Money In The Bank 2012

|Date: July 15, 2012
|Venue: US Airways Center |City: Phoenix, Arizona
|Attendance: 9,000 |Buys: 188,000

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Money In The Bank returns for a third year and the main focus is around the Money In The Bank ladder matches. There will be two tonight, one for the opportunity to fight for the WWE Championship and one for the opportunity to fight for the World Heavyweight Championship. The WWE MITB ladder match was only open to former WWE Champions and so it will be contested by John Cena, The Big Show, Kane and Chris Jericho. There were qualification matches for the World Heavyweight Championship MITB ladder match, Damien Sandow beat Zack Ryder, Tyson Kidd beat Jack Swagger, Santino and Christian beat Cody Rhodes and David Otunga in a tag team match, Tensai beat Justin Gabriel, Cody Rhodes got a second opportunity and beat Christian to qualify, Dolph Ziggler then beat Alex Riley and finally Sin Cara defeated Heath Slater.

Daniel Bryan gets another opportunity at the WWE Championship after he beat CM Punk and Kane in an triple threat elimination match. The major x factor in this match is AJ. She and Kane have gone their separate ways but she still can’t decide between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Bryan has done everything he can to try and get AJ back, mostly because she has been announced as the special guest referee for the match. Both men have hurt her in recent weeks, will she call it down the middle? The World Heavyweight Championship will also be defended as Sheamus puts the title on the line against Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio was named as number one contender, regaining his spot after he suffered an injury at the hands of The Great Khali last month.

Those are the only four matches announced for tonight except for a match to take place of the pre-show with Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defending the WWE tag Team Championships against Hunico and Camacho. Seems odd considering The Prime Time Players are the number one contenders.

On the pre-show Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Hunico and Camacho to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.

A video package kicks us off showing a bit of a history of the Money In The Bank with the likes of Edge, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk cashing in their briefcases. The package then focuses on tonight’s Money Im The Bank ladder matches.

Michael Cole welcome us to Phoenix, Arizona. He’s joined on commentary by Jerry “The King” Lawler and Booker T.

Christian vs. Santino vs. Sin Cara vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Damien Sandow vs. Tensai vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Cody Rhodes – World Heavyweight Championship Money In The Bank ladder match 

We’re kicking off the show in a big way. MITB records first, Christian is 1-1, Sin Cara is 0-1, Tyson Kidd is 1-0, Dolph Ziggler is 0-1 and Cody Rhodes is 0-2. Santino, Tensai and Damien Sandow make their Money In The Bank debuts tonight. Tensai, formerly known as Albert or A-Train makes his return to pay per view tonight as does Damien Sandow who previous wrestled as Idol Stevens. Dolph and Cody become the first men to have wrestled on all 7 PPV’s so far in 2012. The bell rings and the eight men pair off. There are a lot of new guys in this match, superstars you wouldn’t expect to be in the match. Tensai is the first man to leave the ring and slide a ladder into the ring. He then slides a second ladder in. Tensai is joined by Sakamoto whilst Dolph Ziggler has Vickie Guerrero at ringside. Tensai is the only man standing in the ring but christian gets involved just for Tensai to squash him. Tyson Kidd attacks Tensai from behind with a ladder and christian then nails Tensai with a ladder before the two men clear the ring of the big man.

Christian turns on Kidd and slams him into a ladder before setting up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Santino climbs up the other side and the two men slug it out and then Tyson Kidd climbs the ladder but Damien Sandow pushes them all over. Sandow lays in to Santino before kicking him out of the ring and then sets up and climbs a ladder but Dolph Ziggler dropkicks him off. Ziggler and Rhodes then go at it and Rhodes flapjacks Ziggler into a ladder. Ziggler then reverses an Irish whip and sends Rhodes into the ladder. Sin Cara gets involved, dropkicking Ziggler and hitting Rhodes with a hurricanrana, sending him out of the ring. Dolph goes to the top but Sin Cara goes up with him and looks for a superplex but in classic Sin Cara style both men fall over in a botch of the move. Tyson Kidd looks to powerbomb Sin Cara but Cara counters with a sunset flip.

Sin Cara looks for a moonsault but Christian pushes him out of the ring. Christian then attempts a splash on Kidd but Tyson moves out of the way and Christian hits ladder. Cody Rhodes looks for a disaster kick on Kidd but hits Damien Sandow. Tyson Kidd hits a springboard dropkick on Rhodes and then looks to climb a ladder but Tensai pulls him down and hits him with right hands. Santino then climbs the ladder but Tensai sort of powerbombs him off. Another botch there. Tensai throws Santino out of the ring and then looks to powerbomb Tyson Kidd but Kidd counters with a hurricanrana and both men tumble to the outside. Damien Sandow climbs the ladder but Sin Cara stops him. Sandow lays into Sin Cara and kicks him out of the ring before climbing the ladder again. I was to like Sin Cara but he makes too many mistakes. Christian climbs over Damien Sandow and the two men battle back to the canvas. Sandow sets up a ladder in the corner and looks to powerslam Christian onto it but christian counters with a modified DDT.

Christian motions for a spear but Sandow gets his knee up. Sandow attempts a clothesline but christian ducks and then spears Sandow into the ladder. Christian climbs the ladder but Ziggler and Rhodes pull him down. Rhodes and Ziggler then climb the ladder and battle it out on the top before Tensai pulls both men down. Tensai tosses Rhodes out of the ring and then climbs the ladder but Tyson Kidd always climbs the ladder and the two men slug it out. Tensai knocks Kidd down and then fights off Santino and Sin Cara but Christian knocks him down with use of a ladder. Santino and Ziggler go at it and Santino hits a hiptoss and a headbutt. Santino then pulls out the cobra! Santino hits the cobra on Ziggler! Santino climbs the ladder but he’s scared of heights so it’s a slow climb. Damien Sandow catches him up but Santino hits him with the cobra. Cody Rhodes dropkicks Santino off the ladder and then hits him with a clothesline. Cody launches a ladder at Santino and then climbs a ladder but Vickie Guerrero climbs up the other side! That distraction allows Ziggler to zigzag Rhodes off the ladder.

Dolph Ziggler climbs to the top of the ladder but christian meets him up there. Damien Sandow then sets up a ladder and Tyson Kidd comes out of nowhere and hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Ziggler! Sandow is left on a ladder but Christian pulls him down. Christian smashes a ladder into Sandow’s face and then clotheslines him out of the ring, going out with him. Tensai clotheslines Rhodes down in the outside and then starts taking apart the announce desk. Tensai sets up a ladder across from the ring to the announce desk and Tensai powerbombs Sin Cara into it. Tensai then launches Ziggler across the announce desk. Rhodes hits Tensai with two disaster kicks and then sets up a ladder in the ring. Rhodes and Kidd climb the ladder and Rhodes hits a face-first suplex to Kidd. Christian then hits a spear taking Rhodes off the ladder. Santino and Christian then climb the ladder but Christian knocks Santino down. Dolph Ziggler then knocks Christian off the ladder and pulls down the briefcase! Dolph Ziggler wins the match and the Money In The Bank briefcase! Good match to kick things off.

Rating: 7.5/10

Josh Mathews is backstage with Sheamus who says you can always judge a man by the car he drives. Sheamus has an old clunker which will end up in a scrapyard much like Alberto Del Rio will.

The Miz comes out, returning after two months away. A “Miz is awesome” chant breaks out. Miz says that he has been off filming a movie but tonight he is back and will be entering the Money In The Bank ladder match for the WWE Championship.

There’s a video package up next for Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio.

Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio – World Heavyweight Championship match

This is a first time PPV singles match between these two men. Sheamus is 1-1 at MITB pay per view’s, Alberto Del Rio is 1-0. This is a 4th PPV title defence for Sheamus. Sheamus knocks Del Rio out of the ring in the early going. Del Rio gets back in and Michael Cole says that Del Rio is wearing gold tonight in tribute to The Conquistadors. Sheamus goes right back to work, hitting right hands. Del Rio hits a cheap shot and applies an armbar but Sheamus fights out of it. Sheamus hits some clubbing blows and an elbow before hitting a knee drop for a two count. Sheamus hits three more kneedrops for a two count. Del Rio hits a dropkick but misses with a second. Sheamus throws him into the ringpost and then suplexes the challenger back into the ring before heading to the top and hitting a big battering ram for a two count. Sheamus gets distracted by Ricardo Rodriguez which allows Del Rio to enzeguri Sheamus to the outside. Del Rio then smashes Sheamus’ left am into the ring steps before rolling him back into the ring.

Del Rio heads to the top and hits a cross body for a two count before applying an armbar. Sheamus fights out of it but Del Rio takes him right back down and pins him for a one count. Del Rio goes back to the armbar and then a wristlock before hitting some big kicks to the back of the head for a one count. Del Rio then applies a modified abdominal stretch but Sheamus fights out of it. Del Rio hits a headbutt but runs into a boot. Sheamus hits a swinging neckbreaker and both men are down. Both men get up and Sheamus hits some clubbing clotheslines but Del Rio gets his knees up and hits a clothesline for the first real near fall of the night. Del Rio avoids a shoulder charge in the corner and Sheamus hits the ringpost. The two men slug it out and Del Rio look to lock on the cross-arm breaker but Sheamus pushes him away. Sheamus looks for a clothesline but Del Rio low-bridges the top rope and Sheamus falls to the outside. Sheamus looks to get back into the ring with a shoulder charge but Del Rio counters and pins him for a two count.

Sheamus hits a big running knee lift and a powerslam for a near fall. Sheamus hits ten big clubbing blows to the chest of Del Rio but Alberto manages to counters and drop Sheamus’ arm on the top rope. Sheamus hits a backbreaker out of nowhere for a near fall and then goes for a brogue kick but Del Rio moves and hits a backstabber for a near fall. Del Rio looks for an enzeguri but Sheamus ducks and hits white noise. Sheamus motions for a brogue kick and hits it! He hooks the leg and gets the three. Sheamus retains the World Heavyweight Championship tonight in a clean finish.

Rating: 6/10

After the match Ricardo Rodriguez jumps on Sheamus’ back and Del Rio takes down the man that just beat him. Del Rio and Rodriguez lay into Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler’s music then hits! Ziggler rushes out with his briefcase but Del Rio takes exception. Ziggler smashes Del Rio with the briefcase but then turns around into a brogue kick! Sheamus leaves Ziggler laying. The bell never rung so he still has the Money In The Bank briefcase.

We see some footage from the pre-show with John Mathews interviewing Daniel Bryan. Bryan describes AJ as his future wife and says that she will make the right call tonight and tonight he will leave with the WWE Championship and AJ’s heart.

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston walk out in suits. They are still the WWE Tag Team Champions and they join the commentators.

Primo & Epico vs. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O’Neil)

This is a first PPV match between these two teams. All four men make their Money In The Bank debut tonight. Primo and Epico still look for their first ever PPV victory tonight. The Prime Time Players are joined by their manager Abraham Washington whilst Primo and Epico have Rosa Mendes in their corner. Titus and Epico start the match. Abraham Washington is mic’d up on the outside. The two men slug it out and Epico takes the advantage before tagging in Primo who comes in with a missile dropkick. Titus forces Primo into the corner and tags in Darren Young who hits some kicks and uppercuts. Primo hits a head scissors and tags in Epico. Epico hits a hurricanrana sending Darren Young out of the ring. Primo dives out at Darren Young, Epico sends Titus out of the ring and Epico dives out at Titus! Epico throws Young back into the ring and hits a senton for a one count.

Darren Young tags in Titus O’Neil who looks for an inverted atomic drop but Epico counters just for Titus to take him down anyway. Titus throws Epico out of the ring and then rams him into the ringpost before rolling him back into the ring. Titus hits a powerslam and then tags in Darren Young before suplexing Darren Young on to Epico. Young hits an elbow drop and then lays Epico on the apron. Abraham Washington combs Young’s hair. Young tags in Titus O’Neil who wraps Epico around the ringpost. Titus hits a backbreaker and then a fallaway slam for a two count. Abraham Washington makes a Taco Bell reference. Titus hits a hard Irish whip but then dances before running into the boots of Epico. Titus tags in Darren Young and Epico tags in Primo! Primo hits a running forearm and then a springboard chop, a leg sweep and a springboard legdrop for a two count. Primo hits a dropkick and then a guillotine on the middle rope.

Primo looks for a springboard cross body but Darren Young counters with a gutbuster. Darren Young looks to drag Primo to the Prime Time Players corner but Primo rolls him up for the three! Primo and Epico get their first ever PPV victory! The number one contenders to the tag team championships lose! Not a great match. After the match the number one contenders go after the champions but Abraham Washington gets a bottle of water in his face.

Rating: 3.5/10

There is a video package next for the WWE Championship match and all the crazy build.

Matt Striker is backstage with AJ who says she is in full control tonight. Even though CM Punk embarrassed her last week, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what an amazing human being he is. And she always a special place in her heart for Daniel Bryan even if he is using her to further his career. She doesn’t know whether to hug them or rip out their…

CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan – No disqualification match for the WWE Championship with AJ Lee as special guest referee

This is a second PPV match between these two men, CM Punk beat Daniel Bryan at Over The Limit. Punk and Bryan are both 1-0 at MITB PPV’s. This is CM Punk’s 20th consecutive PPV. Bryan hits some kicks in the early going but Punk counters with a legwhip and then lays in some boots of his own. Punk throws Bryan out of the ring and hits him with some chops on the outside before ramming him into the ring apron. Bryan reverses an Irish whip and sends Punk into the barricade before rolling the WWE Champion back into the ring and hitting him with a kneedrop. Bryan hits more kicks but Punk rolls him up for a one count. Punk hits an Irish whip and then a chop but Bryan takes the advantage by raking the face. The two men exchange chops and kicks but Punk gets the upperhand with an uppercut. Punk hits a backbreaker and then looks for a legdrop off the second rope but Daniel gets out of the way and hits some kicks.

Bryan hooks the leg for a one count and then applies a chinlock. Punk fights out of it and hits a dropkick sending Bryan to the outside. Punk hits a suicide dive and then celebrates with the fans. The fight goes up the aisle where Bryan looks for a suplex but Punk blocks and drops Bryan on the barricade. Back in the ring and Bryan shoves Punk into AJ, sending her flying off the apron. Punk goes to check on her and Bryan attacks him from behind with a double axe handle before launching him into the ring steps. Bryan then checks on AJ but the trainers take her to the back. She has taken some bumps during this storyline. A new referee is out there now as Bryan lays into Punk on the outside with kicks. Bryan hits running knees off the apron and then hits a face-first suplex onto the ringsteps. Bryan hits an Irish whip into the barricade but Punk then back body drops his challenger into the timekeepers area. Punk atomic drops Bryan onto the barricade and then hits a springboard clothesline off the barricade.

A “we want tables chant” breaks out and Punk pulls a table out from under the ring. Bryan quickly attacks Punk and slams him on the outside before pulling a kendo stick out from under the ring. Punk avoids a couple of shots and rolls into the ring but Bryan gets a shot in. Punk fights him off and grabs the kendo stick himself but Bryan kicks it out of his hands. Punk looks for a springboard clothesline but Bryan swings the kendo stick into him and pins him for a near fall. Bryan uses the kendo stick, swinging it into CM Punk’s back a few times and then pins him but Punk kicks out at 2. Bryan hits a snap suplex and then heads to the top looking for a diving headbutt but Punk moves. The two men exchange kicks and right hands before Punk hits a dropkick, clothesline and neckbreaker for a two count. Punk hits his trademark running knee and looks for a bulldog but Bryan counters. Punk hits a powerslam for a two count and then motions for the go to sleep. Punk scoops up Bryan who counters with a hurricanrana for a near fall. Bryan hits a big kick and both men go down.

Daniel Bryan picks up the kendo stick and swings it at Punk before applying a surfboard submission. Punk manages to grab the kendo stick and hits Bryan with it a dozen times before pinning him for a near fall. Punk heads to the top but Bryan goes up with him and hits a superplex. AJ then comes storming out from the back and tells the other referee to leave. She skips around the ring and then climbs out the ring and grabs a chair. She then drops the chair in the middle of the ring and the two men crawl to it. Bryan manages to win it and swings it at Punk four times before pinning him for a near fall. Bryan asks AJ to count to three but Punk rolls him up and gets a two count. Bryan hits some kicks but Punk fires back with a clothesline. Punk smashes Bryan with a chair a few times and then sets the chair up in the corner but AJ stands in front of it. Bryan then dropkicks Punk into the chair.

Daniel Bryan pleads with AJ but turns around into a kick from Punk. Punk then slams Bryan on a chair and then looks for the top rope elbow drop but Bryan moves and Punk hits a chair. Bryan then attempts to lock on the yes lock and locks it on with a kendo stick! Punk fights out of it, catapults Bryan into the top turnbuckle and then hits the go to sleep! Punk hooks the leg but Bryan kicks out at 2! Punk slides the table into the ring and lays Bryan onto it before climbing to the top but Bryan gets up and crotches the WWE Champion! Punk manages to counter a suplex and hits a belly to back suplex on Bryan through the table! Punk covers Bryan and AJ counts the three! CM Punk wins the match and retains the WWE Championship! An 8th successful PPV defence for Punk, only two men have done that before, Triple H and John Cena. A decent match that was a little slow in parts.

Rating: 7/10

Ryback vs. Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks – Handicap match

Well Ryback’s level of competition has stepped up. All three men make their MITB debut tonight. Hawks manages to apply a headlock early on but Ryback quickly takes him down. Hawkins exits the ring and Ryback gives chase. Hawkins tags in Tyler Reks and the two men double team Ryback. Reks hits a big clothesline on Ryback and then hits a few kneedrops and stomps. Reks tags Hawkins back in and Hawkins hits a snapmare and more stomps. Hawks tags Reks in and he hits right hands and kicks and then a running kick before tagging Hawkins back in. Reks slams Hawkins on to Ryback and pins him for a one count. Hawkins tags Reks back in and Reks hits an uppercut and tags Hawkins. Hawkins and Reks hit a double face-first suplex and Curt pins him for a one count. Ryback hits a powerslam on Hawkins who then tags in Reks. Ryback hits four shoulder charges on Reks and then some shoulder charges in the corner. Ryback hits a back body drop on Reks and then a spinebuster on Hawkins followed by a powerbomb.

Ryback disposes of Hawkins and then hits a meathook clothesline on Reks. Ryback shouts “finish it” and then scoops up Tyler Reks, marches around the ring and hits his finisher shell-shocked for the three. Ryback wins a big handicap match tonight, probably his toughest match to date.

Rating: 3.5/10

There’s an ad for Tout, WWE’s newest social media endeavour.

Layla, Tamina & Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix, Natalya & Eve – Six diva tag team match

Layla is 1-0 at Money In The Bank events, Eve is 0-1, the others make their MITB debut tonight. I believe this is a PPV debut for Kaitlyn. Tamina and Natalya start the match and Natalya applies a headlock before knocking Tamina down. Tamina hits a hiptoss and a chop before tagging in Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn hits a backbreaker on Natalya for a one count. Natalya tags in Beth Phoenix who slaps Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn slaps back and Eve tags herself in. Kaitlyn slaps Eve and then slaps Natalya before hitting a cross body on Eve for a two count. Eve hits an elbow and then a kick for a one count before applying a chinlock. Eve tags in Beth Phoenix who chokes Kaitlyn on the middle rope. Kaitlyn avoids a guillotine and tags in Layla who hits clotheslines, dropkicks, kicks and a cross body for a one count.

Beth scoops Layla up and then looks for a gorilla press slam but Layla counters with a sunset flip. All hell breaks loose and all six divas go at it. Kaitlyn disposes of Natalya and Eve disposes of Kaitlyn. Tamina clears the ring of Eve and then hits Beth with a big kick. Layla hits Phoenix with a neckbreaker and pins her for the three! A big win for Layla, Kaitlyn and Tamina tonight! Beth is on a really bad streak at the moment, that’s three consecutive PPV’s she’s been pinned by Layla.

Rating: 3.75/10

John Cena vs. Kane vs. The Big Show vs. Chris Jericho vs. The Miz – World Heavyweight Championship Money In The Bank ladder match

Interesting that this match main events the show and not the WWE Championship match. John Cena is 0-2 at Money In The Bank, Kane is 2-1, Big Show is 0-2, Chris Jericho is 0-1, The Miz is 1-1. Five big names in this one, all former WWE Champions. The bell rings and we’re left with Big Show and John Cena in the ring. Cena clotheslines Big Show out of the ring but Big Show pulls out Cena and throws him into the ring steps. Big Show then goes after Kane and throws him into a ladder on the outside. The Miz is left in the ring and climbs a ladder but Cena pulls him down. Big Show gets back in the ring and takes down both Miz and Cena. Big Show throws a ladder out at Jericho and then clears the ring of John Cena. Kane gets in the ring and the two big men slug it out. Nobody has fought in as many Money In The Bank ladder matches as Kane. Big Show counters a DDT and takes down Kane before taking out Jericho who charges at Show with a ladder.

Big Show motions for a chokeslam but Jericho counters with a codebreaker. Mid then hits Show with a DDT and Kane boots Big Show out of the ring. John Cena takes apart the Spanish announce desk and looks to attitude adjustment Big Show through it which he does! Kane and Miz dump ladders on Big Show for good measure. Jericho then lays out Miz and Kane with a ladder and a “Y2J” chant breaks out. Jericho dumps the ladder on Big Show and then gets in the ring, sets up a ladder and climbs it. Miz puts Jericho on his shoulder but Jericho rakes the eyes and locks on the walls of Jericho! Kane looks to get in the ring but Jericho hits a baseball slide. Jericho boots Cena out of the ring and then suplexes Miz. Jericho sets up a ladder in the corner and then Irish whips Miz into it. Jericho climbs the ladder but Cena knocks him off just for Miz to pull Cena down and hit him with a DDT.

The Miz climbs the ladder but Kane launches another ladder at him to knock him down. Kane climbs the ladder and gets to the top but Jericho pulls him down. Jericho and Miz double suplex Kane on to a ladder. Cena hits shoulder charges on Miz and Jericho and then slams Miz on to the ladder before slamming Jericho on to the ladder too. Cena hits a five knuckle shuffle on both men. Kane looks to chokeslam Cena but Cena counters and attitude adjustment’s Kane on to Miz. Jericho throws a ladder at Cena and everyone is down. Jericho slides another ladder into the ring, I don’t know why, there are already four ladders in there. Jericho climbs a ladder but Big Show gets up and rips apart the ladder. That’s why he got that ladder, it was gimmicked. Big Show sandwiches Jericho in the ladder and then throws another at Kane. Big Show slaps Miz out of the ring and throws a ladder at him. Stiff. Big Show headbutts Cena and then squashes him with a ladder.

Big Show pulls out a giant gold ladder from under the ring and sets it up. He climbs up the ladder but Kane climbs up the other side. The two men grab each other by the throat but Big Show knocks Kane off. Cena then climbs the ladder and beats down big Show but Show knocks Cena down with a headbutt. Jericho lamps Big Show with a chair a few times, causing him to climb down the ladder. Jericho and Cena climb either side of the massive ladder and slug it out at the top. Cena looks for an attitude adjustment but Jericho counters with a sleeper. Cena passes out at the top of the ladder and Miz climbs the ladder but Jericho fights him off. Cena wakes up but then passes out again and Jericho breaks the hold. Cena falls to the mat and Jericho grabs the briefcase but Miz joins him and both men slug it out. Miz looks to suplex Jericho off the ladder but Jericho blocks. Big Show then climbs up and punches Jericho off. He punches Miz down to the mat and Cena climbs up and beats the briefcase of Big Show’s head. The handle then breaks off and Cena is stood holding the case!

John Cena wins Money In The Bank for the first ever time! This match was good but not as good as the previous ladder match tonight.

Rating: 6/10

And that was Money In The Bank 2012. There was some good, some bad and and not very much in-between. It started well, I loved the opener. It was refreshing to see some of the newer stars involved like Tyson Kidd, Damien Sandow and Tensai. But it was Dolph Ziggler who took the briefcase which was well deserved. He’s been on the cusp of the main event for a long time and winning the World Heavyweight Championship by these means might solidify his place. Cody Rhodes would have been good too and I’m sure it was a toss up between the two. Lots of fast-paced action, Tyson Kidd really added a lot to the match. Sheamus then beat Alberto Del Rio and I was surprised to see it was a clean finish. I actually expected this feud to continue and I don’t think it will not based on how the match finished. Del Rio is a perfect foe for Sheamus and somebody who could do with a decent title reign to solidify himself as a main eventer. Decent match between these two.

Next up was the tag team match between The Prime Time Players and Primo & Epico. I think this would have been better swapped with the match on the pre-show. Primo and Epico won which I found really strange, why have the number one contenders lose? This wasn’t a great match, it started and ended well but the rest of it wasn’t as good. Weird match, weird result. CM Punk then beat Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Championship. again, this was a clean win which suggests the end of this feud. AJ played a part but not a huge role, she was taken out injured and then came back but she called it down the middle. There were no dodgy counts, no preferential treatment but she did make things interesting by putting a chair in the ring. CM Punk wins though and makes it 8 successful PPV title defences.

Ryback beat Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks in a handicap match. Rybacks competition has stepped up and his matches are getting longer but he’s still ploughing through everyone. This match was only ever going on way. Ryback wins, the push continues. Will this be a Goldberg push ending in a WWE Championship? The Divas were up next and it could have been an opportunity to have one of the girls pin Layla and become number one contender but instead it goes down as a win for Layla, Tamina and Kaitlyn. Not much more to say on this, not a result I would have booked. I’d have had Eve pin Layla. Then came the final Money In The Bank ladder match. I think Cena has main evented every PPV this year, not the WWE Champion CM Punk. The Miz was added to this match which I like but I was also expecting Rey Mysterio. John Cena won anyway in a fun match with a unique finish. I liked them all teaming up on Big Show and I liked the finish with the handle smashing. Arguably the most star-studded Money In The Bank match ever.

Overall Rating: 53.2/100 (ranked 212th out of 280)

Match Of The Night: World Heavyweight championship Money In The Bank ladder match
Worst Match Of The Night: Prime Time Players vs. Primo & Epico / Ryback vs. Reks & Hawkins
Surprise Of The Night: The Miz is added to the WWE Championship Money In The Bank ladder match
Worst Booking Of The Night: Primo & Epico beat The Prime Time Players
Superstar Of The Night: John Cena
Money In The Bank 2012 Will Be Remembered For: The night Dolph Ziggler won Money In The Bank

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