Summerslam 2011

|Date: August 14, 2011
|Venue: Staples Center |City: Los Angeles, California
|Attendance: 17,404 |Buys: 296,000
|Brands: Raw & Smackdown

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Summerslam 2011, The Biggest Party Of The Summer. One of WWE’s staples returns this year but only four matches are officially announced which would explain the low buys. What we do know is that CM Punk has returned to the company. After he left at Money In The Bank, a tournament was set up to decide a new WWE Champion, a tournament won by Rey Mysterio. John Cena then returned and beat Rey Mysterio for the gold only for CM Punk to make his triumphant return. We were then left with two WWE Champions so Triple H, who has taken over Vince McMahon’s duties as COO, announced that John Cena will face CM Punk at Summerslam with the winner becoming the undisputed WWE Champion. Triple H himself will serve as special guest referee.

Over on the Smackdown side of things, we will be treated to another match between Christian and Randy Orton tonight. Christian beat Orton for the Championship at Money In The Bank and Orton wanted to cash his rematch in straight away however Triple H announced that the two would meet at Summerslam in a No Holds Barred match. we also know that tonight Kelly Kelly will be defending her WWE Divas Championship against the Diva that won a battle royal to earn the opportunity, Beth Phoenix. After the battle royal Beth turned heel, throwing Kelly Kelly into a barricade and announcing that she is tired of ditsy models getting their way. Natalya would join her friend, turning heel on AJ Lee.

Also tonight Sheamus will go one on one with Mark Henry. Henry has been on a warpath as of late and Sheamus has been the man to step up to him. Could Sheamus be the man to put a stop to Mark Henry or will he suffer the same fate? With only those four matches officially announced going into this show, I’m sure there will be two or three others.

Adam Jones, who used to be the guitarist for Tool plays the National Anthem to kick off the show. It’s a nice guitar rendition.

A video package then kicks off the biggest event of the summer. The main focus is on CM Punk and the domino effect. The whole opening package is about CM Punk and John Cena and their main event tonight.

Michael Cole welcomes us to the Staples Center, Los Angeles where The Miz’s entrance is already set up.

Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston & John Morrison vs. The Miz, R-Truth & Alberto Del Rio

Michael Cole goes bananas for The Miz. As Summerslam records go, Rey Mysterio is 3-3, John Morrison is 1-1, Kofi Kingston has a draw and a loss, R-Truth is 0-1, Alberto Del Rio and The Miz makes their Summerslam debut. Miz and R-Truth are both on the mic before the match, Miz happy to be wrestling at Summerslam whilst R-Truth talks about conspiracies. This match has a lot of potential on paper, 6 talented upper-midcarders. Kofi Kingston starts the match against The Miz. Miz applies a headlock which Kofi counters into one of his own. Kofi knocks down Miz and then hits a monkey flip and a dropkick before tagging out to John Morrison. Kofi and Morrison hit a flapjack and nip up. Legdrop from Morrison for a two count. Miz kicks John and tags in R-Truth but Morrison takes him down.

Morrison hits a flying Chuck kick for a one count. Truth hits some right hands and kicks as he takes the advantage. Morrison kicks back and goes up to the middle rope but Miz shoves him down to the mat below. Truth smashes Morrison off the ring apron and then rolls him into the ring. Truth hits a snapmare and applies a chinlock before tagging out to The Miz. Miz applies a chinlock of his own but Morrison gets out of it and knocks Miz down with a Pele kick. Morrison tags in Kofi who springboards into the ring before hitting chops and dropkicks. Kingston hits a springboard cross body for a two count and then a clothesline. Kofi hits the boom drop and then motions for trouble in paradise but Miz ducks it and looks for the skull crushing finale but Kofi counters with the SOS for a near fall. Alberto Del Rio broke up the count and then kicks Mysterio off the apron. Miz takes down Kofi with a modified stunner and all hell has broken loose. R-Truth tags in and lays into Kofi with right hands.

R-Truth hits a facebuster for a near fall and then tags in Alberto Del Rio who gets a bit of a pop. Del Rio hits a side suplex for a two count and then tags in The Miz who hits a suplex on Kofi for a two count. Miz gets distracted by Rey Mysterio and Kofi rolls him up for a two count. Miz takes the advantage with a clothesline for a two count and then locks on a chinlock. Kofi gets out of it and rolls Miz up for a one count before hitting a double stomp to the chest. Rey Mysterio has yet to be officially in this match yet but Kofi tags him in. And Miz tags in R-Truth. Rey hits a springboard cross body as the pace quickens. Rey hits a head scissors setting up Truth for a 619 and then drop toe holds The Miz right next to him. Del Rio pulls Reys leg, stopping him from hitting the 6199 but Morrison takes down Alberto. Rey then hits the 619 on R-Truth and then a frog splash for the three! Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and Kofi Kingston pick up the victory tonight! Fun way to open the show. It reminds me of the Summerslam 1991 opener.

Rating: 6.75/10

CM Punk is backstage with John Laurinaitis who is asking for an apology after Punk kicked him in the face last week. Punk gives a sarcastic apology and Laurinaitis walks away. Stephanie McMahon then shows up and wishes CM Punk luck. Punk doesn’t take it as genuine and then refuses to shake Stephanie’s hand because he knows where it’s been.

There’s a video package next for Sheamus and Mark Henry.

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

This is a first PPV match between these two men. Sheamus is 0-1 at Summerslam events, Mark Henry is also 0-1. The two men lock up and Henry is the first to power down his opponent. Sheamus fires back with a reverse elbow and some right hands, taking Henry down to one knee. Sheamus then clubs away at Henry with right hands and kicks. Henry throws Sheamus out of the ring and then picks him up and throws him back into the ring. Henry hits a big clothesline and a splash for a two count. Henry hits a guillotine on the middle rope which Booker T hilariously calls as “leaving a skidmark on Sheamus”. Mark then hits a backbreaker before applying a backbreaker submission. Sheamus battles out but Henry hits him with a hard Irish whip and then looks for a Vader bomb but Sheamus gets out of the way. Sheamus then hits a big clubbing axe handle which takes Mark Henry down before laying in some knee drops.

Sheamus hits some big clubbing blows to the chest of Mark Henry and then a running knee before the two men knock heads and both go down. Both then get to their feet and Henry runs into the boot of Sheamus. Sheamus then heads to the top and hits a big shoulder block for a near fall. Sheamus then looks for the brogue kick but Mark Henry avoids it and knocks him down with a clothesline. Sheamus then looks for the world’s strongest slam but Sheamus counters it and brogue kicks Mark Henry out of the ring! Sheamus picks Henry up to his feet but Henry picks up Sheamus, rams him into the ringpost and then into the barricade, going right through it! Henry gets to his feet and back into the ring but Sheamus is out. The referee counts out Sheamus and it’s a big win for Mark Henry tonight!

Rating: 4/10

Josh Mathews is backstage with Christian who is confident tonight. Especially considering the news he has received that changes everything. Christian has an insurance policy. Christian compares himself to Harry Potter whilst Randy Orton is like cowboys and aliens.

Justin Roberts introduces CeeLo Green who sings the official song for Summerslam. I don’t care for this. He does a second song, the one he’s known for. The Bella Twins, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox dance with him.

Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix – WWE Divas Championship match

This is a first PPV match between these two girls. Beth Phoenix is 2-0 at Summerslam events, Kelly Kelly is 0-1. Kelly is joined by Eve whilst Beth is accompanied by Natalya. Kelly gets in some early shots on Beth, right hands and forearms. Kelly avoids a clothesline and hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, sending Beth onto the apron where Kelly hits an inverted tarantula before knocking Phoenix off the apron. Kelly Kelly then goes to the top and hits a cross body on Beth on the floor below. Back in the ring and Beth Phoenix takes the advantage with a clothesline and then a gorilla press slam onto the top rope for a two count. Beth throws Kelly into the corner and then hits a running butt bump and a bit of a stink face.

Phoenix hits a snapmare and pins Kelly for a two count before applying a chinlock. Kelly Kelly gets out of it but Beth applies a backbreaker submission. Kelly gets out of it and hits a neckbreaker but Beth picks her up and powerslams her into the corner, tying her up in a tree of woe and laying in some kicks. Kelly avoids a shoulder charge and rolls Phoenix up for a two count. Beth hits a sideslam for a two count and then looks for a running kick on the apron but Kelly gets out of the way and drops Beth on the top rope. Kelly Kelly then smashes Phoenix’s face off the ring mat and then looks for a handspring elbow but Beth counters and looks for the glam slam but Kelly rolls through and pins Beth for the three! Kelly Kelly retains her Divas championship tonight in an upset!

Rating: 4/10

Stephanie McMahon is shown leaving John Cena’s locker room backstage.

R-Truth is backstage mumbling about a conspiracy to Jimmy Hart. Jimmy Hart offers to manage R-Truth to the top but R-Truth accuses Jimmy Hart of being Little Jimmy.

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

This is a first PPV singles match between these two men. They both have a 0-1 record at Summerslam events after losing in the big main event last year. Daniel Bryan has awful new music. Wade gets some shots in early and applies a headlock but Daniel Bryan gets out of it and hits a running knee and a couple of European uppercuts. Bryan hits a dropkick and then applies a hammerlock but Barrett gets out of it before running into a dropkick. Barrett hits some right hands but Bryan hits a leg drag and a running dropkick for a two count. Bryan looks to apply a surfboard stretch but Barrett counters. Bryan hits another European uppercut but then runs into a sidewalk slam for a two count. Barrett hits some right hands and then bounces Bryan off the top rope before nailing him with a backbreaker for a two count. Barrett applies a chinlock but Bryan fights his way out of it and hits a big clothesline.

Daniel Bryan hits some more European uppercuts but then runs into a big forearm from Barrett. Barrett then chokes Bryan on the middle rope before hitting him with knees and a running boot. Barrett rolls Bryan back into the ring and pins him for a two count. Wade then applies another chinlock but Bryan gets out of it and hits some kicks. Barrett throws Bryan out to the apron and then misses with a running boot. The two men then slug it out on the apron and Barrett sets up for wasteland on the apron but Bryan slips down and dropkicks Barrett down into the barricade. Bryan flies off the apron with a knee and then rolls Barrett back into the ring. Bryan heads to the top and hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Barrett looks for a pump handle slam but Bryan counters it and lays in more kicks. Barrett sets up for wasteland but Bryan counters it, locking in the LeBell lock but Barrett gets to the bottom rope.

Only Randy Orton has wrestled on more consecutive pay per views than Barrett currently. Wade hits a big clothesline and then hits wasteland in the middle of the ring which is enough for the three! Wade Barrett beats Daniel Bryan tonight in an unexpected result. A big win for Barrett though!

Rating: 5/10

There’s a video package for Christian and Randy Orton next.

Christian (c) vs. Randy Orton – No holds barred match for the World Heavyweight Championship

This is the fourth pay per view match between these two men, Randy Orton is up in the series 2-1. Randy Orton has a 4-3 record at Summerslam, Christian is 3-1. Christian gets on the mic before the bell to announce that he has a man in his corner tonight, his best friend, Edge! and he wasn’t lying, out comes Edge! Seems odd as Edge is massively over as a babyface following his retirement. The two men embrace in the ring. Edge gets on the mic and says that he passed the torch to Christian but Christian has done too much complaining and has become a whining, crying little bitch. Edge then leaves! Randy Orton makes his entrance and Christian talks some trash as the bell rings. Orton takes the early advantage with right hands but Christian fires back with some of his own. Randy hits a clothesline but Christian pokes Orton in the eye and drops him on the top rope.

Christian hits an elbow off the middle rope for a one count but Orton reverses an Irish whip and hits a back body drop before laying in some stomps and hitting a kneedrop for a two count. Christian drops Orton onto the middle rope and then chokes him on it before looking for a big right hand but Orton counters, looking for a hangmans DDT which Christian counters, back dropping Orton out of the ring. christian tries to get Orton to his feet but Orton smashes Christian into the barricade. Randy then starts to take apart the announce desk before looking for an RKO on it but Christian escapes it, grabs his World Heavyweight Championship and then leaves through the crowd! Orton follows and lays in some right hands in the crowd. Orton throws Christian over the barricade, back into the ringside area and then back into the ring. Orton lays in some right hands but Christian sidesteps a shoulder charge and ORton goes shoulder-first into the ringpost.

Christian grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and smashes Orton with it multiple times before jabbing it into his challengers throat. Christian swings it again but Randy Orton ducks it and fights back. Christian knocks Orton down for a two count and Orton then rolls Christian up for a very near fall. Christian hits a spinebuster for a near fall and then grabs the kendo stick again, goes up to the middle rope but gets caught with a dropkick. Orton hits two clotheslines and a powerslam and then a Lou Thesz press. Orton then sets up for the hangmans DDT but Christian counters and looks for the killswitch but Orton counters with a backbreaker for a two count. Randy sets up for a punt but christian rolls out of the ring and looks to crotch Orton around the ringpost but Orton counters, sending Christian into the ringpost. Orton pulls two tables out from under the ring and slides one into the ring. Christian then rams Orton into the apron and sets up a table on the outside.

Orton smashes Christian off the table on the outside and then rolls into the ring. Randy sets Christian up for a superplex and hits it on the table laying on the mat for a two count. Orton sets up a table in the corner and looks to throw Christian into it but Christian counters with an inverted DDT. Christian then motions for a spear but Orton leapfrogs and looks to hit an RKO but christian counters that, throwing Orton out of the ring. Christian follows but Orton counters an Irish whip, sending Christian into the ringsteps. Orton sets up the ringsteps next to the ring but it’s Christian that smashes Orton into them. Christian then smashes Orton with a TV monitor and sets him up on the announce desk for an RKO but Orton counters it and hits an RKO of his own! Back in the ring and Orton looks for another RKO but Christian counters with a killswitch! Christian hooks the leg but Orton kicks out. Christian sets up for a con-chair-to but Orton rolls pout out of the way and nails Christian with a chair.

Christian rolls out to the apron but Orton nails him with a chair again which knocks Christian off the apron and through the table. Orton then rolls Christian back into the ring along with the ring steps. Orton powerslams Christian through the table in the corner and then sets up a garbage can before hitting Christian with a hangmans DDT into it. Christian hits Orton with a kendo stick again and then looks for a springboard uppercut but Orton counters it with an RKO onto the ring steps! Orton hooks the leg and gets the three! Randy wins the World Heavyweight Championship tonight! Great match between these two.

Rating: 8/10

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are seen talking backstage.

John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk (c) – WWE Championship match with Triple H as special guest referee

This is the second PPV match between these two men, CM Punk won the first at Money In The Bank last month. John Cena is 4-3 at Summerslam events, CM Punk is 2-2.  The crowd are hot for this one as the two men exchange headlocks and hammerlocks in the early going. CM Punk is first to take down Cena. Cena hits a headlock takedown and then a shoulder block. Cena takes down Punk and applies an armbar, switching into a snapmare and then a chinlock. Punk hits a dropkick for a one count and then applies a chinlock of his own. Cena gets out of it and hits a gut-wrench before applying a chinlock with his back to camera. Cena hits a suplex for a one count and then goes back to the chinlock. Punk gets out of it and hits a big boot and then some knees for a two count. Punk applies a body scissors but Cena gets out of it and looks for an STF but Punk kicks him away, on to the apron.

CM Punk looks to suplex Cena back into the ring but Cena counters and Punk ends up dropping Cena on the top rope. Punk then hits a springboard dropkick sending Cena to the outside. Back in the ring and Punk boots away at the ribs of Cena and then hits him with an Earthquake splash for a two count. Punk applies a seated abdominal stretch but Cena gets up to his feet and drops Punk with a sidewalk slam. Cena hits a running shoulder charge but Punk counters a second with a knee. Punk then looks for a running knee in the corner but Cena gets out of the way, hits two shoulder blocks and looks for a side slam but Punk counters. Punk then hits a running knee and looks for a bulldog but Cena counters with a side slam. Cena motions for the five knuckle shuffle but Punk looks to kick him in the face. Cena counters the boot but Punk takes him down and locks on a version of the anaconda vice. Cena counters into the STF! Punk counters into the anaconda vice but Cena counters again into the STF. Punk gets to the bottom rope to break the hold.

CM Punk back body drops John Cena out of the ring and follows it up with a suicide dive. Triple H nearly counts out both men but instead decides to throw both men into the ring! The two men get to their feet and slug it out resulting in Cena setting Punk up for the attitude adjustment but Punk slips down, only to run into a dropkick. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle and sets up for the attitude adjustment again but Punk counters again, rolling Cena up for a two count. The two men exchange pinfalls and Punk sets up for the go to sleep but Cena counters and hits a splash in the corner. Cena then hits a modified sidewalk slam and heads to the top. Punk hits Cena with a high knee and then comes off the top with a bulldog for a two count. Cena heads to the apron and looks for a springboard clothesline but Cena sidesteps and locks on the STF! Punk gets to the bottom rope but Cena once again looks for the attitude adjustment. CM Punk looks for the go to sleep but Cena counters and this time hits the attitude adjustment! Cena hooks the leg but Cena kicks out at 2!

Cena heads to the top but Punk avoids a legdrop. Punk hits the go to sleep and hooks the leg but Cena kicks out at 2! Punk heads to the top and hits a diving elbow drop for a two count. Punk hits a running knee but Cena fires back with right hands. Punk hits another high knee and then another go to sleep! He hooks the leg and Triple H counts the three! Cena’s foot was clearly on the bottom rope. But Punks music hits an Triple H presents him with the WWE Championship. This match ends controversially. He celebrates with the title.

Rating: 7.75/10

Cena heads to the back and Punk continues to celebrate. Triple H applauds Punk and offers him his hand but Punk doesn’t shake it. Triple H then raises Punk’s hand. Triple H leaves Punk to celebrate in the ring. Kevin Nash then walks through the crowd and jumps the barricade! He gets in the ring and wipes out Punk with a clothesline and then a jackknife powerbomb! Nash leaves through the crowd with Triple H questioning what that was about. Alberto Del Rio then emerges from the back with his Money In The Bank briefcase. He’s cashing in!

CM Punk (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio – WWE Championship match

Alberto Del Rio hits Punk with a shining wizard and hooks the leg for the three! Alberto Del Rio wins the match and the WWE Championship! Triple H is still questioning what has gone on. Del Rio is champion!

Rating: N/A

And that was Summerslam 2011. Going into the show it didn’t have the feel of the second biggest show of the year but there were a few twists and turns that made it memorable. I liked the six man tag match that kicked things off. It reminded me of the 6 man tag that opened Summerslam 1991 with The British Bulldog, Ricky Steamboat and Texas Tornado against The Warlord, Hercules and Paul Roma. This one was good though, really solid way to open the show. A big win for the babyfaces, especially for Rey Mysterio who got the fall on R-Truth. Mysterio has his WWE Championship match on Raw tomorrow night. Mark Henry then beat Sheamus in a way that doesn’t bury Sheamus too much but keeps Mark Henry strong. I can definitely see Mark Henry being pushed towards the main event scene, especially now Randy Orton is champion.

Kelly Kelly beat Beth Phoenix which is a result that really surprised me. I definitely thought Beth Phoenix was taking the gold tonight. I’m guessing this feud will continue unless Eve is going to turn on Kelly Kelly soon, which looks like a direction they’ll be heading in. It looks like a fluke win for Kelly Kelly so it doesn’t make Beth look too weak. The division is pretty weak at the moment so I’m all for Beth Phoenix winning the title. Wade Barrett beat Daniel Bryan which also surprised me a little. To be honest, Daniel Bryan doesn’t need wins because if he successfully cashes in his briefcase then all will be forgotten, whilst the people he has lost to our build up. I like both of these guys but they don’t have a lot of chemistry. A loss for Bryan makes me think he might be cashing in sooner rather than later but he has announced that he’ll be cashing in at Wrestlemania so we’ll have to see.

Christian and Randy Orton were up next and Christian once again did not successfully defend his World Heavyweight Championship. Randy Orton takes the title back in what was a very good match between the two. I have been a little bored of this program but they have put some very good matches on. Randy Orton takes the title though and I can see him against Mark Henry at the next pay per view. I’m not sure where this leaves Christian but hopefully he’s away from the main event scene for a few months. Maybe a match with Sheamus or Daniel Bryan at the next PPV?

And then came the main event. It was a really good match between CM Punk and John Cena. Triple H called it down the middle and actually you forgot that he was the referee because of the little impact he had. The finish was controversial with CM Punk pinning Cena with Cena’s foot on the rope. You’ve got to think that this is leading somewhere. Maybe a Cena program with Triple H? I’m not sure. Cena wasn’t happy after the match anyway. Then came Kevin Nash which was random as hell. Are we really going to see a CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash match in 2011? And then came the cherry on the cake with Alberto Del Rio cashing in his money in the bank and winning the World Heavyweight Championship. Now I didn’t actually mind this. It puts the cat amongst the pigeons. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of the Alberto Del Rio/CM Punk/John Cena/Triple H/Kevin Nash situation.

Overall Rating: 59.16/100 (ranked joint 113th out of 268)

Match Of The Night: Christian vs. Randy Orton
Worst Match Of The Night: Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix / Sheamus vs. Mark Henry
Surprise Of The Night: Kelly Kelly beats Beth Phoenix
Worst Booking Of The Night: Kevin Nash?
Superstar Of The Night: Alberto Del Rio
Summerslam 2011 Will Be Remembered For: Kevin Nash returning and Alberto Del Rio winning the WWE Championship

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