Money In The Bank 2011

|Date: July 17, 2011
|Venue: Allstate Arena |City: Rosemont, Illinois
|Attendance: 14,815 |Buys: 195,000
|Brands: Raw & Smackdown

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Money In The Bank returns as a standalone pay per view and it has one of the best builds to a show ever. The main event pits John Cena defending the WWE Championship against CM Punk. CM Punk has been very open about the fact that his contract comes to an end tonight and he is promising to leave WWE with the WWE Championship. Punk has been candid with his words and Vince McMahon has done everything he can to keep Punk signed to WWE but Punk leaves tonight. McMahon has since said that he would be so embarrassed if Punk left with the title that John Cena would be fired too. The stakes have never been higher and being that the event is held in CM Punks hometown of Chicago, there is no doubting the crowd will be on his side and they will be hot.

Randy Orton will be defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Christian again. This time Christians lawyers have added the stipulation that if Orton gets disqualified or loses due to poor officiating then he will also lose the World Heavyweight Championship. The Divas Championship is also set to be defended as Kelly Kelly defends against the former champion Brie Bella. This is Brie’s rematch for the title. Big Show will go one on one with Mark Henry, the man that cost him the match against Alberto Del Rio at Capitol Punishment last month.

And then we have two big money in the bank ladder matches. One from Raw and one from Smackdown. The competitors in each didn’t need to qualify, they were simply announced as the competitors. The Raw field consists of Alex Riley, Evan Bourne, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio. The Smackdown match consists of Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, Kane, Cody Rhodes and Sheamus.

In a dark match prior to the event Santino and Vladimir Kozlov defeated Michael Mcgillicutty and David Otunga.

A video package kicks us off focused around CM Punk and his contract coming to an end. His match with John Cena will take centre stage tonight.

Michael Cole welcomes us to the Allstate Arena in Chicago. He’s joined by Booker T and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus vs. Heath Slater vs. Justin Gabriel – Smackdown Money In The Bank ladder match

We’re starting off in a big way. Kane won this match at last years event, whilst Sheamus successfully defended his WWE Championship. Tonight these eight men look for as big opportunity as every time the Money In The Bank has been cashed in, they have won the title. Sin Cara goes into this match undefeated on pay per view. The bell rings and all eight men pair off. The ring clears leaving the three big men of Kane, Sheamus and Wade Barrett. Sheamus and Barrett double team Kane but the big red machine clotheslines both men out of the ring. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, who are no longer a team, double team Daniel Bryan and then Sin Cara, nailing both men with a ladder. Heath Slater then gets rid of Gabriel and sets up a ladder but Gabriel kicks him off. Daniel Bryan then dropkicks Gabriel off the ladder before getting attacked from behind by Cody Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes climbs the ladder but Sheamus pulls him off. Sheamus then takes out Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan with clotheslines. Kane clears the ring and then throws Wade Barrett into a ladder. Kane hits Slater with a sidewalk slam and then heads to the top but Sin Cara kicks him off. Bryan suicide dives out of the ring at Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel then dives out at Kane. Heath Slater then takes out Cody Rhodes and Sin Cara dives out at Sheamus! Bodies everywhere! Sin Cara hits a springboard cross body on Justin Gabriel and then a springboard elbow and a hurricanrana sending him out of the ring. Cara then hits a Spanish fly on Daniel Bryan and the crowd are loving it. Wade Barrett knocks Sin Cara out with a big boot and then lays a ladder from the ring to the Spanish announce table. Barrett misses with a clothesline on Sin Cara and hits the ringpost. Cara gets in the ring but Sheamus knocks him down with a brogue kick.

Sheamus is one of the favourites in this match. He looks to powerbomb Sin Cara through a ladder and hits it! Sheamus then nails former members of The Corre with a ladder. A stretcher is bought out to take Sin Cara to the back. Kane slugs it out with Sheamus, beating him with the ladder. Kane, Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes all get in the ring with ladders before slugging it out with one another. Kane levels both men with a ladder as Sin Cara is taken to the back. Kane then climbs up a ladder in the middle of the ring but Slater, Barrett and Gabriel take him down and triple team him. Cody Rhodes tries to climb the ladder but Justin Gabriel pulls him down. The Corre work together now, triple teaming Daniel Bryan. Barrett then asks Slater and Gabriel to watch his back whilst he climbs the ladder but they turn on him and beat him down before disposing of him. Slater and Gabriel then race to the top but Cody Rhodes pushes the ladder over and then hits Slater with cross-Rhodes.

Cody climbs the ladder but Wade Barrett pulls him down. Cody hits Barrett with cross-Rhodes and climbs the ladder again but Sheamus goes up with him before pulling him down and hitting him with a backbreaker. Sheamus climbs the ladder but Daniel Bryan goes up with him. Sheamus gets Bryan up on his shoulders and Kane comes off the top with a big clothesline to Daniel Bryan! A big “LOD” chant breaks out. We are in Chicago. Kane hits Cody and Gabriel with chokeslams and then climbs the ladder but Daniel Bryan goes up with him. Kane looks to chokeslam Bryan but Bryan fights out of it and dives off the ladder only to be caught! Bryan hits a DDT on Kane but it’s Heath Slater that benefits as he climbs the ladder. Daniel Bryan goes up with Slater but Slater hits him with a neckbreaker off the ladder. Wade Barrett lays into Heath and then crotches him on the top.

Barrett and Sheamus nail Slater with a ladder and then scoop him up with the ladder and launch him to the outside on Kane. Sheamus then hits Barrett and Rhodes with a brogue kick before taking out Gabriel with a clothesline. Sheamus sets up the ladders before dropping Gabriel on one. Sheamus climbs a ladder but Kane climbs up the other side and chokeslams Sheamus on to a ladder below. Rhodes hits Kane with the beautiful disaster kick and Barrett then hits Kane with wasteland. Justin Gabriel then hits Kane with a 450 splash off a ladder. Barrett takes out Gabriel and then disposes of Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes. There’s a few boo’s for Barrett as he climbs the ladder but Cody Rhodes pulls him down. Daniel Bryan slowly climbs the ladder but Cody Rhodes goes up with him. Wade Barrett also climbs the ladder and all three men are at the top. Bryan fights both men off the ladder but Barrett fights back.

Daniel Bryan hammers Barrett off the ladder, kicking him to the mat below. Daniel Bryan then climbs up and unhooks the briefcase to a huge pop! Daniel Bryan wins the Money In The Bank briefcase tonight! A decent match to kick things off with a few good spots.

Rating: 7/10

Vince McMahon is shown arriving earlier with John Laurinaitis.

Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Brie Bella – WWE Divas Championship match

This is a rematch from Over The Limit where Brie beat Kelly. Kelly Kelly is the champion now though. Brie is accompanied by Nikki Bella whilst Kelly is with Eve Torres. Kelly starts the match with a slap and then a Lou Thesz press. Kelly botches a tilt-a-whirl headscissors but Brie manages to save it. Brie heads to the outside and Kelly takes out both twins. Back in the ring and Kelly Kelly applies an inverted tarantula but Brie shoves her to the outside where Nikki takes a cheap shot. Eve chases off Nikki and Brie throws Kelly back into the ring for a two count. Brie applies a bodyscissors and then breaks it and hits a dropkick. Brie drops Kelly on the middle rope for another two count. Brie applies a seated abdominal stretch but Kelly Kelly gets out of it and smashes Brie’s face into the canvas.

Kelly throws Brie across the ring and then hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Kelly hits a fame-asser which is enough for the three! Kelly Kelly beats Brie Bella tonight and retains the Divas Championship! She celebrates with Eve.

Rating: 2.5/10

There’s a video package for The Big Show and Mark Henry.

The Big Show vs. Mark Henry

This is a first time PPV match between these two men. The two men get right into it and Big Show knocks Henry out of the ring with a shoulder tackle. Big Show exits the ring and drops Mark with a clotheslines. Big Show then throws Henry into the steps and this should have been a count out by now but the referee is being lenient. Henry dropkicks the steps into Big Shows knee and the two men get into the ring. Henry hits a chopblock and then a splash for a two count. Henry smashes Big Show’s knee into the canvas and then locks on a single crab. Big Show gets to the bottom rope and then kicks Mark Henry away. Henry hits a splash in the corner but attempts a second and runs into a boot. Big Show goes up to the middle rope and dives off with a huge shoulder charge. Big Show motions for a chokeslam but Henry fights him off, kicking away at the knee and then hits the world’s strongest slam! Big Show kicks out of the pinfall at two!

Mark Henry picks up The Big Show and hits a second world’s strongest slam and then two splashes! He hooks the leg and this time gets the three. Mark Henry with a big win over The Big Show tonight. Not a terrible match. It was slow paced but it had a big fight feel to it. After the match Henry puts a chair over Big Show’s leg and hits a Vader bomb. Big Show is taken away on a huge stretcher.

Rating: 4/10

Vince McMahon is backstage talking to John Laurinaitis about CM Punk. Josh Mathews arrives and asks McMahon if he has resigned CM Punk. McMahon says no and calls Punk the biggest ingrate he has ever worked with in his life.

Rey Mysterio vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Alex Riley vs. Evan Bourne vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger vs. R-Truth vs. The Miz – Raw Money In The Bank Ladder match

The second MITB ladder match. Each competitor grabs a ladder on the way to the ring. R-Truth gets a big pop and Alex Riley gets a decent pop too. The bell rings and all 7 men lunge at Alberto Del Rio with ladders. Del Rio falls to the outside and everyone throws their ladders at him. The ring starts to clear, just leaving The Miz and R-Truth. They battle with small ladders until Jack Swagger takes out both of them. Swagger then looks to set up a ladder but Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne climb up it! They then double team Swagger and Truth. Rey Mysterio springboards off the ladder and takes out Swagger. Riley then drops Truth on the ladder! Action everywhere. Alex Riley sets up a ladder but Miz fights him off. Riley then smashes Miz with a ladder. Riley dives out of the ring at Jack Swagger. R-Truth then dives out at Swagger, Riley and Miz. Kofi and Mysterio then climb up to the top turnbuckles and dive out at Truth, Miz, Riley and Swagger. Evan Bourne then climbs up a huge ladder on the outside and hits a shooting star press on all six men below him!

Bourne climbs up a ladder in the ring but Miz climbs it too. Alberto Del Rio then pushes over the ladder and Miz sells his knee. Trainers come out to check in Miz and it doesn’t look good. Del Rio climbs up a ladder but R-Truth goes up with him and pulls him down. Miz is carried to the back. Truth climbs up a ladder and Del Rio climbs up the other side. The two men slug it out at the top but Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne climb over them. They get to the top and hit double hurricanranas on Del Rio and Truth. Swagger then clears the ring but Kofi Kingston springboards up on to the ladder. Swagger pulls him down with an ankle lock and as he does, Alex Riley climbs the ladder. Swagger climbs up the other side but R-Truth pushes the ladder over. Mysterio smashes Truth off a ladder but Truth then dropkicks a ladder into Rey. Kofi then dives off a ladder with a boom drop on Truth. Kingston pushes Truth out of the ring and then avoids an attack from Alberto Del Rio who dives out of the ring. Rey then hits a variation of the 619 on Kofi.

R-Truth catapults a ladder into Jack Swaggers face but Mysterio then hits Truth with a 619. A few boo’s for Mysterio there. Rey and Riley both climb a ladder and Evan Bourne then joins them. Riley shoves Bourne away and then slugs it out with Mysterio. Evan Bourne and Alberto Del Rio set up another couple of ladders and climb them but Swagger pulls down Swagger. All seven men are then climbing ladders, all of them trying to get the briefcase! Del Rio is then shoves down to the mat, Rey kicks Bourne down to the outside. Kofi shoves Riley down, Rey pushes R-Truth down and Kofi kicks Mysterio down leaving just Kofi Kingston but he’s too slow and Jack Swagger goes up with him. The ladder gives away, Swagger falls down to the mat and Kofi falls on top of him. I cringed there, that looked nasty. The Miz then comes limping out from the back! The crowd popped for that. He climbs a ladder but Mysterio powerbombs him down to the mat.

The crowd boo as Rey Mysterio climbs the ladder. He gets to the top but Alberto Del Rio tries to stop him. Mysterio kicks him away but Del Rio climbs the other side of the ladder. Mysterio bashes Del Rio with the briefcase but Del Rio rips the mask off Mysterio! Del Rio shoves Rey away and the ladders all give way. Both men tumble to the mat but Alberto sets his ladder back up and climbs to the top before unhooking the briefcase! Del Rio wins Money In The bank tonight! Another good ladder match.

Rating: 7.5/10

There’s a video package next showing the recent history between Randy Orton and Christian.

Josh Mathews is backstage with Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio isn’t sure why he was in the match in the first place as he won number one contendership a couple of weeks ago.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Christian – World Heavyweight Championship match, if Orton gets disqualified then he loses the title

This is the third pay per view match between these two men. Randy Orton has won the first two. This is Randy Ortons 36th PPV in a row which is an all time record for consecutive PPV matches. The bell rings for this one and Christian exits the ring, grabs a chair and slides it in to Randy Orton. If Orton gets disqualified then he will lose the title tonight. Christian turns his back on Orton but Orton throws the chair out of the ring. Orton hits christian with a right hand and then lays into him in the corner. Randy hits a back body drop and then a knee drop. Christian fires back with some right hands but Orton drops him with a clothesline. Christian knocks Orton to the outside and the n flies out but Randy sidesteps and throws Christian into the steps. Christian drops Orton on the top rope and then heads to the middle rope and hits an uppercut for a two count.

Christian hits a standing reverse elbow and then some right hands. Christian chokes Randy on the middle rope and then hits him with a big right hand for a near fall. Orton rolls Christian up from nowhere for a near fall but Christian drops him with a spinebuster. Christian clotheslines Orton and both men go crashing to the outside. Orton rolls back into the ring and Christian goes to the top. Christian jumps over Orton and then evades an RKO before going up to the middle rope but Orton catches him and pins him for a two count. Orton attempts his hangmans DDT but Christian counters. Christian goes to the middle rope but Orton catches him with a dropkick for a two count. Christian heads to the top but Orton hits him with right hands and goes up with him just for Christian to push him off and hit the World Heavyweight Champion with a diving headbutt for a near fall.

Orton looks for an RKO but Christian counters. Orton then hits a couple of clotheslines  and attempts another RKO but Christian counters and hits the killswitch! Christian hooks the leg but Orton kicks out at 2! Christian gets to his feet and motions for a spear but Orton leapfrogs it and hits a gutwrench neckbreaker for a near fall. Orton hits a big powerslam and then the hangmans DDT as he builds momentum. Christian spits in the face of Orton which fires Randy up. Orton hits Christian with right hands and then a low blow! The referee calls for the bell! Randy Orton loses the World Heavyweight Championship! Christian is announced as the winner and new champion! Orton lays into Christian after the match. He nails Christian with a monitor and then hits him with an RKO on the Spanish announce table! Orton leaves but then heads back, looking crazy and hits another RKO on the announce desk! Christian wins tonight though and walks away with the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rating: 6.75/10

There is a fantastic video package for the CM Punk and John Cena match. This might be the best rivalry and build since the attitude era.

John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk – WWE Championship match

This is a first PPV match between these two men. CM Punk gets a huge pop. I think they call it a “Road Warrior Pop” and it’s apt because we are in Chicago. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like this. Punk starts the match with a headlock and then a hammerlock but Cena counters and hits a snapmare into a headlock to boo’s from the crowd. Punk looks for a high kick which Cena ducks. Cena takes down Punk and applies an armbar in response to the “you can’t wrestle” chants. Cena applies a wristlock and then hits a shoulder knockdown. Cena goes back to the headlock but Punk hits him with a hiptoss and a dropkick before applying a headlock of his own much to the crowds enjoyment. Punk hits a knockdown of his own and both men then attempt their finishers but both times they get countered.

Punk hits some kicks and but Cena comes back with a bulldog and then a front facelock. Cena hits a big clothesline for a one count and then applies a chinlock but Punk gets out of it with a side suplex for a two count. Cena hits a fishermans suplex for a two count as the crowd continue to chant against him. Cena looks for the attitude adjustment but Punk counters with a DDT for a two count. Punk then applies a headscissors before throwing Cena out of the ring. Colt Cabana is in the front row. Punk goes up to the middle rope and hits a knee drop to the back of Cena’s neck. Back in the ring and Punk gets a two count. Punk hits some knees but misses with a shoulder charge in the corner. Punk hits a clothesline for a two count and then hits a snapmare and applies a chinlock. Cena hits a right hand but runs into Punks boot. Punk then hits a springboard cross body for a two count. Cena sells a knee injury and rolls out to the apron. Punk tries to suplex him back into the ring but Cena counters it and suplexes Punk to the outside.

Back in the ring and Cena hits a fistdrop for a two count. Cena hits a powerslam for a two count. I’ve never seen him use that move before. Cena locks on an abdominal stretch but Punk gets out of it with a hiptoss. Both men then hit simultaneous clotheslines and they both go down. Both men slowly get to their feet and Cena hits a couple of shoulder charges. Punk looks for his running knee in the corner but Cena avoids it and hits a side suplex. Cena motions for the five knuckle shuffle but Punk kicks him in the face and out of the ring before diving out with a suicide dive. Back in the ring and Punk attempts a springboard clothesline but Cena gets out of the way. Cena then hits the five knuckle shuffle and sets up for the attitude adjustment but Punk counters, landing on his feet (sort of) and then hits some kicks for a two count. Punk then sets up for the go to sleep but Cena counters with a gutwrench slam for a two count.

Punk hits a couple of knees to the jaw and then a bulldog before going to the apron and hitting a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Punk hits some kicks but Cena takes him down and locks on the STF! Punk gets to the bottom rope to break the hold and then drops Cena with a kick to the head. Punk heads to the top and hits a cross body but Cena rolls through and stands up to his feet, putting Punk on his shoulders but Punk counters and looks to hit the go to sleep but Cena counters and locks on the STF again! Cena drags Punk to the middle of the ring and wrenches on the STF with the crowd going absolutely ballistic. Punk counters the hold with a headlock and then the anaconda vice! Cena counters the hold, hitting the attitude adjustment out of nowhere! He hooks the leg but Punk just kicks out! Cena heads to the top but his top rope fame-asser but Punk counters with a powerbomb for a near fall.

Punk motions for the go to sleep and gets Cena up on his shoulders but Cena gets to the ropes and then drops Punk on the top rope. Cena heads to the top again and this time hits the big legdrop for a near fall. Cena scoops Punk up again for the attitude adjustment and he hits it but again Punk kicks out at two and a half. Cena pops CM Punk on the top rope and sets up for a top rope attitude adjustment but Punk fights him off with elbows. Punk hits a top rope hurricanrana and then pulls down his kneepad and hits a running knee in the corner and then the go to sleep but Cena rolls right out of the ring. Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis walk out from the back and Punk stares a hole in them. Cena then takes Punk down and locks on the STF. Vince McMahon tells Laurinaitis to the timekeeper to ring the bell but Cena knocks out big Johnny! Cena wants to win it cleanly.

Cena gets back in the ring and CM Punk hits him with the go to sleep. Punk hooks the leg, he gets the three! The Allstate Arena explodes. CM Punk is the new WWE Champion. Punk celebrates but Vince McMahon grabs the headset off Jerry Lawler. He tells them to cut CM Punks music and get Alberto Del Rio out to cash in his Money In The Bank contract. Del Rio runs out from the back but Punk drops him with a kick. Punk leaves the ring and heads through the crowd, blowing a kiss to Vince McMahon. Punk celebrates in the crowd as the show comes to an end. Wow, what a match.

Rating: 9.75/10

And that was Money In The Bank 2011. Only six matches on this card but it was one of the most memorable pay per views ever. It kicked off with a really entertaining ladder match. I liked how this match was mapped out and the spots involved. Sin Cara is proving to be one of the most disappointing signings in a while. He got injured and I’m starting to wonder whether it’ll ever go right for him. Daniel Bryan was a surprising winner. Sheamus or Wade Barrett were the favourites. Bryan has been quiet as of late and didn’t even get on the Wrestlemania card so I was surprised to see him win but I’m a big fan so I hope he’s not the first to cash in unsuccessfully. Kelly Kelly beat Eve in a bad match which was slightly better than their previous encounter. The divas division is in arguably it’s worst ever state. Kelly retains tonight though. At least the Bellas are entertaining.

Mark Henry beat The Big Show. Henry is getting one of the biggest pushes of his career at the moment and I’m interested to see where it’s heading. This match wasn’t terrible but it was what you’d expect it to be. I’ve never really been a big man fan but it’s a big win for Mark Henry tonight. Alberto Del Rio then won the Raw Money In The Bank ladder match. This wasn’t a largely surprising result, Del Rio has been in and out of the main event since his debut. This was another solid match and I’m not sure if The Miz got legit injured in this one but it looked like it. I think I preferred this match to the Smackdown ladder match and this one definitely had the better line-up. Christian then beat Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship by disqualification. This match was good although not as good as their contest at Capitol Punishment. I hope Christian gets a good run as champion now rather than losing it in five days like last time.

And then in the main event CM Punk beat John Cena for the WWE Championship, taking the title with him out of the WWE. This was every bit as good and maybe even better than my expectations. The crowd was the hottest since Canadian Stampede 14 years ago. I loved the finish with Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis coming out and then Alberto Del Rio looking to cash in his money in the bank. It was a fantastic match with an incredible atmosphere. I couldn’t be more intrigued to see the aftermath of this show.

Overall Rating: 62.5/100 (ranked joint 63rd out of 267)

Match Of The Night: John Cena vs. CM Punk
Worst Match Of The Night: Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella
Surprise Of The Night: CM Punk wins the WWE Championship
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: CM Punk
Money In The Bank 2011 Will Be Remembered For: The incredible atmosphere and main event

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