Extreme Rules 2011

|Date: May 1, 2011
|Venue: At Pete Times Forum |City: Tampa, Florida
|Attendance: 10,000 |Buys: 209,000
|Brands: Raw & Smackdown

|tweet me: @BastionBlogger

Extreme Rules in the one night a year where everything goes in every match. Tonight there are eight matches and it comes hot off the heels of the annual WWE draft. So for a lot of these matches, it will be the last time we see them for a while. The WWE Championship is set to be defended in a triple threat match. A gauntlet originally decided who would face Miz tonight and when it came down to John Cena and R-Truth, both The Miz and Alex Riley got involved causing a double disqualification. The anonymous Raw General Manager would make the announcement that Miz would defend against John Cena and R-Truth in a triple threat cage match at Extreme Rules but everything would change the next night on Raw. John Morrison challenged R-Truth for his spot in the main event, Truth accepted and John Morrison won. Truth has since turned heel on R-Truth, attacking his former tag team partner., Tonight Miz defends against John Cena and John Morrison.

The world Heavyweight Championship is also set to be defended. Edge announced a couple of weeks ago that he has a career-ending neck injury and has had to retire, thus relinquishing the World Heavyweight title. Number one contender Alberto Del Rio was told that he would battle for the title at Extreme Rules against the winner of a battle royal. Christian would win the battle royal and gets his shot tonight in the match Del Rio was scheduled to face Edge in, a ladder match. What makes this more interesting is that Alberto Del Rio was drafted to Raw last week. Two former friends also go one on one tonight as Layla and Michelle McCool go one on one. The two girls have tried couples therapy but it hasn’t worked so they battle tonight and have even agreed that the loser will have to leave WWE.

There are two Wrestlemania rematches tonight. The first pits Randy Orton against CM Punk as their rivalry continues. The Nexus has continued to attack Randy Orton but tonight the two meet in a Last Man Standing match. Randy Orton has been drafted to Smackdown. Also, Rey Mysterio battles Cody Rhodes. Since Wrestlemania, Mysterio has beaten Cody Rhodes but after the match Rhodes attached Rey, hitting him with Cross-Rhodes on concrete. This rivalry comes to a head tonight in a falls count anywhere in what could be their last match as Mysterio has been drafted to Raw. Jerry Lawler beat Jack Swagger on Raw to earn himself another match with Michael Cole but decided to make it a tag team match, teaming with Jim Ross to go against Michael Cole and Jack Swagger.

In a dark match prior to the event Sin Cara defeated Tyson Kidd.

Extreme Rules kicks off with a video package. It’s a rare one that doesn’t focus on any particular match but just the theme of the event with pictures of different wrestlers involved with the show tonight.

Josh Mathews welcomes us to Extreme Rules. He’s joined by Booker T and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk – Last Man Standing match

This is a second PPV match between these two men. Orton defeated Punk at Wrestlemania four weeks ago. Orton has lost at the previous two Extreme Rules events to Jack Swagger and Batista respectively. CM Punk has won at both Extreme Rules events against Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy. A chance tonight for CM Punk to go 3-0 at the event and Randy Orton 0-3. CM Punk walks out flanked by his Nexus group of Michael Mcgillicutty, David Otunga and Mason Ryan. The Raw General Manager emails in and Josh Mathews reads it out which claims that all Nexus members are banned from ringside. Punk gets up on the apron and takes off one of the top turnbuckles before the bell has even rung. Jerry Lawler has a sore throat tonight. The two men slug it out as the bell rings ORton hits a big clothesline and then a kick to the face which sends Punk out of the ring. Orton follows and throws Punk into the barricade. Randy hits an uppercut and then smashes Punk into the ring steps.

Orton hits another big uppercut on the outside and Punk rolls into the ring. Randy Orton has been drafted to Smackdown as of last week, Punk stays on Raw. Punk hits a cheap shot and then grounds Orton with a few kicks. Both men block a shot into the exposed turnbuckle and Punk takes the advantage, hitting a knee drop. Orton hits a snapmare and a massive knee drop of his own. This is Randy Ortons 33rd PPV in a row. Kurt Angle has the record with 34 consecutive PPV’s. CM Punk grabs a kendo stick and nails Orton with it a few times. Orton manages to hit a couple of uppercuts and then picks up the kendo stick but CM Punk kicks him before he can use it. Punk uses the kendo stick again and then hits a side suplex. Punk heads to the apron and looks for a springboard clothesline but Orton swings a kendo stick into his gut. Randy uses the kendo stick a few more times and then nails Punk with two clotheslines and a backbreaker.

Punk scrambles on to the apron and Orton looks for the hangmans DDT but Punk counters it and slingshots Orton into the exposed top turnbuckle. The referee counts and Orton is up at the count of 7. Punk then grabs a steel chair and sets it up in the corner. He hits a running knee on Orton in the corner and then looks for a bulldog but Punk shoves him away. Both me go for their finisher both the other man counters before Randy throws Punk into the chair he had just set up in the corner. Orton throws Punk into the barricade and ring apron a couple of times before hitting a powerslam on the outside. CM Punk gets up at the count of 8. Orton then takes apart the announce desk but turns around into CM Punks boot. Orton hits a side suplex on the barricade Orton rolls Punk into the ring and motions for the RKO but Punk counters it. Punk then sets up for the go to sleep and this time hits it! Orton gets up at the count of 9 and Punk goes right back to work on him.

CM Punk exits the ring and grabs the kendo stick again. Punk hits a side Russian leg sweep onto a chair and then sets up the chair in the middle of the ring before looking for another side Russian leg sweep. Orton counters with an RKO! Punk just about gets up before the count of ten. He falls out of the ring and Orton follows and clotheslines him over the barricade. Punk rams Orton into the ringpost and then wraps Ortons head up in the chair and throws him into the ringpost! That’s a match finisher there. Orton manages to make it to his feet though and Punk puts him on the announce desk. Punk sets up for a go to sleep but Orton fights him off and hits an RKO! Punk makes it to his feet at the count of 8 and then falls back down. Orton stares at him and backs off for a punt but CM Punk stands up and hits a go to sleep using the ring steps! Punk pulls another kendo stick from under the ring and Orton gets up to his feet at 9. Punk rolls Orton back into the ring and heads to the top with the kendo stick. Orton gets top his feet and lays into CM Punk with a kendo stick of his own!

Randy Orton goes up to the top with CM Punk and hits him with a top rope RKO! Orton gets up to his feet before the count of ten but CM Punk does not! Randy Orton beats CM Punk tonight! That’s back to back PPV wins for Orton over Punk. This match will be the end of this feud as Orton heads off to Smackdown. An excellent match to kick off the show.

Rating: 8/10

Jerry Lawler is shown heading to the back to get ready for his match.

We’re shown a few of the results of the draft. Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and Big show head to Raw. Randy Orton, Sheamus, Sin Cara and The Great Khali heading to Smackdown.

There’s some footage from Smackdown with Sheamus attacking Kofi Kingston before their match.

Sheamus is pacing backstage. Teddy Long shows up and sheamus says that he isn’t happy. Teddy Long announces a bonus match tonight between Sheamus and Kofi Kingston in a tables match. Sheamus isn’t happy that he isn’t wrestling somebody from the United States of America. The title is on the line tonight.

John Morrison is shown getting ready for his match later.

Sheamus (c) vs. Kofi Kingston – Tables match for the United States Championship

This is a first PPV match between these two men. Both men are 1-0 at Extreme Rules events. Currently both the United States and Intercontinental Championships are on the Smackdown brand so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this title change hands tonight. Both men hits kicks as the bell rings and then slug it out. Sheamus kicks Kofi into the ground but Kofi takes Sheamus down and hits him with some right hands. Kingston then grabs a table out from under the ring but Sheamus quickly takes him down and then throws him into the barricade. Sheamus then slides the table back under the ring! Sheamus pulls a table out from the other side of the ring but Kofi takes him down. Kofi sets up the table on the outside and then smashes Sheamus into it. Kofi lays Sheamus on the table and then gets up on the apron but Sheamus rolls off the table. Sheamus throws Kingston into the barricade and then pulls another table out from under the ring.

Sheamus sets up the table near the ring and then sets Kofi up for a powerbomb but Kofi slides down. Sheamus throws Kofi into the ring and then hits him with a flying shoulder charge. Sheamus hits a couple of knee drops and then exits the ring and grabs another table. He slides that into the ring, via Kofi’s ribcage before throwing the table at Kofi. Sheamus lays the table up in the corner and then rams Kofi into it. Sheamus then picks up Kofi and looks to drive Kingston into it but Kofi counters it and hits a sunset flip and a stomp. Kofi rams Sheamus into the table and then runs at him but sheamus gets out of the way and Kingston manages to land on the ropes. Sheamus then sets up for a powerbomb but Kofi slides down and ducks a brogue kick. Kofi then looks for a suplex to the outside but Sheamus fights Kofi off and hits him with a brogue kick. Kingston crashes to the outside but manages to avoid the table out there. Back in the ring and Sheamus moves the table to the middle of the ring.

Sheamus goes up to the top with Kingston and looks to hit him with a powerslam through the table but Kofi fights him off. Sheamus then swats Kofi down and looks to hit a suplex to the outside through a table. Kofi fights him off and hits trouble in paradise causing Sheamus to fall to the outside but not through the table. Kingston heads to the top as Sheamus uses the table to get to his feet. Kingston hits a big legdrop/boom drop which puts Sheamus through the table! Kofi Kingston wins the match and the United States Championship! Good match between these two men.

Rating: 7/10

Todd Grisham is backstage with R-Truth, asking him how he feels that he was once apart of tonights main event. Truth smells a conspiracy. And conspiracy’s are as bad as John Morrisons breath. He knows for a fact that The Miz, John Cena and John Morrison don’t want him in this match. R-Truth can’t stand a thief.

Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Michael Cole & Jack Swagger – Country whipping match

Well this is a first. It’s a second PPV outing for both Jim Ross and Michael Cole. Cole is looking for a second win tonight, JR is hoping to avoid a second loss. Jack Swagger has a 1-1 record at Extreme Rules events. Michael Cole comes out covered in bubble wrap which is pretty clever. Michael Cole gets on the mic before the match and says that he isn’t afraid of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Jack Swagger starts the match against Jerry Lawler. Both men have straps in their hand which is legal. Jim Ross whips Jack Swagger from behind which is enough to distract Swagger and allow Lawler to whip Swagger! Michael Cole tags himself in and Lawler whips him but Michael Cole laughs at him because of the bubble wrap protection. Lawler hits Cole with a right hand and then rips off the bubble wrap! Cole scarpers and tags in Jack Swagger. Swagger lays into Lawler with right hands and then whips him with the belt. Swagger then ties Lawler ti the middle rope and lays in some kicks.

Swagger stomps on Lawlers right ankle and then tags in Michael Cole who continues the beating on a tied up Lawler. Cole tags in Swagger who hits an Irish whip and then stomps on Lawler. Jack looks for the Vader bomb but King rolls out of the way. Lawler hits some of his trademark jabs and then some right hands. Cole then whips Lawler from behind and Jerry turns his attention to Cole but Swagger hits a chop block from behind and then locks on the ankle lock! Jim Ross whips Swagger from behind causing Jack to break the hold. Swagger gets distracted which allows King to hit him with a DDT. Jerry then tags in Jim Ross who whips away at Swagger and then locks on an ankle lock of his own! Swagger dives and tags in Michael Cole. Jim Ross lays into Michael Cole, smashing him off the top turnbuckle and then hitting Cole with a clothesline. Ross works the crowd and then whips away at Cole who screams. JR then locks the ankle lock on Michael Cole! Jack Swagger breaks it up but Jim hits Swagger with a low blow.

Jim Ross whips Jack Swagger which allows Michael Cole to roll Ross up and get the three! Michael Cole and Jack Swagger win the match! Not a great match but fairly entertaining.

Rating: 3.75/10

Todd Grisham is backstage with John Cena who says that he hasn’t been WWE Champion in ten months. But that’ll end tonight.

There’s a video package next for Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes – Falls count anywhere match

This is a second PPV meeting between these two men, Cody beat Rey at Wrestlemania four weeks ago. This is Rey’s third Extreme Rules PPV, he’s lost at the last two events to Chris Jericho and CM Punk respectively. Cody Rhodes makes his Extreme Rules debut tonight. Cody is joined by his two helpers that carry brown bags to hide people’s faces. Cody tells the crowd to put the paper bags on their heads because they are extremely ugly. It’s a quick start to the match with both men exchanging quick hits. Cody hits an uppercut but Rey hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors sending Cody out of the ring. Rey then hits a baseball slide come head scissors which causes Rhodes to head up the aisle. Rey follows but Cody hits him with a dropkick for a two count. Cody then takes Rey up the entrance stage but Rey throws him into the LED screen at the top. Cody steps down off the stage but Rey launches himself at Cody with a seated senton for a two count. The two men battle into the crowd where Cody hits an atomic drop onto the barricade and then a clothesline for the first near fall of the night.

Rey Mysterio has been drafted to Raw so this will probably be the last match between these two men for a while. Rey takes Cody up the stairs in the crowd but Cody takes the advantage and locks on a Boston crab through the railings. Cody breaks the hold but hits Rey with headbutts using his protective mask. Cody smashes Reys wrist into the railings but Rey fires back with some right hands. The two battle into the concourse where Mysterio takes Cody down. Rey then throws a bin at Cody for a two count. Cody uses a ledge to hit a springboard kick for a near fall. Rey reverses an Irish whip sending Cody into the wall and Rey then hits a springboard cross body off the ledge for a near fall. Rey and Cody battle back down the stairs in the arena. Cody hiptosses Rey back to the ringside area and then smashes Mysterio into the ring steps for a two count. Rhodes rolls Rey back into the ring but then runs into Reys boot. Rey hits a springboard cross body for a two count and then heads to the top and hits a diving headbutt for a two count.

Rey hits a low dropkick setting Rhodes up for a 619 and then exposes his own knee brace. Rhodes manages to get to his feet and hits a couple of big kicks and an Alabama slam, moves used by Rhodes’s ex tag team partner Hardcore Holly. Rhodes pops Mysterio on the top rope but Rey fights him off and then spits something in his face! Rey then hits a 619 and a big splash and that’s enough for the three! Mysterio beats Rhodes tonight! A decent enough match.

Rating: 6.25/10

A few of the divas are backstage. Tamina, Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes and Natalya. Layla then shows up, says that it might be her last night tonight and apologises if she did anything to upset them in the past. Kelly Kelly wishes her luck as they dislike Michelle McCool a whole lot more.

Layla vs. Michelle McCool – No count out, no disqualification, loser leaves WWE match

This is a first match between these two former friends. Michelle wrestled at last years event in a losing effort against Beth Phoenix. Layla makes her Extreme Rules debut tonight. Michelle attacks Layla as she makes her entrance. McCool hits a big kick which gets her a two count. Layla takes Michelle down and hits her with right hands. McCool throws Layla out of the ring and Layla pulls Michelle out and smashes her into the announce desk. Back in the ring and Michelle gets a two count before hitting an uppercut, Layla ducks a clothesline and hits a kick and a dropkick for a two count. Michelle begs Layla to stop but Layla hits a kick. Michelle hits a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Michelle then throws Layla out of the ring again and looks for a running boot but Layla sidesteps it. Layla then gets up on the barricade but Michelle throws her off face-first.

Back in the ring and Lyla fights Michelle off and hits her with a floatover stunner for a near fall. I’ve always liked Layla. She runs into Michelle’s boot. Michelle sets up for the facebreaker but Layla counters and hits a neckbreaker for a two count. McCool got her foot on the bottom rope there. Michelle kicks Layla in the face for a two count. Michelle is the more talented athlete but Layla has the charisma. There are a couple of counters that result in Michelle hitting the facebreaker! McCool is down though and takes a long time to hook the leg for the pin. Layla counters the pin on Michelle and gets the 3! Layla beats Michelle McCool tonight! Both girls burst into tears and Layla leaves. The crowd sing the usual song for someone leaving as Michelle cries. Kharma’s music then hits and out walks the newest addition to the women’s division! Kharma hits Michelle with a facebuster of her own.

Rating: 3.75/10

Ricardo Rodriguez is backstage working on his introduction with Alberto Del Rio.

There’s a video package next showing Edge’s retirement and the build up between Christian and Alberto Del Rio.

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio – Ladder match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship

This is a first time match between these two men. Christian wrestled at the 2009 Extreme Rules event in a losing effort. The two take some shots at each other in the early going and Del Rio takes down Christian with some kicks. Christian takes Alberto down with a shoulder charge but Del Rio hits a headbutt and a powerslam. Christian hits some right hands and then chokes Alberto on the top rope. Christian hits a back body drop and then a flying uppercut off the middle rope. Christian leaves the ring but Del Rio follows and attacks him from behind. Del Rio then rolls Christian under the ring which I have never seen before. Del Rio grabs a ladder but Christian comes out from under the ring the other side and dives through the ring, hitting Alberto with a baseball slide. Christian then slides the ladder into the ring and sets it up, climbing up the rings but Del Rio pulls him down. Del Rio climbs up the ladder and then hits Christian with a springboard kick.

Christian back body drops Alberto Del Rio out of the ring and picks up the ladder but Del Rio pulls Christian out of the ring and smashes him into the ring steps. Del Rio is heading over to Raw so I’m not expecting him to win this match. They should have done the draft after this show. Del Rio sets up a ladder between the ring and announce desk. Christian lays Del Rio on the ladder and then goes up to the top rope but del Rio pushes him off. Christian manages to land on a ladder below and then dives down and takes out Del Rio. Christian slides another ladder into the ring and sets it up before climbing up it. Del Rio attacks him from behind and pulls him down to the mat. Christian pushes over the ladder which is smart but Alberto smashes his head off the ladder. Del Rio sets a ladder up in the corner and then looks for a cross arm breaker but Christian counters and sets up for the unprettier which Del Rio counters but Christian flapjacks Del Rio into the ladder that he had set up.

Christian knocks Del Rio out of the ring with a ladder and then sets up the ladder and climbs it but Del Rio throws a step ladder at him. Del Rio then hits a double knees to the arm move off the ladder. Del Rio Irish whips Christian in the ladder in the corner and then runs at him with the smaller ladder but Christian evades it. Christian sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring and climbs it but Del Rio follows him up and then looks to powerbomb him down but Christian hurricanrana’s him on to the apron. Del Rio hits Christian with a big right hand and then looks to suplex Christian on to the ladder set up on the outside but Christian counters it with a back drop. Christian goes to the top with a ladder but Alberto Del Rio hits him with a shining wizard sending Christian to the mat. Del Rio then sets up a ladder and climbs it but Christian tips over the ladder. Del Rio lands on his feet and kicks Christian to the outside. Ricardo Rodriguez then grabs a chair and gives it to Del Rio.

Christian manages to throw Del Rio into the ringpost. The two men get back into the ring and Christian takes Del Rio down with a spear! Christian climbs the ladder but Del Rio pulls his legs through the rungs! Alberto then climbs the ladder but Christian manages to free himself and tip Del Rio off. Christian picks up a little ladder and Del Rio kicks him into it. Christian then falls to the outside and Del Rio knocks him on to the ladder on the outside. Alberto then goes to the top and dives off, Christian moves out of the way and Del Rio hits the ladder! The ladder doesn’t break so that would have been painful. Christian gets back into the ring and climbs the ladder but out comes Brodus Clay! Brodus has been Del Rio’s back-up as of late. He pulls Christian down from the ladder but Christian throws him into the ladder and then beats him with the smaller ladder. That distraction is long enough for Del Rio to take Christian down and lock on the cross-arm breaker!

Alberto climbs up the ladder in the ring slowly. But then Edge appears in a jeep! That distracts Del Rio and christian pushes him off the ladder before setting it up and climbing it. Christian grabs the belt and pulls it down! Christian wins the World Heavyweight Championship for the first ever time! Edge and Christian embrace.

Rating: 7.5/10

The Miz is backstage with Alex Riley who isn’t happy with how Miz is being treated. Riley says that if Miz loses then he’s guaranteed a rematch. Miz isn’t happy!

The Big Show & Kane (c) vs. Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson – Lumberjack match for the WWE Tag Team Championships

This is an unexpected match. I had no idea this was going ahead. Big Show is 0-2 at Extreme Rules events, the other three men make their Extreme Rules debut tonight. Lumberjacks include The Usos, Yoshi Tatsu, Santino, Vladimir Kozlov, Primo, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne and lots of NXT guys. Big Show starts the match against Wade Barrett and it’s all Big Show. He tags in Kane who hits a running boot to Barrett for a two count. Kane hits a sidewalk slam but gets distracted by Ezekiel Jackson which allows Barrett to throw him out of the ring. Slater, Gabriel and The Usos lay into Kane but Big Show takes them all out. Big Show throws some of them into the ring and Kane takes them down. Ezekiel Jackson tags in and takes down Kane with a big clothesline and then lefts and rights in the corner. Jackson tags in Barrett who hits some stomps to Kane for a one count. Quick tags now between Barrett and Jackson.

Kane gets a shot in on Jackson and then both men hit each other with clotheslines. Both make tags and big Show mows through Wade Barrett. He squashes him in the corner and then bounces off the ropes but Ezekiel Jackson pulls down the ropes. Big Show falls to the outside and the lumberjacks lay into him before throwing him back into the ring. Ezekiel Jackson powerslams Big Show and then Wade Barrett tags himself in. Barrett looks for wasteland on Big Show but he can’t get the big man up! Big Show chokeslams Wade and pins him for the three! Kane and Big Show retain their tag team championships tonight!

After the match the lumberjacks all lay into each other! Big Show and Kane chokeslam Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel and they celebrate.

Rating: 3.5/10

The Miz (c) vs. John Cena vs. John Morrison – Triple threat cage match for the WWE Championship

This is a first time triple threat match between these three men. John Cena is 2-0 at Extreme Rules events, Miz and Morrison are both 0-1. The bell rings and Morrison and Cena go right for The Miz. They take him out of the equation and then focus on each other. Morrison takes down Cena but Miz clotheslines Morrison down leaving the champion as the only man standing. Miz throws both challengers into the side of the cage a couple of times. Cena then Irish whips Miz a couple of times but Morrison takes Cena down with a side Russian leg sweep. Miz tries to escape the cage but Morrison pulls him down. Cena then sets Miz up for an attitude adjustment but Miz manages to climb up the cage. Cena follows and the two men slug it out at the top of the cage. Cena then bulldogs Miz to the mat below. Cena hits a couple of shoulder charges on Morrison and then a side suplex and a five knuckle shuffle. Miz then hits Cena with a skull-crushing finale.

Morrison climbs up the cage and Miz follows, dragging him back over the top of the cage. Morrison then has to stop Miz from climbing down. The two men trade punches on the top of the cage and Miz nearly escapes down but Morrison pulls him back in. Cena then climbs up and he and Morrison double suplex Miz back into the ring. That was a pretty rough landing for Miz. Morrison climbs the cage but Cena follows and makes sure that Morrison doesn’t go over the top. Morrison manages to shove Cena down and then hit Miz with a flash kick. Morrison hits Cena with a Spanish fly for a near fall. Miz powerbombs Morrison into the side of the cage and then hits him with a running boot. Cena takes down The Miz and locks on the STF! Miz crawls to the open door of the cage and tries to crawl out but Cena pulls him back in to the cage. Cena then tries to climb out but Miz pulls him back in. Cena hits a gut-wrench slam on Miz and then Irish whips Morrison who jumps up the cage. Cena follows and the two men slug it out. Miz tries to get out of the door but Morrison kicks it in his face.

John Morrison is balancing on the cage door and could just hop down and win if he wanted to. Cena kicks Morrison who then crotches himself on the door. Miz pulls Morrison back into the ring. Cena his Morrison with a monkey flip for a two count. Cena looking to be the only person to have won on all three Extreme Rules PPV’s. Miz hits Cena with a DDT for a near fall. Miz then hits Cena with a couple of running boots. Miz tries to get over the cage but Morrison brings him back in. Morrison hits Miz back into the ring and then fights off Cena. Morrison then hits a spinning corkscrew moonsault on both Cena and Miz! Morrison crawls to the cage door but R-Truth shows up! R-Truth hits Morrison with a running knee and shoves him back into the cage. Truth gets into the cage and lays into Morrison with stomps and right hands. Truth then hits Cena with a scissors kick! Truth hits Morrison with the lie detector and leaves.

The Miz gets back up to his feet and climbs up to the top of the cage. John Cena follows and hangs on to Miz so he can’t fall to the floor below. The two men then slug it out on top of the cage. Both men get back into the cage and Miz looks for a skull-crushing finale off the top rope. Cena manages to counter and hits a top rope attitude adjustment! Cena hooks the leg and gets the 3! John Cena wins the WWE Championship tonight!

Rating: 8/10

Well that was Extreme Rules 2011. For the most part it seemed like a strong pay per view. It started well with Randy Orton and CM Punk. I think this was the strongest match they have had. The top rope RKO finished the match and you get the impression that the top rope RKO won’t be used too often to make it that little bit more special. Orton has been drafted to Smackdown so this’ll be the end of this feud. A feud that Randy Orton won in every match they had. Sheamus and Kofi Kingston had a good tables match. If it was a non-title match then I think Sheamus would’ve won but they needed to get the title on a Raw superstar and Kofi is a good choice. The finish was good, Kofi wins and takes the United States Championship to Raw.

The country whipping match was next and although it wasn’t a great wrestling match, it was fairly entertaining. The team with the actual wrestler won the match which was the correct result. Cole pinned King so it’ll be interesting to see if this feud continues. I’m one of the few that hasn’t minded Michael Cole’s heel turn. And Jack Swagger has fitted into the programme nicely. Rey Mysterio beat Cody Rhodes next in a decent match. I liked Rey spitting the mist in Cody’s face as it isn’t something I have seen him do before but it does suit him. Rey is off to Raw now so this feud will be over. It hasn’t really worked for Rey on Raw in the past so it’ll be interesting to see where he fits in there. Layla then beat Michelle McCool in the loser leaves town match. This match was ok, both girls were emotional after the match. Kharma then debuts and wipes out McCool. Kharma is going to be a big threat in the Divas division, I don’t give it long before she’s Divas Champion. Michelle had a great run and up to now she is definitely in the top 10 women of all time.

Christian and Alberto Del Rio had a great ladder match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship. Sadly Del Rio being drafted to Raw made this match more predictable than it needed to be. Christian won and becomes World Champion for the first time in his career. In WWE. If the ECW Championship doesn’t count. It was a nice moment with Edge and Christian and you genuinely get the feeling that Edge is happy for him. Great match between these two. Big Show and Kane beat Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson in a lumberjack match to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships. I think this match signifies the end of The Corre as Barrett clearly went into business for himself. I liked the brawl between the lumberjacks at the end. It got a few extra guys on the PPV too but this match was mostly filler.

John Cena beat The Miz and John Morrison to once again become WWE Champion. There was a lot to take in here, with R-Truth coming out and costing John Morrison the match to John Cena hitting a top rope attitude adjustment to beat The Miz. Very similar in finish to the Randy Orton match that kicked off the show. Cena is champion, The Miz’s reign is over. Great match though and John Morrison had some really good spots, he looked like a star in this match.

Overall Rating: 59.68/100 (ranked joint 101st out of 264)

Match Of The Night: Randy Orton vs. CM Punk / The Miz vs. John Cena vs. John Morrison
Worst Match Of The Night: Kane & The Big Show vs. Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson
Surprise Of The Night: Kharma debuts
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: John Cena & Christian
Extreme Rules 2011 Will Be Remembered For: Christian winning the World Heavyweight Championship

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