Wrestlemania 27

|Date: April 3rd, 2011
|Venue: Georgia Dome |City: Atlanta, Georgia
|Attendance: 71,617 |Buys: 1,124,000
|Brands: Raw & Smackdown

|tweet me: @BastionBlogger

The Biggest Wrestlemania Ever. It’s the 27th edition of the biggest show of the year and this show has the biggest buyrate in history up to this point. It’s a four hour spectacular with 8 huge match-ups. The main event will be for the WWE Championship. The Miz retained his WWE Championship against Jerry “The King” Lawler at Elimination Chamber which means that he goes into Wrestlemania as champion, taking on the man that won a number one contenders Elimination Chamber match, John Cena. Since then The Rock has been introduced as the host of Wrestlemania and has already got into a war of words with John Cena, and to a lesser extent, The Miz. It has got heated between Cena and The Rock with Miz just staring in from the outside for the most part. On the go-home Raw last week John Cena planted The Rock with an attitude adjustment.

The World Heavyweight Championship is also to be defended and the only other title match expected on the main show tonight. Edge won his Elimination Chamber match last month to retain his title and takes on the winner of this years Royal Rumble match, Alberto Del Rio. Since then Alberto Del Rio along with his ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez and ally Brodus Clay, have attacked Edge on numerous occasions. Edge’s brother/friend Christian has come to Edge’s rescue and will be in Edge’ corner tonight. The third main event for tonight pits The Undertaker against Triple H. Undertaker returned to the WWE a few weeks ago and was immediatly interrupted by Triple H. Without saying a word the match between the two men was made for Wrestlemania with Triple H hoping to be the man to beat Undertakers streak, something his best friend Shawn Michaels could not do.

At the Royal Rumble event CM Punk cost Randy Orton his WWE Championship match against The Miz. CM Punk would then eliminate Randy Orton from the Elimination Chamber match last month after being allowed to re-enter the match by the anonymous Raw general manager. Orton and Punk would then agree to wrestle at Wrestlemania but Orton vowed to take out The Nexus so they would not be in Punks corner. Orton would punt Harris, McGillicutty, Otunga and finally Mason Ryan which leaves tonights contest as a one on one match with nobody in CM Punks corner. The Corre will be inaction tonight as Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater take on the men they have attacked over recent weeks, The Big Show, Kane, Santino and Vladimir Kozlov. Slater and Gabriel defeated Santino and Kozlov for the tag team championships and since then Wade Barrett beat Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship. There’s a rumour that Kozlov is unable to compete tonight. Could there be trouble in paradise?

One of the more ridiculous rivalries over the past few months has been between Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler. Cole has taken shots at Lawlers family which led Lawler to challenge Cole to a match at Wrestlemania. Michael Cole would accept and then introduce Jack Swagger as the man training him for the match. Since then Michael Cole has bought out Lawlers son Brian Christopher to berate Jerry and embarrass him. Cole would then introduce John “Bradshaw” Layfield as the special guest referee for the Wrestlemania match but “Stone Cold” Steve Austin interrupted the moment, stunned Layfield and singed the contract himself! So Steve Austin will be the special guest referee. Cole has since attacked Jim Ross, locking on the ankle lock which Jack Swagger had taught him.

An on-going rivalry that has taken up most of this year has been between Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes. Mysterio hit Rhodes with a 619 but Mysterio’s kneepad was exposed. This move damaged Rhodes’ face, causing him to lose his dashing good looks and to wear a protective mask of his own. Even Cody’s father Dusty got involved, asking Cody to apologise to Rey only for it to be a setup and Rhodes would attack Mysterio and unmask him. Mysterio and Cody go one on one tonight. Also tonight, a six person tag team match with Dolph Ziggler teaming up with Michelle McCool and Layla to take on the team of John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Jersey Shore’s Snooki.

In a dark match prior to the event, a lumberjack match between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus for the United States Championship ended in a no contest and resulted in a battle royal involving all of the lumberjacks which The Great Khali would go on to win.

Wrestlemania kicks off with Keri Hilson singing America The Beautiful.

There’s a video package that kicks off with an entertaining voiceover. It’s short and sweet and doesn’t concentrate on any matches but does end with an introduction to tonights host, The Rock.

The Rock comes out and milks his entrance. He promises that this will be the most electrifying Wrestlemania of all time. He then has a few choice words for John Cena before drinking some water. I think I prefer heel Rock. Some of this is pretty corny.

There is another video package. This one concentrates on the history of Wrestlemania, moments like Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin winning their first WWE Championships and Hogan and Andre face to face. The package then focuses on The Rock, Triple H and The Undertaker, Miz and John Cena, Alberto Del Rio and Edge.

Michael Cole welcomes us to the fabric of America, the pinnacle of entertainment, Wrestlemania. Cole is in his Cole Mine. Josh Mathews and Jerry Lawler are also on commentary tonight.

Edge (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio – World Heavyweight Championship match

We are kicking off the show in a big way! This is a first time PPV singles match between these two men. Del Rio makes his Wrestlemania debut in a cool way, coming out in his Rolls Royce with an image of his huge house in the background. He’s introduced by his ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez. Edge has a 5-4 record at Wrestlemania. Alberto also has Brodus Clay in his corner. Edge has Christian in his and Christian gets his own entrance. They have the giant video cube in the ring for thus event. Both men have smiles on their face as the bell rings. Alberto shoves Edge in the early going and edge responds with a slap. Edge has battled over the World Heavyweight Championship at the last three Wrestlemania’s and he lost all three.

The two men slug it out with neither man gaining a clear advantage. Edge back body drops Del Rio out of the ring and looks for a baseball slide but Del Rio sidesteps it, throws Edge into the barricade and then into the ring steps as Christian looks on. Back in the ring and Del Rio applies an armbar. Alberto continues to work the left arm of Edge, knocking him out of the ring in front of big Brodus Clay. Edge then smashes Edge’s arm into the announce desk before sliding Edge back into the ring for the first near fall of the match. Del Rio then re-applies the armbar which Edge gets out of. Del Rio looks for a running something but Edge sidesteps it and Del Rio goes flying out of the ring. Edge then dives out at Del Rio before rolling him back into the ring. Edge goes up to the top but Del Rio hits an arm drag on Edge from the top for a two count. Edge hits a spinning heel kick and a big boot before hitting a flying forearm, clothesline and a flapjack for a near fall.

Alberto Del Rio hits a double knees to the arm and then looks for the cross arm breaker for Edge counters it with an Edge-o-cution for a two count. Edge rolls Del Rio up but Del Rio reverses it and then looks to lock on the cross arm breaker but Edge quickly gets to the ropes. Edge drops Del Rio on the top rope and then climbs up to the top but Del Rio hits him with an impressive enzeguri for a two count. Edge got his foot to the bottom rope but Ricardo Rodriguez knocked it off! Christian then looks to take out Rodriguez but Brodus Clay takes out Christian. Edge hits Del Rio with an implant DDT and then motions for a spear! Del Rio sidesteps the spear and Brodus Clay then smashes Edge’s arm into the ringpost as Ricardo Rodriguez distracts the referee. Del Rio then locks on the cross arm breaker! Edge manages to roll Del Rio on to his back for a near fall. Edge then locks on a submission hold of his own!

Del Rio looks to crawl to the bottom rope where Brodus Clay is but Christian takes out Clay with a tornado DDT. Del Rio then breaks the submission but Edge hits him with a spear! That’s enough for the three! Edge retains his World Heavyweight Championship tonight! A good way to kick off the show. The crowd seems a bit flat in parts but Edge retains his title tonight. Edge and Christian then destroys Alberto Del Rio’s Rolls Royce after the match.

Rating: 7/10

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

This is a first time PPV singles match between these two men. Rey Mysterio is 4-2 at Wrestlemania events, Cody is 0-1. Mysterio is dressed in a Captain America themed gear. Cody is wearing a protective mask of his own these days. The bell rings and Rhodes back body drops Rey onto the apron. Mysterio goes to the top ands hits a hurricanrana on Cody. Cody gets back into it with a flying forearm and then hits a hard Irish whip. Rey is looking to be the first man tonight to have back to back Wrestlemania wins following his victory over CM Punk last year. Rhodes headbutts Rey using his protective mask and then hits a springboard kick for a two count. Rhodes applies a camel clutch which Mysterio gets out of. Rey hits a big boot and looks for a tilt-a-whirl headscissors but Cody counters it with an Alabama Slam for a two count. Rhodes’ first tag team partner was Hardcore Holly who used that move frequently.

Cody looks to rip Rey Mysterio’s knee brace off but Rey kicks him away. Rhodes applies a nerve hold but Rey gets out of it. Rey heads to the top but Cody goes up with him and hits a stalling superplex for a two count. Cody sets up for cross-Rhodes but Rey counters it and arm-drags Cody out of the ring. Rey hits a baseball slide and looks for a second but Cody counters it. Rey hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and then rolls Rhodes back into the ring before heading to the top and hitting a seated senton. Rhodes hits a German suplex for a near fall. Rey hits a springboard tilt-a-whirl head scissors and then sets up for the 619 but Rhodes catches him. Cody catapults Rey into the middle rope for a two count and then exposes Mysterio’s knee brace before taking it off! Rey hits some right hands and then a moonsault for a two count.

Rey takes off Cody’s mask and then sets him up for the 619 which he hits to the exposed face! Rey goes to the top and looks for a splash but Cody gets his knees up, Rey looked like he managed to block the knees and then hits a dropkick for a two count. Mysterio then puts on Cody’s mask and hits Rhodes with headbutts. Rey heads to the top and hits a splash for a two count. Rey takes off the mask and looks to dive to the outside at Cody but Rhodes smashes Rey with his own knee brace! Rhodes then hits cross-Rhodes and that’s enough for the three! Cody Rhodes beats Rey Mysterio tonight!

Rating: 6.5/10

Apparently Snoop Dogg is here.

The Big Show, Kane, Santino & Kofi Kingston vs. The Corre (Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater)

This match gives all four members of The Corre a Wrestlemania debut. We are told that Vladimir Kozlov was attacked by The Corre at Wrestlemania Axxess. Kofi Kingston replaces Kozlov in this match. The Big Show is 2-8 at Wrestlemania, Kane is 5-7, Kofi is 0-2 and Santino is technically 1-0 after he won a divas battle royal a couple of years ago as Santina. It’s Santino that starts the match, running at Heath Slater but he misses and Slater takes Santino down. Santino ducks a clothesline and hits a hiptoss before tagging in The Big Show. Show hits Slater with a couple of clotheslines and a back body drop before squashing him in the corner. Big Show motions for a chokeslam but in comes Ezekiel Jackson with a clothesline. Kane then comes in and takes out Jackson and Gabriel. Wade Barrett takes down Kane and then Kofi Kinston hits Barrett with trouble in paradise.

Santino sets up for the cobra and hits Heath Slater with it. Big Show hits Slater with the knock out punch and that’s it! Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston and Santino get the big win in a match that only Santino, Big Show and Heath Slater were officially involved in. I can’t even rate this.

Rating: N/A

The Rock is backstage with Eve congratulating her on her Divas Championship win. He lets her feel his bicep. The Rock then tells Eve that whoever comes around the corner next, The Rock will create a magical moment with them. The Rock turns around and it’s Mae Young. Mae wants the people’s strudel. The Rock says that Mae should be craving other strudels like Moses. The Rock introduces Mae to Eve, just like her childhood friend Adam and Eve. Eve escorts Mae Young off to her seat and Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives. The two men have a bit of an awkward exchange and then shake hands.

There’s a video package next for Randy Orton and CM Punk.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

This is actually a first time singles PPV match between these two men. Orton is 3-4 at Wrestlemania, Punk is 2-2. CM Punk gets a decent pop. Punk tries to take out Ortons injured leg in the early going but Randy fights him off with right hands and a clothesline. Orton clotheslines Punk out of the ring and hits him with uppercuts. Orton attempts to throw Punk into the ring steps but Punk jumps over the steps and kicks them into Ortons knee. Punk rolls Randy back into the ring and then heads to the top and hits a cross body for a near fall. Orton hits a backbreaker but sells his right knee. Orton hits a right hand a kick but Punk targets Ortons knee to take the advantage. Punk continues to work on Ortons knee and then hits a running knee in the corner for a two count. Punk pops Orton on the top and then ties him up in a tree of woe. Punk goes to the top and hits a double knees to the sternum of Orton for a two count.

CM Punk motions for a go to sleep but Orton counters the move and looks for an RKO just for Punk to kick Orton in the face. Punk heads to the top but Orton crotches him up there. Orton hits a superplex for a near fall. Punk slides out of the ring and then crotches Orton around the ringpost before locking on a figure four around the post! Punk breaks the hold but applies a figure four in the middle of the ring. Orton headbutts his way out of the hold and then hits a couple of clotheslines and a powerslam. Randy hits a Lou Thesz press and lays in some right hands and then an Angle slam for a near fall. Punk hits some kicks and then locks on the anaconda vice! Orton breaks the hold and manages to hit the hangmans DDT. Orton then looks to punt Punks head but Randy’s leg gives out! Orton then looks to hit an RKO out of nowhere but Punk manages to escape it! Punk looks for a springboard something but Orton counters with an RKO! Randy hooks the leg and beats CM Punk tonight! A pretty slow match but not a bad one. Great psychology.

Rating: 6/10

The Rock is backstage with Mene Gene. The Rock is concerned about The Rock’s number fan fan confronting him. Gene tells him that’s already here. Its Peewee Herman! Mene Gene walks in wearing John Cena merchandise so Herman says he wants to be on team bring it.

The Hall Of Famers are out for a wave. Abdullah The Butcher, Sunny, Animal and Paul Ellering, Drew Carey, Bullet bob Armstrong, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and finally Shawn Michaels who gets his own entrance.

Booker T and Jim Ross are introduced as commentators for the next match as the two main commentators are in action next!

Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Michael Cole – Steve Austin as special guest referee

Michael Cole makes his entrance berating Jim Ross and then Jerry Lawler. This is an in-ring PPV debut for Michael Cole and a Wrestlemania debut for Jerry Lawler. Jack Swagger is out next but his entrance in interrupted by Stone Cold Steve Austin who comes out on a quadbike, scaring Cole back into his Cole-mine. The bell rings and with Cole still in his Cole-mine, Lawler goes after Jack Swagger, throwing him into the barricade. Cole begs for forgiveness from Lawler and extends his hand but Lawler pulls him into the perspex. Lawler then climbs into the Cole-mine and smashes Cole into every side of it. Lawler through Cole out of the box and smashes him into the podium with the laptop on before rolling him into the ring. Jack Swagger then attacks Lawler from behind. Swagger then quickly locks on the ankle lock and Michael Cole demands that Austin counts out Lawler. Austin counts very slowly.

Lawler gets back into the ring and Cole bounces on his ankle. Cole wraps Lawlers leg around the bottom rope, putting the pressure on. Swagger continues to yell instructions at Cole, telling him to kick Lawlers leg which he does. Cole has the most ridiculous wrestling gear. An orange singlet. Cole looks for a Vader bomb and hits it off the bottom rope for a two count. God this is awful. Cole continues to work the left leg of Lawler and then the right one. He pulls down the straps and then locks on the ankle lock! Or the an-Cole lock as he is calling it. Lawler kicks Cole away and then lays in some more stomps. Swagger then throws in the towel and calls for the bell. Austin picks up the towel, wipes off some sweat and throws it back at Swagger! Swagger gets in the ring and Austin hits him with a stunner! Cole gets up to his feet and says he can’t continue and then he shouts at Austin! Lawler hits Cole with a big right hand and then a couple more.

Jerry Lawler hits a fist drop and then lays in more right hands. Lawler hits a fistdrop off the middle rope before pulling Cole up to his feet. Lawler then locks on an ankle lock of his own! Michael Cole taps out but Austin won’t call for the bell! He finally does and Jerry Lawler is announced the winner! Jerry Lawler with a big victory over Michael Cole tonight. Jack Swagger carries Cole to the back. Austin and Lawler share a beer and are joined by Booker T. Booker T gives a spin-er-oonie and Austin hits him with a stunner. The Raw General Manager then emails in to say that Austin has over-stepped the mark as referee and the decision has been reversed. Michael Cole is the winner tonight! Josh Mathews gets a stunner for delivering the message!

Rating: 2/10

There’s a VT next showing all the activities from Wrestlemania week.

And there’s another video package next. This one for Undertaker and Triple H.

The Undertaker vs. Triple H – No Holds Barred Match

This is the fourth PPV match between these two men, The Undertaker is 2-1 up from their previous matches. As Wrestlemania records go, The Undertaker has an 18-0 record, Triple H is 7-7. This match certainly has a big fight feel to it. The bell rings and the two men get right into it with lefts and rights. Undertaker throws Triple H out of the ring and the two men slug it out on the outside. Undertaker throws Triple H face-first into the ring steps and then takes apart the Spanish announce table. Before he can do anything though Triple H spears The Undertaker through the Cole-mine! The fight goes back into the ring where Undertaker hits one of his big trademark clotheslines. Undertaker then heads to the top, looking for his old school hit but Triple H throws him off the top. Triple H then clotheslines Undertaker out of the ring. Triple H throws Undertaker into the barricade and then takes apart the English announce desk.

Triple H bounces Undertaker off the announce desk and then sets up for a pedigree on the desk but Undertaker back body drops The Game down to the floor below. Undertaker then gets back into the ring before diving back over the top and taking out Triple H. These two men have wrestled more PPV matches than anyone else in history, there is an argument that these are the two greatest of all time. Undertaker smashes Triple H off the ring steps and then sets up for a tombstone on the steps but Triple H counters with a headbutt. Undertaker then runs at Triple H who sees him coming and hits Undertaker with a spinebuster through the Spanish announce desk! Triple H rolls Undertaker into the ring but Undertaker hits Triple H with a chokeslam for the first near fall of the match. Undertaker hits a headbutt and then looks for the last ride but Triple H counters it.

Triple H lands some right hands in the corner. Last ride coming? Yes, Undertaker goes for it but Triple H counters. Undertaker then hits snake eyes before running into a spinebuster for a two count. Triple H leaves the ring to grab a chair. Undertaker sees him coming and hits a big boot before picking up the chair himself and smashing it across Triple H’s back. Undertaker looks to swing it again but Triple H counters and hits the pedigree! Triple H gets a near fall for the first false finish of the match. Undertaker hits the last ride for a two count and then motions for a tombstone. Undertaker scoops Triple H up and hits the tombstone! Triple H kicks out at 2! Both men get to their feet and Triple H hits a DDT onto a chair and both men are down! They get to their feet and Triple H hits another pedigree for another near fall. Triple H pulls Undertaker up to his feet and hits him with a third pedigree! He hooks the leg and again Undertaker kicks out!

Triple H picks up the chair and smashes The Undertaker with it nine times. There are a few boo’s at this point, nobody wants to see Triple H win this. Undertaker slowly gets up to his feet but Triple H knocks him straight back down with a chair shot to the head. Triple H screams at Undertaker to stay down. Undertaker grabs Triple H by the throat but Triple H just swats his hand away. Triple H scoops Undertaker up for a tombstone and hits it! Undertaker kicks out at 2! Triple H leaves the ring and grabs his trusty sledgehammer. He drags Undertaker to the middle of the ring but Undertaker locks the hells gate submission! Triple H fades but manages to reach his sledgehammer but drops it and taps out! The Undertaker wins tonight to extend his streak to 19-0! This felt like an epic although not as good as Undertakers matches with Shawn Michaels the two previous years.

After the match Triple H is the man to get to his feet and walk to the back whilst The Undertaker only just manages to roll out of the ring before a stretcher comes to take him back.

Rating: 8.5/10

Vickie Guerrero is out next and she introduces her team for the next match.

John Morrison, Trish Stratus & Snooki vs. Dolph Ziggler, Michelle McCool & Layla – Six person tag team match

Well this one should be interesting. As Wrestlemania records go, John Morrison is 0-2, Trish Stratus is 2-2, Dolph Ziggler is 0-1, Michelle McCool and Layla are 1-1. Snooki makes her wrestling debut tonight. Lay-Cool attacks Trish and Snooki as they get into the ring. Dolph berates Snooki and you hear him say “slap me” and so she does. Michelle and Layla then argue over who should start the match and Michelle shoves Layla. McCool starts the match against Trish. Trish hits some chops and then avoids a clothesline with the ma-Trish but McCool kicks her down to the mat and then sets up for the facebreaker but Trish counters with a facebuster of her own. Michelle takes the advantage with an elbow and then goes up to the top but Trish looks for her top rope hurricanrana. McCool counters that and the two girls slug it out on the top rope before both go crashing to the outside.

Trish shoves Michelle into the barricade and Layla marshes over but Trish takes her down too before going up to the apron and diving at both girls with a clothesline. Back in the ring and Trish aboids a boot resulting in Michelle nailing Layla. Trish then hits Michelle with a chick kick for a two count. Dolph Ziggler broke up the fall so John Morrison clotheslines him out of the ring before hitting a corkscrew moonsault to the outside on Dolph! Trish then tags in Snooki to boo’s from the capacity crowd. She hits a handspring elbow on Michelle and then a cartwheel splash which is enough for the three! John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki win the match! This match was mostly Michelle and Trish. It was fairly entertaining. Not enough Ziggler and Morrison.

Rating: 3.5/10

The Miz (c) vs. John Cena – WWE Championship match

There is a really nice video introduction for this match with Miz’s highlights cut between some of the greatest Wrestlemania moments ever to Nas’s “Hate Me Now”. This is a second PPV meeting between these two men, John Cena previously beat The Miz at The Bash 2009. John Cena is 6-1 at Wrestlemania, The Miz is 1-0. The Miz is joined by Alex Riley and has a big entrance with pyro. Cena has a choir for his entrance which is even cooler. Cena gets a lot of boo’s. This is a fourth PPV title defence for The Miz. The Miz starts the match with a headlock but Cena gets out of that using his power. Miz goes back to the headlock but Cena gets out of that again. Cena hits a hiptoss to boo’s from the crowd. Miz lays in some boots in the corner and then hits an Irish whip and his trademark clothesline for a two count. Miz hits some left hands but Cena comes back with a gut-wrench powerbomb for a two count. I don’t think I’ve seen Cena use that move before.

The Miz hits a modified Rock Bottom for a two count, another move I’ve not seen before. The Miz then looks to hit his trademark clothesline again but Cena moves out of the way and then hits a top rope fame-asser for a two count. Miz avoids a splash in the corner and hits a running boot for a two count. Miz then hits a big boot for another two count. Miz hits more left hands and boots before avoiding a running shoulder charge. Cena falls to the outside but Miz rolls him back in, hitting him with a knee lift for a two count. Cena hits a couple of shoulder charges and a side suplex before hitting the five knuckle shuffle and setting up for the attitude adjustment but Miz counters it with a DDT for a near fall. Miz hits a drop toe hold and looks for the STF but Miz kicks him away and hits the neckbreaker/backbreaker combo. Miz takes off one of the top turnbuckles but the referee sees it and puts it back on. Cena rolls Miz up behind the referees back but by the time the referee sees it Miz kicks out.

Miz looks to smashes Cena into the exposed top turnbuckle but Cena avoids it. Cena then locks on the STF but Miz quickly gets to the ropes. With Miz distracting the referee, Alex Riley smashes Cena into the exposed turnbuckle. Miz then hits the skull-crushing finale but Cena kicks out at 2! Miz looks for a clothesline but Cena avoids it and Miz takes out the referee! Cena then hits Miz with the attitude adjustment but the referee is down! Alex Riley gets in the ring and smashes a metal briefcase into Cena’s face. Miz hooks the leg and the referee comes round but Cena kicks out at 2. Riley berates the referee which distracts Mike Chioda. Miz then grabs the briefcase and looks to hit Cena with it but Cena ducks and Miz launches it into Riley! Cena hits Miz with another attitude adjustment but Miz kicks out at 2! Miz rolls to the outside where Cena clotheslines him over the timekeepers barricade. Cena then spears Miz over the barricade and onto the concrete!

The referee counts to ten, counting both men out! The announcement is made that this match is a draw! Which means The Miz retains the WWE Championship. Could this be the most disappointing finish to a Wrestlemania main event ever? The Rock’s music then hits and out walks The Rock! The Rock gets in the ring and the anonymous Raw General Managers email alert goes off. The Rock lifts up the laptop lid (where a sheet of paper is on the keyboard) and says that it doesn’t matter what you think! He throws the laptop on the floor and then restarts the match! No disqualification, no count out, no time limit, no crying to your mama! Cena rolls The Miz into the ring and the bell rings. Cena looks for an attitude adjustment but Miz manages to escape it on to the apron. Cena then turns around and ThE Rock hits Cena with a Rock Bottom! Miz crawls on top of Cena and gets the three! The Miz beats John Cena tonight thanks to The Rock!

After the match The Rock goes after The Miz. Rock hits Miz with the People’s elbow! It’s The Rocks music that ends Wrestlemania!

Rating: 7/10

And that was Wrestlemania 27! It had a lot of good matches, I was quite impressed. There was a sprinkling of crap in it though but at least some of it was entertaining crap. Edge and Alberto Del Rio kicked off the show which I was surprised about. It was a great way to open the show though, it was a match that could’ve gone either way but Edge won the match in the end, beating the Royal Rumble winner. It looks like Christian is going to get involved in the feud. But this is actually Edge’s final ever match as he is forced into retirement with a neck injury. He retires as World Heavyweight Champion. Alberto Del Rio is a star and I’m sure he will go on to do big things. Cody Rhodes then beat Rey Mysterio is a good match. With Cody winning in dirty fashion it suggests that this feud will continue. It’s been a good feud to be honest, I think Cody Rhodes is a smart guy.

Next up was the eight man tag match and this was 100% filler. It lasted a minute and a half and only three men of the eight were in the match legally. Heath Slater was the only member of Thee Corre whilst Santino and Big Show represented the babyfaces. Big Show, Kane, Santino and Kofi Kingston won the match. I’m glad Kofi got on the card, he deserved to be on it. Randy Orton then beat CM Punk in a decent match. It had a slow pace to it like most of Randy Orton’s matches but it was good. The result could have gone either way but at Wrestlemania you expect most of the babyfaces to win. Not too much to say about this one. I don’t know if the feud will continue. Next up was Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. This was every bit as terrible as I thought it would be. Lawler won the match but the anonymous Raw General Manager then reversed the result and announced Cole as the winner. I actually like Michael Cole as a heel. No idea if this feud will continue. It probably will but I don’t think I could watch another match between the two.

The Undertaker and Triple H were up next and this match really was an epic. I don’t think it was as good as Undertakers matches with Shawn Michaels but it was still a classic. Undertaker won which I’m happy about, I don’t want that streak coming to an end. Both men put it all on the line and in the end it was Undertaker that got the win but it was Triple H who was the man to walk to the back unaided. Both men seem to be part time nowadays so I don’t expect this feud to continue. It would be nice if they were both around more though. Then came the six person tag team match which was fairly entertaining but not one for the purists. What Snooki was doing in this match I do not know. John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler didn’t even get involved really. This match was about the women. It was nice to see Trish Stratus back in action but it was a novelty act really. I doubt there’ll be any fallout. It was what it was.

Then in the main event The Miz defeated John Cena. I quite liked this match although I know others didn’t like it so much. This whole build had been about John Cena and The Rock and this continued into the match as The Rock would cost Cena the title. It was really unexpected, I was sure Cena would take the title tonight. I didn’t like the false finish, I didn’t see much point in that. Miz wins though and it’ll be interesting to see if this feud with John Cena and The Rock goes anywhere. Overall a decent enough Wrestlemania, obviously you should go and watch it, there were a few good matches, especially the Undertaker/Triple H match. you just have to skip through Lawler/Cole, the 8 man tag and the 6 person tag.

Overall Rating: 57.8/100 (ranked joint 135th out of 263)

Match Of The Night: The Undertaker vs. Triple H
Worst Match Of The Night: Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole
Surprise Of The Night: The Miz beats John Cena
Worst Booking Of The Night: Snooki being on the show
Superstar Of The Night: The Miz
Wrestlemania 27 will Be Remembered For: The last match for Edge, the Undertaker/Triple H epic and The Rock costing John Cena the WWE Championship

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  1. The battle royal won by Khali marked the beginning of the Usos’ WrestleMania pre-show streak, which – SPOILER – will end at WrestleMania 33 in 2017.

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