple H after the match as he is carried to the back.

Rating: 6.25/10

Edge is backstage getting ready and Josh Mathews asks him what his mindset is for tonights match. Edge says that he won’t be letting Jericho escape the cage and he won’t be trying to escape the cage either.

Michelle McCool (c) vs. Beth Phoenix – Extreme Makeover match for the WWE Women’s Championship

This is a first time pay per view singles match between Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix. McCool is joined by Layla and Vickie Guerrero. A table is set up at ringside with make-up on it. Also some mops and stuff. Michelle hits a kick and uppercut in the early going but Michelle hits a beautiful bridging cover for a one count. Beth then hits a clothesline off the middle rope for a two count. On the outside and Layla tries to get involved but Beth fights her off. Beth then takes a swing at Vickie Guerrero. Michelle sprays hair spray in the eyes of Phoenix and then pulls an ironing board from under the ring. Michelle throws the ironing board at Phoenix for a two count and then continues to use the ironing board as a weapon. Michelle then applies a body-scissors before kicking her away.

Layla hands Michelle an iron but Layla hangs on to the extension chord and it fires back. Beth rolls Michelle up for a two count but Michelle is right back on the attack, dropkicking the ironing board into Beths chest for a two count. Michelle heads to the outside and Beth dropkicks her off the apron. Layla and Vickie then get involved again and hold Beth for Michelle. Michelle sprays hair-spray but Beth ducks and Michelle sprays Layla and Vickie. Beth lays Michelle on the table and then tips her off. Beth rolls Michelle into the ring and then smashes her with a bucket three times for a near fall. Beth pops Michelle on the top rope and looks for a superplex but Vickie and Layla hit her with brooms and mops. Michelle then pushes Beth off the top rope, landing on the iron for a two count. Michelle sets up for the facebreaker but Beth counters it and hits the glam slam! Phoenix hooks the leg and gets the three! Beth Phoenix beats Michelle McCool for the Women’s Championship tonight! Three time champion! Interesting match, definitely entertaining!

Rating: 5/10

Josh Mathews is backstage with Chris Jericho. Jericho says that one loss won’t affect him going into this match. Jericho lost to Heath Slater on NXT but Jericho is a big-game player.

Edge vs. Chris Jericho – Steel Cage match

This is a second PPV meeting between these two men. Jericho beat Edge at Wrestlemania. Jericho is hesitant to get into the ring and instead grabs a steel chair but Edge baseball slides him. edge then lays into Jericho on the outside before rolling his opponent into the ring. Edge closes the cage door and the bell finally rings. Jericho looks to escape the cage early but Edge pulls him back down. Jericho fights back but Edge knocks him down with a soft clothesline. Edge slingshots Jericho who lands on the middle turnbuckle and looks to escape the cage but Edge pulls him back down into the ring. Edge throws Jericho into the side of the cage and then chokes him on the middle rope. Edge looks to spear Jericho inside the side of the cage but Jericho sidesteps it and Edge goes crashing into the cage. Jericho then hits a springboard dropkick before catapulting Edge into the bottom rope.

Jericho hits a side suplex for a two count and then applies a chinlock. “Ask him” screams Jericho, which I love. Edge fights out of the chinlock and then back body drops Jericho into the side of the cage. Edge hits a couple of clotheslines and a flapjack before hitting Jericho with the Edge-o-cution for a two count. Jericho hits a bulldog and looks for a lionsault but edge rolls out of the way and Jericho lands on his feet. Jericho tries to escape the cage again but Edge pulls him back down. Jericho manages to grab Edge’s legs and lock on the walls of Jericho! Edge makes it to the bottom rope but that doesn’t break the hold in a match like this. Edge manages to get out of the hold and hits another Edge-o-cution for a two count. Edge looks for an impaler DDT but Jericho counters it and looks for a walls of Jericho which Edge counters. Edge hits a big boot and motions for a spear but Jericho does a 180 and nearly escapes through the cage door!

Edge drags Jericho back into the ring and pulls a chair in with him. Jericho smashes the cage door into Edge’s face and there’s no reason now why Jericho can’t escape the cage. Jericho walks out, down the steps but looks back at Edge and climbs back into the ring! Jericho grabs the chair but Edge ducks the swing and spears Jericho! Edge hooks the leg but Jericho kicks out at 2! The two men are slow to get back up to their feet and it’s Jericho who hits a codebreaker! Jericho gets a near fall. This is Jericho’s 23rd PPV in a row. Nobody else has that current record. Kurt Angle has the all-time record with 34 consecutive PPV’s. Jericho climbs the cage and gets over the top with Edge in pursuit. Edge drags Jericho back over the top but Jericho crotches Edge on the top rope! Jericho climbs the cage again and gets over the top. Edge manages to stop him and climbs over with Jericho! Edge pulls Jericho on to the top of the cage where the two men slug it out. Jericho falls back into the ring and pulls Edge with him.

Back in the ring and Jericho hits a springboard codebreaker. Jericho gets a near fall and then drops Edge with a chopblock. Jericho picks up the chair but Edge moves out of the way of it. Edge throws Jericho into all four sides of the cage and Jericho once again tries to escape but Edge makes sure that he doesn’t. Edge tells Jericho that “now it ends”. Jericho crawls towards the open cage door but Edge lays into him with right hands and smashes the cage door into his ankle. Edge works the ankle of Jericho and then allows Jericho to get up to his feet before dropping him with a spear! Edge hooks the leg and gets the three! Edge beats Jericho tonight! It was a good match but a bit of a slow finish.

Rating: 7/10

There’s a video package next for John Cena and Batista.

John Cena (c) vs. Batista – Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship

This is the fourth PPV meeting between these two men. Batista has won two of thew past three, Cena beat Batista at Wrestlemania. There’s a big “Cena sucks” chant as the bell rings. Cena hits a shoulder charge in the early going causing Batista to roll out of the ring. Batista gets back into the ring and Cena hits another shoulder charge! Batista rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair, swinging it at Cena who gets out of the way. Cena hits a bulldog and a fishermans suplex but then runs into Batista’ elbow. The referee is always counting in this type of match. Batista hits an Irish whip and a clothesline and the referee counts Cena down for 5. Batista hits a running boot but Cena attempts the attitude adjustment just for Batista to slip down and ram Cena into the ring post. Batista hits a chopblock and then a double dropkick to the knees.

Batista pulls Cena to the apron and rams the back of his knee into the ring apron before grabbing a steel chair and jabbing it into Cena’s knee. Batista continues to work the left knee of the WWE Champion before hitting a clothesline and a suplex. Cena rolls out of the ring, Batista follows and Cena throws Batista into the ring steps. Back in the ring and it’s advantage Batista as he locks on a figure four. Cena reverses the figure four, putting the pressure on Batista who quickly breaks the hold. Both men get to their feet and knock each other down with simultaneous clotheslines. Both men get up again and Cena hits a couple of shoulder charges, a side suplex and then motions for the five knuckle shuffle which he hits. Batista rolls out of the ring and grabs a wrench from under the ring, jabbing it into Cena’s middle section.

Batista rolls Cena back into the ring and looks to hit him with a steel chair but Cena picks Batista up and hits him with an attitude adjustment onto the chair! Batista gets up to his feet at 9 as Cena goes to the top. Batista shoves the referee into the ropes, crotching Cena on the top rope. Cena gets up but Batista takes him back down with a spear. Cena gets up at 6 and Batista takes him back down with another spear! Cena gets back up to his feet at the count of 8 and Batista reaches under the ring again, emptying out a toolbox and then pulling out a table. Batista sets up a table in the corner but Cena takes him down with a drop toe hold. Cena looks for an STF but Batista kicks him through the table that he just set up. Cena gets up to his feet but Batista takes him outside and rams him into the ringpost. Batista throws Cena through the barricade and he gets to his feet at the count of 8. Batista then takes apart the announce desk, throwing a monitor at Michael Cole as he does.

Batista pulls the ring steps over by the announce desk. He takes Cena up the steps and sets up for a Batista bomb but Cena counters it and hits the attitude adjustment on Batista through the table! Batista just beats the count of ten which he didn’t really look like he beat but apparently he did. Cena pulls a table out from under the ring and slides it into the ring, setting it up. John rolls Batista back into the ring and sets up for an attitude adjustment but Batista counters it and spinebusters Cena through the table! Cena gets back up to his feet at the count of 8 but Batista takes him right back down with a Batista bomb! Cena gets up at the count of 9 and so Batista exits the ring and slides in the ring steps. Cena manages to hit a drop toe hold and locks on an STF! Batista taps out but it doesn’t count in this match. The referee counts but Batista gets up at 9. Cena crotches Batista around the ringpost and then uses duct tape to tie Batista’s feet together around the ringpost!

The referee counts and Batista can’t break free! John Cena wins the match and retains the WWE Championship! A brilliant finish to a really good match tonight.

Rating: 7.5/10

And that was Extreme Rules 2010. It felt like a pretty decent show. There was nothing bad on it. I like a thread to a show and the thread to this one was Sheamus attacking Triple H backstage and whether their match would happen. I think it was obvious where it was going to go with Triple H defying the odds but losing in the end. The match itself was decent enough with Sheamus taking it to Triple H the whole match until Triple H could go no longer. Sheamus got his win back from Wrestlemania but I think there will be a rubber match between the two probably under another stipulation like Hell In A Cell. A tag team gauntlet match would kick off the show which I liked, they used to have a lot of these in the attitude era. The Miz and Big Show would see off John Morrison and R-Truth and MVP and Mark Henry before The Hart Dynasty would win the Tag Team Championships. I like Tyson Kidd and DH Smith and I’m looking forward to seeing them have a run with the titles. Big Show and Miz can go their own ways. The tag team titles have really been elevated over the past year so I hope this continues going forward.

CM Punk beat Rey Mysterio to keep his hair next. I don’t think this match was as good as their match at Wrestlemania but it was still a decent match. The talking point in this one was the mystery man that helped CM Punk win. A new member of the Straight-Edge Society? He looked like a smaller guy. I’m all for a surprise heel turn! Punk and Mysterio both have one win a piece so a rubber match between these two men wouldn’t surprise me either. JTG and Shad Gaspard collided next and I like a lower card match on pay per view, it gives other guys exposure. JTG won the match which surprised me a little, I thought they were going with Shad. The finish to this match was like 90% of the finisher we have seen in strap matches. It works but it’s predictable. JTG with the big win tonight.

Jack Swagger beat Randy Orton cleanly next. This was a huge win for Swagger, probably the biggest of his career to beat an established star cleanly. The match was decent although nothing spectacular and I wasn’t a big fan of having a Raw guy challenge for a Smackdown championship even though they did a good job of making sense of it all. A good win for Swagger tonight. Sheamus beat Triple H next and then it was the “Extreme Makeover match” which is a ridiculous stipulation and one that the girls are better than. Beth Phoenix overcame the odds and beat Michelle McCool for the Women’s Championship despite interference from Layla and Vickie Guerrero. I surprising result considering the push that McCool has been receiving as of late but with the draft around the corner, maybe Lay-Cool are off to Raw.

Edge and Chris Jericho was the third Wrestlemania rematch of the night and like the previous two rematches the result was the opposite to Wrestlemania. Edge won this one after a big spear. This was a good match, nothing amazing but a good match. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chris Jericho go back to Raw in the draft, I know he prefers to be on that show. Edge could feud with Swagger going forward. John Cena then beat Batista to retain the WWE Championship. I quite like the way Cena beat Batista, taping him up so he couldn’t move. It’s arguably a cheap win, if a win at all because Batista could have carried on but just couldn’t move his feet. It’s a win for Cena who now has consecutive wins over Batista but Batista won’t be happy with how he lost, don’t be surprised to see this feud continue.

Overall Rating: 61.25/100 (ranked joint 75th out of 251)

Match Of The Night: John Cena vs. Batista
Worst Match Of The Night: JTG vs. Shad Gaspard
Surprise Of The Night: The Hart Dynasty win the Tag Team Championships
Worst Booking Of The Night: JTG beats Shad Gaspard
Superstar Of The Night: Sheamus
Extreme Rules 2010 Will Be Remembered For: John Cena taping Batista around the ring post.

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